“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 16–Pillow Talk Tuesday Night Leads to Understanding, 12/12/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #76)

“Guy’s Rose”, Chapter 16:  Pillow Talk Tuesday Night Leads to Deeper Understanding Between Guy and Rose (PG-13), 12/12/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #76)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
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[(1ab) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

In two short days, Lady Roseanna and Sir Guy have met, wooed, and become betrothed to one another–albeit initially as a ruse to thwart the Prince’s plot against her.  But somehow, their ruse is becoming not as ‘pretend’ a loving relationship as it started out to be.  Sir Guy and Lady Rose gaze at each other briefly after Prince John leaves their apartments after their betrothal blessing and their first kiss.  Then they each head to their separate bed chambers to change into their sleeping attire.  This is especially tricky for Sir Guy since he always sleeps in the nude.  However, the servant Bessie has helpfully laid out some of Lord George’s night things for Sir Guy to select from–a long night shirt, short pants, and thin long pants.  Sir Guy chooses a thin white night shirt that is open at the collar over thin long pants–showing some of his bare chest.  But Sir Guy covers himself with a black silk robe and walks to Lady Roseanna’s bed chamber.

Sir Guy truly feels as if he is a groom on his wedding night–nervous, shy, eager, and in love  But he knows no matter where his relationship is headed with Lady Rose, he must tell her about his past–that he killed his first love Lady Marian.  And just as Lady Marian haunts Sir Guy, the thought of having Lady Rose recoil from him, haunts his thoughts as well.  But, if he is to be the gallant and chivalrous knight that he wants to be, then Sir Guy feels that he must be honest with his Lady Rose.  And if she wants no further contact with him, then he feels that he will have to abide by that. [(2) left]

Sir Guy:  Guy twice raps his knuckles, palm up, on Lady Rose’s bed chamber door.  “It is Guy, Milady.”

Lady Roseanna:  “You may come in.”  She says seated in her bed–with the covers pulled up to just below her nightgown bodice.

Guy slowly opens the door and sees Bessie standing in front of a large four poster bed with its bed curtains drawn closed at the foot of the bed–so Sir Guy doesn’t see where Lady Roseanna is.

Bessie:  Bessie smiles and gestures to the left side of the bed and says, “Milord, if you will join Milady Rose on this side of the bed, I will sleep at the foot of the bed as instructed by his majesty to preserve propriety.

Sir Guy:  “Thank you, Bessie?”    Guy slowly walks to the left side of the bed.

Lady Roseanna [(3) right] sits upright against her pillows waiting for Sir Guy in her pale pink empire waisted linen nightgown with her hair flowing about her shoulders.  She knows she looks pretty, she just doesn’t want to look too pretty–lest their pretend love be not so pretend and things go too far tonight.  Right?  She fidgets with the ribbon on the front of her gown bodice–tying and untying the bow, wanting it to look just right.  Then she sees Sir Guy and stops what she is doing–leaving the ribbon untied again.

Sir Guy:  “I fear that I am interrupting you.”  He says with some amusement at her nervousness–and his own.

Lady Roseanna:  “Nay, Sir Guy, I was merely retying my ribbon.”  She tries to say matter of factly as she once again makes a stab at tying it.  But Lady Roseanna is still not happy with the results and pouts a little–which Guy finds completely charming.

Sir Guy:  Still standing at the side of the bed, he gestures to the bed and asks “May I?”

Lady  Roseanna:  “Of course.”  Her eyes go wide as she drops them demurely.

Sir Guy can see a crimson blush creeping across Lady Rose’s face and he smiles–charmed by her maiden shyness and modesty.

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy wants to set Lady Rose’s mind at ease for their awkward situation as he removes his robe revealing his loose fitting lightweight night shirt and long pants.  And then he slides into bed with her, also sitting up–against his pillows.  Gently taking her near hand in his he says, “My Lady Rose, I promise to respect your virginity and not take liberties with you before we are wed.”  He smiles at her lovingly.

Lady Roseanna:  “Oh?”  She looks at him wonderingly–about the being wed part.  Then she remembers that they are supposed to be pretending–for Bessie’s sake. “Oh.  Thank you Sir Guy, I appreciate your chivalrous actions on my behalf.”

Bessie:  Piping up from the other side of the bed curtain, Bessie [(4) right]  says “And I’m here to make sure nothing happens, neither.”

Roseanna and Guy laugh and unconsciously lean in to one another as they do, continuing to hold hands.

Lady Roseanna:  “Thank you, Bessie.  You may go to sleep now, as will we.”  Then she turns to Sir Guy and whispers, “She will be asleep soon.  I’m sorry, but she snores terribly.”

Sir Guy:  Smiling warmly at Lady Roseanna, Sir Guy whispers, “That is alright. … As long as you don’t snore.”  He chuckles.

