“Fire & Ice: A Love Story”, Ch. 15 – 18: More Saturday Family Time, 6/15/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #208)

“Fire & Ice:  A Love Story”, Ch. 15 – 18:  More Saturday Family Time,  6/15/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #208)

An Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace

(all rights reserved)

[I will illustrate my story with images of actors representing my ‘dream cast’–including Richard Armitage and Anne Hathaway for the lead characters of Thomas and Caroline, respectively, as noted in the image credits.]

[(1) Fire & Ice story logo left]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Fire & Ice” is a romantic thriller.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes and some passages involving intrigue and some violence.  I will label those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings I provide, then please don’t read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Story Recap:  On Saturday morning, Thomas and Caroline discover that she does have broken hand and decide that Thomas will move in with she and Trevor to help out–and to rebuild their family.

 “Fire & Ice”, Chapter 15:  Playing in the Park on Saturday with Trevor

After visiting his apartment with Caroline and Trevor, Thomas pops his overnight bag of clothes for the weekend into the trunk of Caroline’s car and then the three of them walk across the street to the park.  It is a nicely kept up park with walking paths, benches and a children’s play area with swings and sandboxes and such—and benches for their parents.  The swing sets [(2) right] are the first play ground equipment to tempt little Trevor.

Trevor:  “Please push me, Daddy!”

And Thomas smilingly walks behind Trevor and gives him a push on the swings.   Such a simple thing, pushing a child on a swing.  But this is his child, Thomas’ child.  And this is the first of many swing set pushes and playground visits they will have as Thomas and Trevor develop a father and son relationship.  Thomas’ heart is filled with joy.

Caroline:  “Now don’t go too high, Trevor.”   Though Caroline says this to Trevor, she is also letting Thomas know to keep his swing pushing gentle since Trevor is still a little boy of not quite 3.5 years old.

Then after a few minutes of swinging, Trevor decides to play in the sand box with a few other kids.  Caroline and Thomas sit on a nearby bench watching Trevor and talking with each other.

Thomas:  “How’s your hand doing Caroline?”   He lays his left arm around her shoulders and holds her right hand with his right hand and gives her a kiss on her cheek.

Caroline:   Caroline [(3) right] lifts up her injured left hand to inspect it.  “The pain meds and icing are helping, but it’s still sore.”   She sheepishly as she tilts her head and shrugs her shoulders.  Then getting more serious with Thomas—while still keeping a watchful eye on Trevor—she says.   “You know Thomas, little ones need consistency.”    Thomas nods.   “We need to think about what will happen past this weekend …”   Caroline lets her thoughts and her voice trail off because she is thinking about Thomas’ time with Trevor, and with herself–and then there is the whole new work situation issue.

Thomas:  He says calmly and logically, but also warmly to her.  “I know that all of our lives just got more complicated this weekend—with me coming into your lives and you both coming into mine.  … And for me, that’s a happy thing.  But, I know you have a structure in place with Trevor, schedules, and such.  And, I want to do whatever you think is best for him since you know him better than I do.”

Caroline:  Nodding gratefully, she says slowly.   “Yes.  Thomas, Trevor may not understand why you will be with us this weekend, and then, I assume, you’ll go home to your own apartment on Sunday evening.  I mean, your work clothes and such are there.  And, I am starting work with you on Monday.”  Caroline wonders if Thomas will want to be in their lives more than just this weekend, but she still feels uncertain with the newness of their redeveloping relationship to ask him outright.

Thomas:  “I see.”   He sighs.  Thomas [(4) right] realizes that Caroline is still skittish about their relationship and he doesn’t want to do or say anything to lose her.  Then they both look over at Trevor and he is still playing happily in the sand box.

Caroline:  “Trevor may worry that you’re not coming back.  We have to reassure him that he will see you again.”   Thomas wonders if Caroline also needs that reassurance.

