“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 23 (PG-13) & 24: Robert and Lydia Grow their Family, 2/04/13 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #356)

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 23 (PG-13) & 24:  Robert and Lydia Grow their Family,  2/04/13 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #356)

aaLoveandFriendshipStoryLogoNov2312GratianaLovelaceJan0313ShrpAn Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace (all rights reserved)
[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my “ideal” actors cast in these roles:

British actor Richard Armitage as Robert and American actress Diane Lane as Lydia, the 1940’s child actress Margaret O’Brien as Kaitlyn, Alfre Woodward as Social Worker Marla Washington, and others.]   [(1ab) Story Logo]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Love & Friendship” is a romantic love story set amidst contemporary times.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes or other sauciness (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap:   Kaitlyn had her first day back at school on Monday with her new foster family with Mummy Lydia and Daddy Robert.  They were amused that Kaitlyn’s class is watching Robert’s industrial revolution cotton mill  love story.  But, the violence in the first episode was unsettling to Kaitlyn.  However, both Robert and Lydia assured her that there is never a reason to hit anyone and that no one in the story was actually hurt.  This relieves Kaitlyn since she has heard stories from other foster care kids about being beaten [(2)].  This is their first week as a foster family–with a meeting on Friday to determine if Kaitlyn gets to stay with Robert and Lydia.  However, they will have some surprising news on Wednesday that will impact all of their futures–but especially, little Kaitlyn.

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 23 (PG-13):  Lydia and Robert visit a Fertility Doctor with Unexpected Results

In combination with being foster parents, Robert and Lydia have always planned to also seek help from fertility specialists—in case the 48 year old Lydia might be able to become pregnant.  So, on Wednesday, February 2nd, Robert and Lydia head to the OBGYN offices of the aptly named Dr. Stella Borne after dropping Kaitlyn at school.  And, much to Robert’s chagrin—since he is only going along for moral support while Lydia is tested—Robert gets tested, too.  It takes Robert a little while to provide his sperm specimen because he’s so nervous and feeling on the spot.  But, eventually, he succeeds.  Then, Robert and Lydia go out for lunch—after which they return to the doctor’s office for their in office consultation around 1:00pm.

Dr. Stella Borne:  Dr. Borne is a kind, no nonsense  fertility specialist medical clinician with a proven track record of helping families welcome babies.  She wears the usual white lab coat over her professional business attire.  Actually, she is about Robert and Lydia’s age and has twenty plus years of experience.  And with a name like hers, she was born to be a fertility doctor. “So, Lydia and Robert, did you have a nice lunch?”   Dr. Borne smiles knowingly at them.  She can always sense the anxiety inherent in couples waiting to hear if their chances of conceiving are good versus nonexistent.

Lydia:  “Yes we did.” Lydia smiles.  Then she asks getting to the point of their visit.  “Were our test results hopeful that I might be able to become pregnant?

Dr. SBorne:  “Most definitely!”  Dr. Borne says positively.  And Robert and Lydia smile hopefully.  “So, whose results do you want first?”   She looks back and forth between Robert and Lydia–who blanche.  “Right, we’ll start with you Robert.”  He starts squirmiRobertImageisRichardArmitageasHarryinVicarofDibleyEpi1-33Feb0413ranetcrop2sharpng in his chair.  “Robert, your sperm showed good motility.”  Robert looks quizzically at the doctor, not knowing what she means.   “That means they swam well.”

Robert:  “That’s good, because I hate the water.”  He laughs nervously and tugs at his collar [(3) right].

Dr. SBorne:  “There’s more.  Actually, that’s it.  You’re sperm count was quite high for a man your age—over twenty million.”   Robert smiles.LydiaImageisDianeLaneSurprisedDec1012somekillerstoriescomcropsml

Lydia:  Laughing, she jokes.   “Ha ha ha ha ha!  Well, he is England’s Heartthrob.  It’s nice to know that his virile sex god image is now scientifically proven. Ha ha ha!”  Lydia giggles [(4) right] mock sarcastically in amusement at her husband.

