“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch. 39-43: A Honeymoon Trip to Scotland, 4/13/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post#165)

 “N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  39-43:  A Honeymoon Trip to Scotland,   4/13/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post#165)

A Fan Fiction Adaptation Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;
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Author’s Story Recap from the previous posting:  John’s and Margaret’s tender wedding night Thursday continued with blissful lovemaking early Friday morning.  After taking the train to their honeymoon trip destination in Scotland, John and Margaret settle in for a loving honeymoon weekend.

Author’s Mature Content Note:   “N&S:   Nurturing Love” is a love story and chapters in this installment passionately portray John and Margaret’s loving tenderness toward each other on their honeymoon.  I have labeled these chapters with an R rating.   If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the rating that I provide, then please don’t read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.



“N&S:  Nurturing Love”, Ch. 39:  Friday Afternoon St. Andrews, Scotland, the Excelsior Hotel, The Honeymoon Suite

John and Margaret’s two hour train ride goes quickly and they arrive in St. Andrews, Scotland.  Margaret did not know where in Scotland they were headed to, she only cares that she is with her husband, John.  After arranging for a carriage to take them to their hotel, John checks them in—being sure to produce their wedding certificate when asked—and he and Margaret settle in to their hotel suite at the elegant Excelsior Hotel.  Their suite is sumptuously decorated by anyone’s standards–but also very cozy for the newlyweds.

John:  Kissing her hand, John asks his lovely bride.  “Margaret Darling, how do you like our suite?  We have a sitting room, bedroom and bathroom—all to ourselves.”

Margaret:  “Oh John.  This is wonderful!”  John beams as he basks in her approval for his choice.  “One doesn’t expect all the comforts of home when one travels, but this will be very comfortable.”

John:  “And, private.”  He says lovingly as he draws her into his loose embrace.   “We needn’t worry about sharing any rooms with others for the three days that we’ll be here.”  They kiss each other sweetly.  Then part while Margaret removes her hat.  She rubs her forehead and John notices her seeming fatigue and asks her.   “Are you tired from the journey, my Darling?  Would you like to rest a bit?”

Margaret:  “Well it has been a busy two days.”  Then she blushes realizing that those two days also included their honeymoon lovemaking last night and this morning.  John also colors and pulls her close to him again and kisses her tenderly.

John:  “Margaret Darling, …”  He says as he kisses her neck.   “… I have one more special surprise for you.”

Margaret:   Margaret leans in to John’s kisses and his strength.  “Oh, John Dearest, everything has been so special already.  What more could there be?”

John:  “Well, my love, I have arranged for us to attend a popular theatrical comedy play on Saturday evening—if you would like to.”  His eyes sparkle as he smiles broadly to her about his surprise.

Margaret:  “Oh yes, John Dearest.  That sounds so wonderfully thoughtful of you.  I’ve never been to a theatrical play before.  Will my blue evening gown that I brought with me be suitably grand?”

John:  “Yes, Margaret Darling, you will look lovely.  And we will have our own box to sit in.”  Then changing the subject he says.  “Now, I thought that we could go down to the hotel dining room for a bite of lunch—they have a lovely buffet here, I’m told.  Then, we can either go window shopping walking in the nearby streets, or visit one of the furniture makers we’re interested in talking to.  What is your pleasure?”   He kisses her hand, thinking their pleasure will have to wait until this evening again.

Margaret:  Margaret blushes at her husband’s turn of phrase, using the word ‘pleasure’—exactly the response John hoped that he would elicit from his wife.   “I’m sure that we could window shop on the way to one of the furniture makers, if they’re nearby.”

John:  “They are—only a few blocks from the hotel.  So, it’s settled.  Now, let’s go down to the dining room for a light lunch and then on to the furniture makers.”

Margaret:  Wondering what their plans are for this evening, she asks.  “And, are we going anywhere this evening?  Will we need to come back early to dress for dinner?”

John:  “Well, Margaret Darling, I thought that we could eat in the dining room at 6:00pm and then return to our room.”   He pauses as he drinks in the sight of her–remembering her lying in his arms this morning.   “I thought that since this is a traveling day, you might want an early night.”

