“Guy’s Rose”, Chapter 4: Lady Roseanna Dines with Prince John and Sir Guy Monday Evening, 11/14/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #54)

“Guy’s Rose”
An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
by Gratiana Lovelace, 11/14/11
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1ab) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

“Guy’s Rose”, Chapter 4:  Lady Roseanna Dines with Prince John and Sir Guy Monday Evening, 11/14/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #54)

Having made herself scarce at the midday meal, Lady Roseanna [(2) Lady Roseanna, right]  was told in no uncertain terms that she must dine with Prince John this evening–or the servant bringing word to her would be beaten.  Her cousin Prince John is a crafty buggar–thinks Lady Roseanna–and he knows that Lady Roseanna would not want a servant harmed on her account.   So after taking her own bath with Bessie assisting her, Lady Roseanna attires herself in her finest light blue velvet dress with gold brocade edging [(3) blue velvet dress, left] and complementing her ample bosom that she had previously bound under her boy’s tunic.  Lady Roseanna impishly and blushingly wonders if Sir Guy will recognize her as being his former valet Oxbridge.   She thinks not.  Lady Roseanna is quite confident in her deception earlier and colors again at the thought of seeing Sir Guy naked as he rose from his bath–like Adonis rising from the spring.  It is a sight that fixes in her memory as a wonder and a sinful delight.  Lady Roseanna gracefully makes her way to the large dining hall where other nobles are assembled about the room.  As is her custom, she will sit beside her cousin Prince Johns at the head table–and more, this evening.

Prince John:  Seeing his beautifully attired and attractive cousin enter the great dining hall, he stops the gathering by announcing her to all present–especially to Sir Guy.  “My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen.  May I present my breathtakingly beautifully cousin Lady Roseanna Middleton.”  He flings his arms wide and encourages applause–which those in attendance comply with.

Sir Guy:  Transfixed in gazing upon Lady Roseanna–a lovelier woman Sir Guy [(4) Prince John and Sir Guy]  has not seen in some time, in truth since Lady Marian–Sir Guy smiles seductively at her.  Then remembering his manners, he walks up to her, bows regally, and takes her hand in his and kisses it.   Then he says in that deeply seductive velvety baritone of his “Milady.   I am Sir Guy of Gisborne–at your service.”  Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna smile and look at each other with mutually appreciative eyes.

Prince John:   Then Lady Roseanna’s weasel cousin John has to have his fun. “Oh Gisborne, I should have ‘properly’ introduced my cousin to you.  This is Lady Roseanna Oxbridge Middleton.”

Sir Guy:  “Oxbridge?  That is the valet’s name.”

Lady Roseanna:  Finding her voice she whines.  “God’s teeth, Johnny!  Can’t you ever play fair?”  And she colors every shade in the rainbow, knowing that Sir Guy will figure it out–she is the valet who helped him with his bath this morning.

Prince John:  Seeing Sir Guy’s startled look at Lady Roseanna’s manly oath, Prince John says “Milady Roseanna has always had more of the ‘stable boy’ or ‘valet’ in her airs, than the fine lady in the drawing room.”

Sir Guy:  His eyes widen in realization that his ‘valet’ at his bath this morning is the very lady standing in front of him now. “Milady Roseanna!   My apologies for not greeting you properly–earlier.  I hope I am attired to your satisfaction now.”  He fixes a devilish grin upon his face as he admires her attire, her beautifully softly curled hair and her exquisitely sweet face.

Lady Roseanna:  Trying not to blush, but failing miserably, [(5) Image for Lady Roseanna] she says  “In truth, Sir Guy, you wear my brother’s clothes well.  We might have to let you keep what you are wearing this evening.”  She smiles sweetly and weakly–feeling that she will melt into his arms were he to take one step in her direction.

Sir Guy:  Endlessly amused to be standing dressed in front of a lady whom he was undressed in front of this morning he says.  “Well, Milady Roseanna, Were your brother to wish for his clothes back, I know to whom I should return them.”

Prince John:  “Gisborne, I think you have quite transfixed my dear cousin Rose.  Perhaps we should sign a marriage contract for her to you before she can object.”  He laughs and the room laughs also–everyone knowing it is best to mirror Prince John’s actions and mood if one is to keep one’s head.

Sir Guy:  “Sire, It would be an honor for me to ‘join’ with Milady Roseanna in marriage.”  Of course, Sir Guy’s use of the word ‘join’ causes her to blush even more.  Sir Guy gallantly kisses Lady Roseanna’s hand.  “But only if the fair lady wishes it also.”

Prince John:  Having more fun than he can shake a scepter at with teasing his cousin Lady Roseanna, Prince John asks her.  “Well Rosie?  Shall we fix your marriage contract to Sir Guy and set a date?”

Lady Roseanna:  “Johnny,”  She rolls her eyes.  “You know I don’t like the diminutive form ‘Rosie’.  Please remember that.”  She says while rather ironically using the diminutive form of his name John.

Prince John:  “But I am Prince Regent [(6) Prince John], perhaps to be King, dear cousin.”  He looks over at Sir Guy conspiratorially.  “I may do as I please.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Well then, Johnny, I will have to find some spiders to put under your pillow to get back at you.”   She wiggles her fingers in front of her cousin Johnny’s face as if they were spider legs and he shivers. This was a favorite way of Lady Roseanna’s to get back at her cousin Prince John when they were young because he hates spiders.

Prince John:  “Watch out for this one, Gisborne.  She is devil and angel both.”  He shakes his head ruefully as Lady Roseanna smiles defiantly.

Sir Guy:  Lifting Lady Roseanna’s hand to his lips and kissing it again, he says  “I am sure I would like Milady Roseanna in her many incarnations–angel and devil are but two halves of one whole.” [(7) Sir Guy entranced]

Lady Roseanna:  “Hhhhhh!”  Sighing, she says “Sir Guy, I fear your knowledge of women may be tainted if you think women are so simply described.”

