“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 11-13 (R rated): Lovers Revealed and Reveling in Each Other’s Love, 12/24/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #331)

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 11-13 (R rated):  Lovers Revealed and Reveling in Each Other’s Love, 12/24/12 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #331)

zt_aaLoveandFriendshipStoryLogoWattpadNov2612GratianaLovelaceAn Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace (all rights reserved)
[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my “ideal” actors cast in these roles:

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Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Love & Friendship” is a romantic love story set amidst contemporary times.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes or other sauciness (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap:   Lydia and Robert finally break the ice and reveal their loving feelings for each other.  Then they make love with loving abandon.

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 11 (PG-13 rating):  Morning Sun Awakens Sleeping Lovers to a new Day

The early Friday morning light shines into Robert’s home through the skylight of his two story living room.  The twinkling stars last night have given way to the morning sun as dawn greets Lydia’s and Robert’s sleeping naked bodies in Lydia’s bed as light streams in through her bedroom’s open doorway to the upstairs hallway that looks out over the balcony to the living room area below.  And Lydia and Robert awaken and gaze at each other lovingly and kiss each other ever so sweetly—still intertwined in their lovers’ embrace.  They each visit the bathroom and brush their teeth and such, then they return to bed with each other and make love again sweetly, tenderly, passionately, and adoringly.

They kiss and cuddle with each other lovingly afterward.  And yes, as two responsible adults, Lydia and Robert should have used condoms in their lovemaking interludes last night and this morning for health and pregnancy prevention reasons.  But they are both blood donors and healthy–and Lydia feels her age sadly precludes her from becoming pregnant, even were she and Robert’s relationship progress to the stage of wanting to share their lives together forever.  Though Robert’s mind is solely focused on the present and loving his Lydia–not necessarily what their lovemaking might or could bring them.  But, they are due on the set by 8:00am today.  So, they rise, shower–separately, or they would never get to the set on time–and get dressed, have breakfast, and drive to the studio together.


First dates can be awkward.  And, cancelling a first date is even more awkward.  But, that is what Lydia must do regarding her date with Leland Smythe since she and Robert are now a romantic couple.  And the awkwardness is compounded because Robert and Lydia will see Leland Smythe  on the set this morning—and other mornings to come–since Leland is the Property Master for Robert’s current film project.  So, as Robert and Lydia walk onto the set hand in hand, they are visually conveying the change in their relationship—from friends to lovers.  This is further cemented when Robert—somewhat proprietarily—tenderly kisses Lydia on her lips as he heads off to make up.

Robert:  “I’ll see you after I’m done with makeup, Lydia Darling?”  He asks sweetly kissing Lydia on her lips.

Lydia:  “Yes, I’ll get us some coffees from craft services and join you in your dressing room, Robert Dear.”  She nods her head.  Then in the corner of her eye, she sees Leland Smythe walking toward her.  “Robert, you go on.  I need to talk to Leland privately to cancel our date.”

Robert:  “Alright.”   Then Robert lingeringly kisses Lydia on her lips again, just for good measure–to firmly establish to Leland that Lydia is his lady friend.  With a raised eyebrow, Robert nods at Leland and then he walks over to make up.

Leland:  “Good morning Lydia.”   Leland says smiling, not quite sure if Robert kissing Lydia on the lips is meant to wave him off.  It seems that other people are also not good at reading nonverbal signals.

Lydia:  “Oh, good morning Leland.  We have to talk.”

Leland:  “Uh oh.  That’s never good.   Did something come up and you have to reschedule our date?”   He asks hopefully to still get a chance to take Lydia out on a date.  Leland thinks that Lydia looks especially lovely this morning–if he only knew why.   Of course Leland wasn’t intending to make a pun—about ‘something coming up’–but Lydia blushes anyway.

Lydia:  “I’m so sorry Leland.  It’s just that …   Well, you see …  Robert and I … we  …”   She just can’t seem to get the words out.

Leland:  “Ah. … So, you and Robert finally broke the ice?”

Lydia:  “What do you mean finally?”   She wonders a bit shyly.

Leland:  “Well Lydia, it’s pretty clear from your writing how you feel about Robert.  And, truthfully, Robert has been a bit moony over you lately.  Actually, a couple of us have a friendly bet going on when you and Robert would reveal yourselves as a romantic couple to the rest of us.”

