“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 8-10 (R rated): Lydia’s and Robert’s Relationship Evolves, 12/19/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #329)

 “Love & Friendship”, Ch.  8-10 (R rated):  Lydia’s and Robert’s Relationship Evolves, 12/19/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #329)

zt_aaLoveandFriendshipStoryLogoWattpadNov2612GratianaLovelaceAn Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace (all rights reserved)
[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my “ideal” actors cast in these roles:

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Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Love & Friendship” is a romantic love story set amidst contemporary times.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes or other sauciness (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap:   Lydia and Robert spent a pleasant weekend with his parents in his hometown up North last weekend.   However, the mix-up of his parents assuming that they were a romantic couple and having them sleep in the same bedroom has caused  Robert and Lydia to re-examine how they feel about the other.  They just haven’t talked it over with each other–yet.

“Love & Friendship”, Ch.  8 (PG-13):  Lydia Senses a Change in Robert’s Demeanor, Thurs., Dec. 9th

Lydia and Robert have now been living together for over a month as friends and creative colleagues—with all the friendly intimacy that that implies, including this past weekend’s visit to Robert’s parents’ home–when Lydia notices a change in Robert’s demeanor from their usually friendly exchanges.  It is a Thursday evening, December 9th, and the work week is almost over.  They have settled back into their friendly and comfortable roommate relationship after the weekend at his parents–sort of.  They have both been busy and they haven’t really addressed the sleeping arrangements mix up over the weekend.  That doesn’t mean that they haven’t each been thinking about it.

But tonight, Robert seems different to Lydia–distracted.  Robert and Lydia have just RobertImageisRichardArmitageasLucasNorthinSpks8epi2_151Dec1912ranetcropbrtgotten home at the end of the work day, put their market food purchases away, and started dinner this evening.  Robert is physically tired from a doing lot of his own stunt work during filming today, but Lydia feels that something else is the matter.  Robert sits on the arm of the couch—not standing up to his full six foot two and a half inch height, but also not really relaxing by sitting on the couch cushions.  Robert [(2) right] is tense and he seems upset, thinks Lydia—but Lydia isn’t sure what Robert is upset about.

Sensing that Robert wants to talk with her about something, Lydia decides to open the conversation while they wait for their dinner to cook.

Lydia:  “Robert, you seem pensive tonight.  A long day at the office?”   Lydia asks Robert amusingly, since she sees him on the set everyday when he comes back to his dressing room where she is working on the script for their next project together.

Robert:  “Sorry Lydia.  I’m just preoccupied.”  He says looking down at his hands and not at her.  He feels that he will betray his feelings for her if he gazes at her for too long.

Lydia:  “Well, maybe I can help.”   Lydia walks over and stands in front of Robert, putting her hand on his shoulder and he looks up at her questioningly “Robert, you look like you need a hug.”   She says tenderly caressing his face with her other hand.

Robert:  He admits hesitatingly.  “I do, actually.”

Robert and Lydia embrace warmly as good friends.  With Robert sitting down on the couch arm, it is easier for Lydia to reach him.  They hug for several minutes and Lydia strokes the back of Robert’s head soothingly while they hug.

Lydia:  She says as they continue to hug.  “You weren’t kidding, Robert.  I guess you really did need a hug.”

Robert:  “You don’t mind, do you Lydia?”   Robert asks as he continues to nestle is face into her neck.

Lydia:  “No.”  She whispers softly into his ear.  “Of course not.  What are friends for?”   She says now kissing his cheek as she pulls back a bit to look him in the eye.  Even though they are just friends, Lydia feels a tenderness toward Robert–because she is in love with him.

Robert:  Though a sadness passes over Robert’s face briefly–when she refers to them as friends–Lydia does not see it.   “Yes, Lydia, you’re a good friend.  I’ve enjoyed working with you and having you as a roommate.”

But Lydia [(3) right] senses that something is troubling Robert—especially since he is now LydiaImageisDiane_Lane_savannah_CollegeArtDesignOct0212xgomNov2312stylezzacomspeaking in the past tense.

Lydia:  “Robert, you’ve been so very kind to have me stay with you.  Too kind really, perhaps you feel that I’ve imposed upon you?”

Robert:  “No, not at all!”   He says forcefully.  “I hope I haven’t made you feel that way, Lydia.”

Lydia:  “Oh no.  You’ve been … you are very kind and welcoming, Robert.  We’ve had fun together as roommates—at least I have.”  She says as they are still in their comfortable embrace.  “Robert, what’s wrong?”  She says caressing his face again, this time with the back of her fingers.