Margaret:   Margaret knows what he means, but isn’t saying—to get to bed early, their bed, together as lovers–and she blushes again.   “Yes John Dearest.  That sounds lovely.”

John and Margaret walk arm in arm to the dining room for lunch.

To be continued with Chapter 40


“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  40:  John and Margaret walking the streets of St. Andrews toward the furniture maker

After lunch, John and Margaret walk to the furniture maker they have an appointment with, window shopping along the way.   Margaret spies something in a shop window along the way and asks John if they can stop in to the shop.

Margaret:  “Ooh, John Dearest.  Look at that lovely china vase.”   She says motioning  to the display in the window.  “Oh John, may we stop in this shop?  It looks like it has some lovely things.  Maybe we can purchase small gifts for each of our mothers.”

John:  “That’s very thoughtful of you Margaret Darling.  We have time.”  He says after checking his pocket watch.  John holds the door open for Margaret and she steps inside.  They buy two differently patterned china vases—one for each of their mothers—and then a small china bowl for themselves.  John asks the proprietor to have the packages sent to their suite at their hotel so that they don’t have to carry them on their way to the furniture maker.

Then, John and Margaret continue walking one more block until they reach the furniture maker John had arranged an appointment with by mail.

John:  “And here we are.”  John opens the door for Margaret into the furniture showroom, she looks around appreciatively at their sample selections.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, these are lovely.”  Just then, the furniture craftsman proprietor, still wearing his work apron, comes forward to talk to them.

Craftsman:   “Would you be Mr. and Mrs. Thornton who asked for an appointment?”

John:  “Yes, we are.”   John nods and Margaret does also.  This is one of the first times that Margaret is addressed as Mrs. Thornton.  We’re here to look at dining room table and chairs sets.

Craftsmen:  “Well, as you can see, we have several examples in the showroom.  But we also have some drawings with different ornamentation on the legs.  How big of a table were you looking for?”  The craftsman looks at Margaret, because usually the wife dictates some of these types of domestic details.  However, Margaret defers to John in case he has any special preferences.

Margaret:  “My husband …”   She doesn’t use her familiar and intimate endearment of ‘John Dearest’ since they are in front of someone they don’t know.   “… might have some thoughts in this regard as well.  For myself, I am partial to cherry finishes and woods.”

John:  “That seems like a nice choice.  Would you want a rectangular table—albeit with rounded corners—or would you want completely rounded table ends?”

Margaret:  “I think I’m open either way, but it might depend upon the table ornamentation and woods.”

Craftsman:  “Right you are madam. And the size?”   He says reminding them of his initial question–Margaret and John look at each other as they think about what they want.

John:  “Well, a size large enough to comfortably fit 12 -16 people would be nice.”

Margaret:  “Yes, that would be large enough to accommodate our families and some close friends.  Do you have our dining room dimension?”

John:  “Yes, the total table size should not exceed 12 feet in length.”

Craftsman:  “Aye, sir.  Well, for that length of table, it will be coming to you in sections for ease of transport and set up.  We could even make the dining table so it could be separated into two or three smaller tables if you like, for flexibility—such as for card parties.”  Both John and Margaret can tell that this craftsman/proprietor is well versed in how his tables are used socially by his clients.

Margaret:  “Oh, that does sound useful.”

Craftsman:  “Now to the ornamentation of the chairs.”

John:  “Well, I have always been fond of the Chippendale style—with the two end chairs having arms and the other chairs being armless.”

Margaret:  “That sounds lovely.”  She smiles and nods her approval at him.

John:  “Now, to cost.”  Ever the practical businessman, John knows how to negotiate.

Craftsman:  “Well sir, the armless chairs will be 3 pounds each, with the two armed chairs being 4 pounds each.  Then, the table itself is about 3 pounds a foot—including its pedestal footing.”

John:  Doing the mental calculation in his head he comes up with.  “96 pounds.”

