“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 20 (R rating): They Love Once More and Make Plans, 1/06/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #98)

Author’s Mature Content Note: “Guy’s Rose” is a love story that deals with mature themes of love, honor, betrayal, guilt, shame, loyalty, and redemption.   And today’s chapter explores more of the love shared between Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna.  I have given this chapter an R rating for sensuality and sexual situations.   If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with an R rating, then please do not read further.  That is my disclaimer.

“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 20 (R rating):  They Love Once More and Make Plans,   1/06/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #98)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)

[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  “Guy’s Rose” will continue being serialized here on my blog on Mondays and Fridays until the story line is completed.

To recap our story’s recent developments (links to earlier chapters are found after the image references):  Sir Guy and Lady Rose had made love beautifully and tenderly for the first time this morning in their sheltered spot in the woods and then they fell asleep in each others’ loving arms, nestled into nature’s beauty [(2) right].  Then to prevent being discovered when riders approached in the distance, they quickly dressed and returned to the palace–only to be summoned to join Prince John for a late morning breakfast.  Prince John could see their joy as a couple and hoped to quash it for his own amusement by revealing to Lady Roseanna that Sir Guy had slain his past love Lady Marian.  But Lady Roseanna rose to Sir Guy’s defense by appealing to forgiveness in their faith and Prince John backed down.  But as they continued their meal, Sir Guy knew in his heart that Prince John is not to be trusted with regard to his betrothal to Lady Roseanna.

Chapter 20:

After returning to the Middleton apartments in the palace, Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna reluctantly repair to their separate bed chambers to wash and change into day clothes for greeting others at the palace.  Though Sir Guy wants nothing more than to take his sweet Lady Rose to his bed again–as new lovers in love want to do.  But they can be too easily interrupted and observed in daylight hours.  And Sir Guy knows the dangers were they to be found as lovers before they wed–for her.  So, he must wait until the time is right–and when his lady wishes it.  Lady Roseanna [(3) right] also thinks upon she and Sir Guy’s lovers’ tryst this morning and sighs looking out the window as she primps for her day time ‘maid’s’ attire.  A maid, she is no longer that–and Lady Roseanna smiles with a sigh.  Bessie looks askance at the small amount of blood in her mistress’ undergarments that she bundles to be washed.  But a blushing Lady Roseanna passes it off as her courses coming a week and a half early due to her vigorous rides.  Bessie accepts that explanation–but with a still wondering expression on her face as she leaves to tend to some servant chores after helping her mistress attire herself in a day dress.   Then Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna meet in their shared sitting room and their thoughts turning to their changed relationship.

Sir Guy:  Besotted and completely in love, Sir Guy [(4) right] gazes upon his beloved and clasps her hands in his.  “My Lady Rose.”  Sir Guy cannot speak further.  His eyes drinking in the lovely sight of Lady Roseanna in her white linen day dress–with narrow white lace edging the neckline and pink rose embroidered accents–bewitching him.

Lady Roseanna:  Blushing profusely under Sir Guy’s intense gaze–while also gazing at him longingly–she speaks boldly.  “My Husband,”

Sir Guy shudders with joy at Lady Roseanna’s new appellation for him and he pulls her into his loving embrace and kisses her softly on her lips.  Lady Roseanna trembles within his strong arms as she meets his kiss with her own kisses for him.  After a few moments of tender kissing, their lips part.

Sir Guy:  “Forgive me milady wife,”  He smiles broadly and kisses her hand.  “But, I have never known such joy and happiness as I feel with you.”  Sir Guy is unabashedly a man in love and he wants only truth to pass between them.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, I, too, feel joy and happiness in our union.”  Lady Roseanna [(5) right] says lovingly.  Then she hesitates.

Sir Guy:  Sensing her slight unease with trepidation, he motions to the sette.  “Let us sit, my love.  What is troubling you?”  Sir Guy’s heart begins to sink.  “I want only for your happiness.  Tell me what I must do.”  He says earnestly and sincerely.

Lady Roseanna:  “I fear that it is something we must both do.”  She says looking at him somewhat gravely.

