“Fire & Ice: A Love Story”, Ch. 12 – 14: Saturday Morning Family Time, 6/11/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #205)

“Fire & Ice:  A Love Story”, Ch. 12 – 14:  Saturday Morning Family Time,  6/11/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #205)

An Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace
(all rights reserved)

[I will illustrate my story with images of actors representing my ‘dream cast’–including Richard Armitage and Anne Hathaway for the lead characters of Thomas and Caroline, respectively, as noted in the image credits.]

[(1) Fire & Ice story logo left]

Author’s Note:  “Fire & Ice” is a romantic thriller.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes and some passages involving intrigue and some violence.  I will label those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings I provide, then please don’t read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Story Recap:  In the pre dawn hours of Saturday morning, Thomas and Caroline gave in to their loving feelings for each other and made love.  Then upon waking Saturday morning, little Trevor climbed up on the bed to snuggle with his Mommy as usual, but he found his Daddy there and the truth came out.  Actually, little Trevor is handling the revelation that Thomas the Tall man is his Daddy quite well for an almost three and a half year old.


“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 12:  Saturday Breakfast as a Family

As the newly reconstituted Walters-Kane family walks into the living area of Caroline’s apartment Saturday morning, their thoughts turn to breakfast.

Caroline:  “Thomas, we usually do French toast on Saturday’s—with pan cakes on Sundays.  So, how many would you like?”

Thomas:  “Hmmm.  Sounds tasty.  Two please.  But can I help?”  Thomas [(2) right] offers.

Caroline:  “Well if you could keep Trevor occupied–so he stays away from the hot stove–that will be a big help.  Trevor honey, why don’t you get your Memory Book and show it to Daddy?  Then after breakfast you can watch cartoons.”

Trevor:  “Okay Mommy.”   Trevor goes over to an end table with a lower shelf and picks up a large scrap book that he puts on the couch.  Then he climbs on the couch and says patting the seat next to him.   “Sit here Daddy.”  Trevor smiles broadly.

Thomas marvels at how adaptable little Trevor seems to be with meeting his Daddy—Thomas—for the first time just this morning.  He guesses that kids are more resilient that way.  And even though Thomas was at first taken aback by the news that he is a Daddy—but wonderfully so—Thomas has managed to follow Caroline’s lead in taking care of and interacting with little Trevor.

Thomas:   Thomas sits down on the couch and Trevor crawls onto his lap again.  Then lifting up the scrapbook [(3) right], Thomas says.   “So Trevor, let’s look through your Memory Book.”

Trevor:  Excitedly Trevor says.   “Open it up, Daddy!”   Thomas does so.  Then pointing to different pictures, Trevor suggests.   “I’ll point to the pictures and you read the stories.”

Thomas:    Thomas smiles.    “Alright, Trevor.  I can do that.   Let’s start.”    Trevor points to a picture of Caroline looking very pregnant and Thomas reads the captions, obviously written by Caroline.  “I am 9 months pregnant and I’m about to give birth to my baby boy.”   Trevor points to a newborn picture of himself being held by Caroline in the hospital.  “Trevor Thomas Walters Kane was born October 15th, 2006.”   Trevor points to a printed handwritten note that is taped in the scrapbook.   “Dear Trevor, Happy Birth Day. Love, Daddy.”    Thomas looks over at Caroline who is busily making their breakfast, touched that she has included him in this Memory book for Trevor from the very beginning.  Trevor points to himself at 6 months old in a patterned outfit and Thomas reads the caption.   “Daddy sent Trevor this shirt and pants with planes on it.”   Trevor points to his first birthday picture and Thomas reads the caption.   “Trevor is one year old today.”   Then he points to another printed handwritten note below it.  “Dear Trevor, Daddy loves you  and wishes he could eat some birthday cake with you. Eat a bite of cake for me.  Happy first birthday, Love Daddy.”  Thomas realizes that at every milestone in his son Trevor’s short life, Caroline has been sure to include a mention of his Daddy for Trevor–and Thomas loves Caroline even more for that kindness.  Trevor points to some later birthdays and Thomas reads their captions and notes from Daddy.  Then Thomas spies an old picture of he and Caroline together that he knows so well and asks. “Trevor, what’s this?”