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest …”  Margaret forgets to be formal in front of the craftsman.  “… that sounds like so much money.”   Then to the craftsman.   “Sir, I’m sure that the table would be worth every penny.  But we’re just starting out.”  Then Margaret asks John.    “Do we need that large of a table?”

John:  “Well my dear …”  Him also being a little less formal.  “… I always think that it is wise to invest in quality that will last a lifetime.”   Then turning to the craftsman.   “Is that 96 pounds delivered and set up?”   As a businessman, John knows how to drive a hard bargain.

Craftsman:  “Aye, sir, I think that will be doable.”   Then turning to Margaret.   “And, Madam, will you be wanting to select a nice pattern for the chair seats that matches your furnishings?”

Margaret:  “Yes, of course, thank you.  If you could show us some fabric selections?”   Then looking at them she admits.   “I’m partial to blue and white china.  So, we have painted our dining room in shades of deep light blue with deeper blue accents.  John Dearest, what do you think of these two patterns, sort of a tone on tone color scheme in one and the other has a small detail tapestry pattern?”

John:  “I like the tapestry pattern choice best if you do—and the fabric might be more durable.”   Ever the practical husband Margaret thinks to herself.

Margaret:  “Well, that sounds fine.”  Then to the craftsman, she says.  “The tapestry pattern is what we’ll choose.”

Craftsman:  “Very good sir and madam.”

John:  “Now when do you think we could have our dining set delivered?  It’s mid May now.  Would one month from now be too soon?  Say by June 15th?”

Craftsman:  “Aye, it might be stretching it a bit, but I think we can make it work.  I’m sure you’ll be liking your dining set very much.”

Then, John and the Craftsman finalize the details and costs, with John paying 25 percent of the cost now and the final 75 percent upon delivery.

To be continued with Chapter 41

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  41:   John and Margaret return to their hotel suite late Friday Afternoon

After their meeting to order the dining room table and chairs, John and Margaret walk leisurely back to their hotel peeking in on a few more shops, but they do not purchasing anything else.  They have spent a few hours that afternoon with their window shopping and furniture selection.  So, it is now 5:00pm on Friday afternoon.  As they enter their hotel suite, they see that their packages of china that they purchased earlier as gifts have been placed in their sitting room for them by the hotel staff.  Margaret is now feeling a little tired from their journey and all of their walking and says that now they are alone again.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, with our train ride and walking this afternoon, I’m feeling a little …”   She trails off.   “Well, I would love to be able to take a bath—I see that we have one.”   John thinks about Margaret in the bathtub and he colors.  For her part, Margaret blushes a bit thinking about taking a bath for her first time as a wife—with her husband in the next room–then she says.   “Do we have time?”

John:  “Of course, Margaret my Darling.  If you prefer, we can order room service and eat in our rooms later?”

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest, that sounds wonderful!  Thank you for understanding.  We can eat out for dinner tomorrow before the play.”

John:  “Yes, Margaret Darling.”  He smiles at her warmly.

Margaret:  “After all, I’m not accustomed to evening outings every night.  Though …”  She is quick to say. “… of course, it being our honeymoon, I want to do whatever you want to do.”

John:  Kissing her hand, he says.  “And I want to do whatever pleases you.”   She blushes—exactly the reaction he was hoping for again.   “Well, let us see what we need to do for your bath first since I haven’t looked closely at what their plumbing technology is exactly.”


John strides through their honeymoon suite bedroom and into the bathroom and sees that it is set up much as their own home is—but with a heated water line.  He’ll have to remember that for their home.  Well this is the best hotel, and the best hotel suite in town–elegantly and comfortably appointed.  For John, nothing is too good for his Darling Margaret.  John starts running the bath for her and she enters still dressed to see the tub.  It is a rather large tub, so even with John being so tall even he would be able to fit in it.  Margaret pours some of the hotel’s bath soap crystals into the bath tub and the soap starts to bubble up.  She tests the water and it is warm enough and she turns off the spout.

