Prep for Fun Day Sunday (April 8th)–RA Mad Libs Returns! 4/05/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #162a)

Dear Friends,

I was thinking that I/we haven’t done an RA Mad Lib activity lately–not since January 29th!  So we’re due for one I think–and we will plan to do a Mad Lib on Fun Day Sunday, April 8th.    But it does require some input from you to me ahead of time.

Mad Libs are where we change the words in a story to humorous result–hopefully humorous enough to make even Monsieur Claude Monet laugh [(1) right].

RA Mad Libs game instructions are the following:

1)  I will choose a text/dialogue scene related to one of Richard Armitage’s artistic projects–but I won’t tell you what it is.  I am such a tease.  Ha!

2)  I ask you to provide me with word substitutions for that text by Saturday, April 7th at 2:00pm CST Illinois time in the U.S.–please give me one choice of each type of word listed below (examples in parentheses):

-a female person’s name (it can be a character.s name, or your own or someone else’s name)

-a place (Thames River, kitchen, etc.),

-a noun (tattoos and platypus were funny choices previously)

-a verb (to sing)

-adjective or adverb (blue, soft, tall, smoothly)

-a short phrase of RA dialogue (“My Dear Delight” from Venetia)

-song title (“Love is a Battlefield.” by Pat Benatar)

-movie title (“Persuasion”)

-one of Richard Armitage’s signature physical features (beard, long legs, deep voice, muscles, smirk, etc.)

For my international readers, Non-English words are fine–please tell me which language the words are from and then please give me the English translation to go with these words.

It is helpful if you can provide a full set of word replacements.  You may suggest up to two “sets” of word replacement responses as listed above by replying to this post.  Please send each word set in its own comment post by commenting here.  Or, if you wish to remain anonymous, you may privately message me your word replacement responses through the contact form on this blog.

And obviously, we are in a fun and friendly PG-13 frame of mind.  Darn it!  Ha!  Claude Monet looks like he is having way too much fun here with the first Madame Monet [(2) right].  Ha!

3)  I will make the word substitutions in the text in the order that you give me the word suggestions.  On Fun Day Sunday, I will post our RA Mad Lib results here on my blog as Post #162b.  I will show you both the original text and then provide the “changed” text for you to enjoy.  Then the merriment ensues.  Because the new words change the context and meaning of the text/dialogue–it usually gets quite humorous.

Here is an example of a previous RA Mad Lib that we did together:

I know this is the Easter holiday weekend and some people may be away and out of town.  So, we’ll see how many participants we get.  I usually need about 5 to 10 “sets” of words to replace in the text.  If we have more people playing than that, I will adjust from there–using only some of people’s words, so that everyone gets at least of few of their words included in the RA Mad Lib.

So, does this sound fun?   I hope so!  Let the games begin (Robin Hood, Series 3, episode 5)!   Ha!

Thanks and Cheers!   Grati  ;->

P.S.  And just for fun, here is a lovely video–Richard Armitage in “The Impressionists”- -set to the beautiful Chopin Nocturne and a video that I discovered just now.  And even better, the video was created by one of my RA friends–Tassuett [(3) below].  So, enjoy!


(1)     Image of Claude Monet (portrayed by Richard Armitage) in the 2006 production of “The Impressionists”, episode 1, pix 12 was found at

(2)     Image of Claude Monet (portrayed by Richard Armitage) in bed with Madame Camille Monet (portrayed by Isobel Pravda) was found at

(3)     Richard Armitage in “The Impressionists”, a video by Tassuett, song is Nocturne by Chopin and was found at

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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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13 Responses to Prep for Fun Day Sunday (April 8th)–RA Mad Libs Returns! 4/05/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #162a)

  1. bccmee says:

    female’s name: Xena: Warrior Princess

    place: Hobbiton

    noun: salmon

    verb: to blog

    adjective or adverb: hungry or hungrily

    dialogue: “The first of many!” (Heinz Kruger)

    song title: “Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?”

    movie title: Life is Beautiful

    physical feature: long toes


  2. Fabi says:

    Good idea, Grati! It’s Mad Lib time again.
    Here goes:
    – female name: Michelle
    – place: bathroom
    – noun: kilt
    – verb: to cuddle
    – adjective: piercing
    – short phrase of RA dialogue: “Your wish is my command.” (Harry Kennedy)
    – song title: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper
    – movie title: “Some Like It Hot”
    – RA’s physical feature: aristocratic nose


  3. Snicker's Mom says:

    -a female person’s name: Lily
    -a place: dumpster
    -a noun: mine shaft
    -a verb: to plant
    -adjective or adverb: old
    -a short phrase of RA dialogue: “The Fire was Red, it Flaming Spread” (Thorin Oakenshield)
    -song title: “The Heart of Life” by John Mayer
    -movie title: Ever After
    -physical features: long fingers


  4. Kitty says:

    female name – Ruby
    place – the swamp
    noun – hail
    verb – dial
    adverb – quietly
    RA dialogue – “I think blow my head off! Why not? Go for it!” (9/17/2010 interview Lorraine Show)
    song title – “Day Dreams About Night Things”
    movie title – “A Few Good Men”


  5. That´s a good idea, Grace!
    female name: Meg
    place: bathroom
    Noun: pants
    verb: to hug
    short sentence ” We´re wasting our time” – RH s2E10
    Song: Blue eyes ( Elton John)
    physical features: sculptural body
    movie:clash of titans


  6. Ania says:

    female name: Maria,
    place: garden,
    noun: shirt,
    verb: run away,
    adjective: comfortable,
    dialogue: “Woman, your willfulness will kill you” Sir Guy to Marian,
    song title: “ I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” by Aretha Franklin & George Michael,
    movie title “A Walk in the Clouds”,
    physical feature: long eyelashes


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