Lydia laughs softly at neither she nor Robert being able to hide their true loving feelings from others—his poker buddies, his parents, and their film set colleagues—though Robert and Lydia had not acknowledged their feelings to each other until last night, even though they’ve been living with each other for over a month.

Lydia:  Then she asks him quizzically.  “But Leland, if you and others thought that Robert and I were heading toward being a romantic couple, why did you ask me out on a date?”

Leland:  “Well, it’s taken Robert this long to make his move, I just thought that I might have a shot with you in the meantime.”

Lydia:  “Thanks Leland.”  She says uncertainly.  “Ha ha ha!  I’ll try to take that as a compliment.”  She says laughing.  Then she says warmly.  “Thanks for understanding, Leland.”    Leland nods and he walks away to organize the props for the scene being set up for filming this morning.


Lydia gets coffees for she and Robert at craft services and takes their coffees to Robert in his dressing room.  He has been made up—face, chest, arms and back—for his love scene today.  He is not in his costume of trousers and a open collared white shirt yet so that he doesn’t crease it—nor get makeup on it.  So, Robert is wearing a terry cloth robe over exercise pants and his bare chest.  Lydia knocks on Robert’s dressing room door.

Robert:  “Come in.”  He says benignly since he doesn’t know who is on the other side of his door.

Lydia:  “It’s just me, Robert.”  Lydia says smiling at him warmly as she walks in and hands him his coffee.

Robert:   “There’s no just about it Lydia.”  He says taking his coffee, having a sip and then setting his coffee down on a nearby end table.  He holds out his arms to her and says smiling at her warmly.   “Come to me, my darling.”

Lydia also sets down her coffee on the nearby end table and she goes to join Robert on the couch.  Robert pats his lap and Lydia sits down sideways on his lap and he wraps his arms around her—and she wraps her arms around him—and they kiss each other adoringly for several minutes.

Robert:  When they come up for air from their kissing, he asks.  “So Lydia, how did Leland take your brush off?”  Lydia smiles sweetly at him as she caresses Robert’s face.  “You did cancel your date with him, didn’t you?”  He blinks at her expectantly.

Lydia:  “Ha ha ha!  Oh Robert, of course I did.”  She says laughing softly.  “I can’t very well go out on a date with someone else when I’m in love with and sleeping with you.”  She looks at him wide eyed.

Robert:  “Ha ha ha!  No!”  He laughs.

Lydia:  “Actually, he took it very well.  He guessed that you and I had finally—to use his words—gotten together.”

Robert:  “What do you mean, Lydia?”   He asks her bemusedly quizzically.

Lydia:  “Well Robert, I guess others on the set had suspected our loving connection—even though we hadn’t yet.  Leland says that some of them had a friendly bet going on when you and I would get together.”

Robert:  “Did they did now?  Huh.  If that’s the case, I wonder who will win the pot of money?”   He asks amusingly.

Lydia:  “You don’t really care do you?  I mean, it’s not like we’re going to be explicit about the changed nature of our relationship.  That’s private.”  She says in a lady like tone.

Robert:  “True.  But, maybe we can have whomever wins take us out for drinks or dinner.”   He says animatedly.

Lydia:  “Oh Robert.”    She laughs shaking her head as she leans in and kisses him again.

There is a quick knock at Robert’s dressing room door and the second assistant director walks in before Robert can say enter—let alone, Robert and Lydia change their positions from her sitting on his lap.  So, Lydia just stays sitting on Robert’s lap with their arms around each other as Robert and Lydia nonchalantly look over at the 2nd AD.

2nd AD:  He says looking at his clip board.   “Robert, we’re ready for you on the set.  Go ahead and put on your trouser and shirt costume.”  Then he looks up and sees Lydia sitting on Robert’s lap.   “Oh, hello Lydia.”   He says a bit discomfited.   “I didn’t realize that  you were also in here.”

Robert:  “Yes, haven’t you heard?  Lydia and I are a couple now.”   He says teasingly and squeezes Lydia in his arms.

Lydia:  “Robert!”   She says primly looking at him askance.

