Strike Back Saturday: Richard Armitage “Fakes it”, Authentically Portraying John Porter, 1/21/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #110)

I love the pictures of Richard Armitage in interviews about his various roles.  We see hints of the characters, but also hints of the man behind his theatrical “masque” at such times.  This is just such a picture of RA [(1) right].  He is in costume and on location for Chris Ryan’s Strike Back Series 1 from 2010 and talking about his role for the dvd featurette.  Mr. Armitage looks at ease with himself and his role–not just the role of honorable man John Porter, but the role of “star” of the mega mini series that would soon become an artistic and commercial juggernaut success.

What is it about Richard Armitage’s portrayal of John Porter that made the character seem so real to us?   An interviewer asked Mr. Armitage once about his role of Porter, as to whether RA thought that he could be a special agent now that he had special forces physical and weapons training, etc.  Richard Armitage looked at the interviewer–incredulously no doubt, because this was a print interview without blow by blow video to document RA’s every reaction, Ha!–and RA told the interviewer that his portrayal was “about replicating a look” [(2)]–such as this picture [(3) left].  So no, Mr. Armitage did not have the hubris to think that he could “be” a special forces agent.  However, Richard Armitage certainly honored the tradition and sacrifice of individuals who put their lives on the line for their country and their fellow citizens through his detailed and meticulous research and training for the role of John Porter that enhanced his performance.

But whether it is real life or fiction, or if it is factual or faking it, Richard Armitage is not only the most exquisitely talented and authentic actor and storyteller of his generation, he is also an authentic human being.  We perceive Richard Armitage’s genuineness as a person in his consistently cordial and gentlemanly interview persona, his team player professional ethos with regard to the ensemble artistic projects he is involved in, and his quiet support of charitable causes.   In essence, it is Richard Armitage’s own humanity that shines through in his complex character portrayals [(4) right]–be they John Porter in Strike Back, or any of his many character portrayals.  Richard Armitage is not artificial and neither are the characters that he brings to life.  And despite Mr. Armitage’s protestations, he is a nice guy, with a nice guy face.

P.S.  In honor of the creativity inherent in fan based videos and graphics–and to give you a taste of what you’d be missing were SOPA/PIPA to be passed, because they would severely limit what artistic products and their derivatives that might be shared online–here is a fun Strike Back video by the extremely talented bccmee for you to enjoy [(5) below]:

P.S.  Yes, I know I said that I was only going to post on Mondays Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays–but that was unless I was “inspired”.  And frankly, Richard Armitage’s portrayal of John Porter inspires me.  Ha!



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10 Responses to Strike Back Saturday: Richard Armitage “Fakes it”, Authentically Portraying John Porter, 1/21/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #110)

  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    I agree with every word you wrote.
    There are fans who don’t like SB for various reasons. I’m admittedly a Fangirl (with a big F), I appreciate RA whatever the role he plays, just for the pleasure of seeing him perform. Yes he is a nice guy, and brings me such joy. I have not shame of it.
    We are free to think and express what we want, as long as respecting each other. Thankfully the fandom takes places for all. Speaking of freedom, I fervently hope that SOPA (soup in Portuguese)/PIPA (kite) go to “that place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death”, and stay there forever.


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your kind note. I agree with you. And another reason that Richard Armitage’s portrayal of John Porter is so multi-faceted in that RA endeavored to make Porter more than just a “killing machine” or “tool” as he mentioned in other articles. Though Mr. Armitage has played many action adventure type roles, he has stated that he eschews violence for violence’ sake in film portrayals and strives to encourage the filmmakers he collaborates with to also do the same. This also goes for lessening the “bare” shots of himself–his chest, etc.–unless it is an unequivocal plot point. And you’ll also notice that the language choices of Mr. Armitage’s characters also do not devolve into streams of vulgarities as so many scripts do these days in trying to seem “edgy”, when they merely seem cheap–language vulgarities are employed sparingly in Mr. Armitage’s artistic projects. I applaud Mr. Armitage for sticking to his principles in regard to his film characterization choices–because in doing so, he and his colleagues create a richer more multi-dimensional artistic work that elevates rather than degrades the human condition.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. For newer visitors to my blog, here is the link for an earlier essay–and one of my earliest essays ever–about Richard Armitage’ character portrayal of John Porter in Strike Back Series 1, titled “Strike Back’s John Porter: Man of Honor”, from 9/12/11 (Post #13)


  3. Yes, Grati, you are right! JP is a very inspiring character.
    You decided to post only on uneven days of the week, but I am happy you are breaking your own rules!! ;-)


    • Hi Carla/Cassia,
      Thanks for your nice note. Yes, sometimes I get “on a roll” when I’m writing a blog essay–or one of my fiction stories–and I can’t stop. Ha! Like today while I was prepping the graphics and text for Sunday’s post, I ended up writing the post for Wednesday, too. Ha! Of course, Monday will be the next chapter of “Guy’s Rose”.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. mersguy says:

    Hello Grati,
    I totally agree with you, John Porter is one of my favourite roles of Richard’s to date.
    Good on you Fabi, I am shameless in my appreciation of all things Armitage too!


    • Hi mersguy,
      Thanks for your note. With Richard Armitage and his searing character portrayals,what is not to love? Ha! He has such a gift of storytelling!
      Though, were I to write his next project after The Hobbit–or maybe if he could squeeze something in this Summer to work on–I would wish him to be in a light romantic comedy. As we saw in his Vicar of Dibley guest starring role, Richard Armitage has a subtle and lovely comedic streak in him. It would be heavenly to see him portray a man who doesn’t have to use weapons, is not chased, has no alter egos, gets a nice uncomplicated and sweet lady to love and to be loved by, and his character doesn’t die.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. bccmee says:

    I couldn’t believe I missed this post, but now I remember I was cruising to the Bahamas at the time, LOL!

    Such lovely sentiments about the talent and meticulousness of Richard Armitage and his role of John Porter. Based on the Strike Back group on facebook, many men feel the same way about this performance.

    Thanks for linking to my fanvideo too!


    • Hi Bccmee!
      Thanks for your very kind note about my essay! And your fan video was the perfect exemplar of Richard Armitage in action as John Porter. So thanks to you for creating it!
      Cheers! Grati ;->
      P.S. Giggles about your missing this post because of your cruise. You have to unplug sometimes. Ha!


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