“Mr. Romance”, Ch. 5: Kent and Hope Dream of Love Friday Night (R), 3/02/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #142)


“Mr. Romance”, Ch. 5:  Kent and Hope Dream of Love Friday Night (R), 3/02/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #142)

An Original Fiction Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace  (all rights reserved)
[(1) “Mr. Romance” story logo, left]

Author’s Mature Content Note (R rating):  “Mr. Romance” is a love story–and love is passionate.   This chapter is a tenderly sensuous love scene.    However, if you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with this rating, then please don’t read this chapter.  That is my disclaimer.

Kent’s and Hope’s intimate conversation in her bed Friday night–after their nite caps and Kent impulsively joining the sleeping Hope her in her bed–about love and lovemaking has opened both of their eyes to the possibility of a relationship with each other as they gaze sweetly at each other.   Kent is respectful of Hope and her virginity–however much his body aches to join with hers.   Kent is always a considerate lover, but tonight he wants to let Hope guide him in how intimate she wants to be with him tonight–and in their future.  Kent realizes that though he has pushed Hope out of his mind romantically for the two years they have been friends and colleagues, he finds that he can no longer deny his feelings for the sweet and lovely Hope [(2) right].    And Hope is beginning to realize that she doesn’t want to ‘wait’ to see if her life will bring her a love of a lifetime–that maybe she needs to see that the love she has for Kent might be the beginning of her wish for a shared lifetime of love together.

Kent gently runs the back of his fingers down Hope’s soft and creamy left shoulder.  The two of them here together, now,  is a moment full of possibilities–for both of them.  Then their eyes lock together in a loving gaze and they each breathe more deeply.  Kent leans down and he kisses Hope sweetly on her soft lips.  Hope’s breathing quickens.  Kent kisses Hope tenderly again–and this time, she kisses him back a little.  Kent brushes the soft curls away from Hope’s face and he caresses her cheek while gazing into her eyes tenderly.  To Kent, Hope is a beautiful dream of loving sweetness  that he did not dare to wish for during the two years that they’ve known each other as colleagues and friends.  And until now, Hope had not revealed her true loving feelings for Kent.

Kent kisses Hope again and she kisses him back sweetly.  Hope’s kisses to Kent are tentative, yet eager–charming Kent completely with her shyness.  Hope wants to know more of Kent’s loving tenderness with her.  She has dreamed about him for so long, and now her dream of love is becoming real.     Kent is slow and hesitant in his romantic overtures to Hope, letting her guide him as to how intimate she wishes to be.  Kent’s kisses move down to Hope’s cheek and to her neck then back to her lips again.  Hope hands still hold the bed sheet tightly in front of her breasts under her nightgown—but she is not moving away from Kent, nor is she asking him to stop.

Kent:  Kent smiles, his eyes are moist with tender feelings for Hope and he says lovingly.  “You are so beautiful, Hope.”  Kent kisses Hope’s lips and then her neck again and she sighs and breathes deeply.

Hope:  “Huhh.”  Sighing.  “Kent I’m not sure that we …” Kent interrupts her by kissing her sweetly and tenderly on her lips.

Kent:  Then he says tenderly. “Hope Dear, we won’t do anything tonight that you don’t want to do.”  Of course, as an experienced and considerate lover, Kent is confident that Hope will want to be with him tonight as lovers—despite her being a virgin.  And Hope being a virgin gives Kent a little thrill.  And, unexpectedly for him, Kent [(3) right] feels a tenderness toward Hope that feels very sweetly poignant to him.  He realizes that he does not want to merely seduce her, but that she has seduced him–with her loving sweetness–into a new understanding of what it means to love.

Kent and Hope kiss each other tenderly and adoringly for several minutes more with Kent still leaning over Hope—but not laying on her.  Kent is waiting for Hope to let him know what she wants.  And then, she does.

Hope:  “But Kent, … I don’t know what to do.”  She says uncertainly looking up at Kent as the warmth from her wine earlier is still helping her to feel relaxed—and open to Kent’s romantic overtures.

