Latest Posting: “N&S: Nurturing Love, Ch. 85 – 86 End: A Love for a Lifetime, 5/28/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #195)

Latest Posting:  “N&S:  Nurturing Love, Ch. 85 – 86 End:  A Love for a Lifetime,  5/28/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #195)

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Author’s Story Recap from the previous posting:   Four weeks after John’s and Margaret’s triplets birth, Fanny’s and Watson’s unanticipated twins are born on Saturday May 25th.  And the twins are given family names:  John Herbert Watson and Hannah Margaret Watson.  John is relieved that Fanny is alright and heads home to share the good news with Margaret.

Author’s Mature Content Note:  For one final time, I remind you that “North & South:  Nurturing Love” is a love story with all the heat and passion that love embodies.  If you are unable or unwilling to view a film with the rating that I give a particular chapter, then please refrain from reading it.  This is my disclaimer.

“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  85:  John Shares Fanny’s and Watson’s Baby News with Margaret

John happily and quickly walks from town to Margaret at their home, Rose Cottage [(2) right], to tell her of Fanny and Watson’s baby news about one hour after he left her.  It is still just 11:30am in the morning and John finds Margaret napping in bed while the babies are sleeping in their bassinettes.  John removes his shoes, suit coat, vest, shirt, and trousers and he slides into bed next to Margaret.  She is still very tired with all of the nursing of their three babies that she has to do.  So, John just lets her sleep as he cradles her in his arms.  Then, John falls asleep, too.

About 30 minutes later—around 12noon-­-Margaret awakens to find John lying in bed at her side.  Leaving his rest undisturbed, Margaret visits the bathroom briefly, then she returns to John’s arms in their bed.  She knows that their servants will be bringing lunch up to them in a little while so that she can eat before the babies nurse again at 1:00pm.  But, Margaret enjoys having this small private time with her husband.  She cuddles up next to him and kisses his lips.  John begins to stir and he kisses Margaret back.  John and Margaret have not made love for almost two months due to her feeling unwell the last month of pregnancy and her recovering the month since the birth of their three children.  But, they still relish their loving tenderness with each other.  And, John has wonderful news to tell Margaret—now that they are an aunt and an uncle.

John:  “Margaret Darling?” He says kissing the tip of her nose as she dozes cuddled up next to him.

Margaret:  “Hmmm?”

John:  “You’re an aunt.”

Margaret:  Now waking more fully, she asks.  “I am?  Oh John Dearest.  Did Fanny have her baby?”

John:  “Yes, …  and then some.”  He grins broadly

Margaret:  “What do you mean?”  She says quizzically.

John:  Well, Fanny gave birth to an enormous baby boy.  The doctor said that it might be nine or ten pounds!  It looks twice the size of our two older children.  I swear that he’s going straight to eating solid foods.”  He jests and they both laugh.  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Margaret:   Giggling.  “Ha ha ha!  Oh, my goodness!  Is Fanny alright?”

John:  “She seems to be now.  However, there were some tense moments right after the birth because she was bleeding so much.  And then, …”

Margaret:  “And then?”  Margaret is riveted by John’s retelling of Fanny giving birth.

John:  “And then, Fanny unexpectedly also gave birth to a small and dainty daughter.”  He raises his eyebrows for effect and looks at Margaret with a big smile on his face.

Margaret:  “Oh my!”   Margaret gives John a hug and kiss.  “How wonderful!  We’re an aunt and uncle—times two!”

John:  “And Margaret Darling, it gets even better.”

Margaret:  Looking at John in alarm, she asks.  “Now Fanny didn’t also have a third baby did she?”

John:  Laughing. “Ha ha ha!  No, my darling.  We’re the only Thornton’s with that distinction.”   John smiles at Margaret and gives her a hug and kiss.   “It’s the babies’ names.  Our nephew is named after his father and me, I’m honored to say—John Herbert Watson.”

Margaret:  “Oh John Dearest.  That’s so wonderful of Fanny and Watson.  And what did they name our niece?”

John:  “Our niece is Hannah Margaret Watson—after her grandmother and you, my Darling.”

