“Fire & Ice: A Love Story”, Ch. 3-7: Thomas Discovers Caroline’s Secret, 6/04/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #200)


“Fire & Ice:  A Love Story”, Ch. 3-7:  Thomas Discovers Caroline’s Secret,  6/04/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #200)

An Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace
(all rights reserved)

[I will illustrate my story with images of actors representing my ‘dream cast’–including Richard Armitage and Anne Hathaway for the lead characters of Thomas and Caroline, respectively, as noted in the image credits.]
[(1) Fire & Ice story logo left]

Author’s Note:  “Fire & Ice” is a romantic thriller.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes and some passages involving intrigue and some violence.  I will label those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings I provide, then please don’t read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Story Recap:  Parted by unfounded allegations of betrayal 4 years ago, Thomas and Caroline find themselves working together again.  But can they be intelligence community professional colleagues again after being failed lovers?  And will Caroline’s secret of bearing Thomas’ now 3.5 year old son bring them together, or build an impenetrable wall between them?  They will find out with Thomas driving Caroline home after she injured her hand after falling in their darkened office suite this Friday Night after filling out some Human Resources paperwork for her new hire.

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 3:  Thomas Drives Caroline Home

On their way out of the building Friday night, Thomas makes a point of mentioning to the maintenance supervisor on duty about Caroline’s [(2) right] accidental fall due to the lights being turned off on them.  And Caroline dutifully holds up her bandaged hand for him to see.  Thomas carries Caroline’s briefcase for her as they walk to her car in the parking lot.  Then Thomas drives Caroline to her apartment.  Caroline and Thomas get out of her car to walk into her apartment building.  As they walk into the lobby, she stops and says.

Caroline:  “Thomas, thanks so much for driving me home.  I think I can carry my briefcase the rest of the way from here.”   Caroline doesn’t want Thomas to find out she has a son–their son–just yet.   Then as she tries to pick up the briefcase and hold her keys and carry her purse, Caroline realizes that she can’t do this one handed.

Thomas:  “Caroline, I think you’re still the walking wounded tonight.  Let me help you into your apartment, then I’ll call a taxi and head back to get my own car.”  Thomas is trying to be helpful to Caroline—since she was injured on the job.  But, he welcomes getting to spend some private time with her—despite the still somewhat disinterested and civil tone that Caroline shows toward him.

Caroline looks at Thomas questioningly, not suspiciously, but knowing that her secret—their son—is just one door down from her apartment being watched by her neighbor, Mrs. Burns.  And Caroline does not think that she can handle a conversation about their son on top of everything else tonight.  So, she decides to make Thomas’ stop at her apartment quick so she can then retrieve Trevor from Mrs. Burns.

Caroline:  “Alright, thanks.  I guess you’re earning your ‘team’ stripes tonight.”   She says pleasantly and with a small smile–referring to his earlier comment that though he was the Division Chief, he encourages everyone to think of themselves as being part of the team.

As they have talked this evening, Caroline’s tone has softened ever so slightly toward Thomas—which he [(3) right] now acknowledges as he gives her a sidelong glance as they ride in the elevator together.   But Caroline is facing forward–not wanting to gaze at Thomas lest her resolve waver.  Caroline’s apartment is on the third floor and they reach it quickly by elevator.  As she opens her apartment door, Caroline realizes her apartment is not as tidy as she would like—with some of Trevor’s toys and books strewn about the tables and floor.

Thomas:  Ignoring the disarray—and not noticing that it is comprised of children’s toys–he says.    “This is a nice apartment.  How many bedrooms does it have?”

Caroline:  “Two.  Sorry about the mess.  I didn’t plan to have unexpected guests this evening.”

Thomas:  “Not to worry, you should see my place.  … Well, you remember.”  He says a little wistfully about their days when they lived together as a couple.

Just then, there is a knock on the door and Caroline knows that it is Mrs. Burns with Trevor.  So, she says trying to distract Thomas.

Caroline:  “Oh, Thomas, that’s my sitter.  I’ll be right back. If you want to use the phone, it’s on the wall in the kitchen.  And the phonebook is just underneath it.”

Thomas nods his head.  He didn’t realize that Caroline has a child.  Her file didn’t go into personal details.  But, Thomas does as Caroline asks him and he walks over to the kitchen and starts looking in the phonebook for taxi companies.

