Lucas Tuesday: The Spooks Series 9 Lucas North Plot Debacle was a Richard Armitage Tour de Force, May 28, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #412a)

Well, I finally did it.  More than a year after watching up through Spooks series 9, episode 6,  I watched the last two episodes about two weeks ago.  I knew the plotlines, had seen the caps, and had watched video excerpts before.  Two things came to mind:  2) Richard Armitage as Lucas North/John Bateman was brilliant, and, 2)  the writers were on crack.

1)        Brilliant Richard Armitage!–Of course he was.  He gave us a heartfelt portrayal of a man self destructing with every bad decision that he could possibly make–allowing himself to be manipulated by that cretin Vaughn, lying to his colleagues, betraying them to a foreign power, kidnapping them, and then leaving them to twist in the wind.  No one could have pulled off this nuanced powerhouse portrayal, but Richard Armitage.  But RA had to twist and contort himself artistically so many times to make the illogic of the scripts work that  it was painful to watch at times.  I mean really, how does a man like Lucas be disgusted by Sarah Caldwell becoming a rogue spy during Spooks Series 8, when in essence, he is the same thing?  So much for continuity.  Lucas beating himself in the head when Malcom’s home was cleaned out because he was on to Lucas being compromised comes to mind.  I was doing the same thing with each new Spooks series 9 episode.RichardArmitageisLucasNorthHeroMay2813GratianaLovelace

2)       The writers were on crack–we know this because of the implausible and illogical plot twists and turns.  Let’s discuss a couple of those twists:

a)  Spooks series 9 focuses on the central concept that Lucas is not Lucas North, but John Bateman who killed Lucas.  John supposedly took the real Lucas’ place after the initial spy application stages had passed him to the hiring point.  Does this ultra spy machine called MI-5 not do fingerprint comparisons of new recruits?  Lucas and John weren’t even the same height–not even close.  Check out the three inch shoulder height difference present despite the angle perspective of this cap in the graphic at right. Please!  No wonder MI-5 has so many villains to go after if they can’t do the basics of law enforcement in terms of perpetrator identification. No, all Brits do not look alike.  Hhhhh!  Or did the Spooks casting people purposely choose the other actor because he didn’t look like Richard Armitage?  That would help set the stage for my fan fiction exploring Lucas’ identity in “Lucas: True North” that I hope to serialize here on my blog in the fall.  But the casting made little sense otherwise.

b)  The Lucas North who put his life on the line for his country and colleagues in Spooks series 7 and Spooks series 8–not to mention those eight years in prison–counted for nothing?  For nothing.  Is that really the message responsible storytellers want to send?  You can never reform yourself and make amends–so why even try to be and do good?  What about Sydney Carton?  Was Sydney wrong to give up his life to make amends?  Oh sorry, that is a “literary” reference–not pertinent to the Spooks writers.  I’m sorry.  That was a low blow.  Chalk it up to me being facetious.

c)  Lucas/John suddenly wants to rekindle his old college love Maya who is now a doctor as if she is the only woman on the planet. Lucas/John isn’t using his brain, but his heart to guide him–or maybe something lower.  Please! These two actors had some chemistry, but not much.  Both of them were beautiful (her) and handsome (him), respectively.  But love–like beauty–is more than just skin deep.  And one picture of Lucas/John attempting to “roger” Maya on a picnic table didn’t do it for me.  Like I always say, the only thing that should be hard in love scenes is not the furniture.  Come on writers.  If Lucas/John loved this woman with a tender yet burning passion, would he want her to get splinters?  I think not!

d)  And another thing, a successful doctor like Maya–let me say again, medical doctor–would not leave everything she has worked for professionally to go on the run with a man she hasn’t seen for fifteen years.  Have women progressed so little that their best interests can be thrown out the window on a whim?  I hope note.  And if the sex with Spks9epi3_260Lucas&MayaKissMay2813ranet-brtLucas/John was that good, the writers didn’t give it to us–again the splinters. Nor did the writers even really convey the essence of why John/Lucas and Maya loved each other back then or  now.  Though Richard Armitage gave it his all in that slow kiss in episode 3.  Sighhhh!

