“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 19: Lovers’ New Beginning as They Negotiate their Place in the Palace, 1/02/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #94)


“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 19: Lovers’ New Beginning as They Negotiate their Place in the Palace, 1/02/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #94)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)

[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]


Author’s Note:  “Guy’s Rose” will continue being serialized here on my blog on Mondays and Fridays until the story line is completed.


Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna might have lain naked cuddling together after making love for the first time in the grass under the oak tree by the babbling brook longer had it not been for their horses snorting and alerting them to people in the distance coming toward them.   Upon awakening with a start, they gaze upon one another and their nakedness adoringly and kiss each other tenderly once more before hurriedly putting their clothes back on.  They must not be found together as lovers.  It would besmirch Lady Roseanna’s reputation–despite the fact that they are betrothed.  They mount their horses and ride at full gallop back to the palace the long way–to avoid meeting whomever is heading their way.  Lady Roseanna’s hair is flying in the wind as Sir Guy [(2)  right] watches her entranced while galloping on his horse behind her.

Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna are both flushed when they reach the stables–partially due to the full gallop they have just put their horses through and partially to do with their earlier lovemaking. Tanner notices their reddish faces when they give him the reins to their horses, but says nothing.  Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna yearn to touch each other intimately, to caress each other, to kiss and make love again–as new lovers do.  But, Sir Guy must observe the proprieties for Lady Roseanna’s sake.  So he gallantly offers her his arm as they walk back into the palace–their smiles and secret glances at each other only slightly betraying the increased level of intimacy between them.

As is now becoming their daily habit after their morning ride, they pick up their omlet breakfasts from the kitchen and head back to their apartments.  ‘Their’ apartments, thinks Sir Guy.   They are his new home–a real home being something he has not had since his parents died in the terrible fire that also claimed their home when he was but a lad of fifteen–twenty years ago now, a lifetime ago, his lifetime ago.  He has lived different places since then–surviving by his wits.  But none were his home–not even the Locksley Manor where he lived for some time.  Locksley Manor was Robin’s home and Guy felt that he merely inhabited it.  But now with his Lady Rose, Guy believes that he has a chance at real happiness, he hopes.

Lady Roseanna [(3) right] smiles sweetly at the people that she and Sir Guy pass on their way to their apartments to eat their breakfasts.  Holding onto Sir Guy’s strong arm–each carrying a plate of food in their other hands–Lady Roseanna is struck by how her life has changed.  She no longer must worry about her future–her fate–alone, as she has had to do the past two years that her brother Lord George has been on the crusades with their cousin King Richard.  Lady Roseanna has her champion at her side–her betrothed and love, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Lady Gisborne–Lady Roseanna thinks she will like her new title–because it will mean that she and Sir Guy will be joined together in love forever.  And they will be–joined in love forever.

Breaking into Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna’s mutual reveries, a footman stops them in the hallway.

Footman:  “Beggin your pardon, Milord and Milady,”  Sir Guy and Roseanna both nod, despite being startled by him.  “Prince John requests you to join him for breakfast in the Dining Hall.

Lady Roseanna:  Her eyes wide, she says “Prince John is awake this early?”   Sir Guy’s eyes also betray his astonishment.

Footman:  “Milady, it is nearly 10 o’clock.”  He says, though in that era, marking time was more of an art than a science.  “Prince John had sent someone to find you on your ride … but they could not find you.”  Now Lady Roseanna’s and Sir Guy’s eyes truly widen in astonishment–and worry.

Sir Guy:  Sighing he says “Hhhhh!  Well, the forest has many scenic vistas to enjoy.”  Of course the only vista Sir Guy is referring to is the one of him seeing and caressing his naked lady love during their lovemaking.  Sir Guy gazes at Lady Roseanna affectionately and her face pinkens in a charming blush.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes.”  She nods her head to the footman trying to maintain her sense of composure–considering she is a recently deflowered virgin of just one hour.  “I showed Sir Guy our lovely scenery.”  Sir Guy’s continuing gaze let’s her know that the only scenery he is thinking of is her.  And, if truth be told, the only scenery Lady Roseanna is thinking of is her Sir Guy and his handsome nakedness and their lovemaking.

