“Fire & Ice: A Love Story”, Ch. 19-21: Sunday Family Announcements, 6/18/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #211)


“Fire & Ice:  A Love Story”, Ch. 19-21:  Sunday Family Announcements,  6/18/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #211)

An Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace

(all rights reserved)

[I will illustrate my story with images of actors representing my ‘dream cast’–including Richard Armitage and Anne Hathaway for the lead characters of Thomas and Caroline, respectively, as noted in the image credits.]

[(1) Fire & Ice story logo left]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Fire & Ice” is a romantic thriller.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes and some passages involving intrigue and some violence.  I will label those chapters accordingly.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings I provide, then please don’t read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Story Recap:  On Saturday afternoon and evening, Thomas and Caroline and Trevor spend a lovely family day with each other.   And Thomas and Caroline have a heart to heart talk about blending their lives together as a family.

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 19:  Sunday Morning Visitor and Family Time

At some point in the night, Thomas and Caroline had each risen and put their night clothes back on—knowing that their little one Trevor would be joining them in the morning.  So, Thomas won’t feel as embarrassed about being naked with Caroline in their bed as he was yesterday.  Good planning, because once again, Thomas and Caroline are awakened by a little visitor early in the morning—their son Trevor.

Trevor:   “Morning Mommy.”   Trevor sleepily kisses Mommy Caroline and climbs over her to nestle in between her and Daddy.

Caroline:  “Morning Trevor.”  She says sleepily.

Trevor:  “Morning Daddy.”    Trevor now sleepily kisses his Daddy Thomas and pulls his blankie over the top of himself.

Thomas:  “Morning Trevor.”  He says sleepily.

Thomas and Caroline turn towards each other, kiss each other, and then they fall asleep with their little boy Trevor snuggled in between them on top of the covers with his blankie over him.  After another hour or so of sleep, all three of them awaken to start their day as a family.


As Caroline had told Thomas yesterday, Sunday’s are pancake breakfasts.  So, Thomas sets about to help Caroline in the kitchen since she is not supposed to use her left hand while it is still healing.  Thomas starts the coffee, opens and pours out the juices and milk for Trevor, breaks the eggs for the pancake batter, and waits for more instructions from Caroline.

Caroline:   “Thomas, I have to say that you have become quite adept in the kitchen since we lived together before.”   Caroline [(2) right] says this amusingly.

Thomas:  He laughs.  “Well, it was either learn how to fend for myself—or starve.”   He makes a  face and she laughs now also.  “If you’re all set here for your pancake cooking, I’ll go see what Trevor is up to in his room and bring him out to join us.  Hmmm?”  Caroline smiles and nods.

Thomas leans in and gives Caroline a tender kiss.  He is, indeed, reveling in their domestic family bliss.  He has been alone—and lonely—for so long that he didn’t realize how much he truly missed having someone special to share his life with.  He didn’t realize until now how much he missed his beloved Caroline.  So, Thomas goes to collect Trevor in his room and finds Trevor playing with his toys.

Thomas:  “Trevor, my boy.  Are you getting hungry for pancakes?”

Trevor:  “Yes, please, Daddy!”

Trevor gets up from the floor and runs over to his Daddy, falling into his Daddy’s legs.  Thomas picks his little boy up off the floor and carries him into the main living area with its taller ceilings.

Trevor:  Then Trevor makes a request of his Daddy.   “Showdirts!”   He says patting Thomas’ shoulders.

Thomas:  “Here you go, Trevor.”   Thomas lifts his son up from his arms and places Trevor sitting on Thomas’ shoulders with Trevor’s legs on either side of his head and smilingly walks with Trevor toward Mommy Caroline setting the serving plate piled high with pancakes on their dining table—taking care that Thomas holds onto Trevor’s hands for safety.

Caroline:  “Well Thomas, I can see that Trevor has you wrapped around his little finger. “  All three of them laugh.   “It’s been a long time since I was able to do that with Trevor.”   She says motioning to Trevor sitting on Thomas’ shoulders.