Lady Roseanna:  “Not that I’ve been told.  And you Sir Guy?  Do you snore?”  She fixes him with an impish grin.

Sir Guy:  “Not that I’ve been told.”  But of course, Guy has never slept all night with a woman.  And sleeping with a woman–even if it is just sleeping–will be a new experience for him.  “My Lady…”  He begins.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, won’t you just call me Rose when we are in private together?”  She asks him plaintively.

Sir Guy:  “My Rose.”  He smiles lovingly at her as he strokes her left cheek with his right hand.

It dawns on Lady Roseanna that given the realities of her station–that she is likely to have an arranged marriage with someone else–Sir Guy might be her only chance to experience real love.

Lady Roseanna:  Then she lowers her eyes, before she shyly asks him in a whisper.  “Guy, do you want to give me a good night kiss?”

Sir Guy:  Guy’s eyes widen.  He knows that Bessie cannot hear their whispered talking–nor see them with the bed curtains closed.  So, Guy realizes that Rose is asking for a kiss because she wants one–not because she is playing a part.  And he also wants a goodnight kiss.  “I do, if you will permit it.”  He smiles warmly at her charming maiden shyness.  Then he gently guides her face to look up at him again as he continues to stroke her cheek.  “You are so beautiful, My Rose.”  Then his lips brush her lips ever so softly [(5) right] that their lips tremble with wanting more.

Lady Roseanna:  “And you are so handsome, Guy.”  She strokes his face.  Then feeling awkward and not knowing what to do–because she is a maiden, who has her servant sleeping not ten feet away from them on the other side of the bed curtain, she suggests nervously.  “Perhaps we should lie down and go to sleep?”

Sir Guy:  Smiling warmly at her, he whispers “Yes, you are right, Rose.”  Though he doesn’t know how he will ‘just sleep’ in so fair a lady’s bed–and one whom he is falling in love with–when he has been without love and tenderness for so long.

They both lie down onto their pillows, lying on their backs–their arms laying across their respective chests.  It is a moment so portentous in what could happen next, what could be between them, that they are each a little shy about it.  They both look up at the fabric canopy above them–trying to focus on its swirling patterns [(6) left], rather than their own swirling emotions.  But Sir Guy knows he cannot delay revealing his story to Lady Rose–about Lady Marian.

Sir Guy:  Turning his head on his pillow to face her, Guy whispers “Rose, before we go any further as a couple, I must be honest with you about what happened between Lady Marian and myself.”

Lady Roseanna:  She turns her head on her pillow to face him.  “Happened?  Guy, I do not need to pry into your private memories of your past love.”  She says sweetly.

Sir Guy:  He smiles wanly.  “Thank you.  But it is more than that and you deserve to know the truth about Lady Marian and I.  Prince John probably knows and I would not have him surprise you with it.”  He sees her questioning look.   Then Sir Guy [(7) right] says forlornly in a hushed voice choking with emotion, “You see, I killed her.”  Guy lowers his eyes in shame and guilt as his tears begin to flow.

Lady Roseanna’s heart goes out to him.  She turns onto her side facing him and she caringly lays her left hand on his left arm.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, surely it cannot be as bad as that.”  She says soothingly–thinking he is speaking metaphorically.

Sir Guy:  “It is. God punishes me relentlessly for my crime–since no one else has.”  He wails in a mournful whisper.

Then Sir Guy proceeds to tell Lady Roseanna the whole sordid story–how he wanted Lady Marian for his ‘prize’, then he grew to love her and almost married her.  But then she left him at the altar and proceeded to manipulate him as she spied for Robin Hood, while still giving Guy hope that she might love him.  And then the devastating events in the Holy Land that culminated in that one terrible unforgivable moment when Sir Guy ran Lady Marian through with his sword after he could no longer stand her taunts.

He didn’t mean to do it, he loved her.  But his anger at her betrayal poisoned his heart and he forever slipped into the torment that is now his life–doomed to live, knowing that he killed the one thing that he loved, the one person who made his life bearable, his beloved Lady Marian.   Lady Roseanna is silent throughout Sir Guy’s tale, though she does recoil a bit when he admits that he stabbed Lady Marian and killed her–removing her hand from touching his arm.  Sir Guy is sobbing now, wracked with guilt and remorse, with his head turned away from Lady Roseanna and his right hand covering his face.

Lady Roseanna:  Finding her voice, she says solemnly as she props herself up on her right elbow looking at him as he continues to sob with his face turned away from her.  “Sir Guy, you have done wrong in the eyes of God and of man.  And you are being punished for it–perhaps more thoroughly than if the law had pronounced its judgment against you.”  She pauses, looking at Sir Guy’s sobbing and shaking body in a measured way.  Then she slowly moves her left hand to cup his right cheek in her palm and she gently turns his face back toward her.  “But, I will not judge you, Sir Guy.  ‘I’ cannot judge you for it.  There is no one who has not sinned.  It is why our Lord Christ came to us, to wash away and forgive our sins.”