The Spooks series 9 writers eradicated Lucas North and all the good work he had done–the role model and example of courage through adversity, overcoming deep emotional and physical pain, working for the greater good.  That was all gone.  Scumbags!  And in the end, the writers had our Lucas dissolving into a cry baby on the roof–who then throws himself off of that roof?  No way! Lucas was made of stronger stuff that that.  I want Lucas saving the world and making it safe time and again.  I want my hero Lucas North back.  Period.    By the way, I give Lucas a parachute in my fic.

Tom had his graceful hero’s exit and so should Lucas.Lucas deserved better–and so did Richard Armitage.  My oft mentioned theory is that the Spooks producers and writers were not pleased with losing their main star–Richard Armitage–to bigger and better things.  Which at the time was the Strike Back Miniseries (series 1, of course) and maybe The Hobbit films.  So rather than them thinking ahead about being able to capitalize on their future skyrocketing international star with cross promotions, my conjecture is that the producers and writers submarined the character of Lucas North in an annoyed huff.  Very catty of them, if you ask me.

That said, I may certainly be wrong in my perceptions about the Spooks writers and producers intentions with regard to the Lucas North character in Spooks 9.  But they gave us fans little else to go on but our perceptions since the twisted shift in the Lucas North character was a sucker punch into our stomachs as fans.  It was a very low blow.  Lucas was a beloved hero character–flaws and all in Spooks series 7 and 8–but he still strived to be good, to keep going despite enormous personal and professional struggles, and to fight the good fight.  That is an example that we should all follow.  We need more fictional/literary heroes like Lucas North to reflect and influence society.  And we need more of the real, good guys like Richard Armitage who portray them.

Sorry, I know that I am late to the party, but I just had to rant.  Ha!  No Cheers!  Grati;->

P.S.  All images in the large graphic are from RANet, Spooks 9:  or Spooks 7-9 Promo page Gallery:

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  1. P.S. Why is this Post 412a? Because I wrote Wednesday’s post first, and scheduled it. So Wednesday’s post became 412b. . Ha!


  2. guylty says:

    The whole thing was such a turn-around to the Lucas we had come to respect and admire in the previous 2 seasons. I really cannot believe that they f*cked up so spectacularly without a good reason. Did the writing team change in the course of the three seasons? I am wondering whether the ultimate end (LN suicide after turning rogue spy) was already planned when they introduced LN in the first place? Somehow I doubt that. Why spend so much time introducing theis character as a good man – and then destroy that completely and unconvincingly.
    Alright – yeah, I am sentimentally attached to the character and irrationally defensive about him. It’s just fiction. But hell, I still think the Beeb f*cked up speactacularly with that one.

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  3. fitzg says:

    Chemistry? Wrong actress in the wrong place at the wrong time…Sarah Caulfield was 100% more convincing. And we’ll take our Sydney Cartons over that Bateman person any time. Oh dear, it did stir us to passion. Unpleasant passion. I had to re-watch our Harry Kennedy, just to take away the bad taste. And the Meg episode with Gisborne. But I still can’t come to terms with what (supposedly) was Lucas. I think your explanation (writers having a three-year-old’s tantrum) is as close to the truth as anything.

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    • Hi Fitzg,
      Laila Rouass is a fine actress, she just didn’t have chemistry with Richard Armitage–nor he with her. They did all the right moves as pretend lovers–but the “pretend” part was clearly evident.

      As to the writers, Series 7 had one listed writer–and that level of consistency showed. Series 8 and Series 9 each had a group of writers–different ones. Too many cooks in the kitchen if you ask me.

      So with the change of writers groups, my guess is the producers had more of an impact on the direction of the show. So, no “kudos” from me. Ha!

