“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 37: Archer’s Mission to London is Planned, 2/19/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #134)

“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 37:    Archer’s Mission to London is Planned,  2/19/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #134)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  My Guy’s Rose” story is almost at its close.   It will continue being serialized here on my blog for a few more chapters, until it concludes.  Links to earlier chapters are found after the image references.

Before Archer leaves this evening for London to claim Locksley and Nottingham–and to bring Lady Roseanna hope about Sir Guy–Archer and Br. Tuck and Sir Guy consult about what to do.  John Little had fetched Thornton from Locksley Manor and they have brought an assortment of Robin’s and Sir Guy’s former clothes for Archer to wear as the new Earl of Huntington before Prince John, and for Sir Guy to wear when he is well.

Sir Guy:   Weakly lying in his bed still recovering from his wounds, Sir Guy [(2) right] does not look like the fierce warrior he was–and will be again.  “Thornton, thank you for assisting John here in his task.”

Thornton:  Looking astonished, for Thornton as steward of Locksley Manor never heard praise, let alone thanks, from Sir Guy, he says “Yes Milord.”

Sir Guy:  “John, Did you find what I asked you to look for?”

John:  “Aye!  I would have thought the Sheriff would have turned the place upside down to find your wealth.  Ha ha.  But we did na give him time.”  John moves the heavy chest of silver coins where Sir Guy can see it and them and opens the lid.

Br. Tuck:  “This is a small fortune!”  Everyone crowds around the treasure–never having seen such wealth in one place before.

Sir Guy:  “Actually, it is a rather large fortune–nearly $15,000 pounds.  Some monies came from my family estate in France and some came from  …”  Sir Guy hesitates.  He knows that some of these monies were milked from the citizenry–by him.  “We must divide it into thirds.  Archer, you will take one third of these coins with you to London to bribe who you must–including Prince John with this as partial tribute monies from Nottingham.   Then John and Tuck, please take one third and distribute it amongst the people to lessen their burden and as a security against what tribute monies Prince John should want in the future.  It belongs to the people anyway.”  Sir Guy nods to them in acknowledgement.  “The remaining third will be for Lady Roseanna and I so we may take our family and flee to France if need be.”

Br. Tuck:  “Sir Guy, you will not be able to undertake a long journey to France for at least a month.  You must stay here in Nottingham to rest and heal.  We will remove you to Locksley Manor tomorrow for your comfort.”

Sir Guy nods for the sense of Br. Tuck’s [(3) right] suggestion to move to Locksley.

Sir Guy:  “We will see if I cannot travel, Priest.  I have my family’s welfare to think of.”  Sir Guy says with a glimmer of mischief that he used to have.  “There is one other thing.  Where is my doublet?  It contains something which Archer will need to convince Lady Roseanna that he comes from me.”

John:  John hands Sir Guy the shredded leather vest.   “Sorry about that.  We had to cut it off you because of your wounds.”

Sir Guy:  “Did you now?”  Sir Guy says with a curiously raised eyebrow looking at the tattered thing before him.  “And did you enjoy destroying my fine custom made leather doublet?”

John:  “I did.”  John smiles bemusedly at Sir Guy, who smiles back at him.

Thornton:  “Milord, I have brought some of your other things from Locksley Manor for you.”

Sir Guy:  “Thank you Thornton.”  Sir Guy says distractedly until he finds what he is looking for in the shredded leather.  Sir Guy pulls out the partially bloodied linen handkerchief with an embroidered R and the scent of roses that Lady Roseanna had given him upon their leave taking a month ago.  He had kept it hidden in a concealed pocket of the leather doublet.  “Archer, Lady Roseanna gave this to me when we parted.  If you show it to her, she will know you have seen me.  But, cut away the bloodied sections so that she is not distressed.”

Archer:  “I will brother.”

There is a knock at the door and Br. Tuck opens it to see a priest standing before him, Fr. Bale [(4) right].  The others turn toward the door and look suspiciously upon this intruder.  Fr. Bale has returned from a several week stay at Leicester after escorting Seth’s mama Colleen to Derry a month ago.  Fr. Bale had hoped to learn of news of Sir Guy in Nottingham for Lady Roseanna–not having heard the false reports of his death.  And he will be astonished.

Fr.  Bale:  “My son!”  He says recognizing Br. Tuck’s own clerical robes.   “I am a weary traveler come to seek news of Nottingham and its inhabitants only to find it destroyed.  And I want to find a particular noble, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Can you help me?”

