“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 28 End (PG-13): Robert and Lydia’s Child is Born, February 25, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace

 “Love & Friendship”, Ch. 28 End (PG-13): Robert and Lydia’s Child is Born, 2/25/13 Gratiana Lovelace

aaLoveandFriendshipStoryLogoNov2312GratianaLovelaceJan0313ShrpAn Original Story Copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace (all rights reserved)
[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my “ideal” actors cast in these roles:

British actor Richard Armitage as Robert and American actress Diane Lane as Lydia, the 1940’s child actress Margaret O’Brien as Kaitlyn, Alfre Woodward as Social Worker Marla Washington, and others.]   [(1ab) Story Logo]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Love & Friendship” is a romantic love story set amidst contemporary times.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes or other sauciness (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read those chapters.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap:   Robert and Lydia adopted Kaitlyn on a hot August day.  But Lydia went into labor at not quite 9 months with some bleeding at the court house.  So they took Lydia by ambulance to the hospital where she and Robert and their extended family of Mum, Day, and Kaitlyn are waiting for the birth of their new child by emergency cesarean section surgery, since a baby monitor showed that the baby was in distress.

“Love & Friendship”, Ch. 28 End (PG-13): Robert and Lydia’s Child is Born

Once inside the obstetrical operating room, Lydia’s abdomen is prepped for surgery.  She had already received the epidural in her spine in the obstetrical examining room.  Robert changes into green scrubs and then he washes up in the adjacent surgeon’s wash room.  As Robert walks to Lydia’s side to hold her hand behind the curtain separating her abdomen from her view, she makes an observation.

Lydia:  “Robert, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so green.”  Lydia says impishly trying RobertImageisRichardArmitageasJohnPortinSB1epi1hd_006Feb2513ranetcrpclrgrnto lighten the tenseness of the moment.)  It’s not your best color.”  She looks askance at Robert in his green scrubs–much to his chagrin [(2) right].

Robert:  Laughing to try to lighten the mood also.  “Ha ha ha!  That’s my girl–always looking out for my best interests.  Well, I guess I won’t be stealing these scrubs for casual wear.”

Dr. Borne:  Briskly walking to Lydia’s side, in full scrubs, mask, and gloves, she surveys the situation.  “Okay Lydia.  Here we go.  Now, you’ll feel some pressure when I pull the baby out.  But, you shouldn’t feel anything when I make the incisions.”  Then also trying to lighten the mood, she asks.  “Any preference on how we cut?  Most people want the bikini line scar.”

Lydia:  “Works for me.  Go for it.”    She says tiredly.

As they’re talking they can hear both Lydia’s and the baby’s hearts on separate monitors.  But, now that they’ll start the incisions, the baby monitor is removed.

Lydia:  “Oh doctor, where did the baby’s heart beat go?”  She asks worriedly.

Dr. Borne:  “We had to remove the baby monitor for the surgery.  Just so you know, I’ve already made the first incision.  Feel anything?”

Lydia:  “No.  I thought you hadn’t started yet.”

Robert:  “That’s my girl!  Good drugs work every time.”  Robert nods his head and squeezes Lydia’s hand while standing at the non-business end of the prodeedings.

Dr. Borne:  “Okay, I’m at the uterus.  Uh huh.”   She says and her operating assistant suctions away some fluid.  “Okay, here we go.  A little pressure Lydia.”

Lydia:  “Ow!  That’s not a little.”

Dr. Borne:  “Well, you’ve got a big baby in here.  I just have to move some things around.”  By which she means removing the cord from around the baby’s neck—not something that she wants to broadcast, but it was probably the reason for the baby’s distress.  Here he comes.”  Then, Lydia feels a tug.  “He’s out.  Let’s suction his mouth and lungs.”  She telegraph’s the baby’s sex.

Baby boy Kensington:  They do that and the baby starts to cry almost immediately—very loudly.  “Waa!  Waaa!  Waa!”

Robert:  “Good Lord!  The kids got actor’s lungs.”  He says in wonder.

