“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 26-27 (PG-13): Robert’s and Lydia’s Joint Projects; and Lydia goes to the Hospital, 2/18/13 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #365)

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 26-27 (PG-13):  Robert’s and Lydia’s Joint Projects; and Lydia goes to the Hospital, 2/18/13 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #365)

An Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace (all rights reserved)
[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my “ideal” actors cast in these roles:

British actor Richard Armitage as Robert and American actress Diane Lane as Lydia, the 1940’s child actress Margaret O’Brien as Kaitlyn, Alfre Woodward as Social Worker Marla Washington, and others.]   [(1ab) Story Logo]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Love & Friendship” is a romantic love story set amidst contemporary times.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes or other sauciness (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap:   Robert and Lydia help Kaitlyn celebrate her 6th birthday with an at school Valentines Day party.  Then they celebrate at home with Robert’s parents.  They also share the news of Lydia’s pregnancy with Robert’s parents–to everyone’s joy.

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 26:  Robert’s and Lydia’s Joint Projects in come to Fruition

Winter eventually gives way to Spring.  And although Kaitlyn is sorry not to have snow to play and sled in any more, their little family enjoys their trips to the park.   And, she looks forward to climbing the new large oak tree in the back yard that Lydia gave Robert.  Their lives have settled into a cozy pattern of family domesticity.  Lydia is mostly past her morning sickness now and into her fifth month at the end of April.  And Lydia is starting to get a little baby bump, to her and Robert’s delight–her tummy popped, as they say.  This is also the time when all of the preproduction work that Robert and Lydia have been working on for their first joint film project begins to bear fruit.  Filming will start in earnest in May and June with a hoped for premiere next Spring.  It’s a little tricky logistically because Kaitlyn is still in school through the end of May, but Robert tends to drop Kaitlyn at school in the morning and then Lydia picks her up around 3:15pm each day.  But happily, filming starts in the studio in London in May before the actors go on exterior location filming in June.  So Kaitlyn is out of school by June–and more portable.  Though with Lydia’s pregnancy looming large at nearly seven months, she  has slowed down considerably.  And making sure that Lydia is comfortable and healthy weighs on their minds due to her age and her diabetes.


As they joyously have planned all along, Kaitlyn will truly be Robert and Lydia’s legal daughter in mid August—after a minimum six month probation period, though some interim adoption placement orders can wait to be finalized for up to two years [(2)].  Unlike when the three of them waited nervously after Kaitlyn’s first week’s visit with them to see if she was allowed to stay, the hearing today will finally and formally make Kaitlyn Robert and Lydia’s daughter

Lydia is fully eight months and two weeks pregnant—almost into her ninth month–and she is feeling the full weight of their hoped for baby on her petite frame.   And, although the ultra sound looks like it is a boy, they are sometimes wrong—it might be a girl.  Kaitlyn is angling for a baby sister.  Or so she has told her parents, Lydia and Robert, that a baby sister is what she wants.  Yet, Lydia feels with all the kicking that’s going on that she’s got a linebacker in there.

.  It is August 15th and very hot outside.  And, unfortunately for the very pregnant Lydia, the air conditioning has gone off in the High Courts building where the adoption proceedings will take place in front of a special adoption officer or Circuit Judge of the High Court [(2)]. So, Lydia is hot, sore, and tired as she and Robert and Kaitlyn, Mum and Dad, and Marla and the other caseworkers file into the large and beautiful judge’s chambers for the adoption ceremony.  Although when the judge enters, everyone rises, Lydia stays seated due to her delicate condition.

Clerk:  “All rise.”  They do rise, except for the very pregnant Lydia.  “The Honorable Trenton Halliwell presiding.”

The adoption judge strides into his chambers looking imperious and grand in his flowing robes—obviously loving the theatre of the moment, despite his office being hot and a fan blowing briskly.

