“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 18: Guy’s and Rose’s Relationship Changes Forever (R rating), 12/30/11 Grati (Post #91)

“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 18:  Guy’s and Rose’s Relationship Changes Forever  (R rating), 12/30/11 Grati (Post #91)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1ab) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  I want to remind you that “Guy’s Rose” is a love story.  So there are some steamy chapters coming up–including this one–and I will rate them accordingly.  However, since I am rather conservative personally, my ratings are probably higher as a precaution than what others might deem a particular chapter’s content to be.  My love scene writing is “tame” compared to some edgier writers–mostly because with my writing, I try to convey the heartfelt love and tenderness between the characters.  But, I will be editing upcoming chapters a little for posting here on my blog–mostly for my own comfort zone.    I will not exceed beyond what I might deem an “R” rating for sensuality–though you might deem it to be more PG-13.  So, if you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the rating that I provide for my chapters here, then don’t read further.  That is my disclaimer.  I will take my “Aunt” Grati hat off now. Ha!

To recap our story’s most recent developments:  Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna revealed each of their secret pains to each other last night (Ch. 16)–both of them having to do with killing those whom they love–for Sir Guy that was Lady Marian, for Lady Roseanna that was her parents who became ill and died after nursing her back to health.  And they have chastely slept together for the first time as “pretend” betrothed fiancés–sleeping chastely before marriage is a practice called “bundling” in colonial times, but the practice stretches back in time.  But in their waking earlier this morning, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna shared some passionate kisses and caresses while still half asleep–fortuitously awakened from their sensual slumber by her maid Bessie before their passions would have lead them to making love (Ch. 17).  Then they parted to get ready for their day.  [Links to earlier chapters of “Guy’s Rose” are found after the references for this chapter.]


After drinking their tea in their respective bed chambers as they dressed for their ride into the country side this early Wednesday morning, Sir Guy collects Lady Roseanna and they walk to the stables hand in hand.  Their hand holding is to keep up their appearances as a betrothed couple.  Right?  Tanner gives them their horses and Sir Guy [(2) right] and Lady Roseanna gallop to the secluded spot in the forest near the bubbling brook where they were the other day.

It is a beautiful spot, a peaceful spot nestled back in the trees–a private oasis where court rules of etiquette need not be observed [(3) right].  Tethering their horses to a nearby tree limb, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna walk over to the large oak tree that has become their meeting place to sit down and rest awhile.  But, Lady Roseanna–mindful that her chance for real love might slip away from her if her cousin Johnny separates them–makes a bold decision, to seduce Sir Guy.

Lady Roseanna:  She turns to him and asks him breathlessly as she lays her hands on his chest.  “Guy, did you mean it?”

Sir Guy:  “Milady Rose?  To what are you referring?”  He smiles warmly at her as he clasps her hands to his chest.

Lady  Roseanna:  “That you will love me until the day you die.”  Lady Roseanna [(4) right] searches Sir Guy’s face to see if his statement earlier in their bed chamber was meant for Bessie or for her.

Sir Guy:  “I will, Milady.”  He bows his head to her, still clasping her hands to his chest.  He cannot presume that Lady Roseanna might truly love him.  Can he?

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, I love you!”  She blurts out in a girlish tone as she flings her arms around his neck embracing him.

Sir Guy:  Realizing that Lady Roseanna is young and inexperienced–barely 21 to his thirty five year old person–Sir Guy does not want to take advantage of her possible naivete in matters of the heart.  “Milady Rose, my heart will be filled with joy if that is true.  But, I fear I am not worthy of your love.  You will find another–a better man than I.”  Sir Guy lowers his eyes in his guilt, thinking again of his shame in killing Lady Marian.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, how can you think that?  Did I not share my own burden of guilt with you last night?”

Sir Guy:  “Rose, you cannot be held responsible for the plague that killed your parents.  However, I am at fault for my actions in killing Lady Marian.”  Tears well up in Sir Guy’s [(5) right] eyes, but he composes himself before they fall down his cheeks.

Lady Roseanna:  Tenderly caressing his face, she says “Guy, our lives are short enough without living in constant shame of our guilt.  If I am to live when my parents did not, then I want to honor their memory by truly living my life as they would wish it.”

Sir Guy:  “I am sure you are right that your parents would wish you to live your life fully.  But I have no certainties in that regard.  I struck down Lady Marian before she had a chance to live–nor even to love as a woman loves–as she was near to the age you are now, Rose.  I do not deserve to find happiness when she cannot.”  Sir Guy  says forlornly–and his tears fall down his cheeks in deep remorse for what he did.