Thomas:  “Well, there’s also the issue of you and I as a couple.”   Thomas gazes searchingly into Caroline’s eyes.  “And, I’m not talking about work—we’re two professionals and we can do our jobs.  But Caroline, would you prefer us to ‘date’ and maintain our separate residences for now?   Or …”

Caroline:  Caroline purses her lips a bit.   “Or …”

Thomas:  “Caroline, I was thinking that we might we take Trevor’s suggestion about our living arrangements?  Or some combination?”  Thomas is hesitant but hopeful.

Caroline:  “What do you mean, Thomas?”

Thomas:  “Well Caroline, Trevor labeled my apartment our vacation home—it could be our weekend home, for now.  So, perhaps either now–or at some point in the future–we could live at your place during the week and my place over the weekends until we find a larger place for all three of us to live in together.  We could look for a house with a big back yard for Trevor to play in and lots of kids in the neighborhood.”   Thomas suggests with a smile.

Caroline:  Privately thrilled that Thomas wants to be with them, with her, but she still has to think about the long term.  “Thomas, that sounds very nice.  Hhhhh!”  She starts to tear up.   “But, I’m just afraid that if we try living together and it doesn’t work out, that Trevor will be caught in the middle.”  They both look over at Trevor who looks up and smiles and waves at them and they smile and wave back at him.   “Though you and I, obviously, still love each other, a lot has happened in four years—and we’re not necessarily the same people.  And, I am starting a new job—with you—on Monday.  And, I want that to work long term as well.”

Thomas:  He nods.   “Okay.   I will do whatever you want me to do in order to make it easier for you, Caroline.  I want us to work out as a couple and as a family.  I want to be with you and Trevor at night after work and on weekends.  I don’t want to miss any more time with you.”  Thomas leans in and gives Caroline a tender kiss on her lips, and she trembles in his arms.   “But that’s what I want.  What do you want?”

Caroline:  Softly, almost in a whisper, she says.    “That’s what I want, too ….  I’m just afraid that it won’t last.”  Her eyes are brimming with tears.   “And then I have to pick up the pieces all over again.”

Thomas:  “Oh Caroline.”   Thomas closes his eyes as he embraces Caroline, knowing again how deeply his actions and lack of trust—his betrayal of their love—hurt Caroline four years ago … and that it still hurts her.

Caroline:  “I can’t go through that again—not having Trevor now, too.  He can’t go through that.”  Caroline  [(5) right]  starts crying softly as she leans into Thomas and buries her face into his neck and sobs.

Thomas:  “Caroline my love.”   He  wraps his arms around her.   “I know that our breakup four years ago was my fault—I should have listened to my heart and how I felt about you and how I knew you felt about me, rather than to Paul’s lies.  There is no excuse for how I treated you.  Hhhhh!   And, I can only imagine that being a single mother hasn’t been easy—having the burden of Trevor’s care all on you.  But, if you’ll let me back you your life, I will make it up to you.  You will never have to doubt my love for you ever again.”  Thomas kisses Caroline tenderly, holding her face in his hands.   “I love you Caroline, with all of my heart.  I want us to be a family, the three of us—a real family.  I want you to be my wife and I want to be your husband.  And I want to be a real father to Trevor.”  Thomas kisses Caroline tenderly again and she responds to his soothing words and caring arms with her crying lessening.

Little Trevor comes over to Caroline and Thomas, seeing that his Mommy was crying and asks.

Trevor:  “Mommy, what’s wrong?”  Trevor [(6) right] asks with his hand on her knee as he waits patiently for her reply.  Though Trevor is only an almost three and a half year old, little Trevor knows when his Mommy isn’t her usual cheerful self as she is with him.  Thomas also waits for Caroline’s reply.

Caroline:  Caroline wipes her tears from her eyes and holds out her arms and Trevor climbs up into his Mommy’s lap.  “Nothing, my little man.  I’m just so happy that Daddy is home.”   Caroline hopefully gazes up into Thomas loving eyes and he leans in and gives her another kiss.

Trevor:  “Me, too.”