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy’s heart lurches, fearing that Lady Roseanna feels that they should not have become lovers before they wed, now that she has had time to think upon it.   But he feels he must do as she wishes. “I understand, Milady.  You feel our courtship in moving to become lovers before we wed was too hasty.  I should have been stronger and not have given into my desires and to your requests to be made love to.  I am sorry to have breached your trust.”  He says respectfully and he hangs his head–not so much in shame, but in despairing disappointment.

Lady Roseanna:  Quickly flinging herself into his arms, she assuages his doubt.   “No!  That’s not it at all, Guy.  I am only worried about what Johnny will do–that he might try to part us.  I love you completely.”

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy’s heart sings.  “Oh my love.”  He gazes soulfully into her eyes to see the truth of her words reflected back to him.

Then Lady Roseanna shows Sir Guy just how much she loves him by kissing him so tenderly, so lovingly, so adoringly, and so passionately that Sir Guy’s ardor is aroused for her once more and all doubts he might have about her wishes are erased.  Their lips and mouths are eager for their kisses, their tongues intertwining–as soon, their arms and bodies do as well.  Sir Guy slides his hands underneath Lady Roseanna sitting next to him, lifts her up, and places her across his lap as they continue to kiss each other with loving abandon.   Lady Roseanna marvels with feeling Sir Guy’s lips on her neck as he begins exploring the taste of her skin and she runs her fingers through his longish curls at the base of his neck.  Lady Roseanna can be in no doubt of Sir Guy’s desire as their passions deepen and Sir Guy’s ardor becomes known to her.  The fact that they know that their servant Bessie could walk in on them at any moment heightens their urgency to be lovers again, but also requires caution.

Sir Guy:  Wresting himself away from kissing Lady Roseanna’s pinkening flesh along the tops of her lace edged full round breasts–the breasts that he so lovingly adored this morning–he pants as he tries to restrain himself.  “My Lady Rose, we must be careful–for your sake.  We must not give Prince John any reason to part us before we wed.  We must not be found together as lovers, nor must you become pregnant before we are wed.”

Sir Guy thinks of the serving girl who bore his child.  Sir Guy knows he must tell Lady Roseanna of his son.   But his attention is pleasantly engaged elsewhere at the moment. Lady Roseanna showers Sir Guy’s face with feather light kisses–that undo his resolve completely and he kisses her soundly on her lips in return.

Lady Roseanna:  She says “Then we should marry soon in secret.  So we do not worry.  Father Bale will marry us.  He is an old family friend and confidante.”

Sir Guy:  “My Lady!”  Sir Guy looks at Lady Roseanna in astonishment for her astute plan.  “Do you not want to have the wedding of your dreams, with your Aunt Queen Eleanor in attendance and you in a beautiful gown?”

Lady Roseanna:   Gazing at him seductively, she says leaning back from him a bit “Is not my gown I am wearing beautiful?”

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy smiles lovingly at her.  “Aye, my love.  But you are the beauty that makes your gown beautiful.”

And with that, Sir Guy stands up from the sette–lifting Lady Roseanna in his arms in one fluid motion–and he sweeps Lady Roseanna into his bed chamber.  The lush velvet bed curtains on Lord George’s bed–now Sir Guy’s bed–are drawn and invitingly frame their lovers’ sanctuary within.  Sir Guy gently sets Lady Roseanna on the floor near the bed.

Sir Guy:  In his deep velvety baritone voice, Sir Guy entreats his lover and betrothed Lady Roseanna.  “Rose my love.    Close your eyes.  We are two made one, husband and wife together.”

Lady Roseanna smiles, closes her eyes, and tilts her head up to receive more of her husband to be’s kisses.  Then Sir Guy kisses Lady Roseanna softly, slowly, melding his lips to her lips [(6) right], caressing her, embracing her.   She trembles longingly with his tender touch–remembering their lovers’ tryst this morning.  His tongue slips into her mouth searching for hers–tentatively at first, then with more confidence.  The heady excitement they feel with such deepening physical intimacies only serves to inflame their desires more.