Footman:  “This way, please.”  He leads them back to the Dining Hall.

Sitting alone at the head of the table eating his own breakfast–not a meal he has often since he is rarely up this early–Prince John greets Lady Roseanna and Sir Guy as they enter the Dining Hall.

Prince John:  “There you are!  I’d almost give up hope that you would join me this morn.”  Prince John [(4) right]  smiles mischievously at them and motions for them to sit together to his left.  “Sit!  So!  And how are you two lovers this morning?  Still happily engaged?”

The phrasing of Prince John’s question–two lovers–startles both Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna.  They wonder if he knows, or merely suspects their intimacy.  But they recover quickly–Lady Roseanna being especially quick to respond.

Lady Roseanna:  Chiding her cousin in her usual familiar whiney tone with him, she says “Oh Johnny.  Be serious.  Of course, we’re still engaged.”  She rolls her eyes at her cousin, then she turns to her left where Sir Guy sits and smiles sweetly, then winks at him–because Prince John can not see her do that.

Sir Guy:  Smiling broadly with a raised eyebrow at his lady fair, and then turning to Prince John, he says  “Sire, I would not let such a pearl as Milady Rose slip from my grasp so easily.”

Prince John:  “Huh!  Still besotted.”  Then Prince John turns Machiavellian as he delights in attempting to crush his cousin’s happiness.  “But cousin Rose, I should probably have cautioned you earlier about Sir Guy.   He is a killer, and not just of men.  He killed the last woman that he loved, Lady Marian.  He ran her through with his broad sword.”

Prince John waits for Lady Rose’s and Sir Guy’s reaction.  Sir Guy’s face drains of color.  Though he had told Lady Roseanna of his foul deed, to have his Prince blithely tell her of his shame lets him know irrevocably that he can not trust Prince John.  And a nagging worry that Prince John will break the betrothal starts to erode Sir Guy’s happiness–and this sadness shows on his face.  Sir Guy has truly come to love his sweet and uncomplicated Lady Rose–and he could not bear to part with her now.

Lady Roseanna:  Noticing Sir Guy’s sudden quiet–even his breathing has stayed–Lady Roseanna lays her hand upon Sir Guy’s arm and smiles at him lovingly.  Then she turns to her cousin.  “Johnny, now don’t be mean spirited.  Sir Guy is a man of honor and already told me everything.”

Prince John:  “Everything?  Perhaps you did not hear …”

Lady Roseanna:  But she stops him cold using the formal again  “Sire, I know everything.”  She emphasizes again.  “And there are few of us who can claim to be without sin–even you and I.  But our Lord Christ came to wash away our sins, if we truly repent.  As good Christians, we can not do less than our Lord bids us in forgiving others.”  She smiles sweetly at Prince John, knowing that she has trounced him with her appeal to faith.

Prince John:  With Prince John hoping to be anointed King one day–anointed by God by divine right–Prince John has a healthy ‘outward’ respect for religion, if only for public appearances.  “As you say.”  He says somewhat chastened, then adds.  “Gisborne, my apologies.”

Sir Guy:  “Sire.”  He bows his head solemnly, still being very wary of his prince and his prince’s intentions.

Prince John:  “Well then, do we have a wedding date yet?

Lady Roseanna:  “I have written to your mother my Aunt, Queen Eleanor and proposed end of July–seven weeks hence.  That will also give me time to have my wedding dress and trousseau made ready and for Sir Guy to arrange our wedding trip.”

Sir Guy:  “Wedding Trip?”  Sir Guy [(5) right)  asks quizzically, but with a small smile–betraying his jest. “Milady Rose, I am but a poor soldier.  You will need to explain such wedding details to me.”  For Sir Guy’s marriage to Lady Marian, no such trip had been planned nor spoken of–neither of them wanting to leave Nottingham at that time.  Prince John smiles amusingly at Sir Guy’s seeming lack of understanding of such social customs–not realizing that Sir Guy is teasing his cousin Rose.