Trevor hugs Mommy and gives her a kiss, then he holds out his arms to Daddy, and Thomas pulls him over to his lap and Thomas gives him a hug and Trevor hugs him back and gives him a kiss.  The Walters-Kane family is mending their hearts, but it will take some time until they are completely whole again.

To be continued with Chapter 16

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 16:  Lunch and Family Photo and Nap Time on Saturday (R rated)

Since it is such nice weather out, Caroline and Thomas and Trevor, decide to have lunch at a restaurant with an outdoor eating patio.  This also works out well because any crumbs that Trevor makes can just be brushed to the ground.  Then, the three of them also find a quick photo place nearby to get pictures of the three of them together for the Memory Book and to hang on their apartment walls.  They take their 5 by 7 inch photo copies home with them to Caroline’s apartment.  By 2:00pm in the afternoon, Trevor is ready for his afternoon nap.  So, Caroline and Thomas lovingly put Trevor to bed—just in his pull-ups—and go into Caroline’s bedroom for their own nap.

Thomas:  Thomas sits on the edge of Caroline’s bed and he tenderly pulls her toward him in a warm embrace.   “Caroline, I love you with all of my heart.  I’ve been so lost without you.”

Thomas kisses Caroline passionately and she responds to him lovingly.  Then leaning back from their embrace, Caroline caresses his face and gazes lovingly into Thomas’ eyes.

Caroline:  “Thomas, you are my only love—now and forever.”

Now Caroline kisses Thomas with loving abandon.  Thomas lays back on the bed and takes Caroline with him.  They are fully clothed and kiss and cuddle for some time until their need for each other as lovers fills their hearts.  They rise from their bed and quickly help each other undress.  When they are wearing only their underwear, Caroline turns around with her back to Thomas and he unhooks her bra.  Then he reaches around and slowly slides Caroline’s bra straps off her arms.  Then Thomas brings his arms around Caroline, cupping her full round breasts in his hands as Thomas kisses her adoringly on her neck and shoulders.  Caroline reaches behind her to feel his strong and muscular hips and legs molded to her body.

From still behind her, Thomas reaches down and pushes Caroline’s panties below her hips and down her thighs and they drop to the floor as she steps out of them.  Caroline turns around and pushes Thomas’ briefs down his legs and they drop to the floor and he steps out of them.  Now Caroline’s and Thomas’ naked bodies cling to each other.  Thomas lifts his petite Caroline up to kiss her breasts hungrily–slaking a thirst for love that only Caroline can fulfill for him, just as Thomas is the only one who can fulfill her thirst for love.  Then she wraps her legs around him as he supports her body under her legs and tush and he carries her to their bed.

Their mutual need to be joined as one in loving harmony is desirous, adoring, and passionate as Thomas sits and then lays down on the bed on his back with Caroline still wrapped around him.   As they join their bodies together as one, Caroline arches her back in pleasure and joy.  Thomas eagerly and lovingly kisses and caresses Caroline’s full round breasts as he caresses her back and hips.  Thomas and Caroline move their bodies together in loving harmony again and again and again and again.  Thomas’ intimate caresses thrill and excite both Caroline and himself as their lovemaking intensifies until they both reach a perfect and rapturous bliss in each others’ arms.

Caroline collapses onto Thomas’ chest in sensuous and loving fulfillment and they continue to kiss and caress each other passionately long after their bodies’ lusts are sated.  You see, true lovers’ needs are more than the physical pleasures they give and receive.  And especially for Thomas and Caroline, their loving needs for each other are also poignantly emotional as they recommit themselves to each other—heart and mind and body and soul.  Eventually, they fall asleep and nap themselves.  Thomas and Caroline—Trevor’s parents—wrapped in each others’ loving arms in a deep and peaceful slumber.