Sir Guy sits on the edge of the bed, bringing his Lady Roseanna to him, straddling his leg.  They can each feel each other’s loving lust–despite leather and lace and linen–as they mold their bodies to each other.  Sir Guy will not be restrained–and neither will Lady Roseanna.  Sir Guy’s kissing moves to Lady Roseanna’s neck and her shoulders as he slowly pulls her gown’s collar down to kiss her bare shoulders–corsets not having straps that would only get in the way.

Sir Guy:  “My darling Rose, I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you at this moment.”   He looks at her pleadingly–wanting to be released from the torture of his unfulfilled needs, with their lovemaking.

Lady Roseanna:  “Not even …?”  She stops before she speaks his other love’s name–Marian.   Lady Roseanna’s eyes implore him.

Sir Guy:  “Not even, her.”  He states emphatically.    Sir Guy’s mouth tenderly explores the base of Lady Roseanna’s neck as his hands reach around to her back, searching for the closure on her dress.

Lady Roseanna:  “Oh, but Bessie.  She will be back in due time.”   Lady Roseanna demures–not really pushing away from Sir Guy, but clinging to him.  Lady Roseanna worries that she shouldn’t, make love more than once a day, without feeling completely wanton.  Could she?   And in daylight again?  Though Sir Guy’s bed chamber windows’ shutters are closed partially–only letting in a little light–as if the day was drawing to its close and awaiting the blanket of darkness, rather than letting the midday sun in.

Sir Guy answers her with his fervent lovemaking–kissing her soundly as his hands gently explore her womanly loveliness.  And Lady Roseanna can’t resist Sir Guy’s tender kisses and caresses.  She now begins to also undress him–her hands trembling as she undoes the buckles placed diagonally on his leather jacket.  He is wearing only a thin linen shift underneath.

Sir Guy:  “Rose, my Rose.”  Sighs Sir Guy breathlessly with anticipation of the pleasures that await them.  “I want you, my darling.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy.”  Lady Roseanna sighs in surrender.  Sir Guy has awakened Lady Roseanna’s womanhood.  And she wants him as much as he wants her.

Sir Guy helps Lady Roseanna remove his leather jacket and then his thin shirt beneath–revealing his taut muscular torso arms and shoulders.  Lady Roseanna’s shy but gleaming eyes betray her loving lust in gazing upon her loving husband to be.  But they are both still overdressed for lovemaking.  So Sir Guy returns to the closure on the back of Lady Roseanna’s gown and he begins to untie the lacings and open her gown at the back.  Sir Guy pulls the dress forward over Lady Roseanna’s shoulders, and down her arms.  She hesitates only briefly, holding the gown’s bodice up in front of her.  Lady Roseanna has only lain with a man once before–with Sir Guy this morning.  And she does not know of the protocol of romantic trysts, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her.   Lady Roseanna drops her arms and the soft fabric of her gown bodice puddles at her waist–revealing her corset supporting and pushing up her full round breasts.  Lady Roseanna is exquisitely beautiful to her lover and betrothed Sir Guy as his lips and hands explore and outline her heavenly shape–her loveliness that is for him alone.  And Sir Guy now eager softly kisses her creamy breasts–with Lady Roseanna sighing as his lips kiss tantalizingly close to where her flesh is hidden beneath her corset.

Then Sir Guy helps them both stand up from the bed.  Sir Guy undoes Lady Roseanna’s skirt’s button at the waist and her gown slides down the rest of her body, revealing her to be wearing only a thin petticoat underneath.  Sir Guy undoes his leather trousers that had become too restraining for him, of him.  Lady Roseanna’s breathing becomes quick and shallow in anticipation of seeing her lover naked again.  Sir Guy pulls Lady Roseanna’s hands to his hips and guides her to push his leather trousers down and off of his body.  He steps out of his leather trousers and now stands before her in nothing but his smirking smile tinged with love for her.

