Dibley Revisited: A Season of New Beginnings”–Ch. 4 – 8 End, 2/12/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post # 127)

Dibley Revisited:  A Season of New Beginnings”–Ch. 4 – 8 End,  2/12/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post # 127)

Episodes Treatment Summaries
Original Fan Fiction Adapted from the BBC tv show  “The Vicar of Dibley”
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“Dibley Revisited”, Episode 4 – I am My Sister’s Keeper
In the previous episode Geraldine learns that not only does her sister Kate [(2) right] have a 4.5 year old child named Dina, but that Kate has a rare blood disorder that will probably take her life.  Kate asks Geraldine if she will become Dina’s new mother.

Of course, Geraldine instantly tells Kate that she will lovingly care for and raise Dina as her own child.  But, Geraldine says that she must consult with Harry since this affects both of their lives.  And Geraldine is one half of a loving and committed couple that has thrived because they weigh their life’s decisions—big and small—together.  Kate understands completely.  After a little while, Harry returns with Dina.  And it is clear that Harry is completely besotted with his little niece.  Kate and Dina lay down for a nap on the couch—because Dina [(3) right] naps being a young child, and Kate naps because her strength fails her more and more these days.
So, Geraldine and Harry decide to take a walk in the village—hand in hand, not unlike their second date [(4) right].   Then, they decide to go to Harry’s Dibley cottage to talk more in private.  Harry still owns the cottage and rents it out to ‘tourists’.  But it is not being rented at the moment.  So, Geraldine and Harry can talk in private.  Geraldine reveals the conversation that she had with Kate, and Kate’s wish that she and Harry become Dina’s parents.  Geraldine pauses, waiting hopefully for Harry’s response—and he does not fail her.  Harry has never failed Geraldine, and he never will.  Harry completely agrees with Geraldine about becoming Dina’s parents, when that time comes.  But, he also suggests that maybe he and Geraldine can help Kate find more treatments to at least extend Kate’s life as much as possible for Dina’s sake—even if Kate can’t be cured.

And, Geraldine resolves to be tested to see if her bone marrow is a match for Kate—even though Kate did not ask that of her.  So now, Geraldine and Harry have two missions—to help Kate with her health issues, and to become Dina’s parents if and when the time comes.  Geraldine and Harry cry at the circumstances that will bring this little girl into their lives—the death of her mother, Kate, Geraldine’s sister.  But Geraldine and Harry take solace and comfort in their love for each other.  When they return to their vicarage cottage that night, they go on to have a lovely family dinner with Kate and Dina before all of them fall asleep exhausted for the night.

Geraldine almost feels that God has played a cruel trick on her now that she is reunited with her sister, only to possibly end up losing her.  The conflict runs so deep within Geraldine that for the first time in her life, she has a crisis of faith.  After church services the next day, Geraldine talks with her best friend Alice [(5) right]—who is always helpful in cheering her up and is now also carrying Geraldine’s child.  But Geraldine can’t overcome her overwhelming sense of dread at the prospect of losing her sister Kate as she talks with Alice—while David takes Kate and Dina out to lunch.  So, Geraldine decides to ask the Dibley Village Council for a leave of absence for a few months.  Since coming to Dibley, Geraldine has never taken an extended vacation—let alone a honeymoon trip.  So, Geraldine hopes that her request will be granted. Geraldine also talks privately with David Horton Sunday evening—both because David is the Chair of the Village Council, and also because Geraldine knows that David has tender feelings for Kate.

At the Monday, June 6th Dibley Village Monthly Council Meeting, Geraldine leads off the agenda with her announcement that effective immediately, she is taking a leave of absence for the Summer to tend to her family—primarily due to Kate’s health crisis—and to get to know her niece better.  The boys—David, Hugo, Owen, Frank, and Jim—take the announcement in stride.  It seems that the ‘boys’ discussed the vicar’s request before the meeting started.  The Village Council tells Geraldine to take all the time she needs and that they will line up supply priests to celebrate Sunday worship services for the next three months of Summer.  Summer is a ‘down time’ for parishes any way with parishioners taking Summer trips themselves.