Judge:  “Please be seated.”   He motions to them while looking every inch a judge as he looks at the people around the room.  Little Kaitlyn looks a bit fearfully at him.  Then the judge’s face softens, he smiles, and then he says warmly.  “I gather that we have an adoption today.  I like that!  Family adoption days are always fun days for me.  And new families are the best of all.  Do we have all of the parties present?”

Clerk:  “Mr. Robert and Mrs. Lydia Kensington?”   Robert stands and Lydia waves.  “The said minor child Kaitlyn Mary Sellers to be named Kaitlyn Mary Kensington?”  Kaitlyn cowers  in her Mummy’s soothing embrace.

Lydia:  “It’s okay Kaitlyn sweetie.  They’re just making sure we’re all here.”

Robert:  “Come on Kaitlyn, I’ll hold you.”   Robert picks Kaitlyn up in his arms and says.  “We’re here.”

Kaitlyn:  “I’m here.”  She says in a small voice while waving at the court clerk.

Clerk:  “Caseworkers for the Kensington’s and Kaitlyn?”

CWs:  “Present your lordship.”  They say in unison.

Judge:  “Well, Kaitlyn, could you and your Mummy and Daddy walk over here a moment?”

Robert helps Lydia stand up lumberously, then they all walk over to the judge with Kaitlyn still in his arms—the Clerk having helpfully put a chair there that Lydia may sit in, and she does sit again.  Robert and Kaitlyn also sit down.

Judge:  “Well, it’s just a formality, but we have to ask each of the parties if they agree to Kaitlyn being adopted.  So, Mr. and Mrs. Kensington…” They nod in acknowledgement.  “… do you want to adopt Kaitlyn and treat her as your very own child?”

Robert:  “We do, your honor.”  He hugs Kaitlyn who is sitting on his lap.

Lydia:  “With all of our hearts.  She smiles warmly at Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn climbs down off of her Daddy’s lap and leans in to her Mummy’s chest as they give each other a hug–Lydia’s pregnancy tummy being too big now for Kaitlyn to sit on her Mummy’s lap.

Judge:  “Now Kaitlyn Mary Sellers.  That’s you dear.”   He smiles warmly at Kaitlyn.  “Do you want to be adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Kensington as their child and they will be your parents?”

Kaitlyn:  “Yes!”  She hops up and claps her hands together excitedly.  “They already are my parents!”   Lydia and Robert give Kaitlyn a hug and kiss.   “And I’m going to be a big sister, too!”

Judge:  “I can see that.”   He says looking over at Lydia’s very pregnant belly and smiling.  “And Kaitlyn, do you agree to have the new name of Kaitlyn Mary Kensington?”KaitlynImageisofMargaretOBrien-colorJan0613allanellenbergercomchngdtoPinkCropShrpGrati

Kaitlyn:  “Yes, please!”   Kaitlyn [(4) right] says bouncing up and down in her chair–in her pink princess summer dress, of course.

Judge:  “Well then,…” He says solemnly  while signing some papers in front of him and affixing his seal.  “… I formally and legally and irrevocably make you Kaitlyn Mary Kensington, the daughter of Robert and Lydia Kensington.  Congratulations!”

Robert and Lydia and Kaitlyn squeal with delight and hug and kiss each other.  Their tears of joy are evident for all to see.  Mum and Dad as newly official grandparents also shed tears of joy.  And their case workers behind them in the gallery also clap their hands and tear up.

Robert:  “Thank you so much your Lordship.”  Robert stands up and pumps the Judge’s hand several times.

Lydia:  “Yes, thank you so much.”   She says a bit weakly.  Then she looks perplexed.

Judge:  “Are you alright Mrs. Kensington?”

Lydia:  “I’m fine.  It’s just the heat and the baby kicking.  Ooh, he’s a strong one today.”   Lydia says holding her belly.  Robert puts his arm around Lydia’s shoulders and looks into her eyes with concern.

Judge:  “Clerk, please bring a bottle of water for Mrs. Kensington.”   And he does since fresh and cool water bottles are on each table.  “Well, are we up for a little photo ceremony?”

Lydia:  “Sure.”   She nods her head as she sips her water.