Caroline:  Caroline hurriedly answers her apartment door for her sitter and next door neighbor, Mrs. Burns [(4) right].  “I’m really sorry to be so late, Mrs. Burns.”  Caroline apologizes because it is almost 8:30pm—45 minutes past when she said she would be home.   “I stopped by my new workplace to sign some paperwork and I was injured.”   Caroline shows her bandaged left hand to Mrs. Burns.

Thomas:  Leaning out from behind the kitchen wall column Thomas says to Mrs. Burns.  “Our fault, the maintenance crew had left a trash can out in the aisle and she tripped over it in the dark.”   Then he sneaks glances at the front door and the exchange that is happening between Caroline and her sitter.

Mrs. Burns:  “Oh my Dear.  Are you alright?”  She asks as she hands the sleeping Trevor over to Caroline’s good right arm.

Caroline:  “Thanks, I’m fine Mrs. Burns.  Did Trevor eat a good dinner?”

Mrs. Burns:  “Yes.  Oh, he was good as gold as usual.  He’s such a delightful little boy.  I so enjoy watching him for you since my own grandchildren live out of state.”  Mrs. Burns lovingly strokes the sleeping child’s head.    “Now, he hasn’t had too much to drink in the last hour, but you probably want to see if he will go to the potty again before you lay him down to sleep for the night.”

Caroline nods and motions for Mrs. Burns to just set Trevor’s bag down.  But Thomas walks up behind Caroline and takes the bag from Mrs. Burns for Caroline.

Caroline:  Remembering her manners—and because Mrs. Burns has never seen her with a man, let alone a man in her apartment—Caroline says  “Oh Mrs. Burns, this is one of my work colleagues, … an old … friend, Thomas Kane.  Thomas this is Mrs. Burns, my neighbor.”

Mrs. Burns:  “It’s lovely to meet you.”   Mrs. Burns says warmly and shaking his offered hand–thinking that Caroline and Thomas would make a lovely couple.  Of course, Mrs. Burns does not know that they had already been a lovely couple at one time.

Thomas:  “It’s lovely to meet you, too, Mrs. Burns.”

Caroline:  “Thanks again Mrs. Burns.  I’ll bring Trevor over Monday morning before I leave for my new job.”   Caroline smiles as she waves good bye to Mrs. Burns and Thomas shuts the door for her since her only good hand at the moment is carrying Trevor.  “Thomas, I’m sorry, but I need to put Trevor to bed.  It’s already 8:30pm.  So, his bath will have to wait until the morning.”

Thomas:   “Where do you want me to put this down?”   Thomas lifts Trevor’s bag again.

Caroline:  “In Trevor’s room.”

Thomas hasn’t really noticed what the little boy looks like up until now when the sleeping Trevor shifts in Caroline’s arms and she has a hard time holding the sleepy squirming child with one arm—since Caroline injured and not able to carry such a tall child.  So, Thomas sets down Trevor’s bag and says to Caroline.

Thomas:  “Here, let me help you.”   As Thomas takes Trevor in his arms, before Caroline can stop him—although, she could have stopped him if she really wanted to—Thomas gets a better look at the dark brown haired little boy.   “He’s a cutie.”

Then looking at the little boy in his arms more closely, Thomas [(5) right] gets a look of recognition on his face that Caroline tries not to notice.  And, Thomas wonders in his secret heart of hearts, ‘Could Trevor be my child?’

To be continued with Chapter 4

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 4:  Thomas Meets his Son

Caroline shows Thomas into Trevor’s room, trying to maintain her composure because she has longed for this moment ever since she found out that she was pregnant with Trevor, Thomas’ child.  But she never really thought that Trevor and his daddy would meet so soon—though she has hoped for it all along.

Caroline:  Trying to sound natural—as if she has Trevor’s Daddy help her put Trevor to bed every night, she says   “Thank you Thomas.  Let’s just lay him on the small twin bed for now.  I need to see if we can wake him up so he can go to the potty so he doesn’t pee in his bed overnight—even with his pull-ups on.”

Thomas:  He nods his head, wondering if he should ask the question that is in his heart.  However,   “Yes, Caroline.”  …  is all that Thomas can muster at the moment, because he’s not sure what to say or think as he gently lays the sleeping child on the bed.

Caroline:  To Trevor she says sweetly to her little boy.   “Trevor honey, Mommy’s home.”   She kisses Trevor’s cheek and he starts to wake up.   “Mrs. Burns said that you were a good boy for her.  Thank you my little man.  Did you have fun?”

