“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 38–Lady Roseanna Learns that Sir Guy is Alive, 2/20/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #135)

“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 38–Lady Roseanna  Learns that Sir Guy is Alive,   2/20/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #135)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  My Guy’s Rose” story is almost at its close.   It will continue being serialized here on my blog for a few more chapters, until it concludes.  Links to earlier chapters are found after the image references.

As yet on early Sunday evening as Archer and Fr. Bale speed to Lady Roseanna in London, neither she nor Prince John know of the recent developments–that of Nottingham Castle being destroyed and its inhabitants Sheriff Vasey and Isabella Gisborne Thornton being killed in its collapse late yesterday morning.    So Prince John is unwarrantedly gleeful about having Nottingham Castle within his control again–as it would be were Vasey still alive.  By contrast, the desolate Lady Roseanna is almost complete in directing the packing up of her household to return to her estate at Leicester on Monday.  It will be a small party of four on their journey–Lady Roseanna, Seth, Bessie, and Tanner.   Lady Roseanna cannot leave her faithful friend Tanner behind to suffer who knows what under Prince John’s rule.

So Sunday evening is a sorrowful one for Lady Roseanna [(2) right].  She is numb from her grief in the loss of her love Sir Guy’s life.  But she has a little one to tend to–Seth–and to whom she cannot bear to tell him that his Papa is dead.  So, she puts Seth to bed with a sleep story as he calls it.  Lady Rose tucks Seth into her bed tonight–she cannot bear to sleep alone this night–then she lays down with him cradling her son in her arms.

Seth:  “Mama?”  For little boys always need a mama, and Lady Roseanna is endeavoring to fill that role for him–as she has for the past month.  She quite feels that he is her own little boy at this point.  “Tell me more about Papa Sir Guy?”  Seth [(3) right] requests sleepily.

Lady Roseanna:  “Alright, Seth dear.”  She closes her eyes while rocking Seth in her arms, summoning Sir Guy [(4) right] to her memory.   She speaks as if Sir Guy is alive, because Lady Roseanna cannot let her heart fully comprehend his death.    “Your Papa Sir Guy is tall and strong and handsome, with long dark curls like you, Seth.”  Seth  smiles sleepily.  “He is a good man who loves us.  And your Papa Sir Guy is a knight of the realm and he fights for England’s cause.”

Seth:  “What is England’s cause?”  Politics not being much spoken of at Seth’s home with the blacksmith family in Derby–and not at all among three year olds.

Lady Roseanna:  “Seth, England’s cause is its people.  They toil and sacrifice so we can be a great nation.  So we who are of noble blood must work for their good, because their good is England’s good.”  This is perhaps a bit philosophical for a sleepy three year old, but he zeros in on one point.

Seth:  “But I am just me.”  He says fearing that he won’t fit in.  He still wishes that he could be at home with his brothers and sisters and his ‘real’ mama and papa.

Lady Roseanna:  “But Seth, you have your papa Sir Guy’s noble blood in your veins.  You will grow into a great man, and be like your papa Sir Guy is.”  She almost said ‘was’.  And her heart weeps for her loss.  But she must stay positive for the sake of the little one in her arms and for the babe in her womb.  “To honor your papa, your new name with be Crispin Guy, Sir Seth of Gisborne–as befits the son of Sir Guy and I.”  She finishes with a flourish.

Seth:  “Will I have my own horsie to ride?” He asks sleepily.  Would that all things in life were this simple.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes Seth.  I will give you Wildfire, since I can no longer ride him and he wants to be ridden. Would you like that?”

Seth:  “Yes, Mama.  Thank you.”  He says as he drifts off to sleep in his new Mama’s arms.

Lady Roseanna ponders this small child in her care–her son.  Sir Guy’s son who will now never get to know his father.  But she will try to tell him of his father, so he can grow up to be just like him–strong, fearless, purposeful, and good.  Then, Lady Roseanna closes her own eyes and sleeps, summoning her loving husband Sir Guy to her dreams.


Several hours later, the moon starting its waning toward the early morning hours–but still streaming light into Lady Roseanna’s bed chamber window as Bessie lays on a cot at the foot of her mistress’, Lady Roseanna’s, bed.  Bessie [(5) right] hears the knocking first as it begins to wake her from her sleep.  Then another series of more urgent knocks wakens Bessie completely and she goes to see who it is who can be troubling them so late when they are meant to leave in the morning on Monday?  Well, leaving in only a few hours now.  Bessie sees that Lady Roseanna and Seth are undisturbed by the noise.  So Bessie wraps a shawl around her shoulders and goes to investigate.  She hears one more series of knocks as she enters the Middleton Apartments’ outer sitting room.

Bessie:  Who is so impatient, she wonders?  “I am coming!”  She says in a hissing whisper.  She does not want her mistress–nor the child wakened. They have had enough distress this day and they need their slumber.   Upon opening the door, she sees Fr. Bale standing there with a handsome man–but it is not Sir Guy, though he has dark curly locks similar to Sir Guy.    She nods and curtsies, motioning for Fr. Bale and the other man to enter.  Archer stands respectfully to the side.

