Thorin’s Hope Ch. 7 WIP– The Band of Dwarf Men Nearing Home 10/13/11 GratianaDS90 (Post #32)

Thorin’s Hope Ch.  7 WIP– The Band of Dwarf Men Nearing Home  10/13/11 GratianaDS90 (Post #32)
Author’s note:  If you are new to my blog and you would like to start reading my “Thorin’s Hope” fan fiction story from the beginning, the links for the earlier posts of the story chapters are found below, after the image references listing.

Chapter 7:  The Band of Dwarf Men Nearing Home and Kili is Sent Ahead to Umay in the Village
by Gratiana Lovelace, 10/13/11 (Post #32)
(A Fan Fiction adapted from JRR Tolkien’s, The Hobbit;
No copyright infringement is intended)

Thorin and his Dwarf men comrades have pushed themselves mercilessly the last month in their quest for home.  And they have almost reached their goal.  Their horses are laden with the gold and treasures they recovered, so the men have walked the whole way–except for Bofur who injured his leg and he is riding.  At dawn on a day nearing the winter solstice (which occurs around Dec. 21st each year), they come over the crest of the Lonely Mountain [(1) Lonely Mountain crest] and they see their prize below in the valley–their home below–and the men give up a joyous cheer and lift their voices in song.  But their village is still a day away in their present caravan configuration.  Thorin feels that they must get word to their loved ones that they are on their way home–not to receive a glorious welcome upon their return, but to hasten their contact with their loved ones.  So Thorin sends an emissary.  It is one week after Umay gave birth to her and Thorin’s twins–but Thorin doesn’t know that.

Thorin:  Putting his hand on his nephew Kili’s shoulders, Thorin says “Kili, my nephew. You are the youngest of us and the fleetest of foot.  I task you with taking our greetings to the village, telling them we are well, and that we will see them on the morrow’s eve.”

Kili:  “It is a task that I do with honor, my Lord Uncle.”  He bows while trying to sound older than his very young fifty years as a Dwarf man–meaning Kili is still in his teens in human years.

Thorin:  “Give the village our greetings and that we return with honor.”  Thorin says standing tall and nobly.  [(2) Thorin]

Though their quest to reclaim their treasure from the devil dragon Smaug might have taken them a year, they have accomplished their goal in six months–with half of the gold, but also with a very great treasure amongst it that they have not realized yet.

Dwalin:  Putting his oar in, Dwalin says “And be right quick about it and return to our camp.  Thorin and I should be new fathers and we are eager to see the babes.”  Dwalin winks at the blushing Thorin, as he slaps Thorin’s back.  [(3) Dwalin]

The Dwarf men all chuckle because they have wives and sweethearts they are returning to as well, and they know the cost of separation from their loved ones.  But Kili–being so young, still in his teens in human years as a mere 50 year old Dwarf man–has not taken a wife, nor even a ‘first’ wife.  You see, it is the custom for young Dwarfs–male and female–to ‘try out’ marriage when they are young.  They learn the give and take required for a relationship.  Sometimes these couplings last–as in the case of Dwalin and Thorin’s marriages–and sometimes they do not.  There is no shame among Dwarfs if they realize that a pairing did not work out.   They remain friends and seek another mate.  Most Dwarfs do go on to have long and satisfying marriages because they ‘learn’ how precious that loving bond is.  So, Kili does not have the pull to return home like most of the Dwarf men do–he has enjoyed the adventure of their quest.  Although, Kili will find his love in the future.  The agile Kili races to his task as he runs down the mountain–his long hair flying in the breeze behind him. [(4) Kili]

As the Dwarf caravan lumberously makes its way down the side of the mountain to what will be their evening camp–horses laden with gold, treasure, and the lame Bofur–the men sing a joyous song.