Margaret then returns to the bedroom where John has gone and is now sitting on the edge of the bed.  Margaret goes to John and leans in to him as they embrace each other tenderly—with John sitting down she can easily reach his lips for a kiss—and she kisses him sweetly.  John gathers Margaret closer to him and he lays back on the bed, pulling Margaret on top of him and he kisses her passionately.  Margaret knows that they will have another night of beautiful lovemaking tonight and she sighs thinking of it.  Then, she turns practical and says to him as she continues to kiss him.

Margaret:  “You know …”  Kiss.  “… John  …”  Kiss.  “… Dearest.”  Kiss.  “You will have to help me out of my corset again.”  Margaret gazes at him lovingly and smiles.  John smiles, too, and he kisses her passionately again.  “Oh John, Dearest.  I love you so.”  Margaret sighs.

John:  Sitting up again and returning Margaret to a standing position, John is eager to help her out of her corset.   “Of course I will help you, Margaret Darling.    I love you so.”

Margaret:  Then she puts her hands on his shoulders lightly and says.   “I’ll be right back.”

Margaret quickly turns and picks up her pink satin robe from her open suitcase and walks into the bathroom where she quickly unbuttons her bodice’s front and removes it, her skirt, and her stiff petticoat until she is wearing only her corset and her soft under petticoat.  Margaret then, holds her pale pink satin robe demurely in front of her and she walks back into their suite’s bedroom where John is waiting for her.  For his part, John removes his suit coat, vest, and cravat and opens the top of his shirt and rolls up his shirt cuffs to make himself more comfortable.  As Margaret walks toward John, their eyes lock in a loving gaze.  John is sitting back on the edge of the bed.  Margaret reaches John and he pulls her close to him and he kisses her adoringly.  Margaret welcomes John’s tender, romantic, and loving ways with her.  But she straightens up and says like a woman with purpose.

Margaret:  “Now, John Dearest, I really want to take a bath, before we …”   Her voice trails off and she blushes.

John:  John relishes the thought of making love with Margaret tonight.  He smiles, thinking of the pleasures that await them.  “Alright my Darling Margaret.”   John puts his hands on her hips—and Margaret welcomes his touch. Then she turns around so that he can unlace her corset—which he does rather eagerly and now quite expertly.  She removes her corset, keeping her pink satin robe demurely in front of her.  Then, Margaret turns again toward John and kisses him, holding his face in her hands while her robe is held up by her pressing her body against his body—and John can feel Margaret’s full round breasts against his chest, through her filmy under blouse, her satin robe, and his shirt fabric.

Margaret:  “Thank you John Dearest, I’ll be back before you know it.”

John watches Margaret walk into the bathroom and he knows that she will be all flowery smelling for him when she is done with her bath—and he can scarcely wait.  John wants to follow Margaret into the bathroom and see her in her bathtub.  It would be another first for him, seeing a woman—his wife–in her bathtub.  But John restrains himself to thoughtfully give Margaret her privacy.  So, he distractedly looks over the room service menu left by the hotel.  Then after Margaret has been in the bathroom for about 5 minutes, John remembers that he must order their dinners soon and that he forgot to ask Margaret what she wants to eat.  So, he walks over to the closed bathroom door and knocks softly, opens the door ajar, and pops his head in–but restrains himself from looking toward Margaret in her bath—again, respecting her privacy.

John:  “Margaret Darling.  I don’t mean to disturb you, but I forgot to ask you what you want me to order for you for dinner.”

Margaret:  “Oh, I hadn’t thought much ahead about dinner.”   Then to John’s surprise, Margaret says.  “John Dearest, you can come in now.  Though I’m in the bathtub, I’m quite covered with bubbles.”   And she giggles a little with her brazen request of her husband.


To be continued with Chapter 42

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  42:  Passions smoulder inside John and Margaret’s hotel suite bathroom (PG-15)

John tentatively opens their hotel suite bathroom door more fully.  He has never seen a woman in a bathtub before and his excitement heightens.  John looks around the corner of the door to see Margaret’s head seeming to float above the bubbles in the tub–while the rest of her is under the water.  She has not let down her hair yet, so he can see the creamy smooth skin of her neck and a hint of her shoulders.