Robert:  Robert looks at Lydia wondering if he should tell her how he feels–wishing that he could tell her–but not knowing if he should.  Then, he smiles a small wry smile.  “Nothing gets past you.  Does it Lydia?”

Lydia:  “I’m psychic, don’t you know?”   They both laugh softly.   “No, really, Robert, you can tell me anything.”   She says caressing his face with her small hands.  But, Robert is silent.  “You’re not going to make me have to guess are you?”   She asks impishly while making an amusing face at him–trying to lighten his mood.

Robert:  “No.”   He says quietly.

Lydia:  “Then what is it?”   Robert says nothing.  “Robert, you have my love and support no matter what is troubling you.  You know that don’t you?”

Robert:  “Thanks Lydia.   It’s just that I …”  He stops again, looking up at her soulfully [(4) Spks8epi8_111RichardArmitageasLucasNorthMay2612ranetcrpbrtright].

Lydia:  “Robert, now you’re making me worried.  Can’t you tell me what’s wrong?”   He says nothing.  Then, Lydia thinks she knows what Robert wants to tell her–despite his protestations earlier to the contrary.  “Robert, you’ve been so wonderful to have me stay with you.  But, I realize that you probably want your space and your privacy back.  It’s alright, I understand.   Have I outstayed my welcome and you want me to leave?”  She wonders if last weekend they spent at his parents’ home has caused Robert to rethink their relationship and their living arrangements.  It has, but not in the way she thinks.

Robert:  “No!”   He says again forcefully.  Then he says more quietly.  “It’s not that.  I don’t want you to go.”  He says, wondering if Lydia wants her own space and privacy.

Lydia:  “Then what is it?  Are you ill?  Tell me, Robert.  Truly, you’re making me very worried.  You can tell me anything.”   Lydia leans in again and kisses Robert’s forehead while caressing his face soothingly.  This has the effect of having Robert’s face nestled in Lydia’s neck and above her bosom.

Robert:   “I’m so confused.”   He says hugging her back and kissing her neck.

Lydia:  “Well, that’s a start.”   She says still caressing his face, but looking askance a bit quizzically since he just kissed her neck.  “What are you confused about?”

Robert:  Then, Robert kisses Lydia’s cheek and she smiles at him.  “Lydia, I know we’re friends, but …”  He stops from finishing his thought again.

Lydia:   “I love you Robert, you can tell me anything.”   She says warmly—as a friend.  Though Lydia really does mean that she is ‘in love’ with him.

Robert:  “… And I love you, Lydia.”   He says kissing Lydia softly on her lips–for several moments.

Lydia:  Lydia and Robert have kissed on the lips as friends many times, but Lydia senses something different in this kiss.  “Robert?” She asks quizzically and uncertainly.

Robert kisses Lydia again, more tenderly now as he wraps his arms around her.  And Lydia responds to Robert’s kisses with tender kisses of her own for him.  Then, they pull back to look at each other in astonishment–and in wonder.

Robert:  “How did you feel about me kissing you just now, Lydia?”  He asks, uncertain about her response.

Lydia:   A little unsettled, but in a good way, she says.     “Very nice, Robert.  You kiss divinely.”   But Lydia isn’t really thinking that Robert is interested in her romantically.  So she says more to remind herself than to remind Robert.    “I guess we’re both a little lonely.”

Robert:  Crestfallen and gazing into her eyes searchingly– he asks her.  “Is that all?”

Lydia:  “No.”   She says quietly and starting to tear up.

Robert kisses Lydia again, and this time with more passion, as his arms and hands caress her curvy body as he enfolds her in his loving embrace.  And she responds to him with kisses and caresses of her own for him.

Robert:  After they come up for air from their kissing, Robert asks her.    “How do you feel about me, Lydia?  Really?”  Robert is too shy to express his own feelings for Lydia, without some hint of whether her feelings might correspond to his.  Though him kissing her is an expression of his feelings for her.

Lydia:  Now Lydia is the one feeling shy and uncertain.  And she says.  “Robert, we’re good friends and colleagues.   I’m glad for our relationship.”   She says caressing his face.  “I never dreamed that I would even get to meet you—let alone, get to know you.”   Then she decides to just be honest.  “… Robert, I’m sure you can guess from my writing, that I’m in love with you.”   Lydia says caressing Robert’s face.  “…  But I would never presume that you might think of me in a romantic way.”   She says lowering her teary eyes sadly.