Lady Roseanna:  Blushing, she explains.  “Sir Guy, after the wedding night, it is customary for the bride and groom to take a wedding trip of a week or more.  Perhaps we might visit my estate in Leicester.  Would you like that, Milord?”  Lady Roseanna looks at Sir Guy hopefully, wanting to be out of the glare of the palace’s many watchful and prying eyes as they begin married life.  Although with their lovemaking this morning, one might presume that their ‘marriage’ has begun.

Sir Guy:  “I will like that, My Lady Rose.”  He lifts her hand on his forearm to his lips and kisses it while gazing at her adoringly.  And Lady Roseanna returns his loving gaze.

Prince John:  “Besotted!  I fear that waiting even another month might be too great a sacrifice–for the both of you.  So you will have to let me know if you want to speed things up–say marry in two weeks?”  Prince John asks gleefully, already counting the 50,000 pounds of Lady Roseanna’s dowry that he will wrest from Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna before they even tumble into their marriage bed.

Lady Roseanna:  “No Johnny.”  She says returning to her familiar whiney tone with her cousin.  “I want Aunt Eleanor, your mother to be present at our wedding.”  She says firmly.  And Sir Guy also nods his head in agreement.  “Oh and I have something to ask of you, Johnny.”  She looks at her cousin sweetly.

Prince John:  “Well, what is it?”  He asks impatiently.

Lady Roseanna:  “Since my brother Lord George cannot be here, because he is with King Richard at the crusades, might you please give me away, dear cousin?”  Lady Roseanna asks with sincerity as she looks into her cousin’s eyes and places her hand on his forearm.

Prince John:  Touched by her request–rare for him, because he does nothing without a motive to advance himself–he says “I will be delighted.  Now let’s eat before our food gets any colder!”  He exclaims.

And that is what they do, the three of them eat and chat amiably during their mid morning breakfast meal.  Of course, this late meal will delay the mid day supper for several hours–which will delay every one else’s meals.  But Prince John cares not for that.  And, Lady Roseanna has thoughtfully asked the palace cook to make something special for Sir Guy to try later–his first taste test as her fiancé.

To be continued with Chapter 20




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(5)  Sir Guy (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) smiles bemusedly in the BBC’s Production of Robin Hood series 3, episode 7 (pix 2)


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  2. Fabi says:

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    Guy’s Rose is a nice treat every Monday and Friday, I love it. Just think “Johnny” is going to spoil their happiness in some way, the mean spirited.
    Your new signature is a sight to behold!
    I’m thrilled by something I read yesterday, surely you know this but I wanted to comment: the current ranking of Richard Armitage on IMDb has gone up, he’s now at 52. (This was on December 31.) I can’t imagine what will be after the release of the first Hobbit movie! Wow. I hope he is prepared to become worldwide famous, with all consequences – good and bad – that fame will bring to his life.


    • Hi Fabi,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. It looks like you are three hours ahead of me (I’m on CST time in Illinois.). Thanks so much for your kind remarks about “Guy’s Rose”. I’m so glad that you and others are enjoying it. I’m enjoying spinning the tale. No specific spoilers from me, but there are dangers and difficulties for the two lovers yet to overcome. But love conquers all–at least in my world view. Ha!

      That’s great news for Richard Armitage regarding his recognition factor on IMDB. You’re probably right that his popularity will “go through the roof” when The Hobbit films are released–“bully for him” as the Brits say. Ha! And when that happens, all I will say is, look out world, Richard Armitage has arrived! Apart from the recognition and acclaim Mr. Armitage will no doubt receive from his portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit films, that will also hopefully afford him enhanced artistic project opportunities for the future. As I’ve said before, I think it is safe to say that Richard Armitage’s fans are thrilled for him. And I can’t wait to see what he chooses to do next!

      And since Mr. Armitage is a full grown man–not a teen or twentysomething–I predict that he will handle his increased fame with equanimity, aplomb, and grace as befits his usual gentlemanly self whom we glimpse in interviews. For his sake, I just hope that he is still able to maintain a private life–given that he seems to prefer that now.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


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