Lydia:  “That’s wonderful!  Please let me see him.”   She asks anxiously.

Dr. Borne:  “You won’t believe his size.”   Dr. Borne brings the not yet completely swaddled baby around the curtain to show Lydia and Robert.

Robert:  Robert sees his son’s big balls and says while pumping his arm.   “He’s huge!  That’s my boy!”   Dad’s are always happy to continue the bloodline.

Dr. Borne:  Knowing what Robert is alluding to, she says.  “Robert, I meant his height and weight.  He’s got to be at least seven pounds.”Sleeping Newborn

Lydia:  “Oh Robert, he’s beautiful!”  Their baby boy  has a rare moment of sleeping  [(3) right].

Baby Boy Kensington:  Just then, their big beautiful baby boy pees on Robert’s scrub pants lower leg.  “Waa!  Waaa!  Waa!”

Dr. Borne:  “And it works!”  She says laughing as Robert frowns cutely.

Lydia:  “Oh Robert Dear,… Ha ha ha!” Lydia laughs. “… he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Dr. Borne:  “Do you want to hold him Robert?”

Robert:  “Absolutely!  Come to me my little man.”  Dr. Borne hands Robert his son after putting a diaper over his pee pee—the baby’s  pee pee, that is.  Robert kisses his baby’s cheeks.  Then Robert leans the baby down toward Lydia and she kisses their son.
Dr. Borne:  “All I can say is it’s a good thing we delivered him today.  If he had gone full term, you would have had a heck of a time delivering him vaginally.”  Lydia nods.  “Robert, how big were you as a baby?”

Robert:  “We’ll have to ask Mum.  Lydia, how big were you?”

Lydia:  “I think I was six pounds something.”

Dr. Borne:  “We have to do some standard baby tests on the little guy and then we’ll bring him to your room in an incubator so Lydia can hold him.”  She nods and the operating nurse takes the baby from Robert and puts him in a bassinette and does the Apgar and other baby tests.  “Okay, let’s get Lydia sutured up.  More suction, rinse, suction again.  Okay, now I’ll give you a pretty little bikini scar, Lydia.”

Lydia:  “Okay.”  She says sleepily.

Robert:  “Lydia, are you feeling alright?”

Lydia:  “I think I’m just woozy.”  Then Lydia goes unconscious and her heart rate starts to fluctuate.

Robert:  “Doctor, what’s happening?”   Robert asks with alarm.

Dr. Borne:  “Robert move!”   She says forcefully and Robert does—standing out of the way nervously worrying about Lydia.  The nurse pulls away the curtain so they can get to Lydia’s chest to shock her heart if they need to.  Then, she looks down to look at Lydia’s abdomen that has reddish marks on it in the shape of fingers on it.  “Oh God!  she’s allergic to the latex gloves!  Everybody take off your gloves, get the other kind.”  They do.  “Give her a dose of epinephrine in her IV.”    They do.  “Lydia’s heart rate starts to stabilize.”

Robert:  Standing back in fear with his hands clasped together unconsciously in prayer, he says through his tears.   “Lydia my love, come back to me.   Lydia.”

Dr. Borne:  “Come over here Robert and keep talking to her.  The swelling is going down, her heart rate and blood pressure are stabilizing.”

Robert:  “Lydia my love.”  He says tenderly holding her hand now with his bare hands, and kissing her hand.

Lydia:  “Uhhh!  Ohh!  Robert?”  She starts to wake up.

Robert:  “I’m here, Lydia Darling!  You’re back!”  He says in relief as he kisses her hand adoringly.

Lydia:  “What happened?   Is the baby alright?”

Dr. Borne:  “He’s fine.”  She says pointing over at the baby moving around in the bassinette.  “It seems you’re allergic to latex Lydia—remember that.  I always use the other kind at the office, just in case.  So, that’s why we never discovered it.  Lydia, you went into anaphalactic shock and your heart rate plummetted.  We changed gloves and gave you a dose of epinephrine.  You’re stable now.  I’ll finish your incision suturing for your bikini line scar and then we’ll get you at the baby in your room.  Whew!  Okay, nice work everyone!”

