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                                                          Hobbit Miscellanea

The Hobbit Comic-Con News and Media Cornucopia from RANet  All of the Comic-Con stuff gathered on one page.   RANet now has its own YouTube channel.  RANet now has its own Facebook page.
#RAnetdotcom  is their Twitter moniker.
(As always, everything you ever wanted to know about RA and his career–especially the recent Comic-Con–is superbly organized and made easily accessible by the divine Miss Ali at RANet.  Snap!)

“The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” dvd’s — “Order 48fps now before they fly off the shelves”!   per TORN
(Even with wearing the 3D glasses, I think my wacky vision will have a hard time seeing any appreciable 3D effect.  My eyes must be at 12fps.  Ha!)

Find your way through Middle Earth on this Unexpected Journey, by Heirs of Durin blogger DarkJackal 32 who highlights and compares the fine points of various Hobbit book and film maps (right)
(This is great for those who want to get their Tolkien Geek on–or like me, who need to learn this stuff before the film comes out.  Ha!)

“Frivolity” from Servetus, Hobbit Style
(This is such a giggle!  My browsers only worked last night for me to see the graphic.  But I won’t post the graphic here so that you’ll be sure to mosey over to her blog.  Ha!)

“Who is Sweatiest, Guy or Thorin?” from the White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts blogger Fabolaktuko
(RA honey, maybe they ought to start consulting NASA about your costumes.  Those astronaut space suits have built in heating and cooling mechanisms in them.  Snap!  Of course the “stench of sweaty smelly dwarf” to paraphrase you at Comic-Con makes me think that a middle of the day shoulders down barrel bath with lavender oils would have helped resolve the problem of the dwarfs being over ripe.  No wonder you all were smiling in the barrel photos from Vlog #8–bath time!   But those poor fish!  Ha!  See RANet photo–thanks to Angelina for the link)

“Little Thorin Oakenshield and Baby Smaug” cartoon by Gisborne’s boy
(Gisby’s drawings are sooooo cute!  You’ll have to follow the link to see this and many other fun drawings of his.”)

RA Themed Artwork that Shines (and that I haven’t shared here before) — Thorin Wallpapers shared on RANet

A Smoldering Thorin by Darkackal32  
                                  Dragon Eye by Jas Rangoon (shared by RANet)

RA is Filming now in “Pure Michigan”

ToRnAdo PrepaRAdness Season–Filming is underway in Michigan for Richard Armitage’s as yet untitled tornado disaster movie.
(No pictures of RA in the article linked above.  But the wind machine fan being used to simulate tornadic winds made me think of Shakespeare’s King Lear:  “ Lear:  Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!”  Ha!) (Thanks to Kathleen for the link to the article!)

“Welcome to Detroit Mr. Armitage”  ItsJSforMe wants to make RA feel at home!  Why do Goldilocks and the Three Bears come to mind when I see those beds?  Ha!)

RA Bloggers Weigh In and Such on RA

RA!  Olly Olly  Oxen Free!  The hazards of playing celebrit/fame “close to the vest”.  Maybe RA fan love is waiting to pounce on him when The Hobbit premieres?  (Judiang)
(Judiang’s essay is spot on target!  Brilliant!  Witty!  Pithy!  And oh so satirically funny!)

On a related note, “Stay away from Armitage!  Preface and A Reading”? (Servetus, and image left from her blog)
(This is a three parter folks.  Time to hunker down and  reflect along with Servetus.  I haven’t read all of this yet–I’ll catch up this weekend.  But Serv’s posts are always insightful and the gold standard for analysis.  Oh and don’t get hung up on the “lingo”.  Serv paints with words and we are the richer for it.  So open your dictionary or go to Google Translate and have fun.  For example, “epistemology” means “what we know and how we know it.”  See?  One word conveys the same as 8 words.  Very efficient.  Snap!  I already knew that definition from graduate school.  Snap!  Snap!  But here is the wiki link for epistemology if you want more info.)

 “August Collaborative Challenge” (Bccmee)– see info at
(And I love the Richard Armitage portrait Bccmee starts off with.  It’s her cap from one of the Hobbit vlogs.  RA looks so joyous!  And I quite like the neckage on display.  Ha!)
(P.S.  If you have never participated in one of Bccmee’s events, what are you waiting for?  And you must live under a rock.  Ha!  These projects are tons of fun!  Not the least of which is because she invites her readers’ input and then we can all see what suggestions people made and the wonderful graphics that Bccmee creates from them.  And we all comment back and forth to each other.    It’s an RA Fangirl Fun Fest!  Snap!)

RA as Olympic Hopeful?  Pentathalete?  (Phyllys Faves)
(Next Stop?  RA tandem parachuting with the Queen.  Snap!)

A Back to the Basics Tour of RA’s Eyes  (Fedoralady)
(Ooooooh!  Remember this boyish looking 38 year old handsome fellow from the 2010 BAFTA’s (image right)?   Yup!  This is the same bloke who is rocking the Thorin battle gear now–also disguised behind mucho muscles, long wavy and braided hair, beard, and a prosthetic nose.  Sighhhhh!)

Richard Armitage’s 41st Birthday on August 22nd — Celebrations by his Fans
This is what I love about the wide ranging community of Richard Armitage fans–the nice fans any way.  We joyously celebrate the man’s birthday with parties, activities, and gifts (for his charities).  All we need is cake and ice cream and the man himself and we would rock the party all night long.  And considering, RA’s home of London, England has been superbly hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics the past two weeks, it seems fitting to begin celebrating RA’s birthday with Lionel Richie’s 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Closing Ceremony performance of “All Night Long” (in a video by stonan):

Richard, we know you slept through your last birthday, but we hope that you’re awake this year and that you have oodles of fun with whomever you choose to celebrate with.   In the meantime, here are some web sites and blogs taking a special interest in RA’s birthday this year.

SpReAd the Love – Only 13 more days to donate in time for RA’s birthday
(I donated a pint of my AB Positive blood last week.  My hubby and I also plan to donate some schools supplies.  And we’ll probably also donate monetarily to one of Richard Armitage’s chosen charities again–via the Just Giving link.  So, I’m in for three.  How about you?)

KRA Week 2012 is August 22 – 26!  Here is the KRA project page link with more news to be shared on it as we get closer to the event.
Servetus gave the initial announcement on her blog “MeandRichardArmitage” in her Legenda 38 post:
If you would like to blog about Richard III during the week following August 22nd and display the King Richard Armitage Week banner on your site, please let me/Servetus know so we can include your contribution in the festivities, linked at the project home page!
(I/Grati also plan to participate–maybe having Melissa the Mouse expound poetically in rhyming couplets.  We’ll see.  Ha!)

Crispin’s Eclipse “A Birthday Countdown  in pictures (#1-#8 so far) — Inge is counting down to RA’s Birthday by take a tour down memory lane of some of her and our favorite RA photos.

And from me?  Here is a little “Kool & the Gang Celebration” to help us begin “celebrating the good times” for Richard Armitage’s 41st birthday!

If I missed anybody who has something RA /Thorin/RAbirthday etc. related it was unintentional on my part–I’m way behind on my blog reading.  So please share your item’s URL in the comment boxes below.  Thanks and Cheers!

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