Margaret:  “Oh, John my love.  I’m so honored.”   Margaret tears up.  “It’s so loving and sweet of Fanny and Watson to name their children after us and their grandmother.”

John:  “Yes, it is.”  John kisses Margaret’s forehead lovingly.  “Now Margaret Darling, I say that we eat our lunch and nurse our babies.  And, then, if you want to ride in the carriage to see Fanny and the babies, we can do that.”

Margaret:  “Oh yes, John Dearest!”

Then John proceeds to  fill in the birthing details of Watson uncharacteristically being present for most of the births and such—as well as his tender care and feelings for Fanny that he revealed to John–which amazes Margaret.


Later that afternoon, John and Margaret take a carriage ride into town to see Fanny and Watson and their new niece and nephew.  Margaret is not only excited to see her niece and nephew, but this is the first time that she has been out of their home and further afield than their garden–Margaret only having given birth herself to their triplets four weeks ago.  So since the sun is shining and the breeze cool but not chilly, John uses the open carriage so Margaret may enjoy seeing the countryside and town that she has missed.   As they pass Marlborough Mills, John and Margaret see several of their workers tending to new shipments of cotton bales–as well as the Mill School children playing a game outside–and they wave to each other.  Then Margaret snuggles up next to John and he puts his arm around her for their remaining ride to Fanny’s and Watson’s home.

After greeting Mother Thornton who is still there at the Watson’s home–but having tea in the parlor with Watson while Fanny nurses her babies upstairs–John and Margaret join them for tea.  Margaret is wearing her pretty pink dress [(3) right] that John admires so much on her–though it is still a bit snug since she hasn’t yet lost all of her baby weight.  But Margaret is delighted to be dressed up for a change. John and Margaret learn from Mother Thornton and Watson that Fanny is on her second nursing of the babies and by all accounts the babies are taking their nourishment well.

Then Fanny’s French ladies maid enters the parlor with an update.

French Ladies Maid:   “Mes Dames et Monsieurs, Madame Fanny dit qu’elle est prête à vous recevoir and show you les bébés.”  She announces in a mixture of French, English, and such.”

Margaret and Mother Thornton smile and nod in acknowledgement.  The men–John and Watson look uncertain.

Mother Thornton:  “Fanny will show you their babies now.”  She looks at the men askance for their not knowing French.  And it was not for lack of education on John’s part that he doesn’t know French.  He was always simply too engaged with business to study French closely that his Mother tried to teach him.

Margaret:  “Oh John and Watson, I can’t wait to see the babies!”  She exclaims excitedly.

They all move toward the grand central staircase of the Watson home, with John helping Margaret up the stairs since she is in a full skirt and still not used to climbing stairs much due to her confinement during and after their own babies’ births.  They knock on Fanny’s bedroom door.

Margaret:  “Fanny!   John and I are here to see how you’re doing and meet your babies.”  She says through the door.

Fanny:   “Entrez vous!”   Fanny says eagerly and a bit pretentiously.

John and Margaret and Watson and Mother Thornton are ushered into Fanny’s boudouir.  Because though it is the bedroom that Fanny shares with her husband Watson, the room is decorated for a princess–with every surface covered with satin or lace, or both.  John had not noticed this earlier because he was solely focusing on the well being of his sister Fanny.  John is glad that Margaret does not require their own shared bedroom to be so frilly and feminine.

John:  “Fanny!   You look as fresh as a daisy!”  He marvels at Fanny having her hair done up in curls and ringlets as usual and her sitting in a pale blue satin and lace day dress in the sette area of the bedroom.

Watson:  Moving to stand next to his sitting wife, Watson leans down and kisses Fanny’s forehead.  “Nay John, my darling girl is a rose beyond compare to have suffered so uncomplainingly in giving birth to our children this morning.”  Watson beams his love for Fanny as he holds her hand.  John and Margaret look on in astonishment at Watson’s display and expression of affection for Fanny.

Fanny:  She smiles at her husband.  “Herbert Dear, please ask nurse to bring the babies to us so we may introduce them to their aunt and uncle.”

Watson:  “Of course, my darling girl.”  He says lovingly and goes to do just that.