Robert:  “Thank you Doctor!  We’re so grateful!”

Dr. Borne:  “Okay, Robert, you go let your family know what’s up and then Lydia, the baby and I will meet you in Lydia’s room.  You two will need to find a name for him.  We can’t call him Baby boy Kensington forever.”

Lydia:  “Well, we have some ideas, but I want to hold him first and see what his personality is.”

Robert:  “Absolutely my love.  I’ll go tell Kaitlyn she’s a big sister!  I love you Lydia Darling.”

Lydia:  “I love you Robert Dear.”   Robert leans over and kisses Lydia tenderly on her lips.  “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”    Lydia nods.

Dr. Borne:  “Uh Robert, on your way out, be sure to change out of your pant scrubs that got peed on.”

Robert:  Laughing.  “Ha ha ha!  Right docter.”    And he does change to a fresh scrub bottom after also washing his lower leg of his son’s pee.



Robert walks jauntily into the hallway—still in scrubs with his clothes in a bag–to find his parents and Kaitlyn anxiously waiting for news about Lydia and the baby.  It’s is about 3:00pm now.

Robert:  “Kaitlyn!  You’re a big sister!”

Kaitlyn:  “Daddy!”   She says running into his open arms as he kneels down.

Dad:  “And?”

Robert:  “We have a son, Mum and Dad!”   Robert smiles joyously.

Dad:  “That’s my boy!”  He says winking at Robert and patting his back.

Mum:  “Was he little?”  She asks worriedly.

Robert:  “God no!”   He says lifting Kaitlyn into his arms as he stands up.  “I didn’t hear the final weight, but the doctor thought he looked to be about seven pounds something.  And he’s got enormous balls!”  Robert says before he can stop himself—and holding his hand out as if cupping something.

Dad:  “That’s my boy!”   He pumps his fist and arm up and down.  Grandpas always like to hear that.

Kaitlyn:  “What balls?  Did they give him toys to play with already?”

Robert:  Rocking his head back in laughter.  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Ah, no Kaitlyn Dear.  It’s just that …  I’ll explain later.”  He sighs– rolling his eyes sheepishly and setting Kaitlyn down on the floor.

Mum:  “Oh Robert Dear, this is wonderful.”  She says giving him a hug.  “Have you named him yet?”

Robert:  “No.  They’re taking Lydia and the baby to a private room.  So, we’ll go back and meet them.  Then Lydia and I will discuss it.  We want to hold him and see his personality before we make our final decision.  So, let’s all walk back there.  Hmmm?”

And they do–Daddy Robert, big sister Kaitlyn, and Mum and Dad walk back to the obstetrical room suites.


After Lydia settles into a New Mother’s room suite in the obstetrics area, her baby is wheeled over to her.

Dr.  Borne:  “Now Lydia, you’re going to have to let people hand your baby to you.  You’ve just had major surgery—no reaching, no straining, and no lifting.”

Lydia:  “Alright doctor.”  She says nodding her head up and down while gazing lovingly at her baby boy.  “Can you give him to me?  He looks perfect!  Is he alright?”

Dr. Borne:  “He’s just fine.”  She says picking the baby up from the bassinette.   “He might be a little jaundiced—which is to be expected with preemies—but we’ll give him some light therapy tonight before you take him home tomorrow.”   She says handing Lydia her baby.

Just then, Robert and Kaitlyn and Mum and Dad walk in to Lydia’s private room.

Robert:  “Lydia my love.”   He walks over to her eagerly and kisses her lovingly and then kisses the top of their baby’s head.

Kaitlyn:  “Mummy!”   She runs over to the other side of Lydia’s bed and tries to climb up on it.

Lydia:  “Kaitlyn, …”  She says wincing in pain.  “Mummy just had surgery on my tummy.  So let Daddy lift you up and gently lay you in bed next to me so you don’t jostle me too much.”

Robert:  “Here you go.”   He lifts Kaitlyn up and gently lays her to Lydia’s left.  “Now, don’t lean on Mummy’s tummy.”

