“Mr. Romance”, Ch. 4: Hope has a Visitor in the Night (PG-13 rating), 2/27/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #140)

“Mr. Romance”, Ch. 4:  Hope has a Visitor in the Night (PG-13 rating), 2/27/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #140)

An Original Fiction Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace  (all rights reserved)
[(1) “Mr. Romance” story logo, left]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Mr. Romance” is a love story–and love is passionate–some of the chapters involve love scenes.   This chapter discusses sexual relationships in the context of sexual situations that I have rate PG-13.  However, if you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with this rating, then please don’t read this chapter.  That is my disclaimer.

After only an hour’s sleep, Hope wakes up to visit the bathroom.  Just as she’s returning to her bed, Kent walks into Hope’s bedroom.  To Kent, Hope looks fresh faced–no make up needed to hide her beauty–and her hair falls romantically about her shoulders.

Kent:  “Oops, sorry Hope.  I have to pee.”  Kent says still a bit tipsily—and sleepily–while standing there in front of her wearing only his long leg briefs.  Of course, Hope is wearing only her thin soft stretch cotton flower print sleeveless nightgown—which Kent thinks she looks quite sweet and lovely in.

Hope:  “Don’t worry about it, Kent.”  She says sleepily and trying not to smile while looking at Kent’s muscular bare chest, shoulders, arms, and legs.  “Just aim, will you?”  Hope [(2) right] says sleepily while getting back into bed and dozing off.  Not that Hope has been with a man who didn’t aim—she hasn’t had any relationships that got so far as them sleeping over, at all, even though she’s in her late twenties.  It’s just that Hope had a brother growing up that she had to share a bathroom with—and his aim was poor.

Kent:  “Will do.”  Kent says walking into the bathroom.  While in the bathroom Kent also brushes his teeth since he was too sleepy or drunk—or both–to do so earlier.

When Kent returns to the now dark bedroom, his bare foot touches something lying on the floor and he bends down and picks it up.  One of his condom packages had fallen out of his pants pocket when Hope hung them on a hanger.   But not seeing his pants right away in the dark room, Kent just holds on to the package.   Then on impulse Kent walks over to the right side of the bed next to where Hope is sleeping.  Kent sets the condom package on the night stand and then he slides into bed with Hope, lying to her left.  Force of habit, Kent sees a bed and he climbs into it—especially, when there is a woman in the bed.

She is so tired, Hope doesn’t wake up with the movement of the bed when Kent joins her in it.  What Kent likes most about Hope is her kindness toward others–such as letting him crash on her couch, taking off his shoes for him, and hanging up his clothes.  Kent watches Hope sleep peacefully lying on her back for a few moments—her breathing is quiet and steady.  No snoring–which is good, thinks Kent.  Kent notices that Hope has let her long brunette hair down and that it falls softly and silkily over her shoulder.  Kent [(3) right] thinks that the sleeping Hope looks so peaceful and serene—and beautiful.

Kent has always thought that Hope was beautiful—but that she is way out of his ‘league’.  Hope is a lady and Kent knows it.  So, Kent usually treats Hope in a friendly way as a work colleague or as a big brother in the two years they have worked together—but he has not approached her romantically.  Yet tonight, they are alone together—in bed together.  And Kent’s sleepy and still slightly tipsy state makes him feel less bound by his earlier ‘gentlemanly’ restraint around Hope.  Kent gently runs the back of his fingers down the soft skin of Hope’s bare left arm as she lies next to him.

Hope:  “Hhh!”  Hope sighs in her sleep, but she does not wake up.

Then, Kent leans over Hope and he kisses her ever so softly on her lips and she begins to stir awake.

Hope:  Sleepily, she says, “ Huh?”  But then seeing Kent looming over her, but not touching her, Hope is startled.  “What?”

Kent:  “Hope, it’s just me, Kent.  You’re looking very lovely tonight.”  He says gently wrapping his arms around her, leaning slightly over her, and kissing her more tenderly.

Hope:  Now wide awake and pushing Kent back from kissing her, Hope says a bit breathily, “I don’t think so ‘Mr. Romance’.  Just because you struck out downstairs tonight, doesn’t mean that you’re going to hit a home run up here with me.  I’m not a handy substitute just because you’re feeling frisky.”

Kent:  “Ooh, Hope, that’s a bit harsh.”    Kent laughs while kissing Hope’s neck.  “Hope, why haven’t you and I ever gotten together before?”  He asks while tenderly kissing her cheek.

Hope:  “Because Kent, I’m not your type.”  She looks at him a bit perturbed, nervous, thrilled, and excited all at once.  Of course dreamboat Kent looks very handsome—especially since he’s bare chested.  So, Hope is trying to sound logical and not get swept off her feet—even though she is lying down—since she is also still a little tipsy from the one glass of wine that she had earlier.