Robert:  “Your Lordship, could my wife stay seated and we all just stand around her?”  Robert asks in a concerned tone.  Robert has seen Lydia tired and the heat get to her before.  But she seems particularly troubled by it today.

So, they have their little photo op with the judge, and then with the case workers, and then one of just Robert, Lydia and Kaitlyn with Mum and Dad–with happy faces and happy hearts all around.


Then they all file out of the judge’s chambers.  Robert and Lydia have a little family party planned at home when they’re done at the courthouse.  But, first things first, the pregnant Lydia has to pee.

Lydia:  “Robert, I have to visit the ladies room.”

Mum:  “I’ll come with you, Lydia dear.  You look quite tired with the heat today.”

Lydia:  “I am.” She nods wearily with her hand on her tummy.

Kaitlyn:  “I’ll come too, Mummy.”  Little girls always have to pee, too.

So, Lydia and Mum, and Kaitlyn all troop into the ladies room leaving Robert and his Dad in the hallway.  After a few minutes, Kaitlyn walks back out.

Robert:  “Did you wash your hands, Kaitlyn?”  He asks smiling.

Kaitlyn:  “Of course, Daddy.”   Kaitlyn rolls her eyes while nodding her head and swinging his hand holding hers.   “But, Mummy’s still in there.  Grandma wants you to go in and help Mummy.  Grandma said that Mummy’s tired.”  Kaitlyn says stating what Grandma asked her to say—as calmly as Grandma could ask it.

Robert:  Robert instantly shoots a concerned glance at his Dad, but says calmly.  “Kaitlyn Sweetie, you keep Grandpa company while I go help Mummy.”

Kaitlyn:  “Okay.”  Kaitlyn smiles sweetly–not realizing that anything is amiss.

Robert walks into the large, two section ladies room—not worrying that it is a ladies room and men aren’t supposed to be there.

Robert:  “Mum?  Lydia?”  He asks urgently, but trying not to sound worried–to keep his rising panic from frightening Lydia.

Mum:  “We’re over here Robert.”   Mum calls out from one of the stalls where Lydia is.

Robert:  “Lydia, are you alright?  What’s happening?”LydiaImageisDianeLaneinUnfaithful944_5Dec1912bluraycrpbrtclr

Lydia:  “I don’t know, Robert.”   Then the fear begins to show on Lydia’s face [(5) right].  “I felt faint and when sat down, I realized that I was bleeding a little.”   She points to the small amount of blood in her panties around her ankles while she still sits on the toilet.

Robert:  Okay, are you done peeing?”   Lydia nods.  “Then let’s get you out of the stall and we’ll get you to the hospital.”

Lydia:  Nodding her head.  “That couldn’t hurt.  But, I don’t want to alarm Kaitlyn.  So, if we could all act naturally, that would be better for her.”

Lydia stands and Robert pulls her panties up for her.  As he leans back to flush the toilet, he sees a large amount of blood in the toilet bowl that alarms him greatly.  So he doesn’t flush the toilet–in case the paramedics he plans to call want to see it.

Robert:  “Lydia Darling, let’s get our hands washed and you seated on a comfy couch.  Then we’re going to call for the paramedics.”  He says in a deliberately calm voice and taking charge of the situation.

Lydia:  “Oh, Robert, I don’t think we need to go that far.”    Lydia hadn’t looked into the toilet bowl, so she doesn’t understand why Robert is so concerned.

Robert:  Not wanting to scare her he says.  “It’s just a precaution, Lydia Darling—for you and the baby.”  He looks deeply into Lydia’s eyes—and though he doesn’t say it, she can see the fear there.

Lydia:  “Alright Robert Dear.”   She agrees, nodding her head and trying to maintain her own composure.

Everyone washes their hands and Robert picks up Lydia in his arms and carries her into the hallway.  Then he gently sets her down on a couch.  He sees the Clerk from the judge’s chambers across the hall and walks quickly over to him.