      Thanks for your comment. Hugs! Grati ;->


  4. Brava! Preach on, girl. I couldn’t agree more.
    I wrote a silly yet satisfying (to me) fanfic on this subject called “Taking the Piste.” It’s here if you’d like a look:

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  5. aj daisy says:

    Ohh Grati a Lucas fic thanking you in anticipation. I hated the whole S9 Lucas thing, that being said Richard’s portayal of the tourtured haunted Lucas/John was brilliant. I purchased S9 as soon as it became available and you know what I still haven’t been able to watch it. He definatley wasn’t “my” Lucas!!!!

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    • fitzg says:

      The True North. (giggling, because the True North Strong and Free, is part of our national anthem.) Mind you, the Star Spangled Banner is moving. And something I haven’t analysed, adores The French national anthem. And I’m not even French….(though I can yell in best choir voice “Allons, enfants pour la patrie”. :D (Or is that de la patrie? Je forget. …)

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    • Hi AJ Daisy,
      Thanks for your nice note! I’m glad that you’re interested in my Lucas Fic,”Lucas, True North”. I’m still tweaking and adding to it. So it might not be until Fall that I finally get around to serializing it here and on my Wattpad site.

      And I still need to upload about four of my stories onto Wattpad that i have already serialized here on my blog: “Mr. Romance.”, “Lost & Found”, “Fire & Ice”, and “Seeing Beauty”.

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  6. May 28, 2013–Earlier in the month (May 19), Servetus had a post linking to a stunningly detailed and wonderfully meticulous analysis of the character Lucas North by Alyssabethancourt. It’s a great read! So get comfy and dive in:


  7. katie70 says:

    Thank you Grati for you view on series 9. I started watching M-5 before Richard on our PBS station and had gotten use to the twists and turns that they did. If fact I was mad that they blew up Adam Carter still before Richard. I was not happy that I knew that Adam was off and being replaced. Than before I saw Adam end I was in camp RA and didn’t cry, because I I could not wait to see Lucas .I think that Richard did a great job making both Lucas and John different.

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    • Hi Katie70,
      Thanks for your nice note! I hadn’t watched Spooks/MI-5 before Richard Armitage. So Adam Carter’s end was shocking. I always wonder if he had not taken those several seconds to gaze adoringly at Ros if he would still be alive. And later on reading about chip fryer deaths–gross–and such made me wonder what target audience the writers were going for.

      And Richard Armitage did a masterful job delineating the two characters of Lucas North and John Bateman. We could see as the episodes progressed that RA’s character was behaving/being John more than he was Lucas. Until all that was left was not our Lucas anymore.

      Thanks for commenting! Hugs! Grati;->


      • katie70 says:

        I started the comment before my husband got home from work, when he got home he needed a sounding board, not a good day. I was going to add more and hurried up when he took a phone call to send. I will add a bit.

        I started to watch at the beginning and yes the fryer scene was bad. You really never knew who was in or out. It is worth the time to see all 10 series if you ever get a chance. I have only missed the one where Fiona Carter is killed (we where on holiday and did’t get home in time) Adam takes it very hard and becomes a working train wreak. Some people didn’t like Adam became after having a very loving wife and son, he started sleeping around, I just took it as so messed up after losing the wife he loved, he was looking to somehow trying to hide the pain he was in. Rupert Penry-Jones did a good job in his role as Adam and at the time was and still am a fan of his.

        But somewhere in there I was slowly becoming a fan of Richards and somehow the dread of no more RPJ meant there would be Richard. My PBS station never aired series 7-10 and my impatient meant I bought them, well 7-8 at first which we watched. After they where watched my husband said ” Isn’t there more”, me “yes”, him “well buy them”. I waited till 10 came out as it was only a couple weeks.

        In 9 Richard makes me feel that Lucas and John are very different, he even looks different as he plays each one. It really was an awful ending that could have gone a lot better than it was wrote. After all they let Zoe go off into the sunset to speak.

