“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 40 End– Lady Rose Reunites with Sir Guy, 2/24/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #138)

“Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 40 End– Lady Rose Reunites with  Sir Guy,  2/24/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #138)

An Original Fan Fiction Script Story Adaptation of the BBC’s “Robin Hood, Series 3”
(no copyright infringement is intended; all rights reserved)
[(1abc) “Guy’s Rose” story graphic]

Author’s Scheduling Note:  My Guy’s Rose” story concludes with this installment of Chapter 40–on Friday, February 24–Guy Day Friday, very appropriate.   Links to earlier chapters are found after the image references.

It is nearly 130 miles from London to Nottingham and it will take Lady Roseanna and her party almost three days travel to reach it.  But they will cover the distance in three stages.  They break their journey first at Northhampton for their Monday night accommodations–though they did not reach there until well past midnight, this is was the longest leg of their journey.  However, Lady Roseanna is grateful to find the bed in the inn there comfortable and relatively free of bed bugs.  Then they start off again on their journey mid Tuesday morning–hoping to reach her estate at Leicester by late evening for the second leg of their journey.  At least the roads are dry–since rains and mud would have impeded their progress.   And at Leicester, they can divest themselves of most of their wagons of household goods and clothes–that they removed from the Palace–for their trip on Wednesday to Nottingham.


Sir Guy awakens Tuesday morning having spent a fitful night.  Sir Guy is a bit feverish, which concerns Br. Tuck and John Little.  But Sir Guy’s wounds are not reddish or oozing blood or pus.  So, Br. Tuck and John Little hope that Sir Guy’s condition will improve with good food and rest.   The local woman healer is also brought in again to make a poltice for Sir Guy’s wounds this time–as her children Sally, Martin, and Thomas suggested–just in case there is some lingering infection.  Sir Guy notices the woman’s children  hanging back at the bed chamber doorway.  Sir Guy nods his head at them and the children wave gleefully back.  But to Sir Guy’s disgust, the woman and Br. Tuck insist that he drink some foul smelling and worse tasting drink.  Sir Guy sees John’s smile and wonders secretly if he is enjoying his discomfort.  Well, maybe John is–a little.  By Tuesday evening, Sir Guy is feeling better–even being allowed to sit up in a chair for short periods–and he hopes to see his wife Lady Roseanna soon.  Sir Guy knows that her sweet and loving presence will soothe him as he continues to heal and she is all he thinks about.  Well he thinks about his Rose, their son Seth, and their new baby to be born in the Spring.


Upon reaching her estate at Leicester Tuesday evening, Lady Roseanna [(2) right] would brook no one’s urging that she rest that night and travel to Nottingham the next day.   After sending Prince John’s Palace guards on their way back to London, Lady Roseanna quickly has fresh horses again put on her carriage and she and Bessie and Seth and Fr. Bale travel in it through the night, with Archer riding on horseback beside them.  Even though it will take then all night–8 hours–and trying to sleep in a bumping carriage is not easy, they make a go of it.  Lady Roseanna will not be kept from her husband any longer and they reach Nottingham before dawn.  Blessedly, Seth slept most of the way–a bumpy carriage ride not at all disturbing to his rest, since he is not accustomed to anything finer.

Sir Guy’s days of healing since being wounded on Saturday–four days ago–have been somewhat predictable.   Br. Tuck or Little John help him with his early morning rising needs at dawn, then he eats a light breakfast before napping more during the morning.  A few more of the local children look in on him to satisfy themselves that he is the same man who used to inspire fear in them–to Sir Guy’s amusement.  You see now, Sir Guy inspires their respect and thanks.  This early Wednesday morning is no different as Sir Guy returns to napping after breaking his fast.  He dreams pleasantly of his Lady wife Roseanna.  And he will see her sooner than he knows.

After reaching Locksley and consulting with Br. Tuck and Thornton about Sir Guy’s condition, Lady Roseanna puts Bessie and Seth to bed in a guest bed chamber.  Lady Roseanna’s emotions are whirling.  She and her husband have not seen each other for over a month.  And young bride that she is–as well as mother to be in six months time–Lady Roseanna has to remind herself not to pounce upon her injured but healing husband the minute she sees him.  She enters her husband’s bed chamber.