To be continued with Episode 5

“Dibley Revisited”, Episode 5 – Summer montage of Geraldine taking care of Kate, finding out Geraldine is has a secret, and David’s and Kate’s growing loving relationship
Over the Summer months not only do Geraldine and Harry help Kate seek more expert medical opinions, but they become better acquainted with Dina.  For convenience when Kate visits Dibley for extended periods, she and Dina stay in Harry’s unrented but furnished cottage.  Then, Kate also leaves Dina with Geraldine and Harry for extended periods as she works a little and has her treatments in London—so that Dina can get to know her Aunt and Uncle better and bond with them.  Kids are resilient and Dina loves spending time with her Aunt Gerry and Uncle Harry.  For her part, Gerry relishes playing Mummy full time—especially co-hosting Dina’s 4.5 year old birthday on June 25th with Kate.  And, if Alice’s surrogate pregnancy continues—and they hope it will since she is now about 7 weeks along—then Geraldine will also have a baby of her very own.  Geraldine will have two children if her sister’s treatments are not successful.  Being a Mummy is a role that Geraldine has always wanted, but not achieved until now—bittersweet though that may be.

After Geraldine, Harry and several others in the village get tested to see if they match Kate for a bone marrow transplant, Gerry receives a call from the hospital with good news and bad news.  Harry takes the call while Geraldine is making them lunch.  He listens, smiles, frowns, and then smiles again.  Geraldine tells Harry that he looks pensive when he hangs up the phone.  Harry walks over to Geraldine, embraces her, kisses her, then he tells her the good, bad, and good news.    The good news is that there are two matches for Kate in the Village of Dibley.  And although Geraldine is one of them, she can’t be a donor.  Geraldine asks why?  Giving Kate her bone marrow—though a painful procedure—is what sisters do for each other.  Then Harry explains that Geraldine’s own health would be compromised by such an operation.  Because, you see, Geraldine’s lingering months long flu in the Spring was not flu—Geraldine is pregnant with their child.  Geraldine is too stunned to speak–happy, but stunned.

Then of course, Geraldine screams—not unlike when Harry proposed.  But this time she doesn’t run next door to ring the church bells for fear of tripping and falling.    Harry takes Geraldine in his arms [(6) right] and he kisses her tenderly for several minutes.  This is what Harry and Geraldine have been praying for–a child together, born of their love.  They won’t know exactly how far along Geraldine is until she has an ultra sound after she makes a doctor’s appointment.  But, she must be at least four months pregnant given when her symptoms started—irritability, wanting sex more often, and some flu like symptoms.  Privately, Harry thinks that Valentines’ Day might be the ‘culprit’—after giving Geraldine that heart shaped box of chocolates [(7) left] that he keeps replenishing for her.  But, they’ll wait to see what the doctor says.  Kate and Dina are also overjoyed for Geraldine and Harry—since that means that Dina will have a cousin.  Kate just hopes that she can live long enough to have her transplant and then to see her niece or nephew born.

July and August are a blur of prenatal appointments for Geraldine and Alice carrying Geraldine and Harry’s baby—as well as medical appointments for Kate, with David by her side.  It is a real Summer of bonding for Geraldine and her sister Kate, and her niece Dina.  Harry is surrounded by estrogen, but handles it well.  He looks at Hugo’s aplomb with having ten children with Alice and thinks if Hugo can do that, then he can handle all the women in his life.  Although Harry hopes that the children that he and Geraldine look forward to having when she and later Alice give birth, he secretly hopes—as every man does—that at least one of them is a boy, a son.  But, Harry knows better than to tell Geraldine that.  However, having one of their children be a boy, a son, is also a secret wish of Geraldine’s—with the other child being a daughter.