Robert:  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Rocking his head back in laughter and nervousness, he exclaims.  “Thank god medical records are private and the media can’t get a hold of this”.  He says blushing profusely–though privately, he is immensely delighted in his sperm count.  It is a guy thing to be proud of his 20 million sperm count–because it only takes one persistent sperm to get through to make a baby.

Dr. SBorne:  “Don’t worry Robert.  All of our lab specimens are sent to the lab with coded labels, not people’s names.  They only get matched up back here, by me, as I review the records.  Not even my staff knows which samples belong to which couple.”

Lydia:  “What about me?”   Lydia asks nervously.  “I’m almost forty nine.  Do you think you’ll be able to help us get me pregnant?”

Dr. SBorne:  Dr. Borne smiles cagily.  “Well, let me ask you.  How long have you two been sexually active with each other and not using a birth control method or condoms?”

Lydia:  “Well, I guess we became a romantic couple in early December of last year.  We were married the day after Christmas.”  Lydia reveals this a bit sheepishly—for admitting that they had sex before they were married, and unprotected sex at that.

Dr. SBorne:  “What about your periods, Lydia?”

Robert:  “Uh, should I leave?”  He asks feeling a bit discomfited talk about a women’s issue.

Dr. SBorne:  “You stay right here, Robert.  If you’re interested in becoming a father, then you can get used to the words related to reproduction—like periods.”

Lydia:  “Robert, I’ve never seen you so squeamish.”  Lydia grins impishly.

Robert:  “Yes you have.  Remember the insects?”

Lydia:  “Yes, but they were crawling all over you.”   Dr. Borne looks at them quizzically and Lydia shakes her head.  “Robert had to crawl through dirt on the ground for a film scene and he crawled right through bug central.  Yuck!”

Dr. SBorne:  “Well anyway, back to what I was saying. When was your last period, Lydia?”

Lydia:  “It’s hard to say.  I haven’t really been having them.  I’ve never been much of a regular period person.”

Of course, Robert rolls his eyes—because Lydia’s period frequency is more than he wanted to know.  And Lydia gently elbows Robert in his ribs good naturedly.

Robert:  “Ow!  That hurt.”   He looks at Lydia in mock pain.

Dr. SBorne:  “Okay, then when you did have regular periods, what was the last day of your cycle?”   She asks trying to keep them on topic.

Lydia:  “Gosh, now you’re asking me to remember ancient history.”

Dr. SBorne:  “It’s important Lydia.”

Lydia:  “Well, I think the last week of the month was when I’d finish.”

Dr SBorne:  “Uh huh.”    She picks up a round wheel from her desk. and slides it around.    “And how have you been feeling?  Eating right?  Tired?”

Lydia:  Oh, I always eat healthy because of my diabetes.   I guess I am a little tired.  But, having to trudge through snowy sidewalks is always a stress on your joints.  But, you know, surprisingly, my back hasn’t been hurting as much.  Huh.  Go figure.
Dr. SBorne:  “And any food allergies or aversions?”

Lydia:  “Not really.  I mean I don’t drink alcohol because I’m diabetic.”

Dr. SBorne:  “Good.”  She nods her head relievedly.  Pregnancy and alcohol don’t mix.

Lydia:  “But you know, the church coffee seemed a bit off last Sunday.”  She says making a disgusted face.   “But, I think they just need to wash the coffee pot now and again.  So what’s the verdict.  Can I get pregnant?”

Dr. SBorne:  “Not a doubt in my mind.”    She smiles mischievously.

Lydia:  “Well that’s something.”  Lydia looks over at Robert hopefully.  “Are you going to have to put me on the pill to regulate my cycle before we can try to get pregnant?”

Dr. SBorne:  “Not necessary.”

Robert:  “Doctor, I just hope that Lydia doesn’t have to go through any painful procedures to try and get pregnant.”    Then Robert looks tenderly at Lydia.  “Lydia Darling, I know how much you want to get pregnant, but I don’t want to see you suffer.”