As the serene Elienne–Dwalin’s wife–puts her newborn girl babe Maylina in a sling around her neck and takes her morning walk over to see how Umay [pronounced “ooh-My”, and her name means “hope”] is faring today–one week after the twin babes’ birth–she hears a lilting melody on the breeze.  But Elienne dismisses it as birds or wishful thinking that their men would be on their way home.  [(5) Elienne and babe Maylina]

Upon entering Umay’s home [(6) Thorin & Umay’s Cottage], Elienne sees the Dwarf midwife Hegara slumbering in a chair.  It is customary for the midwives to tend to their mothers the first few weeks after the birth.  And this is doubly needed for Umay since she has no living parents and Thorin is away.  But Hegara is not the most congenial companion.  So the compromise that Umay and Elienne delicately reached with Hegara was that Hegara would sleep over and help Umay over night and Elienne and Talin would tend to her daytime needs.  Hegara agreed to this arrangement because she is older and there is another pregnant mother she is tending to who will give birth in three months time–Asalea (pronounced Ah-se-laya), the wife of Fili.  The incidence of three pregnant mothers in the village at the same time is unheard of–and unprecedented.  Of course with all of the Dwarf men loving their Dwarf wives well before they left on their quest six months ago, babes were bound to happen.

Elienne:  Gently shaking Hegara’s shoulder, she says, “Hegara, it is morn now.  You make take your leave and head home.”

Hegara:  Startling awake, Hegara says groggily “What?  What?”  She looks sternly up at Elienne.  Then Hegara softens her expression.  It seems the congratulations Hegara has received about her midwifing skills have boosted her spirits.  “Aye, I’ll be on about my way after one last check on Umay and the babes.”  [(7) Hegara]

Elienne nods her head and they both quietly walk into Umay’s bedchamber.  Umay is asleep in her bed, lying on her side facing the cradles–now two cradles because one of the older men still in the village made her another one since Thorin was not here to make it for her.  Umay’s face is contented and happy.  And though her babes are stirring awake, they do not make noises loud enough yet to draw their Mama’s attention.  Satisfied that all is well, Hegara retreats and heads for home.  [(8) Umay]

Talin:  Meanwhile Talin finishes bringing in fresh water for the kitchen and joins his mother in the bedroom.  Whispering,  “Will Umay and the babes always sleep so late, Mama?  You are already up.”  [(9) Talin]

Elienne:  Whispering back, Elienne says “Talin my son, Umay has two babes and so she is twice more tired than I.”  Elienne smiles at her son and touches her cheek.  He smiles back at her.  “Here, take your sister babe Maylina while I tend to Umay and her babes.”  She says lifting the babe out of its sling.  Talin then puts the sling on himself and he receives Maylina from his Mama as she nestles back into the sling–sleeping and contented since Elienne suckled Maylina at her breast before walking to Umay’s dwelling. Talin looks down into his little sisters’ sweet face and smiles at her.

Umay:  Beginning to stir, her sleepy eyes flutter open.  “Is that you Elienne?”  She asks hopefully.  Umay is grateful for Hegara’s help in the over night hours.  But, it is altogether a fearsome sight to behold Hegara upon waking each morn.  So Umay is grateful to be spared that fate this morn.

Elienne:  Walking over the Umay’s bedside, she says  “It is I Umay.  I sent Hegara home.   Now let us get you up and tended to before you suckle your  babes.”  Elienne looks over at Talin and he leaves to give them privacy as Umay goes about her morning waking routine.

After settling Umay back into bed, Elienne hands her the girl babe Elirinne to suckle.  Then once she has latched on well, Elienne hands Umay the boy babe Thorin.  Pillows support Umay’s arms as she holds her babes at her breasts suckling them. [(10) Umay suckling Elirinne]

After making his way swiftly down the mountain, Kili is on the edge of the village–near Thorin’s home.  He was instructed secretly by Dwalin to visit Thorin’s home first to tell Umay of their coming and then to go on to Dwalin’s home.  But Kili will find a surprise waiting for him at Thorin’s home–in more ways than one–as he arrives panting at the door.  Kili politely knocks on the door–Dwarfs are nothing if not polite, despite his eagerness.

Talin:  Talin opens the door and sees his young friend Kili.  “Kili!”  He cries out and they embrace.  But little Maylina let’s her displeasure be known at being squished.

Maylina babe:  “Waah, waah.”

Talin:  “I am sorry little sister.”