Kent kisses Hope again and now he gently wraps his arms around her and he pulls her close to him so that she is lying on her left side facing him.  Under the bed sheets covering them, their legs are now intertwining with each other.  Kent kisses Hope on her lips as he gently caresses her bare back.  To Kent, she is ‘his’ Hope tonight. Hope still has her arms in front of her and her hands are laying on Kent’s bare chest as she responds lovingly and sweetly to Kent’s kisses.  Kent will use all of his romantic tenderness with Hope tonight—as her lover tonight–that is, if making love with each other is what Hope wishes thinks Kent.

Kent kisses Hope’s neck and shoulders and then his kisses gently journey down  to below her neck and above her breasts before moving back to her neck.   Kent is letting Hope decide if she wants him to continue as he makes each new kiss or caress of her body.  Hope kisses Kent on his lips, and then his cheek and then his forehead as he kisses her neck again.  Hope is lost within a whirl of emotions and sensations that she has never felt before.  Kent brings their intertwining bodies and legs even closer together—molding their bodies to each other with loving abandon as Kent caresses Hope’s bare back underneath where her nightgown dips down in back.   And now Hope can feel Kent’s growing ardor for her, pressing against her body—something she has also never felt before and she gasps.

Hope:  “Oh Kent.”   Now Hope’s arms go around Kent’s back to caress his strong shoulders and arms and she kisses him lovingly.   Hope has loved Kent from afar for so long, she had almost lost hope that he might ever think of her in a loving way.   Yet, here they are, loving each other, needing each other.  Hope wonders if it is wrong of her to want to make love with Kent–to give herself to him completely–because she wants him to love her tonight.   “Kent, I don’t know if we should be doing, … what we’re doing.”  She says hesitantly, wondering if the wine has impaired her judgment—or improved it.

Kent:  “Hope Darling, we’re making love with each other.”  He says tenderly and kisses her sweetly as he caresses her face and gazes deeply into her eyes.   Kent kisses Hope adoringly and she responds to him with adoring kisses of her own.  Then he kisses her softly and sweetly on her lips.  Kent realizes that he wants to be intimate with Hope–but only if that is what she truly wants also.  He respects her right to make the choice to become his lover tonight, or not.  Then Kent pulls back from kissing Hope and he asks her tenderly while caressing her sweet face. “Hope Darling, do you want me to stop?  I will, if you want me to.”

Hope doesn’t say yes and she doesn’t say no.  Hope just gazes at Kent sweetly, a bit uncertainly, and lovingly as she breathes deeply—with her small hands on either side of Kent’s face close to her face, caressing him.  Hope wants Kent as her lover tonight as she pulls his face toward hers and she kisses him [(4) right].  Kent has his answer.  Kent now kisses Hope passionately and adoringly while he tenderly caresses her everywhere—her womanly curves aching for his tender touch.  And, Hope responds to Kent’s kisses and caresses with loving eagerness.  For Hope wants Kent to ‘release’ her from her virginity, she wants to feel and know love with him.  Kent gently caresses Hope intimately for the first time and Hope gasps in unexpected pleasure.    Kent’s seductive kisses move down Hope’s neck to the top of her breasts as he kisses them through her soft nightgown while also still caressing her intimately.  Kent wants Hope’s first time making love to be a beautiful and joyful experience for her–and for him.

Kent is like a man on fire–wanting to fulfill Hope’s desires for love and tenderness, and his own.   Hope has never been touched so intimately, so tenderly, so lovingly like this by anyone before and she feels such pleasurable sensations that she did not know she could feel.   Hope’s desire for Kent as her lover tonight is almost complete as Kent pushes up her short nightgown over her hips and then he peels her panties over her hips and down and off of her legs as he kisses her thighs, and her womanly soft curvy hips and her abdomen—with Hope tremblingly lets him do this, running her fingers through his hair.  Kent’s desire for Hope is heightened by the sweet and loving way she is responding to his kisses and caresses.  Kent’s kisses move up Hope’s body and he slowly lowers the left shoulder of Hope’s nightgown—kissing her bare shoulder and arm and upper chest as they are revealed to him.  Then Kent slowly and longingly reveals Hope’s full round beautiful left breast to his gaze and to his touch and he kisses Hope’s beauty adoringly.  Then Kent lovingly kisses Hope on her lips again, and again, and again, and again as he caresses her lovingly—further exciting her with pleasures.