Fanny:  “Margaret, come sit with me.”  And Margaret sits next to Fanny on the sette.  “Mother.”  Fanny motions for her mother to sit in the large cushioned wing chair–which she does so gratefully.

Margaret:  “Fanny, you look wonderful!   How are you feeling?”  Margaret asks in concern as she gives Fanny a gentle hug.

Fanny:  “Tired!”  Then she whispers into Margaret’s ear.  “And more sore than when Watson gave me these babies.”

Margaret:  “Ha ha ha!”  Margaret titters in embarrassment with Fanny’s frankness and revelation.   Matters of babies and where they come from being topics that Margaret has only discussed with John or her midwife–never with Fanny.

John:  “What is so funny?”  He asks interestedly as he moves to sit in a chair next to Margaret’s side and takes her hand in his and squeezing it.

Margaret:   Regrouping, she says with wide eyes.  “Just something for new mothers’ ears, John Dear.”

Then the nurse walks in carrying their baby daughter and Watson carries his baby son.  The nurse hands her sleeping charge to Fanny.

Fanny:  “Margaret, this is little Hannah Margaret.”  Fanny rocks her baby gently in her arms as she looks at her mother and then at Margaret.

Margaret:  “Oh, she is so precious and dainty–just like you Fanny.  May I hold her?”  She asks eagerly.

Fanny:  “Of course.”  She lays baby Hannah in her Aunt Margaret’s arms.  And Margaret gently rocks her niece while she sleeps.

John:   “She’s a cutie.  And very quiet–compared to her mother, Fanny, as a baby.”

Fanny:  “Oh John!’  She pouts.  “Herbert, why don’t you let John hold his namesake.”

Watson:  “Delighted to my darling girl!”  And Watson proudly transfers his sleeping son into John’s arms.

Margaret:  Margaret looks back and forth between the dainty baby girl in her arms and the large baby in John’s arms.  “Oh Fanny Dear,  what a trial you had in giving birth to him.”

Fanny:  “Yes I did.   And we will be quite content with two children.  I don’t need to be doing this ever again.”  She states emphatically.

Watson:  “As you wish, my darling girl.”  Watson says with a pained expression on his face.  He had wanted at least a few more children.

John:  “I don’t know Fanny.  You and Watson have done a great job with these two babies so far.  You might decide that you want more babies once these two are past the baby stage.”  John smiles knowingly–thinking of his and Margaret’s own wish for at least one more child.

Mother Thornton:  “The Lord will bless you with more children or not as he sees fit.”

Fanny:  “Well, the doctor said that I should wait to get pregnant for at least two years.  Thank goodness!”  Of course Fanny is thinking of not having sex with Watson during that time either–a reprieve from her wifely duties.  Then she and Margaret coo some more over baby Hannah.

John:  Seeing the pained expression on Watson’s face, John stands while carrying little John Herbert and walks over to Watson standing at the fireplace mantel.  “Watson, Um did the doctor talk to you about not getting Fanny pregnant.”

Watson:  “Yes.”  He blushes.  Then he whispers to John.   “I know I may not be anyone’s idea of a Casanova …”

John:  “Kkkkk!”  John coughs in embarrassment at his fifteen years older brother-in-law’s statement.

Watson:  Continuing to whisper to John, he says.  “But I love my darling girl. And if I must wait two years for her to feel well enough for us to …, I will for her sake.”

John:  “Uh Watson, have you spoken to the doctor about that?”  He wonders if Watson knows about pregnancy prevention measures?

Watson:  “No, but my darling girl told me what he said.”

John:  “Uh huh.”  John realizes that Fanny has given Watson her version of what they must do to prevent another pregnancy. Not wanting to cause distress to his sister, but also knowing that the loving natures of a husband and wife cannot and should not be suppressed, John suggests.   “Um, just talk to the doctor directly yourself about it Watson.  He may have a suggestion or two.”  Watson nods his head.

Then there is a baby swap–with Margaret holding the huge baby John Herbert with pillows for support, and John holding the dainty Hannah Margaret.    They have a lovely hour chatting and cooing at the babies before Fanny’s fatigue causes them all to say their farewells.