        I have yet to finish reading Alyssa’s post on Lucas, but so far I was enjoying it.

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        • Hi again Katie70,
          Thanks for your nice note. Now you make me long to see the Adam Carter years with Rupert Penry Jones. I also admire him–having seen him in adaptations of “Persuasion” and “The 39 Steps”. He really smouldered in that one. And major muscles. ha!
          Glad you are enjoying Alyssa’s Lucas analysis via the link I provided. It’s fabulous!
          Cheers! Grati;->


          • katie70 says:

            I was thinking about watching Spooks and I would urge you to watch them all starting with series one and the Matthew Macfadyen years. That will lead you to the Rupert Penry-Jones years and then to Richard. The writers may have changed but there has always been a twist about this show that I have never seen before.

            It is because of Spooks that made a name of RPJ in the UK and then he got the roles in “Persuasion” and “The 39 Steps”. A couple years ago he made “Treasure Island” with Eddie Izzard and many others. It was a made for TV movie and I don’t remember which one it was other than it was not BBC. It also aired on Syfy last year but I missed seeing it there, (I was to busy Richarding that I forgot to keep checking to see when it was to be on) but then found it on DVD. I see that this summer on PBS Masterpiece his show called “Silk” will be on and I can’t wait as I have been waiting for 3 years.

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          • Hi Katie70,
            Thanks for the suggestions of other RPJ shows. Love the phrase you were “too busy Richarding”… Giggles!
            Cheers! Grati ;->


          • I agree with katie70’s recommendation of watching Spooks from season 1 onwards. I watched it from the very beginning (fell in love with Matthew and oh, that voice and those eyes!) and stopped around Season 4 for a few years. I love RPJ and love his Adam Carter! If I were pushed into a corner, I’d want Adam Carter by me, who’d even stay with me till the very end when I have a bomb attached to me (loved that episode!) instead of leaving me behind :)
            I’ve purchased his other series “Whitechapel” on Amazon, too, but have yet to see “39 steps” although that’s in my queue.

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          • Definitely go get “The 39 Steps” remake that RPJ did. He smoulders very well with his shirt off and his muscles rippling. Sighhh! RPJ’s turn in “Persuasion” was good, too.


          • Thanks for your additional two comments,Katie70
            The reply feature only nests so far in. Ha! After reading your and Morrighan’s Muse remarks about the early Spooks series–and both MF & RPJ–now I really want to see them. Hopefully, I can rent them on iTunes like I did to watch the RA Spooks initially.
            Cheers! Grati ;->


          • I highly recommend watching spooks from Season 1 to see the difference in the style of writing, pacing, and their attention to character development. Seasons 1-3 are what I consider the heart and soul of Spooks and though the pacing is slow compared to later seasons, you do get invested in the characters of Tom Quinn, Danny Hunter, Zoe Reynolds and Harry Pearce. The simple act of killing the enemy is not so quickly arrived at and you can really see how the writers respected their characters.
            Adam Carter and Fiona were a perfect couple, and I loved their chemistry. When she died, it was devastating to watch him unravel on a mission and you can’t blame him for sleeping with his nanny, and one of his assets, in addition to Ros. I think season 4 has the episode with Andy Serkis as an aging rock star and even then, his acting really was amazing.
            I can talk forever about spooks Seasons 1-8, but nothing on this earth will convince me to watch the mess that is season 9. Although I will watch season 10.

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          • Hi Morrighan’s Muse,
            Thanks for your nice note about the early Spooks writing and pacing. I will have to view them someday.
            I don’t blame you about not wanting to watch Spooks series 9. I had bought the dvds but refrained from watching any of 9 for a year after I watched 7 and 8 again–I viewed them initially via iTunes. Then when I did watch 9-epi1-6, it took me another year to get to epi 7 & 8. Ha!
            Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


          • I just might watch S9 still, after I finish my story. But for now, not yet.