Robert:  “Why not?  Because I’m England’s Heartthrob?”  He asks cheekily.

Lydia:  Laughing she says.  “Ha!  Well yes, that’s part of it, Robert.  And, you’re a bit younger than I am, and you’re more handsome and charming than any man has a right to be, …”  She says smiling at him warmly with her small hands caressing both sides of his face.  “… and you’re surrounded by beautiful women every day whom you get to make love with on screen.  I can’t compete with that.”

Robert:  “But, that’s just it, Lydia.  I don’t make love with them.  It’s just pretend and there’s no feeling or love that goes with it.  It’s embarrassing actually—having to kiss someone, caress someone, and maybe even be naked with them.  And then have it filmed while everyone watches you and gives you direction on what to do?  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less desensitized to filming love scenes—and I’m actually more shy about doing love scenes now than when I was younger.  Maybe if I was in a loving romantic relationship of my own, I’d feel differently than I do.  I don’t know.”

Lydia:  “Well, that’s possible.”  I nod my head, agreeing with his logic.

Robert pulls Lydia back into a closer embrace with him, and he kisses her adoringly as their bodies mold themselves to each other.  Then after a few moments of lovely kissing, Lydia lets her emotions take over and she starts to cry and she buries her face in Robert’s neck.

Robert:  “Lydia, what’s wrong?  I thought you said you were in love with me?”  He asks her uncertainly.

Lydia:  “I am in love with you, Robert.”    She says quietly.  “I’m just too shy and insecure to immediately shift gears from being your friend and colleague, to being your …”

Robert:  “My lover?”   Robert kisses Lydia tenderly on her lips while caressing her face—and rocking her back and forth soothingly in his arms as they kiss and embrace each other for several moments.

Lydia:  “Robert, I’ve loved you for so long and tried to push it out of my mind and out of my heart, that I’m afraid to try being in a romantic relationship with you.  Loving someone romantically is so personal and intimate—before you even get to the sex part.”   She says tilting her head and he smiles.  “And, I don’t think that I could be in a casual romantic relationship with you or anyone.  I’m just too old fashioned.”

Robert:  “I understand, Lydia.”   He sighs.  “Hhhh. … So, is sex completely out of the picture?”  He asks impishly with his eyes wide, trying to lighten the mood.

Lydia:  She laughs softly. “Ha ha ha.  I wouldn’t say that, Robert.”    She looks at him soulfully while caressing his face.  “I just need time … to feel comfortable enough to let myself love you completely–heart and mind and body and soul.  I’m sorry.”

Robert:  “Well Lydia, I guess we’ve made a little bit of progress at least.”   He kisses her tenderly again.  Then he changes the subject to lighten the mood.   “Okay, when’s dinner?”  He grins winningly and she smiles warmly back at him.

Lydia:  Looking over at the oven timer, she says.  “About forty five minutes.  Robert, why don’t we just take our showers as usual and get into our comfy clothes and talk more over dinner?  Hmm?”

Robert:  “Alright Lydia.”  He says kissing her tenderly on her lips again.

Robert wants to do more than just kiss Lydia, but he realizes that he needs to give Lydia time to catch up with him.  So Lydia and Robert each walk upstairs to their separate bedrooms and bathrooms to shower and change.

To be continued with Chapter 9

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 9 (R rated): Showering, Sizzling, and Smouldering

The layout of Robert’s apartment has the two bedrooms next to each other on the top floor, but separated by individual bathrooms side by side to consolidate the plumbing.  So, as Robert and Lydia each shower in their own bathrooms, they are separated by only six inches of tile, sheet rock, and insulation.  They can each hear the others’ shower running in the other bathroom.  Lydia washes her long hair, letting the warm water run soothingly over her as she rinses her hair.  Then, she washes her body.  She puts her hair in a towel and then towels the rest of herself dry.  Then she puts on a form fitting stretch cotton camisole, but no bra.  Though her full round C cup size breasts are normally supported by bras, she likes to relax a bit in the evening–but the camisole still provides support.  She also puts on panties, lightweight mid thigh soft cotton sweat pant shorts, and a loose fitting blouse over her camisole.  Lydia is almost forty nine years old.  But, she has taken care of her skin and she looks much younger.  Then she dries her hair and moisturizes her face as usual–but she does not put make up on again.  Robert sees her every night without makeup and she doesn’t want to draw attention to herself by changing what she normally does.  Although, she does shave her legs and her armpits.

