“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 27: ‘Little Guy’ Arrives at the Palace, 1/30/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #118)

“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 27:  ‘Little Guy’ Arrives at the Palace, 1/30/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #118)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  “Guy’s Rose” will continue being serialized here on my blog on Mondays and Fridays until the story line is completed. Links to earlier chapters are found after the image references.

While Lady Roseanna attended to her farewells with her secret husband, Sir Guy, before he left on his mission to kill Robin Hood, Fr. Bale had made his way into London and after about an hour, to the Middleton apartments in the palace.  He is not alone.  As promised, Fr. Bale has retrieved and brought with him Seth, Sir Guy’s child by the servant Annie.  But Seth would not be parted from his ‘mother’ for the last year and a half, Colleen the black smith’s wife. So after much histrionics by Seth–calmed by his ‘mother’ Colleen–the three of them and their escort of guards journeyed for a day and now find themselves in London’s Royal Palace.

After returning to her apartments when Sir Guy left, the weeping Lady Roseanna lay distraught across her husband’s bed–drinking in the smell of his scent from the finer clothes he left behind.  Eventually, she falls into a fitful sleep.  But, Bessie [(2) right] awakens her after about an hour because of the visitors that have come.

Bessie:  “My Lady Roseanna, Fr. Bale has arrived and says he brings you news.”  She looks at her mistress quizzically.  “And he twern’t alone.”

Lady Roseanna:  Waking up and realizing that Seth is here, anxious to make Seth feel welcome, she says.  “Bessie, pray tell Fr. Bale that I will be with him shortly in the sitting room.  Please bring them a light repast and some wine.”

Bessie:  “Only wine, Milady?”  She wonders if her mistress knows who is here?

Lady Roseanna:  “And please bring milk for the child.”  Lady Roseanna [(3) right] says knowingly.

Bessie:  “You best be bringing your scented nosegay, too, cause they are hot and sweaty from their travels.”  Bessie says none too delicately.

Lady Roseanna:  “Then we shall offer them a bath.”

Bessie:  “All of them, Milady?  The child’s mother, too?”

Lady Roseanna:   “The child’s mother?”

Bessie:  “Come and see.”  So Bessie and Lady Roseanna greet the visitors in the sitting room.


Lady Roseanna:  Upon entering the room and seeing only two adults, Lady Roseanna greets Fr. Bale [(4) right] warmly.  “Fr Bale!   Thank you for coming.  You have only just missed seeing Sir Guy who left just this past hour.”

Fr. Bale:  “My dear Lady Roseanna.  I am sorry.  We hurried as fast as we could. This is Colleen, the black smith’s wife.”  Colleen [(5) right] nods and curtsies to Lady Roseanna who is attired in fine linen compared to the rough hewn quality of her own garment.  For her part, Lady Roseanna thinks the woman can not be much older than her.

Lady Roseanna:  Then Lady Roseanna spies a smallish black haired cherubic child cowering amongst the peasant woman’s skirts.  “And who is this?”  She smiles warmly at the child.

ColleenMother:  Placing a soothing hand on the child’s back, she says “My Lady, this is my son, Seth.   He is a bit shy of being in a grand place such as this.  Seth, come on my dear.  Say hello to the nice lady.”

Seth:  “No Mama.”   He shakes his head vehemently.  Seth will not be moved.  [(6) right] How like Sir Guy his son Seth is, thinks Lady Roseanna–the same unruly curls, petulant brow, and pursed lips with his unwavering jaw–beautiful and stubborn.  She smiles at the thought.

Then Bessie returns with some bread and fruit and cheese, wine for the adults and cold milk for the boy and sets it on the small dining table in the sitting room.

Lady Roseanna:  “Please sit and eat, you must be hungry and tired from your journey.”  She admonishes them.  And little Seth fairly pounces on the grapes and apples since he doesn’t see fruit very often at home.  While Colleen also eagerly eats the cheese and bread.  Fr. Bale sips the wine and nibbles on the bread.  Lady Roseanna smiles at the small boy soon to be in her care.

Fr. Bale:  Then Father Bale explains why Colleen is with them.  “My Lady, Seth would not be parted from Colleen here for our journey.”

ColleenMother:  “Nor I from Seth.  He is like my own babe.”  She says a bit territorially.

Lady Roseanna:  “Of course.”  Smiling graciously, Lady Roseanna asks “And do you have other children?”