            But yes, highly recommend the first seasons of Spooks because it’s the foundation of the show’s characters and the way they changed the rules of the game where no one was safe – anyone could die anytime.

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          • katie70 says:

            I have heard that people who like the show 24 have liked Spooks even more. I have seen series 1-4 a few times as repeats on my PBS station and would watch again if they had them on. I am thinking about just getting the rest series 1-6 on dvd so I can watch as I please.

            Morrighansmuse I fell for all 3 leads I guess, Matthew, Rupert and Richard. I remember seeing about the show somewhere and was very happy when I got to see it. I agree that the first 3 shows are the heart of it and do help in watching the rest. I do hope you watch 9 if even to see Richards talent on how he pulls both Lucas and John. I did have that same feeling of not wanting to see spoilers of Adam’s death and go as far as closing my eyes while watching utube vids of both RPJ and RA. I see these summer I really must start reading some fanfic.

            RPJ’s the “39 Steps” is very good. I have tried to watch the Hitchcock one and always fall to sleep before I have seen the first 10 minutes. “Whitechapel” is very good too and I have seen series 1-3. I am always looking out for what RPJ is also in.

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          • katie70 says:

            I just read the rest of the comments and will say to anyone who has not watched from the beginning of Spooks to start there. Each show leads you to the next in someway and then you have the back story to help with each new show. I got caught up in the storyline and you really never know what is going to happen next as in the twists and turns of it. Anyone could be killed off or gone. When Adam comes to MI_5 from 6 and Tom leaves is very good.

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  8. Tereza says:

    You said very well,Gratiana. For me, it was very clear that this absurd turning in the character LN, was the fact that the writers or producers must have been very angry with the fact of that RA could not continue playing this character for another season. So they threw all their anger on the character, and this way, they knew that would hit Richard too.

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    • Hi Tereza,
      Thanks for your kind note. I seem to have hit upon what many might have been thinking about the reason for the twisted Lucas plot in Series 9. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my disbelief regarding the path that plot took. Ha!

      And I must say that Richard Armitage, himself, has been the quintessential gentleman regarding his former bosses and colleagues at Spooks regarding series 9–gracious, easy going, and sanguine –no complaining on his part in the media. Heck! RA even participated in the dvd extra about the “Downfall of Lucas North”.

      I’m guessing that Mr. Armitage is taking the “long” view–that Lucas North is one character in many that he will inhabit and bring to life during the hopefully long span of his career. So inevitably, some characters will rise and fall in everyone’s estimation. And ultimately, Richard Armitage comes across as the consummate professional as a much sought after dramatic actor.

      Now if we can only get Mr. Armitage to choose a role in a charming little movie where his character meets a nice girl, falls in love, makes babies, is a good man who helps others, and at the end of his days he looks with fondness upon the chapters in his life–no regrets, only great memories, more happiness than not, and people whose lives he touched positively. Perhaps this might be a pleasant wish of happiness for the man himself, Richard Armitage.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati;->


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  10. Faboamanto says:

    Hi Grati!

    Excellent analysis and review of Season 9. I’m with you on everything except Lucas North’s death. I believe he’s still alive. We didn’t see a body, and the hand we saw was not Lucas.

    I haven’t read the rest of the comments, but have a few of my own, because I still feel emotional about what the writers did to this character and to Richard Armitage and his creation of Lucas for the two earlier seasons.

    Yes, I’m in denial because like you, and others, I can’t imagine why they didn’t have Lucas die a hero. They did it for Tom, as you say, they did it for Adam, they did it for Ros (who was not as heroic in earlier Spooks episodes). Why not have our hero Lucas die a hero’s death. Plus, it doesn’t make sense that Lucas is afraid to go back to jail because he will die there, and then, have him commit suicide.

    There were so many more interesting roads for Lucas and his end, since there had to be an end, that they could have explored.