Trevor:   “I know Mommy.  ‘Cause I’m so tall.”   Trevor says knowingly with his eyes wide with expression.

Caroline:  Stroking Trevor’s hand in his Daddy’s hand she says.   “Yes, Trevor sweetie—just like your Daddy.”   Thomas and Caroline smile at each other.

Thomas:   Lifting Trevor off of his shoulders and putting him in his booster seat at the dining table, Thomas says.   “You sit, Caroline.  Is there anything else I can bring over for us from the kitchen?”

Caroline:  “Just the coffee, if you don’t mind.”

Thomas:  With a gleam in his eye, he says.   “Allow me.”   And Thomas [(3) right] goes and pours his and Caroline’s coffee cups and brings them to the table.

Trevor:  “Mommy, may I have two pancakes today since Daddy is with us?”

Caroline:  “Thanks for asking so nicely Trevor.  Well, let’s see how you handle one pancake and bacon and fruit and milk.  That usually fills you up.  We can always save a second pancake for you to have for tomorrow’s breakfast.”

Thomas:  “Mommy Caroline?”  Thomas smiles sheepishly and teasingly.  “May I have two pancakes?”

Caroline:  “Yes, of course. “  Then turning to look at Trevor who is pouting, she says by way of explaining to Trevor why his Daddy Thomas gets two pancakes and Trevor only one.   “Now Trevor sweetie, Daddy is taller than you.  So he has more to fill up.”   Trevor nods and purses his lips in understanding.  Then Caroline takes one pancake and they all munch their breakfasts hungrily.

Now, since pancakes with syrup and bacon are just as sticky—if not more so—than chicken to eat, there is quite a bit of cleaning up of faces and hands after breakfast.  Thomas and Caroline take turns showering and dressing—while also taking turns helping Trevor brush his teeth and go to the potty again–and getting Trevor dressed in his play clothes.


Once they’re all dressed, it’s about 9:00am on Sunday morning.   Thomas and Caroline have not discussed yet what they plan to do today yet.  But, Trevor takes care of that for them.

Trevor:  “Daddy, will you come to Sunday School with me as my show and tell?”

Caroline:  Interjecting quickly she says.   “Oh Trevor sweetie, I don’t think that it’s a Sunday School day.”    Then by way of explanation, she says to Thomas.   “Thomas, Sunday School is held only on the first three Sunday’s of each month to allow for family activities out of town on the other Sundays.”  Thomas nods.

Trevor:  “But Mommy, I want to show my friends that I have a real Daddy like they have.”   Trevor pouts his little lips out and his eyes look a little sad.

Trevor’s disappointment is genuine.  And Caroline and Thomas now realize how hard not having his Daddy with him has been on Trevor.  They both appreciate that their almost three and a half year old son understands what makes up a family–and that Trevor’s family was missing an important part of his family for a long time, his Daddy.

Thomas:  Thomas looks over at Caroline and raises his eyebrows as if he could telepathically share with her what he is about to suggest.   “Well Trevor, maybe I can come to Sunday School with you another time. … But, we could still go to church as a family today.”   Thomas looks over at Caroline and she nods.   “Would you like that?”

Trevor:  “Oh Yes, Daddy!  Thank you.”   Trevor runs over to his Daddy who lifts him up in his arms and Daddy and son hug and kiss each other.

Caroline:  Silent until now, she says.    “You know Thomas, there might be people in the congregation who work at the Company and I just don’t know it.”

Thomas:  “Well Caroline.  Discretion is supposed to be a byword of our profession—and we can only hope that if someone does recognize us, that they’ll be discrete.  So, I’m willing to take the chance if you are.”

Caroline:  She thinks a minute, then looking at Trevor and seeing how happy he is she acquiesces.  “Alright.  Let’s go.  Services start at 9:30am.  Our Episcopal church is just a couple of blocks away.”    Thomas nods and Trevor says

Trevor:  “Yippee!”

So, the newly reconstituted Walters and Kane family heads out to attend church as a family for the first time.