Hope:  “Hhhh!  Oh Kent.”  Hope responds to Kent completely and lovingly.

Hope welcomes feeling her skin against Kent’s skin–the warmth and strength of Kent’s muscular physique awes Hope.   Kent is an Adonis of male handsomeness and he wants Hope as his Venus of womanly beauty this night.   Hope also caresses Kent’s muscular chest and arms and then his hips.  Her hands linger around his hips, but they do not go lower.  Kent senses Hope’s hesitancy in her intimate touches of him.  So, Kent gently takes Hope’s hand and he slowly guides her to caress him intimately—at first tentatively, and then wondrously and lovingly.  And Kent moans in pleasure.

Kent:  “Ahhh!”

Kent’s desire for Hope is like nothing he has ever experienced before as he tenderly makes love with her.  Hope is Kent’s sweet angel whom he has admired from afar, not thinking that she might love him.  For, Hope is Kent’s  dream of love.  Hope’s desire for Kent seeks their love’s perfect fulfillment in their lovemaking as she pushes Kent’s briefs over and down his hips as she caresses his bare hips and backsides.   Then Kent rolls on his back and removes his briefs completely.  Kent and Hope are lovingly and wondrously naked with each other as they kiss and caress each other.

Kent knows that with this being Hope’s first time making love, he wants to make it less painful for her, if he can.  Happily, Kent has a condom with him on the nearby night stand that is very lubricated—although Kent knows that Hope’s sensual arousal is complete.  Kent rolls the condom on himself and he moves his now naked body to be on top of Hope—with his legs between her legs, supporting his weight.  Both Kent and Hope kiss each other adoringly and passionately as their bodies mold themselves to each other such that not even a whisper could pass between them.  Hope pulls Kent to her lovingly–she wants him to love her completely heart and mind and body and soul.

Kent:  Kent kisses Hope tenderly as he caresses her face.  Then he asks her one last time before he continues with his lovemaking.  “Oh my Darling Hope, you are so beautiful and sweet and kind and loving.  Are you sure Hope, Darling?  Do you want to make love with me?”

Hope:  “Yes Kent, I love you so.”  She says wrapping her arms around him and kissing him lovingly as she draws him to her.

Kent:  “And, I love you Hope.”  Kent lays fully on top of Hope and their bodies join together as they give in to their passions.

Hope:  Hope cries out with the initial brief physical pain of losing her virginity with Kent.  “Ahh!”  Tears of love and joy are streaming down Hope’s cheeks–and Kent softly kisses her tears away.

Kent:  “Oh Hope Darling, It should only hurt a little bit at first.”     Kent says tenderly as his body joins with Hope’s body in exquisite love and tenderness.  He slows his movements to see to her comfort and she nods that she is alright.   He gently kisses her lips and neck, then her lips again.   “But, you should also begin to feel pleasure as well.”  Kent kisses Hope’s lips and cheeks and eyes and lips again–as his own pleasures heighten.  “My Darling, let me know if you need me to stop at any time.”  Kent says caringly and tenderly as he gently and rhythmically guides Hope in their lover’s dance–again, and again, and again, and again as they kisses and caress each other adoringly.  Though, in truth, Kent is so swept up in loving Hope–in his lovemaking with Hope–that he doubts that he could stop.  “You are so beautiful, my Darling Hope.”  Kent has never felt more alive in making love than he does now with Hope—and he revels in these pleasurable sensations and emotions.

Again, and again, and again, and again Kent and Hope join their bodies together as they kiss and caress each other lovingly and adoringly.  Kent bends Hope’s legs up around him and she gasps at feeling even more pleasures.  Then, when Hope did not think that she could feel anything more wonderful than the pleasurable intimacies of their lovemaking, her body raptures joyfully with experiencing her first ecstasy and bliss.

