“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch. 35-38: The Honeymoon Continues, 4/09/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #163)

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch. 35-38:  The Honeymoon Continues, 4/09/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #163)

A Fan Fiction Adaptation Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;
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Author’s Story Recap from the previous posting:  John’s and Margaret’s wedding on Thursday, May 18th was a lovely small intimate affair of jus their closest family and friends.  Their honeymoon has only just begun as they blissfully shared their loving tenderness with each other for the first time.  Their passions are loving and desirous of each other–sweetly sensual and adoring.

Author’s Mature Content Note:   “N&S:   Nurturing Love” is a love story and chapters in this installment passionately portray John and Margaret’s loving tenderness toward each other on their honeymoon.  I have labeled these chapters with an R rating.   If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the rating that I provide, then please don’t read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.

 “N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch. 35:  Several Hours later on their Wedding Night in John’s and Margaret’s Bedroom (R rated)

Sometime later that same evening of their wedding night—since they had gone to bed so early, when it was still light out and it is dark outside now–only the glow from the fireplace embers and the solitary lamp on the mantel light the room.  Margaret awakens in John’s arms, lying on their sides, facing each other, embracing each other.   Margaret sees that John [(2) right] is still asleep and she softly kisses his lips—her husband’s lips.  She starts to move out of the bed gingerly so as not to awaken John as she gets up from the bed to visit the bathroom.  But they are still lying intertwined in their lover’s embrace and John stirs awake a bit as she moves–looking at Margaret with half opened but still sleepy eyes, he smiles lovingly at her.  Margaret sits up in bed—holding the sheet to cover her breasts demurely.  Then Margaret leans back toward John, kisses him, and she smiles sweetly.

Margaret:  “I’ll be back in a few minutes, John Dearest.”  John smiles at his beloved wife.

Margaret turns her body and dangles her legs over the side of their marriage bed–her feet not touching the ground because the bed is a little bit high off the floor for her.  John, now more awake, looks appreciatively at Margaret’s bare back and her bare hips underneath her long loosely curled hair.  John reaches out to touch Margaret and he runs the back of his fingers gently down the soft skin of her back, underneath her long hair.  Margaret arches her back and sighs with John’s gentle touch.  Margaret looks over her shoulder demurely and smiles as she covers her breasts with her arms—yet John still sees a hint of her breasts as she looks back at him lovingly and he returns her smile.

Stepping off the bed, Margaret puts on her pale pink satin robe as she modestly keeps her back to John.  Then sweeping her long hair from underneath the robe to outside it, she buttons her robe at her bosom.  Then Margaret reaches for her nightgown at the foot of their bed.  At first, John thinks that Margaret is going to take her nightgown with her into her dressing room and put it on again.  Then, she pauses by the chair and she neatly folds the nightgown down the middle and lays it on the chair.  John smiles at Margaret and she smiles back at him—each knowing that when she returns to their bed, they will lie naked in each others’ arms again.  Margaret walks gracefully to her dressing room and then to the bathroom.  For his part, John also gets out of bed, puts on his robe and adds some more wood to the fire to get it going again since the room has turned chilly.  When John hears Margaret return to her dressing room, he walks into the hallway and then into the bathroom himself, then he quickly returns to their bedroom and bed—after removing his robe again.

While in her dressing room, Margaret takes care to hang up her lovely wedding gown that lies across two chairs.  She tingles in remembrance of how her lovely gown came to be in such a state–when she and John were in her dressing room together earlier this night.  She smiles to herself and places her hands on her cheeks–she is a wife now, in all that that word means.  And Margaret feels loved and cherished. Lying in their bed, John waits for his beloved Margaret to return to him.  It is just now dark outside since they had only slept for a few hours.  John runs his hand over the pillow where his beloved wife Margaret laid her head to sleep after their lovemaking.  He closes his eyes with the memory of their bliss–a joy so profound that he could never have imagined his life filled with such happiness until she came into his life–to be a husband in all that that word means.

Margaret walks out of her dressing room still in her pink satin robe and walks toward their bed.  Margaret sees and feels her husband John’s eyes gazing at her.  She knows that her silken covering cannot hide from him the memory of their shared loving tenderness together earlier.  And she realizes that his desire is also her desire.