Sir Guy [(7) right]  is an Adonis of male beauty personified–muscular and strong, yet a tender and giving lover as he quickly embraces her again and showers her with kisses.  They pull apart once more–if only to breathe before kissing some more.   Lady Roseanna breathes deeply gazing upon Sir Guy’s taut abdomen and hips, not looking … down there and …

Lady Roseanna:   “Guy I …”  Rose hesitates,  Guy knows what she wants to say.

Sir Guy:  “Rose my love,”   Guy says as he lifts her chin up to have her look into his eyes.  “We do not know what your cousin, Prince John might do to break our betrothal–for his own malicious intent.  He tried once this morning when he told you of Lady Marian’s blood on my hands.”  Sir Guy tears up.  “You countered him brilliantly, my love.  But we cannot trust him to keep our betrothal pact.”

Lady Roseanna:  “That is why we must have Fr. Bale marry us right away.  Tonight!”

Sir Guy:  Nodding his head, he says.  “Yet, we do not know Prince John’s reaction when we are discovered already wed.  For if we have only today as husband and wife,” says Guy lovingly  “…let us love each other completely, heart and mind and body and soul.”

As Sir Guy says this, he slowly pulls down Lady Roseanna’s petticoat skirt and under garment together, revealing her nakedness to his gaze.  But not to his touch–not yet.  He wants to let her guide him to her desire for their intimacy.  Lady Roseanna sighs, transfixed with her Sir Guy’s tenderness.  The intensity of his gaze makes her blush, but she does not move to cover herself.  They are unabashed lovers–heartfelt lovers.  Sir Guy pulls Lady Roseanna to him–melding their nearly naked bodies together so closely that not even a whisper could pass between them.  And Lady Roseanna can feel Sir Guy’s ardor and love for her.  Sir Guy finishes undressing Lady Roseanna by deftly untying and loosening her corset and letting it slide down her body–followed by her chemise puddling at her feet.

Sir Guy:  “Oh my beautiful Rose, you are a vision of loveliness beyond compare.”  Sir Guy sighs like a man who has too long been denied the pleasures of love and lust–except for their earlier morning tryst, that did not sate him, but eagerly finds him wanting more.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, I love you with all of my heart.”  Says Lady Roseanna tearily–because she does love her handsome black knight.

Sir Guy’s face softens even more with her admission.  He has had many a maiden succumb to his alluring advances over the years.  But he has never wanted, desired, loved anyone more than he loves his precious Rose at this moment.  They are truly in love.

Sir Guy:  “And I love you Rose.”  Sir Guy says tenderly to his Lady Rose–and he means it with his whole heart.

Sir Guy’s hands caress Lady Roseanna tenderly–her back, her hips, the side of her breasts.  And Lady Roseanna can barely breathe.  Then it is Lady Roseanna’s turn to explore her lover’s body.  Sir Guy guides her hand that is resting on his chest to his abdomen.  Lady Roseanna feels his taut muscles there and hesitates.  Sir Guy kisses her deeply as their tongues meet in loving entanglements in their mouths.   Their kisses are wet, eager, seeking each others’ pleasures as they tenderly caress each other.    Lady Roseanna’s hesitation slows her caresses of him, thus heightening Sir Guy’s feelings of tenderness from her–such loving tenderness being unknown to Sir Guy for most of his life.  He sighs in pleasure with his Lady Rose’s every delicate touch.

Sir Guy moves his hand to near Rose’s abdomen, drawing his thumbs over her hips, stroking them–as if to outline her shape in his memory–waiting for her wish for him to continue his loving attentions.  Sir Guy seeks to give his love Rose pleasures before he takes his own pleasures.  Lady Roseanna sighs as she clings to her Sir Guy–wanting him to love her.  But making love vertically causes balance problems.  So Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna tumble into bed with her eagerly rolling underneath him.  And Sir Guy gently and playfully pins his Lady Rose’s arms to the bed above her head as his mouth adoringly explores her body with feather light kisses–her sighs of pleasure entreating him to continuing his loving ministrations.   Then Lady Roseanna and Sir Guy are swept away in each others’ loving arms as they two become one as they make love with each other lovingly, adoringly, and joyfully–as if they are already man and wife, without worrying about preventing getting her with child.