Dr. SBorne:  “I think the old fashioned method is the best.”   Dr. Borne tries to sound blasé.

Lydia:  “Well that’s a relief! Now do we have to get on a schedule for making love and abstaining from making love?”

Robert:  “What do you mean?”    Robert looks over at Lydia in mock horror.

Lydia:  “Well, Robert, despite your twenty million sperm, I’ve read that if you make love too often, it tends to dilute the ejaculate–the sperm.  So, you have to save it up so to speak for lovemaking during what might be termed my most fertile periods.”

Dr. SBorne:  “Lydia, you have been researching this, haven’t you?”   The doctor laughs knowingly as Lydia nods smilingly.

Robert:  Robert looks at Lydia in true horror. Then he turns to the doctor and asks with a slight whine in his voice.  “Doctor are we going to have to make love according to the calendar and some temperature thermometer?”

Lydia:  “Robert!  I thought you said you didn’t know anything about women’ s fertility?”

Robert:  “Well, I’ve picked up a few things along the way.  I portrayed a doctor on a show once.”    Lydia rolls her eyes.

Dr. SBorne:  “Okay, let’s get back on track.  Lydia, I’m going to make an appointment for you to see me next month and each month after that for the next seven to eight months.”

Lydia:  Lydia’s eyes go wide.  “Doctor!  Will it take us that long to get pregnant?”

Dr. SBorne:  “No Lydia, Dear.”    The doctor smiles and now turns the pregnancy calculator wheel toward Robert and Lydia.   “It will take you that long for you to be pregnant and for you to deliver your baby.  Congratulations!”

Lydia and Robert:  “Eeek!”  Robert and Lydia shriek happily and in unison at their baby news.  Then they hug and kiss each other with loving abandon—until the doctor coughs, several times, to get their attention.

Dr. SBorne:  “Kkhh!  Kkhhh!”

Lydia:  “We’re just a little excite.  Sorry Doctor.”   Lydia shrugs her shoulders sheepishly and shakesher head in disbelief at her being pregnant the old fashioned way, at her age.

Dr. SBorne:  “Don’t be.  We get this joyous reaction all the time in here.  Just wait until you start having full on morning sickness—I recommend you carry around a barf bag with you.”

Robert:  “This is wonderful, Doctor!  But how did Lydia become pregnant?”    He asks obtusely.

Lydia:  “Oh Robert, please.”    Lydia shakes her head at him amusingly in mock consternation.  “Doctor, he really means when did we conceive our baby?”

Dr.SBorne:  “Well, it’s hard to be precisely accurate since you don’t have regular periods, Lydia—we’ll get a better handle on things at next month’s appointment when we do an ultrasound and see how big your baby has grown.  But, I’d say you’re looking at some time between early to mid December.  So, before your wedding date.  That’ll set the tongues to wagging if you know any busy bodies.”

Robert:  “Have you heard of the BBC?  BBC1?  ITV?  Sky?  Not to mention The Daily Mail, etc?  They’re our own personal busy bodies.”

Lydia:  “Now Robert, it’s not like we’ll be announcing the pregnancy just yet.”   Then Lydia gets a little somber.  “I mean, we really need to wait until I’m past our third month to make any announcements.  Isn’t that right, doctor?”

Dr. SBorne:  “I’m afraid it is.  Most miscarriages tend to happen in the first three months of pregnancy [(5)].  And the incidence of miscarriage is higher as the age of the mother increases.   So, Lydia, you’ll also want to be more careful.  No lifting what so ever—or pushing or pulling.   No straining of any kind.”

Lydia:  “Does that mean I can’t pick up our foster daughter?”

Dr. SBorne:  “Yes it does.  Just sit down and have her crawl on your lap.”RobertImageisRichardArmitageasHarryinVicarofDibleyvlcsnap-17h48m30s129Feb0313GratianaLovelaceCap

Robert:  “What about …  can Lydia and I  … you know  …”  Robert raises his eyebrows and widens his eyes [(6) right].