To be continued with Episode 6

“Dibley Revisited”, Episode 6 – Dibley Village Expansion includes an updated census report
The first Monday of each month at 7:00pm sharp is when the Dibley Village Council meets.  But, since Geraldine has been on family medical leave as Vicar to tend to her sister for the Summer months, she has not attended these meetings.  It is now Monday, September 5, 2011.  Geraldine is actually nine months pregnant—their anniversary in December, not Valentine’s Day being the ‘culprit’—and Alice is still four months pregnant with Geraldine and Harry’s other biological child.  Kate had her bone marrow transplant in August, but it did not work.  So, Kate is living on borrowed time.  And, this cruel turn of events still weighs heavily on Geraldine’s mind—not that she will become her niece Dina’s mother, but that Dina will lose her mother, and Geraldine will lose her sister.  Harry has been loving and supportive as have all of Geraldine’s friends.  But, tonight will be a special night as Geraldine attends one more Dibley Village Council Meeting before she takes maternity leave for three months.

Harry was concerned about Geraldine’s health given that she is a few weeks away from her delivery date, but the plucky Geraldine insists on going to tonight’s Dibley Village Council Meeting.  So, Harry walks her next door to the church meeting hall and then goes home to wait for the call to walk back to pick her up.  Being as pregnant as she is–and given how petite she is–Geraldine finds that even this short walk tires her out and her back is really hurting her.  But, she finds a welcome sight when she walks into the meeting room— at Harry’s urging, the ‘boys’ have brought in a plush comfy chair for Geraldine to sit in.   David brings the meeting to order with Frank wondering if he should minute the change in the Vicar’s seating style for historical record purposes.  Hugo offers that it would be nice if they could all have plush chairs.  While Jim states that ‘no, no, no, no, matter’ to him what he sits in.  Finally, Owen suggests them all getting chairs that vibrate like he’s seen on tv.  Of course, they all know why Owen wants a vibrating chair.

The first agenda item for the Dibley Village Council Meeting is the annual village census update.  This will be important because the school redistricting—with the Dibley pre-K through 8th graders starting school in Eastley next week—means that higher taxes will be in place.  And there will be an embedded school tax for families of school age children to help offset the tuition costs by spreading this fee over twelve months, rather than families having to pay all of the tuition costs up front.  There is much discussion among the council about this extra tax for families with school age children since everyone feels that families are already over burdened trying to pay for food, utilities, and the mortgage as it is.  The meeting is very tiring for Vicar Geraldine, her back has really been hurting her all day today, and she just wants the meeting to be over.  So, she stands up to make an impassioned plea to adjust other Dibley village taxes on families so that they don’t incur added costs.

Geraldine is half way through her remarks when she gets a perplexed look on her face [(8) right] as her water breaks.  Geraldine realizes that she has been in labor all day and she is in labor now.  She asks the boys for help, but they are a flutter.  David disdains the amniotic liquid on the nice wood floor.  Hugo remarks that Alice usually doesn’t have that much amniotic fluid.  Frank minutes that the Vicar is in labor and notes the time that her water brokeas 8:30pm.  Jim says no, no, no, no, nothing to worry about, he was a medic in the war.  Geraldine tells Jim to back off because she’s not having him in her knickers.  To which Owen replies that he’s birthed many a calf or lamb on his farm and he could also be of assistance with her knickers.

Finding none of her council member friends being helpful and doubling over in pain, Geraldine hits the previously programmed button on her cell phone to dial Harry that she’s in labor. Since he’s just next door at their vicarage home, Harry is at the Village Council meeting in thirty seconds—having forgotten when he laid down for a nap, that he had put on his accountant pencil and spreadsheet jammies with the slogan “Be the Spreadsheet” [(9)right].  So, Harry looks quite precious at the moment—as Geraldine shakes her head in amusement before another labor pain hits her.