Robert:  “Sir, my wife is bleeding and she’s not quite nine months pregnant.  We need an ambulance to take us to the hospital, now!”

Clerk:  “Of course.  We actually have one on standby due to the threats the judges’ receive.”   Of course, Robert knows this from his research into law enforcement for a few of his acting roles.

Robert:  “Thank you.”  Robert walks briskly back to Lydia and Kaitlyn and his parents.  Kaitlyn is wiping her Mummy’s perspiring forehead with a kleenex.

Kaitlyn:  “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well Mummy.  It’s too hot in here.”

Robert:  “Yes Kaitlyn, we’re going to go to the nice air conditioned hospital so Mummy can cool off.”

Lydia:  “That will be nice.”    Lydia plays along, so as not to alarm Kaitlyn.

It is only a few minutes wait, and then the paramedics arrive and check Lydia’s vital signs.  Robert walks one of them into the ladies room and shows them the bloody toilet contents before they flush it down the drain.  Then they put Lydia on a stretcher while Robert stands back holding Kaitlyn in his arms with Mum and Dad standing next to him with their hands on his shoulders.

Kaitlyn:  Seeing all the commotion and knowing intuitively that it’s not just the heat, Kaitlyn asks with some fear in her voice. “Mummy’s going to be okay, isn’t she?”

Robert:  “Yes, Kaitlyn Sweetie.  They just have to see to Mummy’s comfort.  Now, we’re going to the London Children’s Hospital.  You remember it.  That’s where we all met.”   Kaitlyn nods.  “Kaitlyn, I’m going to ride with Mummy in the ambulance and you’re going to ride with Mum and Dad in my car.”  He says handing his car keys over to his Dad.

Dad:  “Sure son.”  He nods purposefully.  He can see the fear in his son’s eyes and in the tone of his voice. He places his hand on his son’s shoulder.  “I’m sure everything will be alright.”  Hopeful words that Robert needs to hear right now.

Lydia:  “Lydia musters enough energy to say.  “I’ll see you soon, Kaitlyn Sweetie.  Sorry that Mummy isn’t feeling well.  It’s probably just the heat and me being pregnant.”  She fibs a little.

Robert:  Robert kisses Kaitlyn and sets her down next to his parents.  He looks up into his Mum and Dad’s eyes with fear, but quickly masks it so that Kaitlyn and Lydia can’t see it.  “Okay folks!”   He tries to sound cheerful.  “We’ll see you in a few minutes at the hospital.”

Then Robert and Lydia and the paramedics head to the ambulance and the hospital.  Kaitlyn and her grandparents walk the other way to the exit to the parking lot where Robert’s car is.  Then, just before they turn a corner, Little Kaitlyn turns around to see her Mummy being taken out of the building on a stretcher with her Daddy following behind.

To be continued with Chapter 27

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 27:  Lydia is examined at London’s Children’s hospital

After a fifteen minute ambulance ride, Lydia is whisked into an examining room at the London’s Children’s Hospital  (LCH).  She is here at LCH because if she does have to deliver her baby early, they are better equipped to deal with premature babies.  Robert waits anxiously in the hallway, pacing back and forth, imagining the worst—that they’ve just become the parents of one child and they might lose their other child—while hoping for the best.  After ten more minutes, Robert’s parents and Kaitlyn arrive and Robert tries to put a good face on it.

Kaitlyn:  “Daddy, how is Mummy?”   Are the first words out of Kaitlyn’s mouth.RobertImageisRichardArmitageinMovieweek2012Interview-croppedFeb271eranet

Robert:  ”Kaitlyn Sweetie, the doctors are still making Mummy comfortable.  We should know something soon.  Let’s sit down.”  Robert [(6) right] pulls Kaitlyn to sit on the cushioned hallway bench snuggling with him–to comfort her and to comfort himself.  His almost calm face belies the terror his heart is in at this moment.

Dad:  “Was the ambulance ride smooth?”    Of course, he’s just trying to make conversation while they wait.

