“N&S: Nurturing Love, Ch. 44-51: More Delights on their Scottish Honeymoon, 4/16/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #167)

“N&S:  Nurturing Love, Ch. 44-51:  More Delights on their Scottish Honeymoon, 4/16/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #167)

A Fan Fiction Adaptation Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace;
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Author’s Story Recap from the previous posting:  John’s and Margaret’s honeymoon in Scotland is a loving one.  And they also enjoy selecting a dining room table and chairs set to be made for their home.  This Saturday will be particularly enjoyable for them.

Author’s Mature Content Note:   “N&S:   Nurturing Love” is a love story and chapters in this installment passionately portray John’s and Margaret’s loving tenderness toward each other on their honeymoon.  I have labeled these chapters with an R rating.   If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the rating that I provide, then please don’t read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.


 “N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  44:  Dawn on Saturday morning in John’s and Margaret’s honeymoon suite bedroom (PG-13)

Margaret slowly awakens in their honeymoon suite bed Saturday morning, still cuddling next to John–realizing that at some point, John carried her back to their bed after their sensuous lovemaking by the fireplace last night.  She sighs happily as she remembers their lovely intimate time together.  John stirs also and he pulls Margaret closer to him instinctively.  Margaret wonders if their whole life together as husband and wife will be as blissful as the last three days have been—and she hopes that it will be.  John, as husband and lover, also feels a renewed surge of strength and confidence in himself—he feels that he can surmount any obstacle or business concern with Margaret by his side, loving him.

They kiss sweetly, then part so that each may tend to their morning waking routines.  John allows Margaret to visit the bathroom first, then he goes in and shaves and such.  It is still quite early, not even 6:00am, so they return to bed to kiss and cuddle—which inevitably leads to their lovemaking again so sweetly that they both feel that they should always start their mornings thus.  After a short while cuddling and kissing Margaret after their lovemaking, John remembers his ‘other’ hunger.

John:  “Margaret Darling?” He nuzzles and kisses her

Margaret:  “Yes, John Dearest?”  She cuddles in closer to him—if that is possible, since not even a whisper could pass between their caressing and intertwined naked bodies.

John:  “I’m afraid that my stomach is growling for breakfast.”  And, indeed, his stomach complies just then as if on cue and they both laugh.

Margaret:  “Well, I guess that we can’t live solely on love”   She says mischievously.

John:  Interjecting.  “Though we have had a lovely time trying.”  They both laugh again.

Margaret:  She kisses his lips lightly.   “Alright.  I’ll start getting dressed and we can go down to breakfast.”  Then she reminds him.   “I’ll need your help again lacing up my corset.”   She says smilingly.

John:  “You know, actually, I look forward to that husbandly duty …”  He smiles lovingly at her. “… helping you both into, …”And then he says more huskily.  “… and out of your corset.”   Then John gives Margaret a lingering sweet kiss on her lips that she responds to lovingly.

Margaret:  After a bit, Margaret pulls back from John’s kiss and says smiling in mock consternation.   “Oh John Dearest, at this rate, we’ll never get to breakfast—let alone dinner and the play this evening.”  She smiles at him with a little bemused pout.  He thinks that she looks so charming when she does that.

John:  John’s head whips backward and he rocks with laughter and Margaret giggles, too.  Then he says lovingly.   “Ha ha ha ha ha!   Well, my Darling Margaret, we are on our honeymoon—so we’re ‘allowed’.  Besides, at this rate …”  Using her phrasing.   “… we won’t be alone for long.”   Margaret gives him a questioning look at first, then realizes he is referring to babies as he caresses her stomach near her womb.  And she blushes and smiles at him—if after all of the intimacies they’ve shared together she wonders if she should even be ‘allowed’ to blush.   “But, … we do need to at least eat some breakfast—before I starve.”    John widens his eyes exaggeratedly.  Margaret giggles and nods her head.  They rise and ready themselves to go downstairs for breakfast.


Their Saturday daytime activities progress similar to Friday’s.  After breakfast at the hotel, they window shop, finding more gifts, this time for Fanny and her father, her good friend Bessie and a few for themselves.  Then they visit a home decorating shop to look at wallpapers for their new home.  They select a lovely botanical pattern of birds and branches and flowers for their large parlor—not unlike the wallpaper in the Hale’s small parlor–and an elegant alternating cream colored matte and satin stripe pattern for part of the dining room. They are particularly eager to have the dining room finished—since the table and chairs will arrive in a month—and maybe the large parlor.  Though, they still have to furnish the parlor with seating options and tables—not to mention, his and her desks for John and Margaret to sit at for his work and her correspondence and planning as the lady of the house.    But, they will look in Milton—and maybe London–for those items.  John and Margaret would both like to be able to welcome their families and friends for an official housewarming dinner within the next few months—though, they’ll invite their families to their home individually for tea in the breakfast nook sometime this week.

