Fun Day Sunday: May Basket Craft, 5/20/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #189)

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a hopeful crafter.  I don’t
say artist, because that would be hubris.

But I love to make things with my hands—for years sewing, needlepointing, cross stitching, and then a bit of quilting were my “go to” craft projects.  I have also made candles, rolled rocks to make into jewelry, and made jewelry from beads, etc.  I literally have five to ten projects that were started years ago in my double wide “projects” closet.  Think of it as my woman cave.  Ha!

When I taught Sunday School for 8 years, I would always have some kind of art project involved with our lessons.  Dare I mention the gold glitter ark of the covenant drawings that sprinkled glitter in the sanctuary when we walked in after class?  I did not endear myself to our church’s janitor with that one.  Ha!  But helping the kids make Valentine’s day cards with paper lace doilies, folded pink  or red card stock paper, ribbon, and heart shaped  foil stickers  were a snap!  And something handmade received as a gift is always more precious than something store bought—especially from little ones.

So today–a Sunday in May–I thought it might be nice to make paper May baskets like I have made for many years.  There are variations on size and style, but the templates  I created below offer the basics.  Then you can adapt from there.  Maintain the folded edge of your paper and then cut out the basic shapes—also cutting apart the tabs.  [Tip: I have found that cutting the two tab lines a little wide (making the tabs a tiny bit thinner) makes for easier weaving.]  Then you weave the folded tabs:  row 1) outside inside outside, row 2) inside outside inside, and row 3) outside inside outside—for all three tabs.  When you open the now heart shape, you  have a little basket.  You can then use a ribbon or more paper for the basket’s handle.

The key in making the templates  is using perfect squares and circles—these are 3 by3 inch squares (and circles) with three tabs.  Another version would be 4 by 4 inch squares (and circles) with four tabs—the weaving there would be inside outside inside outside, etc.   And if you make templates and use stiffened fabric, then you might have some permanence for your baskets.

These paper May baskets don’t hold much or anything very heavy but candies or flowers as love offerings from the giver.  But then, it is the thought that counts.  And thoughtfulness is priceless!

So, I hope that you enjoy this Fun Day Sunday craft project.  Be sure to let me know how your May basket turns out.

Cheers!   Gratiana

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P.S. And for those who like one stop shopping, here is the information from above provided for you below in an easy to download jpeg.  Just enlarge the image to suit your needs

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4 Responses to Fun Day Sunday: May Basket Craft, 5/20/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #189)

  1. Lol! I´m not so talented as you Grati. But some years ago, I learnt to Knitting .I even made three blouses, but now I don´t know if I could to do this again. Indeed, when we won handmade something, it is more precious than something bought in any store .Nowadays, no one else wants to make any effort for nothing. If people occupied more their minds, there would be less ill people in all world.
    Hugs and Have a wonderful Sunday!


    • Hi Tereza,
      Thanks for your nice note! I can’t claim any specific artistic talent. But I dabble in artsy craftsy things–assiduously! Giggles!
      Though I fear that knitting is not my forte as you mentioned. I have a scarf/muffler started two years ago and it is only 18 inches long at this point. So, maybe I’ll crochet it closed and turn it into a hat. Ha!
      And of course now with Photoshop and such at my fingertips, I have even more tools to play with. Ha!
      Have a great day! Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. Fabi says:

    Dear Grati,
    I would make two of these cute May baskets, one of them pink and blue, full of good feelings, thoughts and prayers to help you through this difficult time, another one white and brown, with the finest dog biscuits inside, and a scratch behind the ears for Sophie and Max. Today I can’t think of anyone more to give a May basket than you four.
    Hugs and Love,


    • Dear Fabi,
      What a kind and thoughtful friend you are! Sophie and Max also appreciate any mention of treats, petting, and their names in the same sentence. Ha! Their non verbal and totally canine reply to you is “wag wag wag”.
      Hugs and Love, Grati ;->

      P.S. To my readers: I failed to mention that my hubby was the one who took the photographs of my finished May basket hearts shown in my post above. So I thank him now for his help.


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