“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 12–Announcing their Engagment, 12/02/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #68)

“Guy’s Rose”–Ch. 12 Announcing their Engagement to Prince John, 12/02/11 Gratiana Lovelace
An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
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[(1ab) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

“Guy’s Rose” (WIP), Chapter 12:  Announcing their Engagement to Prince John (PG-13)

As Sir Guy [(2) left] and Lady Roseanna [(3) right] glide down the palace passage way to the great dining hall for mid day supper, her hand is on his arm and they chat amiably with one another.  They make a handsome couple and Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna nod to those whom they pass.  They must follow custom and inform Prince John of their engagement before they announce it to anyone else.

That is, other than telling Tanner at the stables this morning.  Because by now, most of the house servants are agog with the news–especially Lady Roseanna’s servant, Bessie who has just come back from the kitchen after helping her mistress dress.  Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna pass Bessie in the hallway and exchange pleasantries.

Bessie:  “Oh Milady, I’m ever so happy for you.”  She beams at both of them.

Sir Guy:  “I gather the servant gossips are working hard.”  Sir Guy says amusingly sarcastically while tilting his head as he raises an eyebrow at Lady Roseanna.

Lady Roseanna:  “Thank you, Bessie.  But it has not been announced to Prince John yet–we’ll do that at midday supper.  So, please don’t discuss it until after that.”

Bessie:  “Alright, Milady.  But if I may say so, Sir Guy, you’re getting a lovely lady for your wife.”

Sir Guy:  “I agree with you, Bessie.”  Sir Guy smiles and kisses Lady Rose’s hand.  “Now if you’ll make way, we have our prince to inform.”  Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna nod to Bessie, and Bessie curtsies to them before heading back to her mistress’–and her future master’s–apartments.

Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna walk into the great dining hall and see several nobles milling about–with some of them clustered by Prince John in the corner.  So they head straight over to Prince John and the nobles disperse to leave them in private conversation.

Prince John:  “Gisborne!  I hear you were up riding early this morning.  Not tired out from last night were you?”  He saucily looks between Lady Roseanna and Sir Guy.  Lady Roseanna blushes, knowing her cousin’s implication.

Sir Guy:  “No Sire, I slept well.  Thank you.”  Sir Guy says benignly–ignoring the Prince Regent’s leering allusion to his suggestion to Guy last night for him to rape Lady Roseanna to gain her acceptance of his marriage proposal.  If Sir Guy could roll his eyes without being seen by the Prince right now, he would.

Prince John:  “So, any developments?”  He looks at them mischievously and both Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna wonder what he has heard.

Lady Roseanna:  “Well Johnny, what have you already heard?”  Lady Roseanna asks tightening her grip on Sir Guy’s arm, and he pats her arm and looks down at her encouragingly.

Prince John:  “Just that I’m soon to have a new cousin in Sir Guy, here.”  He says gleefully–having pre-empted their hoped for announcement.

Sir Guy:  “Sire.  Were you to grant me the boon of Lady Roseanna’s hand in marriage, she has said that she will accept me as her betrothed.”  Guy plays his part and smiles warmly down at Rose, who smiles warmly up at him.

Prince John:  “This almost seems too easy.”  He looks at them suspiciously.  “When she has refused every other suitor, how did you manage to win her heart?

Sir Guy:  Thinking on his feet, Sir Guy says “Perhaps it is because it is the other way around, Sire.  Lady Roseanna has won my heart.”  Guy says this convincingly as he and Roseanna agreed to behave with and about each other when they are in the company of others.  But God’s teeth!   He does like this fair beauty more than anyone he has met in a long time.

Prince John:  “Hmm!  And what of you Lady Rose?  Do you accept Sir Guy as your betrothed?  What have you to say about this development?”

Lady Roseanna:  “Only this, Johnny.  Finally, you have found me a husband worthy of my love and affection.”  Lady Roseanna says and looks up lovingly at Sir Guy as he gazes down at her and they squeeze their arms clasped together.

Prince John (4):  “Well then, I see no reason why you can’t be married on the morrow then.”  He says to the two stunned fiancés.   Elbowing Sir Guy he says, “Better to get her wedded then bedded before she changes her mind.  Eh?  Gisborne.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Johnny!  Please!”  She sputters, startled with the pace of her being engaged and then expected to actually marry.

Prince John:  “What?  Didn’t you know that you’ll have to sleep with him, Milady Rose?  Or Gisborne, should I say that she will ‘get’ to sleep with you as your wife?”  He looks at the squirming and blushing pair mischievously.

Sir Guy:  “Sire, tomorrow is a bit soon.

Prince John:  “So, not the eager suitor afterall, Gisborne?”

Sir Guy:  “Sire, it’s just that we need time to make arrangements and invite our special guests.”

Prince John:  “Like who?  You’re both orphans, Gisborne.”  Sir Guy blanches and his face saddens.  And Lady Roseanna frowns at Prince John.

Lady Roseanna:   “Johnny, I want my Aunt, Queen Eleanor to be at my wedding.  She is like a mother to me.  So I will have to write her and make preparations.  And I’ve dreamed of my wedding day since I was a little girl.  It will take time for my dress to be made.”

Prince John:  “Very well.”  He says dismissively.  “But there is no need for you to wait to share a bed.”  He says with glee.