Meanwhile, Robert showers, washes his hair and shaves his face to a finely grained coating of stubble.  Robert has always had a bristley end of the day beard which is scratchy—according to past women he has dated.   So, Robert tends to shave at night out of habit—and tonight is no exception, but he leaves a bit of stubble.  Robert also does not want to change his routine–not wanting to spook Lydia.  Then, he dries his hair and himself and he puts on a sleeveless athletic style t-shirt—that unintentionally accentuates his muscular arms, shoulders, and chest—and light weight exercise pants.  Lydia and Robert look at themselves in their respective bathroom mirrors wondering what will happen between them—tonight, and in the coming days.   Then, they rejoin each other in the main living area downstairs.


Robert had gotten done with his shower and shave first—less hair for him to dry than RobertImageisRichardArmitageasLucasNorthinSpksepi5_058Dec1912crpbrtclrLydia has.  And he makes them salads and pops baked potatoes into the microwave to go with their baked fish dinners.  Then, Lydia joins him in the kitchen to help with their dinner preparation.  Robert [(5) right] shyly looks up to see Lydia walking toward him.   A small smile tries to peek through on his lips–but his eyes lovingly gazing at her gives his feelings away.

Lydia and Robert are a little awkward with each other at first tonight—still uncertain about where their relationship is going, and each of them wondering if they will make love with each other tonight.  So, they focus on their meal preparation to distract themselves.  They’ve gotten good at the give and take of living together as roommates.  Although Robert’s muscles and Lydia’s body hugging camisole are a lovely distraction to each of them and they smile at each other warmly.

Robert:  “Lydia, I’ve got the salads done and our potatoes started.”

Lydia:  “That’s good, Robert.  How is the fish doing?”   She opens the oven and sees that the fillets, scallops and such are sizzling away.    “It looks almost done.”   She says and turns off the oven temperature—even though the timer still has fifteen minutes to go on it.  Robert looks at her askance.   “Robert, scallops are tricky when baked versus sautéed and you don’t want to overdo them.”   Or that is what she tells him and herself.

Lydia and Robert are standing side by side—almost touching as they go about their food preparation—in the narrow alley kitchen.  They are used to stepping around each other and loosely grabbing each others’ arms as they pass each other—for balance if for nothing else.  But, tonight, Robert and Lydia awkwardly try not to touch as they pass each other—which is not easy to do in the narrow kitchen.

Robert:  “Excuse me, Lydia.”    Robert says politely as he almost moves around Lydia in a dance turn as they switch which side of the alley kitchen they’re standing on.

Lydia:  “That’s okay, Robert.”   She says a bit startled by the tango dance move.  Then she opens the freezer door of the side by side refrigerator to ponder additional food options.   “Shall we also have shrimp cocktails?  I can quickly thaw some pre-cooked shrimps that we have.”

Robert:  “Yes, that will be nice.  Do we have enough?”   He asks looking longingly at Lydia’s bare shoulder.

Lydia feels so close to Robert that he wants to reach out and touch her again.  But heRobertImageisRichardArmitageasLucasNorth inSpks8epi5_060Dec1912ranetcropbrtclr hesitates for fear of her feeling pressure from him to be more intimate than she wants to be.  But his smouldering gaze [(6) right]–were Lydia to see it–leaves no one in doubt of Robert’s desire for her tonight.

Lydia can feel the heat emanating from Robert’s body behind her as she stands in front of the cold open freezer door.

Lydia:  “I think so.”   She says turning toward Robert as she pulls out the shrimp package.

Of, course, the freezer is chilly to Lydia’s body—which Robert can tell through her form fitting soft stretch cotton camisole peeking out of her over blouse as he looks at her.  Robert can’t help gazing longingly at Lydia’s shapely body–and she feels his gaze upon her.  Lydia blushes as she turns and walks the two feet to the sink to run warm water over the frozen shrimp in a bowl.

Robert:  “Here’s the cocktail sauce, Lydia.”   Robert says as he puts the bottle on the counter in front of her as he reaches from behind her.

Lydia:  “Thanks, Robert.”  Then she asks looking up at him over her shoulder.  “Robert, will you pull out two bowls from the cabinet for each of us to put our shrimp in?”

Robert:  “Certainly.”   Robert stays standing behind Lydia—but not touching her—as he reaches up to the overhead kitchen cabinet and pulls out two glass bowls and sets them on the counter next to the cocktail sauce bottle.  He can smell the scent of her freshly washed hair that silkily flows over her shoulders.