John:  He says lovingly, adoringly, and lustfully with his deeply timberous velvety baritone voice.  “Come back to bed my Darling Margaret.”

John peels back the sheets on Margaret’s side of the bed.  Margaret sees that John has placed a fresh towel on the sheets from where she lay before—since his taking of her maidenhead spilt some blood on the other towel that he had placed there earlier.  Margaret smiles and blushes at John, then she happily does as her husband bids her.  At their bed side, Margaret turns around so that her back is modestly facing John before she disrobes to her bare skin—laying her pink silk robe on the chair with her nightgown–and then she slides back into bed naked beside her husband under the covers.

Margaret:  Turning to lie on her right side facing John who is lying on his left side facing her–with her arm still shyly covering her breasts–Margaret caresses his face with her left hand and she gazes at him lovingly saying.  “I love you my husband.”

John:  John kisses Margaret sweetly on her lips and says lovingly to her.  “I love you my wife.”

John and Margaret cuddle and kiss for some time, wonderingly exploring each other’s bodies with gentle kisses and caresses and embraces.  They are husband and wife together–they have no secrets from each other, no prohibitions against their loving intimacies.  As their lovemaking becomes passionate again, they make love with each other a second time before midnight.  Hovering over her, John guides Margaret to bend her legs up toward her waist–tilting her abdomen as they join their bodies as one again.  Margaret gasps with the pleasures that she feels now that the initial pain of their first coupling has subsided.   John and Margaret share their loving passions with each other again until they are joined together once more in blissful rapturous fulfillment from their lovemaking.  Then, as before, spent from their lovemaking, they drift off to sleep in each others’ loving arms.

To be continued with Chapter 36

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  36:  Very early Friday morning in John’s and Margaret’s bedroom (R rated)

Dawn streams soft early morning light through some of the half opened lushly draped windows of John’s and Margaret’s bedroom.  The birds are chirping and life is stirring outside.  John and Margaret are also starting to awaken in each others’ arms.  The fireplace embers have long since gone out from their second lighting, but the room is not too chilly.  Yet, John and Margaret cling to each other tenderly under the covers in their lovers’ embrace.  This time, it is John who awakens more fully first.  He kisses Margaret on her forehead while she is still sleeping.  To John, Margaret is his perfect beautiful angel lying in his arms in their bed.  He arises to light the fireplace fire once more.  He then dashes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, shaves, and such.  John has a stubbly beard in the early morning and he would not risk scratching his lovely Margaret’s tender skin when he kisses her this morn.  And he does intend to kiss his precious lovely bride.

Then John returns to their bedroom and his place in bed beside his Margaret–enfolding her in his loving embrace once more.  When John gets back into bed, this movement rouses Margaret to awaken more fully.  Her sleepy eyes flutter open with eyelashes so long, John muses that only his angel Margaret is so blessed with this beauty.

Margaret:  “Good morning John Dearest, my husband.”   She kisses John’s chest where her head rests.  John, in turn, kisses Margaret’s forehead again.  Then glancing around the room, she notices the early dawn light and says  “I guess that it’s still very early?  Oh, I see you’ve gotten the fire going again.  That will be nice and cozy.”  Her face pinkens, thinking about their cozy tender embracing just now.

John:  “Yes Margaret Darling.  Good morning my wife.”  John smiles lovingly at Margaret and squeezes her gently in his embrace with a soft kiss on her luscious lips.

Margaret:  Then wanting to freshen up herself, she says  “John Dearest, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in a few moments.”

She sits up and alights from the bed in one movement, still with her back modestly to John, and she picks up her pale pink satin robe and puts it on.  John lays back in the bed and dozes while she is gone for a few minutes.  In the bathroom, Margaret, splashes water on her face, brushes her teeth and such.  She looks at her face in the mirror and wonders, does she ‘look married’?  … Can anyone ‘tell’ she wonders as she smiles and remembers their beautiful and loving wedding night?  Margaret returns to their bedroom and disrobes—still with her back to John out of modesty–and she gets back into bed naked in her place beside John’s naked body.  He pulls her close to him again for an early morning cuddle and asks with loving consideration.

