Fun Day Sunday: Richard Armitage as Batman Signature etc, August 04, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #434)

With the completion of most of the principal and pickup filming for the second and third films in The Hobbit triology of films, many of British actor Richard Armitage’s  admirers/fans have wondered what his next role might be. Naturally, we hope that it will be a role to challenge and engage Richard Armitage’s intense acting and masterful storytelling gifts.  And we are eager to immerse ourselves in the stories that he shares with us via his acting.

Richard Armitage (right, as John Porter in 2010’s StrikeBack) is that rare actor SB1epi6hd_082RichardArmitageasJohnPorterForgivinghisBetrayerAug0413ranetwho displaces himself to become a wholly new persona for each role he creates.  His character portrayals are not only transformative–in that each role is enhanced by RA’s unique gifts–but these character portrayals are also transcendent.  Transcendent in that as we experience the life of Richard Armitage’s roles, not only are we spellbound by his compelling character portrayals, but he illuminates and informs the human psyche with all of its attendant hopes and dreams, despairs and failings, etc.

Though Richard Armitage admirers–myself included–might like to see him in a charming romantic comedy again at some point as a counterpoint to all of his action adventure hero roles, we also know that with his searingly regal and fierce portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit trilogy of films, he belongs to the world’s artistic stage now.  And we hope for other prestigious and well received film projects to come his way.

One such film project might be the reboot of the Batman film legend and series via a Batman-Superman superhero film project–with Henry Cavil returning as Superman.  Richard Armitage’s name seems to be on a short list of more recent articles about who might carry the mantle of Batman forward from these US and UK sources:

Cinema Blend      Daily Star (UK)     The Inquisitor        Total Film     Moviefone

And I will admit that my interest is piqued now.  Both Richard Armitage’s recent role THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEYof Thorin Oakenshield (right) and the potential role of Bruce Wayne as Batman have tragic pasts that they must overcome to work toward the greater good.   Both men are tormented by their families being murdered.  And Both men feel that their purpose overshadows their own right to happiness.  Richard Armitage has embued his portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield with a gravitas born of Thorin’s heritage, yet a soul that yearns to be made whole again.  Might the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne allow Richard Armitage the opportunity to further mine the depths of one man’s psyche in his relentless pursuit of a sometimes illusory goal?  That of a perfect world where good triumphs over evil and where the weak are not exploited for power and profit?

So, with all of the discussion buzz on the net and especially on Twitter swirling around Richard Armitage as a potential actor to portray Batman in the new Superman-Batman pairing, I couldn’t resist making a Richard Armitage Batman Signature:


Here is the poem text that I wrote to accompany the images:

In  the  dark  of  night,  the  defender  of  the  people brings  hope  for  a  better  future.
In  the  light  of  day,   the  man  within  lives  in  the  shadows  of  his  tragic  past.
Honor  is  his  cloak.   Right  is  his  creed.
Evil  will  not  flourish.   Justice  will  prevail.
Death  could  not  keep  him  from  his  purpose.

Batman  Rises  Again

Gratiana  Lovelace,  2013
Images courtesy of  (Richard Armitage Portrait) and   (Batman Background graphic).

Another blogger, Jas Rangoon, had a July 25th essay about the Batman role, and there may be other bloggers who have also weighed in.  I will link them in the comments section as I become aware of them. Or those bloggers may share their essay link directly in a comment.

So, Holy Dark Knight, Ladies (and Gents), what is your take on how Richard Armitage and the Batman franchise might fare if they partnered up to fight crime together?

Update:  August 23, 2013

By now, everyone has heard that Ben Affleck has been chosen by Warner Brothers to be the next Batman:

Relief, excitement, confusion, trepidation?   Ha!

In my humble view about the pre–announcement hype touting Richard Armitage as a potential contender for the Batman role, anything that gets Richard Armitage’s name out there to a wider audience and movie studio decision makers exposure–even “not” getting a role–is a good thing as he positions himself for his next role.  An E News article touts Richard Armitage as a better choice than Ben Affleck.  And E News is a big media outlet!

P.S. Thanks to Kathleen for the E News article link!