To be continued with Chapter 21


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13 Responses to “Guy’s Rose” Ch. 20 (R rating): They Love Once More and Make Plans, 1/06/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #98)

  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    To me is a real joy to wake up and know there is a brand new chapter of your “Guy’s Rose” when I turn on my computer. Their love has so much tenderness and beauty. Will they have a secret wedding like Romeo and Juliet? (I know, no spoilers – neither I want them, LOL.) And the sentence “…stands before her in nothing but his smirking smile tinged with love for her” – *swoon*


    • Good Morning Fabi,

      Thanks for your lovely note. I’m glad that you’re enjoying “Guy’s Rose”. They are a true love match–and love with your beloved is always beautiful, as Guy and Rose discover. And Sir Guy (as complexly portrayed by Richard Armitage) is a man for whom a woman’s lov and tenderness can transform him. Of course, the handsome Sir Guy–even when he wears only “his smirking smiled tinged with love”–also transforms Lady Roseanna, as he does us.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. Fabi says:

    Still thinking about the fascination that RA exerts over us, not only because his handsomeness but also his various talents, gentlemanly/shy/humble manners, etc (the list is huge). Have you ever tried to “convert” someone to our ranks? I did it once, told enthusiastically about him to an old friend, showed some pics and said to her watch North and South. I was shocked when her only mild reaction was: “Yes, he is hot, I will watch it some day.” Maybe I should show her right the last twenty minutes of the miniseries!
    It’s so natural to me to think that he is absolutely irresistible, maybe due to a daily reading of blogs/sites, watching films/videos, in short a immersion in this world where all people thinks alike. But I have to admit: there are women immune to Richard Armitage… Incredible, LOL.
    My personal experience was this: In October 2010 I read about him in a Jane Austen related Brazilian blog. The writer praised him as an actor she would like to perform some Austen’s hero, I think it was Emma’s Mr. Knightley. Then I saw this picture:
    I thought: “He’s good-looking, but very stern. Nevertheless, I want to watch him.” I found N&S in YT with Spanish subtitles, and in the tea scene I was hooked. Soon I was looking for another films with him, found sites and blogs about him. And here I am now, LOL.
    Moral of the story? You really have to watch him “in action” to feel the complete fascination RA is capable! :D
    It seems like I’m in a confession mood today. I know you are quite busy, sorry. But who better than a gal pal, as you says, to understand us? Thank you for being a friend!


    • Ania says:

      Hi Fabi
      I had a similar experience. I wanted very much to my best friend also fell in love with, not only in RA, but in this beautiful story of N & S. I wanted her to feel the strength of optimism flowing from this film (still my favorite quote from this movie, those are the words of Margaret: “Try as we might, happy as we were, we can’t go back…”) Because so much I wanted to talk with her about it. I even gave her a DVD, to encourage her more, I sent a link to the final scene on YT. The effect is that I’m still alone in this love … even stopped to ask if she already watched it.


      • Fabi says:

        Hi Ania,
        Luckily we have many virtual friends here in ArmitageWorld with whom we can share these love feelings, so you’re not alone at all! We have better taste and are more sensible than the most, aren’t we?


      • Hi Fabi and Ania
        Ooh I forgot to mention the “sharing RA part” of Fabi’s note. I loaned my sister VofD and Downton Abbey (DA) over the holiday break. She thought that Dibley was cute, but not having seen the series, she was only mildly interested in Dibley (and favorable about RA, but no more). However, she broke one of hte DA dvds because she watched it so much. Ha! So, now she has to buy me a new copy of DA series 1, plus her Christmas gift to me is DA series 2 when it comes out. Ha!

        I suppose I should have loaned her North & South, but I couldn’t part with it. And now that we know she can’t be “trusted” with dvds (Ha!), I’ll definitely let her borrow North & South from the library–just as I was introduced to it.