John:  “There you are.”   John smiles at Margaret and she unexpectedly and playfully blows at a soap bubble on the top of the water.  Then John teases her.   “Now, you’re not going to go completely underneath the water are you?”

Margaret:  “Oh no.  It would take forever for my hair to dry if I did that.”  She says practically.  Then Margaret sits up a bit taller in the tub, bringing her arms out of the water and onto the sides of the tub.  This has the effect of lowering the bubbly water to it being just above her full round breasts.  John gazes admiringly at her bare shoulders and arms and the crest of her bosom.

John:  John moves eagerly toward Margaret in the bathtub and then he kneels down beside it gazing lovingly at her.  “Margaret Darling, you are such a vision of loveliness, that I’ve quite forgotten why I came in here.”   Margaret leans forward as he leans forward and they kiss [(2) right] with the lovely scent of the flowery soap bubbles in the air.

Margaret:  Still kissing John.  “I believe you wanted to know my dinner choice.”  John nods, but his mind has completely gone on to other, more pleasant thoughts.  “If you’re interested, chicken would be fine, but I’m not all that hungry since we had such a late lunch.”

John:  “Really?”   John realizes, too, that although he also thought that he was hungry earlier, her loveliness has quite driven him to focus on his other hunger—for having his Margaret in his bed.

John and Margaret are still kissing.  Though John really wants to lift Margaret out of the tub and take her back into their bedroom to make love with her.  After all, it has been nearly 12 hours since they had made love the last time—and they are on their honeymoon.  His hands caress her face, the elbows of his shirt dipping slightly into the bathwater as they kiss.  Margaret feels John’s ardor in his passionate kisses, and senses that he is refraining from touching her naked body under the water—maybe because she wants him to touch her there.  Margaret breaks their reverie by saying.

Margaret:  “John Dearest.”   She says as she is still kissing him and he is kissing her.

John:  “Yes Margaret Darling.”

Margaret:  “I’m done with my bath now.”

John:  “Of course.”  As John moves to stand to thoughtfully give Margaret her privacy, she touches his arm and makes what she feels is a bold suggestion to him.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, would you please bring the towel over here for me and wrap it around me as I get out of the tub?”

John looks at Margaret in stunned silence and awe.  When she had told him before they wed that she loved him, too, he never thought that their married life would be so unabashedly loving and sensuous.  Of course, he had hoped.  She smiles at him knowingly.  They are so much in love that Margaret feels emboldened to ‘be a little naughty’ with her husband, John.  In truth her maiden shyness and modesty seem to have given way to a womanly confidence brought on by their love—and their lovemaking.

John blinks again in surprise at her request, but then he smiles broadly and stands to retrieve the large towel.  He opens the towel in front of the tub.  Margaret stands in the tub covering her breasts with her arm.  Then holding her arms open for the towel to come underneath them, her arms are slightly away from the towel that he his holding for her.  Margaret knows that John can see her body, with bubbles caressing her curves.  John thinks that he will soon be caressing her curves.  Then as Margaret steps out of the tub and John wraps the towel around her—and he does caress her curves with the towel as he pats her body dry.  John can’t resist pulling her close to him in a passionate embrace and kisses—even though she is still wet from her bath.  Since the towel merely covers her torso–and her dripping wet legs are sticking out beneath the towel–John finds another towel, and lovingly kneels to pat dry her legs for her.   As John does this, his hands linger in between his wife Margaret’s legs and he brings the towel up to her womb.  Margaret trembles.    John kisses Margaret’s stomach through the towel around her body and she runs her fingers through his hair.   They both tremble with the excitement of the moment and their beautiful lovemaking that they know will follow.

Margaret:   Then, Margaret asks John as she kisses the top of his head.  “Would you like me to draw you a bath, too, John Dearest?  It’s very relaxing.”