To be continued with Chapter 17

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 17:  Saturday Evening Dinner, Memory Book, Games, and Bed

Waking around 5:00pm, fully rested and still blissful, Thomas and Caroline put on their jammies—Caroline’s wears her flower print nightgown and Thomas wears sweats and a t-shirt—for a lazy evening at home with their son.  Then Caroline and Thomas go to check on Trevor–whom they find is happily playing with his toys in his room after waking up a bit ago.  And he had instinctively  put on his jammies by himself.  Their little boy is growing up.   But, upon seeing his Mommy and Daddy at his door, little Trevor races to them and falls into and hugs their legs—with his Mommy and Daddy leaning down smiling and each giving Trevor a little kiss.

Thomas lifts Trevor up in his arms—since Caroline must be careful of her healing hand—and Thomas carries Trevor out into the living area as Caroline walks beside him with her right arm around Thomas’ waist.  After Caroline pops a chicken into the oven to cook for their dinner, all three of them sit down on the couch to add to their Memory book.

Caroline:  Sitting to the left of Thomas–with Trevor sitting on his lap–Caroline opens the Memory book to its next open page and she reads aloud what she writes in the Memory book so that Trevor and Thomas can hear her.  “On Friday, May 20th, Mommy got an ouchee on her hand at her new job, but Daddy helped her bandage it.  Then Daddy came home and read Trevor the plane bedtime story before everyone went to sleep for the night.”   Thomas looks over at Caroline and smiles lovingly at her and she returns his loving gaze.  Then she continues writing and reading out loud.   “On Saturday, May 21st,  Daddy helped Trevor take a bath, Mommy got a splint for her hand, and all three of us went to the park  to play and then we all had lunch together afterward.  Here is a picture of our little family all together.”   Caroline tapes a copy of the picture of all three of them as a family in the Memory book and writes the caption.  “Caroline Walters, Mommy; Thomas Kane, Daddy; and Trevor Thomas Walters Kane, our son.”   Then she turns to Thomas and asks.   “Thomas, would you like to write something in here, too?”

Trevor:  “Oh yes, Daddy.  You can write one of your notes.”   Trevor says with a big smile.  Trevor climbs off of Thomas’ lap and plops himself on the couch between his Mommy and Daddy–gleefully looking back and forth between the two of them.

Thomas:  “Yes, Trevor.  I would like that.”   Thomas takes the Memory book and pen from Caroline’s hand and sets it on his lap.  Thomas thinks about what to write for a moment and then he writes something in the book under Caroline’s hand writing—taking care to print it so that it might resemble the entries that Caroline had lovingly ghost written for him previously.

Trevor:  “What did you write, Daddy?  Let me see.   I want to know.”   Trevor says eagerly widening his eyes for emphasis.

Caroline:  “Yes, Thomas, read it out to us.”    She smiles at this family moment.

Thomas:  Thomas lays the Memory Book in Trevor’s lap and reads what he wrote over Trevor’s shoulders as he points out the words to Trevor.  “I wrote ‘Dear Trevor, Daddy is so glad to be home with you and Mommy Caroline.  I’ve missed being with you both more than I can say.  But Mommy has taken very good care of you—for which Daddy is very grateful.  Daddy loves you and Mommy very much and I want to be with you always from now on.  Love Always, Daddy’”   Thomas looks adoringly over at Caroline and she has tears in her eyes—as does he.  Thomas and Caroline each lean toward one another—over Trevor’s head—and they kiss each other sweetly and tenderly.

Trevor:  Wanting to get in on the love fest, Trevor squirms upward saying.    “Me, too!   Me, too!”   Thomas and Caroline laugh softly and lean in and kiss their little boy’s cheeks.

Then, Thomas puts three other copies of the five by seven inch family photo into picture frames that they had bought—one for the living room end table, one for Trevor’s bedroom, and one to take back to Thomas’ apartment for when they stay there.  There are a few other copies of the photo for them to use later that Caroline puts in a drawer—perhaps to share with their extended families, or have at work once they’re married.

Caroline:  Since it is still about thirty minutes before their food is ready, Caroline says.   “Trevor sweetie, why don’t you go get the cards to play Go Fish while Daddy and I heat up the potatoes and vegetables.  Hmm?”