ColleenMother:  “Aye, two boys and a girl.  And I am with child again.”  She says pointing to what Lady Roseanna can now tell is her pregnant belly.  Seth leans against his ‘mother’ while he eats, and Colleen strokes his hair tenderly.

Lady  Roseanna:  “Ah.  Then you have a lot of little ones to tend to.”

ColleenMother:  “The master has been good to us, Sir Guy has.”  She looks with uncertainty upon this fine woman Lady Roseanna–wondering if she should leave Seth in this noble woman’s care.

Lady Roseanna:  “And I am certain that Sir Guy would wish me to continue his benevolence toward you and your family–even though Seth will now be in my care.  Your annual stipend will continue as our thanks for your tender care of Seth.”  She smiles warmly at the peasant woman.

ColleenMother:  “Thank you, Milady!”  She says bowled over by this noble lady’s largesse.  Having to feed and clothe her three children plus the new child on the way would have been a struggle without Sir Guy’s continuing patronage.

Fr. Bale:  “That is very generous of you, Milady.  In a few days time–once Seth has had a chance to settle in–I will return Colleen to her home in Derby, and then journey on to your estate at Leicester.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Thank you Fr. Bale.”  Wanting to make a connection to Seth–to let him know that he will be loved and cared for with her–Lady Roseanna thinks upon an idea.  “Seth, did you know that horses like apples?”  She asks holding out an apple to Seth and he takes it and bites into it.

Seth:  “My papa has lots of horses.”  By which he means his papa shods horses as a blacksmith.

Lady Roseanna:  “My horse Wildfire loves apples.  Would you like to meet him?”

Seth:  “Yes.”  He nods his head up and down as he bites into his apple.

Lady Roseanna:  “Let us all go, Fr. Bale and Colleen.”  She motions to them as they stand up.  And Lady Roseanna holds out her hand to little Seth.  But he is hesitant and looks at his mama.

Colleen:  “It’s alright, Seth.”  She smiles at him.  And Seth takes Lady Roseanna’s hand.

Then they all walk to the stables where Seth is quite taken with Lady Roseanna’s chestnut horse, Wildfire.  Tanner even lifts Seth to sit on top of him, while Lady Roseanna holds onto him firmly so he doesn’t fall.  She promises Seth that she will take him riding tomorrow.  Lady Roseanna having visitors does not go unnoticed and word gets back to Prince John.  He will seek an explanation at dinner tonight.

To be continued with Chapter 28


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5 Responses to “Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 27: ‘Little Guy’ Arrives at the Palace, 1/30/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #118)

  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    I loved your description of Seth, and the image of him. It seems like he and Lady Rose are going to become friends soon. Poor little boy, so many changes in his short life.
    Please give us some Guy’s news in the next installment! :)


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your kind note. Yes, Seth has had and will have changes to deal with–as will Lady Roseanna. There is some angst ahead for Sir Guy, I’m afraid–as we all know. But, there will eventually be some peace.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. “…unruly curls, petulant brow, and pursed lips with his unwavering jaw–beautiful and stubborn”.
    In case we had some uncertainties, this is Sir G.’s son beyond all doubts. LOL!

    You already offered us a double twist: Seth is not alone, his foster-mother shows herself, unexpected guest, at the castle. People talk at the castle, in fact Prince John is informed of the arrival of an unknown child and a woman quite immediately.
    Mhhhh, A lot of opportunities to develope your plot!

    I am very happy you decided to post twice a week. Friday is Guyday – we all know – and Monday arrives fast enough after the weekend!

    Did you ever think why Sir G.’s son was named Seth? I only knew he was the third son of Adam and Eve, but I made further inquiries. It means “plant a seed” as God planted another seed to replace the death of Abel and – the Bible says – he looked exactly as his father. Did you approve RH scriptwriters’ choice or would you have preferred another name for Sir. G.’s illegitimate son?


    • Hi Carla/Cassia,
      Thanks for your lovely note. Yes, I lucked into finding just the picture I wanted for Seth that I had in my mind. Ha!
      Though I like your background description of the name Seth, I’m not entirely sure that the RH writers were that “deep”. Ha! Personally, I think a noble such as Sir Guy would have had input into his son’s name and would have chosen a different name for him. Of course, being a noble’s son, Seth might have other names–and Seth is merely a nickname, or familial name.
      Cheers! Grati ;->
      P.S. I’m glad the posting schedule of twice a week suits everyone. We still have several more chapters until “Guy’s Rose” concludes. So, we will be going well into February with it.


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