Thorin’s Hope Ch. 9 WIP–Thorin Reunites with Umay and Their Babes (PG-13), 10/27/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #41)

(An adapted Fan Fiction Story tenuously based on the characters of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit–No copyright infringement intended)

Prologue:  This is the final chapter in my short adapted fan fiction, “Thorin’s Hope:  A Love Story”.  Links to all of the other chapters, are found after the references listing.  I plan to return to Thorin and his wife Umay [(1) Image of Umay ] in the future.  But for now, I hope you enjoy the close of this chapter in their story.

Chapter 9:  Thorin Reunites with Umay and Their Babes

Almost before they realize it–because the moonlight does not brighten their journey home that well [(2) Funks Grove woods]–Thorin and Kili find themselves on the edge of the Dwarf village boundaries.  The torch is lit at what passes for the gate–really, it’s just a wooden archway over the dirt roadway–and there sleeps old Codger, Uncle to Thorin’s dear sweet good wife Lady Umay (pronounced “ooh-MY” and meaning “hope”).

Kili:  Whispering, Kili says “My Lord Uncle, Old Codger, has fallen asleep.”

Amused and perturbed all at once–because Codger should be on watch–Thorin decides to have a little fun with him, despite Codger being Thorin’s elder by 100 years at 285 years of age.  You see, only the truly old men were left in the village because all of the able bodied me under 200 years went on the quest.

Thorin:  Also whispering, “Yes, my nephew.  Let us see how he reacts to visitors.”   Then Thorin [(3) Thorin] slips off of his horse, draws his sword Orchrist, and lays it gently on Old Codger’s chest.  Then Thorin says in a loud and commanding voice, “What village is this?  And tell me what is there to plunder or lose your life!”

Old Codger:  Old Codger wakes up with a start!  “Halt!  Who goes there!  This is the great and mighty Thorin Oakenshield’s village.  Turn back or be torn in two.”  Of course, Old Codger says all this breathlessly and sitting down with Thorin’s sword on his chest.  So, Old Codger isn’t quite as fiercesome as he would wish to appear to be–and he knows it.

Kili:  “At least he has spirit, if not fight left in him, My Lord Uncle.”  Kili says with a hint of mirth.

Thorin:  Rocking his head back in laughter, Thorin removes Orchrist from Old Codger’s chest and moves to stand in the moonlight where he can be seen.  “I fear my old friend that you have been long past in need of relief from your watch this night.”

Old Codger:  Standing up with a struggle, Old Codger [(4) Image for Old Codger]  bows his head in shame.  “I am sorry My Lord Thorin.  I have failed in my duty to keep our village safe.”

Thorin:  Clapping a hand onto Old Codger’s frail shoulder, Thorin says, “Nay Old Codger, it is clear that you have kept our village safe.  And now you have earned your rest.  Go home–as will I.  Kili will stay and finish your watch for you.”

Old Codger:  “Thank you, My Lord.”  Old Codger nods his head gratefully and walks toward his home in the village.

Kili:  Kili’s heart sinks. Not only are they no longer on their quest, but his uncle demotes him to being a gate guard.  “But my Lord Uncle, I am your escort.”

Thorin:  “Yes my nephew, and you have fulfilled that task well.  But I need you to do this final task.  And when the other men arrive in the morning hours, it shall be you who victoriously leads them into our village.”  Thorin has learned that the ways of leadership entail helping others to see the importance in their tasks–and then showing them the deference that importance is due.

Kili:  “Thank you, My Lord Uncle!”  Kili [(5) Image of Kili]  exclaims, puffing up his chest with pride.  As a teen of 50 years (around 14 in human years), Kili has a ways to go before reaching manhood yet.

Thorin:  “I will walk the distance to my home to see Umay and our babe.  It is but a distance of 100 yards, 50 yards beyond the stables where I will leave our horses.”