John can’t wait to caress and make love with his Margaret, but he does welcome her suggestion–since he, too, feels the soot of the street on him.  So, he nods to Margaret.  She lifts out the tub plug and the water runs down the drain.  She then reinserts the drain plug and runs John a warm bath—she even puts in a few soap crystals for him.  John sits and removes his shoes and socks, then he stands again to set them aside.  While the tub fills again, Margaret sits on a cushioned chair in the bathroom, still with the towels wrapped around her torso and legs.  John turns off the water when the tub is full.  Margaret then stands up again next to John and she starts to unbutton the rest of his shirt as they kiss each other sweetly.  He lifts his shirt over his head.  Both of them are breathing quickly and deeply.  She steps back and waits while John removes his trousers, and then his underpants.  John is standing before her naked and Margaret appreciatively gazes at his manly form and sighs.  John also sighs.

John steps into the bath and Margaret hands him a fresh wash cloth to wash his face, etc.   The soap bubbles in John’s bath also hide his handsome nakedness–but of course, Margaret has already gazed upon him.  At first, Margaret lets John enjoy his relaxing bath, by sitting down on the cushioned seat again and letting down her hair and brushing it out with her back to him.  John watches her brush her hair while he washes his face, arms, torso, and legs.   Her long soft curls swing gently back and forth across her bare back.  Then, she turns and stands up from the cushioned seat.  Margaret moves and kneels behind John’s head at the end of the tub.  She begins to massage his shoulders while kissing his head.  John loves Margaret’s thoughtfulness and her wifely touch.  Then she wraps her arms around his neck and shoulders and kisses his cheek.  John turns his head and kisses her on her lips.  She stands.  John stands in the tub also and Margaret takes a fresh towel and wraps it around his waist.  John steps out of the tub and then Margaret takes another towel and pats down his back.  John turns around and Margaret pats down his chest and arms.  Finally, she uses this towel to pat dry his legs as she kneels in front of him—still wrapped in her own towel.  As she stands, her towel slips a bit, but she catches it to keep it closed demurely in front of her.  John pulls Margaret to him and he kisses her passionately.  They have completely forgotten about dinner, again.  They walk to the bedroom door from the bathroom and John lifts Margaret up in his arms as he carries her across the threshold.

To be continued with Chapter 43


“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  43:  Back in John and Margaret’s hotel suite bedroom Friday Night after their baths (R rated)

John carries Margaret in his arms into their honeymoon suite bedroom—both of them are still wrapped in their towels, and slightly dewy from their baths.

John:  “Oh Margaret Darling, I love you so much.  You are so beautiful.  And we respond to each other so lovingly.”  John kisses Margaret passionately as he carries her toward their bed.

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest, I love you so, too.  I am so happy.”

John gently lays Margaret down on the bed sheets.  Margaret reaches up and slowly removes John’s towel—so that he is standing naked before her and she sighs.  Then John reaches down and he unclasps Margaret’s towel tied at her breasts and lets the towel fall to either side of her—while still underneath her on the bed.   John gazes upon Margaret’s beautiful womanly curves with love and longing in his eyes and he sighs.  Margaret sighs as she lays unabashedly naked before John—still sweet smelling and dewy from her bath.  Then John slides into bed next to Margaret—covering themselves with the bed covers–and they cuddle and kiss side by side, intertwining their bodies.  John and Margaret kiss passionately again, and again, and again, and again.  His hands lovingly caressing her curves.  And Margaret responds to John lovingly caressing his broad shoulders and running her fingers through his hair.

As they become more passionate in their lovemaking, John rolls onto his back and brings Margaret to lie on top of him.  Her long hair falls to one side of her face over her shoulder and lightly touches John’s chest.  Having the loose curls of Margaret’s hair brush across his chest inflames John with desire.  John pulls Margaret’s torso up closer to his face—lifting her up slightly–and he buries his head in her breasts, kissing them over and over again.  Margaret sighs and realizes that his manhood is between her legs near her womb.  John lifts Margaret up even higher now to admire and kiss her loveliness.  Margaret instinctively moves her legs to either side of John for balance as she rests her arms on his strong arms holding her up.  To Margaret, it seems as if she is almost sitting on top of John–and then she is–as their bodies join together when his manhood enters her womb.  Margaret gasps and John smiles at her adoringly and caresses and kisses her breasts as he guides her hips as they move together in unison with his hips.  Margaret feels brazenly exposed sitting atop John this way, but she adores the blissful sensations that she is feeling with her husband.  John also has feelings of intense pleasure as Margaret’s body responds to his.

