“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 29-31– Seth’s New Home; Sir Guy’s Fates; Lady Rose’s Worry, 2/06/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #123)

“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 29-31– Seth’s New Home; Sir Guy’s Fates; Lady Rose’s Worry, 2/06/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #123)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  “Guy’s Rose” will continue being serialized here on my blog on Mondays and Fridays until the story line is completed. Links to earlier chapters are found after the image references.


“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 29–Seth has a new home and Lady Rose finishes her wedding plans

Lady Roseanna [(2) right] has much remaining to prepare for her wedding to Sir Guy in the next two weeks–not the least of which is helping Seth transition to being in her care.  After having Seth sleep on a small pallet in her bed chamber for two nights–so that he doesn’t feel afraid all alone and scared in Sir Guy’s bed chamber–Lady Roseanna spends more time with Seth and he spends less time with his caretaker Mama Colleen. Getting to ride Wildfire with Lady Roseanna each morning is something that Seth looks forward to with glee.

But Lady Roseanna knows that Seth will need a proper leave taking from Colleen if he is to adjust to being with Lady Roseanna.  So, Lady Roseanna, Fr. Bale, Colleen, and Seth have a farewell midday meal together in the Middleton apartments–away from prying eyes–for Seth and Colleen to say their heartfelt goodbyes on the third day.  After lunch, Colleen tells Seth of his new living arrangement–as discussed earlier by she and Lady Roseanna, thinking that Seth will accept it more coming from his Mama Colleen.  But they did not reckon on the strength of the loving bond between a mother and child.

ColleenMother:  “Seth Dear,”  She says brushing the hair out of his eyes.  “Are you having fun here in the palace with Lady Roseanna?”

Seth:  “Yes Mama.  I like her horse.”  Well, small children are rather sweet and simple.  Both women smile–as does Fr. Bale.

ColleenMother:   “Good, I’m glad.”  She says trying not to tear up at leaving behind a child whom she considers to be her son.  “Well I must return to Derby this afternoon, but you will be staying here to keep Lady Roseanna company.”

Seth:  “But I want to go home with you, Mama.”  He says leaning against her and cuddling.

Colleen and Lady Roseanna share a knowing look.  This will not be easy.

ColleenMother:  “I know you do.  But your home is with Lady Roseanna now.  She will be your new Mama.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes Seth, I want you to be my little boy.”

Seth:  “Why Mama?”  He asks Colleen [(3) right].  “Don’t go away.  I want to go home with you. I’ll be good.”  He starts to cry and clings to her.  Little boys do not understand such things–of why he can’t stay with the only family he has ever known.  It is often hard for adults to understand changing relationships as well.

ColleenMother:  “Seth.”  She hugs him to her trying to comfort him and stave off her own tears.   You ‘are’ a good little boy.  That is why you deserve this chance to be in the palace.  You will learn new things and become a great man.

Seth:  “I don’t want to learn new things.”  He pouts.  “I want to go home!”  He wails.  The adults look at each other and sigh.  They do not know what to do.

Bessie:  Then Lady Roseanna’s servant, Bessie [(4) right], shares her story.  “Seth, I also came to live in the palace when I was little like you.”

Seth:  “You did?”  Everyone holds their breath.

Bessie:  She sits down on the floor next to the boy so as not to seem to hover over him.   Yes, my parents had died and my brother and I were sent here to live and work.

Seth:  “But my mama is here.”  He clings to Colleen’s neck.  “And papa is at home.”

Bessie:   “But Seth, you are a lucky little boy.  You will now have two mamas and two papas–in the country and at the palace.”  She smiles at him.   “And Lady Roseanna is very sweet and kind.  You will come to love her like your second mama, too.” Lady Roseanna smiles at her servant.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes Seth.  My estates at Leicester are large with many horses.  And Derby is not far from there.  So you can see your brothers and sister when we have your father shod our horses. And they can also come and visit us.”  She smiles sweetly.  “We will probably go there in a few months time.” She says sincerely.