About Gratiana Lovelace

Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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50 Responses to Fun Day Sunday: Richard Armitage as Batman Signature etc, August 04, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #434)

  1. Ute says:

    Thank you for this fantastic sig, with your friendly permission I´ll submit itto to my daughter who´s a great Batman-fan.

    I still don´t know if I´d like to watch RA as a flying bat (maybe it pleases him having done so much wire-work during the Hobbit and Black Sky filming), though for sure he´s got not only the physical ability but all the other qualities you explored to play the role. And if that pushes him in the attention of an international audience, he could finally get the recognition he really deserves. Thinking of all the other future projects he could have in mind (a shame that there´s still nothing known about), to be a “leading man” would be no disadvantage…


    • Hi Ute,
      Thanks for your kind note about my siggie! By all means, feel free to share my siggie. I put my graphics out there for people to enjoy. All I ask is if they are posted on another site, that I be credited.

      Giggles on your “flying bat”! Good one! Although as we all know,Superman is the one who flies without vehicular assistance. Holy Bat plane anyone? Ha!

      And I agree with you that having Richard Armitage’s name even mentioned when other big movies and their concomitant roles are discussed is certainly a good thing with regard his name recognition.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati;->


  2. I cannot stand the thought of Richard Armitage as Batman. I hope he is not the next actor to take on the role, but of course it would be his choice if he is offered the role. I would like to see him as Matthew Clairmont at some pint down the road.


    • Hi Xenia,
      You have several ladies who are with you on disliking the Batman role. Though I might prefer to see RA in next in something other than another action adventure hero role–for example,I would like to see him portray Lord Rule on film in The Convenient Marriage, a raucous period screwball comedy–Richard Armitage must do what he feels best for his career. And I’m sure that we all support his choices. Him thinking strategically now about high profile roles–such as Batman–will afford him the opportunity to act in other genres later on.

      Personally, I’m not familiar with the Matthew Clairmont role, nor the book, Discovery of Witches. But through reading some essays on your blog (Collar City Brownstone), and hearing others also suggesting this role, I will have to check it out.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


      • Ute says:

        Uuhh, the “Convenient Marriage” was my first audiobook of RA. Loved it, Lord Rule is great. Though I suppose it´s a bit too trivial to bring him good reputation…


        • Well, I don’t know about TCM being “trivial”, it is a different genre of film. Ha! And Lord Rule is the not the humerous element in it–his wife is. It is Lord Rule’s put upon and patiently frustrated reactions to her flights of fancy, her travails, and her societal missteps that provide a good deal of the humor.

          My only suggestion of a film genre that I hope RA doesn’t try is horror. Not my cup of tea. Ha!


          • Ute says:

            I agree, “trivial” is a too strong expression (have to look in my dictionary for a better one). So, let´s create a new genre…

            In all the Georgette Heyer audiobooks I loved him most bringing the distinguished old ladies with their accomplished posh accent to life, and wasn´t the stammering Horatia simply irresistable? Sorry, for loosing the thread a bit :)


          • So true! Richard Armitage is masterful with voices. I have such a giggle with his old lady voices. And Drelincourt (sp) was wonderfully insipid! But RA’s voice for Lord Rule’s young wife Horatia had me rolling on the floor–because it “did signify”. Ha!


  3. fitzg says:

    I’m in agreement with Ute and collarcitybrownstone….


  4. perry322 says:

    Thanks for this Grati. There is much to say about these rumors, and I’ll be back. For now, I wanted to give you two links to add to your essay: the first is an in depth article from a film buff who is more or less, a neutral. The second is an incisive discussion by Servetus about what issues are raised by committing to a franchise film. who-get-my-vote-for-the-role-richard-armitage/


    • Hi Perry322,
      Thanks for providing some more essay links about RA as Batman, etc. I will go check them out.
      Cheers! Grati ;->
      P.S. And I had obviously forgotten about Serv’s essay–because it looks like I had liked it! Ha! So an especially grateful thank you for providing that link.


    • Ute says:

      Read Servetus post some time before, totally agree. Though I watched “Star Trek” just because of BC, he´s on everyone´s lips. Why should this not work for RA?


