“Guy’s Rose” Chapter 17: Morning Brings a Fresh Beginning Between Guy & Rose(PG-16), 12/16/11Gratiana Lovelace (Post #79)

“Guy’s Rose” Chapter 17: Morning Brings a Fresh Beginning Between Guy & Rose (PG-16–sensuality), 12/16/11 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #79)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1ab) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  Though I have written Guy’s Rose through Chapter 22 and beyond–a planned sequel now being incorporated into this initial story line–and I plan to continue serializing it here on my blog and on DF, “Guy’s Rose” will be going on hiatus from my blog for one to two weeks.  During that time I plan to serialize here another of my love stories that occurs over the December Holidays–in “real time”, so to speak.  And I hope that you like that new story as well.  Then I will return to serializing “Guy’s Rose” until it is completed. Other stories will be serialized after that–including my “Vicar of Dibley” fan fiction.

Author’s Mature Content Note:  I also want to remind you that “Guy’s Rose” is a love story.  So there are some steamy chapters coming up and I will rate them accordingly.  However, since I am rather conservative personally, my ratings are probably higher as a precaution than what others might deem a particular chapter’s content to be.  My love scene writing is “tame” compared to some edgier writers–mostly because with my writing, I try to convey the heartfelt love and tenderness between the characters.  But, I will be editing upcoming chapters a little for posting here on my blog–mostly for my own comfort zone.    I will not exceed beyond what I might deem an “R” rating for sensuality–though you might deem it to be more PG-13.  So, if you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the rating that I provide for my chapters here, then don’t read further.  That is my disclaimer.  I will take my “Aunt” Grati hat off now.

“Guy’s Rose”, Chapter 17:  Morning Brings a Fresh Beginning Between Guy and Rose (PG-16–sensuality)

During the night, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna had each risen once at different times to visit the commode in Lord George’s room that Sir Guy has been using as his bed chamber–since it is the larger room and has a partitioned area for privacy.  They notice that Bessie sleeps soundly–and a tad noisily with her snoring.  But her snoring soon becomes a dull hum and Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna drift back to sleep–after reclasping their hands together.  Their loving and lustful dreams are of each other [(2) right]–with neither of them having hurts or regrets to dampen the space between them.  Then at some point during the early morning hours before they awaken for the day, they each move in their sleep–toward each other.  With Lady Roseanna being comfortingly enfolded in Sir Guy’s strong arms again–as when he had comforted her last night–and with their legs somewhat intertwining.

And this closeness to a woman, a beautiful woman, a kind and understanding woman arouses Sir Guy’s sensual needs.  Sir Guy is still asleep–as is Lady Roseanna–as he begins to tenderly kiss Lady Roseanna’s forehead, her cheek, and then her lips as he pulls her closer to him in a lovers’ embrace.  Lady Roseanna dreams of being swept away with her lover’s kisses, with Sir Guy’s kisses and she responds to him–both in her dreams and in reality.  Sir Guy rolls himself on top of Rose–his legs between her legs–holding himself up a bit so as not to crush her–since he is a large muscular man and she is a petite lady–as he continues his loving kisses and caresses.  But, their bodies are molded to each other as Sir Guy presses himself against Lady Roseanna.  He moans with desire and hoped for pleasure in their dreams and in reality.

Sir Guy:  “Oh my beautiful, Rose.  I will love you all of my life.”

Lady Roseanna:   “Guy, I love you so.”  She finds herself saying in her dream and in reality.  Lady Roseanna is a maiden, but not for long if they continue their loving caresses.

In truth, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna are both starting to wake up.  But their ‘dream’ is so lovely, so romantic, so sensuous that they do not want to leave it.  But providence intervenes.

Bessie:  “Kkkkk.”  Bessie coughs while standing on the other side of the bed curtain.  “Milady, would you like me to fetch you your morning tea?”  She asks discreetly, not seeing the lovers making out, but sensing that the soft moans she is hearing are more than just them sleeping.

Sir Guy opens his eyes with a start and he looks down into Lady Roseanna’s sleepy eyes as they flutter open.