Geraldine and Harry’s birth plan calls for them to drive the five miles over to the slightly larger Village of Eastley and check into the Eastley Medical Clinic.  So, Harry makes the call to alert the clinic so they can call in the medical staff and he goes to get their car which already has Geraldine’s overnight bag in it.  They also call Alice and Kate and Dina.  As Harry helps Geraldine into their car, Dina asks if she can ride along.  And she and Kate get into the car as well.  But, it’s not a big car so the boys and Alice will have to find other transportation to Eastley.  So, they all just take what they rode to the Council meeting in to Eastley.  David has his Rolls Royce and brings Hugo and Alice with him.  Frank bicycles, Jim motor bikes, and Owen trots slowly on his ass, um, his donkey.

Arriving at the Eastley Village Clinic, Harry and Geraldine find themselves nearly all alone save for a teen aged candy striper in goth attire putting black nail polish on her nails.  It seems that the Clinic’s on call medical staff aren’t answering their pages.  This puts Geraldine into a tailspin of complaining that she has always answered her emergency calls, so why can’t they—before another labor pain hits her and silences her from speaking, but not from screaming in pain.  Poor Harry, thinks David out loud, that it’s nice to have Geraldine quiet for a moment—even if she is screaming.  Harry nicely tells the boys to get out as he and the four months pregnant Alice and her sister Kate help Geraldine change into a gown.  Little niece Dina [(10) right] goes back and forth between her Aunt’s room and the boys waiting in the hallway like a little ambassador with updates to the boys and requests for information from the boys.  Frank, to his credit, continues to minute each update since David as Village Council president has not ‘officially recessed nor ended’ the Dibley Village Council Meeting that night.

It is now 9:30pm and Geraldine’s contractions are getting closer together—but unfortunately, no medical personnel have gotten any closer to the Eastley Medical Clinic.  Harry is afraid that they—meaning Geraldine, of course—might have to deliver without benefit of a doctor, let alone an epidural.   And Jim’s [(11) right] war medic experience is starting to look useful–if not appealing.  Of course, Jim is no, no, no, not squeamish at all about getting into the Vicar’s knickers.  But, Geraldine is not a happy wife at either notion—no epidural nor Jim being her midwife.  So, Harry makes another round of calls to medical personnel from among his tax clients to find someone nearby and willing to come to Eastley.  He locates Nurse Hathaway from a nearby resort—that is, if Eastley will allow the nurse medical privileges as the goth candy striper points out.  Harry has the nurse come in any way.  Because as Owen pointed out—he thinks that he can ‘take her’, meaning that he’ll keep the candy striper at bay while the nurse helps the Vicar.

Then, when Nurse John Hathaway arrives, Geraldine is further flummoxed to find out that he’s a man—and she so wanted a woman to help her deliver her baby.  However, Nurse Hathaway immediately sets Geraldine at ease, explaining that she’ll be his 100th delivery.  Then after checking Geraldine’s cervix dialation—with Harry nervously standing away from the ‘business’ end of the table and holding Geraldine’s hand–and the nurse finding Geraldine quite advanced in her labor, Nurse Hathaway starts to look for the epidural medicine to administer to Geraldine.  But, the clinic’s medicine is all under lock and key.  That’s where Hugo [(12) right] comes in handy.  Because living with his tight fisted and rule laden father David, as Hugo did, meant that their home was full of locks and Hugo had to become a ‘locksmith’ to get to anything–booze, sweets, toilet paper, etc..   Something his father David, never knew.  But, Hugo sheepishly and stealthily pulls out his lock breaking kit that he always carries in his vest pocket–just in case–and he proceeds to adroitly pick the lock to the medicine cabinet.

