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I love stories!   I love writing them and I love sharing them with you.  And I love reading other people’s stories.   So today, I will share the links to three of the stories by other authors that I have read and enjoyed.  It was difficult to choose only three.  But I am trying to practice brevity  (ha!).  So three was my number.  And I am thinking of making my reading lists here a rotating series on my blog–to recommend other stories to you.  But until the next installment, you will find links to many more stories I enjoyed reading in my sidebar at right under “Books/Stories…”.

I am choosing authors with stories on Wattpad, not only because that is where I also share my stories, but because you can read these stories without needing passwords and such.  And there are lots of stories to choose from.  Although if you sign up for a Wattpad account, you can then also vote for and comment on stories.  Some of these authors also publish via Amazon in book or Kindle format.  I will let their sites tell you about that. And I am choosing stories that are “one offs”–you don’t need to have read a prequel to understand what is going on.  I will save featuring other authors’ books in a  series for another post.  Though, these stories are all in the genre of fan fiction–taking a popular story’s premise and characters, then creating more story with it.  So it helps if you know the original story–but not necessary.

And I have chosen fan fiction that feature three of Richard Armitage’s popular character portrayals–Sir Guy of Gisborne, John Thornton,  and John Standring.  So enjoy!

1)       “Prisoners of Circumstance” by spikesbint (aka angelfish69)

This is a Sir Guy of Gisborne tale that is a what if for all of us Guy and Marian shippers.  It Prisoners_of_Circumstance_story_cover_Apr0313Spikesbint_on_Wattpadis a cracking good read.  I read it last weekend in two sittings over two days.   I was totally engrossed with the story and her storytelling.  And a bonus is that the author has all of the chapters uploaded, so no waiting biting your nails wondering what happens next.    Here is what Angelfish69/Spikesbint says about her story:

“Fanfic written around the 2006 BBC Robin Hood, focusing on Guy of Gisborne (Played by Richard & Armitage) And Marian. Starts after the events of Episode 6 of season 2,(The Winchester Episode) Guy and Marian are trying to accept that things are changing between them. More heartache waits for Marian when they return to the castle, and Guy is confronted with memories of his past. AU of course!”

2)       “A Heart for Milton” by Trudys Tattle (aka Trudy Brasure)

This North & South fan fiction story is beautifully  told.  John Thornton and Margaret Hale A_Heart_for_Milton_story_cover_Apr1413TrudysTattle_on_Wattpadof Elizabeth Gaskell’s original novel are given a life after falling in love.  So many stories end with the wedding, but I as a reader want to know more about their lives beyond that.  And Trudy does not disappoint! This is a timeless love story that is given a new twist in this retelling of it.  There are some love scene descriptions for mature audiences that are tastefully written.   Here is what Trudy says about her story:

“When Margaret hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist’s marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her heart. But was it too late now to let him know? Set in Victorian England, this story is based on the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell and the BBC miniseries of the same title – North and South.”

3)      “In the Bleak Midwinter” by Khandy

I am a sucker for John Standring of “Sparkhouse”.  He is a big bear of a man, so shy that In_the_Bleak_Midwinter_story_coverApr1413Khandylove has passed him by most of his life–until now.  How he opens his heart to love is a charming and heartfelt.  There are some love scene descriptions for mature audiences that are very tastefully done.   I was drawn to this book initially, because the title intrigued me–it is a haunting hymn that we sing at church sometimes.  And the story title is very apt.   Here is what Khandy says about her story:

“John Standring a shy Yorkshire farmer is living a lonely isolated life until he rescues Alison Robinson from the worse snowstorm in England since records began. This two wounded souls stranded at John’s farm begin to heal one another but as the snow melts danger appears in the form of Alison’s unfaithful husband. This is a fiction based on the TV series Sparkhouse starring Richard Armitage as John Standring.”

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