Trevor:   “Oh, when I was only two, …” Trevor [(4) right] says this as if he is a much older boy now—of at least six years old–and not his almost three and a half years old.   “… I asked Mommy where I came from.  So, she put this picture in the Memory book and told me that I grew in her tummy, but that your love had put me there. “

Thomas tears up at this simple, childlike explanation that Caroline had given Trevor—but that also reflected Thomas’ and Caroline’s true and loving hearts at the time that they must have conceived Trevor.  Thomas looks over at Caroline who has stopped her cooking as she heard Trevor talk about the picture of the two of them—Thomas and Caroline together–and Caroline looks over at Thomas.  Their gaze is one of appreciation, of understanding, and of love.

Then Trevor continues to point to pictures of his first steps, his first tooth, his first haircut, trips to the zoo, riding on a merry go round at the fair, Halloweens, and Christmas’ and such.   And Thomas reads the captions and the notes from Daddy.  Each of Trevor’s life events—big and small—dutifully and lovingly recorded by Caroline for her son, Trevor… and his Daddy, Thomas.  Thomas looks over lovingly at Caroline [(5) right] again and their mutual gaze reflects their true and loving hearts now as well.

Trevor:   “Daddy, …”  Trevor says, breaking Thomas’ and Caroline’s reverie.  “…  we have to get a new picture of you today for our memory of you coming home.”

Thomas:   “Yes, we’ll have to get a family picture of the three of us together.”   He says this looking over at Caroline—who smiles warmly and nods at him.

Caroline starts to put the food on the breakfast table and Thomas and Trevor come over to help her.   Thomas gives Caroline a kiss and rubs her shoulders.  Then, despite Caroline trying to hide it, Thomas sees that she seems to still be favoring her hand and asks.

Thomas:   “Caroline, is your hand still hurting you?”  He holds out his hand wanting to see her hand.

Caroline:   “Yes it is.  I guess I really banged it up good.”   She holds her hand out to Thomas.  And to him, her hand still looks swollen and red under the fresh bandage that Caroline had put on after her shower.

Thomas:   Thomas gingerly examines her hand and arm and says.   “I think after breakfast, we should go over to the employee emergent care clinic that’s open today and have this looked at.  You might have broken it after all.”

Caroline:   “Alright.”     She sighs and nods.  Then after they all sit down at the table together, she says.   “Trevor honey, after breakfast, we’re going to have the doctor look at Mommy’s boo boo.  So, you might have to miss some cartoons.  I’m sorry sweetie.”   She winces.

Trevor:   “That’s alright Mommy, it’s the same cartoons every Saturday any way.”   Again, little Trevor states this simple truth matter of factly—to his parents’ mutual amusement as Thomas and Caroline smile at Trevor.

So, this little family of three eat their French toasts and bacon before Thomas drives them over to the Emergent Care facility near their office building.

To be continued with Chapter 13

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 13:  Caroline and Family Visiting the Doctor about her Injured Hand

The three of them—Thomas, and Caroline, and Trevor—walk into the Emergent Care Clinic for Company employees.  Thomas has never actually been inside before, but he is glad to see that it looks clean and hospital like.  After Caroline fills out the admitting form at the emergent care reception desk—happily she is right handed for writing–she goes and sits with Thomas and Trevor waiting to be called.  Trevor is still a little sleepy and he sits nestled in his Daddy’s—Thomas’—arms.  Then, Caroline’s name is called and they all troop to the examining room.  Thomas and Trevor sit in a side chair together watching while Caroline is examined.

Doctor:   “So, Mrs. Walters…”

Caroline:  “It’s Ms. Walters.”

Doctor:  “Sorry, Ms. Walters.  What seems to be the problem?”

Caroline:   Caroline holds up her injured left hand to him and unwraps it.  “I tripped and banged my hand on a cubicle wall.  We cleaned and bandaged it up, but it’s still swollen and hurting quite a lot this morning.  So, we thought I should come in to have it x-rayed or something.”

Doctor:  “Yes, we’ll do that.”  He says seeing her slightly swollen hand.  “And how up to date are you with your tetanus booster?”

Caroline:  “It’s been ages.  So, I’m probably due for new one.”

Doctor:   “Yes, so let’s get you x-rayed and we’ll go from there.”   Then turning to Thomas he says.   “Mr.   …”

Thomas:  “ Kane.  Thomas Kane.”

Trevor:  Then Trevor sleepily offers.  “ I’m Trevor Thomas Walters.”  Then Trevor goes back to dozing.

Doctor:  “Well, we’ve got the whole family here.  Mr. Kane, we should be back in a few minutes with the xrays since everything is digital these days.”   Thomas nods.