Kaitlyn:  “Daddy, you rhymed again.”   Robert shrugs his shoulders sheepishly.   “Oh Mummy, he’s so big!”

Dad:  “That’s my boy!”

Mum:  Rolling her eyes, she asks.   “Lydia Dear how are you?”

Lydia:  “I’m sore, but good.  Dr. Borne, when did you say we could take him home?”  She asks tiredly.

Dr. Borne:  “Well, we’ll give him some light therapy tonight for his jaundice.  Then, if it clears up over night.  We’ll probably release you to go home tomorrow afternoon.”

Robert:  “So soon?  But I thought he is premature?”

Dr. Borne:  “He is, but he’s passing all of the baby tests with flying colors—lung function, peeing, as you know, …”  She says  tilting her head at Robert.  “… and movement and such.  He’s a good size and weight.  So, I think we can release him to you tomorrow.”

Lydia:  “But what caused him to come so early?”

Dr. Borne:  “Well, it was really fortuitous.  It looked like you had a few fibroids in your uterus—which I removed—that were causing the bleeding.  And the reason his heart rate was low was because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck since he was so big.”  Lydia and Robert and his parents gasp.  “So, if you hadn’t had the fibroid bleeding and we hadn’t delivered the baby today, we might have had an altogether different outcome.”   Dr. Borne says soberly.  “But, luck was on your side.”

Robert and Lydia both sigh in relief and kiss their baby gratefully.

Robert:  “Will he have any residual side effects?”  Robert asks wondering how long the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.  Lydia nods her head wondering also.

Dr. Borne:  “Like I said, his Apgar and other tests are normal.  His eyes are tracking well, he’s responding to sounds and he looks like a very happy baby.  There’s only one problem at the moment.”

Lydia:  “What’s that?”  Lydia asks worriedly.

Dr. Borne:  “He needs a name.”  She smiles facetiously at Lydia and Robert.

Robert:  Rocking his head back in laughter.  “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Absolutely.  Lydia and I will have to discuss it.”

Dad:  “You know my preference.”   He says with his eyes wide.  Then he explains to Lydia.  “The men in our family all have family first names chosen by the father, with the mother choosing the second name.”

Lydia:  “Oh?”

Mum:  “Now Lydia, that’s only a suggestion—that I hope you ignore.  You and Robert should choose your baby’s name together.  Dad and I will stay out of it.”

Dad:  “But …”  He sputters.

Robert:  “Well said, Mum.”

Kaitlyn:  “Do I get a choice?”

Lydia:  “Well, Kaitlyn Sweetie, I think Daddy and I should make this decision.  So, you and Grandma and Grandpa step in the hall for a moment.  Okay?”

Kaitlyn:  “Okay.”  She says politely as Robert gently lifts her off of the bed.  Then Kaitlyn follows her grandparents into the hallway.  Dr. Borne also leaves to give Robert and Lydia their privacy.



Robert gently sits down on the bed next to Lydia—so as not to jostle her–and he puts his arms around she and their baby son.

Robert:  “Oh Lydia my love.  This is a wonderful day!”  He says kissing her.  “How are you feeling?”

Lydia:  “Overwhelmed, truthfully.  But, I’m glad everything turned out alright.  He’s so precious Robert.  Thank you for giving him to me, my Love.”  Lydia beams.

Robert:  “Thank you for giving him to me, my Darling.”  They kiss each other again tenderly.  Then, they kiss their sleeping baby son.

Lydia:  “But, we can’t keep calling him him.  So, what were some of our naming suggestions?”

Robert:  “Nicholas was one.”

Lydia:  “That’s nice.  I like Michael–or Graham, since it was my father’s name.  Then there’s always your name, Robert.”

Robert:  “Ohh.  Let’s not saddle him with my name.  He’ll want his own identity.  What about Nicholas Baker Kensington?”