2nd AD:  “Right.”   He says using that catchall Brit response.  Then he suggests looking at his watch.  “Well Robert, I guess you’ve actually got about ten minutes until we need you on the set.”

Robert:  “Thanks!”  Robert says smiling warmly at Lydia who is blushing profusely now.  The second AD walks out of Robert’s dressing room.

To be continued with Chapter 12

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 12 (R rated)Lydia and Robert Reveal themselves as Lovers

Lydia:  “Robert, you’ve given him the impression that we’re going to make love in your dressing room before you start filming your love scene.”   She pouts embarrassedly.

Robert:  “Well, that’s not a bad idea.”   He says raising his eyebrows up and down suggestively and then he tenderly kisses her shoulder.  “Care to warm me up for my love scene, Lydia?”

Lydia:  “Robert!  I should have thought that I already had at home.”

Robert:  “That was two hours ago.”  He pouts and whines cutely.

Lydia:  “But, we’ve only got ten minutes.”   She looks at him incredulously.

Robert:  “Then, we better hurry.”   Robert begins to kiss and caress Lydia adoringly as he removes her blouse and she is now just in her bra and slacks—but not for long.

Lydia:  “Alright.”  She says sheepishly–feeling naughty for what they are about to do in his dressing room.  “But let me at least lock your door.”    And she stands up and does so.

Robert removes his terry cloth robe and then his exercise pants and he is standing handsomely naked in front of Lydia.  Then Lydia unzips her slacks and removes them.  Then Robert peels Lydia’s panties off of her, so at least her lower half is beautifully naked before Robert.  Robert and Lydia kiss adoringly and lovingly.  But they are on the clock and they get down to business almost immediately by caressing each other lovingly.  Then Robert sits again on the couch and Lydia wraps her legs around him and they join their bodies as one.  Again, and again, and again, and again Lydia’s and Robert’s bodies move in sensuous harmony with each other.  Maybe it is the fact that they are making love outside of their apartment, or at Robert’s workplace–albeit, his private dressing room–but Lydia feels very naughty, in a good way, and so does Robert.

And though they were shooting for a ten minute romantic interlude, it actually takes Robert and Lydia almost eighteen minutes to reach a perfect rapturous bliss in each others’ loving arms.  Well, some things can’t be rushed.  And, at least Robert’s dressing room is on a concrete floor—rather than it being a set trailer, which might not be as stable.  After kissing and cuddling briefly after their romantic tryst, Lydia and Robert each visit the bathroom in turn—with Robert going first so he can get to the set to start filming.  A few moments later, Lydia joins Robert on the set.


When Lydia walks over to the set, Robert and his costar are talking with the director about the love scene that they’re about to film.  So, Lydia just sits in the makeup station chairs that still gives her a good view of the set.  Robert sees Lydia sit down and he excuses himself from his conversation.  Then Robert walks over to Lydia.  All eyes on the set are on Robert and Lydia now.  And Lydia blushes profusely as Robert smilingly walks up to her.

Robert:  “You look lovely, Lydia.”   He says warmly as he leans down and kisses her on her lips fully—but without tongues–as he leans into her with each of his hands on the arm rests of her chair.

Lydia:  “Robert, kissing you is very nice, obviously.”   She says caressing his face.  “But, shouldn’t we be discreet on the set?  I mean doesn’t the director mind you coming over here when you’re setting up the scene to film?”

Robert:  “Oh him?”   Robert nods in the directors direction and their director waves at them.  “Not at all.  He’s the one who won the bet!  Ha ha ha ha ha!”    He laughs and grins at her winningly.  Then Robert says teasingly.    “But, … it seems for him to be judged the winner, there needs to be a demonstration of our romantic relationship.”

Lydia:  “Well, wouldn’t the kiss you gave me just now suffice?”  She hopes, blushingly.

Robert:  “I’m afraid not.  I’m an actor, you know.”  He sheepishly shrugs his shoulders.  “So, they want to make sure that I’m not acting. He looks at her mischievously.

Lydia:  “Robert, I don’t want to feel like we’re performing on demand.  Our relationship is private.”   She says primly and blushes profusely.