Trevor:  “Yes, Mommy.  I’d like to teach Daddy how to play it!”   Thomas smiles because it has been a long time since he played Go Fish.  So, Thomas really might need Trevor to remind him of the Go Fish game’s rules.

Caroline and Thomas walk over to the kitchen and begin to prepare their side dishes.

Caroline:  “Thomas, if you could just wash off three potatoes for me, then poke them, we’ll start them in the microwave.  I’ll put the mixed vegetables in a small saucepan on stop of the stove.”    Caroline thinks how easily they have fallen into their shared domestic routines.

Thomas:  He smiles and leans down and kisses her.  “Certainly.  And the potatoes are??? “

Caroline points to a low cabinet drawer bin and Thomas picks out two medium and one small potato to show her and she nods that they’re fine.  So, Thomas washes them in the sink and then pierces them in a few places with a knife before wrapping them in paper towels and popping them into the microwave to cook.

Trevor:  As Trevor comes back from his room with his Go Fish game cards. he looks over at Mommy in the kitchen and asks.  “Mommy, can we have fru pie n scream for dessert?”

Caroline:  “Yes, Trevor honey.”   Then turning to Thomas she says.  Trevor is partial to apple pie and vanilla ice cream.”  Then she says under her breath to Thomas in explanation.   “Thomas, it’s not that Trevor can’t say the words out fully, it’s just that he’s just created his own little code words for things.”

Thomas:  Thomas laughs at the irony of their son using code words.  “Actually, I find his language use quite advanced for his age—and his code words are completely adorable.”   Thomas smiles at Caroline and gives her another kiss.

Caroline:  “Well, shall we play Go Fish with Trevor until dinner is ready to dish up?”   Thomas nods and they both go back to the couch where Trevor is waiting patiently for them after he already set the game up and counted out the cards for each of them.

Thomas:  Seeing that the cards look a little different than what he remembers, Thomas asks Trevor.   “Okay Trevor.  Daddy hasn’t played this game in a while.  So, will you remind me of the rules?”

Trevor:  Sounding all knowing as only an almost three and a half year old can, Trevor says.  “Daddy, you’re trying to match up cards that look the same.  They have animal pictures on them and the name of the animal is spelled out.”   And Thomas sees that some say ‘bird’  or ‘lion’  and such.

Thomas:  “Uh huh.”  Thomas nods.

Trevor:    Then Trevor says as if to impress his Daddy.  “At first, I could only match up the pictures of animals.  But now I know the letters that their names start with, too.”  Thomas smiles at him and so does Caroline.  Then Trevor adds while gently touching his Daddy’s arm.   “So Daddy, don’t feel bad if you can only match up the animal pictures at first.”

Thomas:  Rocking his head back in laughter as Caroline giggles, Thomas [(7) right] says heartily while giving Trevor a hug and a kiss on his cheek.    “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!   Thank you Trevor.  You’re very kind to make me feel comfortable about playing this game with you for the first time.”

Trevor:  “Thank you, Daddy.”  He preens and his parents smile.

As they begin to play Go Fish, Thomas realizes that Trevor is a whiz at it—quite advanced for his age.  And as Trevor matches up each pair of animal cards, he and his Mother spell them out.

Trevor:  “Here’s the cat.”

Caroline:  “Let’s spell it out.”

Trevor:  “C.. A.. T”

Caroline:  “That’s right!

And Thomas joins in and also obligingly has Trevor help his Daddy spell out words on his matching cards.

Thomas:  “So, here’s an anteater.”

Trevor:  “Oh Daddy, that’s a long one.”   Trevor means the word is long, although the anteater’s snout is long, too.   “I always get tired before I finish it.”

Thomas:  Chuckling, Thomas says.  “Me, too.  But, let’s try it together.”

Trevor:  “A.. N.. T.. Daddy, you finish this one.”

Thomas:  “E.. A.. T.. E.. R..  We did it!  We’re a good team.”   Trevor hugs his Daddy and Thomas smiles warmly at his son.