It is now 10:45pm and Geraldine has been in labor ‘officially’ since her water broke at 8:30pm—Frank looks back in his minutes to helpfully tell Dina to tell the Nurse—but actually, Geraldine has been in labor much longer than that.  Then, as Nurse Hathaway checks Geraldine’s dialation again, he finds her womb fully dialated and the baby’s head about to crown as Geraldine experiences painful contractions.  Nurse Hathaway directs Harry to hold Geraldine’s hand and try to soothe her because the epidural won’t have a chance to really kick in since the birth is progressing quickly.  Harry does as he is told, but he feels out of his element since birthing doesn’t involve a spreadsheet or tax forms–even though the baby will be a tax deduction.  After much screaming in pain—on Harry’s part as Geraldine nearly crushes his hand as she writhes in her labor pains—a little accountant to be is born, Granger Harry Kennedy [(13) right], 7 pounds and 4 ounces.  Geraldine and Harry are ‘over the moon’ with joy.  The episode ends with everyone crowding around Geraldine and Harry and their new baby son.  It is especially poignant because Kate got her wish–to be here with her sister Geraldine when she gave birth.  And the two sisters share a knowing look as they clasp their hands together.

To be continued with Episode 7

“Dibley Revisted”, Episode 7 – Sometimes Love Means Letting Go
With the birth of Geraldine and Harry’s baby boy Granger, life is hectic and joyful for the three of them.  But, it is also tinged with sadness because of Geraldine’s sister Kate’s deteriorating health.  During September and October, Kate goes back and forth between Dibley and London for dialysis treatments—leaving Dina with Geraldine and Harry since they enrolled Dina in the Eastley Elementary school.  David Horton [(14) right] continues his friendship with Kate and goes back and forth with her to London.  His steadfastness and love are touching to Geraldine and Harry–and a great comfort to Kate.

Then, when David, President of the Dibley Village Council does not show up for their first Monday of the month meeting on November 7th—without calling–everyone realizes that Kate’s health is quickly fading.  They cannot meet without their President, so the meeting is postponed.  When Geraldine arrives home around 7:15pm, she is greeted at her front door by an ashen faced and weeping Harry rocking their baby boy Granger to sleep as their niece Dina works on her schoolwork in the living room–unaware of how much her little life is about to change.  Harry and Geraldine go upstairs with the pretense of putting Granger to bed and Harry breaks the news to Geraldine.  David called just a few minutes ago to say that Kate had passed away while having dialysis—her body just gave out.  But that she wasn’t alone because David was holding her hand and then he held her in his arms as she took her final breaths.  It takes all of Geraldine’s strength not to cry out in screams for her lost sister, Kate.  But Geraldine has a sleeping baby and a not quite five year old little girl downstairs who needs someone to comfort ‘her’.  They all thought–they had all hoped–that they would have more precious time together.  But they did not.

Now, it falls to Aunt Gerry to break the news to Dina about her mother’s passing.  Though a vicar for many years–experienced in celebrating with the joys and helping ease the sorrows that her parishioner’s feel—now that it is Geraldine’s turn to experience a profound loss, she feels ‘at a loss’ in knowing what to do or say to Dina.  Harry lovingly tells Geraldine that as she, herself, always says to her parishioners mourning a loved one that ‘sometimes love means letting go’.  So, with a heavy heart, Geraldine walks back downstairs to tell Dina about her mother.  It is the most difficult moment of Geraldine’s life, but one—when Geraldine lost Kate tonight.  Aunt Gerry asks Dina to stop her homework and to come sit on the couch with her.  Dina smilingly asks if this is one of their Aunt to Niece talks they sometimes have, and Aunt Gerry says that it is.

Then, Geraldine tells Dina how much her Mummy loves her and will always love her—nothing will ever change that.  Dina says that she loves her Mummy ‘more than playing in the park’—a game she and her Mummy played together to let each other know how much they loved each other.  It is a game that Geraldine and Kate had played as children. So, Geraldine says that Dina’s Mummy Kate loves her ‘more than chocolate’.  Pulling Dina onto her lap, Geraldine says that heaven has a new angel tonight.  But before she can say the words, little Dina [(15) right] asks sadly, ‘is it Mummy’?  Geraldine nods.  Little ones know more than we give them credit for sometimes.  Dina tells her Aunt Gerry that her Mummy told her before she went to London last week, that though her Mummy loves her more than life itself and wants to stay with Dina always that her body is too weak.  So, if Dina’s Mummy doesn’t come home some time from London, then she has become an angel like her priestess Aunt Gerry talks about on Sundays.  Dina tells her Aunt Gerry that she will miss her Mummy, but that Mummy said that Aunt Gerry and Uncle Harry will always take care of her like Mummy wants them to.  Aunt Gerry nods to little Dina–wise beyond her tender years.  Then both Dina and her Aunt Gerry have a good cry out for some time, just holding each other as Geraldine rocks Dina in her arms.