Lydia:  Looking up again at Robert over her shoulder she says.    “Thanks, Robert.”

Robert:  “You’re welcome, Lydia.”  Robert leans down and kisses Lydia’s lips.

Then Robert wraps his arms around Lydia while still standing behind Lydia and kissing her over her shoulder.  Lydia has her hands full of shrimp or she would turn around and caress his face.  So, she sets the shrimp down in a bowl, pulls away from kissing Robert, and she washes and dries her hands.  Then she turns to face Robert and she kisses Robert back with her arms going around his neck.  Robert and Lydia embrace each other tenderly as they kiss.  Their mouths and lips and tongues explore each other–intertwining deliciously, sensuously.  Their kisses in no way can be misconstrued as kisses between friends.   Their kisses are lovers’ kisses–well, soon to be lovers’ kisses.

But the petit five foot four inch Lydia kissing the six foot two and a half inch tall Robert is a bit of a logistical problem.  Robert has to lean down far and/or Lydia has to strain up on her tip toes to barely reach his chin.  So, Robert lifts Lydia up and sets her on the open kitchen counter surface—which makes her about eye level with him now—maybe a little higher.  Robert leans in to Lydia and they kiss and embrace each other—with Lydia’s legs open to let him get close to her.  Robert’s hands stroke Lydia’s back, backside, hips and thighs.  Lydia intuitively senses her legs being guided around Robert’s body by him and she wraps her legs around Robert—intertwining her legs around the back of his legs.  This only serves to further ignite Robert’s passion for Lydia even more as his kisses move from her lips, to her neck, to the crevice between her full round breasts.  Dinner can wait.

Lydia:  “Oh Robert!”  She sighs with the lovely feelings of Robert’s intimate kisses and caresses as she runs her fingers through his hair.

Robert:  “Lydia, my love.”   Robert sighs wanting to make love with Lydia tonight with his whole heart–but still not knowing how far Lydia wants–or will let–their intimacy with each other go tonight.

Robert’s kisses move back up to Lydia’s lips and they kiss each other tenderly, adoringly, passionately, and lustfully.  But the hard granite surface of a kitchen countertop is not a romantic—nor a comfortable—place to make out or to make love.  So, Robert stands back a bit and he lifts Lydia off of the counter top.  Then he takes her hand and guides her to the living room couch and lies down on it with her—with them laying side by side, facing each other, canoodling.  Not only is the couch more comfortable, but it also provides them a better vantage point for kissing and caressing each other with abandon without worrying about their height difference—because as Lydia says, everyone is the same height lying down.

And Robert’s tenderly passionate kisses and caresses of Lydia do become more intimate with him kissing her breasts through her camisole as her arousal becomes apparent.  Robert’s arousal is also apparent against Lydia’s thigh as they lie intertwined together.  Lydia thrills to Robert’s kisses and caresses of her breasts and womb through her clothing.

Lydia:  “Hhhhh!”  Lydia moans with the pleasures that Robert is giving her.

Though Lydia had told Robert earlier that she needed to take their romantic relationship RobertImageisRichardArmitageasJohnPortinSB1epi3hd_024Dec1912ranetcropslowly, her reawakened sensual needs have other ideas.  Lydia begins to pull Robert’s t-shirt up and off of his body–with him finishing it–to reveal his muscular chest [(7) right].

And then Lydia kisses Robert’s lips, his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his abdomen, and then his lips again—all the while Lydia caresses Robert through his thin exercise pants.

Robert:  “Ahhh!”  Robert moans with the pleasures he feels.

But they are both still wearing too many clothes for lovemaking.  Robert removes Lydia’s over blouse and he kisses and caresses her full round breasts again through her soft stretch cotton camisole.

Lydia:  “Ahhhh!”  Lydia sighs with these intimacies.

Robert starts to lift her camisole off of her body, but Lydia is mindful of what gravity has done to her full round breasts and she tries to hold the camisole on her body.

Robert:  But, Robert wants and needs to kiss and caress Lydia’s breasts adoringly–to feel his lips upon her skin.   “Lydia, my love.  I want to gaze upon and caress all of your loveliness.”  Robert says tenderly as he kisses her on the lips and he cups her left breast by reaching underneath her camisole—his skin touching her skin.  Lydia’s breast is full and round and soft and supple to his touch and Robert delights in her beauty.

Lydia:  “Ahh!”   Lydia gasps at feeling her Robert caress her so intimately.  “Oh Robert!”  She sighs.