Fr. Bale:  “I am here on urgent business.  Please waken Lady Roseanna.  I have need to speak with her.”

Bessie:  “Oh but Fr. Bale, she needs her rest–especially now, grieving for her husband Sir Guy.  Can it not wait until the morning when we leave for Leicester?”

Archer:  “It is as we feared, good priest.” He says alluding to what Sir Guy had worried about–Lady Roseanna being told he was dead.

Fr.  Bale:  “My girl, news such as mine cannot wait.  Bring your mistress to me, or I will find her myself.”  Fr. Bale [(6) right]  says commandingly and with even greater urgency because what they feared has happened–Lady Roseanna was told that Sir Guy was dead.

Bessie:  “Nay, Fr. Bale!  I will fetch her.”  She puts her hands out in protest.

Bessie  swiftly goes into Lady Roseanna’s bed chamber, leans over the sleeping form of Lady Roseanna, and gently shakes her shoulder in waking her.

Bessie:  “My Lady, Fr. Bale has come and he insists on seeing you.”

Lady Roseanna:   “Oh?”  She starts to move and disentangle herself from cradling Seth in her arms and this wakens him a bit.

Seth:  “Mama?”  He asks sleepily.

Lady Roseanna:  “Seth dear, it is nothing.  Go back to sleep.”  She kisses his sleepy brow, gets out of bed, and puts a shawl over her shoulders.   “Bessie, what is so urgent that it cannot wait until the morning?”

Bessie:  “I do not know, My Lady.  Fr. Bale would not say.”

Both women walk into the outer sitting room.  Lady Roseanna notices the stranger [(7) right], who also seems strangely familiar.  And his fine clothes and the fact that he is with Fr. Bale do recommend him to her.

Fr. Bale:  “My child, I am overjoyed to see you.”  He says while effusively embracing Lady Roseanna soothingly–something he is not known to do.

Lady Roseanna:  “Thank you for coming, Fr. Bale.  You have obviously heard our sad news.  But what cannot wait until the morning?”  Lady Roseanna’s face is still ashen from her distressed weeping earlier–her eyes are red from her tears.

Fr. Bale:  Looking over at Bessie and wanting privacy with Lady Roseanna, he says “We are parched and hungry from our journey, might we have some refreshment?”

Lady Roseanna:  Understanding that Fr. Bale wants privacy, she says  “Of course.  Bessie, please go down to the kitchens and bring them back something to eat and drink.”

Bessie:  “Yes, Milady.”  She curtsies and leaves the Middleton Apartments.

Lady Roseanna:  “Now what …?”  But she cannot finish her question before Fr. Bale interrupts her swiftly.

Fr. Bale:  “Sir Guy lives!”

Lady Roseanna:   “He lives?  You do not bring me false hope, do you?  Oh Fr. Bale, tell me it is true and my prayers have been answered.”  He nods his head and her tears of happiness brim forth.

Fr. Bale:  “I have seen and spoken with him myself.  He is wounded, but he will recover.”

Lady Roseanna:  “I knew he could not be parted from me.   I felt in my heart he was still with me.”  And she cries tears of joy as Fr. Bale comforts her.

Archer:  “My lady, my brother asked me to give you this as a token of his affection.”  Archer hands her the scrap of linen handkerchief with the embroidered R [(8) right] on it that she had given to Sir Guy at their parting one month ago.

Lady Roseanna: She kisses the precious gift from her husband.  “Brother?  But what of my husband, and why is this torn?”  She has an inkling.

Fr. Bale:  “Sir Guy is Healing Milady.  Lady Roseanna, This is Archer, the son of Sir Guy’s mother and Robin Hood’s Father–the new Earl of Huntington, Lord Archer of Locksley.”

Lady Roseanna:  Looking at them suspiciously, she says  “I think my husband would have revealed to me that he had a brother.  All he spoke of was a sister.”

Archer:  “We only became aware of each other a little over a week ago when Robin and Guy saved my life.   Guy said that I should say that Prince John is a weasel and you would know that I come from him.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Ha!  Yes.  But I would not repeat that statement about Prince John to anyone if you value your head being attached to your neck.”

Archer:  “Yes, Milady.”  He bows respectfully.

Lady Roseanna:  “And what of Sir Guy’s Sister and Nottingham?”

Fr. Bale:   “Isabella and Sheriff Vasey died in Nottingham Castle’s collapse from the explosion.  As yet, I do not think Prince John knows.”

Lady Roseanna:  “Nottingham Castle is in ruins?”  She looks at the cleric incredulously and he nods his head solemnly.

Archer:  “Yes, Milady.  And Sir Guy directed me to try to secure Nottingham county as its new Sheriff and then escort you in secret to him so that you may give him wifely comfort and help him heal.”  He raises a mischievous eyebrow.