Sir Guy:  “My Lady!”  He whispers with a start.  Then he quickly removes himself from being on top of her–aching as their bodies part.    He blushes profusely.  “I am sorry, Milady.  I was asleep, and I didn’t realize.  I am deeply apologetic for my … familiarity.  I …”

Roseanna:  Aching to feel his touch again, she interrupts him and whispers to him as she rolls onto her side facing him and touches his arm and smiles sweetly at him.   “Guy, I was dreaming of you.”

Lady Roseanna [(3) right] and Sir Guy look at each other longingly.  They are both still fully dressed in their night clothes.  But in five minutes more, they might not have been.  They were reluctantly pulled back from the brink of making love by Bessie’s interruption.  Sir Guy’s right hand is under the covers, attempting to cover his embarrassing arousal.

Bessie:  “My Lady?”  She asks again, seeking an answer.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes, Bessie.  Please bring Sir Guy and I some tea and biscuits.”  Lady Roseanna smiles sweetly, longingly at Sir Guy.

Bessie:  “Before I go, My Lady, may I see that you’re alright?” She asks wincingly.  “I have to report to Prince John that naught happened during the night that shouldn’t have happened.”

Lady Roseanna:  Laying back down flat on onto her pillow–as does Sir Guy onto his pillow–she says, “By all means Bessie, come around the curtain and see what you need to see.”  Lady Roseanna smiles ruefully and shakes her head at Sir Guy.  They both laugh.

Bessie:  “Beggin your pardon, Milady.”  Bessie says poking her head around the curtain.   “You are well?”  By which she means ‘intact’.

Lady Roseanna:  “As you can see, Bessie.  I am well.  Now please go fetch our tea and biscuits.  Then Sir Guy and I will take our morning ride.”  Lady Roseanna turns to Sir Guy.   “That is, Sir Guy,  if you want to go for a ride.”

Sir Guy:  “I do.”  He nods his head in a slight bow–as much as a man lying upon his pillows can bow.  A smile curls up at the corners of Sir Guy’s [(4) right] lips–to know that his lover’s attentions were not deemed insulting to Lady Roseanna, due to her station as an extended member of the royal family.

Bessie departs their bed chamber.  Then Sir Guy prepares to stand up from their bed, but Lady Roseanna shyly stops him with her hand on his arm.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, Bessie will be gone ten minutes at the most.”  She looks at him longingly, wanting to feel his arms around her again.

Sir Guy:  Mistaking her meaning, he says while nodding his head respectfully in a small bow “Of course, I will leave you to dress, Milady Rose.”

Lady Roseanna:  “No!”  She pleads sharply.

Sir Guy:  “No?”  He asks quizzically.

Lady Roseanna:  The blush rising in her cheeks, she brazenly asks him, “Guy, will you not kiss me good morning, now that we are both awake?”

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy’s  eyes flash with desire as he understands Lady Roseanna’s meaning.  Then he sits back down next to her on the bed and leans into her as they then lay down side by side facing each other.  “Good morning, My Rose.”

And with that, Sir Guy enfolds Lady Roseanna in his arms in a loving embrace as he kisses her so tenderly, so lovingly, so passionately [(5) right], that they quite forget that their servant will be returning with tea and biscuits for them this morning.  But ten minutes later, their bed chamber door creaks open–and the would be lovers reluctantly part from one another again.

To be continued with Chapter 18


(1a)   Guy’s Rose story graphic composite image–Sir Guy, as portrayed by Richard Armitage, drawing by Judiang and initially shared at  http://www.jagrant.com/watcher/creativity-guy-drawing/

(1b)  Guy’s Rose story graphic composite image–rose graphic found at http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_D8VwTKAphks/TQ5I9nYhgdI/AAAAAAAAN6k/vdOKQ4QsSsU/s1600/pink_rose_petals.jpg

(2)  Sir Guy (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) dreaming of Lady Roseanna, from the BBC’s production of Robin Hood series 3, episode 6 (pix 12)

(3) Cropped image representing Lady Roseanna in bed found at

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(5) Cropped image representing Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna kissing in bed is of John Thornton (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) and Margaret Hale (as portrayed by Daniella Denby-Ashe) in the BBC’s 2004 Production of North & South, episode 4, pix 340

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  2. Hi Jules,
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