Robert:  “Lydia, you are so beautiful!  Please let me see you.  Let me feel your skin against my skin.”  Robert says adoringly as he continues to kiss and caress her breasts.

So, Lydia compromises by pulling down her camisole’s neckline to reveal her breasts—and the camisole acts as a support to them from underneath.   Seeing and caressing and kissing Lydia’s beautiful breasts further excites Robert as Lydia caresses him again under his exercise pants and Robert caresses Lydia under her shorts and panties.  They are each locked in their loving kisses and adoring caresses of each other.  Lydia pushes Robert’s exercise pants over his hips and down his legs as he hovers over her.  Robert stands up from the couch and he lets his exercise pants puddle onto the floor—and he steps out of them, now handsomely naked in front of Lydia.  Lydia’s gaze upon Robert’s toned and muscular body is loving and desirous.  She reaches up her arms to him, beckoning him to return to her embrace.

But before Robert rejoins Lydia on the couch, he removes her shorts and panties by peeling them down and off of her body.  However, Lydia still feels shy about her nakedness and she moves her body toward the couch’s seat back as she covers her breasts with her arms.  Lydia has not lain with a man for several years and she is shy.   Yet her love for and lovemaking with Robert is a reawakening of her own sensuality.  Robert lays side by side with Lydia on the couch–gently placing his hand on her hip and turning her to facing him—and they intertwine their bodies and arms and legs with each other.  Robert’s loving ardor for Lydia presses against her as he kisses and caresses her breasts.  Lydia kisses and caresses Robert with abandon as she thrills to the pleasures that await them.  Then, when each of them must have their sensual needs and desires fulfilled, Robert joins his body with Lydia’s as he lays on top of her.

Lydia:  “Ahh!”   Lydia gasps[(8) right], at first, with the suddenness of feeling Robert join LydiaImageisDianeLaneinUnfaithful944_5Dec1912bluraycrpbrtclrhis body to her body—when she has not been intimate with anyone else for a very long time.

Yet, Lydia has loved Robert for so long—and she has had to push her love or him out of her mind—that she can’t really believe they are making love together.    But Robert’s initially slower movements in rocking their bodies together relaxes Lydia into feeling Robert’s loving tenderness toward her–giving her joy and pleasure.  Robert continues to shower kisses upon and adore his lovely Lydia–the woman who has brought love and friendship into his life.  He has been without love and being loved for himself for so long that he wants to savor this moment of their sharing their love with each other.

The passionate and sensual pleasures that Robert and Lydia give to and share with each other are proof of their loving reality.  Again, and again, and again, and again, Robert’s and Lydia’s bodies move together in loving harmony.  Robert’s sensual urgency matches Lydia’s as they kiss and caress each other with loving passionate abandon.  Then Robert’s body raptures in waves of ecstasy and he strains his chest upward and he continues to join his body with Lydia’s body.  Then Lydia raptures in ecstasy and she wraps her legs around Robert—which only excites him further as they tremble together in ecstasy and rapturous bliss.  Then, Robert lays down on top of Lydia and they kiss and they caress each other, speaking words of love to each other.

Lydia:  “Oh Robert, I love you so.”  Tears of joy are falling from her eyes.

Robert:  “Lydia, I love you so.”

Their bodies stay joined together for several precious moments more–neither wants to part from the other, as if not to break the spell of their new found love.  And then, both Lydia and Robert let out a joyful laugh–for each of them overcoming their doubts, their insecurities, and their fears in making love with each other.

Robert and Lydia:   “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

They kiss each other adoringly—with Robert caressing Lydia’s face and Lydia caressing Robert’s face.  They kiss and cuddle blissfully with each other for a little while longer.  Then their oven timer dings and they both laugh again.

Robert and Lydia:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!

Time to eat.  So, they each rise from the couch, grab their clothes, and walk hand in hand to their bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs to freshen up before dinner.

To be continued with Chapter 10

“Love & Friendship”, Ch.  10:  Dinner and conversation leads to Loving each other again and again (R rated)

Lydia walks downstairs to find Robert already putting their food on their plates in the LydiaImageisDianeLane2Dec1912croatianworldkitchen.  She [(9) right] feels content and happy–and very very relaxed.  She walks up to him and puts her arm around his waist from behind him and she kisses his muscular bare back.  Robert stops what he’s doing, turns around, and he puts his arms around Lydia and they kiss each other sweetly as they embrace.

Robert:  “I love you so, Lydia.”  Robert says to Lydia lovingly caressing her face.