    Also, how bad has the FSB become in their interrogation tactics. The KGB/FSB should be ashamed that after eight years of trying to break this man they never found out that he was not Lucas North, but really John Bateman. Not the KGB of old, that’s for sure.

    I think you have a point that maybe there was some personal issues involved because their star had gone on to bigger things. There is a reference to The Hobbit in Season 9, and despite the writer’s saying in an interview or somewhere that they didn’t know he was cast as Thorin, I think they did. After all, why would they have that reference to The Hobbit, when the American computer expert says something to Lucas/John like “here we are wondering in Hobbit land”, if they didn’t know. Remember that he auditioned for The Hobbit when filming Spooks.

    I’m with you on the love affair between Maya and Lucas or John. Two people who now had absolutely nothing in common igniting a passion out of nowhere. I also agree with you about the table sex scene. The scene where Maya meets Lucas/John again and keeps talking about the fact she has a “boyfriend” – more like a teenage girl than a mature, professional, woman.

    No matter what the writers tried in S9, Lucas North will always be a hero to me.

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    • Faboamanto says:

      A correction and a spoiler- in an earlier Spooks, Tom seemed to have passed away, but then they brought him back to life because MM wanted to return :)

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      • Tom was decommissioned in season 3 and went off to marry Christine Dale and together they operate a private security agency, much like Tessa Philips , another MI5 operative. This was one of the best episodes of season 3, when Tom loses his perspective as an MI5 operative and develops a conscience so that Harry has to decommission him and he had to watch the people loyal to him turn their backs to him.

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        • Hmmmm. It sounds good. And I do love Matthew MacFayden.

          But with Harry’s “price” for his agents being total surrender to his will–and Harry’s “flexible” conscience–you would think Harry’s superiors would ask why so many of his Section D agents/staff get killed.

          It is not “the business they are in” because Harry always survived–at the cost of some of his team, like Ruth. And Lucas and the gang moved heaven and Earth to get Harry back. Too bad that Harry wouldn’t return the favor.

          I haven’t seen season 10,but I will eventually.
          Cheers! Grati ;->


          • I don’t think Section D is the only one losing agents left and right. Some sections I’m sure suffer equal amount of losses.

            In the case of Tom Quinn, he chose to follow his conscience because he lost the essence of who he really was – as referenced by the ‘you put a part of yourself in a box’ quip in season 3. And he stood by his beliefs, even when everyone in Section D, people he once led, turned away from him because that was the nature of working in the secret service. Either you’re in or you’re out. That’s why you hardly saw the agents in Seasons 7 onwards have relationships outside of their work, even if it meant the partners were of different agencies.

            As far as the price that Harry seems to exact from his agents, it has more to do with the operatives’ personalities and character that made them pass through the initial tests in entering MI5, and eventually into his section.

            I have the book Spooks – The Personnel Files which has fictionalized copies of their applications forms, reference letters, memos and even requests to see someone socially, as in dating. And that’s where I noticed that there are specific traits they look for in incoming agents.

            As to the business they are in and how Harry always survives, no matter what, the writers of Spooks, beginning with Season 4, changed the focus of the show which made Harry an almost venerable center of the show as before, it was Tom, Danny and Zoe.

            And of course, part of the reason story lines become as they are would probably be the writers brought in into the series. Not all of them would have watched the previous seasons so there won’t be much of an emotional investment in the characters as much as a fan would have, let’s say. It is, for them, a job, and one that also includes fulfilling the requirements from the producers regarding story and character arcs, no matter how incongruous :)

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          • Oooh! Well said! The whole nature vs nurture on the Spooks agents personalities is also one of those dizzying chicken and egg conundrums. Does the life of an agent attract a certain type of person to that career? Or does the career transform the person? A bit a both is my guess.

            And I agree with you wholeheartedly that the producers of the show probably have the most telling impact on stories and story lines. No “kudos” to them for Season 9. Ha!