Trevor:  Trevor sits up rubbing his eyes.   “Yes, Mommy.  Mrs. B and I made cookies.”  Then Trevor sees a tall man, Thomas, standing next to his bed and Trevor becomes a bit frightened because he’s never seen a man in their home.   “Mommy!”  Trevor says fearfully as he gets off his bed and cringes behind his Mommy’s legs.

Caroline:  “Oh Trevor honey.  It’s alright.”   She says rubbing his back.   “This is Mommy’s friend, Mr. Kane.  I had a boo boo tonight—see?”   Caroline shows Trevor her bandaged left hand.  “And Mr. Kane helped me and brought me home.   Now, be nice Trevor and shake Mr. Kane’s hand.”

Trevor:  Shyly and sleepily, Trevor says politely looking up at Thomas.  “Hello, Mr. K.”   Trevor [(6) right] is too sleepy to remember the rest of the tall man’s name.

Thomas:  Kneeling down next to Trevor so that he doesn’t seem so tall and imposing Thomas says     “Nice to meet you Trevor.”  Thomas and Trevor shake hands.  Thomas looks at Trevor closely and Caroline can see that Thomas has an inkling about his connection to Trevor—because Trevor looks just like Thomas did as a little boy.  Then Thomas says   “But, you can just call me Thomas.  Hmmm?”

Trevor:  “That’s my name, too.  I’m Trevor Thomas Walters.”   Trevor says pointing to himself smiling broadly–proud that he knows his full name as he smiles up at his Mommy, Caroline.

Thomas gasps.  Caroline shuts her eyes knowing that Thomas now has more than an inkling that Trevor is his son.  And when Caroline opens her eyes, she sees Thomas soulfully [(7) right] looking up at her  while he is still on his knees next to Trevor.  Then the tiny Trevor sensing that Thomas is okay–and no one to be afraid of—he leans in and gives Thomas a hug that Thomas returns and then Thomas kisses his son’s cheek.  Caroline’s eyes start to tear up because she has wanted this moment to happen for so long—and she never thought that it would.  Caroline looks soulfully back at Thomas, then she has to compose herself so that she can put her little Trevor to bed.

Caroline:  “Trevor sweetie, let’s go into the bathroom so you can go potty and then we’ll change your pull-ups and put on your jammies.    Hmmm?  Since it’s so late at night, I’ll give you a bath in the morning.”

Thomas stands, still in shock–watching this little domestic scene play out between mother and son—and father, himself.  Thomas realizes that he can’t ask Caroline the myriad number of questions rushing through his mind right now in front of Trevor.  So, he looks down at Trevor with a small smile.

Trevor:  “Mommy, then can Thomas Tall Man read me my bed time story?”  Trevor says straining to look up at the very tall Thomas who is standing right next to him.

Caroline:  “Yes, Trevor sweetie.”   Then she says apologetically to Thomas.   “Sorry, Thomas.  Trevor tends to be descriptive about people.”

Thomas:  “Not at all.”    He says to Caroline.  Then kneeling down next to Trevor again Thomas says  “Trevor, I’d like to read you a story.  So, after you get into your jammies, you pick out a book and let me know.”  Then Thomas stands and motions with his hand.  “Uh.  Caroline?  I’ll just wait in the living room for you to finish getting Trevor ready for bed.”   Thomas smiles warmly and then he walks into the living room and sits down on the couch—needing to stop the room from spinning for a moment.

To be continued with Chapter 5


“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 5:  Thomas Reads his Son a Bedtime Story

After Trevor goes potty, washes his hands and face, and changes into new pull-ups, his Mommy helps him put on his jammies-­-albeit one handedly.  Then Trevor picks out a book and brings it, his blankie, and his favorite picture out to Thomas in the living room.  Trevor climbs up onto the couch and then onto Thomas’ lap.  This is a new experience for Thomas—having a child, his child, sitting on his lap and Thomas reading a book to him.  Caroline sits to their left on the couch tenderly watching Thomas and their son Trevor closely.

Trevor:  Trevor arranges his blankie over himself, holding it with his right hand while sucking his thumb—as he sometimes still does—and Trevor wraps his left arm around Thomas’ neck as Trevor snuggles into Thomas’ chest to hear his bedtime story about a plane.  Trevor smiles at his Mommy and she smiles back to him.  “I like plane stories because my Daddy flies in planes to help people.”  Trevor sighs sleepily.

Thomas:  “Your Daddy helps people?”   Thomas asks quizzically, wondering what Caroline has told Trevor.  And Caroline looks on lovingly as this tender moment between her son and his father plays out.