Lady Roseanna:   Heartened to see her husband alive, she finds him sleeping upon entering his bed chamber.  Lady Roseanna swiftly goes to his bed, shimmies out of her uncorseted traveling gown and gingerly lays down next to her sleeping husband, Sir Guy’s uninjured right side in only her fine linen shift.  Caressing his face, she places light kisses upon his lips [(3) right], being careful not to lean over him and his healing wounds.  “Guy, my love, I am here with you at last.”

Sir Guy:   “Hmmm.”  He growls in his sleep, remembering his beloved’s sweet kisses.  Sir Guy draws his Lady Rose close to him and he feels her soft sweetness and he smells her scent of roses.  Dreams such as these will help sustain him until his Lady wife arrives, he thinks.   But this is no dream.

Lady Roseanna:   “I love you so, Guy.”  Though Sir Guy smiles in his sleep, he still does not waken.  Sensing that his need for sleep is great–due to his injuries–she lays her head upon his shoulder and sleeps herself, weary from her exhausting travels and due to her with child condition.

Sir Guy and his Lady Rose lay comfortably in each other’s arms for a few hours.


That is, until a little visitor wakens them from their rest.  Having napped well with Bessie in an adjoining room, Seth [(4) right] wakens refreshed but still a little sleepy and he looks for his Mama after peeing in the chamber pot as they have taught him to do.  Well, mostly getting it into the chamber pot.  But Bessie still sleeps so there is no one to chide him for his poor three year old aim.  And Seth has no one to remind him to put his pants back on either.  It is almost mid day and Seth is hungry–and food is more important than pants to Seth at the moment.

So, Seth walks into the hallway barefoot with only his long shirt skimming his legs.  He peeks into the large bed chamber he had seen his Mama walk into this morning–and he finds her sleeping, now laying on her right side and snuggled up against someone–Sir Guy’s right side [(5) right].  So, Seth walks up to his Mama’s side of the bed and tries to get her attention.

Seth:  “Mama, I’m hungry.”  He whispers sleepily as he leans into her and gently touches her arm.   His hunger is only marginally more urgent than his need for sleep.

Lady Roseanna:  “Hmm?”   Lady Roseanna opens her eyes and she sees Seth. Putting her finger to her lips, sh says “Shhh.  Seth dear, we must be quiet while your Papa Sir Guy sleeps.  He needs his rest.  Go ask Bessie to fetch you some food until I rise.”  Sir Guy shifts his position slightly toward Lady Roseanna and kisses her shoulder in his sleep.

Seth:  But since he is still a little sleepy, Seth only focuses on the food part of his Mama’s words and he says “Yes, Mama.”  Seth watches Sir Guy intently curiously as only three year olds can–wondering who this man is.

Sir Guy’s eyes begin to flutter open at the sound of his son’s voice and as Lady Roseanna caresses his face and kisses him on his lips.

Sir Guy:  “Hmmm.  Rose my love.”  Sir Guy’s lovely dream of having his Lady Rose with him is continuing, or so he thinks as he tries not to waken and stay in his dream.

Lady Roseanna:  “Guy, beloved, I will never be parted from you ever again.”  And she means it as she gazes at him lovingly, then kisses him adoringly.

Sir Guy:  Now Sir Guy’s eyes open and gaze lovingly at Lady Roseanna.  “My Lady Rose.  Am I still dreaming?  Or are you real?”

Lady Roseanna:  “I am real, my husband.  Does not my kiss convince you?”  And she tenderly kisses Sir Guy again–and he kisses her for several minutes–though they must be careful not to press upon the wounds he sustained on his left side.

Sir Guy:  “My Rose, beloved, how I have longed to see you again.”  He says caressing her face.  Both Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna have tears of joy in their eyes.   They almost did not get a second chance at happiness with each other.  But they have that happiness now.  They kiss some more as Sir Guy pulls Lady Rose to his uninjured right side.   They have been too long without their loving tenderness for each other and even an injured Sir Guy has needs–even if he is in no state to address them.

Seth:  But their little visitor reminds them that they are not alone.  “I’m hungry.”  Seth [(6) right] says with more urgency–his petulant brow and lips pursed in a pout, so like his father.