Robert:  “Yes, very.” He says nodding his head but looking toward the door of the room where Lydia is being taken care of.

Mum:  “Robert, did you think to call Lydia’s OBGYN?”

Robert:  “Yes, Dr. Borne is on her way.  She was in the hospital anyway for another delivery and she was just finishing up there.”

Kaitlyn:  Tenderly patting her Daddy’s face—as her parents have caringly done for her so many times–Kaitlyn says soothingly.  “I’m sure Mummy will feel better now.  It’s nice and cool in here—not like the judge building.”    She nods smilingly.

Robert:  “I’m sure your right, Kaitlyn Sweetie.”   Robert says giving his daughter Kaitlyn a hug.  And he holds on to her a little longer because his actor’s composure is failing him and his tears are starting to fall.  This is real life and his wife and baby are in danger.  Then Robert thrusts Kaitlyn into his parent’s arms so that she doesn’t see him cry and the fear in his eyes.  “I have to pee.  I’ll be right back.”

Though Robert had intended to get a hold of his composure in the bathroom, Dr. Borne walks up just as he starts to walk into the men’s room—still in her scrubs from her other delivery.

Dr. Borne:  “Robert, come with me.”  She says commandingly and she takes him into Lydia’s examination room.


Dr. Borne having been informed by the doctors tending Lydia what her condition is while she was en route to them, Dr. Borne takes the lead in telling Lydia and Robert what’s going on.

Dr. Borne:  “Lydia my dear.  I guess you’re having a little trouble today.”  Lydia nods fearfully as Robert goes to stand by her side, holding her hand and kissing her forehead.  “I’m told that you had a few ounces of bleeding at the courthouse and a little bit more once you got here.  Let’s just take a look, shall we?”

Dr. Borne washes her hands, gloves up, and examines Lydia’s vagina.  Then she takes off her gloves and listens to Lydia’s tummy a bit.

Lydia:  “Dr. Borne, we aren’t losing our baby are we?”   Robert clenches Lydia’s hand tighter in his hand.  Neither of them had wanted to give voice to this awful possibility when they were in the ambulance.  But, here they are in the hospital, with their doctor, and decisions have to be made.

Dr. Borne:  “I still hear the baby’s heartbeat.”  Lydia and Robert sigh in relief.  “But, it’s not as strong as I would like.  We have some options and decisions to make.  Lydia and Robert, it looks like from the baby monitor, that the baby is in distress.  I don’t know why.  Lydia was fine at her last appointment.  But with her diabetes and thyroid issues, and her elevated blood pressure, we also don’t want Lydia to develop preeclampsia.”

Robert and Lydia know that pre-eclampsia is a condition that could not only be fatal to the baby, it could be fatal to Lydia.

Robert:  “Dr. Borne, what can we do?”  Lydia and Robert are both crying now, worried that their baby will die and that Lydia might die also.

Dr. Borne:  “Although, generally it would be better for the baby to go to term, the baby is fully eight months and two weeks along.  So, the baby’s lungs are developed.  It’s a tricky decision.  We can see if we put Lydia on bed rest in the hospital while we monitor her and the baby closely–to see if we can give the baby another one to two weeks.  Or? “

Lydia:  “Or?”

Dr. Borne:  “We deliver the baby now by Cesarean section.  We don’t want a strenuous labor and delivery for the baby or for Lydia.  Then, the baby would have to stay in the hospital’s preemie unit until closer to its delivery date in early September.”

Lydia:  “But it’s so early for the baby.”  Lydia says with fear tingeing every syllable she speaks.  Her worst fear is coming true.  Lydia has her miracle baby, but she might be losing their precious child, Robert’s son.  And there is nothing she can do about it.  Lydia is at the mercy of the doctors and their best guesses.

Robert looks down at Lydia and they kiss–their tears mingling with each other as they tightly clasp each other’s hands.