They eat lunch at a little café they come across in their walking.  Then afterward, they take a site seeing carriage ride in the in the beautiful countryside that afternoon.  Returning to the hotel later that afternoon, they have tea and then ready themselves for their evening out for dinner and the play.  It takes all of both their willpowers to restrain themselves from lovemaking before their evening out—because they know that their evening out will not happen if they do make love.  Besides, John and Margaret are certain that their families will want a full ‘report’ of their honeymoon activities—so they have to have some activities that they can share with them.  John and Margaret eat dinner in the elegantly appointed Excelsior Hotel dining room acknowledging the admiring looks of the other guests who congratulate them about their marriage.  The sumptuous burgundy and gold brocade drapes on the dining room windows frame a moonlit night, whereas the candles on the fine linen covered tables illumine their guests with a soft glow.  John and Margaret share a lovingly romantic dinner, talking about their day, their plans for decorating their home, and their hope for children to fill their home someday.

After dinner Saturday evening, they find the theatrical comedy play quite amusing–and it is a new experience for Margaret, who thoroughly enjoys herself, despite, the late night with the play not starting until 8:00pm.  She is wearing her pale blue evening gown that she had also worn to the music concert in Milton two weeks ago before they were married.  John finds the dress—and Margaret in it [(2) left]—enchanting with its off the shoulder capped sleeves revealing her creamy shoulders and with its plunging neckline.  For her part, Margaret is proud to be on the arm of her tall, handsome, and distinguished looking husband, John  [(3) right —his strong, broad shoulders and powerful hands belies their ultimate gentleness when they are making love with her.  Together, John and Margaret make a very handsome couple—though they are too much in love and focused on each other to notice people at the theatre glancing appreciatively in their direction.

To be continued with Chapter 45

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  45:  Back at John’s and Margaret’s Hotel Suite after the play Saturday Evening (R rated)

Since the theatrical play goes until 10:00pm Saturday, rather than go out for drinks after the play, John whisks Margaret back to their hotel suite—which she gratefully accompanies him to since it has been a long day and she is tired, or so she thinks.   Admittedly, John has been admiring his lovely wife all evening and he is eager to express his love for her as her husband and her lover—when they are alone in their bedroom.  And now, they are back in their hotel bedroom where they can rest and relax—and love each other totally and completely.  John removes his suit coat, vest, and cravat.  Margaret gracefully removes her shawl and gloves.  She and John move impulsively toward one another in a sweet embrace as they kiss each other passionately—the first time since early this morning and they are both eager for these loving touches.   When their lips part, they each start to undo the other’s clothing—in silent reverie of what is to come.  They do not speak—not even the endearments of Darling and Dearest.  They do not need to speak–for the language of love is writ with tender caresses and spoken with lips kissing each other adoringly.  Margaret unbuttons John’s shirt and she kisses his bare chest when it is revealed to her.

Realizing that he is facing the full length mirror in their bedroom, John turns Margaret around to face it and unbuttons and removes the bodice of her dress.  She watches him in the mirror—as he is still behind her.  John kisses her cheek, her neck, and her bare shoulders.  Margaret trembles in response to his loving touch.  John unclasps the button at the back of Margaret’s full skirt and then her petticoat as both drop to the floor and she steps out of them and he sets them to the side on a chair.  Now Margaret is standing before him in her corset, her under blouse, and her soft under petticoat.  Margaret turns around and she kisses John on his lips as she unbuttons his trousers and pulls them down for him to step out of.  They kiss and embrace passionately.  But Margaret is still too confined in her corset, so John focuses on that next.  He turns her around and deftly and quickly unlaces each row of her corset.  Margaret does not worry about reaching for her pale pink satin robe to hold in front of her demurely—after all, she is a wife now.  Margaret lets John pull away her corset and then he caresses her breasts through her thin gauzy under blouse while she leans back into him and she can feel his ardor growing.  John removes his under pants and then he removes Margaret’s under petticoat and underpants.  All that remains is to remove Margaret’s gauzy under blouse.  She turns toward John again and she pulls the gauzy under blouse off of her shoulders–then lets it slide down and off of her body.

They are both completely naked and reveling in their caresses and embraces, and kisses.  John turns Margaret toward the mirror again with him standing behind her and to the side.  And they can each see their own and their beloved’s nakedness, framed in the mirror–as they were before when they gazed at each other in their home on their wedding night in their wedding clothes—another memory of their pure love that they will keep only for each other, for as long as they both shall live.  John passionately kisses Margaret’s neck and shoulders while his hands lovingly caress her breasts—and then, he also moves one hand down to caress her womanly curvy hips and more.  John is besotted with his beautiful loving wife Margaret as his desire for her consumes him as he tenderly caresses her loveliness.  Margaret feels such new sensations of pleasure that she trembles with John’s loving intimate touches.  She gasps as John caresses her and she responds by lightly covering his hands on her with her own hands—encouraging him to continue.