Lydia:  “My heartthrob!  Ha ha ha!”  Lydia sighs facetiously.  “He can’t even ask if we can still make love.”  Then Lydia turns to Robert.    “That is what you were wondering, wasn’t it Robert?”  Robert nods his head sheepishly.

Dr. SBorne:  “Lovemaking is just fine–it won’t harm Lydia or the baby at all.   But, Lydia has the same restrictions.  No straining for Lydia.  So, nothing too athletic.   Nor, … contorted positions.  And not too much pressure on her abdomen.  So, after you orgasm Robert, don’t lay on top of her for more than a few moments.”

Robert:  Robert winces embarrassedly and squirms in his seat to be discussing their sexual activity.  Then he regroups and nods his head decidedly.   “Right Doctor.  Not to worry.  We’ll keep our lovemaking traditional—and lightweight.”

Lydia:  “Speak for yourself, Robert!”    Lydia glances  cheekily at Robert.

Dr. SBorne:  “Any other questions for me?”

Lydia:  “Our hoped for due date?”

Dr. SBorne:  “Sometime in early to mid September.  Now congratulations, you two.  Lydia, make those follow-up appointments on your way out.  And here’s some nutrition guides for you.”   Dr. Borne hands Lydia some pamphlets.

Robert and Lydia head home briefly–floating on a cloud of joyous baby news as they make love traditionally and lightly–before picking up Kaitlyn at school.  Kaitlyn will have a little brother or sister!  At least they hope that their baby will have Kaitlyn as their big sister.  They still have the hurdle of the Friday afternoon foster care report meeting to get through.

To be continued with Chapter 24

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 24:  The Friday, February 4th Foster Care Meeting to discuss Kaitlyn’s Placement with Robert and Lydia

Lydia and Robert and Kaitlyn and Marla are as nervous as they come with regard to the 4:00pm Friday afternoon foster care placement meeting at the Foster Home to discuss Kaitlyn’s placement with Robert and Lydia’s family.  And maybe because Lydia is starting to feel some morning sickness—that also hits her in the afternoon—Lydia is feeling and looking doubly nauseous.  As they walk into the foster home, Lydia makes a dash for the ladies room—and she almost makes it before barfing into a nearby potted palm.

Lydia:  Wiping her mouth off with a tissue, Lydia turns to the receptionist.  “I’m so sorry.  I didn’t even have time to get my barf bag out.”   Then she rinses her mouth out at a water fountain and popping in a breath mint.

Robert:   Of course Robert knows why she’s unwell, but no one else does.  “I’m sure they understand Lydia Dear.”  Then he turns to the receptionist.  “Folks, if you can’t clean up MarlaImageisAlfre-WoodardFeb0413poptowercomHi-resShrpthe mess, just send us a bill for a new plant.”

MarlaW:  Their Foster Parent Caseworker Marla Washington [(7) right] looks at Lydia curiously.  “Are you feeling alright, Lydia!  You look rather ill.  You better sit down.”  And Lydia does sit down on the small couch in the waiting room.

Kaitlyn:  “Oh no!  Mummy, I made you sick!”   Kaitlyn wails worriedly and she starts to cry, thinking that the Foster Home won’t let her stay with her new Mummy and Daddy.

Lydia:  “Kaitlyn Sweetie.”   She says soothingly putting her arms around her and giving her a hug.  “You didn’t make me sick.  I’m just under the weather.”   But Kaitlyn will not be consoled as she continues to cry.  And Lydia looks over at Robert who nods his head.  “Well, actually Kaitlyn, Daddy and I have a wonderful surprise for you.”

Kaitlyn:  “A surprise, Mummy?”    She asks now drying her tears.

Robert:  “Yes, it really is wonderful.”

Now Marla looks at both Robert and Lydia quizzically.