Sir Guy:  “Indeed!” Sir Guy smiles broadly.  “Then I look forward to Milady educating me on the proper intercourse a noble man should have with the ladies at court.”  Again, Sir Guy’s choice of words, ‘intercourse’, causes Lady Roseanna to blush–as he intended.

Prince John:  Bored because this flirty banter is not directed at him, he says “Yes, yes.  I’m bored now.  Let’s eat!  Sir Guy to my left and Lady Roseanna to my right.”

Since they are sitting apart, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna do not have a chance to converse privately during the meal and only steal furtive glances at each other now and again.

To be continued with Chapter 5


(1a)   Guy’s Rose story graphic composite image–Sir Guy, as portrayed by Richard Armitage, drawing by Judiang and initially shared at

(1b)  Guy’s Rose story graphic composite image–rose graphic found at http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_D8VwTKAphks/TQ5I9nYhgdI/AAAAAAAAN6k/vdOKQ4QsSsU/s1600/pink_rose_petals.jpg

(2)  “A Portrait of a Young Lady” by Eugene de Blass, Image representing Lady Roseanna Oxbridge Middleton found at

(3)  Blue velvet dress with gold brocade edging representing what Lady Roseanna wore to dine in from Majestic Velvets

(4) Image of Prince John (as portrayed by Toby Stephens) and Sir Guy (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) in the BBC’s Robin Hood series 3, episode 7, picture 166 from RANet

(5)  “A Portrait of a Young Lady” by Eugene de Blass, cropped image representing Lady Roseanna Oxbridge Middleton found at

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10 Responses to “Guy’s Rose”, Chapter 4: Lady Roseanna Dines with Prince John and Sir Guy Monday Evening, 11/14/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #54)

  1. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    A lot of fun in this chapter, amusing dialogues – or may I say intercourses? LOL!
    Who amongst us wouldn’t melt into the arms of that ‘sinful delight’… I loved Guy’s flirting ways with Lady Roseanna.
    I think you have so much fun writing the story as I have reading it. Really cheered up my Monday morning!


    • Gratiana says:

      Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your lovely note. ‘Sinful delight’ indeed. Ha! I do enjoy writing my stories–especially stories like this that I infuse light and flirty banter into. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. The next chapter will be published here on Friday.
      Have a great day! Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. Ania says:

    Hi Gratiana!
    Thank you very much for a great part that beautiful story. Like Fabi, I also love these funny dialogues between Guy and Lady Roseanna. I like this specific sparks that I feel between them. I had a lot of laughter (especially when I search in the dictionary the word ‘intercourse’, oh my lame English * sigh*). Oh and I absolutely love that blue dress which is so lovely. I think the color of the dress even more highlighted blush on the face of Lady Roseanna.
    I’m sorry I didn’t write earlier, but this is the fault of Bccmee ;-) (ok just kidding when I talk about her fault) and her amazing idea to teach us to do gif-s. Don’t even thought that it made me so interested and that learning of this, makes me so much joy.


    • Ania says:

      Oh and one more, what I wanted to say, I’m sorry but I don’t know why I can’t open the page Judiang’s blog (and phylly3, too). I really do not know whether to blame for it, my new laptop or something completely different. So, I’m sorry but I could not read the interview with you. :(


      • Gratiana says:

        HI Ania,
        Thanks for the heads up about the writing interview link glitch. What I’ll do is update each of those two interview posts where I direct people over to Judiang’s blog, by including the interviews below. So, you should receive an email notice of that if you’re a subscriber–which I think you are.

        Cheers! Grati ;->>
        P.S. In the meantime, here are judiang’s links again–in case I had a typo:

        Writers Part 3–Grati (Part 1): http://www.jagrant.com/watcher/on-writing-part-3-gratianads90-i/

        Writers Part 4–Grati (Part 2): http://www.jagrant.com/watcher/on-writing-part-4-gratianads90-ii/


        • Ania says:

          Hi Gratiana,
          Thanks for the links. Everything indicates that the cause of the impossibility to open a website with a Judiang’s blog stuck in my laptop. And this is my supposition, because, at work I could easily open (and finally read) the websites provided by you.
          So I see that you are very busy person and I’m glad that you find time to write and share with us such a beautiful and warm stories. With all my heart I wish you that your dreams come true. I’d like to watch the movie that would be shot on the basis of your script. (hmm probably, I am also the romantic girl).


          • Gratiana says:

            Hi Ania,
            I’m so honored by your praise of my stories. Thank you very much! Writing stories is my first love–well, after my husband. Ha!
            And I have more than 40 stories that I’ve been working on in rotation the last 1.5 years. So, I plan to serialize a few more of them here on my blog. My dream would be to see my stories produced. And even more of a dream to have RA play one of the lead male characters. He is my muse after all. I’m beginning to look at the possiblities for where I might submit my script stories. We’ll see.
            Cheers! Grati
            P.S. I loved your gif that Bccmee showed us on her blog yesterday! Well done! I hope to try my hand at making a gif this weekend. Have a great day.


    • Gratiana says:

      Hi Ania,
      Thanks so much for your nice note. There are sparks flying between Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna! It gets better and better as the story goes along.
      And yes, I do like to make plays on words–called puns–using words with two meanings. I’m glad you’re finding it amusing. That’s my intention. Ha!
      I loved the dress, too. It isn’t “light blue” as in my story, but oh well. Ha!
      I’m also very appreciative of Bccmee’s tutorials on gif making. I need to make my first gif, too. But my blog got in the way. Ha! Hopefully, I can try making a gif this coming weekend.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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