Lady Roseanna:  Lady Roseanna flings herself onto Guy’s strong chest and clings to him, embracing him. “Oh Guy, might you give me the happiness that you would have given to her.  If I am deserving of happiness as Lady Marian was, I choose to find my happiness with you.”  Lady Roseanna looks up soulfully into Sir Guy’s eyes and she tenderly kisses for several minutes. Sir Guy tenderly kisses his Lady Rose back with his hands on her face [(6) right]

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy is in no doubt about Lady Rose’s intentions.  “But, Rose, you are a maid–and a maid you should remain until you wed.   I promised you and Prince John.”  Then he continues with the practicalities of lovers tryst.  “And were you to become with child, before we are wed, you would be disgraced.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, the only disgrace I would feel is if my body was taken by one as part of a contract marriage.  That is abhorrent to me.”  Lady Roseanna shudders.  Attired in her “Oxbridge” valet costume, she deftly unbuttons her vest and removes it before beginning to unbutton her full shirt.

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy’s eye’s widen in desire mixed with apprehension.  Would he be doing the wrong thing yet again by loving Lady Roseanna before they are wed?  He stops her from unbuttoning her shirt by placing his hand over hers.  “Nay Rose, we cannot do this.” He shakes his head ruefully.  He does not feel worthy of her.

Lady Roseanna:  But Rose interprets his reluctance to mean that he does not want her in that way and she tears up in embarrassment.  “Oh!  I thought that since I loved you–and you kissed me–that you would want to make love to me.”  She closes her eyes and her tears fall.  “It was stupid of me to assume that you would want me that way.”  Lady Roseanna turns away from Sir Guy and curls into a little ball as they lie the ground together.  And she sobs mournfully.

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy cannot stand to see his Lady Roseanna weeping.   He puts his arms around her, spooning with her and says huskily. “Rose, I want you more than I can say.”  He instinctively begins to kiss the nape of her neck and shoulders–her soft creamy complexion too enticing to resist. “You are so beautiful and sweet and kind, my Rose.  And I have been without love for so long.  It is taking all my will power to refrain from doing what my body wants to do with you.”  Guy gently guides Rose to lie down on her back next to him lying on his side–him slightly hovering over her as he caress her face.

Lady Roseanna:   “So, you ‘do’ want me, Guy?”  She asks him with a hopeful look through her tears.

Sir Guy:  “I do, Rose, very much.”  He smiles lovingly at her and he softly kisses her on her lips, with his hand still caressing her face.

Kissing him back, eagerly wanting to be close to him, Lady Roseanna covers Sir Guy’s hand on her cheek. Then when Sir Guy lifts up from kissing her and lovingly gazes into her eyes, Lady Roseanna turns her face and kisses the palm of his hand that is on her cheek as she clasps his other hand in her hand.  Rose kissing Guy’s palm is an act of sweet and loving tenderness that sends shivers throughout his body.  He loves her as he has loved no other.

But, Guy cannot believe that so fair a maiden as his Lady Rose wants ‘him’, loves ‘him’–knowing what he has done.  Sir Guy has not allowed himself to think loving thoughts, to feel love again–until his Lady Rose came into his life.   All Sir Guy knows is that he feels like life is worth living if his Lady Rose loves him as he kisses her adoringly for several minutes–his hands still not caressing her intimately out of respect for her being a maiden and a lady.

Sensing his hesitancy, Lady Roseanna guides Sir Guy’s hand down to her breast that lies under her blouse and thin chemise.  She has not bound her breasts today as she usually does when wearing her Oxbridge costume.  Lady Roseanna’s breasts are soft and full and round and she is eager for his loving touch.

Sir Guy:  “My Rose!”  He gasps at her boldness.  And he sighs at gently cupping her beauty in his hand.

Lady Roseanna: “Guy, I want to make love with you, now.  Please don’t make me wait.” Then Lady Roseanna caresses Sir Guy.

Sir Guy:  Moaning in pleasures, he says “Rose, you have bewitched me!    If you do not stop, ‘I’ will not be able to stop.”  Sir Guy is trying to hold himself back from his desires, lest they lead him once more into folly.  He wants only goodness to come from his relationship with his Lady Rose. He wants to do the right thing–for her.  And this realization–of Sir Guy putting someone else’s needs above his own–inspires in him the knowledge of his deepening and true love for his Lady Rose.  He gazes at her with love and tenderness.