Then Margaret reaches back to feel John’s muscular and manly hips and legs behind her.   They are locked in this embrace for a few more loving moments—until John can no longer delay his own desires and needs.   John picks Margaret up and carries her into their bedroom and gently lays her down on the turned back sheets of their bed.  John slides in to bed next to Margaret and then he moves himself on top of her.  Still they do not speak–they are in perfect harmony with one another, their lovemaking their only intercourse.   John and Margaret move their bodies in loving unison with their unabashed lovemaking until they both reach a pure bliss that only true lovers can feel—heart and mind, and body and soul–as they each sigh in pleasure.  After a few moments more reveling in their unrestrained joy, John rolls on his back—taking Margaret with him.  She now lies on top of him—both of them spent from their lovemaking—but, with their bodies still lovingly joined together.  Still they are silent, no words being spoken between them … because none are needed.  Their lovemaking is the only language that they need.   John’s strong arms encircle Margaret in a loving embrace as she also embraces John’s chest with her arms and she lays her head down to rest on his shoulder.   John pulls the covers around them as they lay together in their loving embrace.  They kiss sweetly for several more minutes before finally falling asleep lovingly in each others’ arms.

To be continued with Chapter 46

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  46: Sunday morning in John and Margaret’s Hotel Suite Bedroom

John and Margaret awaken in each other’s arms around dawn as the birds and the city’s street noises grow louder—but not too loud.  They smile at each other sweetly, remembering their night of silent lovemaking as they kiss each other good morning.

John:  “Good morning my Darling Margaret.”   He kisses her nose and she blinks and smiles at him.

Margaret:  “Good morning John Dearest.”   She kisses him sweetly on his lips.

After embracing for few moments in bed, each arises to take their turns in the bathroom—brushing their teeth, washing their faces, and such.   But neither gets dressed.  Their mornings have developed into an adoring pattern of blissful lovemaking.  Upon his return to their bedroom, John stokes the fire to reheat the room and then he returns to bed to join Margaret who is already there waiting for him.  Their kisses and embraces become more and more passionate as they sweetly make love again—sweetly, tenderly, passionately, and adoringly.  Afterwards, they kiss and cuddle—their bodies still intertwined–and discuss their plans for the day.

Margaret:  “John Dearest?  Shall we go to church today?”  Being a clergyman’s daughter—even of an ex clergyman—church services are ingrained in her routine.  And, this will be John and Margaret’s first time attending church as husband and wife.

John:  “Yes, Darling, lets.  But, we’ll have to attend the earlier services to be done in time to catch the train for home at 11:00am.  I think the hotel said that they started at 8:30.  So, if we want to get breakfast ahead of time, we’ll have to get dressed soon and head down to the dining room.”

Margaret:  Teasingly.   “Oh, … you and your stomach!”  They both laugh.

John:  “Now, now.  Besides, if we’re done at church by 9:30am, that will give us some time to pack before heading to the station.  …Although, …we do have another option.”

Margaret:  Intrigued, Margaret pokes him lovingly in his side and asks.  “What do you mean?”

John:  “Well, there is an earlier train leaving for Milton at 8:00am.  There would still be time for breakfast …”  Margaret rolls her eyes amusingly at him.  “… and then we could possibly be home in time for Milton’s 10:30am church services and surprise everyone by attending our first Sunday church services as a married couple at home!”   He finishes with a flourish, pleased with his suggestion.

Margaret:  “Oh, John Dearest, that will be wonderful!  Let’s do that.”   Although, she does not want to ‘end’ their honeymoon.  Margaret is now a wife and she delights in the intimacies that she shares with her husband, John. She wants to spend as much time with him—both in and out of their bed—that she can.  And, since no shops are open on Sunday’s anywhere anyway—they might as well head home.  She pauses.   “But, … we can still continue our honeymoon time while we are at home?  You don’t have to return to work right away do you?”

John:  Drawing her closer into his embrace, he smiles.  “Yes, Margaret Darling, we can still be on our honeymoon while we’re at home.”   He says stroking and caressing her hair framing her face.  John’s passion for Margaret is unbounded and their love and lovemaking are joys that he could not have even imagined.  So, John cherishes his loving times with his beautiful Margaret.  “And we can visit the Milton craftsmen about our furnishings on Monday and maybe Tuesday.   I’m not expected back at the Mill until Wednesday—though, I’ll probably check in a bit.”

So, seeing that it is 6:30am—and they have to catch the train at 8:00am–John orders breakfast from room service which they eat heartily.  Then John and Margaret pack their belongings for their trip home.  Since Margaret has not worn her pretty pale pink tea party dress with the ribbon rose accents yet this weekend, she puts this dress on for their trip home and to church.  Margaret has not worn this dress since the momentous church and luncheon at the Thornton’s two weeks ago when John proposed to her again.  John remembers her dress and its significance and says to her warmly as he nuzzles her neck.