Lydia:  “Yes Kaitlyn Sweetie, come sit on Mummy’s lap.”   Lydia says patting her lap and Kaitlyn climbs up there.  “You see, Mummy and Daddy found out this week that we’re going to have a baby.  Would you like that?  A baby brother or a baby sister?”KaitlynImageisMargaret-OBrienFeb0413speakingofradiocomHi-resShrp

Kaitlyn:   “Really?  You still want me if you’re having your own baby?”   Kaitlyn [(8) right] asks in astonishment, wonder, and hope filled joy.

Lydia:  “Oh Kaitlyn Sweetie!  Of course we want you.”  Lydia wraps Kaitlyn in her loving arms and kisses her cheek.  Then Robert sits next to them on the couch and wraps them both in his arms.

Robert:  Yes, Kaitlyn, we do.  Very much.  You’ll be a big sister!”

Kaitlyn:  “I’m glad.  Because I want you, too.”  Little Kaitlyn hugs her foster Mummy and Daddy as hard as she can.  It is a beautiful little family tableaux.

MarlaW:  “Congratulations, Lydia and Robert!  That’s wonderful news!”   She smiles warmly at them both.  Then she turns to Kaitlyn.  “Kaitlyn, would you like to go play the videogames over in the corner so that I can talk to your foster Mummy and Daddy?”

Kaitlyn:  “Okay.”   Kaitlyn agrees hesitantly, still not sure if caseworker Marla is going to help her stay with her Mummy and Daddy, or not.

Lydia:  “It’s okay Kaitlyn Sweetie.”  Lydia smiles at Kaitlyn encouragingly and rubs her arm.  So Kaitlyn dutifully and politely climbs down from Lydia’s lap and walks across the room to the videogames.

MarlaW:  “Alright you, two.  I really am happy for you!”   Marla smiles.  “But were you going to tell me if Lydia hadn’t barfed and it came out anyway—so to speak?”   Marla smiles at them cheekily.

Lydia:  “Of course, Marla.  It’s just that I’m only six to eight weeks along.  So, with my age and it being my first pregnancy, there’s the possibility that I might miscarry.”

Robert:  “Yes, Lydia’s going to have to be very careful—no lifting or straining of any kind.”   He says putting a protective arm around Lydia and kissing her forehead.

MarlaW:  “You know, the foster care review committee might view this development as changing the situation a bit.”

Lydia:  “Why?  Other families have more than one kid.”

MarlaW:  “I know.  It’s just with Kaitlyn’s HIV status and now you being pregnant, they might want to bend over backwards about the whole health issue.”

Robert:  “Marla, Lydia and I both know–as do you–that casual contact between family members is not likely to result in HIV transmission [(9)].   And, we will be very careful if Kaitlyn gets any cuts or scrapes as kids do.”

Lydia:  “Marla, we can’t imagine our lives without Kaitlyn now.   We just have to be her parents.  We want to adopt her and have her be with us always.”

MalrlaW:  “Good!   Just say all of that to the committee and I’ll back you up.”


Robert and Lydia don’t have to wait too long to be called into their foster care placement meeting to discuss Kaitlyn becoming their permanent foster daughter and then them eventually adopting her.  The meeting includes Lydia, Robert, Marla, and Kaitlyn—on one side figuratively and literally of the large conference table—and the Foster Home Director, Kaitlyn’s case worker, and Kaitlyn’s health care proxy advocate, as well as a secretary to take notes on the other side.

FH Dir:  “Thank you for coming today Lydia and Robert and Kaitlyn and Marla.”  He smiles warmly at each of them.  “Kaitlyn, we’re meeting today to find out how your week with the Kensington’s went and to decide what happens next.”

Kaitlyn:  Piping up because she realizes if she doesn’t tell them what she wants, she might not get another chance.  “I’m having fun with my Mummy and Daddy.  I want to stay with them always.”   Kaitlyn clings to Lydia as she leans over to her in their side by side chairs.  Lydia puts her arm around her and kisses Kaitlyn’s forehead.  Then Robert, on the other side of Kaitlyn puts his arm around both of them.