Kili:  “So, Dwalin’s babe is born.  And what of Thorin’s babe?”  He asks eagerly. [(11) Killi]

Talin:  “Come and see,”  is all he will say  with a cryptic smile.  “It is good you are home.  Where are the others?”

Kili:  “They are but a day’s journey from the village.  We have most of the gold and treasure with us. They will be here on the morrow and sent me ahead with their greetings.  I am to return to them with yours.”

Elienne:  Hearing the commotion in the outer room, Elienne goes to investigate and finds Kili there.  “Kili!  Are the men home?”  She asks eagerly as they embrace.

Kili:  “They will be on the morrow.  The caravan is laden heavy with most of the gold and treasure we reclaimed.  Thorin sent me ahead with greetings and to then return with yours.  I see you have had your babe.  Dwalin will be pleased.  And Umay?  Has she had her babe?”

Elienne:  “Come and see,”  she also says cryptically with a small smile as she leads Kili to Umay’s bed chamber.  She knocks on the door, “Umay, may Talin and I enter?   We have news.”

Umay:  “Yes, Elienne.  The babes are done suckling and I am covered.”  Umay smiles as she looks down at her babes in her arms as they sleep contentedly. [(12) Umay and twins]

Elienne opens the door wide and ushers in first Talin–still with his sister babe in the sling around his neck and back–and then Kili.

Umay:  “Kili!”  She exclaims excitedly.  “Are the men home?  Where is my Thorin?”

Kili:  At first, Kili is struck speechless.  Not only has he not seen a woman in her bed and in her nightgown–and Umay looks lovely in both–but Umay is holding two babes.  Then he finds his voice.  “They are but a caravan day’s journey away, My Lady Aunt.”  He says remembering his manners.  “You hold two babes?  Who does the other one belong to.”   Kili has never heard of twins, let alone seen any.  Umay, Elienne, and Talin laugh.

Umay:   “I birthed two babes, Kili.  Come see and meet our girl babe Elirinne and our boy babe Thorin.”  Umay smiles triumphantly.  Not only did she not die in childbirth, but she gave birth to two babes.  Story and song will indeed mark the event in years to come.

Kili:  “Two?”  He asks quizzically.

Elienne:  “Two babes, Kili.”  She pats him on his shoulder.  “They are twins and will be playmates with my little Maylina.”  She smiles taking Maylina out of the sling around Talin’s neck and holding her in her arms.  [(13) Maylina]

Kili:  Finally getting into the spirit of the momentous births, he says to Umay  “My Lord Uncle Thorin will be pleased, My Lady Aunt.”  Then he says sheepishly what was on his mind ever since his uncle Thorin told him of the births.  “We thought it blessed that Thorin should have one babe on the way.  We did not think that Thorin could be as blessed as this.”  Kili blushes due to what he is thinking.  Though his uncle has a young wife, Kili did not think of is uncle as a lover.  He realizes that he was wrong and chuckles to himself.

Talin:  “You said you are to take word back to the men?  May I come, too and see father?”   Talin looks over at his mother hopefully.  [(14) Talin]

Elienne:  “Very well.  We can do without you for one day.  After giving Kili some nourishment, Talin, you two get along.  We will tell the village that the men are coming home to us.”

To be continued with Chapter 8


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  1. kathryngaul says:

    Oh, lovely…so Thorin hasn’t died in your story! I still haven’t finished reading the earlier chapters but I couldn’t resist skimming through this to see if Thorin makes it home!


    • GratianaDS90 says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      That’s the beauty of fan fiction writing–you can change the story to fit your own wishes. Ha! Since I fully acknowledge that my story bears little resemblance to the Tolkien tale, hopefully people can just have fun with this “alternate” universe I’ve created. Ha.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. fabi says:

    Hi Grati! Here I am again. :)
    When you turn the narrative focus to the dwarf men, they seem so alive because we have their actual pictures in mind. I can even imagine them singing. Please, 427 days left to the premiere of The Hobbit, go by quickly!
    The way you wrote Kili – lovely respectful manners towards his uncle and aunt, boyish behavior – he’s a sweetie, at least in your version.
    It was a big surprise to know they’re allowed to “try out” marriage before settling with someone. They suddenly appear to me as an advanced people in some aspects.
    Nice pics as always, particularly Talin and Maylina (cutest little thing).
    So next chapter we finally will see the happy reunion of Thorin and Umay, as well as his first looking at their twin babies? Yippee!
    Just one more question: when Thorin’s Hope was finished, will you continue to delight us with your stories? I really hope so. Not meaning to press nobody here, you know. :D


  3. GratianaDS90 says:

    Hi Fabi,

    Thanks for your nice note. Yes, I’m almost to the End of Thorin’s Hope–in a few more weeks of posts–though I might pick up the story again at a later point in time.