Robert:  “I just love it when you blush.”  He kisses her cheek.  Then he decides to sweeten the pot.  “Well, he did say that he’d take us out for dinner if he wins.”  Robert grins cheekily.

Lydia:  “Robert, we can afford to pay for our own dinner.”  She says pouting embarrassedly—and cutely.

Robert:  “Ooh, you’re a tough cookie.”   He says leaning down and nuzzling her neck as he enfolds her in a loving embrace.

Lydia:   “Hhhh!”  She sighs.  “Maybe I should just go back and sit in your dressing room anyway.  Since you’re filming a love scene, I’m not sure that I want to watch you do that … now.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it again, in time.  I mean, I’ve watched you make love on screen dozens of times.  And goodness knows, my script writing has you being lovingly romantic with your costars.  It just feels different, now that we’re a couple.”

Robert:  “I know.  I’m not sure if our breaking the ice this morning, so to speak, will help me or hurt me as I film the love scene today.”  He smiles mischievously.   “If it’s any consolation to you Lydia, I don’t enjoy filming love scenes–because of pretending to be intimate with someone while two dozen people are watching and telling me what to do for the right camera angle.”  He pouts and Lydia smiles.   “I’ll run the scene and then you can come watch the playbacks on the monitor and let me know what you think.  Hmmm?”

Lydia:  “Alright.”  She nods in agreement.

Lydia hops off the slightly taller make up chair and starts to walk toward Robert’s dressing room.  But Robert holds on to her hand and he gently pulls her back to him.  Robert caresses Lydia’s face—pushing her soft curls out of her eyes.  Then, Robert leans down and he lifts Lydia up into his arms—pressing her body against his body as he kisses her adoringly.  Of course, Lydia responds to Robert adoringly—forgetting that there are others on the set watching them, until the clapping starts.

Lydia:  “You stinker!”    She laughs.  “You managed to get your free meal from the director after all.”

Robert:  “Well Lydia, it does come with a nice perk.”   He says with a deadpan expression.  Then he says more animatedly.   “The meal is actually in Paris.  Lydia my love, he’s loaning us his apartment in Paris for the weekend.  We leave this afternoon.”

Lydia:  “That works for me.”   She sighs.  Then Robert and Lydia kiss even more passionately than before—for several more minutes—and more set clapping ensues.

Then Robert finally sets Lydia back on the ground and he releases her with a sweetly tender parting kiss.  Lydia walks to Robert’s dressing room and Robert walks back to the film set—each of them tingling quite nicely from their kisses.   Robert does seem to have more gusto in his love scene acting—with several people noticing that Robert is really into it today.   Of course, now that Robert is in a loving relationship himself, he doesn’t feel as shy about portraying those emotions on screen.

To be continued with Chapter 13

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 13 (R-rating):  Arriving in Paris, December 10th, for the Weekend

Though Paris is thought to be at its loveliest in the Spring, Paris during the second week in December is very lovely, too.  Robert and Lydia fly over to Paris Friday afternoon, December 10th, after filming ends.  As they settle into their director’s apartment around 4:00pm, they take in the lovely views of the city from their windows.  Paris is blanketed with a carpet of lily white snow and looks like a fantasy world of parks, and rivers, and church steeples, and mansard roofs among other beautiful architectural features.  It is an old world city, reflecting an old world time—yet with all of the modern conveniences.

Robert and Lydia’s borrowed apartment is reflective of that old world charm with Country French style furniture, lush upholstery and drapes, and luxurious fabrics on the large bed off of the cozy and warm sitting room.  The well appointed spa like bathroom also contains upscale fixtures and details.  Robert and Lydia each visit the bathroom in turn, then they return to the bedroom and the bed to make love with each other for the first time in Paris.  They haven’t made love since before Robert’s love scene acting this morning about six hours ago–since when filming was done they had to quickly pack and catch their flight to Paris.  And Robert and Lydia each need to be lovers with each other again.

Robert:  “Come to me, Lydia Darling.”  Robert growls in that deeply timberous baritone voice of his—wearing only a towel and a smile.

Lydia:  Walking toward Robert wearing only her silk robe and a smile, Lydia sighs knowing of the pleasures that await them.  “Oh Robert my Love.”