The doctor and Caroline step out of the exam room and go to get her hand x-rayed.  Thomas looks at his son Trevor’s sleepy face as Trevor dozes in Thomas’ arms.   Thomas instinctively gives Trevor a little hug and kisses Trevor’s forehead as Thomas rocks him in his arms.

Trevor:  Trevor stirs a little and pats Thomas’ face, saying.  “Nice, Daddy.”   Then Trevor promptly falls back to sleep.

Thomas feels so much love for his little boy, his son—even though Thomas didn’t know that Trevor existed twenty four hours ago.  Though popular thought always mentions the maternal instinct, Thomas wonders if there isn’t a corresponding paternal instinct as well—at least in his case there seems to be, he thinks.  Thomas knows that from this day forward, his life will be all about seeing to Trevor’s welfare–and the welfare of any other children he and Caroline my have.  Children.  Thomas is almost giddy with the notion of  having more kids with Caroline and getting to be with her as they await their children’s birth.

Then, as promised, the doctor returns with Caroline in a few minutes and calls up her digital x-rays on the examining room computer monitor and points to them.

Doctor:  “Well, Ms. Walters, it looks like you have got a hairline fracture in your left hand there.  But, you won’t need a cast.  We’ll give you a removable splint that I want you to wear for the next two weeks continuously—you can put a plastic bag around it to shower.  And then the next month after that, continue to wear the splint daily—but you can take it off to shower–until you’re completely healed.  Needless to say, you can’t use that hand at all—certainly not to lift anything.”   The doctor says this looking over at her little boy, Trevor.  “But, it looks like you have some help in that regard.”   And he smiles at Thomas.

Thomas:  “Yes, I can help out.”  He nods his head to the doctor and looks over at Caroline.  Since their being a couple again is so new—not even fifteen hours old—Caroline and Thomas have not discussed logistics such as their time together and living arrangements.  But he says looking at Caroline.  “We’ll work it out.”

Caroline:  “Thanks.”   She says gratefully to Thomas.

Doctor:  “Here’s a tetanus booster shot.”   He gives her the shot.  “And these prescriptions are for the pain and swelling.  You can also ice it to help reduce the swelling.”   Caroline nods.

Caroline and Thomas and Trevor stop by the pharmacy conveniently located in the clinic to have her prescriptions filled and pick up some cold ice packs, before they head out.

To be continued with Chapter 14

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 14:  Thomas and Caroline and Trevor Stop by Thomas’ Apartment

As they’re walking to the emergent care clinic’s parking lot—Thomas carrying the sleepy Trevor–Caroline wonders how the rest of their day will be planned out and she says practically.

Caroline:  “Well, I guess we should try to drop you at your car so you can pick it up since we’re so close.”

Thomas:  “My car is fine where it is.  I still don’t think you can drive with that hand.  Maybe you’ll feel a bit better by Monday.”   Then he tentatively suggests.  “ I can stay and help out over the weekend, if you would like me to.”

Trevor:   Trevor stirs awake a bit and says.   “Yes Daddy, please stay.”   Then Trevor drifts back to sleep.

How can Thomas or Caroline say no to their toddler son’s request?  So, Caroline smiles warmly and says.

Caroline:  “Thanks Thomas, I would like that, too.”

Thomas:  “Good, then why don’t we pop over to my apartment—it’s just down the street next to the park—and I can put some of my clothes into an overnight bag.  Then maybe we can take Trevor to the park and have lunch after?  Or, do you have something else planned for today?”

Caroline:  “That sounds fine.”  Caroline smiles warmly at Thomas.  “We don’t have anything planned.  Trevor and I just wing it on the weekends since our weekdays are so scheduled.”   Thomas nods.

Then, Thomas drives them all in Caroline’s car to his apartment a few blocks away.   There is indeed a very nice park and playground across from Thomas’ building.  As they walk into Thomas’ apartment, Thomas apologizes for the disarray.

Thomas:  “Well come on in—and don’t mind the clutter.”   Thomas says sheepishly looking at the newspapers strewn about the room.   “I haven’t done my recycling yet this week.”

Caroline:  Smiling amusingly she says.  “I guess some things never change.”   Thomas smiles sheepishly and then he leans down and kisses Caroline sweetly on her lips.

Trevor, now more awake, walks around the large loft like apartment with its fifteen foot high ceilings and windows as his eyes go wide with wonder.

Trevor:  “Daddy, you have a tall apartment.”   Thomas and Caroline smile and Thomas nods at Trevor.