They get about half way through their Go Fish game and it is 6:00pm and time to eat.  So, they decide to come back to the game after dinner.  Caroline and Thomas go to the kitchen and fill their three dinner plates, then bring them over to the round dining table.  Trevor sits in between them on his booster seat with Mommy on his left and Daddy on his right.

Caroline:  Reminding him about table manners as Trevor reaches for his drumstick, she says.    “Okay Trevor honey, tuck your napkin into your lap first so you have a place to wipe off your sticky fingers while you’re eating.”

Trevor:  “Yes, Mommy.”   He says agreeing with his Mommy smilingly.  Then he says to his Daddy Thomas.   “Daddy, Chicken is sticky, you better get your napkin ready, too.”

Thomas:  Rocking his head back in laughter again–delighting in all the new experiences of family life he’s having with Caroline and his son Trevor–Thomas says.    “Thank you Trevor,  I’ll remember that.”   And Thomas takes his napkin—that is already on his lap—and tucks it in to his sweat pants.”    Then Thomas says to Caroline, raising his eyebrows cheerfully.   “Okay Mommy Caroline, your turn.”    And she also dutifully tucks her napkin into her lap.

They all proceed to have a yummy—and sticky—chicken dinner.  Then Thomas washes up the dishes while Caroline takes Trevor into his bathroom to clean up his hands and face.  Once clean and recently pottied again, Trevor bounds out of his bedroom toward Thomas in the kitchen.

Trevor:  “Fru pie n scream!  Fru pie n scream!”   He yells gleefully.

Caroline:  “Now Trevor honey, …”    She says while trailing behind him.   “We’re only going to have a little bit so you don’t get a tummy ache.  Hmmm?”   Caroline pulls the apple pie out of its store container and also sets out the ice scream and says.    “Thomas if you could scoop and dip the ice cream on the pie slices since that requires two hands, I’ll cut up the pie slices.”

Thomas:  “Certainly.”  Then he gets his scoop and stands at the ready for his orders as Caroline puts each slice in a bowl.

Caroline:  “This small piece is for Trevor and his scoop of ice cream should be half size.”

Thomas obliges and then hands the bowl with a spoon to Trevor.

Thomas:  To Caroline, he asks.  “Do you want him to sit back at the table to eat it?”    Caroline nods her head yes.  So, Thomas walks over and lifts Trevor up into his booster chair.

Trevor:  “Thanks Mommy and Daddy.  Good eats.”    Trevor says complimentarily as he eats his fru pie n scream.  Both Thomas and Caroline smile at the compliment.

Then, Thomas and Caroline make their own bowls of fru pie and scream and join Trevor at the table again as they all three enjoy their desserts.   After dinner, Trevor decides that he’s too sleepy to play more Go Fish tonight.  So, they put the cards away and Thomas and Caroline give Trevor his regular evening bath.  Then Trevor picks out a bed time story for his Daddy to read to him.  And when Trevor falls asleep mid way through the story, Thomas and Caroline tuck Trevor into bed kiss him goodnight, and go back out to sit in the living room for some Mommy and Daddy alone time.

To be continued with Chapter 18

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 18:  Thomas and Caroline have a Saturday Night Fireside Chat

It is 9:00pm at the end of a full day, a long day, spent together as a family.  Thomas and Caroline gratefully plop themselves on the couch and cuddle together by the flickering firelight of the gas fireplace as they chat about their day–and their future.

Thomas:  “I’m exhausted!”    He says laughingly and squeezing Caroline who is nestled into his left side with his left arm around her.   “Who knew that an almost three and half year old has so much energy?”

Caroline:  Looking up at him amusingly she says.   “Uh, over here.”  Caroline says raising her injured left hand and raising her eyebrows amusingly at Thomas.

Thomas:  Thomas kisses her forehead and smiles.   “But, it’s been a wonderful day.”    Then Thomas leans in and kisses Caroline sweetly and tenderly on her lips.

Caroline:    Sighing she says.   “Hmmm.  Very nice.”   Then she turns serious and says sincerely as she tears up a bit.    “It’s been wonderful having a partner—you, Thomas–with Trevor and I today.”