John:  “You look lovely, Margaret Darling.  I haven’t seen you in that dress since I proposed to you—again—two Sunday’s ago and you accepted.”
Margaret’s face beams as she realizes that John also remembers her dress and that special moment in their lives and she turns around to lingeringly kiss him on his lips.  She hopes that their happiness and love will always be with them.

Margaret:  “Oh, John Dearest.  It’s so wonderful of you to remember even the smallest details of our life together.”   She kisses him passionately.  But, she knows that they have to focus on their travel plans and not get sweetly distracted by more lovemaking and says to him.   “But, … we had better finishing packing and head to the station if we are to be on our way.”

John:  Marveling at her practicality—when it is usually he who is the practical one—he agrees.    “Yes Margaret Darling.  Besides, we’ll have the two hour train ride home to cuddle.”   They both smile.

To be continued with Chapter 47

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  47:  Back home in Milton

The two hour train ride home to Milton is uneventful and smooth.  Margaret and John [(4) right]  enjoy the privacy of their first class compartment by cuddling, chatting about their weekend in Scotland, and plans to make their house a home with more furnishings bought from Milton craftsmen.  Arriving at the Milton Train Station a little after 10:00am, they store their suitcases with the Station Master—who is surprised to see them back so early.  They tell him that that they will be back for their suitcases after church.  In truth, they’ll probably ask Mrs. Thornton to have the carriage pick them up on her way home.  It is lovely out, the sun is shining and there is a gentle breeze.  So John and Margaret decide to walk the few blocks to the church.

Once at the church, they are greeted warmly by the Vicar.  But they stay outside waiting for their families to arrive so that they can sit with them.  Mr. and Mrs. Hale are the first to arrive and endlessly pleased to see John and Margaret, they greet them warmly.  Then Fanny and her husband Watson welcome them.  Finally, as the 10:30am time approaches for church services, Mrs. Thornton’s carriage pulls up to the church.  Of course, Mrs. Thornton could never really be late for church, because the Vicar would not dare to start church services without her.  John and Margaret sit with Mrs. Thornton in her pew, but resolve to rotate which family they sit with on alternate Sundays so that no family member will feel slighted.

After church, John and Margaret warmly greet other well wishers from among their servants, the Higgins Family, the Lattimers, and, of course, the often facetious Mr. Bell, her father’s old Oxford College friend–who, of course, had to remark, but with a smile on his face

Mr. Bell:  “Well, as I said before, you two look very domestic.”   John and Margaret stand arm in arm in front of the church surround by their families.   “Did you have a nice time in Scotland?”

John:  “It was very nice.  The weather was pleasant for our shopping and site seeing and … such.”  His voice trails off, because of course it was their honeymoon.  And some things are private.

Margaret:  “Oh, and John had a wonderful surprise for me.”  Everyone looks at her nodding pleasantly.  She smiles, then continues.   “We went to see a theatrical comedy on Saturday evening!”    John beams at Margaret for her being pleased with his surprise.

Mr. Bell:  “But, you didn’t stay as long in Scotland as you expected?”

John:  “No, with the shops and other venues closed on Sundays, there was nothing really to do in Scotland.  So, we decided to take the earlier train home so we could join everyone at home here in Milton for our first church services as husband and wife.

Margaret:  “Yes, we felt that we wanted to be with our friends and family.  But, we’re still on our honeymoon, so John doesn’t have to officially go back to work until Wednesday.”  She squeezes his arm she is holding and he pats her hand.

John:  “Yes, so we can spend some time here in Milton—and visiting local craftsman here as we slowly plan to furnish our home.  It’s a bit bare now with only a small breakfast nook and sitting room off of the kitchen with borrowed furniture from Mother’s …” John  nods in her direction and smiles his thanks to her.  “… and our bedroom.  But, we do have a dining room table ordered for June and some wall papers picked out.”

Margaret:  Seeing that her mother is getting tired standing, she says.  “Mother, after John and I settle in back at our house …”  Our house, Margaret loves saying that and smiles sweetly.  “… we’ll unpack and bring you some of the samples and drawings so that you can enjoy seeing what we’re planning.”

Mrs. Hale:   Weakly, but with interest.   “Yes, Margaret Dear.  That will be nice. Perhaps you can come for tea later today?”

John:  Accepting for both of them.   “That will be perfect Mrs. Hale.  Mother has already invited us to luncheon today.  And our visiting you for tea will also give you some time to rest up.”   Margaret squeezes his arm in agreement and thanks for his thoughtfulness.

Mr. Hale:  “Yes, John, that’s very thoughtful of you.” He pats John’s shoulder.