Sir Guy:  Looking over Lady Roseanna’s shoulder at the little boy, Sir Guy says  “My dear, I fear we are not alone.  Ha ha ha.”  He chuckles.   “It seems I am a curiosity for the local children.  I have had quite a parade of little ones visiting me over the last two days.  Little fellow, go down to the kitchen and they will give you something to eat.”  Sir Guy motions to the door.  Sir Guy wants to be alone with his Lady wife Rose and receive her comfort.  However impossible it is for them to make love until he is well healed, they can still kiss and cuddle.

Lady Roseanna:  Lady Roseanna lies down on her back and smiles at Seth standing at the bedside to her right. Then she asks her husband mischievously.  “And do you know this urchin’s name, my husband?”  She gestures toward their son, Seth.

Sir Guy:  “I can’t recall, but he looks familiar.”  Sir Guy looks at Seth pointedly.

Seth:  Then Seth says his new name, as his Mama taught him.  “I am Crispin Guy, Sir Seth of Gisborne.”  Then Seth claps his hands with glee.

Sir Guy:  “Seth!”  Sir Guy [(7) right] is overcome with love in seeing his son for really the first time since Seth was a baby.  Seth, who is a vision of himself at a little more than three years old.  Sir Guy does not breathe–wanting to pull his son to his embrace, but not wanting to frighten him.

Seth:  “Did I say my new name right, Mama?”  Seth looks hopefully at his Mama, Lady Roseanna.

Lady Roseanna:  “Just right, Seth.”  Lady Roseanna smiles warmly at Seth and he beams a glorious smile at her.  Then she looks back at Sir Guy–who is still speechless.  “Husband, shall I introduce you to our son?”

Sir Guy nods slowly.  This is the most important moment in Sir Guy’s life–a second chance with his son, and he knows it.

Lady Roseanna:  “Seth Dear, climb upon the bed.”  Seth does so, revealing his lack of pants to his parents as he scrambles up onto the bed.  Laughing she says  “Ha ha ha, I see you forgot something again, Seth.”  She touches his bare knee.

Seth:  He shrugs his shoulders and smiles.  “Oh! My pants are in my room.”

Sir Guy:  “I fear, my pants are also elsewhere.”  Sir Guy says with a small grin for Lady Roseanna, then he nuzzles her ear affectionately.

Lady Roseanna:  Lady Roseanna gives Sir Guy a sidelong glance and rolls her eyes with a knowing smile.  “Seth Dear, do you remember what I told you about your Papa Sir Guy?”

Seth:  “Yes Mama.   Papa Sir Guy is a Knight who fights for England.  And he is tall and strong and good and has long dark hair like me.”  Then Seth looks more closely at the man, Sir Guy, lying next  to his Mama in bed–noticing his muscles and his smile and his long dark hair like his own.   “Are you tall?”  Seth asks, almost making the connection.

Sir Guy:  “I am.”  He says in that deeply timberous velvety baritone voice of his.  “Seth, I am Crispin Roger, Sir Guy of Gisborne, your papa.”

Seth:  Seth’s eyes widen as he really sees the big man with long dark curly hair like his own who has been sleeping next to his Mama.  “Papa Sir Guy?”   Lady Roseanna smiles and nods at her son as she caresses his cheek.  Seth has a quizzical look on his face–curious about his second papa.

Lady Roseanna:  “Yes Seth, this is your papa, Sir Guy.”  Lady Roseanna has tears in her eyes–as does Sir Guy–with this meeting of father and son, for the first time really.

Seth looks hopefully at his Papa Sir Guy, but hesitates.  Lady Roseanna has taught Seth some manners about how to behave when meeting new people.  But this is his Papa.  Sir Guy opens his arms wide and little Seth climbs over his Mama Lady Roseanna and tumbles into his Papa’s arms, flinging his arms about his Papa’s neck.  Sir Guy embraces his son and pulls him close to him–regardless of the small discomfort he feels from his wounds.  The pain of not being with his son these two and a half years was the greater pain.  Sir Guy kisses his son’s forehead and feels that he is now truly whole–as he was always meant to be.  And with his Lady Rose by his side, Sir Guy will become the knight, husband, and father that she and their children deserve–and who he is meant to be.