To be continued with Chapter 20

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 20:  Mommy and Daddy Attending Sunday Worship Services with Trevor

Caroline, Trevor, and Thomas walk into church hand in hand.  Trevor is so excited to have his Daddy with him that he introduces his Daddy to everyone.  And, since Trevor doesn’t know everyone’s name, but he knows the worship ‘duty’ they perform, he introduces his Daddy to them that way.

Trevor:  “Hi Usher.  This is my Daddy.”   Trevor [(4) right] beams up at his Daddy and Thomas smiles back at him.

Thomas:  “Hello, I’m Thomas Kane.  Good to meet you.”   Thomas says as he takes the worship bulletin with the order of service on it and shakes the usher’s hand.

Caroline:  “Hello again.”   Caroline just smiles.  She doesn’t want to go into details, nor mention that she and Thomas are engaged until some time has passed.

Trevor:  “Hi Choir Singer Lady.”   Trevor says tugging on the lady’s choir robe.  This is my Daddy.”  Again Trevor beams with pride in being able to have his Daddy with him.

Thomas:  “Hello, I’m Thomas Kane.  Good to meet you.”    Thomas says as he shakes the amused choir person’s hand and Caroline smiles at her.

As they sit in a pew at the back, Trevor spies one of his Sunday School classmates in the pew in front of them and taps his shoulder.  When the other little boy, Brian, turns around, Trevor says with excitement, but in a whisper—as his Mommy taught him for speaking in church.

Trevor:  “Brian, this is my Daddy!”   Trevor says with a bit smile and patting his Daddy’s chest.  Thomas nods at the little boy in front of them whose eyes are quite wide and round at meeting Trevor’s missing Daddy.

Little Boy Brian:   “But, I thought you didn’t have a Daddy?”    Brian asks quizzically.

Trevor:  “I do now.”    Trevor says proudly.

Caroline:  “Okay Trevor—and Brian—we need to get ready for the worship service to start.  We can all meet after services.”   Thomas nods—relieved to be out of the spotlight, if only for the hour that the worship service will take.

When the organist plays the first hymn, they all stand and sing as the choir and worship celebrants enter up the center aisle.  Thomas follows Caroline’s lead in participating in the worship services since it has been some time since he has attended church. Thomas thinks that the sermon is a decent effort—well researched and written and interestingly presented.  When the time comes for communion, Caroline and Trevor stand to leave the pew and walk up the aisle behind the others to receive communion.  Thomas is unsure if he should go with them, until Trevor takes his hand and says.

Trevor:  “Come with me Daddy.”   And Thomas walks up the aisle behind Caroline while holding Trevor’s hand.

When Caroline kneels at the altar, Trevor kneels next to her and Thomas kneels down on the other side of Trevor.  Thomas watches Caroline intently trying to follow what she does since this church’s communion customs are a bit different than what he grew up with. Caroline receives the communion wafer from the Episcopal priest and holds it in her hands.  The priest blesses Trevor’s head.

Trevor:  Then Trevor whispers to the priest with a big smile as he points to Thomas.   “My Daddy!”

Thomas exchanges smiles with the Priest.  Then, Thomas takes the wafer in his hand as Caroline is doing.  Then, when the Chalice Bearer offers Caroline the cup, she dips the communion wafer in the wine and then eats the wafer.  Thomas does the same.  Then Caroline, Trevor, and Thomas walk back to their pew down a side aisle.  After a few more shared prayers, the worship service ends with a closing hymn that their little family sings as best they can.  Then, they file out of their pew to greet the priest before heading back to the parish hall for coffee and cake.

Caroline:  Trying to preempt little Trevor, she says to the Priest.   “Father Howard, may I present Thomas Kane.”

Trevor:  “My Daddy!”    Trevor couldn’t help himself again and says this peeking through everyone’s legs.

Thomas:  “Good to meet you.”   Thomas says as he shakes the priest’s hand.

Fr. Howard:  “Good to meet you.  I hope that you’ll join us for coffee and cake.”