Mrs. Thornton:  “Well, if we have to pick up your suitcases at the station and deposit you at your house first before luncheon, we had better be getting to it.”

John and Margaret take their leave of the Hales, the Higgins, and Mr. Bell as they join Mrs. Thornton in her carriage.  They pick up their suit cases at the station and Mrs. Thornton drops them at their home just before the Mill property.


It has been two days since John and Margaret were home—and though they had a lovely, and loving time in Scotland—they are glad to be home at Rose Cottage [(5) right].  Since Sunday mornings are servants time off—for church and such—they have to fend for themselves.  John carries the two smaller suitcases up stairs, then returns for the large suitcase.  Margaret joins him in their bedroom as they open the suitcases to take out their presents for their families.

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest.  Do you think your Mother will like this vase and Fanny this ribbon of lace?”

John pulls her close to him and gives her a lingering kiss, then nuzzles her neck.

John:  “Hmmm.  Margaret Darling, I’ve been wanting to do that all morning.”

Margaret smiles.  But unfortunately, they have no time to indulge their lovely thoughts of lovemaking and she says teasingly to him.

Margaret:   “That will have to wait.”  She says tugging on his suit lapels.  But she kisses him back lovingly when she sees that he looks a bit crestfallen and her kiss boosts his spirits.  “Though, having to wait to be with you intimately again will be torture.”   John and Margaret kiss passionately, then they remember that they still have to go to his Mother’s and she says again.  “But, what about these gifts?”

John:  “, Margaret Darling.  You’ve made very lovely choices for each of them.  I’m sure that they’ll be thrilled—especially since they don’t expect anything.”

To be continued with Chapter 48


“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  48:  John and Margaret have Sunday lunch at Mrs. Thornton’s home

John and Margaret walk to his mother’s home for luncheon, Thornton Manor, carrying their gifts for Mother Thornton and Fanny.  When they arrive, they are greeted by both of them, and Fanny’s husband, Watson.

Mrs. Thornton:  “Well, my dears.  It’s good to see you.”   Mrs. Thornton is looking as imperious as ever—and obviously pleased that she receives the first visit of the newlyweds.

John:  “Thank you Mother.”

Margaret:  “Yes, thank you Mother Thornton.  We have gifts for you and Fanny from our trip to Scotland.”

Fanny:   Fanny is now quite interested in seeing John’s and Margaret’s gifts because, after all, she has been quite spoiled all of her life.  “Ooh!  That’s so nice of you!”  Fanny says as Margaret hands her the cream lace ribbon on a bobbin—enough for Fanny to trim a dress in any way she likes.   “Thank you, this is lovely.”

John:  “And Mother, …”  Then taking the china vase from Margaret and giving it to his mother John says.  “… this is for you.”

Mrs. Thornton:  Mother Thornton tries to maintain her disdain, but she is obviously pleased and says.    “Well, this is lovely!  It’s thoughtful of you to think of me.”

John beams.   John knows that he and Margaret have made a good first impression.  Margaret is also pleased that their gift choices and thoughtfulness are appreciated by Mother Thornton and Fanny.

Watson:  “Well, I’m famished.  Is luncheon soon, Mother Thornton?”

Fanny grimaces a bit at her husband’s remark.

John:  Laughing.  “Ha!   I’ll second that.  We had to eat breakfast very early in order to catch the early train to be home for church services.”

Margaret:  Smiling, Margaret pokes John’s stomach teasingly.   “Oh, you and your stomach.”   John squeezes Margaret’s shoulders lovingly and she smiles lovingly back at him.  Then John leans down and kisses Margaret sweetly and they smile at each other again.  Though Fanny and Watson have only been married only a few months themselves, they don’t seem to have as easy and loving a relationship as John and herself, thinks Margaret.

Mrs. Thornton:  “Alright children, …”  A term she hasn’t used for at least a decade, but does so now slightly condescendingly, but sweetly.   “… let’s head in to luncheon.”

Mrs. Thornton leads them into the ‘small’ family dining room for luncheon.  Then Fanny and Watson–being married first—walk in next and sit on one side of Mrs. Thornton.  While John and Margaret trailing behind them sit on the other side of Mrs. Thornton.  Margaret has not eaten in this room before because it is reserved for the family only—and now, she is family.  The ‘small’ dining room is also lovingly and finely furnished.  However, the walls and fireplace mantel of this room are also adorned more personally with family pictures and mementos—especially a portrait of John’s late father that hangs prominently over the fireplace.  John, himself, always carries a pocket watch that had belonged to his father.