        Cheers! Grati ;->


    • Hi Fabi,
      I can certainly relate to everything you wrote. Richard Armitage is a mesmirizing actor and storyteller! And the fact that he is also handsome–and him seeming even more so due to his calm confidence and gentlemanly demeanor–is icing on the cake. I, too, first “met” RA through his charactor portrayal of John Thornton. And RA’s role there and in other character portrayals–and what followed in terms of my meeting many new friends in due to it–is a revelation that is still unfolding for me. So, gush all you want. It’s just us girls. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Ania says:

    Hi Grati
    Oh, this story delights in each chapter. :-) Today’s chapter is also delicious. But I have a strange feeling that on this beautiful love will be “black cloud” in the form of Prince John. Yes I know I have to wait for the next chapter ;-)


    • Hi Ania,
      Thanks for your kind remarks about “Guy’s Rose”. I’m having fun telling Guy and Rose’s love story.

      And no spoilers, but you’ll recall that my original premise for writing this story is to set it in Robin Hood (RH) series 3, between Episodes 2 and 5–because Guy was not in episodes 3 & 4 after being hauled away to London to answer to Prince John about why Nottingham’s tribute money wasn’t coming. Then, Sir Guy returned in episode 5 a new man–confident, in charge, and leading an elite Guard from Prince John’s garrison. So in part, my story “Guy’s Rose” is designed to help explain that transformation in Sir Guy. And yes there are dark clouds ahead for this love story. But remember, in my world view love conquers all.

      An update about my plans for the “Guys Rose” storyline:
      I decided a month ago that a planned sequel I had started for “Guy’s Rose”–that would play out through to the end of the Robin Hood Series 3 close of the series–would now be incorporated here into this story. So, though I have written through chapter 22 of “Guy’s Rose”–and then five later chapters of the former sequel–I have to write a bit to fill in some gaps in the action between the two storylines. But, suffice it to say, that since everyone knows what happens in RH3 from episode 5 to the end, I will probably just treat some of that as a montage–no need to rehash it, except for Rose’s reaction to what she learns about Sir Guy’s changing fates and how it affects their relationships.

      Ooh! I better stop there before I reveal anything more. But just so you know, the “ending” is a real corker and not what you expect at all. Or at least, I hope that my plot writing isn’t that predictable or formulaic. Ha!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. Joanna says:

    Hi Grati!
    I’m still enjoying your story,thank you:)
    For me my first meeting with RA was like a blow to the solar plexus,firth lost my breath sharply then..very very slowly let the air out of my lungs,since then I remain heavily in love. I love him(platonically)for four years,well,you understand,John is somewhat occupied …with Margaret.;)


    • Hi Joanna!
      Thanks for your nice note about “Guy’s Rose”. I know what you mean about Richard Armitage taking your breath away–North & South was my introduction to him, in February 2010. So, I’ve been playing catchup in watching his films and buying them for my collection.

      And the proposal scene in North & South restarted my creative writing for me–because I so wanted to change the outcome of that scene. So I did by writing a “midquel” that put John and Margaret on an earlier path to love and follows them through the first year of their marriage–200 pages later! Ha! Unfortunately, my fan fiction “North & South: Nurturing Love” is too long to serialize here on my blog. But maybe I’ll look into other venues for it and my other novel length stories.

      With Richard Armitage as my muse for my 50 plus stories–most are original stories and not fan fiction–his talent and artistry have inspired me tremendously. I don’t claim to be at RA’s level of artistic endeavor, but I enjoying weaving my tales of love and sharing them with all of you. So, I will continue to serialize my stories here as one of my continuing features.

      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. Just for fun–and to prove that I can be brief–Ha!–I plan to share on my blog this coming Tuesday and Wednesday my 14 page short story that I wrote. It’s a one act play I wrote after my hearing about the Old Vic 24 Hour Plays Gala performances in November 2010 that RA participated in. I challenged myself to write a one act play in a 24 hour period and did it. It’s a bedroom farce–and a little saucy, which is why I’ve hesitated to share it until now. I had to work up my courage. Ha! So, stay tuned.


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