Colleen:  “Seth, you will only be an afternoon’s ride away when you are in Leicester.  I want you to have this chance to see and do new things.  I don’t want you to be sad, but happy.”  Seth [(5) right] sees that he is outnumbered–even for a tantrum prone 3 year old–and he gives his mama Colleen a look of surrender. “That’s my boy.  You’re going to have such fun with Lady Roseanna.  And then you can tell us all about it when we see you.”  She smiles stoically.   “Now give me a hug good bye before you give your new mama a hug.”  They hug tenderly.

Then Colleen holds Seth at arms length before dropping her arms from holding him.  Lady Roseanna holds out her arms, hoping the little boy will come to her–and he does.

Lady Roseanna:  Pulling Seth up onto her lap, Lady Roseanna says.  “I love you very much, Seth.  I will work hard at being as good a mama to you as Colleen.  And my soon to be husband, Sir Guy, will be your other papa.”  She kisses Seth’s forehead and brushes his hair from his eyes.

Seth:  “Sir?”  He asks quizzically.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes Seth, Your other papa, Sir Guy, is a knight of the realm.  He is on a mission now, but he so wanted to be here to greet you.  He sends you his love.  This is from your papa Sir Guy.”  And she kisses Seth’s forehead.  Seth lays back and nestles into Lady Roseanna’s arms.  He is tired from his tantrum and it is nap time.

Fr. Bale:  Having tactfully stayed out of the emotional fray until now, Fr. Bale [(6) right] says “Seth, I will escort your mother Colleen back to Derby.”  He doesn’t say “home” because they all want Seth to think of his place with Lady Roseanna and Sir Guy as home.  Colleen stands next to the priest, leans down and kisses Seth’s forehead.

ColleenMother:  “Farewell for now, Seth.  We look forward to seeing you in a couple of months and hearing all of your stories.”

Seth:  “Good Bye, Mama.”  Seth looks at his mama Colleen longingly with tears on the brink of falling.  It is very hard for a little boy to understand why he cannot stay with the person who has cared for and loved him–Colleen is the only mama he remembers.

Lady Roseanna:  “Good bye, Fr. Bale and Colleen.  We will see you in a few months.”  She smiles at them warmly.  Then she kisses Seth’s forehead and begins to gently rock him in her arms until he falls asleep.

Colleen smiles and nods at Lady Roseanna, who reciprocates.  Colleen now knows that Seth will be cared for and loved, as he should be with Lady Roseanna.  Then Fr. Bale and Colleen depart the Middleton apartments.  Bessie lifts the sleeping Seth out of Lady Roseanna’s arms and lays him on his cot near Lady Roseanna’s bed for his nap.  Then Lady Roseanna also lays down on her bed and naps.

The most difficult obstacle to their future happiness has been overcome, Seth is installed in the palace with a suitable background story, he has accepted being parted from his other mama Colleen, and Lady Roseanna sets about making Seth feel that his place in the place with her and Sir Guy is his home.  Oh, and a few final wedding details–such as dress fittings, flowers and decorations, and seeing to special guests comfort.  Lady Roseanna’s one sadness is that her Aunt Eleanor ultimately decides not to journey from France to attend the wedding–due to her son Prince John’s penchant for locking her up whenever the mood strikes him, just like his father did.

To be continued with Chapter 30

“Guy’s Rose, Ch. 30–Sir Guy’s Mission is thwarted and he falls out of Prince John’s good graces

Sir Guy’s two weeks leading up to his planned wedding date do not go well at all.  Despite the well trained elite palace guard–and a lion for a secret weapon–Sir Guy failed in capturing and killing Robin Hood.  It did not help matters that Sir Guy’s Sister Isabella arrived to complicate things.  So like his pesky younger sister thinks Sir Guy–not to appreciate the husband he had found for her.  But Isabella’s husband controlled and abused her to such an extent that she has had to live by her wits and learned to be deceitful to survive.   Isabella has become a feral thing in fine clothes and jewels–a cat like woman who would scratch a man’s eye balls out if he did not do as she wished.  So her flirtations with Robin Hood prove fruitless–though that failed association still vexes her brother Sir Guy mightily.