To be continued with Chapter 86


“N&S: Nurturing Love”, Ch.  86 End:  John and Margaret Loving Each Other Again and Always (R rated)

John and Margaret return home around 5:00 o’clock in the late afternoon after seeing their new niece and nephew.  Margaret nurses their babies and then John and Margaret eat a bite of supper in their bedroom.  It is four weeks after giving birth, John and Margaret and the babies have settled into a regular routine.   But with the whole family is delighted with the birth of Fanny’s babies earlier this morning, it has been a long and hectic day.

However, this Saturday night after laying down the babies to sleep after nursing them this evening, John and Margaret cuddle lovingly.  Margaret intertwines her legs with John’s legs and they kiss and cuddle for some time.  Margaret’s stomach will take several more weeks to shrink to its pre-pregnancy shape and size.  But her abdomen has flattened a little and she and John are able to cuddle more closely together than they have been able to for many months while she was in her last months of being pregnant.  And, not unexpectedly, John’s love and eagerness for Margaret begins to become apparent with their kissing and cuddling as his manhood rises.

John:   “I’m sorry Margaret Darling.  It’s already been two months since we last lay with each other as husband and wife.  So, I’m just a little bit desirous of you right now—especially now that you’re the mother of my children.”   John and Margaret kiss adoringly.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, …”   Margaret says a little sheepishly.   “I too, have feelings of desire for you.”    John and Margaret look at each other longingly, lustfully, and lovingly.

John:  “Aren’t you still sore from giving birth?”  John asks hopefully.  “I mean, we couldn’t even be ‘creative’ in your last month of pregnancy because of the pain you were feeling from the pressure of the pregnancy.  And with you giving birth to triplets a month ago, that had to be stressful for your body.”  John is ever the attentive and considerate husband–however much he wants to lie with his wife right now.

Margaret:  “Well, I’m not that sore because I also yearn to be with you as your wife tonight.”   She kisses him sweetly, then asks shyly.  “Maybe, we could be …gentle?”    John nods his head eagerly and he waits for Margaret’s suggestion since he wants to make sure that she feels well enough to make love.   “Could we …”

John:  “Yes? …”

Margaret:  “Could we kiss and caress each other and see if I feel alright?  We can always stop if I feel pain.”

John:  “Margaret Darling, are you sure?”    John is concerned for Margaret’s welfare, but he is also eager to make love with her again.

Then Margaret caresses John in such a loving way that John becomes overwhelmingly desirous of his Margaret—not the least of which John watching their babies suckle at her breasts earlier today also excited him.   Margaret is John’s adored wife and mother to his children–his love for her at this moment is unbounded.  John kisses Margaret’s breasts as he gently caresses her.

Margaret:  Margaret moans with pleasure.  “Oh John Dearest, I have missed our lovemaking.”

John:  “As have I my darling!”

Margaret and John continue to kiss and caress each other deeply and passionately.  Margaret reaches perfect rapturous fulfillment first with John’s loving, soft, and gentle caresses of her.

Margaret:  “Oh, John my love.”  She says trembling with blissful ecstasy at her desire’s sensual release.  And John kisses his beautiful Margaret adoringly.  And she continues to kiss John’s lips and neck and chest as she caresses him.

John:  “Aah!  My Darling Margaret, you’ll have to stop caressing me or I’ll …”  He doesn’t say it but Margaret knows what he is referring to—since she is his loving and devoted wife.  So, Margaret gingerly sits on top of John as they join their bodies together with slow, gently movements–with Margaret on top in their lovemaking, she can control their loving coupling for her greater ease and comfort.  Her movements with her husband are slow and gentle–giving him such sweet sensations of pleasure that have long been denied him during her confinement. Then, John’s body trembles in rapturous bliss and he cries out.  “Oh Margaret my love!”

John and Margaret lay intertwined and blissfully kissing each other now that each of them has experienced their mutual desires’ rapturous and blissful fulfillment.   They look at each other and smile lovingly and kiss each other adoringly for a little while longer. Then they speak words of love to each other.

Margaret:  “John Dearest, I love you so–forever and always.”

John:  “Oh my Margaret Darling, I love you so–forever and always.  Do you feel alright my darling?”

Margaret:  “I’m perfect.”