Kili nods and smiles, knowing of the twin babe surprise that awaits his uncle.  And Thorin walks their two horses to the stables, unsaddles them, and waters them.  Thorin smiles as he walks the short distance to his cottage home [(6) Thorin’s home] where Umay and their babe sleep.  His home looks much as it did when he left it six months ago.  Thorin sees a light in the window and his heart warms to think that Umay might be awake upon his return.

Of course, being apart from his wife for six months has been both an emotional and a physical sacrifice for Thorin.  Because Lord Thorin and his Lady wife Umay [(7) image of Umay as a bride 25 years ago]  are perfect soul mates and lovers.  Thorin blushes at what he is thinking–of their lovemaking–especially since Thorin knows that with Umay giving birth a little over one week ago, she must be left unbothered  by her husband’s amorous attentions for a few weeks more as her body recovers.

Then, it occurs to Thorin that his quest has left him rather dirty and smelling of his companions–mostly of his horse–which might not be pleasing to Umay and their babe.  So, Thorin detours to behind his cottage hom]  and steps into the outside rain barrel bathing stall that he had installed for them.  Thorin removes his battle gear and clothing and steps into the shower.  The water is cold and he cries out a bit as he washes himself with the soap at hand.

Thorin:  “God’s teeth!”  He exclaims.  But he continues showering.

Inside Thorin’s home’s bedchamber, Elienne [(8) Elienne image]  awakes with a start.  Umay still sleeps soundly next to her, so Elienne arises from the bed, puts a shawl over herself and peeks out the back window of the bed chamber.  Elienne is both surprised and amused to see what appears to be the top of Thorin’s head in the bathing stall as he continues to make small noises.  Opening the back bed chamber door to the outside, Elienne peeks her head around the corner of the door.

Elienne:   “My Lord Thorin, is it not too late–or perhaps too early–for a rain bath?” She asks in jest.

Thorin:  Turning around with a start in the bath stall, he says “Elienne, I did not expect to find you here.”  He quickly dries himself off with a towel while standing hidden in the stall as they talk.

Elienne:  “Umay is a new mother and needs help.  Would you rather find Hegara the midwife here?” [(9) Image of Hegara]

Thorin:  “Nay, Nay!”  Hegara’s is the last face he would wish to see this night.  “I thank you for your tender care of Umay.  Talin told us about it.”

Elienne:  “He did?”  She wonders if Talin told Thorin all.  “We did not expect you until the evening–afternoon at the earliest.”

Thorin:  “Our base camp is close.  The others will be here in the early morn.  But I found that I could not wait to see Umay and our babe.”

Elienne:  “Ah!”  Elienne says portentously, realizing that Thorin does not know of the twin babes.  “My Lord, let me fetch you your night shirt for you to put on.”

Thorin:  “Thank you.”    Elienne ducks back into the bedchamber, finds the night shirt–which Umay has hanging on the bedpost to remind her of her husband’s smell.  Then Elienne returns outside and hands Thorin his night shirt.”

Elienne:  “Since you are home now, My Lord, I will take my babe and return home to sleep the rest of the night.”

Thorin:  “Thank you, Elienne.”  Thorin nods at her as she returns inside.

Elienne checks on the sleeping Umay and her twins sleeping in their cradles and smiles.  Then Elienne scoops up her sleeping babe Maylina from one of the cradles and walks out of the bedchamber through the sitting area and then out the front door and heads home.  Elienne looks forward to her own husband Dwalin’s homecoming–and she hopes that he also considerately bathes before he sees her.

Thorin slips into his night shirt [(10) Image of Thorin]  and steps into his bedchamber from its back door.  It feels almost odd to him to be home after such a long time away.  Thorin and Umay had never been parted like this before–for so long, and during her pregnancy when she needed him most, when he wanted to be with her most.  But duty and honor called him away for their quest.  Just as surely as duty, honor, and love called him back home again.