Robert and Lydia embrace and kiss each other adoringly, lovingly, lustfully, and tenderly.  Robert wants nothing more than to make love with Lydia on the spot.  Yet, he knows the heightened sensuous pleasures that await them with their slow and seductive loving romantic interludes.  Lydia not only writes romance well, she truly gives herself completely and wholly to Robert with sweet loving abandon in their love making—such that Robert feels more fully alive with Lydia than he has ever felt before.  This is what true love is.  Robert has portrayed love and lovemaking countless times on screen, but it is with his love Lydia that he truly feels and is loved.

Robert kisses and caresses Lydia through her soft silk robe—with her long silky hair falling in soft curls about her shoulders.  To Robert, Lydia’s natural beauty is what inspires poems to be written, love songs to be sung, and lives to become sweetly, adoringly, and lovingly intertwined forever.  Lydia’s love for Robert is no less deep than his for her.  Lydia’s love for Robert was not solely based on his romantic hero heartthrob roles.  Before she even met Robert, Lydia glimpsed the real Robert through his interviews and in candid photos that illustrated his sweetness and tenderness to her.  And with Lydia getting to know Robert in real life as roommates and friends—and now lovers—Lydia’s life and joy are almost complete.  Well, almost complete, because Lydia knows that her being a few years older than Robert means that she might not be able to give him children.  And, as lovers’ know, children are the living proof of love.

But, for now, Lydia does not let this nagging sadness enter into her thoughts as she and Robert joyfully and lovingly make love in Paris—the city for lovers.  Robert draws out the sash bow of Lydia’s silk robe until it is undone and her robe parts to reveal her lovely nakedness to him.  Then, Robert’s hands slide inside Lydia’s open robe and he caresses her bare back and hips as he kisses her tenderly.  Lydia’s hands and arms rest on Robert’s strong arms and shoulders as she runs her fingers through his hair.    Then Lydia pulls Robert’s towel away and it drops on the floor to reveal his handsome nakedness to her.  Robert slides Lydia’s silk robe off of her shoulders and then down her arms—kissing each of her creamy bare shoulders as they are revealed to him.  Now both Lydia and Robert are lovingly naked with each other.

Robert sweeps Lydia up in his arms and he gently lays her body on the satin sheets in the middle of the bed.  Then he slides his body into bed next to her.  Robert and Lydia’s arms and legs and bodies intertwine with each other as they make love.   They kiss and caress each other with loving tenderness—knowing of the sensuous pleasures that await them.  Robert rolls their bodies from their sides to Robert being on top of Lydia and they join their bodies together.   Lydia wraps her legs around Robert as they join their bodies together again, and again, and again, and again in loving and lustful ways.  Robert kisses and caresses Lydia adoringly and Lydia kisses and caresses Robert lovingly.  Their wondrous union of bodies and minds and hearts and souls surges with blissful ecstasy as they tremble with the power of their love to give them such joy.

Lydia’s and Robert’s love is sweet and wondrous and unconditional and everlasting.  Theirs is a love for the ages—worthy of poetry and song and story–but known only to each other.  Perhaps love shared intimately and privately is more blissful when it is not shouted from the roof tops—because love is a precious exquisite jewel shared between two lovers that time together will only enhance.  Robert and Lydia lay in each others’ loving arms as they kiss and cuddle after their lovemaking.  Then, they fall into a blissful peaceful sleep of contentment and joy.  Lydia and Robert are two halves of the same heart, now and forever.


It is about 6:00pm that Friday evening on their weekend in Paris that Lydia and Robert awaken after their lovemaking and slumber.  Each visits the bathroom and then returns to cuddling and kissing with each other, sweetly naked.

Robert:  Caressing and kissing her face as they lay together in bed, he vows.   “Lydia my love, I want to be with you always.”

Lydia:  “Oh Robert my love, I want to be with you always.”   They kiss passionately and lovingly.

Robert:  “I want to share my life with you, Lydia.  Will you marry me?”   He asks with loving tenderness.

Lydia:  Startled by his proposal, but thrilled by it, she accepts.  “Oh yes, I will marry you Robert!”
Robert and Lydia kiss adoringly as their bodies mold themselves to each other such that not even a whisper could pass between them.  Then tears start to fall on Lydia’s cheeks as she looks up uncertainly at Robert.