Lydia:  “Robert, I love you so.”   Lydia says lovingly to Robert as she gently strokes his bare back.

Robert:  “Well, I feel better.”   He says impishly as he grins broadly and raises his eyebrow.

Lydia:  “Same here.”   She says closing her eyes and sighing.  Then, she can’t help herself and she starts crying in joy and in relief.

Robert:  “Lydia Darling, what’s wrong?”   He asks tenderly as he caresses her face and kisses her lips.

Lydia:  “Robert, it’s just that I’ve loved you for so long.  I’d given up any hope that you might love me.  I really think I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning and find that I have dreamed our lovemaking.”

Robert:  “Well, then I’ll just have to make sure to remind you that you’re awake and not dreaming.”   Robert kisses Lydia tenderly as he caresses her face.  “We are so right together, Lydia.  And with us living together, I’ve become even closer to you.   Lydia, I think I’ve loved you ever since I met you—it just took everyone else pointing it out to me last weekend at my parents for me to let myself realize it.”  He says laughing.  “I’m glad that we both got over our shyness.  It’s the weekend tomorrow and we’ll have time just for ourselves.”   He says kissing her lips, her cheek, her neck, and then her lips again.

Lydia:  “Hahh!   Yes.”   She sighs.   “Oh, but Robert.  What about us being on the set tomorrow?  How should we act with each other in front of our colleagues?  Won’t they sense something is different about us?”

Robert:  “Well, don’t worry about me deep kissing you in front of them.  I am a discreet lover.”  He says mischievously with his eyes wide and his eyebrows raised—and she laughs.   “Although?”   Of course, now Robert has to kiss Lydia passionately, and with tongues–for several minutes.  “I think we’ll just have to make love again after dinner, and again later tonight, and again in the morning.  Don’t you?”   He says smiling seductively.  “Then we’ll be broken in, so to speak, as a couple–and maybe we won’t seem so desirous of each other.  Though we will be–because I am completely besotted with you.”

Lydia:  “Hmmm.  Yes.”  She purrs and smiles coquettishly.  Then her face looks alarmed.  “Oh no!   I guess I’ll have to cancel my date with Leland Smythe for tomorrow night.”

Robert:  “You had … have a date tomorrow?  With someone other than me? Ha ha ha ha ha!”   He laughs incredulously.

Lydia:  “Well, it’s like I said earlier Robert.  I’d given up hope about us being anything other than friends.  So I was trying to move on.”

Robert:  “I guess I cut in line none too soon then.”   He says looking a bit nonplussed.

Lydia:  Laughingly, she says.  “Robert, it’s not like I would have slept with him.   I don’t even know him—hence, the date.”   She looks over at Robert with his eyebrows raised expectantly.  “Which, of course, I will cancel with him in the morning.”

Robert:  “That’s my girl.”   He flashes her a warm grin [(10) right].  “Now let’s eat.”   Lydia RobertImageisRichardArmitageasLucasNorthinSB1epi5_072Dec1912ranetcrop brtnods and they do.


Of course, eating fish for dinner is tasty, but not very conducive to kissing.  So, Robert and Lydia visit their respective bathrooms and brush their teeth and such before returning to cuddle with each other on the couch under the blanket throw.  The flickering flames of the gas fireplace as the only light in the room, casts a warm glow over them.  Lydia and Robert lay back on the couch in their comfy clothes and look up at the sky light.  It is a crystal clear night and the stars twinkle their greeting to them, a silent witness to Robert and Lydia’s transformed relationship as they talk.

Lydia:  Laying on her back and looking up at Robert laying on his left side next to her–cradling her in his arms–Lydia caresses his face and says with loving tenderness.  “Robert, I love you with all of my heart.”

Robert:  “And I love you with all of my heart, Lydia.”

They smile at each other and Robert leans down and kisses Lydia tenderly as he caresses her face and she runs her fingers through the back of his hair.  And then Lydia caresses Robert’s shoulders and then his back and then his hips—as if to frame Robert’s silhouette in her mind.  Then Robert’s right hand moves down Lydia’s cheek to her neck to her shoulder to her left arm, her left breast, and then her left hip—as if to frame Lydia’s silhouette into his memory—and then he intertwines the fingers of his right hand with Lydia’s left hand.  Robert’s kisses move from Lydia’s lips, to her cheek, to her neck, to her breasts.

Lydia:  “Ahh!”   Lydia sighs with Robert’s intimate touches.  As she breathes deeply, she asks him.   “So Robert, are we really going to make love with each other all night long.”