Thorin sees the sleeping Umay and smiles.  She looks so peaceful and content.  He is glad that her birthing trials did not damage her health– or kill her as he had feared due to her tender 85 years.  But Umay’s cheeks are rosie and her face full and round.  Umay’s  [(11) Image of Umay in bed]   lips are also full and round–inviting Thorin to kiss them.  Thorin knows that he should probably look upon his babe first, but he can’t resist sliding into bed with Umay, gathering her into his arms, and kissing her softly on her lips.  Naturally, Thorin’s embrace and kiss wakens Umay–which is his intent.

Umay:  “Hhhhhh!”  She sighs as her sleepy eyes flutter open and she sees and feels her husband next to her.

Thorin: “Umay, my love, I am home.”   He tenderly kisses her again, his hands stroking her hair and back–thrilled to feel his love in his arms once more.

Umay:  Placing her hand on the side of his face, stroking his beard, she asks plaintively “Are you another dream, My Husband?  Or are you real?  Have you come back to me at last?”

Thorin:  “I am come home to you My Wife–never to leave your side again.”  Thorin and Umay kiss each other tenderly.

Umay:   Now more fully awake and alert, she says.  “I love you so, My Husband.  I cannot tell you how much.”  Then she bursts into tears of joy at his return to her.

Thorin:  “There, there, Umay.”  Thorin [(12) Thorin] comforts her as his own tears fall.  “I love you so, my beloved Umay.  I could not be apart from you any longer and rode ahead of the others with Kili as my escort.  How fare you and our babe?  Is he or she well?”  He asks in earnest.

Umay:  Realizing that Thorin does not know of their twin babes yet, she smiles.  “Yes my love, we are well.  Let me introduce you.”

Thorin:  “Yes, my beloved, I am eager to meet our child.”  Thorin smiles with great expectation at the momentous occasion of meeting his child–a child that he thought he would never have.

Umay alights from the bed, bends down to the cradle and scoops up her girl child and takes her back to their bed.

Umay:  “My Lord, we have a daughter.  I named her Elirinne, after you and Elienne.”  Umay smiles triumphantly as she hands the babe to Thorin now sitting up in their bed.

Thorin:  “A daughter!  I have never held a babe.  Umay, what do I do?”  He asks looking in wonder at his sleeping babe in his arms [(13) sleeping babe Elirinne image].

Umay:  “Support her head and neck.  Babes are little and do not have that strength yet.”  Umay smiles. “Are you pleased, My Lord Husband?”

Thorin:  “I am.  To have a girl child who will grow up to be just like her mother.”  He smiles at Umay and then down at the babe in his arms.

Umay:  “So you are not disappointed that she is not a boy babe?”  Umay asks impishly.

Thorin:  “Nay!  I was only concerned for your safety with giving birth.   But you and the babe are well, that is all any man or husband can hope for.”

But Umay’s name means “hope”.  And Umay has surely brought hope into Thorin’s life.  And, Umay now reveals her secret to make her promise and gift of hope to Thorin complete.

Umay:  “Oh. And there is one other thing.”  She tries to say casually.  Umay slips off the bed again, bends down to the second cradle, and returns to bed with a second babe.  [(14) Umay holding son Thorin image] “My Lord Husband, we are twice blessed!”  She says triumphantly.  “I bore you two babes.”

Thorin is speechless.  Twin babes are nearly unheard of–except in royal lines.  But a twin birth has not happened for centuries.  Thorin looks back and forth between the babe in his arms and the babe in Umay’s arms.

Thorin:  “Oh Umay, my beloved!  You are so wonderful!”  Umay and Thorin lean toward each other and kiss sweetly.

Umay:  “Do you not wish to know this babe’s name?”  She asks with a twinkle in her eye.

Thorin:  “Yes, please tell me.”  He waits expectantly to hear the name, wondering if it be a boy babe or a girl babe–though names do not always reflect a babe’s gender.  “Who is this tiny creature you are holding, Umay?”

Umay:  “Thorin.”  She states empahtically and very pleased with herself.