Robert:  “Yes, Lydia and I have quite fallen in love with little Kaitlyn and hope that she can stay with us permanently.  We want to adopt her.”

Kaitlyn’s Caseworker:  “Let me ask you how the transition went this week for Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn, can you tell me what your week was like?”

Kaitlyn:  “I’m good.  I have my own bedroom and bathroom.  I have pink things to wear and dollies to love.  And Mummy and I make breakfast and Daddy pulls me on the sled in the backyard.  Mummy and Daddy tell me bedtime stories and they help me with my homework.”   Kaitlyn says smiling at Lydia and Robert and they at her.  “Oh, and Daddy told the story of the industrial revolution in the history movie we saw this week.  See?”  She says holding up her colored in outline drawing of some movie image graphics.

Robert:  Robert looks a little sheepishly at the FH Staff.  “Yes, it was quite a coincidence.”

Lydia:  “Fate, I call it.”  She smiles broadly.

Kaitlyn’s CW:  “Anything else you want to share Kaitlyn?”

Kaitlyn:  “Well …” Kaitlyn thinks hard. “Oh, Mummy’s a good cook.”

Lydia:  “Thank you, Kaitlyn Sweetie.”

Kaitlyn:  “I liked the coq.

Robert:  He coughs and says quickly. “She means coq au surprise, or chicken surprise.”

Kaitlyn:  “Yes!  Oh, and Mummy and Daddy told me today that I’m going to be a big sister when Mummy has her baby!”  She says gleefully.  Then she turns to Lydia and asks.    “Does that mean I’ll have to share my bedroom?”

Lydia:  “Well, it might if we give you a baby sister.  But if we have a boy baby, then we’ll have to eventually give him his own room.”

Robert:  “Yes, but we can easily enclose the upstairs open sitting and play area for a third bedroom.  I’ll just put my diy skills to work.”  He smiles pridefully.

Marla has been monitoring the exchanges and notices that the FH Staff seem to be caught off guard a little bit by Robert’s and Lydia’s baby news.

MarlaW:  So Marla interjects helpfully.  “Yes, it’s so exciting for Robert and Lydia to have both a little girl they love in Kaitlyn and now also having a baby on the way.”  She puts a positive spin on the baby news.

HealthAdv:  “And how are you doing with Kaitlyn’s medications?”

Lydia:  “Oh we’re fine.  We line her pills up and she swallows them down.  Nothing to it.”  Lydia wipes her hands back and forth.

Kaitlyn:  “Mummy takes medicines, too.  Isn’t that neat?  I’m not the only one anymore.”  Kaitlyn smiles at not feeling different in her foster home with Lydia and Robert.

Lydia:  “Yes, I’m diabetic and have a thyroid problem—but I’m well managed.  So, I give Kaitlyn her medicines in the morning when I take my pills—we keep the medicines on a high shelf in my closet for safety.   Then, we go make breakfast.”

HealthAdv:  “Well, it sounds like you’re taking on a lot with your own health Mrs. Kensington and now having a baby.  Are you sure that you can also handle Kaitlyn’s special needs?”

Lydia:  “Absolutely!”  Lydia doesn’t hesitate.  She knows that the stakes are high and they have to convince the review committee that they can take care of Kaitlyn.

Robert:  “And if you’re asking about Kaitlyn’s HIV status, we have no concerns about that.  We—and you—are well aware that the usual interactions between family members do not increase the risk of transmission.” [(9)]

Lydia:  “And were Kaitlyn to cut or scrape herself, we’ll take the proper precautions about cleaning and bandaging her wounds.  We even have pink princess band aids now.’  She says tickling Kaitlyn’s tummy and Kaitlyn giggles.

Kaitlyn:  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Robert:  “Hard to escape it really.  Kaitlyn is quite enamored of pink and princesses—as you can tell by her outfit today.”   He says gesturing to Kaitlyn’s pink princess  blouse and pants.