John:  “How do you feel this morning, my Darling, my love?”   John tenderly gazes [(3) right] at his wife, his love, his Margaret.

Margaret:  “I feel, … I feel more in love with you than ever, John Dearest.”   John and Margaret kiss sweetly as they lay with their naked bodies intertwined facing each other.  Then she asks him tentatively and shyly, blushing  “Do … do I … look different?”

John:    John realizes that Margaret wonders if their new status as lovers shows on her face and in her carriage.  “Margaret, Darling, you look even more beautiful to me this morning.”   Coloring himself, wondering if he also looks different–now that he is a husband–he asks her.   “And how do I look?”

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest, you are the handsomest of men to me.”   They passionately kiss and embrace.  “But you always look so regal, and handsome, and confident … never more so than this morning.”   He smiles lovingly at her.

John:  “Margaret Darling, I think what you are asking is will people be able to tell that we are … newlyweds?”

Margaret:  Margaret, smiles sheepishly and blushingly and nods her head.  “Yes … That is what I am wondering, John Dearest.”

Margaret worries that the intimacies they shared last evening in private as husband and wife might somehow compromise her wish to appear ladylike, because she is a lady.

John:  “Well, my love, if newlyweds are described as gazing at each other adoringly, being most considerate of the other person’s feelings and wishes, and wanting to be in close proximity with one another and holding hands in public … then I’m certain that we will appear no different than any other newlywed couple.”   John smiles broadly at Margaret.

Margaret:  “Hmmm.”  Margaret seems satisfied with John’s answer and nods her head.  Then John continues in a husbandly, intimate way.

John:  “Margaret Darling.  As newlyweds, as husband and wife, we are entitled to our private loving intimate moments together and you need not feel under a spotlight when we are around company.  Every married couple makes love—otherwise, there would be no people on the Earth.”  They smile at each other and laugh a little.   “But be assured, that the loving intimacies that we share in private will be kept private—known only to ourselves.  I will not be divulging our private moments with others—and, I’m sure, that you won’t be either.  These moments of loving intimacy are just for us, My Darling.”  John kisses her lips softly, wanting to show his wife that she is his lady–in all that that word means.

Margaret:  “Thank you John Dearest.  I hadn’t quite thought it through yet.  Part of me being young, I guess.  So you’ll have to pardon some of my questions.”  She winces sheepishly.

John:  “Not at all, Margaret Darling.”  John doesn’t want Margaret to feel that just because he’s older, he will always expect her to look up to him for answers.  John knows that as Margaret grows in confidence and maturity, she will also learn to find the answers for herself.  “We should both feel comfortable to ask each other questions, and share our thoughts with each other.  We can be good counsel for one another—as well as a loving husband and wife.”

Margaret:  “Yes, John Dearest.  I am your loving wife.”

Margaret cuddles even closer to John and she kisses him.  Margaret realizes that she wants to make love with John again, but that she is not sure how to ask him–nor if he wants to make love again, so soon.   Her hands caress his back and hips as she kisses him adoringly.  But, lovers seem to know their love’s desires and John responds and he kisses and caresses Margaret even more passionately.  However, John also wonders that even if he is a newlywed, will his body be able to respond to Margaret’s body a third time in only 12 hours.  But, soon his question is answered as Margaret shyly, tentatively, and lovingly intertwines her legs and body with his.

John:  John says sighing deeply.  “Hmmm!  And Margaret Darling, I am your loving husband.”

John and Margaret kiss and caress each other passionately again and again for some time.  Margaret gasps in pleasure and in anticipation of what will happen next.  And then?  They make passionate love again. This time Margaret eagerly responds to John’s lovemaking.  Their bodies intertwine lovingly and passionately with each other as John and Margaret move their bodies in perfect harmony with one another as their lovemaking pleasures culminate in rapturous fulfillment and ecstasy for each of them.

Afterward, they cuddle close, but they do not fall asleep has they had before.  They are wide awake, enjoying these private moments together.  With each lovemaking tryst, John thinks that Margaret seems less shy with their intimacies—and John feels, she is lovingly eager for them.  For his part, John feels waves of tenderness and love for Margaret—such depths of emotion he never knew that he could feel.  John believes that he has only fully become a man with his wife.  And Margaret relishes her new found womanhood with her husband.  After a little while, John realizes that the time is getting close to 7:00am and they have servants coming to the house at 8:30am.