After luncheon, John shows Margaret an early drawing of his dog that he had made for his mother when he was a little boy–and of course, his bronzed baby booties.  Margaret squeals with delight at these precious family objects connected to her husband, John.  Margaret looks forward to the day when she and John will have such precious mementos from their own little ones and she blushes.   Mother Thornton watches Margaret closely and is pleased that Margaret seems to appreciate these little family memories.  Fanny is less ‘enchanted’ with her family’s little trinkets and sniffs at them disdainfully.  She prefers items bought in a store—usually at great cost.  But, now, that is her husband, Watson’s, headache John thinks.  John and Margaret thank Mother Thornton for the lovely luncheon as she heads into her small sitting room to do her needlework.  Fanny and Watson stand around awkwardly not having much ease in social situations—let alone together.


As a means to get away from his sister Fanny’s poor example of a marriage not necessarily founded on love—and just because he wants to have Margaret to himself for a little bit—John invites Margaret for a walk in the Thornton garden after luncheon.

John:  “Margaret, Darling,  He whispers in her ear.  “   let us take a little walk in our favorite garden, shall we?”

Margaret:  “Oh yes, John Dearest.”   She whispers back.  And they walk out to their favorite, secluded bench and kiss.

John:  “Darling, when we start work on our garden, what features would you like most?”

Margaret:  “Well, …”  She blushes shyly.   “A private seating area like this where we can go away from prying eyes would be nice,  and flowers and shady trees—as well as a play area for our future children.”   John smiles at the thought of their future children—who will be living proof of his and Margaret’s love.

John:  “Oh my Darling Margaret, I love you so.”   He kisses her passionately and she responds lovingly to him.

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest, I love you so.”  She rests her head on John’s strong shoulder.

John:  “Let’s walk back home and get ready to visit your parents for tea—the sooner to come to our own home later.”   He says the latter phrase rather huskily as he leans in to her and steals a kiss.  She sighs and nods her head smiling.  John and Margaret say their goodbyes to his Mother and sister, Fanny and her husband Watson, then walk back to their own home.

To be continued with Chapter 49

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  49:  John and Margaret Return Home after Luncheon at the Thornton’s and take a ‘nap’ (R rated)

As they approach their front door, John unlocks it and ushers Margaret in.  She is a little disappointed that he does not carry her over the threshold, but he has already done that earlier—several times.  They are alone.  Even though their servant, Thompson, was to be on duty this afternoon and evening as usual, they told her that they didn’t need her for the rest of the day so that they could have their privacy.  John supports Margaret’s back as they walk up the stairs since she is wearing another rather full skirt.  It is still only 2:00pm and they are not expected at her parents’ home until 4:00pm.  So, Margaret suggests that she and John take a little nap after traveling and such.  John smiles knowingly since he doubts that they will actually sleep at all–being newlyweds.

As they reach their bedroom door, John pauses and opens the door for Margaret.  Margaret starts to walk in, but John stops her.  And Margaret secretly smiles to herself as he whisks her up in his arms and carries her across the threshold and into their bedroom.  John kisses Margaret passionately and she responds with passionate kisses of her own for him.  Then he sets her down gently inside their bedroom.  Margaret lovingly kisses John again.  Then she walks around him to close their bedroom door with a gleam in her eye. John and Margaret help each other undress quickly.  When they are both naked, they kiss and embrace each other passionately as they cling to each other—such that not even a whisper could pass between their naked bodies molded together lovingly.  They move to the bed and John Lifts Margaret up and sets her onto the bed sheets at the side of the bed since the bed’s height is a little high for her to get into without using the bed steps.

Margaret begins to turn to lay down, but John gently stops her and she stays seated on the side of the high bed, facing him with a wondering look in her eyes.  John moves close to her—opening Margaret’s legs with his hands so that their bodies can touch and they wrap their arms around each other in a loving embrace.  John’s ardor for Margaret increases with their every new lovemaking interlude.  And Margaret caresses John tenderly, slowly–that only heightens his desire, and hers.  John sighs in pleasure and he kisses and caresses Margaret’s breasts lingeringly and Margaret sighs and gasps in pleasure.  Margaret loves the way John makes her feel–loved and cherished.  When John’s need for Margaret can no longer be delayed, they join their bodies together, making love—with Margaret wrapping herself around John with him slightly dipping her back so that he can continue to kiss and admire her loveliness.  As their lovemaking pleasures intensify into joyous fulfillment, John and Margaret tremble in raptures of ecstasy together.

Afterward, they spend a lovely, loving hour cuddling and kissing in each others’ loving arms.  And though they do not wish to leave, they know that they must get dressed again so that they may visit her parents for tea this same afternoon.  Margaret is wearing her pretty pale pink dress with the ribbon rose accents, and it is not really suitable for doing a lot of walking—and they had already done walking from station to the church earlier this morning.  So, John had earlier arranged for their carriage to pick them up and take them to the Hale home.  Besides, by having the carriage, it shortens their journeying time to the Hales and allows John and Margaret to spend a few more precious moments in each others’ arms.