Thomas:  “Oh yes, I don’t think that Trevor would let us get out of here without some cake.”  They all laugh.  Then, Trevor lifts his arms up to his Daddy and Thomas lifts Trevor up into his arms.

Trevor:  Saying again for emphasis as he snuggles into his Daddy’s chest a little sleepily and pats his Daddy’s face.    “My Daddy.”   Thomas kisses his sleepy son’s forehead.

Trevor is relishing having his Daddy with him.  But Caroline is too as her good right arm wraps around Thomas’s left arm that he offers to her.  And Thomas also relishes being with his little family.

To be continued with Chapter 21

“Fire & Ice”, Chapter 21:  Coffee Hour after Sunday Church Services

Caroline and Thomas walk down the hallway to the Parish Hall for the after worship services Coffee Hour.   Thomas sees a whirlwind of activity with children whizzing by and clusters of people standing or sitting while they chat, eat, and drink.  So, Thomas and Caroline get some coffee and cake—with some juice and cake for Trevor when he wakes up—and they sit down to enjoy it.  Then a familiar face comes over to greet them.

Mrs. Burns:  “Caroline, my dear.  It’s good to see you again.”   Mrs. Burns [(5) right] cheerfully looks at Thomas and this little family tableaux that they are creating

Caroline:  “Hi Mrs. Burns.”   Caroline smiles, then turns to Thomas by way of explanation.   “Thomas, Mrs. Burns was the person who first invited Trevor and I to attend her church last year.”

Trevor:  Who, of course, wakes up to introduce Thomas to her with a sleepy smile.    “Hi Mrs. B.  This is my Daddy.”   Trevor sleepily pats Thomas’ face and then Trevor snuggles into his Daddy’s chest again as he dozes off.

Thomas:  Thomas kisses Trevor’s forehead and he says to Mrs. B.  “It’s good to see you again.  Sorry for my not standing up.”   Mrs. Burns puts her hand out as if to say don’t get up.   “But, as you can see, our little one here is quite tuckered out today.”   Thomas emphasizes the ‘our’ in that sentence.   “He had a fun day playing at the park yesterday.  And, he’s a demon at Go Fish.”

Caroline:  “Yes, it’s good to have you home, Thomas dear.”   Caroline purposely emphasizes her endearment in front of Mrs. Burns since she had initially introduced Thomas to her only as an old friend.

Mrs. Burns:  Now regaining her voice after Trevor’s little family revelation.    “I’m delighted to see you again, too, Thomas.  I thought that the three of you looked good together.”    Then, being the good neighbor that she is to Caroline—the non nosy kind—Mrs. Burns does not ask any probing family questions of them.  Instead, she says now that she notices Caroline is wearing a splint. “Caroline, dear.  How is your hand doing?”

Caroline:  Lifting up her splinted left hand, Caroline says one word as she rolls her eyes.  “Broken.”

Thomas:  “A hairline fracture.  But Caroline is still looking at a six week healing period.  So…”   He knows that Mrs. Burns will see him daily with Thomas living with Caroline and Trevor now, but he’s not sure if Caroline wants to broadcast that at church—since she doesn’t want to broadcast it at work.

Caroline:  “Yes,  …”  He interjects.   “Thomas is going to be staying with us to help me out in the evenings and we can carpool into work together since I still can’t drive.”

Mrs. Burns:  “That sounds nice Caroline, dear—and Thomas.”   Mrs. B. smiles knowingly notices Caroline’s more cheerful disposition—despite the pain of her broken hand.  Then Mrs. B. strokes little Trevor’s head and says.   “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning when you drop Trevor off before work.”   They nod and Mrs. B. drifts away to get some more coffee.


Then, the priest and his wife walk over and sit to chat with them.

Thomas:  “Hello again, Father Howard.”   He says in a whisper.    “Normally, I would stand, but little Trevor here is sound asleep.  I’m Thomas Kane.”

Caroline:  “And we want to keep Trevor that way until lunch.”    They all laugh quietly and conspiratorially.