John:  “Well Margaret Darling, we have a few servants coming in an hour or so to help us pack and get ready for our trip to Scotland.  So, much as you know I would love to spend the day with you in bed …”  John embraces Margaret and kisses her forehead–she blushes, and he colors.  “… I think that we have to get on with our day as planned.”  They both give a little laugh.

Margaret:  “You are right.  If we are to appear as ‘regular’ newlyweds, then we should at least … get dressed.”  They both laugh.

John:  “That’s right.”  He smiles broadly at her.  “Besides, not having had dinner last evening, I’m famished!”

Margaret:  “Well, I guess I will have to put my culinary skills to the test and make us a honeymoon breakfast.”  Margaret smiles gleefully.

John and Margaret kiss and cuddle with each other for a few more precious moments–reveling in their closeness.  Then they each rise from their bed, put on their robes, and head to their dressing rooms to get ready for their day.  Margaret reminds John that she will need his help in lacing up her corset once she gets to that point in her dressing–and John helps her with that task willingly.  In the future, she will probably have her maid help her with that, so he relishes being able to do this for her now.

To be continued with Chapter 37

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  37:  John’s and Margaret’s Friday morning Wedding Trip Preparations

After dressing, Margaret goes downstairs to their kitchen and starts the coffee on the stove and makes toast and eggs and bacon for she and John to eat before their wedding trip journey.  Around 8:00am, John comes in and helps her set the table in their breakfast nook nearby.  They enjoy a quiet breakfast alone, holding hands, and gazing lovingly at each other—remembering last night and this morning as newlyweds with small knowing smiles for each other.  Then, a knock at the kitchen door from the back yard breaks their reverie.  It is Thompson, the caretaker, who has come to see if they needed anything and help them with packing.

Thompson:  “Well sir and Miss …  I mean Madam.”    A slight slip by the servant–given Margaret’s new status as a wife.  “You’ve already eaten.  I’m sorry that I wasn’t here to help you earlier.”  Thompson is worried that she might have missed her time.

John:  “No, no, Thompson, not at all.  You weren’t expected until 8:30am.  And, we were up early, so we just decided to fend for ourselves.”  He says cordially to set the servant’s mind at ease.

Thompson:  “And, it looks like Madam did a right fine job of it.”  She nods her head approvingly.

John:  “Yes, very tasty.”  John kisses Margaret’s hand.  Margaret wonders if John is referring to their breakfast or their kisses last night and this morning and she blushes.

Thompson:  “Madam, I trust that you approve of the house and its improvements so far—the painting and all.”

Margaret:  “Oh yes, Thompson.  I think that the house is lovely.  We just need to add some wallpaper and a few furnishings to make it cozy.”

Thompson:  “Yes, Madam.  Your paint colors were very well chosen, if I may say.  So, I’m looking forward to seeing your final decorating results.”

John:  “Well, we’re going on our honeymoon in Scotland, and there will be some furniture craftsmen there that we can take a look at.”
Thompson frowns, making John and Margaret think that Thompson thought that the local craftsmen should be good enough.

Margaret:  Margaret [(4) right] interjects, with John nodding his approval.  “Although, you know, we’re glad that Milton has so many wonderful craftsmen around here that we can use as well.”

Thompson:  Smiling now at Madam’s compliment and clearly proud of her community.  “Yes Madam and Sir,  your right.  Milton does have many wonderful craftsmen.  Well, I’ll be letting you finish your breakfast, then I’ll clean up for you.  Madam, just let me know when you want some help with the packing up stairs.”

Margaret:  “Yes, thank you Thompson.”

John:  “Margaret, Darling.  I have to stop over at the Mill for a few moments this morning.  So, I’ll leave you now and see you in about an hour.”  Although he does plan to stop in at his office, he doesn’t plan to stop by to see his mother yet.  “I’ll arrange for the carriage to pick us up to take us to the station.  Then we can say goodbye to our parents and be on our way to Scotland.”