Epilogue:  Six months later, the winter snow is giving way to Spring at Lady Roseanna’s and Sir Guy’s estate at Leicester.  They did not have to flee the country afterall due to the inventive and wiley Lord Archer keeping Prince John occupied with one scheme or another as he rebuilds Nottingham–usually divesting Prince John of what little wealth he has left.  Sir Guy hears of these machinations with great amusement when Archer visits them nearly monthly.   It seems that Archer–as does Sir Guy now–recognizes the value and precious nature of family.   Sir Guy is fully healed now, though he will always have twinges of pain in his lower left abdomen and his left back shoulder blade from his injuries that almost caused his death–reminders to him that life worth living sometimes means sacrifice.  Seth is now four years old and quite the accomplished horseman when riding his horsie Wildfire–given to him by his Mama Lady Roseanna.  Tanner tends to the stables and Seth’s other Derry family visits when shodding is needed.   So Seth delights in seeing his Derry brothers and sisters–of which there are many.   Bessie helps in that regard as Lady Roseanna’s ladies maid servant–since there are other servants to tend to their estate home.

And not only did Seth’s other Mama Colleen have her new baby child before Christmas, but Seth’s Mama Lady Roseanna also had her baby just last week and she gave him a baby sister, the Lady Helen Rose Gisborne.  Sir Guy lovingly watches his wife Lady Roseanna sleep after suckling their baby girl [(8) right] at her breast.  Lady Roseanna’s sleeping countenance shows her quiet beauty, her serene spirit, and her compassionate nature which brought Sir Guy into his new life.  Sir Guy has burped and now rocks the Lady Helen in his arms as he walks about the room.   Sir Guy looks at this tiny creature born of his and Lady Roseanna’s love, his daughter, Lady Helen.  She has reddish hair like her Mama–sure to be a spitfire–probably a tomboy, as Lady Roseanna used to be, thinks Sir Guy.   And oh how Sir Guy wishes, his mother, the Lady Ghislane,  could see him now–embodying all that she had ever hoped for him.  Sir Guy is a strong and noble knight who cherishes the values of family, faith, and friendship. But he feels that his mother’s spirit of goodness is with him now.

The Lady Helen and Seth and their other children God might grace he and Lady Roseanna with are blessings that Sir Guy could not have imagined for himself–were it not for his Lady Rose.   And the joy Sir Guy of Gisborne feels in his heart bursts forth upon his face [(9) right]–his brow is no longer care worn, his eyes dance with delight for his new life, and his smile constantly betrays the happiness that it is his good fortune to finally possess.  Sir Guy’s life is now full with love, friendship, family, honor, and respect–and in equal measure he does give them, as he does receive them.

The End

Authors’ Note:   Thank you so much for reading my tale about Sir Guy and his Lady Roseanna, “Guy’s Rose”.  I hope that you enjoyed their journey as each of them was transformed into the person they were meant to be through their love.   We all have a chance to be better than we have been, and strive to be the best that we ought to be.   But we can’t do it alone, we need support if we are to make the right choices in our lives–just as Sir Guy needed and found that support from his Lady Roseanna.  Our character is defined by the choices we make.  And as Heraclitus said, “character is destiny”.  So let us all seize our destinies and like Sir Guy, always hope and strive for something better.  Cheers!   Grati  ;->


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18 Responses to “Guy’s Rose”, Ch. 40 End– Lady Rose Reunites with Sir Guy, 2/24/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #138)

  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    This was really a beautiful story. Sir Guy is a character so dear to my heart, it was great to follow his journey of redemption and changing. Now I can finally rewatch that so sad final episode of the series and think: “He is not dead, he survived and had a life full of love and happiness with his wife and children.” I loved the alternative universe and the great character Lady Rose created by you. Obrigada por horas de agradável, emocionante e divertida leitura.


    • Dear Fabi,
      Thank you for your lovely note. I am so glad that you enjoyed my story “Guy’s Rose”. It has been a labor of love for me to write–giving Sir Guy the chance to be a better man and to find happiness, at last.

      I’m especially pleased that you liked the new characters and plot that I introduced. I’m a fan of strong women and equal partnerships between lovers. And the commanding Sir Guy could only be happy with a strong woman by his side. Hence Lady Rose’s spitfire ways. Ha! And the inner reserve of strength that both Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna possessed allowed them to help and support each other in times of trial. And a love that sustains and nurtures is a blessing.

      Obrigado por ser meu leitor mais fiel e amigo. Seu apoio significa o mundo para mim.

      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. I might pick up Sir Guy and Lady Roseanna’s story in the future. I have to let those ideas germinate for a little while. So for now, I will serialize a few of my other stories here on my blog.