To be continued with Chapter 50

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  50:  The Hale’s Home for Tea

As John and Margaret arrive at the Hale’s home for tea Sunday afternoon, they are greeted at the front door by Dixon who quickly users them into the Parlor.  John and Margaret have brought with them the gifts for Mr. and Mrs. Hale—a book and a vase–as well as, the samples of wall paper and upholstery that they had chosen in Scotland.

Mr. Hale:  “Margaret my Dear.”   Kissing her cheek.   “And John.”  Shaking his hand warmly.    We are glad to see you both!”

Mrs. Hale:  “Yes, my dears.  Do sit down and tell us of your time in Scotland.”  John and Margaret are glad that Mr. Bell is not here or they would have to answer more ‘pointed’ questions from him.  As it is, they are among their family and welcome sharing their happy news.

John:  “Thank you both.  It was a short trip, but we packed a lot into almost two full days.”  Of course, he was thinking of more than they would be telling the Hales, but he tried not to betray his loving thoughts on his face.

Margaret:  “Oh yes, Mother and Father.  The Scottish countryside is so beautiful–lushly green with crags of rocks sticking up here and there-and we picked out some lovely items for our home as you can see from these samples.”  Margaret lays out the wallpaper and dining room chair upholstery samples for them.  She is pleased to see her parents’ approving looks.

Mrs. Hale:  “Margaret Dear.  I can’t help but notice that your parlor wallpaper is in a similar style as our own here.”   She gestures to their wallpaper.

Margaret:  “Yes, Mother.  We hope you don’t mind.  But, we think that this style is so pretty and wanted it in our own home.”   Her mother beams at her, because after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Mr. Hale also smiles at Margaret and John’s little compliment to his ailing wife and her elegant taste in furnishings.

John:  “Oh, and Sir, we hope to visit some craftsmen in Milton for some of our other furniture and installing some shelving for books.  One thing in particular I was hoping you might be willing to help us with is selecting some volumes for our personal library.”   Now, Mr. Hale beams at being included in Margaret and John’s plans to make their house a home.

Since she no longer lives in her parents’ home, Margaret doesn’t want to presume and offer to pour tea for everyone for her Mother—since her mother tires easily.  But, her Mother, sensing her hesitancy, suggests lovingly.

Mrs. Hale:  “Margaret Dear.  Now that you’re a bride, would you like to pour tea for us?”

Margaret:  “Yes, Mother.”   Margaret smiles lovingly at her.   “Well, I know that John takes one sugar.”

And Margaret proceeds to pour for everyone, and then herself.  They spend a lovely hour chatting and enjoying their tea.  Then it is time for Margaret and John to return to their own home.

John:  Taking their leave from the Hales, John says.    “Thank you Mrs. Hale and Sir for a lovely afternoon.”

Margaret:  “Oh Mother and Father, it’s so good to see you again.  We hope that you can come to tea sometime this week.  Our home is quite bare of furniture at the moment, but we’ve borrowed some things from Mrs. Thornton for our small sitting room and breakfast nook off of the kitchen.   So, we’ll be very cozy.    And thank you so much for letting me have my bedroom furniture and dressing table and cushioned seat for our home.  I treasure them.”   Both of her parents beam then wave goodbye to them as John and Margaret drive away in their carriage.


After being dropped off at their front door by their carriage driver, John and Margaret enter their home and walk back to the kitchen.  Though they had luncheon at Mother Thornton’s at 12noon and then tea at the Hale’s at 4:00pm, it is now 5:30pm and John feels hungry again.  Margaret smiles as they look through their larder and icebox.  There they find some bread and cold chicken and fruit and cheese.  They make sandwiches—John’s sandwich is much larger than Margaret’s—and they sit in their little breakfast nook to eat their meal with a glass of white wine.  Though when they get the house up and running they will have servants making hot meals for them, they relish this private time that they have together.  John and Margaret even clean up their own plates together at the sink—though Margaret is a little more adept at this than John, having done some housework at her parents’ home.  She feels that this experience will help guide her in knowing how she wants her own household run.

To be continued with Chapter 51

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  51:  John’s and Margaret’s Bathroom Sunday Evening (R rated)

As dusk starts to cloak the day with night, John and Margaret walk upstairs to their bedroom.   It has been a long day of traveling, church, luncheon, and tea.  But, they relish this private time together.   They undress—with John helping Margaret out of her corset–and they put on their robes.  Margaret suggests that they each take a bath to relax from their long day.   Bathing is a little more complicated in their home without the hot running water that the hotel had, but the fireplace in the bathroom that it shares with the third bedroom has a hook that swings into the fire for heating up water in a kettle.  So, they fill the tub half full from the water tap—adding in the soap crystals they had bought in Scotland since Margaret likes the bubbles so much.  Then they fill the tub the rest of the way with water heated from the fireplace.  This produces the perfect steamy water temperature in the tub.  John vows to install a heated water line soon for Margaret.