Br. Tuck:  “Aye, good father.  And what be your name?”  He asks warily.

Sir Guy:  “Fr. Bale?”  Sir Guy sighs at hearing the cleric’s familiar  voice.  John, Thornton, and Archer part from standing in front of Sir Guy’s bed to reveal him.

Fr. Bale:   “The Lord is merciful and I rejoice to see you, my son.”  Fr. Bale rushes forward to grasp Sir Guy’s arm.  “But we thought you an outlaw under warrant for execution.  What happened to you?”  Fr. Bale looks at Sir Guy’s bandaged torso quizzically.

Sir Guy:   “I was injured in the fight at Nottingham.   They must think me dead.”

John:  “Too stubborn to die.”  He pipes up and smiles warmly at Sir Guy, who smiles back at him.

Br. Tuck:  “Sir Guy is reborn into a new life.  But his wounds are great and he must rest and heal.”

Sir Guy:  “Fr. Bale.  How came you to be here?   And what of my Lady wife?  Does she think me dead?”  Sir Guy collapses back onto his pillow.

Thornton:  “Wife?”  He covers his mouth at his unintentional astonishment.  Archer, Tuck, and John look at him and nod.

Fr. Bale:  “I do not know.  The last I heard a week ago was that Prince John had said you were an outlaw to be executed when you were caught.  That is why I am hastening back to London from Leicester–to comfort Lady Roseanna if I could–after detouring in Derry.”  The air hangs thick with implication for Sir Guy.   Derry is where his son Seth lives with the blacksmith’s family.

Sir Guy:  “I fear that Prince John might tell Lady Roseanna that I am dead were any guards to have escaped from Nottingham.  So I am sending Archer to London this day to tell My Lady Rose that I live and to bring her to me.”  He pauses, not knowing how to ask his next question amongst the gathered men.  But privacy is a luxury Sir Guy cannot afford at the moment.  “And what of my son, Seth?  Where is he?”

John, Archer, Tuck, Thornton:  “Son?!?”  They all turn to look at Sir Guy.

Fr. Bale:  “He is well, Sir Guy.  Seth has been in Lady Roseanna’s care since your parting a month ago.  We had missed seeing you by only hours.”

Archer:   “Guy, I thought you said that your wife, Lady Roseanna was merely a few months with child?”

Sir Guy:  “She is.  Seth is my child from … before.  He has been taken care of for me  by a family in the country side.  Seth is three years old.”  Sir Guy does not want to betray Seth’s bastard lineage–since the bastardy is Sir Guy’s fault, not Seth’s.

John:  “Ah!”  Is all that John  says, because he remembers the outlaws finding the babe Seth in the woods over two years ago.

Sir Guy:  “And was Seth leaving his country family difficult for him, Fr. Bale?”  He asks in a concerned fatherly tone?

Fr.  Bale:  “It was.  But his mama Colleen came with us to London and the transition for him from her care to Lady Roseanna’s care went as well as can be expected.  We promised Seth a visit to his family in a few months time to see his brothers’ and sisters.  But if we are to bring she and him to you, it will now just happen ahead of that time frame.”

Sir Guy:  “Fr. Bale, Please accompany Archer [(5) right] to London for his mission to secure Nottingham and to bring Lady Roseanna to me.  Archer will need an ally.”  He asks pleadingly of the cleric.

Fr. Bale:  “Of course, my son.  All will be well.  But you must rest and heal yourself.”  Sir Guy sinks back onto his pillows again exhausted.

Then the men consult on logistics over a light dinner–especially with regard to Archer’s Locksley and Huntington inheritance claim–before the new Lord Archer and Fr. Bale race to London on horseback.

Archer and Fr. Bale speed their way by horseback to London on Sunday evening–not too far behind the soldiers who escaped on foot from the castle yesterday, eventually passing them.  Archer has donned some of Robin’s courtier attire to give himself the air of being the new Earl of Huntington.  And Fr. Bale as a respected cleric will lend credence to Archer’s claim of the Locksley inheritance with Prince John.  But time will tell if Archer will be admitted to court and believed to be the heir of Locksley and the new Earl of Huntington–and also become the new Sheriff of Nottingham.  Convincing Prince John will not be an easy task.  And Archer must fulfill his other promise to his brother Sir Guy–in assuring Lady Roseanna of Sir Guy’s well being and then bringing her to Sir Guy.

To be continued with Chapter 38


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