Robert:  Kissing the tears from her cheeks, he asks her.  “Lydia, what’s wrong?”   Lydia seems to cry a lot around Robert when they are having their most joyful moments, he thinks.

Lydia:  “I’m just so happy, Robert.  But, I feel that I need to be honest with you.   I’m nearly ten years older than you are and I don’t know if I can have children—though I’ve always wanted them.”  Lydia waits for Robert’s response.  This is Lydia’s greatest fear—that her age would cause Robert to regret his choice of her for his wife and life partner, especially if she can’t give him children.

Robert:  “I love you Lydia, and I hope that we can have children together.  But, maybe I can’t give you children.  Have you thought of that?”   He smiles kissing the tip of her nose—and she smiles.   “But, I think we’ll be great parents.  We may just have to be creative in going about it.”   He says kissing her all over and she melts in his arms as her worries and fears fall away.

Lydia:  “Oh Robert, I love you so.”

Robert:  “Lydia, I love you so.”

Robert and Lydia kiss each other sweetly and tenderly.  Then they make love again to celebrate their newly engaged status.  Maybe it is Paris, or maybe it is the sweetness of their loving relationship that inspires Robert and Lydia to take this next step in their relationship, marriage.  But the only thing that matters is that they do take this next step—fulfilling each of their hopes and wishes and dreams for and with each other.  And, though they do not know it now, Robert and Lydia will have children together—and sooner than they think.


After a beautiful loving weekend in Paris, getting engaged, and then some—Robert and Lydia fly home to London on Sunday, December 12th.  They are off work for the rest of the month and they look forward to the holidays—their first Christmas together.  And though, Lydia hasn’t experienced the glare of media attention and scrutiny that accompanies Robert’s celebrity, she will feel the full force of it when their plane lands at Heathrow Airport as they are about to be besieged by reporters.  It seems that someone on the set last Friday tipped off the media about their relationship.  And with the breaking news reports flashing on the tvs in the airplane about their relationship, Robert and Lydia are alerted as to what might await them.  So as Robert and Lydia wait in Heathrow’s VIP lounge for security to escort them safely from the building, Robert discusses with Lydia the practicalities of the situation.

Robert:  “I’m so sorry about this Lydia.”   He says apologetically.  “You can’t control the media.   Whatever sells newspaper or magazines is what they’re interested in.  And, for what it’s worth, my career and my person tend to be of interest to them.”   He says humbly while embracing her as they sit on the plush leather couch.

Lydia:  “I guess I knew that the media are interested in you, Robert.   I mean, look at all of those unofficial fan web sites devoted to you.   It’s just very different actually experiencing it for myself.  And come on, it’s almost Christmas.”   She says incredulously.  “Aren’t there other stories that are more interesting than us?”

Robert:  “I know.”   He laughs.   “But, you’ll get used to it.  I’ll help you through it.  Basically, ignore their questions, look straight ahead and plow through them.”

Lydia:  “Okay, I think I can do that.”   She nods her head, but makes a face.

Robert:  “Now, we really should clue Mum and Dad into our engagement before anyone else starts rumors about it.”   Lydia nods.  So Robert calls his parents on his cell phone.

Mum on phone:  “Hello?”

Robert on phone:  “Mum, it’s Robert and Lydia.  I’ll put you on speaker here.  Is Dad home?”

Dad on phone:  “Yes, I’m here.  What’s up?  Are you back at London?”

Robert on phone:  “Yes, we’re at Heathrow waiting to be escorted from the building.”

Mum on phone:  “Now Robert, …”  She says teasingly.   “What did you do?  Try to steal a first class towel from the airplane?”

Lydia on phone:  “Actually, I think it was a pillow.”   Lydia says cheekily.

Robert on phone:  “Okay everyone.  I didn’t steal anything.  No, Mum and Dad, Lydia and I wanted to call to tell you something important before the media gets a hold of it.”

Mum and Dad:  “Yes?  Yes?”   They eagerly await their son’s message.

Robert:  “Lydia and I are in love and I asked her to marry me and …”

Lydia on phone:  “And I said yes!”

Mum and Dad on phone:  “That’s wonderful!   We knew you two looked good together.  When’s the wedding?”