Lady Roseanna:  “Johnny!   I cannot lie with a man who is not my husband!”  She says vehemently as the well brought up lady she is.  Of course, Lady Roseanna turns every shade of pink and red that there are.

Sir Guy:  “Sire, my love for Milady Rose knows no bounds–and that includes respecting her virginity.”  Lady Roseanna blushes and demurely lowers her eyes.  “You might even consider removing me from her apartments so that there is no unseemly talk about our time spent alone together  there.”  He says chivalrously.

Prince John:  “Nonsense, Sir Guy.  There you are and there you shall remain.  And as to sharing a bed chastely?  It is custom for engaged couples to do so–to strengthen their bond.  Your servant sleeps in your room with you, does she not Milady Roseanna?”

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes Johnny.  But, God’s teeth!  What you propose is not heard of in royal circles.”  She looks askance at Sir Guy, not wanting him to be offended at her refusal to lie with him, even chastely.

Prince John:  “Then it is settled, Sir Guy will share your bed–with the servant sleeping nearby to ensure and vouche that no liberties are taken before the marriage.”  He says with glee–fully intending for Sir Guy to take those liberties.  Then he looks over at Sir Guy’s wincing face.  “What is it Gisborne?  Are you not pleased to share some tenderness–albeit ‘chastely’–with your bride to be?”

Sir Guy:  “Sire, Lady Roseanna is my sparkling jewel.”  He looks at her and she smiles.  Then Sir Guy says conspiratorially to Prince Johns,  “But it is just that I have never …  ahem  … shared a bed with a lady ‘all’ night.  And I fear that I might not be a gracious sleeping companion–since I tend to roll around in my sleep–and I am tall taking up a lot of room.”

Prince John:  Rocking his head back in laughter, Prince John says “Then it is doubly important for you and the fair lady to reach a compromise in these matters.”  Prince John smiles gleefully.  He will not be budged. “We will formalize your betrothal with a feast tonight and then bless your union for you sharing a bed for the first time.”  Oh yes, Prince John wants his cousin married quickly so he can capture half of her dowry.

Lady Roseanna:  “But ….”  Lady Roseanna starts to protest, but Prince John stops her with a sharply dismissive wave of his hand.

Prince John:  “Nay cousin.”  He waves his figure at her as he narrows his eyes.  “My Lords and Ladies, to the happy couple.”  He raises his hands in the air gesturing to Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna, who smile.  What else can they do?  The nobles erupt in applause

To be continued with Chapter 13


(1a)   Guy’s Rose story graphic composite image–Sir Guy, as portrayed by Richard Armitage, drawing by Judiang and initially shared at  http://www.jagrant.com/watcher/creativity-guy-drawing/

(1b)  Guy’s Rose story graphic composite image–rose graphic found at http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_D8VwTKAphks/TQ5I9nYhgdI/AAAAAAAAN6k/vdOKQ4QsSsU/s1600/pink_rose_petals.jpg

(2)  Sir Guy (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) in the BBC’s production of Robin Hood, series 3, episode 5, pix 842  admires Lady Roseanna  http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/RobinHood/album/seasonthree/Episodefive/slides/5_084.html

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6 Responses to “Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 12–Announcing their Engagment, 12/02/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #68)

  1. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    It’s lovely how Sir Guy and Lady Rose are getting involved, so they don’t need to pretend their feelings for each other. And his chivalry…oh my.
    I loved his excuse to not share a bed with her, LOL. Strange custom that, by the way, don’t you think? I only can understand it knowing that marriages weren’t by love, so they really needed ‘to strenghten their bond’. Because for a man and a woman in love, that proximity without being able to touch only would be torture.
    Well, I know you won’t give me any clue, all I have to do is waiting until next chapters! :)


  2. Hi Fabi,

    Thanks for your nice note. I am giving Sir Guy the chance to be the chilvarous and noble knight he was destined to be if his childhood tragedy had not happened. Sighhh!

    And Sir Guy’s reluctance to share his bed, due to never having done so–apart from the obvious sensual part of that equation–is just a little bit of humor that I like to throw into my love stories.

    The practice of sleeping together before marriage–and just sleeping, maybe, ha–was called “bundling” in U.S. colonial times before our revolutionary war. I had heard about it and read up in Wiki on it as I wrote my story–to add some historical accuracy there. But here is another URL that talks about this courtship ritual practice: http://www.quiltersmuse.com/bundling.htm

    And I agree with you. With love in the equation, how can you not want to touch and be one with your beloved when you lie next to them. Sighhhhh! But no spoilers here. You’ll just have to read future chapters here to find out.

    Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Joanna says:

    I can’t wait Grati!:)
    Hmmm…”bundling”….(new word,new knowledge)..very clever practise:D
    Have a great weekend! Cheers! Asia:]


    • Hi Joanna/Asia,
      Thanks for your nice note. Yes, “bundling” gives a whole new meaning with regard to the context of courtship–versus the context of computer purchase bundling. Ha! The next installment of “Guy’s Rose” will be on Monday.
      However Sunday/tomorrow, I will post another Fun Day Sunday CRAzy Captioning activity–RA Role Holiday Cards style. So, I hope you and others visit my blog again on Sunday.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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