The apartment has an open floor plan—except for the bedrooms and bathrooms—so you can see everything.  There are few walls and little on the walls that are there.  And, since this apartment belongs to the bachelor, Thomas, it does not have many decorating touches—well not any really.  But, Trevor spies a picture frame on the sofa side table and goes to look at it and says in recognition as he points to it.

Trevor:  “Mommy, it’s you and Daddy’s picture from when you made me.”

Caroline walks over to see the picture of she and Thomas standing arm in arm.  She picks up the frame and sees that it is the same picture that she put in Trevor’s Memory Book.  Caroline looks over to Thomas and she smiles at him and Thomas smiles back at her.   Then Caroline realizes that this one small picture in its frame is the only picture frame in the entire room. Thomas walks over to Caroline and puts his arms around her shoulders and kisses her forehead.

Caroline:  “Oh Thomas.”  She blinks back her tears in realizing that he really did mean in that she was his only love.

Trevor:   Thomas has tears in his eyes, too.  “I always hoped that one day we might find our way back to each other.”  However Trevor also notices something and says.   “But Daddy, where are all the pictures of me that I sent to you?”

Thomas pleadingly gives a look to Caroline, wondering how to bridge this awkwardness when Caroline interjects and helps him out.

Caroline:  “Trevor sweetie.  Daddy told me that he’s having your pictures put into a new picture frame—like a collage of pictures.”  Trevor looks at her quizzically since he doesn’t know what collage means.  So she explains.   “Oops, that will be another new word to add to our word tree for you.  A collage means putting lots of things together—in this case lots of pictures side by side in the same picture frame—so that you can see them all at once.”  Trevor nods seeming to understand what she is saying and walks away looking at more of the apartment.

Thomas:  “Thanks Caroline.”   He whispers and gives her a hug and kisses her forehead.  “You’ve still got your ‘think on your feet’ field skills.”

Caroline:  Smiling amusingly, she says.   “Well, it’s a required skill when you’re a parent.”   Thomas gives Caroline a tender kiss on her lips.

Thomas:   Then Thomas joins Caroline as he walks over to the kitchen area.  “Caroline, can I get you anything to drink while you’re waiting as I pack?  I do have apple juice if Trevor would like some.”

Trevor:  “Yes, please Daddy.”

Caroline:  “That would be nice, Thomas.  I’ll just take some water so I can take my pills.  And I’ll sit here icing my hand.”

Thomas retrieves an unopened water bottle from the fridge and opens it for Caroline before handing it to her.  Then he pulls out the apple juice container and wonders what kind of glass to give Trevor.  But, Caroline saves him the trouble.

Caroline:  “Oh, Thomas, I have Trevor’s sippy cup with me.  I always carry some things for him with me just in case.”   She also has fresh wipes and a change of pull-ups and kid band aids and such—which Thomas sees as she unburies the sippy cup in her bag.   “I’ve just learned to carry the kid basics with me.”   She says tilting her head and smiling.

Thomas:  “Thanks Caroline.”   Thomas says taking the sippy cup.  Pouring in some juice half way, Thomas pops the sippy cup’s lid back on and gives it to Trevor who takes a big sip and smacks his lips.   “I guess he approves.”   Thomas says amusingly to Caroline and she smiles. Then Trevor set’s his sippy cup on a stool next to his Mommy with a big smile.

Trevor:  “Thank you, Daddy.”   Trevor smiles politely.

Thomas:  “You’re welcome, Trevor.  I’ll just pop into my bedroom and change and put some more clothes into an overnight bag for me.  I’ll be right back.”

Caroline sits on the bar stool at the kitchen counter and takes her pain and anti-inflammatory medicines while icing her hand and she watches as little Trevor follows his Daddy into his bedroom.  Trevor stands at the side of the bed talking to his Daddy while he is packing.

Trevor:  “Daddy?”

Thomas:  “Yes, Trevor.”    He smiles warmly at his little son.

Trevor:  “Why do you have this place when you can come and live with us?”

Almost three and a half year olds, bless them, they get right to the point.  Thomas is a little stunned again, wanting to give Trevor the right answer, but this time he does not have Caroline nearby to help him out.  So, he uses an old field trick and says to Trevor.

Thomas:  “Well, you tell me Trevor.  What do you think?”

Trevor:  Pursing his lips and scrunching his eyes while looking up in the air, Trevor is obviously thinking hard.  Then Trevor’s face brightens.   “Oh Daddy, since this apartment is near the park and playground, is this our vacation home?”