After a few moments more of their lovemaking with Margaret on top, Margaret lies down against John’s chest shyly and she kisses him passionately.   He then rolls them both so that he is back on top of her, still inside of her, as their lovemaking culminates in its beautiful, rapturous bliss.  Each time, their lovemaking has become more wonderful and blissful—especially so after their erotic interlude in their bathroom earlier this evening.  They have made love more times than John could have hoped for since they began their honeymoon just 24 hours ago.  Margaret too welcomes their lovemaking intimacies with increasing passion.  John and Margaret seem so wonderfully in harmony with one another in their lovemaking—though each is new to these sensations, or maybe, because their lovemaking is all wondrously new to both of them.  John, is after all, Margaret’s loving and devoted husband.  And Margaret is John’s loving and devoted wife.  After some time passes of John and Margaret cuddling and kissing—laying intertwined–they drift off to sleep.  But each knows that when they awaken, they will probably—and joyfully– make love again.   And, they have the sweetest dreams.



In the overnight hours of Friday evening to Saturday morning, the city is still and calm as it sleeps.  Though the city has its noises of life—even up to midnight–nothing could have disturbed John and Margaret’s restful sleep after their early night of lovemaking.  Then in the stillness of the night they awaken with the chill of their room since the fire in the fireplace has died down.  John rises to stoke the fire and add some logs to it to make their bedroom more warm and cozy.  They each visit the bathroom in their turn, smiling while remembering their earlier sensuous interlude there before their lovemaking.

They see that it is 1:00am and too late to order room service.  But they appreciatively munch on the fruit and bread from their honeymoon suite gift basket as they sit side by side in each other’s arms on pillows they placed on the rug by the fireplace—Margaret is in her pale pink soft satin robe [(3) right] and John is in his robe over their mutual nakedness.  They bring a blanket with them from the bed for extra warmth while the flickering fire reheats their bedroom.  John nuzzles Margaret’s neck and she kisses his forehead while they chat cozily, cuddling in front of the fire.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, though, it hasn’t bothered me, but we’ve missed dinner twice now in as many days because we’ve …”  Her voice trails off, blushing in remembering their lovemaking that interrupted their dinner plans two nights in a row.  “Are you getting enough?”   She blushes.   “Food to eat, I mean?”

John:  He laughs huskily.   “Well Margaret Darling, …”   He gazes at her lovingly and kisses her passionately.  “Yes.”   He says raising his eyebrow suggestively while thinking of their lovemaking.   “… But we will have to eat dinner now and then—or have bigger lunches—so that I don’t fade away altogether.”   He laughs again and then she laughs also.

Margaret:  “Alright, John Dearest, I promise that we’ll go out to eat for dinner tomorrow—well, I guess, tonight—before the play.”

John:  “Are you sure about that Margaret, Darling?”   He says smiling at her, then nuzzling her neck and kissing the skin of her chest just above her full round breasts.   “I seem to recall, that I was also ‘to blame’ for us not having dinner.”   John lays back on the floor pillows that cushion them from the hard wood floor.  He pulls Margaret to him to lay across him—John can feel her full round breasts through her pink satin robe on his chest and he continues by saying.   “My hunger for your loveliness and our lovemaking seems to counter any grumblings that my stomach might make.”

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest.”   She says teasingly in mock indignation as she playfully rubs his stomach.  Then she moves closer to him and whispers in his ear.   “I, too, love our intimate moments together.  I never knew that loving each other would be so wonderful.”   Though Margaret has no other point of reference, she knows that her husband John is a wonderful lover because of the loving and pleasurable way he makes her feel and the tenderness that he shows her.