    With regard to trial marriage customs in Thorin’s Hope, I was researching engagement customs for my Sir Guy Fan fiction that I’m writing, and I came across the “trial marriage” concept during the colonial America time frame–based on a Wiki link. And since Thorin’s hope is set in a similarly rural setting, I decided to incorporate it into my story here. And since Dwarf adolescence extends through to their 80th year of age in my story, it made sense to me that some kind of relational dating would be going on–especially since 100 years was the age I set for when most Dwarf women first give birth. That’s a lot of abstinence. Ha! And with the Dwarf society in my story being very close knit and familial–especially since they are a displaced peoples–it would stand to reason that they would have trial marriages, rather than merely cohabitation that happens in our era.

    And yes, I’m thinking of sharing my Sir Guy fan fiction story next–after I’m done posting Thorin’s Hope in a few weeks.

    Thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter. It helps me tremendously.

    Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. fabi says:

    Dear Grati, you can count on me, unless you kick me out, LOL! It’s a daily joy for me. :D
    A Sir Guy fan fiction? *big grin* Oh, my favorite one! I must have read dozens of them in Wattpad, FanFiction, LiveJournal… Love love love Leather Clad Evil Henchman! (only as matter of dreams, in RL he would be simply awful, that luscious creature, LOL!)
    Sorry. *cough* I have to research this “trial marriage”, never heard of it before. Very interesting what we can find in Internet.


    • GratianaDS90 says:

      Hi Fabi,
      I’m on DF and hope to upload part of my Guy Fan Fic this weekend. It’s a work in progress (WIP). So, I’ll upload it by chapters to my blog post here in a few weeks–when Thorin’s Hope is concluded. No spoilers until then. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. fabi says:

    By the way, have you seen Bccmee’s today gif? *swoon*


  6. fitzg says:

    Waiting for Thorin to reach home… :) I do like your Kili.
    Was that “trial marriage” in colonial America not known as “bundling”? And of course, in mediaeval times “bethrothal” or engagement, was as binding as the marriage ceremony.


    • GratianaDS90 says:

      HI Fitzg,

      Yup! Thanks for expanding upon my all too brief response.
      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. And, of course the notion of “bans” having to be read three times proclaiming an upcoming marriage didn’t occur until after the 1500’s or so. Because the pope at the time wanted to formalize marriage in a “census taking” way–and yet another way for the church to insert itself into the societal fabric of life. For more info beyond my church teaching recollections, visit

      And technically, still in the Episcopal Church today (my denomination), having the bans “read” three times constitutes the “marriage contract”. It’s just that we all like a lot of hoopla for an actual wedding ceremony. Ha!


  7. 12/22/11–Might the Dwarf men be singing “Misty Mountains Cold”? Here is that link to listen to the song:

    7/13/13–Replacement video of “The Misty Mountains Cold” song by Bccmee


  8. Mark says:

    FYI…Kili is not 50 but actually 77 and his brother. Fili is the youngest at 72. Both are full adults being 22-34 in Human terms.


    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for visiting and commenting on my story “Thorin’s Hope”. May I draw your attention to my author’s reminder that this story is in the genre of “fan fiction”–wherein an author takes a basic premise, plot, or characters and changes them at will to suit a new story (my definition).

      So, for my purposes in telling my tale, my making the brash Kili be a “teen” in human years further emphasizes his youthful behavior compared to the other Dwarfs. And since storytelling involves the reader suspending his or her disbelief–or predispositions in the case of Tolkien’s original story, since I have given Thorin a wife, ha!–I hope that you will enjoy my story, “Thorin’s Hope”, in the spirit in which it is intended.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


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