Thomas:  Also tearing up.   “I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  And, I can’t wait for tomorrow and all of our days to come together as a family.”    They kiss again adoringly.  “….  So, have you given any more thought to how we might … arrange our lives?”

Caroline:  “Well, I think I would like to keep our personal and professional lives separate for a period of time while I acclimate to the new job and get to know my other colleagues.”    Thomas nods.    “So, at least for now, I do not want to broadcast that we’re a couple to our colleagues at work.”

Thomas:  “That sounds reasonable, Caroline.  We’re two professionals.  We can be cordial at work.  …  But what about at home at night?   Have you given any thought to my—and Trevor’s…”   Thomas smiles.   “… suggestion?”

Caroline:  Smiling she says.   “Well Thomas, it would be easier on Trevor and I to maintain our routine here during the week—especially since my neighbor, Mrs. Burns, is my sitter.”    Thomas nods.   “But, it would be nice to have you with us here if you’re willing to move in.  Then we could share our nights as a family.”

Thomas:  Thomas leans down and kisses her.   “Caroline, that is what I want, too.  Then, we could spend some weekends at our ‘vacation home’ as Trevor called my place.  … And there is the other issue we have yet to more formally discuss.”

Caroline:  Feeling sleepy, she asks.   “Which issue is that?”

Thomas:  Seeing her sleepy state, he whispers in her ear seductively.   “I shared with you earlier that I want to be with you and Trevor always as a family.”   Then Thomas takes Caroline’s right hand in his and he gazes at her lovingly and says.    “I love you with all of my heart Caroline.  Will you marry me?”

Caroline:  Now more fully awake with the realization that ‘her’ Thomas has proposed to her, but this time more formally, Caroline gazes into Thomas’ eyes—searching his heart, and her own, and she says.  “Yes, I will marry you.  I love you, too, Thomas.  And, I’m so glad our son, Trevor, has his Daddy in his life.”

Thomas and Caroline seal their engagement with a tender kiss and a loving embrace.  And, although they might have liked to make love on the hearth rug in front of the flickering firelight, Thomas and Caroline are not too sure about their privacy given that their toddler son, Trevor, is sleeping in his bedroom only a few yards away.  So, Thomas and Caroline check on Trevor and then walk arm in arm into Caroline’s bedroom—now their bedroom—and make love with each other, sweetly, tenderly, adoringly, and lovingly.  Then Caroline and Thomas fall into a peaceful, restful, and loving sleep in each others’ arms.

To be continued with Chapter 19


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    It’s so convenient that kids of Trevor’s age have their afternoon nap! When the loving couple isn’t alone in the house, sometimes they need to be “creative” to get together. *giggles*
    Thanks for more lovely chapters.
    Have a nice Friday!


    • Good morning Fabi,
      Giggles Fabi!

      That is so true! We haven’t had that issue of getting used to someone else being in the house when we’re being romantic. So as a result, we’re not used to it. Ha!

      Years ago after my late father had his first stroke and had spent 4 weeks in the hospital and rehab, before they sent him “home”. But there was no way Dad was in any shape physically or mentally to actually be on his own then. So, my hubby and I took him into our home for 8 weeks more and I went home from work every day at lunch time to make sure he ate and took his pills. But even though dad’s bedroom was on the lower floor and the opposite side of our home, Bill and I just weren’t comfortable in being romantic while Dad was “in the building”. Ha! And it was a strain for Bill and I not to have our “alone time”. So about 6 weeks into “Dad watch”, I pleaded with my sister–who lived only two blocks away but had 2 toddlers at that time–to take Dad for an overnight weekend stay so that Bill and I could have some time alone. She did. I wonder if she realized what we were doing? Ha! Needless to say, all was well and happy in our household again. Ha!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


      • Fabi says:

        Giggles Grati!
        I think we found the reason why people aren’t against the idea of allowing their children sleep at home of friends, grandparents, aunts… ;)


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