Hope:  “Oh Kent, my love!”  Hope gasps in wonder of their lovemaking joy as her body trembles with pleasures unknown to her until Kent.

Then Kent also raptures in ecstasy—having delayed his final pleasure until he was sure of Hope’s pleasure.

Kent:  “Hope, my Darling!”  He says tenderly as he lays across her and kisses her sweetly–their bodies still rhythmically moving together in their lovers’ dance for some moments more.

Then Kent and Hope lay abed together kissing and cuddling for some time as they turn on their sides—their bodies still intertwined and joined together.  Kent feels a deep tenderness for Hope that he has not felt before with the other women he has slept with.  Perhaps, it is because Kent ‘made love’ with Hope, rather than just having sex with her.   Hope feels the joy of being made love to by her beloved Kent—something she has dreamed of, but she did not dare believe might ever happen.    Kent has never felt this joy, this tenderness before.  It is as if Hope has awakened in Kent a spark of heartfelt joy to truly love someone–to love ‘his’ Hope.

Then after some time passes of Kent and Hope kissing and cuddling together lovingly, Kent gets up from their bed and visits the bathroom.  Kent knowing that Hope was a virgin and she gave herself willingly to him–gave herself lovingly to him–makes Kent feel even more tenderly toward Hope.    Kent removes the condom and washes up.  Then he brings a towel back with him to the bed.  Kent extends his hand to Hope and she stands up from the bed, her nightgown’s skirt now falling about her hips and legs from where Kent had pushed it up.  Kent kisses Hope’s hand and then her lips as he caresses her face–while smiling lovingly at her, and she at him–and Hope goes into the bathroom.

Kent takes the towel and lays it over where Hope had lain and some of her virgin blood had been spilt.  Kent stands naked by their bedside, waiting for ‘his’ Hope to return to him.  Hope looks at herself in the bathroom mirror thinking, ‘I am a woman now’, a woman in love with the man of my dreams.   Hope returns to the bedroom and she gazes lovingly at Kent and he gazes lovingly at her.  When Hope reaches Kent, he wraps his arms around her and he kisses her lovingly and adoringly and she responds to his kisses.  Then, Kent slowly lifts Hope’s nightgown over her head and off of her body until she is beautifully naked with him.  Hope stands there shyly holding her arms in front of her full round breasts.  But, Kent kisses Hope so tenderly as he enfolds her in his loving embrace again, that Hope’s arms go around Kent to embrace him—forgetting to cover herself.

Hope and Kent kiss each other adoringly for several moments as their bodies mold themselves, one to the other again–such that not even a whisper could pass between them.  Then Kent lifts Hope up into his arms and carries her to their bed and he lays her down.  Kent slides into bed next to Hope and they tenderly kiss and cuddle with each other for some time until they fall asleep in each others’ loving arms until early morning.  Hope’s face lays nestled into Kent’s neck as his strong arms enfold her in his loving embrace.  Their loving dreams are of each other, and the lovely possibility of a shared future that awaits them.

To be continued with Chapter 6


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  1. April says:

    Gratiana, I just read this chapter…

    Wow, it’s very well written, it’s hot, tender, sweet, etc.

    Bravo. :-)


    • Hi April,
      Thanks for your very nice note. My goal was to write Hope and Kent’s love scene here in a tenderly sensuous way–honoring their awakened love for each other–and leaving something to the loving imaginations of my readers. I hope that I’ve succeeded.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. April says:

    I would like to read “Guy’s rose”, but it’s very unconfortable to read on PC.

    Is it possible for you to send me a PDF (or other like Word) version of your story ?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS : if it’s not possible, don’t worry, it’s ok. ;-)


    • Hi April,
      Thanks for your nice note. Apart from the shear size of my “Guy’s Rose” file–since it contains all of the graphics in it (slightly askew as I relabel the file on page 1 and that pushes the text downward)–I would rather only send the full text of my stories to a potential publisher. Thanks for understanding about that.