Margaret:  “Yes John Dearest.  I will see you in a little while.”  She smiles sweetly at him.

Margaret walks John to their home’s front door and she sweetly kisses him goodbye—as his wife—for the first time.  He smiles at her and then also kisses her hand before walking toward the mill and then waving back at her before he crosses over the hill.  John’s mentioning seeing their parents today makes Margaret blush because she is now a wife—in every way that word means—and they will know it.  But she has to face them sometime, so it might as well be today.  Besides, Margaret especially wants to see her Mother before she leaves on her honeymoon.  Even though she and John will only be out of town a few days, her mother’s frail health is of great concern to Margaret.


Margaret goes up to their bedroom to tidy it before she asks Thompson up.  Margaret makes the bed and tidies her dressing room.  Margaret was so entranced with her and John’s wedding night and morning lovemaking, that she had completely forgotten to hang up her nightgown and robe, and she does so now.  Margaret also looks at the large suitcase that John has left for her to put her clothes in for their trip—he had already packed his things before the wedding in another suitcase.  Margaret now calls down to Thompson to come upstairs and help her.

Margaret:  Leaning over the second floor banister, Margaret says in a loud but ladylike voice.  “Thompson, I could use your help now.”

Thompson:  Thompson instantly appears, having been waiting for her new mistress’ call.   “Yes Madam.  I’ll be right there.”  And she quickly hurries up the stairs.

Margaret:  “Might you tend to the bathroom, and then come in to see me in the bedroom about the packing?”

Thompson:  “Oh yes madam, I’ll get right on that.” And she does, completing her task of emptying the commode in 10 minutes and she is back to help Madam with her packing.

Margaret:  “Thank you Thompson, that was fast.  So, we need to think of this packing to include the essentials for my toilette, …” By which she means her personal care items.  “… as well, as a few change of clothes, with one dinner dress.  We plan to do some site seeing during the day—so I’ll need a durable day dress, plus one nicer tea party dress.  And we probably won’t be in company too much for dinner in the evenings—so one evening dress should serve for both nights.  Mr. Thornton and I plan to travel to Scotland later this morning and then return Sunday afternoon.”

Thompson:  “Well Madam.  You seemed to have it all planned out.”   Then laughing she says.   “Ha!  Now we just need to make it fit into your trunk.”

Margaret:  Margaret laughs also.   “Ha!  Well.  If I need to overflow a bit, I still have my other smaller suitcase that I may also bring with me.”

And, as it turns out, that is what Margaret ends up doing—with women’s clothing, skirts especially, taking up much more room than men’s clothing, she needs the extra space.


John walks back to his new home from the mill around 10:00am as originally planned–after talking with his overseer about handling the rest of the day’s work.  John sees Margaret waiting at their open front door for him and he smiles broadly and waves at her.  Margaret also smiles broadly and waves back at him.  When John reaches their front door, he steps inside, closes the door—then seeing that they are alone, John kisses Margaret in a quick embrace.

John:  “I’ve missed you Margaret Darling.”

Margaret:  “I’ve missed you, too, John Dearest.”   And they embrace and kiss again sweetly.

John:  “How did your packing go this morning?  All done?”

Margaret:  Then smiling sheepishly.   “Yes … but I had to spill over into my small suitcase as well.”

John:  John rolls his eyes at her teasingly then says as he pulls her close to him again and embraces her.   “Well, I guess I’ll have to just get used to that.”

Margaret:  “Yes, you will.”   She says teasingly back to him as she kisses him.

John:  “Well, Mother is scheduled to arrive here soon with the large carriage to take us to the station—picking up your parents along the way—so we better make our final preparations for leave taking.  I’ll bring the large suitcase down.  I see that Thompson brought the other two suitcases.”  Then in a concerned tone he asks.  “I hope it wasn’t you who carried them down.”

Margaret:  She smiles at his concern for her and says quickly.   “No, no.  It was Thompson.  I just have to go upstairs and fetch my reticule and jacket.  John Dearest, how long will it take for us to reach Scotland by train?”

John:  “With the train leaving at 11:00am, Margaret Darling, we should arrive by about 1:00pm.  Once we reach our destination, we can have luncheon there.”