Kaitlyn:  Kaitlyn preens for everyone with a huge smile on her face.  “They’re my favorites!”  She says bouncing her legs up and down in her chair.

FH Dir:  “Very well.”  He says noncomittally.  “If the Kensingtons and Kaitlyn will step into the hallway, we’ll have our own little discussion amongst ourselves.”

As Lydia and Robert stand up from their chairs, Robert proprietarily lifts Kaitlyn into his left arm and he puts his other arm around Lydia as they walk into the hallway.  This subconsciously—or consciously—provides a little family tableaux for the caseworkers as they leave.

MarlaW:  Saying to Lydia and Robert encouragingly as they look back at her.  “This should only take a few minutes.  Then we’ll call you back in.”

So Lydia and Robert and Kaitlyn do wait in the hallway for about five minutes.  The minutes tick by slowly as they sit on the couch.  Then, they’re called back in and they sit in their chairs once again—Mummy, Kaitlyn, and Daddy.

FH Dir:  “Well, let me first say that we’re delighted that Kaitlyn had such a wonderful time in your home Robert and Lydia.”   Robert thinks that this isn’t starting out well.

MarlaW:  “Yes, but let’s cut to the chase.  Kaitlyn, would you like to continue living with the Kensington’s as your foster parents?”

Kaitlyn:  “Oh yes, please!”   She bounces excitedly up and down in her chair.

FH Dir:  “Well then, we are pleased to say that we agree and we will allow Kaitlyn to remain in your home for the usual six month trial period—at the end of which Mr. and Mrs. Kensington, if you are still willing, you may start formal proceedings to adopt Kaitlyn.”

Lydia:  Bursting into tears, Lydia says.  “This is wonderful!  Kaitlyn, you’re going to be our daughter for real.”  Lydia helps Kaitlyn climb over her chair and onto her lap again and Lydia showers Kaitlyn with hugs and kisses.

Robert:  Then Robert moves over one seat to sit next to them both and hugs and kisses his wife and daughter.  Then he tearingly says.  “Yes!  This is amazing!”   Then Robert turns to the FH Director and Caseworkers and says sincerely.  “Thank you so much!”

Kaitlyn:   “I’m so happy!  I didn’t think that I would ever have a real Mummy and Daddy.”  Now she is crying too.

In truth, the others in the room are tearing up, too.  This is what the foster care caseworkers live for—finding families for children.

Lydia:  “We’re so grateful to all of you in helping us find Kaitlyn as our daughter.”  She looks over at them with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Robert:  “You’ve made our lives complete.”   He says sincerely, also with tears in his eyes.

Kaitlyn:  “Mummy!”   Kaitlyn hugs and kisses Lydia.  “Daddy!”  Kaitlyn hugs and kisses Robert.

MarlaW:  “Robert and Lydia, I will be coordinating with Kaitlyn’s Foster Care Caseworker and Health Care Advocate for monthly home visits and such.”   She nods to the caseworkers.  “But I think since things have gone so swimmingly this week, we shouldn’t have any problems.”

Lydia:  “Kaitlyn, I say we celebrate and go out to dinner tonight.  What would you like to eat?”

Kaitlyn:  “Pizza!”

Robert:  “You’re on.”   Then he turns to the caseworkers.  “Folks, thanks so much!  Have a lovely evening.  We’re taking Kaitlyn home now.”

Kaitlyn:  “I have a real home!”

Lydia:  “Home!”   All three of them hug and kiss each other again.

And then, the Kensington family heads out to dinner for pizza as planned.  Today was and is a big milestone in Robert’s, Lydia’s, and their daughter Kaitlyn’s lives.  Their permanent little family truly begins today anew.

To be continued with chapter 25


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7)       Marla image (hi-res, sharpened) is of actress Alfre Woodard and was found at http://img.poptower.com/pic-11830/alfre-woodard.jpg?d=1024

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