And when Prince John returns to Nottingham to roust Sir Guy out of his bed to demand his loyalty [(7) right] by killing Sheriff Vasey.  Sir Guy finds he has another chance to redeem himself in Prince John’s eyes.  Sir Guy just doesn’t realize that Prince John also asked Sheriff Vasey to kill Sir Guy as a show of loyalty to him.  Pitting the former devious colleagues–Sheriff Vasey and Sir Guy–against one another is just another example of Prince John’s Machiavellian and malicious intent.  Of course, Prince John does not inform his cousin Lady Roseanna that she has pitted her betrothed Sir Guy against a worth adversary in a duel to the death.   Blessedly she is oblivious to such machinations.  But Sir Guy–though loathing Sheriff Vasey, also viewed him as a twisted mentor, perhaps even as a father figure.  And now, Sir Guy must kill Sheriff Vasey if Sir Guy is to survive.  The battle is fierce and both of them are wounded.  But the youth, skill, and athleticism of Sir Guy bests the cunning of Sheriff Vasey and Sir Guy stabs Vasey to death–then presents his false tooth as evidence to Prince John.  And Sir Guy is finally given the keys to Nottingham as its new Sheriff.  But Sir Guy’s moment of triumph will be short lived–he still has not killed Robin Hood.

Sir Guy ‘almost’ has everything in his grasp, but his sister Isabella’s betrayal with Robin Hood wounds Sir Guy psychologically [(8) right]–and she ruins everything for him by joining in league with Robin Hood to clear the dammed water supply.  Or ‘does’ she cause his ruination?  Was Sir Guy so focused again on his own goal–this time killing Robin Hood so he could earn the right of being Nottingham’s Sheriff for his bride Lady Roseanna–that Sir Guy failed to see how his actions affected those around him?  Yes.  Without Lady Roseanna’s quiet, constant, and strong support at his side, Sir Guy wavers in the choices he makes.  Oh Sir Guy!  Think!  To be the better man, you must choose to act as a better man–regardless of receiving any benefit yourself.  But Sir Guy reverts to choosing expedience and short term gain rather than weighing his choices carefully for their long term impact.  But he does not succeed and he feels that he is mired in circumstances beyond his control.   Not the least of which is because Sir Guy’s hoped for wedding date with Lady Roseanna comes and goes–and he has not been able to get word to her to explain what is happening.

And then, his sister Isabella’s treachery turns the tables on Sir Guy and he becomes an outlaw.  Though Isabella claims that she will speak to Prince John his Sir Guy’s behalf, she drugs him, planning to turn him in–but Sir Guy escapes.   Then when Sir Guy tries to kill Prince John, there is no going back for Sir Guy.  Sir Guy has killed Vasey, he has tried to kill Prince John, and he is hated by Robin Hood’s men.  There seems to be no more alliances that Sir Guy can make and his future looks bleak as he his caught again and sentenced to die by his sister Isabella, the new Sheriff of Nottingham.

To quote the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “character is destiny”  [(9)].  And the choices we make define our character.  The question is, will Sir Guy ever have the chance to make the ‘right’ choices for himself and Lady Rose and Seth?  And not making those choices at the expense of others?  Or will he be forever doomed to follow a path that only leads to despair, torment, and everlasting regret?  Can a man with so much blood on his hands be redeemed–even by right actions?  Can Sir Guy atone for his past sins and be granted a second chance at happiness?  And even if that happiness is short lived, can that happiness sustain a person for a lifetime, or even an eternity?

These questions weighed heavily on Sir Guy’s mind as he waited in Nottingham’s dungeon after the sweet and guileless girl Meg tried to free him, but then was condemned to death herself by Isabella.  But when Sir Guy tried to plead with Isabella for mercy for Meg, there was none.  And though Robin Hood’s arrow redirected the executioner’s axe, a guard’s staff mortally pierced Meg’s side as they attempted to flee.  All Sir Guy [(9b) right] could do was spirit Meg away to the forest and comfort her while she died, then rocking her lifeless body in his arms, weeping for her loss.  Sir Guy loses all the women in loves, his mother Lady Ghislane, his first love Lady Marian, and now Meg. Sir Guy weeps for all of them and resolves that he will not lose Lady Roseanna as well.  Sir Guy feels that he must return to Lady Roseanna as the noble knight that she deserves.  But how?