      • Exactly! The role of Batman could work for RA. Richard Armitage can tackle any role with gusto and embue it with more than the script might intimate.

        And we, his admirers/fans, just have to wait a little longer for that deeply romantic film from him again–with no weapons required. Ha!



  6. i.f. says:

    What a terrible waste of talent this would be. As much as I do wish him all international success he deserves and he seems to be seeking after – please dear Lord, let someone else get this role. As much as I try to be the utmost loyal fan an actor could wish for, I couldn’t make myself watch Captain America, and any other kind of these Marvel Comic Movies as they simply make me cringe. I would be so disappointed if I had to watch him again covered in silicon and stumbling through a fantasy plot (not that I think he was stumbling through TH – he brought Thorin to live very convincing. But next to his performance I do not wast too much time on thinking about the whole rest).
    I cannot believe that there are no other projects out there that will give him artistic satisfaction as well as an increase in popularity, a nice cast and crewe that he will enjoy to work with, and a comfortable pay check.
    *note: no offence meant to any fans of fantasy or batman in particular*
    *note2: whatever Mr. Armitage decides to take on next will have my support.*


    • Hi I.F.,
      I can see your point. But I have to to politely disagree with you about any role Richard Armitage assumes being “a waste of his talent.”

      RA is such a masterful actor and storyteller that he transforms roles written initially with little more than a 2 dimensional development by the writers into a complex, tragic hero villain who commands respect, and steals the show. Sir Guy of Gisborne, anyone? Ha! Richard Armitage owned that role and gave Sir Guy such a nuanced persona that it elevated the show and firmly entrenched Sir Guy in our hearts.

      But my having said that, I am on record as wishing for Hollywood in general to come up with new ideas for films–not keep remaking old ones. Or at least, delve into some classics of literature for remakes. In my mind, Richard Armitage would be the definitive brooding Rochester with Emily Blunt as his Jane Eyre. And I already mentioned in a comment above, RA as Lord Rule in The Convenient Marriage (which he narrated as an audiobook).

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


      • perry322 says:

        New films is what I hope for from Hollywood as well. Everything now is ComicBook Stuff, sequels, novels to film and remakes. There are thousands of young people out there trying to be scriptwriters with original ideas. It’s as though they’re banging their heads against the wall. The most original scripts seem to result in animated films.


      • i.f. says:

        You are certainly absolute right – IF he would take over this role he would make something extraordinarily precious out of it (Christian Bale certainly made more of this character / this film as originally was asked for – but Mr. Armitage would definitely bring additional layers to the character and would act it out just brilliantly). But is that really necessary for a movie like batman/superman? Or better: does a movie like this deserve it? Form my point of view Comic films are like fast food. If you put Paul Bocuse into a kitchen of a Burger King the guests would not be able to appreciate what he can treat them with.
        I am not sure if the major audience to such a film is able to estimate this gifted actor as he deserves. It would gain him attention, no doubt. But maybe not the right kind of attention?


  7. August 04, 2013–RANet had a link to The Hollywood Reporter that lists other more US tv and film oriented actors for the Batman role:

    And in turn, THR had a link to an LA Times article last week with a poll–also not listing RA:


  8. August 4, 2013–Karen at the League of British Artists blog also has a post about the Daily Star article:


  9. August 04, 2013–According to Judiang (Confessions of a Watcher blogger) on Twitter:

    Replying to my tweet hoping for news soon about the Batman role:
    Judiang ‏@judiang
    @GratianaL Production on Batman starts in a few weeks. We shall see!

    And My Reply on Twitter:
    @judiang Well then, let’s hope that whomever is chosen has time to visit his Mum & Dad, wash & repack his clothes, then jet to location. Ha!


  10. August 04, 2013–Armitage Agonistes’ blog

    just shared a link called Metro that also speculates about Richard Armitage being considered for the role of Batman:


  11. August 4, 2013–Armitage Agonistes found synathroesmus’ graphic putting RA’s face behind the Batman mask (scroll down to the last image) and poses the question about RA’s labials/lips:


  12. Brooke says:

    I have to disagree. I am sick of new Batman movies; eventhough this is Superman and Batman film. Richard deserves better than being in a role that’s been portrayed too many times by now. I was honestly disappointed that Hollywood is making another movie including Bruce Wayne. Hoping he gets something better that has never been done before, so he can show that he deserves amazing roles.