Lady Roseanna:  “We are ready to leave in the morning for Leicester.  A detour to find my dear husband Sir Guy alive will be my joy!”

Seth:  Having woken up again because he was missing his mama’s arms and hearing voices, Seth walks sleepily out to the sitting room to find her.  “Mama?”

Lady Roseanna:  Sitting down on the sette, she invites Seth to climb up onto her lap.   “There there, Seth, you should go back to sleep.”  She cradles him in her arms and kisses his forehead.  Fr. Bale smiles at the tender scene and Archer looks on in amazement.

Seth:  “Hello Fr. Bale.”  He says sleepily.  Then Seth spies Archer and his eyes go wide.  “Papa!?!”  For Archer does look very like Sir Guy–tall, dark, and handsome–as Lady Roseanna described him.  Archer blanches.

Lady Roseanna:  “No Seth dear, this is … a friend of your Papa’s.”  No need to trouble little Seth with all of the facts at this moment.

Archer:   Crouching down to meet his nephew he stretches out his hand and shakes Seth’s hand and says, “Seth, I’m Archer.  I’m glad to make your acquaintance.  You look just as I thought you would–just like Guy.”

Seth:  “Mama says that my Papa Sir Guy is a knight for England.  But he’s been away on a mission.”  Seth nestles into Lady Roseanna’s chest as she lovingly rocks him in her arms and kisses his forehead.

Lady:  “Fr. Bale and Archer, When Bessie brings your food, you can refresh yourselves as we talk and make plans.   But let me put this little one to bed for his rest this night.”

But Seth is too sleepy to walk.  So Archer carries him into the bed chamber for Lady Roseanna since she does not want to lift anything in her delicate condition.  Then Lady Roseanna, Archer and Fr. Bale make plans.

To be continued with Chapter 39


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11 Responses to “Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 38–Lady Roseanna Learns that Sir Guy is Alive, 2/20/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #135)

  1. Rose has been very brave. Grief did not overwhelm her.
    She will find her reward soon!


    • Hi Carla/Cassia,
      Lady Rose has been brave. A love such as hers with Sir Guy binds them together like a silver thread never to be broken, not even in death–as I said previously. Their love will sustain them.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    Your attention to the details and descriptions make your writings even more enjoyable.
    I would want to know if you are in any way influenced by what your commentators write here. Just curious. :)


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your kind note. I’m glad you’re enjoying my storytelling and this story.

      Since my story is written ahead of time–though I might tweak them a bit before I post each chapter–my commentors wishes have not changed the way I write the storyline nor characters. I think the people who have found and liked my story here, “Guy’s Rose”, do so because they have a similar sensibility to my own. I am an unabashed romantic at heart. And I think we need more stories of goodness prevailing–though it may be hard won–to give us hope and something to strive for.

      Thanks for being such a faithful reader and commentor.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Fabi says:

    My pleasure.
    You’re right, great minds think alike! In our case, romantic and sensible minds.
    Sir Guy is a character who has inspired hundreds of fan fics, there are stories with him to please all tastes possible. You have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Luckily I found your blog – pure golden wheat.


    • Hi Fabi,
      Thanks for your very nice note! Sir Guy is a character that Richard Armitage brought depth and gravitas to and inspired us all–and they both live in our hearts.

      We need persons and characters of substance and valor in our lives and in our literature–including film and tv literature portrayals. Why? Because literature both reflects upon and impacts our society–hopefully in a good and uplifting way. Of course, I use the term “literature” with a decidedly lower case “L” with regard to my own writing as an amateur author.

      You are so kind in your assessment of my storytelling, essays and such on my blog. I am quite pleasantly astonished with the response and viewership I receive. Everyone has been most kind. My little blog reached the 25,000 views benchmark over the weekend. Crikey! My husband owes my another dinner out. Giggles!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. Ania says:

    Hi Grati,
    Thank you for the next exciting chapter. :) I was very curious to see how Lady Roseanna react to good news about Sir Guy. Oh, really you created a very inspiring and admirable character.


    • Hi Ania,
      Thanks for your lovely note. Lady Roseanna’s faith in Sir Guy and the goodness of their love helped sustain her through hearing of his death. Her prayers were answered when Sir Guy lived–as were ours.

      Lady Roseanna had to be her own best advocate as a woman of her time–and lacking a nearby family support system with her brother and cousin King Richard off at the crusades, her parents dead, and her Aunt Queen Eleanor in exile in France. What’s a girl to do? Discern goodness in a man who can champion her as her protector–Sir Guy–and nurture that goodness within him. That their relationship blossomed into love is icing on the cake.
      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. Judiang’s (Confessions of a Watcher blogger) regular guest blogger, Fitzg, wrote an incisive commentary about the social status of women of the crusades period. Here is that link for anyone who would like to read that again:



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