But, at least, the tub itself is spacious—without taking up the whole room.  John had had a larger tub installed—to fit his tall frame—when he knew that he and Margaret would be living here.  Not only is the tub longer, but, it is a bit wider.  John explains to Margaret why.

John:  “Well, Margaret Darling, I was thinking of the time when we would have little ones taking baths together in one large tub.”

Margaret smiles at the thought of little ones–their children, born of their love.  Then she also thinks of another use for the tub.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, you know that I so enjoyed the bubble bath in our hotel suite in Scotland.”  She says coyly as she leans in to him as he sits on the cushion and he can feel her body beneath her robe.  Margaret lays her head on John’s shoulder and he gently rocks her back and forth.

John:  “Of course, Margaret Darling.”  Then he smiles broadly and says huskily.   “I remember.”  He kisses her forehead lovingly.

Margaret:  “Well, John Dearest, …”  Margaret lifts her head to look into John’s eyes.   “…I was thinking that instead of us having to heat water for two baths tonight, …”   She pauses, wondering if John can guess what she’s thinking.   “… maybe we can just share the bathtub tonight.”  She kisses his lips sweetly and wonders if her suggestion is too brazen—even given their passionate lovemaking so far.  But John ardently kissing Margaret [(6) right] in response lets her know that he is not shocked at all—and that he welcomes her idea.

John:  “Oh, Margaret Darling, what a lovely idea.”   But, John wonders about the logistics of them both inhabiting the tub at the same time—wanting to make sure that they are both comfortable.

Margaret:   Seeing John’s quizzical brow, she suggests.   “ John Dearest, why don’t you sit in the bathtub first, and then I will join you?”

Since John has the larger frame, it makes sense for him to be on the bottom and he removes his robe and steps into the tub.  The firelight from the fireplace gives the room a warm glow as well as keeping it warm enough for them.  He waits for her to join him and sits to one side of the tub.   Margaret disrobes and steps into the tub, sitting down next to John—lying in his arms.  The soothing steamy water is indeed relaxing as they cuddle with each other under the bubbles.  John has never viewed a bath as anything more than something to be done quickly as part of one’s cleansing routine.  He now sees that taking a bath has other, more pleasing, purposes—especially now that his Margaret is with him in the bathtub.

John lovingly caresses Margaret’s womanly curves under the water—something that he had wanted to do when she was in the bathtub before on their honeymoon in Scotland, but he had restrained himself then.  Margaret sighs with pleasure.  She, too, caresses John’s strong manly body. The fresh scent of the bath crystals wafts a pleasing aroma around them as they kiss passionately again and again.  After soaking a while, John and Margaret feel refreshed—and also very aware of each others’ bodies, and they yearn for even closer contact.  Margaret stands up first and steps out of the tub and wraps herself in a towel.  Then John stands and also wraps himself in a towel.  They each take a second towel and pat each other dry—kissing each other lovingly every few moments.  Margaret unpins her hair and John takes her brush from her hand and he smooths out her loose curls.  John kisses and caresses Margaret between every other brush stroke.


Then as John and Margaret exit their bathroom into Margaret’s dressing room—having replaced their towels with their robes.  John picks up Margaret in his arms and carries her into their bedroom.  She clings to him adoringly.  The fire is blazing in the fireplace and he hesitates as to where he will lay her down—in their bed or by the fireplace.  Margaret senses that John is pondering this lovely choice and says to him.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, …”  She says kissing him lightly on his lips and cheek and neck—as he is also kissing her.   “… it’s your choice.”

She smiles. And John gently sets her down on the sette by the fireplace.  He retrieves some extra pillows from the bed, as well as, a blanket and lays them in front of the fireplace after pushing some of the furniture back to make more room for he and Margaret.  John sits down on the pillows and holds out his hand for Margaret to join him.

John:  “Margaret Darling, come to me, my beloved.”  John [(7) right] gazes at his wife Margaret with loving lust and beckons her to come to him.

Margaret:   “Oh yes John Dearest, my love.”

She takes his hand and joins him on the pillows—they are laying side by side in front of the fireplace kissing passionately.  The fire warms the room and their closeness to it makes them even warmer.  They throw off their blanket and then they remove their robes.  They are lying naked in each others’ arms by firelight in the privacy of their own home—and they relish the intimate caresses and kisses that they share with each other.  John and Margaret join their bodies together as one as he lays on top of her and they make love—blissfully, joyfully, and completely.  They feel each others’ bodies respond lovingly to one another as their sensuous raptures are fulfilled in their mutual loving bliss.  These sweet moments of lovemaking leave them trembling from the strength of their love and the power it has to give them such joy.  They fall asleep in each others’ loving arms and don’t awaken until the next day’s early morning hours—still on their honeymoon.

To be continued with Chapter 52


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