Lydia:  Lydia [(4) right] considers that name choice.  “Ooh.  Too many syllables.  But I do LydiaImageisDiane_LanebyDeanLaPrairieSept1612LANE1-popupNov2312NYTimeslike your suggestion of putting my maiden name in as his second name.  Graham Baker Kensington?  No.”  She says shaking her head after seeing Robert’s quizzical brow.

Robert:  “How about, Nicholas Graham Kensington?  It has a certain ring to it.”  He says raising his eyebrows high.

Lydia:  “Nicholas Graham Kensington.  Do you like that little fellow?  And, it comes with a nice nickname, Nick.”

Robert:  “I like it!”

Lydia:  “Me, too.  Let’s bring everyone in and tell them.”

Robert goes into the hallway and brings his parents, Kaitlyn and Dr. Borne back into the room.

Robert:  “Okay, he has a name.”

Lydia:  “Drum roll, please Robert.”  Robert taps a nearby table.

Robert and Lydia together:  “Nicholas Graham Kensington!”  They say proudly.

Mum:  “I like it.”

Dad:  “Me, too.  It’s a good strong name.”

Kaitlyn:  “It’s nice!”  She says smiling and nodding her head up and down excitedly.

Dr. Borne:  “Very good,…”   She says filling out the birth certificate.  “Nicholas Graham Kensington, Seven pounds ten ounces, nineteen inches long.”

Robert:  “I told you he was big.”  He raises his eyebrows up and down with his eyes wide.

Dad:  “That’s my boy!”

Dr. Borne:  Continuing with the birth certificate information. “Mother Lydia Baker Kensington, Father Robert Michael Kensington, born August 15th at 2:45pm.  That should do it.  Welcome to the world, little fellow.”  She says clasping the baby’s little hand.



Nicholas:  “Mmm.  Mmm.  Waaa!  Waa!  Mmm.  Mmm.”

Lydia:  “Dr. Borne, I think the baby is making suckling motions with his mouth.  Do I try to nurse him?”

Dr. Borne:  “Let’s give it a go, shall we?  We’ll cleanse your breast again, Lydia, and then we’ll see if he wants to nurse.  We’ll prop a pillow under your arm to help support you holding him like an American football so he’s not resting on your tummy since you just had surgery.  Who’s staying?”

Robert:  “Dad, you’re looking faint.”

Mum:  “Lydia Dear, I’ll take Dad and Kaitlyn in the hall to give you and Robert and the baby some privacy.”

Kaitlyn:  “But I want to see.”  She says pouting a little.

Lydia:  “Kaitlyn Sweetie, let Mummy get the hang of nursing baby Nicholas for a few days and then I’ll let you help me with him.  Okay?”

Katilyn:  “Okay.”   She says politely.  Then Grandma, Grandpa, and Kaitlyn walk into the hallway.

Dr. Borne:  “Robert if you could take Nicholas for a moment,…”  Dr. Borne says taking the baby from Lydia and handing Robert his son.  “… we’ll gently wash Lydia’s nipples with some light soapy water and then rinse them.”

Lydia:  She sees Robert’s sheepish expression, she asks.  “Robert, you’re not going to faint at the word nipples, are you?”

Robert:  “No.”    He says a bit embarrassedly as he rolls his eyes and rocks his baby son in his arms.

Dr. Borne:  Dr. Borne gently washes Lydia’s nipples.  “Okay, try to get him to nurse on both sides, switching every five minutes.  That way if one breast has more milk than the other, he’s sure to get enough.  Also, you don’t want one of your breasts to ‘burst’ from not being milked.  Do you have a breast pump at home?”   Lydia nods her head.  “Good, you can pump your breasts after each nursing to relieve them of the residual milk and then save that for bottle feedings in case you need to later supplement his nursing each day.  Once your breasts get into a regular nursing groove, you’ll find that your breast milk and the baby will be in sync with each other—he’ll be hungry, when you’re breasts have filled up with milk for him.”

Robert:  “Here you go Lydia, he says placing baby Nicholas on Lydia’s right breast and underneath her armpit.”

Lydia:  “Whoa!  I think he’s got the hang of it now.”  She says as baby Nicholas hungrily latches onto her nipple and nurses.  “Ouch! Dr. Borne, is it always this painful to nurse?”   She says grimacing a little bit.