To be continued with Chapter 31


“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 31– Lady Roseanna Fretfully waits for news of her beloved Sir Guy, and it is not good, 2/06/12

The past four weeks since Sir Guy left on his ‘two’ week mission have not been easy on Lady Roseanna as she lays sequestered in her palace apartment rooms by her own choice.  She finds solace in lying in her husband’s bed chamber where she can get a whiff of his scent on the bed sheets.  He has been away too long–just over a month and Lady Roseanna has marked that time slowly.  Not even the thought of their child growing in her womb or her tending to little Seth has lightened her spirits. Though for Seth’s sake, she tries to be loving and cheerful toward him.

After Prince John had come back from Nottingham two weeks ago proclaiming that Sir Guy was to be put to death for trying to assassinate him–that is, when he could be captured after escaping his first execution attempt by his sister Isabella, the temporary Sheriff of Nottingham–Lady Roseanna had a creeping dread invade her happiness in being her husband Sir Guy’s loving wife.  Lady Roseanna had been frought with worry this past week for his safety lest her Sir Guy be caught and killed by Prince John’s soldiers.  And since she is now two months along in carrying Sir Guy and her first child, she worries that this stress and strain might cause her to lose his child.

She must protect her child in her womb by being hopeful–especially for Sir Guy’s sake, should he lose is life.  Sir Guy’s child must be well born if the babe is to be Lady Roseanna’s love’s Sir Guy’s legacy in the world.  Though Lady Roseanna [(10) right] will not allow herself to think that she will really lose her husband, her beloved, Sir Guy.  She believes and prays fervently that something must happen to turn fate again in his favor.   Mostly this week, Lady Roseanna has kept to her apartments and to her bed for that reason–to remain calm and undisturbed.  Her only outings are when she watches Seth riding  her horse Wildfire in the early mornings with Tanner spotting him so he does not fall.  With her delicate condition, Lady Roseanna no longer rides.  And now with her husband in peril, Lady Roseanna has even more worry on her young shoulders.

Bessie:  Walking into the master’s, Sir Guy’s, bedchamber, she asks her mistress solicitously, “Is there anything I can be getting you for your comfort, Milady?”

Lady Roseanna:  “No.  Thank you Bessie.  Just sit with me a while.  I wish to be quiet, but not alone.”

Bessie:  “Alright, Milady.”    They sit together in silence for a bit.   “Are you feeling better today?”

Lady Roseanna:  “A little, but I haven’t tried to eat anything yet today.”  She smiles ruefully about her morning sickness.

Bessie:  “You must try to eat Milady.  Even if it is only bread.  Your time of sickness will pass in time.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes, and then I’ll start getting fat and we won’t be able to hide my condition any longer.” She winces.

Bessie:  “Never fear Milady, Sir Guy will come back soon and you will be wed.  I’ve nere seen a man so in love as Sir Guy is with you.”  Bessie smiles.

And so does Lady Roseanna–as she remembers her devoted husband Sir Guy’s [(11) right] loving tenderness toward her.

Lady Roseanna:  “And I love him.   But  my cousin Johnny has tried to separate us almost from the moment he betrothed us.  He is such a weasel.”

Bessie:  “Yes, Milady.”  Then she becomes flustered for her lady’s breech of etiquette.  “I mean, yes you love Sir Guy–not that Prince John is a weasel.”  Well, Bessie wouldn’t want to say it out loud, anyway.

Lady Roseanna:  “It’s alright, Bessie, here in our home we can speak the truth where none can hear us.”  She smiles.  “But, I think I will take a nap now while Seth is napping.   Please stay with me and take a nap yourself.”