Sir Guy:  “But what I did was unforgivable, Milady.”  He shakes his head mournfully.  Sir Guy’s sapphire blue eyes burn with his feelings of guilt [(8) right].  And they have both returned to a more formal way to address each other.

Lady Roseanna:  “You are right.”  Her response is almost a stinging rebuke, but she does not mean it to be.  And she softens.  “Lady Marian is the only one who could have forgiven you–but she is gone.  However if you are to find your way back from your grief and guilt, you must find a way to expiate and atone for your sin in order to seek her forgiveness at the day of judgment, if not before.  And Sir Guy, you must forgive yourself.”  Lady Roseanna looks at him in earnest, belying a wisdom not usually found in one so young as she–because she also knows the depths of guilt and shame that Sir Guy has fallen to.  Then she lies back down on her pillow and begins to cry herself.

Sir Guy:  Seeing her distress and knowing not from whence it comes, Sir Guy now props himself up on his left arm and leans over her.   “My Lady Roseanna?”  He asks bewilderingly.  “If you wish me to remove myself from your presence, I will–damn what Prince John thinks.”

Lady  Roseanna:  “No.”  She whispers in a small wailing cry.  “I have no right to seek your absence when I have done the same as you. I have killed–not once, but twice.”

Sir Guy:  “My lady?”  Guy looks at her in wonder.  He is a soldier and has killed many men.  But she is a maid who has lived a sheltered life.  What could she mean?

Lady Roseanna:  Then she explains through her own tears.   “My parents didn’t want me to go to London two years ago because of a small disease outbreak.  But, I was young and foolish and I wanted to be presented at court like my cousins had been.  I was no longer a child and I wanted to be treated like the lady I thought I was–to be fawned over and admired by the courtiers.  So with all of my pleading and cajoling, my parents relented and let me go.  But, when I returned home to them, it turned out that I had become ill with the disease.  And they nursed me back to health–only to succumb to its clutches and die.  If I had not foolishly gone to London, my parents would still be alive today.  I killed them as surely as you killed Lady Marian.  My disease filled body was their instrument of death.”  She wails in a despairing whisper and covers her face with her hands, sobbing quietly in her own distress.

Not being able to stand to see a woman cry–especially not this woman–Sir Guy gathers Lady Roseanna into his arms in a tender embrace and he rocks her back and forth as they lay on their sides in bed facing one another.

Sir Guy:  “Shhhh.  There, there, Milady Rose.” He whispers into her ear and kisses her forehead.  “Your parents’ death was not your fault.  You could not have known that you would become ill–nor that the disease would affect them so when they became ill.  Many people were killed during that plague–without warning or expectation.  It is the way of life sometimes.   Harsh though it may be, death is the only certainty that our lives possess.  I long for death sometimes, but I do not have the courage to seek it for myself.”  Sir Guy has never spoken as candidly before about the depths to which his depression has sunk as he is now with Lady Roseanna.  And Sir Guy also thinks upon his own parents’ horrible deaths in the fire that he inadvertently started when he was but a boy.

Sir Guy holds Lady Roseanna close to him for some time, comfortingly rocking her back and forth and stroking her back as her tears subside.  She clings to him as a small child would.  And he finds that in comforting her, he also finds comfort.  Eventually, they part their bodies.

Lady Roseanna:  “Thank you.  I’m feeling better now.   I’m sorry to have burdened you with my guilt, Sir Guy.”  Lady Roseanna [(9) right]  says as she lies back down on her back onto her pillow.

Sir Guy:  “Nay.  It is not a burden to me, Milady Rose.  I want to give you comfort in any way that I am able.”  He says sincerely.  “And I thank you for your candor.  It has been sorely lacking in my life.  But, we are both tired.  Perhaps it is best we sleep and discuss our situation more in the morning.”  He says lying back down on his pillow, with his arms at his sides outside of the bed covers. He closes his eyes.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes, Guy.  Let us sleep.”  Then Lady Roseanna moves her right hand from her chest to her side and she clasps Guy’s left hand at his side in hers.  It startles him at first.   But he does not move away from her.  He welcomes her caring touch and her gesture of friendship.  As their fingers intertwine, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna fall asleep.

To be continued with Chapter 17



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  1. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    The way you write, with detailed descriptions and little details – like their nervousness, her modesty, the costumes they’re wearing etc, makes this story a delight to read.
    Besides, it’s always great to see the Black Knight with tortured soul find his true match, because he has a heart in need of love and healing.