Thorin:  But Thorin thinks she is posing a question to him.  “Yes my love?  What is the babe’s name”

Umay:  “The babe is named for you, Thorin.”  She says again.

Thorin:  But he still doesn’t understand–because Dwarf babe naming tradition has a portion of the father’s name embedded within the babe’s name. “That is customary.  But what is the babe’s name?”  He asks again, eager to know his babe. [(15) Thorin waiting to hear his son’s name]

Umay:  Not wanting to delay Thorin’s delight at having a son any longer, Umay carefully unwraps the swaddled babe in her arms to reveal his boy child body.  “Thorin, this is our son, little Thorin.”

Thorin:  Stunned, shocked, amazed, and pleased, Thorin rejoices.  “Umay my love, you have given me these two great gifts–our babes–on top of   my having you as my wife.  I feel truly blessed!”  Umay and Thorin lean forward and kiss each other for some time in their joy–their babes sleeping peacefully in their loving arms.

Umay:  When their lips finally part, Umay asks sweetly  and poignantly as she reswaddles her son,  “Thorin, would you like to hold your son?”

Thorin:  “Yes, my love!”  Thorin’s pride bursts forth from his chest as he and Umay exchange babes.  And he cannot help but whisper in awe and wonder so as not to waken the sleeping boy child now placed in his arms “I have a son.”  For a son in Dwarf tradition signifies the continuation of lineage–and Little Thorin will be the inheritor of a grand lineage.

Umay and Thorin sit for a while holding their babes in their arms and kissing each other and the babes.  Then they place the babes back in their cradles and return to bed–so that Umay and Thorin may sleep for the two hours until the babes must suckle again.  And as they begin to drift off to sleep, Thorin tells Umay of his quest’s fulfillment.

Umay:  “Oh my husband, I am so glad to have you home with me again. But, I know you had to go on your quest.  Did you find what you sought?”

Thorin:  “Umay my love, though we return with only half of the treasure we sought, honor is satisfied.  I realized that our real treasure was always with us in our hearts–and we had but to return home to find it again.”

Then Thorin kisses Umay tenderly, then lovingly, then adoringly, then passionately.  Their bodies mold themselves to each other such that a whisper could not pass between them.  And though Thorin and Umay each know that they should wait about two more weeks for Umay’s body to fully recover from her birthing ordeal, they cannot wait.  Their love for each other has too long been denied in their separation.  And now, Thorin and Umay let their joy in loving each other and being new parents to Elirinne and Little Thorin burst forth in a fusion of love and passionate lovemaking such that not even they had known before.  And when Thorin’s and Umay’s love is fulfilled–having loved each other very well indeed–they surrender to sleep in each others’ loving arms.

And later that morning–with a gleeful young Kili [(16) Kili image, right] in front of them–the band of twelve Dwarf men, one Hobbit, and Dwalin’s son Talin [(17) Talin image, left]–walk triumphantly into the Dwarf village and receive warm and praising greetings for their safe and honorable return.  Thorin and Umay also greet them–each holding one of their babes in their arms–before returning to their home for more rest, babe suckling, and welcome home love trysts.  And in twelve other Dwarf household’s there are similar welcome home greetings to Thorin’s and Umay’s love trysts–no doubt resulting in an explosion of Dwarf babe births nine months hence.  Because babes are bound to happen when so much love is shared.  Dwalin embraces his wife Elienne and meets his new babe daughter Maylina.  Fili [(18) Fili image, left] greets and discovers his now six months pregnant wife, Asalea (pronounced Ah-sa-laya) with joy in his heart–though Fili’s mirthful face always belies some joy or other.  And Kili smiles at both of Bofur’s fair daughters upon his return–not yet heeding his Lord Uncle Thorin’s admonishment, “That it is better to woo and wed one maid, rather than to woo two maids and disappoint the one not chosen.”  Yes, the fulfillment of Thorin [(19) Thorin Swordpath graphic] and the Dwarfs quest for their gold, their happiness in their returning quest for home, and the expanding population in their Dwarf community will be written in story and song for future generations.