            And I would be very interested to know why there was the switch to venerating Harry starting with Season 4 that you mention. Was it a TVQ marketing thing? Did it serve the story lines to have Harry be their god behind the scenes type puppeteer? Or is Peter Firth so good of an actor that they wanted to get their money’s worth out of him? I will have to watch Harry in earlier seasons to view the change you mention. Thanks for the tip!


        • Faboamanto says:

          At the end of Season 2, in the last episode, it appeared that Tom had been killed, or had died, But he then returned for Season 3..

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          • Tom Quinn never died. He survived the ocean and returned to prove that Herman Joyce, believed to be-dead-CIA-agent, framed him for the murder of the Chief of Defense Staff for something he blamed Tom for. Tom had recruited Joyce’s college daughter to be an asset, but she wasn’t psychologically strong enough for the task and ended up in a psych ward with life-long issues.

            Season 3 episode 1 is an amazing episode because it brings Adam Carter in, and he is the total opposite of Tom. The showdown that happens between Adam and Carmen Joyce, Herman’s badass wife, is riveting, and I highly recommend watching it – and even Tom admits that he could never have done what Adam did in that room that ultimately cleared Tom of all the charges and got him reinstated as section chief.

            But to understand that episode you need to see the previous season as well.

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    • Hi Faboamanto,
      Thanks for your nice notes! Good point about the KGB/FSB also slipping up. They could have blackmailed Lucas about John Bateman. But, of course they didn’t. And I explain why the Russians seemingly “failed” in this regard in my Lucas Fan Fiction, “Lucas, True North”. Ha!

      And should we mention John/Lucas holding a large carving knife in his hand against the wall while kissing Maya in his kitchen? Because he thought she was an intruder? Does John/Lucas doesn’t know the difference in the sounds of the steps of his lover versus someone sent to kill him? Warped! Ha!

      And no worries on the Tom fake death spoilers. I had read that somewhere. Ha!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Cheers! Grati ;->


  11. Northern gal says:

    Grati- I agree with much of what you say; however, I would have been fine with the concept of Lucas not being who he appeared to be had that been done in a non-absurd fashion. Why the writers didn’t build off Lucas’ Russian imprisonment is beyond me. I think a more logical story line, for example, would be that Lucas really was a mole or that in angry retaliation against the Russians and Harry, Lucas aligned himself with Chechnyan terrorists in a strike against the Russian embassy in Britain. The creation of Bateman was completely unnecessary and just ludicrous, but RA did a great job with a story line that had to have been incredibly frustrating.

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    • Hi Northern gal,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. The Russian imprisonment angle wasn’t fully developed beyond Spooks 7.1. And RA was brilliant despite the “absurdity” as you call it. And Lucas’ first wife Elizveta was a relationship that I would have enjoyed seeing explored more.

      And considering so many of us RA fans seem to feel the same way about the Spooks 9 plot lines, one wonders if the Spooks writers were also too insulated from the fans.

      My fan fic “Lucas, True North” will delve into the Russian angle a “bit”. However, no spoilers. I guess I’ll have to get cracking on my revisions so I can start serializing it by the Fall. Ha!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  12. June 02, 2013–Love the newly HQ versions of three Lucas Promo pix on RANet (courtesy of Jonia’s Cuts)–especially this one:

    Sighhhh! *swoon* *thud*

    And this profile portrait of Lucas’ chiseled features isn’t bad either:



  13. June 03, 2013–Though I haven’t read Morrighan’s Muse immensely popular Lucas story, “Broken”–because I am currently writing my own fic “Lucas, True North” and I don’t want to get distracted, Ha!–I look forward to reading her story after I am done writing my story.

    But that doesn’t mean that you can’t read her Lucas story now. So here is the initial link to Morrighan’s Muse’s story, “Broken” on Wattpad:


  14. June 04, 2013–Lucas Tuesday: Images of Our Lucas

    “Dawn Will Rise” – Lucas North (Richard Armitage) fan video (made w/ Sony Vegas Movie) by ElviraSweeney


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