      However, there are two things you might do to make your reading “Guy’s Rose” easier for you visually–and I do both of these myself from time to time depending upon the font sizes I find on the web sites that I read: 1) go to your browser tools (top right hand corner of your browser screen maybe?) and increase the viewing sizing of your screen; or 2) copy the chapter you’re reading into an MSWord new document and zoom in on your viewing that way.

      Another thing you can do is to change the brightness setting on your computer display to either turn it up (increasing the contrast between the dark text and the background), or turn the setting lower (decreasing the contrast, and perhaps the glare from a bright screen.)

      One reason that I keep my blog here in a rather simple format of a white background with dark text is that I have a bit of difficulty visually reading the web sites with dark backgrounds and tiny white text due to a quirk of my eye sight. But, I still read them. Ha!

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting. I hope that you also enjoy reading “Guy’s Rose”, too. Cheers! Grati ;->


      • April says:

        No problem, I understand. ;-)

        Thanks for your advices. :-)

        Did you already send your stories to a publisher ? You have a talent in writing, it would be great if you were published !!! :-)


        • Hi April,
          I’m thinking about sending some of my stories to a publisher. I just have to figure out which publisher, which stories, logistics, etc. Ha!
          And thanks so much for your kind remarks about my writing. I enjoy storytelling.
          Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    You have a real talent to write love scenes which are steamy and sweet at the same time.
    This special chapter comes just in a Friday, it can be very inspiring… ;)


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thank you for your kind note. Love is passionate, heartfelt, and beautiful. And I’m a romantic at heart. So the lovemaking by my characters that I write is always about their love and tenderness for each other.
      Cheers! Grati


  4. fitzg says:

    You can’t go wrong with a muse like that! Writing is so satisfying, isn’t it? Keep on keeping on!


    • Hi Fitzg,
      Thanks for your nice note! The exquisitely talented Richard Armitage as my muse gives me daily inspiration for my writing. Sighhhhh! And the fact that Mr. Armitage has portrayed so many diverse characters and their varied lives means that I can usually find an image of him portraying the emotion that I wish to use to illustrate different points in my stories.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. Kate Patrick says:

    Great scene! When can we expect Chapter 6? Don’t make us wait too long!:)


    • Giggles, Kate.
      Thanks for your nice note. Monday is the next installment–we’re on the usual Mondays and Fridays story posting schedule.
      I have class on Saturday morning, then I’m prepping my and Fabi’s Fun Day Sunday Trivia Game post.
      Have a great weekend! Cheers! Grati ;->


  6. Ania says:

    I bow my head before your literary talent! What a sensual chapter. Oh, I really am intrigued by what happens next. Yes, I know I’ll have to wait until Monday :-)


    • Hi Ania,
      Giggles! Thanks for your very kind note. Hope and Kent are a very tender and loving couple–as we will see in future chapters. But they alsohave humorous moments as well. I like fun and flirty banter between my romantic couples, and this story has quite a bit of it.
      Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. Readers: The next installment of “Mr. Romance” is on Monday. However, don’t forget to check back here Sunday/tomorrow for a fun RA trivia game that Fabi and I are collaborating on together–she did the leg work on the Questions and answers and I’m providing the pictures and formatting, etc.


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  8. April says:

    Just one question : do you know why I received no e-mail notification for new comments for this post ? I have no problem for the notification for chapters 6-11.

    I think it must be a temporary “bug”. ;-)


    • Hi April,
      Hmmm. I think the email you might receive as a subscriber to my posts is different than a follow up comment email.

      I know when I comment on other people’s blogs I have to select whether or not I receive comments about my comments. So, I wonder if you have to do that here? Notice below the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” check box below.
      I hope this helps. Cheers! Grati ;->


  9. April says:

    Thanks Gratiana. I have checked the box, but I doesn’t receive notification via e-mail for this post Nr 142.

    But everything is ok for your other posts. ;-)


    • Hi April,
      I’m sorry that the comment reply notification isn’t working on this post for you. There must be a technical gremlin at work. But at least it is working for the other posts.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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