“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 21: Sir Guy Reveals a Further Secret to Lady Roseanna, 1/09/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #100)

Author’s Mature Content Note: “Guy’s Rose” is a love story that deals with mature themes of love, honor, betrayal, guilt, shame, loyalty, and redemption.   And today’s chapter explores more of the love shared between Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna.  I have given this chapter an R rating for sensuality.   If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with an R rating, then please do not read further.  That is my disclaimer.

“Guy’s Rose” Ch. 21 (R for sensuality):  Sir Guy Reveals a Further Secret to Lady Roseanna, 1/09/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #100)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  “Guy’s Rose” will continue being serialized here on my blog on Mondays and Fridays until the story line is completed. Links to earlier chapters are found after the image references.

Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna languorously lay abed in his bed chamber in the Middleton Apartments in the palace after their second lovemaking tryst–delighting in their shared love as new lovers this day.  This time they had made love as intended husband and wife to be, as they hope to be this night—with no attempt to prevent her becoming with child.  Eventually, their mutual realization of what they have just done dawns on them as they cuddle and chat after their lovemaking in the early afternoon.

Lady Roseanna:  “Hhhhhh!  Oh Guy, is loving each other always so beautiful?”  She asks innocently as the recently deflowered virgin she is.

Sir Guy:  “With you, it is, Rose my Love.”  He caresses her face and kisses her lips softly as she lies nestled into his side–their naked bodies still molded to each other, not wanting to part from each others’ tender touch.  Sir Guy feels a bliss and contentment–a peace of mind and heart and soul–that has eluded him nearly all of his life.  Then reality returns to his thoughts and he says with some concern.  “My Rose!  With us loving each other completely just now, we risk getting you with child.”  On Sir Guy’s face is a mixture of desire, longing, joy, and uncertainty.

Lady Roseanna:  “I am not worried, my beloved.  We will be wed this eve.  If we beget our first child from our loving union this day, our child will only bring us joy.”  Lady Roseanna [(2) right] smiles sweetly at him and Sir Guy’s heart sings with joy.

Sir Guy:  “To give you our first child, will give me joy.”  He says truly and sincerely.  Then he hesitates and reveals slowly as he intertwines his fingers with hers.  “But I must be honest with you My Lady Rose.  ‘Our’ first child will not be ‘my’ first child.”  Sir Guy looks at Lady Roseanna as she takes in his full meaning.

Lady Roseanna:  “Oh!  I did not realize that you had a child with Lady Marian.”    Lady Roseanna looks confused–wondering how an honorable man like Sir Guy could kill the woman who bore him a child–let alone, kill a woman at all.  Lady Roseanna’s pure soul cannot reflect upon how her beloved, Sir Guy, could commit such a heinous act.

Sir Guy:  Sir Guy [(3) right]  steels himself to reveal the full truth of his past actions.  “No, my Love.  Lady Marian and I were never lovers.  The child–Seth is his name–was born before I knew Lady Marian.  His mother was a serving girl in Nottingham Castle’s kitchen.”  Sir Guy winces as he says this–knowing of the implication of a man of his station and nobility connecting himself with a peasant woman–and then begetting a child out of wedlock by her.

Lady Roseanna:  “A serving girl?”  She parrots what he just said as she begins to understand him–with a slightly hurt expression on her face.  Her handsome black knight’s halo slips a bit in her eyes.  Sir Guy strokes her arm and squeezes her hand in his–wanting so much for his Lady Rose to understand, and for his Lady Rose to accept him.  “And what of the child and his mother?”

Sir Guy:  Resigned and resolved to relating the full facts to her, he states plainly  “I am not proud of myself.  I did not love the woman.  I took comfort with her in my bed to assuage my base needs.  Then, I was conflicted when she told me she was with child.  There was no possibility that we would marry–our stations in life being so disparate.  But, I endeavored to find a way to have my son brought up without the stigma of his birth until I could claim him and acknowledge him as mine.”  He hesitates.

Lady Roseanna:  “I sense your unease, Guy.  What happened?  Is the child still living?  And what of the child’s mother?”

Sir Guy:  “He is–little thanks to me.”  He shakes his head and sees her questioning look.  “It was Vasey’s doing.  I had arranged for the boy–then still a babe of six months–to be taken to a distant abbey and raised among the monks.  It cost me not so small a fortune to ensure the monks’ benevolence toward my son.”  He says ruefully.   “But the day we sent Seth with a local woman and a small retinue of guards to the abbey, Vasey’s guards overtook them–killing the guards and the woman and leaving my son in the forest to die from the elements or to be eaten alive as a wild animal’s prey.”  Sir Guy shudders at what might have happened to his son–and his anger at Vasey rises up again, as he becomes even more agitated in the retelling of his tale.

Lady Roseanna:  “Oh no!   Guy!  How did you find and save your son?”  She cries out in concern.

Sir Guy:  “I did not.  It was only through God’s good graces that Robin Hood and his men came upon the child.  Though they reunited Seth with his mother, it wasn’t until she thought that I had abandoned my child in the forest–and I saw Vasey’s malicious smile–that I knew what Vasey had done.  But, I could do nothing at that time since Hood and his men spirited Seth and his mother away from Nottingham to a secret place.  I searched privately for my son and his mother for nearly a year–tortured by what might have happened to my son but for Hood’s intervention.”  Sir Guy says bitterly–knowing the great debt he owes Robin, for saving his son’s life, on top of Sir Guy’s shame in killing Lady Marian.