Robert:  Robert looks up seeking guidance and hope.  “Dr. Borne, what is the best decision for Lydia and the baby?”  He can’t lose them both.  And he doesn’t know if he can be the one to make the decision to save one over the other without regretting it the rest of their lives—because, his heart wrenching choice would be to save Lydia.  And if their baby dies, would Lydia secretly blame him for not trying harder to save their baby?

Dr. Borne:  “We deliver the baby now.”  Dr. Borne says decisively.  “Lydia, when was the last time you had something to eat?”

Lydia:  “I don’t know, breakfast around 7:30am?”

Dr. Borne:  “Good, it’s now 2:00pm.  We’ll do an epidural in the next fifteen minutes and plan to deliver at 2:30pm.”

Robert:  “So fast?”

Dr. Borne:  “Yes.  Robert, you can be in the delivery room and hold Lydia’s hand.  But, you won’t get to cut the cord and such.  We’ll be taking the baby straight to preemie intensive care.”

Lydia:  “Oh Robert!”  She wails tearfully, now not being able to hide her fear.  “Our baby!

Robert:  “Lydia my love.  Everything will be alright.  Dr. Borne wouldn’t deliver the baby now if she didn’t think it was in the best interest of the baby.”  He showers Lydia with kisses.  “I’ll be with you the whole time.  You can do this.  We can do this.” He says trying to use his most encouraging voice.

Dr. Borne:  “Okay, Lydia.  Let’s get you prepped and into the OR.  Robert, you’ve got about five minutes to let your family know what’s going on and then we’ll have you change into scrubs and wash your hands.” He nods.

Robert:  “I’ll be right back, Lydia Darling.  I love you.”

Lydia:  “I love you.”  They kiss tenderly.  “Tell Kaitlyn that I love her.”   She says not knowing if she will survive the operation.

Robert:  “I will my love.  And Kaitlyn loves you.”   Robert and Lydia kiss again.

Then, Dr. Borne starts prepping Lydia for surgery as Robert goes into the hallway to his family.



Robert strides into the hallway where their family waits eagerly and worriedly.  Mum and Dad are playing tic tac toe with Kaitlyn to distract her.

Dad:  “Robert my boy, what’s happening?” He asks with eager concern.

Robert:  Trying to put a positive spin on things, he says.  “Lydia is going to deliver our baby by Cesarean section at 2:30pm.  I’ve got to head in there and change and scrub up so I can be with Lydia.”

Kaitlyn:  “Mummy’s having our baby today?”   She asks in wonder.

Robert:  “Yes Kaitlyn Sweetie.”   He says picking her up, hugging her, and giving her a kiss.

Mum:  “It’ll be alright Robert Dear.”  Mum says soothingly–knowing that Lydia and the baby are having a health crisis.  “You had better get back in there.”

Robert:  “Right.  Kaitlyn, Mummy said to tell you that she loves you very much.”  He says looking Kaitlyn in the eyes.

Kaitlyn:  Patting her Daddy’s face, she says smiling.  “I know Daddy.    And I love Mummy very much.  I’ll see you soon.”

Robert sets Kaitlyn down just as Lydia is wheeled out of the examining room and toward the operating room.

Kaitlyn:  “Mummy!”  Kaitlyn says running over to the hospital bed.

Lydia:  “Could you stop a moment please?”  She asks the surgical nurse.  Lydia puts her hand through the rails of the bed and Kaitlyn clasps it.  “Kaitlyn Sweetie, Mummy’s going to have our baby now.  So, I’ll see you in a little while.  Mummy loves you.”

Kaitlyn:  “I love you Mummy.”

Surgical Nurse:  “Everyone, we have to take Mrs. Kensington to the operating  room.”

Lydia nods her head and she and Kaitlyn release their grasp.  Robert now clasps Lydia’s hand as they walk toward the obstetrical operating room down the hall.
To be continued with Chapter 28

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Nota Bene:  I/Grati have only a rudimentary understanding of the British legal system and adoption processes.  So readers should not take the adoption/legal information in this story as completely factual.  But the general concept of adoption creating families for children might be recognized as a universal goal.  So, please enjoy the story plotline anyway.

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