CRAzy Captioning for Fun Day Sunday–RA’s John Characters, 11/13/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #53)

This is our 4th Sunday of having fun with using pictures from the oh so talented and prolific British Actor Richard Armitage’s (RA) film roles and putting humorous captions to them.  Given that we have over 170 views  for each of these weekly posts, this activity seems to be a popular fun diversion for everyone–including me.  I enjoy finding the pictures and putting the captions to them.  And, the captions are all in the spirit of fun.

The first two picture and caption examples were ones I came up with while chatting with my gal pals over in Armitage World.  But, I also appreciate your suggestions and input.    So, if you have suggestions for pictures for future CRAzy Captioning Sundays, please share their URL with me via comments to this post by Friday of next week–because I prep Sunday’s post on Saturday.

I’ve provided some initial caption suggestions.  Now the real fun of CRAzy Captioning begins when you provide your caption suggestions for images A – E below.  Don’t be shy.  You’re often funnier than I am.  So, please share caption your ideas–even if you only have one caption to share–by commenting on this blog post, labeling the caption with whichever image letter applies.

Cheers!  Grati  ;->

P.S.  A disclaimer, that unless a quote is actually attributed to a film–and its citation reference appears below the picture–the captions are pure fiction.

-Here is the RANet link for the RA laughing image from his September 17, 2010 interview on the Lorraine Show

Image A Caption:
“Twern’t  brilliant.”  I’ve got no cell phone.  And when I put my coins into this box in the men’s room–trying to make a phone call–all it’s giving me is a small box,  for a different kind of connection.  

(A1)  “Twern’t brilliant.” Quote said by John Standring–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–in Sparkhouse (2002).
(A2) Here is that RANet image link of John Standring–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–from Sparkhouse (2002), episode 1, picture 41.

Image B (of RA fan t-shirt):

(B1a)  “Look back, look back at me.” Quote said by John Thornton–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–in North & South (2004).
(B1b) Here is that RANet image link of John Thornton–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–watching his love Margaret’s carriage drive away, from North & South (2004), episode 4, picture. 211:
(B2)  Here is that RANet image link of a slightly smirking John Thornton–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–from North & South (2004), episode 1, picture 26.

Image C Caption:  
I’m toned, toweled, and time is not on my side in this story’s plot.  Fancy a … trip to the pub for some beer?
(No wonder Ian ends up in a freezer.)

(C) Here is that RANet image link of Captain Ian Macalwain–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–from Ultimate Force (2003).

Image D Caption:
“Are you okay baby?”  To quote RA, “Come and find out.”

(D1) “Are you ok baby?” Quote said by Lucas North/John Bateman–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–in Spooks series 9, episode1.
(D2)  “Are you ok baby?” Video quote from Spooks series 9 episode 1clip w/Richard Armitage, by bccmee.

(D3)  “Come and find out.” Response by Richard Armitage when asked if his Spooks tattoos were real during his Lorraine Show interview of September 17, 2010.
(D4) Here is that RANet image link of Lucas North/John Bateman–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–from Spooks series 9, episode 1, picture 35.

Image E Caption:
Beware of Do it Yourself Geeks Bearing Fish & Chips.

P.S.  This caption is a play on words of the phrase, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”–that refers to the Trojan Horse myth.  I know, if you have to explain it, it’s not funny.  Sighhhh!

(E) Here is that RANet image link of John Mulligan–as portrayed by Richard Armitage–from Moving On:  Drowning Not Waving (2009).

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