Margaret kisses John sweetly and then more passionately on his lips.  He responds to her luscious lips by also caressing her face and her body.  John unbuttons Margaret’s pink satin robe and he pulls it down to uncover her creamy shoulders and her full round breasts.  He moves his kisses down her neck to her bare shoulders.  She trembles with his touch.  Then she unties his robe and pushes the fabric aside.   John pulls her completely on top of him and Margaret goes willingly—she is not shy as before, knowing the pleasure that their lovemaking will bring to each of them.  John slides her pale pink satin robe down her arms and places her robe to the side of their intertwined bodies on the pillows.  John sits up slightly to slide his own robe off his shoulders—and Margaret helps him pull the robe down his arms, though his robe stays underneath them.  As he sits up further, Margaret also leans back into a sitting position on top of John, her legs move to rest comfortably on either side of him as they did earlier.  Then their bodies join together in perfect harmony as his manhood eagerly finds her womb again as John kisses and caresses Margaret’s breasts and she showers his face with kisses.

Their ardent lovemaking is warmed by firelight and the glow of their deep love for one another.  Margaret stays on top of John, not shy about being there this time.  Time seems to stand still as they move their bodies together in their intimate embraces.  Then after many loving moments wrapped in each other’s arms, John shudders in rapture and Margaret quivers pleasurably in concert with him as their bodies tremble in perfect rapturous bliss.  Margaret and John’s bodies stay locked in their intertwined embrace for several more lovely moments as Margaret continues to experience rapturous feelings as her body trembles in ecstasy again, and again, and again, and again.  She gasps at these even stronger and more pleasurable sensations.

Margaret:  “Oh… John… Dearest… my love.”   She says breathing deeply with each new pleasure.

John:  He nuzzles her breasts.   “Oh my Margaret Darling.   He, too, has experienced even greater pleasures with their lovemaking tonight and this morning.

They eventually collapse on the floor—kissing and cuddling for some time before falling asleep lying in each others’ loving arms under the blanket.  Their love sated… for now.

To be continued with Chapter 44



(1)     The “North & South: Nurturing Love” story logo is a composite of three images, with text that I added:
(a) John Thornton (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) having just kissed his love Margaret Hale (as portrayed by Daniela Denby-Ashe) and them gazing lovingly at each other in the North & South (BBC 2004), episode 4 (pix 346) train station kissing scene; the image was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/nands/album/episode4/slides/ns4-346.html;
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(c) a masked image of the yellow rose John Thornton picked in Helstone in North & South, episode 4 (pix 271); the image was found at

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  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning dear Grati,
    I’m here still breathless after this scene of wonderful Victorian hotness in the bathroom. What a gift to us, your readers, on a Friday 13th.
    I remember your hesitation about sharing longer stories. What I can say is that when you have more time to develop plot and characters, build up scenes like all we have read, more I feel involved with the story.
    Congratulations, masterfully done!


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your kind note. I’m glad that you’re enjoying my story and I appreciate your feedback.

      As to it being Friday the 13th? Well, I say that a little bit of RA fan fiction dispels any bad luck notions. Ha!

      And, I’m glad that you’re enjoying this longer story. As a writer, I enjoy developing these stories in more detail, as well. We are almost to the halfway point in terms of numbers of pages. But we still have the next year in John’s and Margaret’s lives to peek in on. There will be “joys and sorrows, but hopefully, more of the joys”–as John mentioned to Margaret on their wedding night.

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    Oh, I really love your descriptions, all these details, you really are painting with words so there is no need to put more graphics, in my opinion.
    P. S.
    Good luck with your presentation at the conference :)


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      Thanks for your kind note. I also view my writing as “painting with words”–though in a very amateur sense. So, I’m glad that you didn’t mind the fewer graphics this time.

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    Beautiful, romantic scenes! I can wait for the next chapter!


    • Hi Ania,
      Thanks for your nice note! We had a storm and power outage last night that also took out our internet. I have just finished publishing the next chapters for today.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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