The days that follow are filled with sorrow for Kate’s passing, but also gratefulness that she had more time to spend with Dina and Geraldine–and that Kate got to see her nephew born.  David Horton also spends quite a bit of time with the Granger and Kennedy family since he and Kate—and little Dina—had become quite close as David continued his loving support of Kate up to the very end.  Dina calls him Uncle David—as she will for the rest of her life.  The funeral was touching with remembrances of Kate written by Geraldine and Dina–but read by others because it would have been too hard for Geraldine and Dina to get through them without crying.  In fact, Geraldine is too overcome to conduct the funeral service so her good friend, Bishop Jeremy Ogilvy–who married she and Harry almost five years ago–steps in for her.  Kate’s body is buried in the Dibley church grounds to be close to her family.  Geraldine and Harry donate a bench and David plants a tree–so that Kate’s resting place is shaded and offers rest for those who visit her grave.

Gradually, life returns to ‘normal’ as Dina’s homework and Granger’s diapers must be tended to.  Daily family life for Geraldine and Harry and Granger and Dina finds a happy balance of love and caring.  Dina, especially, loves her little cousin Granger—despite how ‘poopy his diapers smell’ she tells her Aunt Gerry and Uncle Harry.  Then the December holidays bring Geraldine and Harry’s fifth anniversary and celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  This year this celebration is even more meaningful to Geraldine who is now a mother herself—two times over, and they expect their third child later in the Winter when Alice gives birth to their baby.   Life’s blessings are many and varied—love, children, family, and friends.  And these blessings are appreciated even more when a loved one, like Kate[(16) right], passes away.  Because although ‘love sometimes means letting go’ when a loved one dies, they always live on in our hearts and memories forever.  And we– their loved ones left behind–are their legacy in the world.

To be continued with Episode 8

“Dibley Revisited”, Episode 8 –  And baby makes five in February 2012

Geraldine and Alice have been dear friends for eighteen years, and never more so than this year as Alice generously and lovingly serves as a surrogate mother for Geraldine and Harry.  Who could have guessed that when Alice agreed to help that she would be giving them their ‘third’ child—blessings, indeed.  Though Geraldine and Harry are no where near to catching up to Alice and Hugo’s ten children, there is an even stronger bond of friendship and sisterhood between Alice and Geraldine now that Geraldine is also a mother.  Geraldine has looked to Alice for advice on babies as little Granger reaches different milestones—smiling and it’s not due to gas, rolling over, and now teething.  Earth mother Alice is wise in these things and Geraldine gladly accepts her counsel.  Then, when Granger is five months old on February 7th, 2012,  Alice goes into labor with Kennedy baby number two—child, number three, counting Dina.

It was a normal Tuesday February 7th.  Harry is home in Dibley because it’s a week day.  Well, in truth, Harry spends as little time in London as he can now that he is a family man with children since he telecommutes and teleconferences with clients.  So, he lives at home in Dibley almost every day.  And since today is Granger’s five month birth celebration, Harry wouldn’t miss this for the world.   In fact, as their little family has grown to include Granger and Dina, Geraldine and Harry have also grown closer as a couple—if that is possible, since they were a close and loving couple before hand.  But, somehow, becoming parents deepened and further strengthened their bond such that anything they might have considered mild annoyances about each other in the past, doesn’t even faze them anymore.  Geraldine has gotten used to Harry’s preference for horizontal striped sweaters—happily only worn in cold weather.  And Harry doesn’t mind Geraldine’s occasional ‘diva like’ moments, which seem to be lessening in frequency he thinks.  All in all, they have settled into family life quite comfortably going from ‘dinks’—‘dual income no kids’—to happily overflowing with kids.  And, they have adopted Dina as their own daughter and given her the name Dina Granger Kennedy.  But, Geraldine and Harry will have to think about adding on to the vicarage or finding a larger home to buy to accommodate their growing family—a happy situation to be in.