Lady Roseanna:  “I do not want you to stop Guy!”

Lady Roseanna and Sir Guy kiss each other adoringly for some time, their hands sensually and tenderly exploring each others’ bodies in wonder as new lovers do. Then, when neither of them can delay their need to be joined as one in their love for each other, Sir Guy gives in to their mutual desires.

Sir Guy:  “We must be careful, my Rose!  You must still be judged a virgin if examined by physicians.”  Sir Guy says kissing her neck and shoulders and breasts through her blouse as he tugs her britches down revealing her under garments hanging low around her curvy womanly hips.  He kisses her there.

Lady  Roseanna:  “Oh Guy!”  She sighs as she runs her fingers through his hair.  “I ride horses like a man does.  And I long ago discovered that I bled one day after a vigorous gallop when it was not my time to bleed.   I do not think a physician would think me a virgin now, though I am.”  Lady Roseanna kisses Sir Guy again adoringly.

And this is all Sir Guy needs to hear from his Lady Rose.  He has been too long without love–since before Lady Marian.  He is only human, and a man in love–a man who needs love, her love this morn.

Sir Guy:  “Oh my Rose!”  Sir Guy sighs.  Then Sir Guy pulls away from Rose briefly to undo his leather breeches’ lacings and pull down his pants and remove them.  Sir Guy is not wearing undergarments and Lady Roseanna shyly and demurely looks away from seeing what she has already seen–when she helped him with his bath as the valet Oxbridge–his handsome nakedness.  But even a fair maiden is only human as well–and she needs his love this morn.

Lady Roseanna:  “Oh Guy!”  She sighs as she gazes upon his handsome nakedness.  Lady Roseanna removes her outer blouse, leaving her only wearing her thin chemise around her breasts and her undergarments around her lower body.

Sir Guy:  With urgency and love and lust, he says “But, we must still be careful not to get you with child until we are married, my Rose.”  Sir Guy says removing his shirt and he is now completely and gloriously naked with Lady Roseanna.  “So, I know what to do.”  He says alluding to the not so fool proof method of contraception that was available to couples in that time period–withdrawal.

Lady Roseanna nods her head in agreement.  Sir Guy now peels Lady Roseanna’s undergarment pants down and off of her body–marveling in her womanly curvy beauty.  He kisses her abdomen in wonder and awe to have such a precious lady give herself to him–to love, him.

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy kisses Lady Roseanna again adoringly on her lips and he asks her once more.  “Are you sure, my Rose?  Do you want to be with me, to lie with me?”  Not that Sir Guy could stop himself at this point.  But he feels that he should at least ask her.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, make love with me.”  She sighs in anticipation of feeling love, of being loved for the very first time–as the woman she is, as the woman she is becoming with her Guy.

They kiss each other adoringly and Sir Guy caresses Lady Roseanna so tenderly as he presses his body against hers that she wants to join herself to him as her womanly desires fully awaken with an urgent tingling in her womb.  Sensing her desire, Sir Guy kisses her breasts through the thin fabric of her chemise.

Sir Guy:  “May I see all of your beauty, my Rose?” Sir Guy asks hesitantly.  Lady Roseanna nods and she silently and slowly lifts her thin chemise up and off of her body.  Now Guy and Rose are beautifully and sensuously naked with each other. [(7) right]

Lady Roseanna:  “Hhhh!”  Lady Roseanna gasps with feeling Sir Guy’s lips on the skin of her breasts as he slowly and lingeringly kisses her loveliness such that the tingling she feels becomes a growing pleasurable warmth that needs its sensual release.  Rose has never felt these intimate tremblings before–these pleasures of love.  And she is breathless with each new feeling of loving pleasure that is revealed to her.

Sir Guy:  Delighting in her eagerness for him–theirs is a true love match–Sir Guy moves himself on top of Lady Roseanna and joins his body with hers.  “Ahhhh!”  Sir Guy cries out in feeling a love so tender for his Lady Rose as they begin their lovers’ dance that his eyes tear up with joy.

Lady Roseanna:  “Ahh!”  Lady Rose winces in slight pain in being made love to for the first time.