  2. Hi Fabi,
    Good morning. Thanks for your lovely note. You’re very kind. SIr Guy has met his match in Lady Roseanna. I’m glad you’re enjoying my story, “Guy’s Rose”. There will be both joy and angst ahead for them.

    I will have one more installment of “Guy’s Rose”–Ch. 17 on Fri., Dec. 16th–before “Guy’s Rose” goes on hiatus for about a week or so over the holidays. As I mentioned earlier, I have through Ch. 21 written–with more to follow after that.

    I hope this scheduling change won’t throw my faithful readers–such as your self–for a loop. I just want to serialize here another story of mine that is set over the December holidays–in “real” time. So, think of it as two for one deal. Ha!

    Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


    • Fabi says:

      Hi Grati,
      I will have my own hiatus too, from next Saturday until after Christmas I won’t be able to access internet in my mother’s house – she an old fashioned lady who hasn’t these technologies. Just don’t know how I will survive a week without my daily RA fix. I will certainly go cRAzy, LOL.
      But don’t think I abandoned you, it’s a temporary absence. :)


      • Hi Fabi,

        Thanks for the heads up on your holiday plans. I hope that you have a wonderful time. Sometimes you do have to unplug. Ha!

        Now, to tide yourself over, you should print out some of your RA favorite pictures and take them with you. I know, it’s hard to decide among them. Well to get you started, here’s the link to a Sir Guy collage that I created and posted on FB last Friday and that RANet is also kindly sharing with folks:

        Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


        • Fabi says:

          Dear Grati,
          Thank you very much for the link! Fantastic wallpaper – or may I say Guy-licious?
          Of course I will print and treasure it.
          Now I will have to choice pics of other favorite characters like Thornton, Harry, Porter, Lucas…as well as the Man himself. Thankfully at RANet there are that wonderful gallery.
          As you said, it’s a hard task! I think my printer’s ink will not be enough, LOL.


  3. jules says:

    Hi Grati….was tempted to read all of this but I am going to save it until I’m hols week after next …a prezzie to myself I think…as for you writing a VOD story…it would make the long, long, long wait until next December a little more bearable xxxxx


    • Gratiana says:

      Hi Jules,
      Sorry for the long “Guy’s Rose” Chapter. Ha! I think this is my longest ever. I hope you enjoy it when you end up reading it.
      Yes, I need to return to my VofD fan fic stories. That might be one of my little projects over my holiday break week. I would so love it if they would reissue The Vicar of Dibley show for more episodes and/or seasons. Until then, I’ll just have to imagine my own VofD stories. Ha!
      Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. Ania says:

    Hi Grati!
    Well it’s nice to read (see) a more sensitive side of Sir Guy. Particularly captivated me how LadyRoseanna and Guy talked about forgiveness. I think it’s hardest to forgive oneself.
    I hope that you and other readers will have a wonderful holiday. For me, Christmas will be like a long weekend. Even so, I am very glad that I’ll meet with loved ones on Christmas Eve.
    Merry Christmas to you (or in my language Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia). Hugs from Poland


    • Hi Ania!
      Thanks for your very nice note. I’m glad that you like the exchanges between Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna. Sir Guy does need to find forgiveness if he is to live as a whole man–as the better man we all knew him capable of.

      Thanks for your lovely holiday wishes. I hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful holiday time together. We will be getting together with family as well.

      And from my rusty college French, may I say to you Joyuex Noel.

      Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. fitzg says:

    I really always thought that in that final RH2 scene – that Marian’s sudden forward movement propelled her onto his sword. (Wishful thinking?) There’s no doubt that the words “I love ROBIN HOOD!” enraged him. But his sword was already out… ah, all in the perception of the observer….(Better go back and re-watch – again. In slo-mo.)
    Here, Gisborne and Rose are allowing themselves time to get to know one another, the best and the worst, not usually accorded in arranged marriages – before the ceremony.


    • Hi Fitzg,

      Thanks for your nice note. Astute observation about the Marian death scene. I will have to rewatch it myself now. Ha! Besides, how could Marian be so callous as to think that Guy would not be wounded by her admission of love for Robin–when in every way Guy had protected her from harm, even to the peril of his position and his life? Even if Marian rationalized her actions–deeming Guy to have no scruples due to his past actions and therefore not warranting her consideration–I think it was Marian who failed the scruples test by her constant manipulation of Guy. And for what? Forest boy? Saints preserve us! Ha!

      Sir Guy is trying to do the right thing with Lady Roseanna–whatever may come of their relationship, be it lifelong or fleeting. I have envisioned a transformed Guy of Gisborne here–one whom we can then understand emerging in RH 3 episode 5 (Let the Games Commence).

      And, my Guy’s Rose story extends beyond his return to Nottingham in that episode. You will just have to wait and read the tale I have woven. Until then, I wish you the joy of the season.

      Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


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