Trevor:   “Yes, that’s why he can’t come to see us except in our dreams.  But, Mommy says that whenever we see a plane flying in the air, that Daddy might be going to help someone and I wave at him.  This is my Daddy.”  Trevor says proudly handing Thomas a worn and faded picture [(8) right] of himself in fatigues with a red cross patch on his arm from the days when his unit was attached to a Red Cross aid mission.  “Mommy says that maybe someday Daddy will come home.  But until he does come home, he sends me nice notes and presents like this book on special days and my birthday.”

Thomas:  Touched by his little boy’s story—and that Caroline is keeping Thomas alive in the boy’s mind and heart—Thomas hugs his little boy and kisses Trevor’s forehead and says.  “Your Daddy sounds like he loves you very much.”  And Caroline knows that Thomas is telling Trevor that he loves Trevor very much–and she tears up again.

After Thomas reads the plane story out loud to him until Trevor falls asleep, Thomas carries the sleeping Trevor to his bed with Caroline trailing behind.  Caroline and Thomas tuck their son into bed, they each give Trevor a kiss on his forehead, and then they quietly and hesitantly walk into the living room to talk.

To be continued with Chapter 6


“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 6:  Thomas and Caroline Talk about their Son and Their Relationship

Neither Thomas nor Caroline knows what to say to each other about the unspoken revelation that Caroline’s son Trevor is Thomas’ son, too.  But, they each know that they don’t want a repeat of the recriminations that broke them apart.  Caroline [(9) right] and Thomas sit on the couch facing each other—with Caroline sitting to Thomas’ right–for the most important talk of their lives.   Finally, Thomas breaks the silence.

Thomas:   “Caroline… Trevor… he’s … ours isn’t he?”   He asks hopefully.  Thomas knows in his heart that Trevor is his son, but he needs to hear Caroline say it.

Caroline:  “Yes, Thomas.  Trevor is your son.”  She says as calmly as she can.   “His full legal name is Trevor Thomas Walters Kane.”  Thomas closes his eyes and brings his hand up to his chin in shock as he processes the now confirmed fact that he has a son—a child born of his and Caroline’s past love.  Then Caroline continues.   “I found out I was pregnant before we broke up and I was overjoyed!   I was going to tell you that night … the night you accused me of…”   Caroline’s voice trails away as she tries not to let the emotions she is feeling—love, loss, betrayal, anguish, and hope–overcome her.  “ But, I never got the chance and we broke up.  I thought if I told you then that I was pregnant, you’d just think that he belonged to someone else.  But, as I became more pregnant and I could feel our son moving inside me–and then when he was born—I tried to contact you again, several times, to tell you.   But, you would never return my phone calls.  And, I didn’t think this was something I could put in a letter.”   Caroline waits for Thomas to respond—wondering if Thomas will want to be a part of Trevor’s life, and maybe be a part of her life.

Thomas:  Then looking at Caroline soulfully, Thomas tries to make amends.  “Caroline, I’m so sorry.  I know now I was wrong and that you hadn’t cheated on me.  I found out a year after we broke up that Paul Foster had told lies about you to me to separate us because he wanted you for himself.  Needless to say, he and I are no longer friends.  Then after I found out, I wanted to find you, but I didn’t think that you would take me back. … I didn’t think that I deserved to be taken back.  I had betrayed our love by not trusting it—by not trusting you.”

Caroline:  “We loved each other then.  Why didn’t you trust me, Thomas?”  She says a tad accusatorially.  It is a question she has agonized over for four years.

Thomas:  “I guess, I didn’t feel worthy of you, of your love.  And Foster fed on my insecurities.  In the end, my betrayal of you proved that I wasn’t worthy of you.”  Thomas looks at Caroline yearningly, wanting to recapture the love that they shared, but not daring to hope that she will forgive him–he still doesn’t feel worthy of her.

Caroline:  “Thomas, I was… I still am very hurt by what happened between us.  … But, I hope that we can put that behind us for Trevor’s sake.  I have always hoped that Trevor would someday meet his Daddy—you Thomas—and have you in his life.  That’s why I’ve kept you alive in Trevor’s mind and heart.  So, whatever difficulties you and I might have personally, I hope we can still be good parents to Trevor together.”   Caroline musters all of her willpower to not break down in tears and kiss and embrace Thomas—her only love.  But, she thinks too much time has passed and all that she can hope for is for Thomas to be in Trevor’s life—even if Thomas won’t be in her life except as a professional colleague.