Dr. Borne:  “At first, but you and your nipples will get used to it.”

Lydia:  Robert looks at Lydia sheepishly and she asks him.   “What?  Is the word nipples getting to you again?”

Robert:  “No, but I think it’s a little odd that you’re finding it painful for him to nurse.”  He looks at her sheepishly, then says as he rolls his eyes.  “Well Lydia, it’s just that you didn’t’ seem to mind before—this is so embarrassing—when we were making love.”

Dr. Borne: “Ha ha ha!  Sorry Robert and Lydia.  It’s just that Lydia’s nipples’ nerves are more tender right now because of the pregnancy.  It’s all part of nursing.  Lydia, you’ll feel less pain as the nursing goes along.  And, then once you’ve weaned the baby after six months, you’ll find that your breasts and nipples will return to their prepregnancy state—for lovemaking and such.  But, until then, if you make love that includes Robert ‘touching’ your breasts and nipple area, be aware that you might leak some breast milk out, even if you are more than two away hours from the next nursing stint.”   Robert winces.  “Oh don’t worry Robert, many a husband has found out what their wife’s breast milk tastes like.  I’m told that it’s sweet.”   Robert blanches.

Lydia:  “Robert, you better sit down.  You look like you’re going to faint.”   She laughs.

Robert:  “I’m sorry.”  He says looking squeamish and sitting down.  “It’s just a little embarrassing to discuss what we do when we’re making love with a third party—even if she is a doctor.”

Dr. Borne:  “You’ll get used to it.”   She says raising her eyebrow.  “Oh and although, there’s a myth out there that nursing prevents pregnancy, don’t believe it.  I’ve had mothers who have given birth nine months after the previous baby.  So, you’ll want to use a condom for now if you want to prevent Lydia from getting pregnant right away.”

Robert:  “Doctor, I wasn’t even thinking about that.  Lydia’s just had major surgery.”  He looks over at Lydia compassionately.  Then, Robert hesitates and asks hopefully.   “… But since, you mentioned it, how long should we wait to make love.”

Lydia:  “Ha ha ha!  Oh Robert Dear, my heartthrob!”

Robert:  “Well, Dr. Borne brought it up—poor choice of words.”   He says shaking his head while smiling sheepishly.  “Lydia Darling, you haven’t felt like being romantic for the last month because of the pregnancy.  So, I guess I’m a little … on edge at the moment.”

Dr. Borne:  “Ha ha  ha ha ha!  Alright Robert and Lydia, no jostling of and no pressure on Lydia’s abdomen for at least a month.   Lydia needs to be as still as possible. If you can figure out a way to be creatively mutually satisfied around these restrictions—and I’m sure you can–I say go for it.  Oh and Lydia, no lifting what so ever.  Robert will need to be the one to lift the baby out of his bassinette and hand him to you for now.”

Robert:  “I can do that.”

Lydia:  “Which?  The no jostling and no pressure when making love, or handing me the baby?”

Robert:  “Both!”   He says grinning widely.

Lydia:  “Hmm.  You’ve been holding out on me Robert Dear.”  She smiles coquettishly.  “Oops, is Nicholas done?”

Dr. Borne:  “Let’s switch him to the other breast.  Robert, you’re on.” Robert lifts baby Nicholas up into his arms and kisses his forehead.  Lydia shifts the pillow to her left arm and then Robert lays the baby on the pillow near Lydia’s left nipple and underneath her left armpit and the baby latches on greedily suckling away.  “Well, he’s certainly taking lots of nourishment.  Good!  Now as I said, he’s a little jaundiced.  And several times overnight, we’ll have him under a special lamp for light therapy.  So, we’ll take him back after he nurses and you’ve burped and diapered him.”

Robert:  “I can do the burping and diapering.”

Lydia:  “Well Robert, you do have hidden talents.  Or, do you just want another look at his balls?”   She asks him impishly.