Robert:  “Hmmm.”  He growls seductively.  “Sounds lovely.”   Robert says raising his eyebrow as his kissing moves back to Lydia’s neck and then her lips.

Lydia:  Closing her eyes, she says breathily.  “Okay, works for me.   I guess you come by your Heartthrob moniker honestly.”

Lydia wraps her arms and legs around Robert and she kisses him adoringly.  Lydia wants to live in the moment and love Robert completely.  Lydia feels Robert tugging at the hem of her camisole—wanting to lift it off of her body.  And, this time, she lets him.  Robert kisses Lydia’s abdomen and then each full round breast as they are revealed to him—his tongue lingering there exciting Lydia’s sensual pleasures.  Lydia also kisses the top of Robert’s head as it is buried in her breasts and she caresses him eagerly, lovingly, and passionately until he is fully and handsomely aroused.  They each need to get out of more clothing—and if truth be told, have a more spacious place to make love on.  So, they rise from the couch and finish removing their clothing.  Then Robert and Lydia lie down together naked on the plush hearth rug—now with Lydia on top—and they make love.

As they join their bodies together in sensual harmony, Robert guides Lydia’s hips to match his own movements.  Robert kisses and caresses Lydia’s breasts as he props himself up a bit.  With Lydia on top, they create new and wondrous sensual pleasures for each of them as they rock their bodies together in their passionate and adoring lovemaking.  Then, as Robert’s and Lydia’s lovemaking intensifies their pleasures and they are near sensual bliss, Lydia slows her hips’ movements and tightens her womb—she hasn’t been doing Kegel exercises for nothing—and Robert gasps with also feeling heightened sensual pleasures.  Then, Robert rolls he and Lydia, such that he is on top as they culminate their bodies joining together again, and again, and again, and again in an explosion of love and sensuality and lust and tenderness and rapturous joyful ecstasy.  They both cry out in their sensual release.

Robert:  “Aahh!”

Lydia:  “Ahh!”

Robert:  “Oh Lydia, my love.  I adore you.”

Lydia:  “Robert, my love.  I adore you.”   Then she says what goes without saying—but every man likes to hear it now and again.  “… Oh Robert, you’re a wonderful lover.  I’ve never felt such lovemaking joy as I feel with you.”  She nestles her face into his neck.

Robert:  “Lydia, making love with you is more beautiful than I’ve ever known.”   He kisses her adoringly.

Robert and Lydia collapse into each other’s arms and cuddle and kiss for a long time before they drift off to sleep in the glow of the firelight–with the twinkling stars bearing silent witness to their love.



Eventually, Lydia and Robert awaken from their slumbering on the plush hearth rug.  And, they have a perfectly good bed–two actually—waiting for them upstairs that will be more comfortable than the floor.  So, they rise and walk upstairs and each visits their own bathrooms.  Then, Lydia slides into her bed naked and waits for Robert to join her.  She smiles remembering their two loving romantic interludes so far—her body still trembling with sensual joy and she closes her eyes.  Robert walks into her bedroom naked and he slides into bed next to Lydia and she opens her eyes and looks lovingly at Robert and they kiss.  They have made love twice with each other so far tonight and it is not even midnight yet.  So, the night is young.  And afterall, Robert did promise to make love with Lydia all night long.  Lydia and Robert lay on their sides facing each other.  They mold their naked bodies to each other in their lovers’ embrace—their arms and legs and bodies intertwining with each other, such that not even a whisper could pass between them as they kiss each other with loving abandon.

Not only is Robert a wonderful lover, but with two loving interludes within three hours of each other now beautiful memories, Lydia has already exceeded her past love making experiences.  Well, Robert is England’s Heartthrob.  But that is a media designation and it does not fully reflect the loving tenderness that Robert shows and gives to Lydia.  Robert and Lydia’s romantic interludes this night are not merely examples of sexual athleticism, but rather their lovemaking reflects the loving joy that they feel for each other.   As Lydia and Robert tenderly kiss and caress each other in her bed, they excite their sensual pleasures so intensely and so sweetly that they each feel loved completely by each other in their rapturous bliss as they collapse in pure joy from their love making.  And making love is about love—and Robert and Lydia love each other deeply as they are now letting themselves, and each other, realize.   Theirs is not merely an affair, but a romance between two equals—Robert and Lydia—who slumber peacefully in each others’ loving arms until morning.

To be continued with Chapter 11


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