Robert on phone:  “Mum and Dad, we haven’t even gotten that far.”   He says rolling his eyes.  “We’ll discuss it and call you in a few days.   And, of course, we’ll be up in a few weekends for Christmas.  But, mums the word for now.  We just want to get home in one piece.”

Mum and Dad on phone:  “Understood.  Alright.  Welcome to the family, Lydia Dear.  We’re so happy for you both.”

Lydia on phone:  “Thanks.  I’m a very lucky woman.”  Lydia smiles at Robert as she embraces him.

Robert:  “No, I’m the lucky one.  Talk to you later, folks.”  He embraces Lydia back.

Lydia on phone:  “Bye.”

Mum and Dad on phone:  “Bye.”   They hang up.

Robert:  “Well, that’s done.’   He squeezes her and says.  “See Lydia, Mum and Dad love you, too.  It will all work out just fine.”

Lydia:  “Okay, just get me to the limo.”   She says with an impish grin.

Security arrives and escorts Robert and Lydia through the airport using back hallways and such and they slip quietly away in their limo—much to the media’s consternation.  On their way home, Lydia and Robert stop at the market for some food and pick up take out Chinese and head home for a restful evening.


Robert carries their suitcases into his—now, their–home while Lydia carries their market purchases and takeout Chinese food for dinner.  After putting away the food, showering and changing into their comfy clothes, Lydia and Robert plop on the couch to eat dinner and discuss wedding dates.

Robert:  “How’s the chop suey?”   He asks, lovingly giving her shoulders a squeeze.

Lydia:  “Tasty.  Like I said when we first met, Robert, anything that I don’t have to cook or clean up after is good.”

Robert:  He laughs.  “Lydia Darling, I find that highly improbable given the gourmet meals you have us making.”

Lydia:  “Robert Dear, I’m not a gourmet.  … I just cook better than you do.”   She says cheekily and makes an amusing face.

Robert:  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah!”  Rocking his head back in laughter, he says.  “So true.    But, I think there are a few things that I do well.”   He says suggestively as he nuzzles her neck.

Lydia:  “I completely agree with you.”   She sighs.

Lydia and Robert are mostly done with their meals anyway.  So, they set their plates on the coffee table and lay down on the couch to canoodle with each other.

Robert:  “What would you say to getting married over the holiday break?”   He kisses her adoringly.

Lydia:  “What?  In two weeks?”   She asks incredulously.

Robert:  “Well, how about on the Monday after Christmas, on December 27th?  It’s after Christmas, so the Vicar should be available.  And, before the new year.  So, we’ll get the tax break for being married this year.”   He grins cheekily.

Lydia:  Laughing she says mock sarcastically.  “Ha ha ha!  How romantic.”   Then he kisses her adoringly—which softens her attitude.  “Okay, works for me.  But can we get a marriage license and the bans said this quickly?”

Robert:  “We can if we get married in my hometown village.  Things are still run on paper there.  So, we should also be able to avoid the media.”

Lydia:  “Oh Robert, a wedding at Christmas time is so special.”   Now Lydia let’s Robert know just how special she thinks that is as she lovingly kisses and caresses him.

Robert:  “Hmmm.   Now, getting married in the village is going to be a small affair.  It might end up just being Mum and Dad and you and I.  Will you be disappointed?”   He looks at her uncertainly.  “I know that every bride dreams of her wedding day.”

Lydia:  “The important part for me is getting married to you, Robert.  A small intimate wedding with just family and maybe a few close friends sounds perfect.”

Robert:  “That’s my girl.”  He says smiling at her warmly.

Then Robert and Lydia go on to seal the deal on their upcoming wedding plans with kisses and caresses and lovemaking that is joyous and tender and sweetly blissful before falling asleep in Lydia’s bed upstairs.

To be continued with Chapter 14


1)The Love & Friendship” story logo is a composite of two images:
a)  British Actor Richard Armitage in a December 2010 Promo portrait found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/2010Promo/album/20Dec2010-Perou-03.jpg; and
b)  American Actress Diane Lane at the Berlin Film Festival in 2011 found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Diane_Lane_%28Berlin_Film_Festival_2011%29_2.jpg

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