Richard Armitage: A Fiercely Sexy and Magnetic Actor on Film, and a Charming Gentlemanly Man in Life, June 15, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #418)

NYCPromoWBTweets-01RichardArmitageAutographingJun1513ranet-Shrp-brt-hi-resI know that you might laugh at me, but it is the regular bloke portraits of talented rising international British star and actor Richard Armitage (Roots Canada, 2012, right) that capture my Richard Armitage Of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Photo Sessionfancy.  He seems affable and easygoing–and oh so charming.  Dare I say adorable?   Even though RA is wearing a too small sweater with his sleeves pushed up (because they’re too short for his long arms probably, I have a tall husband, so sleeve length is always an issue) and leaning back into a leather arm chair (right), or when  RA smiles sheepishly at the camera as he obligingly autographs dozens of THAUJ promotional pieces (left), he has claimed my heart.

XXX _HOBBIT-RD197.JPG USA NYDon’t get me wrong, those drop dead gorgeous smouldering gazes of RA’s when he is in character or “pretending” he is disdainful (right) or when he is seething with virile masculine sensuality (left) Glamour-13RichardArmitage2013Jun1513ranet-brt-shrp-hi-res-crpwhile at photo shoots are very nice, too.  Sighhhh!  I’m just a “puddle of womanly essence” as I sift through and select these images.  Ha!  But, RA’s smoulder also seems a bit intimidating to me, Maybe it is because RA is usually frowning in these posed images–as if he is saying, you don’t want to meet me in a dark alley.  Yes, yes, I do.    Ha!

GeorgeGentlyRichardArmitageasRickyDeeming06Jun1513ranet-crp-hi-res-shrpAnd I guess that a Richard Armitage in dramatic character mMovingOn_036RichardArmitageasJohnMulliganJun1513ranet-crp-hi-resode and oozing sexual pheremones (right) is way out of my league. “Oh to be the fork” as someone coined as a label for this image.  Ha!  Yet a part of me yearns for Richard Armitage’s characters’ bad boy (left) or misunderstood man ways–as if the love of a good woman could reform or redeem his character.  Ha!  Gals, bad boys rarely reform.

VicarOfDibleyepi1-032RichardArmitageasHarryKennedyJun1513ranet-crp-shrp-hi-resSo I hope to look forward to more of Richard Armitage’s good guy characters once in a while–such as the cuddly Harry Kennedy from The Vicar of Dibley (left).  It is so interesting that Richard Armitage, the reserved quiet man commandingly  creates searing character portrayals in which he embodies dramatic conflicted men–from John Thornton to Sir Guy of Gisborne to Lucas North HobbitAUJ-613ThorinChargingAtAzogMay0113ranetBrtLessenContrastShrpto John Porter to Thorin Oakenshield, etc.–or he exudes courageous ferocity and acts aggressively (Thorin THAUJ, my cap right). Yet, we see through Richard Armitage’s light hearted interviews (see compilation video below)  that though Richard  Armitage is fiercely dedicated to his art as an exquisitely talented actor and master storyteller, the man himself, is also a gentleman and a gentle man–full of humor, humility, kindness, and warmth, etc.  Sighhhh!  Now that is so sexy to me.

“Richard Armitage || bad-tempered and moody” by frankreich

And Richard Armitage has stated that he likes we, his fans for being supportive of his career!!!  He is so charming and gracious!

Perhaps we need more fans and filmmakers realizing that mXnewspaper2013RichardArmitagePortraitJun1513ranet-hi-res-ShrpRichard Armitage (right) being a good guy in real life and him portraying a good guy on film now and again is just as edgy and exciting as him portraying the action adventure hero guy.  Because, it is everyday good guys, gentlemen, and regulLondonTHAUJ2012Premiere-52RichardArmitageMeetingPrinceWilliamJun1513ranet-Crp-hi-res-shrpar blokes who befriend and love and nurture and protect and honor the people whose lives they touch positively–in ways they may never know–who make my heart go pitty pat. They are often the unsung heroes of our lives.  And don’t forget, Richard Armitage is the man who shared the wonderful experience of his London THAUJ premiere with his parents by his side (pictured with his Mum left)–he is such a good son.

So Richard Armitage starring in a sweet little romantic comedy with him finding a nice girl to love and who loves him, struggling together with mortgage and car payments and kid orthodonture, etc., him changing a few diapers on his children, coaching his kids’ soccer team, stepping in for his wife and attending a school program with his 10 year old daughter only to belatedly realize it is the Becoming a Woman Mother and Daughter session about menstruation that he has to somehow sit through stoically so as  not to embarrass his daughter, and reading his children bedtime stories etc., wouldn’t be amiss–priceless, actually.  Sighhhh!

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  2. trudystattle says:

    Do you think if he got the Guernsey role it might be a character somewhat similar to his own?

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    • Hi Trudy,
      I don’t know what the Guernsey role is? Please share.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


      • trudystattle says:

        There was pure speculation a while back that he might be considered for the lead role in the movie version of the popular book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society as casting had been made for the lead female (Kate Winslet) but no announcement for a male lead. The first director (Kenneth Branaugh) and Winslet have had to abandon the project due to scheduling/timing. Now, the movie is still listed on the movie boards, with a new director. What keeps us hoping is that Richard has said he’s been reading a few books for possible roles and that there was one romantic one that he knew his fans would love….!!
        It’s a subtle romance story that takes place during WW II.

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