Robert:  Rocking his head back in laughter.  “Ha ha ha ha ha!  Sorry Lydia my love.”  He leans over and kisses her.   “It’s a guy thing.  That’s my boy!”   He says pumping his arm up and down.

Dr. Borne:  “Oh, and we should discuss circumcision.”  Robert visibly winces and covers his crotch.

Lydia:  Laughing she says.  “Now Robert, we’re not talking about you.  You’re already circumcised.”

Robert:  “Lydia!”   He says rolling his eyes at her.

Dr. Borne:  “That’s true, large number of males are circumcised in the UK [(5)].  So, if you want that done, we’ll do that tonight.  Then, Nicholas will need twelve hours to heal–enough to pee before we send him home.”

Robert:  “Doctor, why are baby boys circumcised?”

Dr. Borne:  “A great percentage have to do with religious practice, but there is also a health issue.   And, because circumcision is so common these days—as more than a cultural ritual—the male genital shape it produces has become the standard of male … handsomeness, shall we say?”

Lydia:  “Robert, he needs to have it done when he’s a baby and he can’t remember it or the pain.”

Robert:  “Okay, but you’ll have someone do it who knows what they’re doing?”   He asks wincing again.  “We don’t want them to take too much off the top?”

Dr. Borne:  “Not to worry, we have specialists who perform this procedure hundreds of times a year.”

Robert:  Speaking to his son, he say.   “Sorry little fellow.  It looks like you’re going under the knife.”

Dr. Borne:  “Actually, the instrument we use looks more like a cigar cutter.”

Robert:  “Again, more than I wanted to know.”   He says shaking his head and crossing his legs while sitting down.

Lydia:  “Hahaha! Don’t worry Robert, you’ll like how he turns out.  He’ll still be your big boy—balls and all.”   Robert looks at her sheepishly.  Then Lydia says conspiratorially to Dr. Borne.   “You see doctor, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”   She says gazing longingly at Robert’s crotch.

Robert:  “Lydia!  Please!  You’re embarrassing me.”   He says sheepishly–with his hands folded over his crotch.

Lydia:  “Like I said before Robert, Michangelo’s David has nothing on you.”   Robert blushes profusely.

Dr. Borne:  “Okay you two.  Let’s get you squared away with this baby before you start working on the next one.”   They all laugh.  “I’ll see you in the morning at rounds.  The nurses and on call overnight doctor will update me on your and the baby’s progress throughout the night.  Lydia, you’ll be on a four hour nursing schedule.  So try to nap when you can.    Is he almost finished nursing?”

Lydia:  “I think so.  But, I’d like to get a picture of Robert and I with baby Nicholas before you take him back for his light therapy.  Robert do you have your cell phone handy?”

Robert:  He pats his scrubs wearing body.   “Nope, I’ll get my clothes from Mum and Dad in the hallway, when you’re done nursing and covered up again.”

So that is what they do.  Lydia finishes nursing baby Nicholas.  Robert changes back into his clothes.  And then they take pictures of just Baby Nicholas, then one of Mummy and Daddy and Baby Nicholas, then those three plus Kaitlyn, and finally they take a picture including Mum and Dad.  Then, Baby Nicholas is taken by the nurses for his circumcision—ouch– and light therapy.


After a long and tiring night of Lydia nursing baby Nicholas every four hours, Nicholas’ circumcision and light therapy, and the nurses and Robert tending to Lydia’s surgical incisions, Baby Nicholas gets to come home the day after he is born.  Mum and Dad had taken Kaitlyn home to Robert and Lydia’s house over night and slept there.  Then after lunch, Dad goes to pick Robert and Lydia and Nicholas at the hospital and bring them home.  Walking upstairs to the main floor living area, they say.

Robert and Lydia:  “We’re home!”

Robert:  “Nicholas, you’re home.”   He says carrying the baby so that Lydia doesn’t strain herself.

Kaitlyn:  “Mummy and Daddy!”