Kent:  “Who says?  I just always thought that you weren’t interested in me—other than as a friend and co-worker.”  He says smiling warmly at Hope while he gives her another gentle kiss on her lips.  And, of course, Kent also thinks that Hope’s ladylike persona puts her way out of his league.

Hope:  “Well then, as your friend Kent, I don’t want to take advantage of you.”  She says amusingly raising one eyebrow.  “You’re still a little drunk.  So, toddle on back to the couch like a good boy, Kent.”  She says squinting up at him nervously.

Kent:  “Nope Hope.”  He smiles emphasizing the ‘p’ sounds in those words.  “I’m only a little buzzed.”  He smiles at her seductively.  “And frankly, I’m quite enchanted by your charms tonight.”  Kent says in that deeply masculine velvety baritone voice of his as he gently moves his hand down Hope’s right side to her hips as he kisses her again—his hand framing her pleasing shape in his mind.

Hope:  Now feeling that Kent’s amorous attentions might get out of control, she says a bit worriedly—again pushing him back from laying over her,  “That’s nice of you to think so Kent.  But, I’m old fashioned and I’m not that kind of girl.”

Kent:  “What?  Never?”  Then he laughs, gently teasing her.  “What’s the matter?  Are you saving yourself for Mr. Right?”

Hope:  Hope turns onto her right side–now facing away from Kent–tearing up and she says a bit primly, “What’s wrong with that?”

Kent:  “Oh come on, Hope.”  He says cajolingly.  “You’re not telling me that you’re a virgin?  Surely someone’s gotten past your gateway of defenses by now.”   He says cheekily.

Hope:  “Okay Kent, you’ve had your fun at my expense.  So, please just leave me alone.”  She says pulling her arms in front of her chest and covering her cheeks with her hands as she tries not to let him see her cry.

Kent:  “Hope, you’re serious?”  Kent asks Hope softly but incredulously as he looks at her creamy bare back and her long silky hair while she is still facing away from him.  Then Kent asks Hope quietly.  “Hope, you’re a virgin?”

Hope:  Still with her back to him, she says after a long pause, “Kent, it’s not like being a virgin is a disease.  And it’s not like I haven’t had ‘suitors’.  It’s a choice that I’ve made.  I just thought that I would have fallen in love and gotten married by now.  But, it hasn’t happened.”   Hope tries to wipe the tears from her eyes without him seeing her do this.

Kent:  “Hope.”  Kent says tenderly, but she doesn’t turn back to look at him.  So, he gently wraps his arms around her and kisses her bare shoulder and then lays his head on hers—cheek to cheek.  “Hope, you’re a very attractive girl—beautiful, actually.   I can’t understand why no one  has snapped you up yet. … I guess old Bob isn’t the one either, huh?”

Hope:  A bit startled with Kent’s closeness–but also thrilled by it–she says, trying to sound nonchalant, “No.  He and I haven’t even kissed.  We just like palling around together.  And he’s very handy around the house.”

Kent:  Softly chuckling he says, “Well Hope, it sounds like your Mr. Right has to fill a tall order.  Wait to sleep with you and be able to fix up the house.”

Hope:  “Kent, I just want a love of a lifetime.”  She says looking back at him over her shoulder.  “And, I’m willing to wait for him.”

Kent:  Kent pauses–looking at Hope with new eyes–and then he says sincerely, “Well, good for you, Hope.  And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Hope:  “What?  No more teasing, Kent?”

Kent:  “No, Hope.   I just never met a girl–or a woman, in your case—who is a virgin.”  He says leaning back from Hope, a bit respectfully.  “Hhhh … I’m sorry about my wolf on the prowl antics tonight.”  He sighs feeling a bit chastened by Hope’s revelation of her virginity.  Kent also notices Hope’s lovely long silky hair and her creamy bare back again while she is still facing away from him.  “I guess, it’s always worked for me in the past.”  He says ruefully.

Hope:  “And a long series of meaningless sexual relationships is satisfying for you, Kent?”  Hope asks turning and laying on her back again looking up at him.

Kent:  “Ouch!  That one hurt. …  I guess you have been paying attention, Hope.”  He says sheepishly–and a bit embarrassedly, he realizes.

Hope:  “Hard to miss it, Kent.  You’re not subtle, nor discreet, you know.”  She says a bit accusatively.  Or is she feeling jealous?

Kent:  “Okay Hope, I deserved that one.”  He says nodding his head and rolling his eyes.  Then he continues, trying to explain himself, while absentmindedly running his finger down Hope’s left upper arm again—and Hope trembles with his touch. “Hhh … But Hope, I’ve been a sexual being all my life.  I like sex.  It’s a rush—like skiing.  … And, I’m good at both.”  He says raising his eyebrow mildly suggestively–but not leeringly–as he gently touches Hope’s left shoulder with the back of his finger.