Epilogue:  To battle to reclaim one’s birth right is a noble quest.  Who among us who has lost something would not wish to seek it?  But in the seeking of their golden treasure from the devil dragon Smaug, Thorin and his band of Dwarf men and one Hobbit learned that treasure need not be golden to be valued and valuable.  For Thorin, his treasure–in the form of his good sweet Lady Wife Umay and their twin babes, Little Thorin and Elirinne–awaited his return home to their village.  And for Umay, her wishes, hopes, and dreams have come true.  She has her Thorin safely back home with her, and their babes are well born.  Their lives as new parents await them.  As do the lives of all of the Dwarf men and their families await their futures.  And a secret hidden within the treasure of gold that the Dwarf men and one Hobbit reclaimed, might prove to be an unfolding mystery in all of their collective futures.

The End

Thorin’s and Umay’s story to be continued at a later time

Author’s Note:  Thank you so much for reading my story “Thorin’s Hope: A Love Story”.  I enjoyed exploring a different side of Thorin and a different aspect of the usual fantasy action adventure story–that of those left behind to cope with their separation from their loved ones.   In the future, I plan to return to Thorin and Umay.  But, for now, I will post a few of my other stories here on my blog and on DF, because I want to also share them with you.  And thank you so much for your encouragement.  I really appreciate it.  Gratiana Lovelace, October 22, 2011

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5 Responses to Thorin’s Hope Ch. 9 WIP–Thorin Reunites with Umay and Their Babes (PG-13), 10/27/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #41)

  1. fabi says:

    A lovely happy ending is always what I want, as a hopeless romantic!
    Today what caught my eye was Thorin’s consideration towards all, specially when he baths before meeting his wife. Liked your Dwarfs version. Surely a second story of Thorin and Umay will be welcome. Now I’m curious about what you will share with us next time. Thank you for a nice tale!


  2. Gratiana says:

    Hi Fabi,
    Thanks for your kind remarks and thoughtful note. I’m glad you liked “Thorin’s Hope”, I enjoyed spinning their tale. And I will get back to them in the future.

    As to Thorin’s considerateness, I modeled him after my husband in that way. For example, my hubby would always give himself a close shave before we would get into some “serious” kissing–out of his concern that his scratchy beard would irritate the soft skin of my face. However, I’ve recently told him that a little beard stubble isn’t a “bad thing”–quite the opposite. Stubble is emblematic of his manliness to me–and is very sexy. Besides, there is the exfoliation benefit to one’s hubby having a scratchy beard. Just a new aspect to my skin care regimen. Ha!

    In my own experience, when husbands and wives are mutually considerate and tender toward one another in their daily lives and interactions, that keeps romance alive more than the occasional love note or flowers. It is the best aphrodisiac. And for my incarnation of Thorin–with him having had to wait for love until late in his life–he holds that love in precious regard.

    Thanks for being a faithful visitor and commenter.
    Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Ania says:

    Like fabi, I’m a hopeless romantic too. :-) So, thank you very much for a happy ending. I hope that you will not keep us long guessing, what happened next between Umay and Thorin.


  4. Gratiana says:

    Hi Ania,
    Thanks for your nice note. I’m glad you liked the end of Thorin’s Hope. I’m a fan of happy endings myself. I do plan to return to Thorin and Umay, and Fili and Asalaya, Dwalin and Elienne and their son Talin–not to mention the trouble brewing between Kili wooing Bofur’s two daughters at the same time. Ha!

    But first, I’m going to start sharing my new Guy Fan Fiction story with you next week. And, then maybe an original story set in contemporary times.

    Thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter. Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. Author’s updated image references note:
    For completeness sake, I wish to note that earlier chapters also contained images of Dwalin (as portrayed by Graham McTavish) and Bofur (as portrayed by James Nesbit).


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