Thomas:  Rocking his head back in laughter, Thomas [(6) right] picks up his son and twirls them both around as he hugs Trevor and gives him a kiss on his cheek.  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah!   You guessed it, Trevor!”  Trevor giggles gleefully.

Hearing the raucous laughter, Caroline walks over and stands at the bedroom door to see what the commotion is all about.

Trevor:  Trevor says excitedly to his Mommy.   “Oh Mommy, I asked Daddy why he has this place when he can live with us, and he asked me to guess.  And I asked him if this was our vacation home near the park–like Bobby down the hall has–and Daddy said yes!”   It was a mouthful, but little Trevor got it out, though he is gasping for air excitedly.

Thomas:  Looking sheepishly at Caroline, Thomas says.   “Well, …Trevor made a logical guess.”

Caroline smiles at both of her men.  In the whirlwind of the last two days, Thomas and Caroline have not had a chance to talk with each other about any long term plans regarding their relationship and Thomas’ time with little Trevor—let alone, their living arrangements.

Trevor:  But, the excitement has gotten the better of Trevor again and he says urgently.   “Oh Daddy, I have to pee now!”   So Thomas quickly takes Trevor into the bathroom and sets him down.  Since Thomas doesn’t have a small potty chair, Thomas thinks quickly and helps Trevor take off his pants and pull-ups.  Then Thomas holds Trevor firmly over the potty seat.

Caroline:  “Trevor, don’t forget to hold your pee pee down.  We don’t want to get pee everywhere.”

Trevor:  “Yes Mommy.  Like we do in the store.”   And Trevor complies.   “Ahh!”    Trevor sighs as he pees.   “That was a close one.”

Caroline and Thomas both chuckle at Trevor picking up an adult turn of phrase—and using it in the correct context.  Since Thomas’ hands are holding up Trevor, Caroline walks over and pulls out some toilet paper and hands it to Trevor to wipe himself with.  When Trevor is done, Thomas lifts him up and stands him on the floor and helps him back into his pull ups and pants.

Trevor:  When Thomas goes to flush the toilet, Trevor says.  “No Daddy, that’s my job.”   And Trevor flushes the toilet.   “Now we wash our hands.”   And all three of them take their turns washing their hands–with Thomas holding Trevor up at the sink so he can reach it.  Then, Thomas helps Trevor back into his pull-ups and pants.

Thomas:  Then standing up, Thomas says.  “Well Trevor, since you saw the nice park, would you like to go and play over there a little while before we go to lunch?”   He also looks over at Caroline and she nods her head.   “I’ll be right out after I change my clothes and we can go.”

Caroline walks Trevor back out into the main living area and they stand waiting for Daddy.  Thomas changes quickly into jeans and a blue oxford shirt and he strides to them with his overnight bag in his hand and says.

Thomas:  “So, let’s be off.  Hmmm?”  Everyone nods.

To be continued with Chapter 15



(1)     Fire & Ice Story Logo is a composite of MSOffice Clip Art images:
fire (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=fire&ctt=1#ai:MP900438774|mt:2| ); block of ice (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=ice&ctt=1#ai:MP900402236|mt:2| ); and a heart (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=heart&ctt=1#ai:MP900399589|mt:2| ), 5/13/12grati

(2)     Image representing Thomas Kane is that of Richard Armitage portraying John Porter in Chris Ryan’s Strike Back Series 1 (2010 on Sky 1), episode 3 (pix 8) was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/StrikeBack/album/series1/Episode3/slides/ep3_008.html

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(6)     07 Oct 2010 Woman’s Own Interviews with Richard Armitage, Laila Rouass, and Max was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/articlescans/WomansOwn_07Oct10.jpg

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Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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3 Responses to “Fire & Ice: A Love Story”, Ch. 12 – 14: Saturday Morning Family Time, 6/11/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #205)

  1. Fabi says:

    Good morning Grati,
    Little children’s perspective of everything is so uncomplicated and right to the point. I really like the way you wrote Trevor. And it’s wonderful that Caroline wanted to include Thomas in their son’s life, even if they were separated she didn’t hate him like occurs sometimes when a relationship ends badly.


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Thanks for your nice note. I agree about little kids. And Trevor’s personality is somewhat based on one of my nephews at that age. He was a pistol! ha!

      Thanks for liking my having Caroline keeping Thomas alive in Trevor’s heart with the memory book and gifts until Thomas could be in Trevor’s life. She did it out of love. For Caroline, Thomas was her only love. And their child Trevor is the living proof of their love. So, she always had hope for Trevor to know his Daddy someday.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


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