So, this Tuesday, February 7th, 2012—baby Granger’s five month birth anniversary—turns into another birth celebration, of his little brother or sister.  This being Alice’s eleventh child birth—though the baby is biologically Geraldine’s and Harry’s baby—she ‘float’s through labor, her water breaking, and delivery like a swan on a peaceful calm lake.  This is quite the contrast to what Geraldine experienced with Granger’s birth.  But, Geraldine isn’t too jealous–well, maybe a little jealous.  The whole family is in attendance at the birth at 2:29pm—Alice, Hugo, Geraldine, Harry, Granger, Dina, and David.  There is some special excitement because Geraldine and Harry elected not to find out the gender of this new baby either.  They just want their child to be happy and healthy—and it is.  When the baby is born, it is first given to Alice who has carried and nurtured this baby for nine months.  Alice lovingly rocks and kisses the baby who will become her god child.  Dina looks on eagerly as she watches Alice hand her baby sister to Geraldine as Harry wraps his arms around Geraldine and Dina as he holds Granger.  It is a touching moment, made bittersweet because Geraldine’s sister Kate passed away three months ago.  But, Geraldine and Harry honor Kate and Alice–and Harry’s late mother Marie–by naming their daughter Katherine Alice Marie Kennedy [(17) right], planning to nickname her Kami.

Then three months later on Sunday, May 6th, 2012–a year to the day from when their lives began to change—Geraldine and Harry have the baptisms for their now eight month old son Granger and their three month old daughter Kami.  It is a beautiful, sunny day for the baptisms.  And once again, Geraldine’s good friend Bishop Jeremy Ogilvy comes to conduct the service since Geraldine is the Mummy today.  Alice and Hugo and Harry’s sister Rosie are the Godparents.  For once, Owen doesn’t fart in church.  Jim says ‘no no no babies looked cuter’ than Granger and Kami.  And Frank refrains from taking notes for his daily journal diary about his life.  After the service, they all have a lovely reception with their parish family in the Parish Hall.

Then, Geraldine and Harry and their children walk out and sit on ‘Kate’s bench’ under the growing tree for a few moments—‘telling Kate’ all about the baptisms and how Dina is doing in school—before walking home as a family.  As they turn the corner toward home, Geraldine looks back to the church and she sees David Horton now sitting on ‘Kate’s bench’—‘talking’ to her.  It has not been an easy time for David either.  He has deeply loved only two women in his live—his wife, Hugo’s late mother, and Kate who passed away last November.  And though some might think David’s life is never lonely–he has wonderful friends and family, including his ten grandchildren–David feels his love Kate’s passing very keenly.  Perhaps it is because David’s love with Kate came in the twilight of his life–giving David and Kate a joy together that they had each long since resigned themselves to not having before finding each other–that this love’s memory is so precious to him.

You see, David and Kate shared a love and tenderness with each other that few are privileged to experience.  And though Kate’s failing health prevented her from feeling well enough for lovemaking with David, theirs was still a grand romance–as tender and loving and heartfelt as any could be, with tender kisses and caresses as they ‘made love’ with each other chastely and adoringly for the many months they were a loving couple–even until the day Kate died in David’s loving arms.    As David sits on the bench remembering fondly his love Kate, a tiny almost five and a half year old hand clasps David’s hand in hers and he looks up.  It is little Dina and she tells her Uncle David that her Mummy Aunt Gerry asked her to invite her Uncle David over for lunch today.  David smiles at Dina, then he looks over at the vicarage and his very good friend Vicar Geraldine waves to him and smiles.  Then David stands and walks ‘home’ hand in hand with Dina for lunch with his ‘other’ family, the Kennedy’s.