Bessie:  “Yes Milady.”  She curtsies, and then sits down next to the bed and leans against it.  Both the servant and her mistress fall fast asleep from the tension they’ve been under.  And little Seth–sleeping not six feet away from his new mama Lady Roseanna and her servant Bessie–is oblivious to any difficulties.  So his sleep is undisturbed by worries and fears.

To be continued with Chapter 32


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  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    Now I’m very concerned about their future. What poor Lady R will do if Sir Guy doesn’t return to marry her? She will have to take care of two children without her husband?
    To me, RH season 3 is almost painful to watch (apart RA’s devastating gorgeousness). Can’t agree with path the writers took. Richard alone made me care for his Sir Guy and I wanted his fate was different. That poignant episode with Meg was really the best of the season IMO.
    Yes, he did the wrong choices almost all the time. But I believe that even the most sinful person deserves a second chance, IF he sincerely repents, asks forgiveness and changes his actions. I hope this can happen with Sir Guy here. “Dum spiro spero.”


    • Good morning, Fabi,
      The lovers–Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna–are perhaps in their darkest hours, save one. Sir Guy became a tragic figure unable to escape his choices and his destiny in the BBC version. Basically, they ended the series because the actors involved–Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood and Richard Armitage as Sir Guy–had other career opportunities. But, was the ending of the original Robin Hood the “right” choice? Students of tragedy in literature might say yes.

      And I, too, was deeply touched by the Meg episode. My feelings are that Sir Guy was finally able to find closure for the death of Lady Marian when he comforted the dying Meg–who selflessly gave her life for Sir Guy–and then grieved for her as rocked her lifeless body in his arms as he wept. Last Fall, I created a wallpaper of Sir Guy that has as its central image, Sir Guy mourning Meg. Here is the link to it on RANet:

      And I like your allusion to Richards Armitage’s character of Lucas North via the quote “dum spiro spero” that was tattoed on his torso. According to Wiki, it means “while I breathe, I hope” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dum_spiro_spero). I also felt the writers for Spooks went in the wrong direction for the Lucas character–having him devolve into a villain.

      “Guy’s Rose” is a story that is almost at its end. Friday’s installment of “Guy’s Rose” will contain several chapters that will make clear Sir Guy’s fate and that of Lady Rose. And then it might have one or two more installments.

      I hope you and other readers will return on Friday. Cheers! Grati ;->


      • P.S. I had meant to include the Sir Guy and Meg image in the body of the story last night when I posted. But fatigue took over, and I didn’t. However, I have just now amended my post and uploaded that image and its citation. Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. Fabi says:

    Lovely wallpaper! I downloaded it to my preciousssss “Armitage Files”.
    Of course all we your readers will be here on Friday, eager to know what will happen next. But…it’s finishing already? Couldn’t you change your mind and extended the story to more 50 chapters??? Waaahhh….


    • Hi Fabi,
      Thanks for your kind note about my Sir Guy Wallpaper. I collected a few of my favorite pix together–though, I didn’t have room for all of them. I particularly note how young Richard Armitage appears in the top left photo–a bit skinny in my view. But by the time he gets to the lower right photo of him in his RH 3 leather vest, RA is very muscular and oozes commanding appeal–he’s grown into being an amazing man. And as we can see from his Project Magazine and Captain American NYC Premiere photos, RA only gets bettah with age. SighhhhhH!

      As to my story “Guy’s Rose”, it does not end this Friday–it will continue for a few more chapters over a few more postings. But, a pivotal event happens in this Friday’s posting of chapters that will, once again, change everything for Sir Guy and his Lady Rose irrevocably. But, no spoilers.

      I’m delighted that you and others are enjoying “Guy’s Rose” so much. I’m enjoying telling this story.
      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. After my “Guy’s Rose” story concludes, I have two or three original stories that are vying to be serialized here next. I just have to decide which one to serialize first. Ha! Like I said, I literally have 50 + stories that I work on in rotation–over half of them have reached a point in my editing of them that feel comfortable in sharing them with an audience.


  3. fitzg says:

    Poor Guy – he has the worst luck! Nice to have Isabella in the story, a teen-aged Lady MacBeth. :D


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