    • Hi Brooke,
      Thanks for your comment. As you’ll note from reading several of the comments above, myself and others would also like to see Richard Armitage in a role that is new and not a remake–unless it is a classic burning to be done. Ha! Variety of film genres from Hollywood is what we seek. So actually, I think you “agree” with several of us there.

      However, if the Batman role is offered to Richard Armitage and he accepts it, he will be brilliant and put his own stamp on the character of Bruce Wayne as Batman. I will buy that ticket and dvd in support of RA–because we don’t have blu-ray. Ha!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


    • I am tired of Batman movies too. As a matter of fact Comic superhero movies are getting way to much film time for my tastes now. The latest Wolverine movie that just opened did not get all around great reviews. Hollyweird needs to know when enough is enough.

      I do believe that Richard would do a great job in the role, but I prefer that he stay away from franchise superhero roles.


      • Hi Xenia,
        Thanks for another vote for variety in film viewing options. We ladies have just as many (if not more) movie going dollars to spend–if there is something we’re interested in, such as non superhero dramas to illuminate the human condition (real heroes are better) and comedies to lighten our burdens. Hollywood are you listening?

        As to RA’s role choices? Hopefully, he’ll continue his trend of choosing interesting and varied roles that he finds challenging and rewarding.
        Cheers! Grati ;->


      • Dear Readers,
        Scroll down in these comments. Xenia, of the Collar City Brownstone blog, has also weighed in on her opinion about the Batman role–and there is link to her essay, because she linked to my essay above.

        Xenia’s essay has some areas of agreement with what others have said–including me and my readers–but she also has her own take on it. So be sure to click on her blog link and have a read.
        Cheers! Grati ;->


  13. August 05, 2013–Itsjsforme blogger at “Do I Have a Blog” weighs in on the Bat-e-man question:


  14. August 05, 2013–Fedoralady,The Armitage Effect blogger weighs in on Batman

    And she has a crime fighting tale of her own, plus lots of lovely RA graphics and a nod to Richard Armitage’s compassion in sending his autograph to a charity that supports a skin disease (Bravo!):


  15. August 05, 2013–Yahoo News weighs in on Batman role speculation–mentioning Richard Armitage first (they’re in alphabetical order, ha!):


  16. August 05, 2013–And the Comic Book Movie . Com folks have suggested an all British casting call–with Richard Armitage as Batman:


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  18. August 6, 2013–RA France FB shared a link for another essay about Richard Armitage being considered for the next Batman movie:


  19. August 6, 2013–Armitage Agonistes has an update of the RA-Batman Buzz, with some nice RA pix illustrating her points:


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  21. August 07, 2013–Another article link for ruminating about RA portraying Batman (shared on the RA Daily which gathers info from tweets using the #RichardArmitage hastag):


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  23. August 10, 2013–The Inquisitor now has an essay/article (posted Aug. 3rd) about Warner Brothers wanting a “veteran” actor for Batman in in the Batman and Superman movie–and analyses/advocates for British actor Richard Armitage’s (of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit fame) chances for winning the Batman/Bruce Wayne role.


  24. August 18, 2013–Sir Guy and Lord Thorin “comment” about Batman via the illustration magic of Sebastian at his Gisborne’s Boy Blog:


  25. August 22, 2013–Zan, the “Well, there you go” blogger, as a scoop on the Batman casting:


  26. August 23, 2013–Giggles Xenia! Tell us how you “really feel” about Ben Affleck donning cape and mask:


  27. September 8, 2013–Batfleck is still going on, but Brolin lends him his support. And Richard Armitage is once again listed among those possibly considered for the Bruce Wayne/Batman role:


  28. March 28, 2014–Okay, over 7 months later and Ben Affleck is no closer to wearing Batman’s cape–the filming being delayed.

    So one wonders if Hollywood is considering switching their thoughts from Bat-fleck to Bat-rolin, or Bat-vans, or even, Bat-itage? Hmmmm.


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