  2. AJ Daisy says:

    My dear Grati this story was an absolute delight. Thank You so much, Guy is my alltime favourite character and I’am so glad you redeemed him and gave him someone who really loved him back. He truly deserved it. Thank You


    • Dear AJ Daisy,
      Thank you for your lovely note. I’m so glad that you enjoyed my story, “Guy’s Rose”. Sir Guy did redeem himself and by going on to lead an honorable life, he can be a force for good. And Lady Roseanna’s love and support for Sir Guy–just as his for her–will be a guiding light in both of their lives.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Ania says:

    Hi Grati,
    Thank you for the beautiful ending of this wonderful story. The story about the healing power of love. It’s great that you gave Sir Guy second chance to be able to change himself. Changed from a man hated by everyone and by himself for what he did (not just to Marian) turned into a good man.


    • Hi Ania,
      Thank you for your lovely note about my story, “Guy’s Rose”. You’re very kind. And I do agree with you about “the healing power of love”. Sir Guy’s story is one of transformation through a deep and abiding love. He has a second chance at life–and he will not waste it.
      Thanks for visitin and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. CDoart says:

    Thank you for this wonderful happy ending for Sir Guy! It was a real delight to follow Guy of Gisborne’s and Lady Rose’s way.


    • Hi CDoart,
      Thanks for your nice note. I’m glad that my story, “Guy’s Rose” has met in a small way our collective hope for Sir Guy’s redemption.

      I think Richard Armitage embued so much soul into his portrayal of the character of Sir Guy of Gisborne that we who loved that character could see so many possibilities for him–were he just given the right chance and true choices. So, I thank Richard Armitage for creating the complex man whom many of us have grown to reflect upon with fondness and love, Sir Guy of Gisborne.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. Kate Patrick says:

    What a lovely story. Thank you for a beautiful ending to a story featuring one of our favorite Armitage characters. It was so nice to read a story about Guy where he gets his “happily ever after”.


    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for your kind note. I’m glad that I wasn’t alone in wanting Sir Guy to have his happy ending. His life had been filled so many burdens and failed hopes until the love from and his love for his Lady Rose gave his life a focus–on making the right choices that had been sorely lacking in his life. He became the better man that we all knew he could be.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  6. Kitty says:

    I love “happily ever after” and Helen was my mama’s name, making it even more special.


  7. fitzg says:

    For all Gisborne fans, this has been a pleasure!
    You must have enjoyed working out those geographical miles between towns and time to traverse them during the 12th C! :D


    • Hi Fitzg,
      Thank you for your kind note. I’m glad you enjoyed “Guy’s Rose”.

      I must admit that I did check Google maps for distance accuracies. Giggles. And I based travel times on a standard of about 5 miles an hour with a carriage and wagon caravan. I’m so glad we have cars and trains these days. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  8. Well, the journey is over, I’m a bit sad, but also completely content.
    I loved your OC Lady Rose, the opportunity you offered Sir G. of a second chance in life, and how you inserted your original plot in the real TV series.

    I will follow you gladly to whatever project you are planning next to this.
    Thank you for this story, Grati!


    • Hi Carla/Cassia,
      Thank you for your lovely note! I’m so glad you liked my fan fiction story, “Guy’s Rose”. You are very kind. I will miss telling Guy and Rose’s tale. But I might pick it up for a sequel sometime in the future.

      For now, I am serializing an original fiction shorter story of mine, “Mr. Romance” here on my blog. It started on Sunday.

      Then after that, my readers have requested both one of my mature woman original love stories, as well as, my “North & South: Nurturing Love” fan fiction. And I will endeavor to oblige them.

      I have 50 plus stories of mine that are either done but for some tweaking or that I’m still working on them in rotation. So, I have a lot to share with everyone for the foreseeable future.

      Thank you for your faithful readership. Cheers! Grati ;->


  9. Joanna says:

    And this is what I call a happy ending! Thank you very much, it was pure pleasure,Grati!:)
    For now,I started to read”Mr.Romance”, wonderful!:D


    • Hi Joanna,
      Thanks for your nice note! I’m glad that you enjoyed Sir Guy and Lady Rose’s and their family’s happy ending.
      And, I’m glad you’re enjoying my original story “Mr. Romance” as well.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


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