Hope:  Hope’s face flushes at Kent’s tender touch.  Then looking at Kent knowingly, she says “I’m sure you are.  But, when I find my Mr. Right, we’ll make love–not just have sex.”   Hope says looking a bit wistfully–at Kent.

Kent:  “Hope,”  He says tenderly as he caresses her face.  “ … aren’t you setting yourself up for disappointment?  Sex–or lovemaking–isn’t all hearts and flowers all the time.  It’s two bodies and two people joining together in a joyful–and often a complicated–way.  And women’s bodies don’t respond 1, 2, 3 like’s men’s bodies do.  It sometimes takes creativity and inventiveness to satisfy a woman sexually—and that’s the really fun part.”  He says smiling broadly at Hope with a mischievously raised eyebrow.  “But a woman has to know what she wants if she is to guide her lover in how to give her pleasure.”  Kent says seductively as he gently kisses Hope’s bare shoulder again—this time while she faces him–and Hope trembles imperceptibly at his tender kiss and touch.

Hope:  “Kent, it almost sounds like you’ve made a study of your sexual escapades.”  Hope says raising her eyebrow and demurely holding the bed sheet over her nightgown over her breasts.  Kent notices Hope’s long tapered fingers on her small hands lying there as he gazes at her.

Kent:  Laughing softly he says seductively, “Well, I like to think that I’ve improved with age and experience.”  Kent is still lying on his right side, but with his head resting in his right hand and his bare chest facing Hope still lying on her back next to him.

Kent continues to absentmindedly but gently stroke Hope’s left shoulder and arm with the back of his fingers as they lie in bed together.  He smiles warmly at Hope and she smiles back at him.

To be continued with Chapter 5


(1)     The “Mr. Romance” story logo  image representing the character of Kent Barron, is an image of the character Lucas North (as brilliantly portrayed by Richard Armitage) in Spooks series 8, episode 2 (pix 94) found at  http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Spooks/spooks8/album/Episode2/slides/ep2_094.html ; and the red hearts are courtesy of MSWord Clip Art.

(2)      Image representing Hope is that of America Ferrera and found at http://gator226.hostgator.com/~nize4/danadmin/celebrities/america-ferrera/celebrity_picture/1792_3486.jpg

(3)     Image representing Kent is that of Richard Armitage portraying Lucas North in Spooks, series 3, episode  5 (pix 253 brightened) http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Spooks/spooks8/album/Episode5/slides/ep5_253.html

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  1. Kate Patrick says:

    THis is good. I’m with you. When can we expect Chapter 5? Please don’t wait too long!:)


    • Giggles, Kate,
      Thanks for your nice note. Chapter 5 will be posted on Friday. I will use my usual Mondays and Fridays story posting schedule.
      So, have a great week in the meantime. Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    I wonder how long she will resist to all his seductiveness… A very hard task.
    Kent reminded me of Cold Feet’s Lee, maybe with a bit more heart than that.


    • Good morning, Fabi,
      Kent is hard to resist. But then, would we really want to resist him? That’s a good comparison to Lee, though I’ve only seen a few clips and images from “Cold Feet”.

      And as I said for my post featuring RA’s character of Lee from “Cold Feet” today in RAFN on Facebook–it must have been subconscious on my part, Ha!–Richard Armitage is said to be a “method actor”, so one’s imagination takes hold with regard to RA’s finesse in portraying heartfelt lovers. Sighhhhhh! *swoon* *thud* Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. Addendum: I was being completely facetious regarding my comment about Mr. Armitage’s “method acting” and him being a “lothario” in real life. Nothing could be further from my mind. I think of Richard Armitage as a complete gentleman.

      I might wish to believe that Mr. Armitage’s tenderness in his roles as lovers is, perhaps, indicative of his own sensibilities with regard to personal relationships. Sighhhh! Though I do not know him nor should I speculate about that. My apologies. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.


      • Fabi says:

        OMG! Where’s my fan when I need it? LOL
        Well, it can’t be otherwise, I don’t think there aren’t enough red-blooded women in Britain to “overlook” such attractive man, with a fine physique AND brain AND personality.
        But RA doesn’t seem to be a womanizer to me. In fact no one will never know, so we think of him as we please.


        • Giggles Fabi,
          Richard Armitage is a lovely dream of a man. No, I don’t think he is a “womanizer”. And I should have labeled my comment above “facetious alert”, because I would be the last person to cast aspersions on the dear fellow. In my mind, RA is the ultimate gentleman.
          Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Ania says:

    Hi Grati,;
    I love it!!! I look forward to Friday’s chapter (or chapters? Please :) )
    BTW, I like Hope.


    • Hi Ania,
      Thanks for your kind note. I’m glad that you like my story, “Mr. Romance”. Friday will probably contain one chapter, but future installments might be more than one chapter at a time. I’m also glad that you like Hope–she’s a sweet girl, with spunk.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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