Sir Guy kisses Lady Roseanna tenderly as he waits for her to let him know that he may continue without causing her pain.  And as Lady Roseanna’s kisses to Sir Guy deepen again, they continue their lovers’ dance.   Again, and again, and again, and again, Guy and his Lady Rose’s bodies move in perfect harmony with each other.  Lady Roseanna feels sensations of pleasure that she has never known before–nor that they even existed.  Then Lady Roseanna begins to feel a tremor of pleasure throughout her body so profound that she closes her eyes as it begins to wash over her.  Sir Guy has been trying to mightily delay his own pleasure–to give his Lady Rose pleasure first and then to take his own, but to not get her with child.  Guy guides Rose’s legs to bend upwards with their bodies’ final intertwining that sends her over the edge into total bliss and fulfillment as her body trembles in ecstasies of pleasure.

Lady Roseanna:  “ Ohhhhh!  Hhhhhhh!  Ohhhhh!  Hhhhh!”  She sighs and moans softly as she trembles with her bliss–which nearly sends him over the edge himself.

Sir Guy marvels at the joy on his Lady Rose’s face as her closed eyes and quickened but shallow breathing tell him.  He has given his love Rose joy and Guy feels joy as well.    But Sir Guy must now withdraw before his own ecstasy spreads his seed within her.  And Sir Guy barely manages to do that, pulling himself away from her and turning onto his side to let this seed spill out onto the grass away from her in his explosion of ecstasy and bliss as his body shudders in the total joy that has been denied him for over two years–since he first began to love Lady Marian.  Spent by their loving raptures, Sir Guy rolls back to face Lady Roseanna and he pulls her into his loving embrace.  Then instinctively, she intertwines her body with his again.

Sir Guy:  “My Lady Rose!  We must be careful that my seed does not enter your womb if we are to prevent a child.”  But, he does not pull away from her.  She feels too good, too pleasurable, too right for him to do so.  She has brought love and lust back into his life–and he only wants more of it, more of her.

They lay intertwined in their nakedness together for some time, reveling in their new lovers’ bliss.  As they drift off to sleep, Sir Guy hears a small cherished voice whisper into his chest.

Lady Roseanna:  “I love you so, Guy.”

Sir Guy:  “I love you so, my Rose.”

And then, they each fall into a deep and contented sleep in each others’ loving arms.

To be continued with Chapter 19


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  1. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    I was really missing “Guy’s Rose”, it’s great to read a new chapter – and a steamy one! Beautifully written. I agree with you, love scenes don’t have necessarily to be graphic, because delicacy and tenderness can be sensuous too. Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Fabi,
      Thank you for your very kind remarks about my storytelling. I’m glad that you liked this new chapter of “Guy’s Rose”. I have missed telling this tale while it was on hiatus and I am glad to get back to sharing it with you all.

      And thank you for your favorable “review” of my romantic interlude writing style preferences–”delicacy and tenderness can be sensuous too”, as you aptly put it. I am so glad that you think so. I prefer love story writing or in movies to reflect a discreet sensuality that focuses on the loving feelings shared by the lovers.

      With regard to filming love scenes, I always say women want romance, not an instructional video. Ha!

      The next installment of “Guy’s Rose” will be published here on Monday.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting so faithfully, dear friend.

      Cheers and Happy New Year! Grati ;->


  2. Kitty says:

    Loved it!


  3. Ania says:

    Oh, what a sensual chapter. I really missed this story last times. And I really like your way of describing what happened between Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna.
    Hugs and Happy New Year!


  4. Hi Ania,
    Thanks for your kind note. I’m glad that you’re enjoying Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna’s story and their romance.
    Hugs back, Cheers and Happy New Year! Grati ;->


  5. Hi Grati, so at last Guy and Rose declared their mutual love and desire.
    This love scene is so romantic!
    It’s very cold here, but this chapter has warmed me thoroughly. Moreover, even if it’s very late, I don’t want to go to sleep, but read and dream a little bit more.
    Thanks, Happy New Year!


    • Hi Carla/Cassia,
      Thanks for your lovely note. I’m glad that you liked this romantic chapter. Guy and Rose each deserve some happiness. And that they have found this happiness in each other, makes their love sweeter.
      The next installment of “Guy’s Rose” will be on Monday. Until then, sweet dReAms.
      Cheers and Happy New Year! Grati ;->


  6. AJ Daisy says:

    I absolutley love this story it is one of my favourites. Thank You so much. Happy New Year to you


  7. ayyp says:

    I love it!! :)


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