Margaret:  “That sounds wonderful.”

John:  “Now, I wonder what we can do with ourselves for two hours on the train?”   He smiles at her warmly and gives her a little kiss.

Margaret:  Blushing again.  “Well, not that.”   Knowing what John was teasingly saying, even though she knew that he wasn’t actually suggesting it.   “We’ll just have to talk, and kiss a little of course—since we are a newlywed couple.”

They both laugh knowingly.  John and Margaret head up stairs to collect their final items for their journey, and such, then wait downstairs for John’s mother to arrive with the carriage.

To be continued with Chapter 38

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  38:  John and Margaret head to the Train Station and Begin their Honeymoon Journey

It isn’t long until Mrs. Thornton arrives at Rose Cottage to collect the newlyweds, and she waits in the carriage.  Margaret thinks that this will be their first real test of their ‘newlywed status’–greeting John’s mother.  John helps Margaret into the carriage and she sits opposite Mrs. Thornton.  The two Mrs. Thornton’s smile and nod at each other.  John and the carriage driver load the suitcases, and then John steps into the carriage and sits down beside his wife, Margaret, and he puts his arms around her shoulders and back lovingly.  After a slightly awkward silence as the carriage starts to head to town, Mrs. Thornton, characteristically breaks the ice.

Mrs. Thornton:  “Well my dears, yours was a lovely wedding yesterday.”

John:  Smiling.  “Yes, Mother.”  Then gazing lovingly at his wife, he says.  “Margaret was a beautiful bride.”

Margaret:  Looking lovingly back at John, Margaret says.  “And John was a handsome groom.”   John’s right arm is around Margaret and he lifts her left hand to his lips with his left hand and he kisses her hand.  Then Margaret’s left hand moves up to caress John’s left cheek.

Mrs. Thornton:  Mother Thornton sees the tender way that John and Margaret act with one another and she is secretly pleased that her only son has found happiness at last.   “I expect you’ll be looking forward to your honeymoon in Scotland?”

Of course, John and Margaret have already begun their honeymoon last evening—and that continued into this morning– but they don’t want to correct her to keep their privacy.  So, they just agree with her.

John:  “Yes, Mother. There are some fine furniture craftsmen Margaret and I want to see there, as well as the countryside.”

Margaret:  “Yes, Mrs. Thornton.”   Margaret feels a little awkward still calling her that—especially since she iss now herself, Mrs. Thornton, too.  But her mother-in-law has not suggested Margaret call her anything else yet.    “I’ve never been to Scotland before.  I hear that it’s beautiful.  But, we only have a little over two days there so we’ll have to choose our site seeing and furniture hunting trips carefully.”

Mrs. Thornton:  Sensing Margaret wish to address her more familiarly since Margaret is now her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Thornton suggests to Margaret.   “Margaret, my dear, considering you are now also Mrs. Thornton, why don’t we keep confusion to a minimum—especially for the servants?  Perhaps, you could address me as Mother Thornton?  Would that suit you?”

Margaret:  John beams at both of them.  “Oh, Yes Mrs … Mother Thornton.  I would like that very much.”

Mrs.  Thornton:  “Well, that’s settled then.”  She says matter of factly just as they pull up to the Hale’s home.


When the Thornton carriage pulls up to the Hale’s home, they need to see if the Hale’s are ready to go to the station to see John and Margaret off on their honeymoon.

John:  “Margaret, Mother, I will see if they’re ready to join us.”   Knocking at the front door, John is greeted by Mr. Hale.

Mr. Hale:  “Maria, Mrs. Hale, feels too tired to join everyone at the station—all the wedding fun has tired her out.  Then calling out to Margaret, he says.  “But Margaret, my dear, your mother wonders if you might pop upstairs to her bedroom to say good bye to her before we leave for the station.”

Margaret:  A little concerned for her mother, Margaret leaps out of the carriage.  “Of course, Father.  John, Dearest, I’ll be right back.”


Margaret:  “Mother.”  Margaret calls out as she quickens her pace upstairs to her mother’s room.  Mrs. Hale is still in bed.