Lady Roseanna:  “Did you find him?”  Lady Roseanna asks softly, rapt with attention at his storytelling–with intrigues of such a magnitude not having been heard of by her due to her sheltered life before meeting Sir Guy.

Sir Guy:  “I did.  But, his mother had died of the plague.  So I spirited Seth away from his caretakers and he is now safe from harm, with a blacksmith’s family in another county–no one will look for him there.  And I have continued to provide for him.  He is now about three years old.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Does Seth look like you, Guy?”  She asks with a knowing smile–thinking of a cherubic version of her lover, how their own son might look some day.

Sir Guy:  “I fear I do not know, my Love.”  He shakes his head sadly.  “Nottingham and the Sheriff have required all of my time and attention, such that I have not seen Seth since I found him a year and a half ago.  He is likely to be much grown by now and I probably would not recognize him–nor would he recognize me.”  Sir Guy’s [(4) right] voice rings with sadness.  “I have let so many people down in my life.  I do not want to let you down, My Lady Rose.”  He promises her with tears beginning to form in his cobalt blue eyes.

Lady  Roseanna:  “You won’t Guy.”  Lady Roseanna caresses his cheek and says with a simple forthright conviction–for someone as faithful as she could contemplate no other course for her Sir Guy to take, now that they are bound in love to one another. Embracing him she continues. “We should bring Seth to the palace under some pretense to include him in our household.  I could say he was my distant cousin’s orphaned child.  Then in time, we could welcome him into our family as our son.”

Sir Guy:  Gazing upon her with love and tenderness–humbled by her generous spirit–he asks her “You would do this for Seth?  For Me?”

Lady Roseanna:  Caressing his cheek, she says “Of course, my love.  Your son, is my son–he could be no less a relation to me, nor less dear to my heart.”

Sir Guy:  “My Lady Rose!”  Sir Guy clasps her even more tightly to him [(5) right] and kisses her tenderly.

Lady Roseanna:  “But first, we must make plans to be wed this eve in secret.”  She says pragmatically.

Sir Guy:  “Then let us tarry no longer in our marriage bed, my wife–lest I not be able to resist your charms once again.”  He smiles at her broadly and lovingly.  Although, he would not mind cleaving unto her once more–a third time–as her husband to be.

Lady Roseanna:  “Nor I not be able to resist your loving attentions, my husband.”  Lady Roseanna sits up in their bed, chastely holding the sheet to cover her breasts as she mischievously looks back at him over her bare shoulder and back.   “Come my love, we have much to prepare.”

Sir Guy:  “And we have much to do.”  They smile at each other, then dress for their early afternoon–pre-dinner–secret wedding planning.

To be continued with Chapter 22


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  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    Congratulations for the 100th blog post! Long live “Something Abot Love”! I want to be here when you reach the 1000th and beyond.
    It’s been moving to follow the change in Guy, he is becoming by Rose’s love the better man who was only a possibility in the series. Well done.
    That last image is beautifully breathtaking…Oh all things you can do if you have the right tools – and know how use them, LOL.


  2. Good morning Fabi,
    Thanks for your very lovely note and sentiments! Giggles about your cheer for my little blog. Well, if I keep up a pace of at least 3 – 4 posts a week, I should hit the 1,000 post mark in just under 5 years. Yikes! Onward and upward as they say. Ha!

    I so appreciate your kind words about my story “Guy’s Rose”. I’m glad that you can see Guy finding different choices to make–now that he has a support system to encourage that, Rose–and those choices will hopefully facilitate him becoming the better man we all knew the character had within him, but for the tragic circumstances of his youth (his parents dying in the fire).

    I agree with you about the last image being breathtaking. The Guy and Marian image is a crop of a larger image that was a photo manipulation created by the talented artist Maltysa. I have linked Maltysa’s site to the picture so you and others may enjoy the other art work there. One other of Maltysa’s images might also be featured here in “Guy’s Rose” in the future.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, my faithful friend. Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. How sweet and generous is Lady Rose with Guy, and how romantic is our beloved knight!
    I can’t wait to see the outcome of the secret marriage. Is it going to happen in the evening as planned? Is any twist of fortune to occur?

    Congratulations for post #100. I’m happy this is connected to a story of my dearest character. I can forecast you will reach #1,000 well before the timing you planned, as your creative mind is packed with ideas: fictions, poems, graphics. Thank you for sharing with us!


    • Dear Carla/Cassia,
      Thank you for your very kind note about my story, “Guy’s Rose”. Yes, Sir Guy has a tender and loving side to his character–when he is allowed to show it, as he is with Lady Roseanna. There are some twists and turns of fate and fortune yet to occur for our lovers–because, life is not always “tidy”. But I will give away no spoilers.

      Thank you also for your generous comments about my little blog and myself. I’m quite bowled over by the welcoming reactions to my blog that I receive. I’m having fun sharing my humble imaginings with everyone–be they my stories, or my humorous graphics, or my essays, and such–and exchanging our thoughts with each other across the miles. I freely admit that I am no graphic artist, I just have a fun loving spirit–and I know how to use Photoshop. Ha! Afterall, life is so much sweeter when it is filled with love and laughter.

      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. fitzg says:

    This Guy and his Rose are so good together!


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