Lydia:  “Kaitlyn!”  She says with her arms wide as she sits in a chair and gives Kaitlyn hugs and kisses.  “Mummy missed you.”KaitlynImageisofMargaretOBrien-colorJan0613allanellenbergercomchngdtoPinkCropClsGrati

Kaitlyn:  “I missed you Mummy.”   Kaitlyn [(6) right] smiles and pats her Mummy’s face.

Mum:  “How are you feeling Lydia?”

Lydia:  “Tired and sore.  Do we have the bassinette down here to put Nicholas in?  I think I have to wait a bit to climb more stairs and I want to be able to hold him.”

Dad:  “Yes, Lydia Dear.”   He says bringing up Lydia’s hospital suitcase and other stuff.  “Mum and I brought it down last night.  And we put a few baby changing supplies in the main floor bathroom here.”

Robert:  “Thanks Mum and Dad.”  He smiles warmly at them.  “Lydia, do you want to move to the couch, then I’ll hand you Nicholas and Kaitlyn can also see him up close.”

Lydia:  She nods.  “Alright.”

Katilyn:  “Yes please Mummy and Daddy!”

Mum:  “I’ll help you Lydia Dear.”

Mum carefully helps Lydia stand and then she slowly walks with her over to the couch and Lydia sits down on one corner—using its armrest and a pillow to help Lydia hold Nicholas.  Then Robert gently places the sleeping baby Nicholas in Lydia’s eager arms and he sits down next to her.

Robert:  “Kaitlyn Sweetie, come sit on Daddy’s lap to see your little brother.  Mummy’s lap is still sore while she’s healing from her surgery.”

Kaitlyn:  “Okay.”  Once Kaitlyn is situated on her Daddy’s lap, she asks.  “Mummy, why is the baby so big if he was born early?”  Kaitlyn gently touches the baby’s swaddled toesies near her.

Lydia:  “Well, you see how tall Daddy is, Kaitlyn.”  Lydia rolls her eyes and smiles broadly.

Kaitlyn:  “Oh.”  She says in understanding.  Then Kaitlyn observes.  “But Mummy,  I don’t see how he fit in your tummy before he was born.  Did he grow more over night?”  Her eyes go wide, wondering how fast this baby will grow.

Lydia:  “You won’t get any argument from me.  Nicholas is a big boy.”   Then Lydia says somewhat mischievously.  “Just like his Daddy.”  Robert leans over and kisses Lydia and then Nicholas.

Dad:  “That’s my boys!”  He says pumping his arm.

Robert:  “Okay now.  Let’s keep this G rated.”  He says sheepishly, but with a broad smile.

Mum:  “Robert was a big baby, too.  Seven and a half pounds.  But, I was in labor with him for ten hours.”  She looks over pointedly at Robert—as if to amusingly say, you owe me kid.

Robert:  He laughs sheepishly.  “Ha ha ha! Sorry about that, Mum!”

Lydia:  “You know what we still need to do?”  Everybody looks at her quizzically.   “We still need to celebrate Kaitlyn becoming our daughter yesterday!”    Everyone cheers and hugs and kisses are given all around.

“Love & Friendship”, Epilogue

And, they do celebrate Kaitlyn becoming their daughter and Nicholas becoming their son.  Robert and Lydia, Grandma and Grandpa, and Kaitlyn and baby Nicholas celebrate their new beginnings–with their daughter Kaitlyn and with baby son Nicholas.  The friendship that Robert and Lydia initially shared–and that has blossomed into a deep and abiding love–is the glue that binds them all together.  Robert’s and Lydia’s lives have their happy ending in the happy beginning of their growing family.  No disbelief–suspended or otherwise–is needed here for Robert and Lydia, because real life is always better than stories anyway.

The End



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a)  British Actor Richard Armitage in a December 2010 Promo portrait found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/2010Promo/album/20Dec2010-Perou-03.jpg; and
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  1. aj daisy says:

    Brilliant, brilliant,brilliant I loved this story. The talk between Dr Bourne, Lydia & Robert was priceless. Thank You Grati


    • Hi AJ Daisy,
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    Your “Love & Friendship” I started to read in Christmas, and frankly I fell in love with the story from the first chapter. Thank you for your touching story, Grati!


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