Fr. Howard:  “We understand, my dears.    Thomas, this is my wife, Irene Howard.”    Thomas shakes her hand and nods.

Irene Howard:  “Though our kids are grown, we understand the blessings of little ones taking naps.   So, what happened to your hand Caroline dear?”

Caroline:   “I tripped over a trash can in the dark when I stopped in at my new job on Friday night and banged it on a cubicle.”

Thomas:  Not wanting to give away even the mundane aspects of maintenance procedures, he simply says.   “Yes, we were hoping that it was just sprained, but the doctor’s office x-rayed it Saturday and she has a hairline fracture.”

Fr. Howard:  “Ooh, that sounds painful.”

Caroline:  “Yup.  But, I have some pain medication so I can sleep at night.”

Thomas:  “Caroline, we should really try icing it to help alleviate the swelling, too.”

Irene Howard:  Thinking of the practicalities of living with a broken hand, let alone with a toddler to take care of Irene Howard says without thinking.    “Oh, my dear, how are you going to take care of little Trevor?”

Caroline:  Caroline’s eyes widen, trying to decide how much to tell the priest and his wife—since Caroline’s and Thomas’ being together again is so new.   “Well, of course, Mrs. Burns takes care of Trevor while I’m at work during the day.  And…”

Thomas:  Interjecting, Thomas says.    “I’m pitching in to help, too.”  Though he doesn’t tell them that he is now living with Caroline, Thomas does lift her right hand to his lips and kisses it.  Caroline smiles warmly at Thomas.

Trevor:  Trevor wakes up a bit to introduce his Daddy one more time as he pats his Daddy’s face.   “My Daddy.”   Then little Trevor dozes off again and Thomas kisses’ his son’s forehead.

Thomas:  Trying to inject a little humor into their conversation, Thomas says in a whisper so as not to wake Trevor.    “Despite our little Trevor …”  Purposely using the word ‘our’ again.   “… being so sleepy this morning, he’s still managed to introduce me to a number of people.  If I remember correctly there was …”He says as it ticks them off with his fingers one by one.  “… an usher, a choir lady, Brian his Sunday School friend, yourself Father Howard and now Mrs. Howard, and Mrs. Burns, whom I had actually met on Friday.  So, no wonder Trevor is tired.  He’s had a busy morning.”    They all laugh.  Then getting serious, Thomas says.   “But, I’m delighted to meet you all—as Trevor’s Daddy.”   And he kisses Trevor’s forehead again.  Then Thomas looks over at Caroline soulfully and lovingly, knowing that she is the one who will decide when to tell her friends of their engagement.

Caroline:  She squeezes Thomas’ hand clasping hers and says smiling at Thomas.  “Yes.  It’s nice to have Thomas home with us.”

The priest and his wife exchange a knowing glance about this little family unit that is now complete—Caroline and Thomas and Trevor—mother and father and their son.

To be continued with Chapter 22



(1)    Fire & Ice Story Logo is a composite of MSOffice Clip Art images:
fire (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=fire&ctt=1#ai:MP900438774|mt:2| ); block of ice (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=ice&ctt=1#ai:MP900402236|mt:2| ); and a heart (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/results.aspx?qu=heart&ctt=1#ai:MP900399589|mt:2| ), 5/13/12grati

(2)     Image representing Caroline Walters is that of Anne Hathaway and was found at the Extreme Walls com at


(3)     Image representing Thomas Kane is that of Richard Armitage portraying Lucas North  in Spooks series8, episode 55 (pix 72) was found at


(4)     Image representing Trevor is a stock photo titled “Young boy with apple on his head” found at MS Office Clip Art at


(5)     Image for Mrs. Burns is of Doris Roberts and found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doris_Roberts


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  1. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    Trevor is very proud of his daddy. So cute!


  2. Ania says:

    Hi Grati,
    I really like your attention to detail in this story, which makes it more interesting. Oh, Trevor is an incredibly energetic kid :) I look forward to the next chapters.


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