The End

Author’s Note:  Thank you for reading my narratives for how I envisioned a new season/series of “The Vicar of Dibley”.  The characters–Geraldine and Harry, David, Hugo and Alice, Owen, Jim, Frank, and others are so indelibly etched in our memories and our hearts that I wanted to give them life again.  And like when dear old friends meet after a long period of separation, it is as if we have never been apart.  Cheers!  Gratiana Lovelace


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About Gratiana Lovelace

Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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14 Responses to Dibley Revisited: A Season of New Beginnings”–Ch. 4 – 8 End, 2/12/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post # 127)

  1. Kitty says:

    I loved you VOD series, Grati. So full of varied emotions. A real roller coaster ride. Thank you.


  2. fitzg says:

    Utterly charming. I did want a future for Kate and David – but we can’t have everything. Very much captures the spirit of Dibley. Thanks, Gratiana. (Love Dawn, and Owen, and all the rest of them. Handsome Stranger isn’t half-bad, either. :D )


    • Hi Fitzg,
      Thanks for your kind note. I love these characters, too–especially the loving, supportive, and fun loving Harry. I hope that the Dibley show will be made again. Until then, I’ll just have to make up my own scenarios. Ha!.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Kate Patrick says:

    Wow…”a wholly, happy ending”. Thank you for a beautiful story about some of our favorite people.


  4. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    Your version of Dibley is very nice, with all those funny, eccentric characters now inside a dramatic story, still maintaining humor.
    Geraldine and Harry had their wish for a child fulfilled – multiplied by three! I remember her saying to the image of Jesus on the wall: “You are good, very good!”, after she asked that Harry had a “little crush” for her and it happened. LOL
    So, Harry’s worst fault is his presumed bad taste in clothes. He can’t be more adorable. :)


    • Hi Fabi,
      Thanks for your nice note about my “Dibley Revisited” story.

      Yes, Harry still sometimes has questionable clothing choices. I never did like those horizontally striped sweaters on him. Ha! And I have to say that the accountant tshirt slogan was a real one that I found online–Ha!–I just added the spreadsheet graphics.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. Elaine says:

    I think you’re absolutely, bloody brilliant. Smiles, tears, Hot Harry (in spite of the stripey sweaters)……….it has everything!


    • Hi Elaine
      Thanks for your very kind note. I’m so glad that you liked my “Dibley Revisited” series episode stories. I enjoyed sharing it with everyone.

      And personally, I think the recent portrait pictures of Dawn French and Richard Armitage that I composited together show that they are still a very nice romantic pairing some five years later now for their characters. And in my story, Mr. Armitage doesn’t have to wax his chest hairs–because they’re integral to the plot–that biscuit drool take. Ha!

      I love all of the Dibley characters and I so hope that the writers and Dawn French get together to bring them to life for us again.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


      • Elaine says:

        I thrilled that you chose one of the ‘bearded’ photos for the composite – I love the bearded look. I think RA looked amazing at The Hobbit press conference in February of 2011.


        • Hi again, Elaine,
          I agree with you that Richard Armitage looking amazing with his beard in the composite photo that I created for my “Dibley Revisited” story logo. As noted in the credits, Mr. Armitage’s portrait is from his July 2011 Recognise Magazine photo shoot. The July 2011 Project Magazine portraits of Richard Armitage were also stunning! He never looked bettah!

          Pictures that first surfaced of a bearded Richard Armitage–at last year’s Hobbit Press Conference on February 11, 2011 that you refer to–were also very becoming to him.

          Though Mr. Armitage’s Summer 2011 portrait shots are my favorite. He smoulders so well in portrait shots–such a contrast to the warm and fun loving persona we see in his live interviews. But, I’m in danger of gushing. So I’ll stop now. Ha!.

          Cheers! Grati ;->

          P.S. By the way, I followed your name link back to your blog. I loved your nature photography!


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