Thomas:   “Thank you for that, Caroline.  I would like to be a part of Trevor’s life.”  Thomas looks at Caroline and senses the invisible barriers that she has put up—that his betrayal of her helped build–and it makes him sad.  Then Thomas  [(10) right] says with trepidation–and no expectation that Caroline will forgive him, let alone that she will take him back—but he has to tell her his feelings because he may never get another chance.   “Caroline, … I still love you.   I always have.   There has been no one in my life since you—at all.  If there’s a chance that we might be able to start fresh—to see where that takes us–I would like that very much.  And, I want this not just for Trevor’s sake, but for ours.”

Caroline:  Caroline hears what her heart wants Thomas to say to her, but her rational mind tells her not to believe him.  The trust that was shattered between them four years ago, cannot be easily mended.  Then Caroline says to Thomas honestly and without recrimination.   “I don’t know if we can recapture what we had Thomas.  …”  But then, Caroline truthfully and searingly tells Thomas how much he has hurt her.   “I loved you completely before—with my whole heart and soul— … and you threw me away with your unfounded and hurtful accusations. … I haven’t been able to trust or to love anyone since then—since you.”   Caroline tears up and not being able to stop herself from crying, she buries her face in her uninjured right hand turning away from Thomas who is sitting to her left.

Thomas:  “Caroline,   I …”

Moved by Caroline’s anguish … that he caused … and wanting to comfort her, Thomas instinctively puts his arms behind her back and underneath her legs and he lifts her body up and places Caroline sitting sideways on his lap—as they used to do when they were together years ago.  And Thomas gently holds Caroline in his arms in a loose embrace.  At first, Caroline resists being held in his arms, but Thomas holds her in his embrace so gently, so tenderly, so lovingly, that Caroline then just lays against him and sobs into his neck as her arms go around Thomas’ shoulders.  They sit like this for some time as Thomas tries to comfort Caroline as she continues sobbing.  Thomas strokes Caroline’s back comfortingly as he soothes her—telling her that he loves her and that he was wrong and that he is sorry.  Then after sometime passes and Caroline’s sobbing lessens to weeping and then to crying, Thomas kisses Caroline on her right cheek while her face is still buried in his neck.

Caroline has wanted to be in Thomas’ arms again for so long that she can’t believe that she is in them now—as if they were still lovers as they used to be.  Caroline has walled herself off from any loving emotions—except the love that she gives to and receives from Trevor—that she is afraid to let herself trust Thomas again.  But, she melts in Thomas’ arms now.  And then, Caroline leans back from Thomas kissing her cheek and she gazes soulfully into his eyes as her right hand caresses his left cheek.  Then as if the last four years of betrayal and anguish and separation and loss have not happened, Thomas and Caroline lean in toward each other and kiss each other–at first shyly, then tenderly, then lovingly, then passionately.  It is as if their love has lain dormant—locked away and abandoned, but not forgotten—and then their love is given a new chance at life tonight.

Thomas:  “I love you so, Caroline.  I always have.”  He says holding her face in his hands.

Caroline:  “Thomas, I love you so—you are my only love.”

And, Thomas and Caroline kiss each other again, lovingly, tenderly, and sweetly.

To be continued with Chapter 7


“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 7:  Healing Hearts Slumber

Thomas and Caroline cling to each other on the couch after their lovely kisses give them each new hope of rekindling their love for one another.  Both of them are crying now.  Thomas wants to make love with Caroline tonight with all of his heart, but he knows that she is fragile—and he caused that.  Just as his own heart is fragile from not trusting their love years ago—making Thomas feel unworthy of Caroline’s love.  Their love that Thomas had foolishly and carelessly broken cannot be mended quickly.  But their broken love needs to be mended—for both Thomas’ and Caroline’s sakes.  Then Thomas kisses Caroline’s inside wrist of her right hand that has been caressing his left cheek and then he intertwines the fingers of his left hand with her right hand and they gaze into each others’ eyes.  They do not speak for some time as their gazes search each others’ hearts.  For Thomas [(11) right], he seeks forgiveness and redemption and love in Caroline’s eyes.  For Caroline, she seeks in Thomas’ eyes the love that Thomas tore away from her and she seeks Thomas’ faith in her restored.

Thomas:  After a little while, seeing that it is 10:00pm from the clock on the wall, Thomas says hesitantly.   “Caroline, now that we’ve found each other again, I don’t want to leave you tonight.  … But, I know that we have to take things slowly.”  Caroline nods her head with lowered eyes–she is too overcome with emotion to speak.  Then Thomas asks hesitantly.  “Can we just lay in each others’ arms and go to sleep tonight?  I promise Caroline, we will just hold each other.”

