Sexy Smouldering Richard Armitage and Hobbit Cast Turn Up for Sir Ian McKellen’s Benefit for Isaac Theatre Royal Earthquake Relief, 6/23/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #214)

Yesterday, RANet had a link to a article about Sir Ian’s Theatre magic [(1) and below], where it  hinted that the final night of his benefit would include some of Sir Ian’s Hobbit cast mates as excerpted in quotes below:

“In Sir Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings the wizard Gandalf uses magic to both delight hobbits and fight evil.

But in real life, British actor Sir Ian McKellen – who has reprised the role for The Hobbit – has conjured up a little magic of his own.

For the past six weeks on Saturdays and Sundays he’s toured new show Ian McKellen on Stage from Auckland to Wanaka, after largely spending Monday to Friday filming The Hobbit in Wellington. The goal is to raise money for Christchurch’s earthquake-damaged Isaac Theatre Royal. All proceeds from the performances go to the theatre and it has so far raised more than $250,000.

McKellen’s last two shows are this weekend, with a performance on Saturday at Wellington’s Opera House – the audience will include some of The Hobbit cast and crew, including Jackson – and then the final show in Carterton on Sunday.”

And today in the world of Richard Armitage news?  Gandalf the Good did not disappoint!  Sir Ian’s cast mates turned up to help Isaac Theatre Royal Earthquake relief in droves–or perhaps, I should say, in Dwarves?   Ha!

And there are some especially nice pictures of Richard Armitage in the mix found on RAFrenzy’s tumblr account  [(2)] account link that she posted on her Twitter account about an hour ago now. Thanks Frenz!

Pix 1 (below)
Here is one of those photos of The Hobbit Cast with some audience members at Sir Ian’s Theatre benefit for Isaac Theatre Royal Earthquake relief.  RA is the tall guy with beard in the back.

Pix #2 (right, my crop)
Ever the gentleman, this close up pose of Richard Armitage with a fan is delightful! Lucky girl!

OMG! That doesn’t even begin to cover how smoulderingly sexy RA looks here–and he’s not even trying to be sexy, which makes it even better–hairy arms, beard, and hair closer to his natural brown hair color (with maybe a little gRAy peeking through). The man gets more handsome as he gets older.   Sighhhhh!

Richard Armitage is so going to rock the world as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.  RA is an amazing storyteller and it is so fitting that he will bring the character of Thorin and his quest to life for all of us.

Pix #3 and 4 (below, my crop and zoom, and sharp on left image)
Extreme close up crop of Richard Armitage from the above photo, and another image’s crop of his profile.


My eyes are transfixed on RA’s handsome visage. Sighhhhhhhhhhh!  And he supports this and other charities.  He is not only a great actor and storyteller, he is such a great guy, too!  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’m a puddle of womanly essence right now.

And finally, here is the YouTube video of The Hobbit cast  at the benefit in a video titled “Ian McKellen On Stage – Hobbit Cast Appearance (incl. Martin Freeman)”,  by brionyjae [(4) below].  Sir Ian is quite humorous listing off the French “noble’s” who were killed in a scene reenactment from a Shakespeare play.  The sound is a little wobbly at first, but the names all appear to be wines and champagnes.  Ha!:

For more pictures of and news about this event, visit RANEt’s June 23, 2012 link [(3)].

P.S.  I know Saturday isn’t a usual post day for me.  But these pictures and links are too good to wait until a Thorin Thursday day to post.  Ha!


(1)    Sir Ian’s Theatre Magic article on was found at   Thanks to RANet ( for providing that link.

(2)    RAFrenzy’s Tumblr link with the RA pictures on it was found at ;  RANet ( ) also has picture links.  I did my own crops of these images.

(3)    RANet’s June 23, 2012 news link about the benefit with pictures, etc., was found at

(4)    “Ian mcKellen On Stage – Hobbit Cast Appearance (incl. Martin Freeman)”, a YouTube video of The Hobbit cast  at the benefit in a video by brionyjae

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12 Responses to Sexy Smouldering Richard Armitage and Hobbit Cast Turn Up for Sir Ian McKellen’s Benefit for Isaac Theatre Royal Earthquake Relief, 6/23/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #214)

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  2. bccmee says:

    This is huge news in RA RA Land! Thanks for sharing in case anyone misses out. :D LOL re: “puddle of womanly essence”!


    • Hi Bccmee,
      Thanks for your nice note. Frenzy’s Twitter link is what put me on the case since I had linked there–uncharacteristically before I checked RANet, and they have even more links which I also shared above.

      Giggles, I know about my “puddle of womanly essence” phrasing. Although, that could become a very nice acronym if I add an R word on the end, like redux–making the acronom “power”. Ha! Hey, if I can’t laugh at myself now and then, then I’m taking myself way too seriously.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. And May I say, let’s give a huge round of applause to Sir Ian McKellen! He has raised over $250,000 (I’m guessing that is in Pounds.) to day for Earthquake relief on his weekends off from filming The Hobbit.

    Would that we were all as energetic as Sir Ian in order to match that energy to our philanthropic impulses. But hey, your donation dollars are probably still welcome. If I find a URL where donations can be made, I will post it.

    Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. Okay, I coined a new RA term in a comment on Jas’ blog Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage a few minutes ago. I said that RA looked “Thorlicious” at Sir Ian’s Theatre benefit. Of course, this is a pun on my other RA character pun of “Guylicious”. Ha!


  5. 6/24/12–RANet shared this morning that RAFrenzy has posted a first hand account of the benefit that The Hobbit cast attended. Here is the link to her blog post:


  6. Catherine (@CathoNZ in Twitter)–the New Zealand RA fan in the picture with him at the top of the right sidebar–sent me a link in twitter for where you may find information on donating to help support the Isaac Theatre Royal:

    “also, you can donate via this link here :) ”

    Thanks Cath! Cheers! Grati ;->


  7. Fabi says:

    Hi Grati,
    I’ve seen this word, “smouldering”, frequently used to characterize RA and some of his characters, as well as “brooding”, but I don’t understand really the meaning of these two terms (only suspect!). You could be an angel and help me to solve the mystery? Thanks!


    • Hi Fabi,

      Glad to oblige. To smoulder has a couple of meanings–such as:

      1) in a fire context, it means to burn slowly;
      2) in an emotional context, it can mean that there are repressed feelings or feelings held in check (that you don’t let out, you don’t put them on display, but they are just below the surface if someone is astute enough to pick up on it);
      3) it is also used to refer to one hot and sexy hunk of man (RA’s picture is next to this definition in the dictionary, Ha!)

      And “smoulder” might be considered the British spelling, whereas “smolder” would be an Americanized version.

      There might be other definitions should others care to elaborate.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  8. Fabi says:

    Quite enlightening, thank you very much!


  9. 7/04/12–I just found Mulubinba’s June 28th blog post on the Isaac Theatre Royal benefit and I link it for you here now:


  10. 7/05/12 Here is a link to a Middle Earth News article updating the fundraising efforts to date by Sir Ian for the Isaac Theatre Royal.


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