Mrs. Hale:  “Oh, Margaret Dear.”  She says weakly.  “Thank you for coming all this way.  I’m sorry that I can’t join you at the station—too much merry making yesterday, I suspect.  You were a lovely bride dear.  Was it everything that you hoped for”   Margaret wonders if her mother was only talking about the wedding ceremony and reception or also her wedding night.  But, Margaret can’t think that her mother would ask her that question so directly.  Still, Margaret blushes having thought of it herself.

Margaret:  “Yes, Mother dear.  Everything was wonderful.”   Then she changes the subject because she is worried for her mother’s health.   “John and I are getting ready to head to the station for Scotland.  Are you sure that you’ll be alright?  I wouldn’t want to go if I thought that … you might need me.”

Mrs. Hale:  “Oh Margaret Dear.  I’ll be fine.  And, your father and Dixon are here to keep me on my toes.”  She motions to Dixon who is now standing at the door.

Dixon:  “Yes Miss … I mean, Madam.”  Dixon remembered Margaret’s change in status, since she was now Mrs. Thornton.

Margaret:  Catching Dixon’s ‘error’ she says smiling.  “That’s alright Dixon.  You’ve known me all my life.”   Then turning back to her mother.   “Well, Mother, if you’re sure you’ll be alright.”

Mrs. Hale:  “Yes Margaret Dear.  You go and enjoy your Honeymoon in Scotland.”   Margaret embraces her mother, gives her a kiss, waves good bye and then heads downstairs and out the door to the waiting carriage.


Mr. Hale:   Upon seeing Margaret emerge after 5 minutes he asks.   “Is everything alright my dear?”

Margaret:  “Yes Father.  I just wanted to make sure Mother was fine.”   Then turning to her husband as he helps her into the carriage.  “I’m sorry John, Dearest.  Did I take too long?”

John:  “No Margaret Darling, I’m glad that she’s alright.  But we do need to get to the station before the train leaves.”  He smiles impishly at her.  “So, we can’t afford to make any more stops.”   John is ever the practical husband Margaret thinks smilingly to herself.

Mrs. Thornton:  “Yes, driver, to the station.”


Mr. Hale and the Thornton’s–because Margaret is a Thornton now, too–ride comfortably and amiably to the train station to see John and Margaret off to Scotland.  After their luggage is loaded into their private first class train compartment, John and Margaret say their final goodbyes to Mother Thornton and Mr. Hale before settling into their compartment as the train pulls away from the station.  John has removed his coat and cravat to relieve himself of their stricture during their journey of several hours.  Margaret wears her traveling frock.

John:  “Are you comfortable Margaret Darling?”  John and Margaret [(5) right] smile lovingly at each other as they sit next to each other on the same cushioned bench in their first class private train compartment–the soot of the city giving way to the greenery of the countryside.

Margaret:  “Yes, I’m fine John Dearest.  I’m still just a little concerned about Mother.  But, she wishes us well and hopes that we enjoy our honeymoon in Scotland.”   John smiles.  “She said that ours was a lovely wedding and it was.”  She leans back into his right shoulder and they intertwine the fingers of her right hand and his left hand as they continue to talk.

John:  “Margaret Darling, I did give your father the name of the hotel we will be staying at … in case your parents … want to reach us.”  John doesn’t want to worry Margaret further, by saying if her Mother’s health takes a turn for the worse.

Margaret:  “Oh, thank you John Dearest.  That does set my mind at ease.”

John:  “I’m glad.”   He gives her a hug and tenderly kisses her lips [(6) right].  “Would you like to know our general itinerary while we’re in Scotland?”   He looks at her lovingly.  “But of course, we can change any part of it we wish.”   He says, wanting to include her input on their activities—part of the give and take that he is learning to appreciate as part of married life.  “Nothing is set in stone.” He squeezes her hand gently.

Margaret:   “Yes, John Dearest.  Thank you for all of your planning efforts.  I’m sure it will be wonderful.”   She squeezes his hand back.   “So, please fill me in on the details.”

John:  “Well …”  John proceeds to tell Margaret of the sites and craftsmen they’ll visit in Scotland.  However, he saves a special detail to tell her once they arrive in Scotland.

To be continued with Chapter 39



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