Caroline:  Caroline looks at Thomas for a few moments, then says hesitantly and longingly.  “Yes, Thomas.   I would like that.”


Caroline stands up and Thomas does also.  She leads him into her bedroom.  They each take turns visiting her bathroom to change and such.  Caroline puts on her sleeveless flower print empire waisted soft stretch cotton nightgown that is pretty, but not particularly sexy.  As a single Mom, Caroline has not had time to think about herself in that way—sexy—despite other men trying to approach her.  Though she knows well that Thomas sleeps in the nude, Caroline gives Thomas some old sweat pants and a t-shirt that she had of her brother’s for him to put on to sleep in and he does so in her bathroom.  Then, they each slide into one side of her queen size bed—Caroline sleeping on the right side of the bed because of her injured left hand and not wanting Thomas to roll on it, and Thomas on the left side of the bed.   However, these were also their usual sleeping positions when they lived together years ago as lovers.  Thomas lays his left arm behind Caroline’s head on her pillow and she nestles into his left side.  Each of them thinks that this all seems so familiar–yet, it is all new again as well.  They chat a bit before they drift off to sleep.

Thomas:  Noticing she has been favoring her injured hand he kisses her forehead and asks.  “Caroline, how is your hand feeling?”

Caroline:  “It has been throbbing a little so I took another OTC pain medicine and it’s starting to feel a little better again.”

Thomas:  “We probably should have put it on ice as well as bandaging it.  But…we’ve had a busy evening.”

Caroline:  “Yes, … we have.  That’s an understatement.”

Thomas:  “Caroline, I know that we’ll eventually tell little Trevor who I am—his Daddy.  But since you know him best, I’ll leave it up to you to decide when to do so.  Just give me a little warning in case he has questions for me.”

Caroline:    She nods.  “Well Thomas, I’ll warn you now that Trevor likes to climb into bed with me on weekend mornings–to cuddle before we make breakfast and watch cartoons.  So, be prepared to have a little visitor in the morning.”

Thomas:  Then sounding concerned, Thomas asks.   “But Caroline, won’t my still being here—and my being in your bed–scare Trevor?”

Caroline:   “I don’t think so.  Though you’re the first man who has visited our home, as you saw tonight when Trevor hugged you, Trevor is a pretty perceptive little boy.  If I am okay with something or someone, then he is okay with it.”

Thomas:  Thomas nods in understanding.  “Alright.  … Good night Caroline.  I love you.”  He leans in and kisses her sweetly on her lips and she responds sweetly to him.

Caroline:   “Good night Thomas.  I love you.”

Then they close their eyes and drift into a grateful and loving sleep in each others’ arms.  Although they each awaken at some point throughout the night—Caroline to check on Trevor and such—they return to their sleepy cuddling embraces in each others’ arms.  Their sweet and chaste embracing as they slumber begins to heal their broken hearts as their bodies welcome this small act of tenderness toward and for one another.

To be continued with Chapter 8



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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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11 Responses to “Fire & Ice: A Love Story”, Ch. 3-7: Thomas Discovers Caroline’s Secret, 6/04/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #200)

  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    The father and son interaction was really lovely, as well as Thomas’ and Caroline’s broken hearts trying to understand and trust each other again, with all tender feelings they still share, and their little angel. A very sweet story so far! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Fabi says:

    And this is post #200! Congrats for the milestone and for the 50,000 views achieved in the last days! Your blog is certainly an important place of good reading and fun and friendship to many people like me around the world. Let’s say together, folks: Hip-hip-hooray!!! Thank you, Gratiana!


    • Hi Fabi,
      Thanks for your congrats and your lovely note! Who would have “thunk” that I would hit 50,000 so quickly? I’m really thrilled with the response I’ve received! Thanks to you and everyone for being so supportive.
      Bill will take me out to lunch at our local World Gourmet buffet this weekend to celebrate.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. AJ Daisy says:

    Hi Grati, What a beautiful, beautiful, story. Thank You


    • Hi AJ Daisy,
      Thanks for your kind note. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this new story. I will serialize it on Fridays and Mondays as is my usual habit.
      And next weekend’s installment on Friday and Monday will have some joyful teary moments. So get your hankies ready.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. Ania says:

    Hi Grati,
    I love your new story, and I look forward to the next chapters. Thank you for sharing.


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  6. april73 says:

    I will read this as soon as possible. ;-)

    And congratulations for your 200th post !!! :-)


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