“Thorin the Orcrist Wielding Heir of Durin” (a song parody), 3/08/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #146)

Today is what I dubbed “Thorin Thursday” a while back–I like alliteration.  So, occasionally, I’ll post on a Thursday about some aspect of The Hobbit [(1) right] films–even though I’m trying to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday post schedule.  Since other bloggers have already fully weighed in about the the 6th  Hobbit production video, I’ll skip that and provide you with the silliness that popped into my head last night.  Hey, we have to fill up the time in the remaining 280 days until the December 14, 2012 “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” U.S. premiere somehow.  Right?   Ha!

Have you ever sung along with The  Hobbit Announcement Trailer’s “Misty Mountains Cold” song?  I know.   Me, too.   Actually, my alto blends quite nicely with Richard Armitage’s as Thorin’s velvety baritone.  Ha!    I have several lovely video versions of the song bookmarked in my right sidebar of Hobbit resources for you.

Well, to my playful sense of humor, The Hobbit tale is rife with karaoke and song parody possibilities.  And I thought, why not combine the two!?!

So, to add a little unplanned mirth to our Thorin Thursday today, I present to you a song lyrics parody that I wrote last night set to the song “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” [(2)] titled “Thorin the Orcrist Wielding Heir of Durin”.    My apologies to JRR Tolkien, Robert L. May, and Thorin Oakenshield [(3) right].  Ha!

As you listen to the music in the video below [(4) below], please read the parody song lyrics I wrote–that appear below the video and the composition picture of the Dwarfs–and sing along if you feel moved to do so.   Enjoy!


“Thorin, the Orcrist Weilding Heir of Durin” (a song parody by Gratiana Lovelace)

You know Ori, and Dori, and Nori, and Fili.
Bofur, and Bombur, and Dwalin and Kili.
And Oin, and Gloin, and Bifur, and Balin. 
(speed through this line)
But do you recall, the most famous Dwarf King of all?

Thorin the Orcrist wielding heir of Durin, had a very shiny sword. [(6) below]
And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glowed.
All of the other Dwarf men, used to laugh when filled with ale
They never let poor Thorin, forget that “Elven Glamour Model” tale.

Then one foggy Misty Mountains eve, Gandalf came to say.
Thorin with your sword so bright,
Won’t you lead your men to reclaim your gold tonight?

Then all the Dwarf men loved Thorin,
And they shouted out with glee.
Thorin the Orcrist wielding Dwarf King,
You’ll go down in history.

[repeat the lyrics above]

Chorus at the end:

Then one foggy Misty Mountains eve, Gandalf came to say.
Thorin with your sword so bright,
Won’t you lead your men to reclaim your gold tonight?

Then all the Dwarf men loved Thorin,
And they shouted out with glee.
Thorin the Orcrist wielding Dwarf King,
You’ll go down in history.



(1)    The Hobbit film logo graphic was originally found at RANet and used in an earlier post by me at https://gratianads90.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/whobbitthehobbitanunexpectedjourneyaug2411ranet.jpg

(2)    For more about the “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” song by Robert L. May, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolph_the_Red-Nosed_Reindeer

(3)    Richard Armitage smiling between scenes as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit screen cap courtesy of RANet was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Hobbit/6thProdVideo/album/slides/Video6-09.html

(4)    “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Song ( BEST VERSION)”, a video by tranceiton was found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIY6ZIfEsRo  This different version of the song video was replaced here on 12/25/12.

(5)    Composite of all twelve Dwarfs published at TORN (www.theonering.net ) and shared at RANet at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Hobbit/HobbitStills/album/slides/12-Dwarves-MockUp-TORn.html

(6)    Bccmee’s stunning wallpaper graphic of  Thorin Oakenshield (as portrayed by Richard Armitage), “My path is the  Sword Path”, July 19, 2011:   https://gratianads90.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/hobbitthorinswordpathjul1911bccmee2.jpg

(7)    “Elven Glamour Model” reference from  Empire article found at http://www.empireonline.com/features/hobbit-dwarves-guide/6.asp

(8)    Here is another version of The Hobbit Dwarfs composite just for fun courtesy of RANet at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Hobbit/HobbitStills/album/slides/13-Dwarves-Official-Image.html


About Gratiana Lovelace

Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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8 Responses to “Thorin the Orcrist Wielding Heir of Durin” (a song parody), 3/08/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #146)

  1. Carolyn says:

    LOL, I love it! I sang right along with it!


  2. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    Creativity of people has no limits. Hahaha!
    And Happy International Women’s Day to you and all readers!


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your nice note! I don’t know if I was being creative or too silly for words in writing this song parody. Ha!

      And thanks for reminding people that International Women’s Day is today March 8th. Every year, our local women’s organizations celebrate it with our annual International Women’s Day Breakfast. We have speakers from other countries or who are speaking about their experiences in other countries. It is a wonderful event!

      Here is the international organization’s link for others to learn more about IWD:

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. fitzg says:

    Absolutely love it – it is so apt! I do like your off-beat humour. It’s fun to laugh at RA characters and productions. Keeps us centred. :D We can even laugh at the nose, ears, big feet…whoops, I do like him!


    • Hi Fitzg,
      Thanks for your nice note! I’m glad that people can get into the spirit of frivolity and fun that I intend.
      And it collapses me into giggles that they made Richard Armitage’s glorious and noble proboscis larger and longer with a prothestic! Had the makeup people not seen his real nostrils flare with dramatic bravado before? Ha! And don’t get me started on Mr. Armitage’s ears. They are perfectly shaped and most caressable. Sighhhhh! His feet aren’t bad either. But I’ll leave the caressing of them to someone else. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->
      P.S. I’ll stop gushing now. Ha!


  4. Looks like all that Masters studying is being put to good use Grati! You sleighed me with that one. Very funny :D :D :D


    • Giggles Jeannie!
      I love your sleighed/slayed comment!
      And just to be accurate, I’m working on my doctorate. I won’t reveal how long ago I earned my masters–just to maintain my allure of mystery. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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