Then John and Margaret kiss and cuddle loving with each other for some time.    John is an ardent and loving husband and the last two months without the daily lovemaking that he and Margaret had previously enjoyed has been difficult for him—and for Margaret as his loving wife.  But now, they can resume their lovingly sensuous tenderness with each other unreservedly.  Except for ….   The babies gurgling and making waking noises break their reverie.

John:  “Oh Margaret Darling, in my eagerness to make love with you I forgot to wear a sheath that the doctor gave me for when we make love.”  He looks at her a bit worriedly–it is definitely an oops moment.

Margaret:   “Oh!  Well, I’m nursing the babies and midwife Jenny said that nursing helps prevent another pregnancy.”  She says brightly as she puts her nightgown on and picks up their littlest baby Catherine [(4) left] and brings her to their bed, cradling her in her arms.  “We love you baby Catherine.  Yes we do.  You are growing stronger and bigger each day.”  Margaret leans in and kisses baby Catherine’s forehead and so does John.

John:  Not wanting to alarm Margaret he says.  “Alright Margaret Darling.  But we’ll be more careful next time.”  John leans in and kisses Margaret adoringly as he caresses her face lovingly [(5) right].

Then John gets out of bed and puts his pajama pants on and hands baby Rachel to Margaret.  Then he goes back for baby Robert and cradles him in his arms as he sits next to Margaret in their bed.   John and Margaret continue to kiss and cuddle with each other as they hold their babies in their arms until it is time to nurse baby Rachel, baby Robert, and baby Catherine. John and Margaret feel truly blessed with their love and their growing family.

Epilogue:   John and Margaret’s love for each other is deep and abiding and will last their whole lifetime together.   They are truly blessed to have found each other and overcome their initial misunderstandings–about the seemingly harsh ways of the North that John had to strive to overcome, and about the seemingly idyllic and unspoiled ways of the South in which compassion for one’s fellow man was a blessed obligation to fulfill.  John’s and Margaret’s love is a meeting of two cultures, two minds, and two hearts.  And their children now and in the future will benefit from their parents loving example of how courage and conviction can be lovingly joined together.

The End

P.S.  And once again, here is the lovely North & South video “This I Promise You” by Illlna [(6) below]:

Author’s Note:  Thank you so much for reading my fan fiction “North & South:  Nurturing Love” through to its conclusion today.  NSNL  was the first of over 50 stories that I began writing back in April 2010–it reawakened my journey as a creative writer.  And I have loved exploring John’s and Margaret’s story and sharing it with you.  As with my other stories that I have completed serializing here on my blog, I will post the NSNL story links in the sidebar section “Gratiana’s Story Links” should you and others wish to return to reading it.

I might return to telling John and Margaret’s story in the future.  But for now, I will continue serializing my other original and fan fiction stories here on my blog.  I truly appreciate your support for my stories and other writings with your readership and your comments.

Sincerely, Gratiana Lovelace  May 28, 2012


(1)     The “North & South: Nurturing Love” story logo is a composite of three images, with text that I added:
(a) John Thornton (as portrayed by Richard Armitage) having just kissed his love Margaret Hale (as portrayed by Daniela Denby-Ashe) and them gazing lovingly at each other in the North & South (BBC 2004), episode 4 (pix 346) train station kissing scene; the image was found at;
(b)  a cropped image of the brambled tree branches in the Milton cemetery as John Thornton walks through it in North & South, episode 3 (pix 15), the image was found at;
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(2)     Image representing Rose Cottage, John and Margaret Thornton’s home, is a composite of two images:  the home was found at; and the roses that I masked and sampled them onto the home were from MS Office Clip Art found at|mt:2|

(3)     Cropped and masked image of John Thornton (as portrayed by Richard Armitage)  from the BBC’s 2004 production of North & South, Promo pix 17 was found at; composited with Composite image of Margaret Hale’s head (as portrayed by Daniela Denby-Ashe) from the North & South music soundtrack dvd cover found at; and a pink Victorian dress found at; photo manip done by Gratiana Lovelace, 3/25/12.

(4)     Image used to represent a sleeping baby was found at×360.jpg

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(6)     “This I Promise You” a North & South video by Illlna found at




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