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Ah, sweet Sunday!   Sleeping in past 7:00am–that is late for us, ha!–and cuddling next to my loving hubby.  What could be better?  Not much!  But to round out a perfect early morning after we arise from our slumber, we breakfast together (homemade pancakes with maple syrup, yummy) and then I pop “The Vicar of Dibley, A Holy Wholly Happy Ending” (BBC 2006) dvd into my laptop to watch it while my hubby goes to tinker on his bicycles.

I adore the love story between the Vicar Geraldine and her Harry.  And I love Harry, too–and the man, Richard Armitage, who portrays him.  Sigh!  Well, I don’t “love” Harry–he’s fictional.  Nor do I actually “love” Mr. Armitage.  Real though he may be, someone whom you are never ever likely to meet also drifts into the fictional (fantasy?) realm.  Ha!

Alright, I’ll admit it–as if you couldn’t tell.  I do love him–Harry, Richard, whomever.  Ha!    He is just so darn cute and adorable in “The Vicar of Dibley” in a geeky DIY guy sort of way–rather like my wonderful hubby.   I can’t definitively state why we short gals are attracted to our tall, dark, handsome, and endearingly sweet and charming men–I am 5 foot 2  and my hubby is 6 foot 4, not unlike the petite Gerry at 5 ft nothing and Harry at 6 foot 2.  We just are.  Sighhhhh!  But maybe this video might come close to explaining it.  Ha!  Enjoy

“Crazy Vicar Chick”, a Richard Armitage Vicar of Dibley fan video by KlasnaK7

I also want to share with you “some” my favorite Vicar of Dibley pictures of Richard Armitage portraying Harry Kennedy.  I had initially created another WP slideshow (with 196 images in it, yikes!).   But I ended up creating a music video instead (with only episode 1 pictures)–“Harry, I can love you better”– using the Dixie Chicks song “I Can Love You Better”.   Screen caps are courtesy of RANet as noted in the references–I cropped and brightened the images.   This video is done with my tongue firmly in my cheek–but with a love for the Dibley characters. Ha!  Here is the video URL.  Enjoy!

P.S.  As many of you know, I wrote a 15 page fan fiction narrative treatment for a new Vicar of Dibley 8 episode series that I titled “Dibley Revisited:  A Season of New Beginnings” and serialized in two installments on my blog in February 2012 as my Valentine’s offering.  Delightfully, my Dibley fan fiction story extension has turned out to be my second most popular post so far–with 1,000 views and counting of the second half (episodes 4-8) alone!   I’m thrilled that everyone is enjoying it so much.

And as I have facetiously joked before, Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer (the real Vicar of Dibley show writers) please give me a call if you would like to use any of my ideas.   Like that would ever happen.  Ha!   But truly, the fans of The Vicar of Dibley show would love to see a new season.  I know I would.  The characters Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer created–and Dawn French and the rest of the cast brought to life–are etched firmly in our hearts.

You will find my “Dibley Revisited” fan fiction and all of my story links–after I have completed serializing them here on my blog–in my blog’s sidebar to the right under “Gratiana’s Story Links”.  However, I also provide you with my “Dibley Revisited” story links again below for your convenience:

“Dibley Revisited” Fan Fiction by Gratiana Lovelace, Episodes 0 (Prologue) to 3:

“Dibley Revisited: Fan Fiction by Gratiana Lovelace, Episodes 4 to 8 (End):


“Crazy Vicar Chick”, a Richard Armitage Vicar of Dibley fan video by KlasnaK7

Screen caps of Richard Armitage (portraying Harry Kennedy) and Dawn French (portraying Vicar Geraldine Granger)  in the BBC’s “The Vicar of Dibley A Holy Wholly Happy Ending” (2006, episodes 1 and 2) are courtesy of RANet at   I cropped and brightened them.

For more information about Mr. Armitage’s role as Harry Kennedy in the two episode “The Vicar of Dibley” Christmas Special in 2006 (BBC), please visit

And don’t forget, that when you are expanding your Richard Armitage artistic projects library:   When you make your purchases through the RANet Amazon Affiliate link, RANet donates their commissions to one of Mr. Armitage’s chosen charities.  Here is that link for you:

“Harry, I can love you better” a Richard Armitage and Vicar of Dibley fan video by Gratiana Lovelace June 10, 2012 is found at

“I Can Love You Better” sung by the Dixie Chicks, on their “Wide Open Spaces” CD (1997, 1998 Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

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  1. Kitty says:

    Love it! Harry is absolutely adorable on the “stealth is one thing” bench scene.


  2. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    Sunday is sweeter with Harry! Another thing I love about him is that RA said: “Probably Harry Kennedy is the most like myself” (among the characters he played). *double sigh*


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