“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch.3 (PG): Hunting Princes Become the Hunted, October 3, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #453)

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch.3 (PG):  Hunting Princes Become the Hunted, October 3, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #453)

ThorinsDreamofLoveFicletCoverSep1413GratianaLovelace(This is an original fan fiction by Gratiana Lovelace, All rights reserved;  The characters from “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” are owned by Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement intended)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of:  Richard Armitage as Prince Thorin Oakenshield, Lucy Griffiths as Lady Kiralin, Jeffrey Thomas as King Thror, Mike Mizrahi as Prince Thrain, Lee Pace as King Thranduil, Graham McTavish as Lord Dwalin, Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas, and Evangeline Lilly as Captain Tauriel,  etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Thorin’s Dream of Love” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst the backdrop of Middle Earth.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment:  Thorin still dreams of the time before the dragon’s attack.  After the usual snide insults were traded at the audience of the Elven King Thranduil with the Dwarven King Thror in Erebor’s throne room, Prince Thorin was bade to assist the missing Prince Legolas in hunting today.  So Prince Thorin catches Lady Kiralin’s eyes amongst those in attendance and she follows him to his bed chamber to help him change before hunting.

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch.3 (PG):  Hunting Princes Become the Hunted

The guard opens Prince Thorin’s bed chamber door when he sees him walking toward it. Prince Thorin enters with Lady Kiralin following. The door is not shut initially, so Prince Thorin and Lady Kiralin are under watchful eyes and must not betray their intimacy to the guard and anyone passing by in the royal family’s bed chamber corridor.  Lady Kiralin helps Prince Thorin remove his outer ceremonial coat of a fine pelt, folds the garment long ways, and lays it across a nearby chair’s arms.  Then he turns to face her for her to unbuckle his sword belt and such.  It is not that Prince Thorin cannot do these things for himself, but they must play their roles–with her substituting for her brother Gralin, Prince Thorin’s manservant.

Prince Thorin:  Whispering huskily.  “You left the door open, a pity.”

Lady Kiralin:  She smiles.  “I thought it best, my Prince.  My mother is not here as a chaperone.  And assisting you changing into your hunting attire will not take long.”ThorinbyRichardArmitageSmouldersinHobbitAUJ-057Oct0113ranet-Crop2-filp

Prince Thorin:  “But it could.” Prince Thorin’s voice resonates deeply and he slightly raises his eye brow as he penetratingly gazes down at her with a knowing smirk [(2) right].  His lips twitch in remembering her lips joined with his last night.

Lady Kiralin:  A pleasing blush forming on Lady Kiralin’s merely soft fuzz covered beardless cheeks, she admonishes him cryptically lest anyone overhear.  “That will not be possible at present.”

Prince Thorin:  Prince Thorin continues to whisper seductively. “Still, I am of a mind to give you a remembrance of our earlier meeting.  So I would advise you to shut the door … now.”  He growls seductively.

Knowing that the tone in Prince Thorin’s voice indicates a pleading command, Lady Kiralin walks back to the open bed chamber door and speaks to the guard in the corridor.

Lady Kiralin:   “Guard, Prince Thorin bids me to ask you to invite my Uncle, Lord Dwalin to come here to accompany him on his hunt.”

Guard:  “My lady.”  The guard bows and leaves.Kiralin-image-isLucyGriffiths-inRobinHoodr2epi03_116Sep2813ranet-crop-hi-res

Lady Kiralin [(3) right] shuts the bedchamber door–then bolts it.   She turns and looks ather Prince with questioning eyes.

Prince Thorin:  “I do not need Lord Dwalin to accompany me on a boring hunt with the Elven child, Prince Legolas.”  Prince Thorin huffs, disdainfully referring to Prince Legolas. Though technically Prince Legolas is older than the 24 year old Prince Thorin by 176 years, given that Elves lives ten times as long as Dwarves–if injury does not befall them–Prince Legolas is but a whelp in Prince Thorin’s eyes.

Lady Kiralin:  She stands with her hands firmly on her hips.  “Thorin, do you want to argue?  Or do you want to kiss me?”

Prince Thorin crosses the distance between them in two quick strides and tenderly takes her into his arms.

Prince Thorin:   “Need you even ask?   You have bewitched me body and soul, My Lady.”  He kisses her forehead, then her temple, then her cheek.

Lady Kiralin:  She smiles coquettishly–Dwarven women being known for their ability to attract Dwarven men.  “Hhhhh!  Then my magical powers must be very weak if you cannot find my lips for a proper kiss.”

Prince  Thorin:   “Hmmmm.”  Prince Thorin growls again, then he firmly places his lips upon Lady Kiralin as she wraps her arms about his neck.

Their adoring kisses go on for several minutes, with lips allowing tongues to collide in abandon of all restraint.  They would have happily stayed in this attitude of passionate kissing for several minutes more, were it not for the efficiency of the guard in finding and returning with Lord Dwalin. Dwalin pounds one loud knock on Prince Thorin’s closed and bolted bed chamber door.

Lord Dwalin:   In a booming voice that rattles the corridor, Dwalin exhorts through Prince Thorin’s closed bed chamber door.  “Prince Thorin, are you indisposed or might we get on with our hunt?”  Dwarves are known for their efficient digestive systems–and none would wish to interrupt their natural conclusion.  It would be considered impolite–not to mention, inconvenient.

Reluctantly, Prince Thorin parts from Lady Kiralin. They each adjust their clothing, smoothing out any wrinkles.

Prince Thorin:  “Hhhhh!”  Prince Thorin kisses the tip of Lady Kiralin’s nose.  “Let him in.”  Prince Thorin turns toward his bed and begins to unbutton his velvet tunic himself.

Lady Kiralin:  Lady Kiralin walks gracefully to the door and opens it.  “Uncle.  Prince Thorin bids you enter. He is not quite done changing.”

Lord Dwalin:  “Niece!?!” Lord Dwalin frowns at his niece, then he looks askance at Prince Thorin undressing across the room.  “I can see that.”  Lord Dwalin asks suspiciously of Lady Kiralin.  “What do you here, Kiralin?”

Though Lord Dwalin has not seen evidence of a prior acquaintanceship between his niece Lady Kiralin and his Prince Thorin, he knows that Thorin is a young male Dwarf of 24 years, just on the cusp of entering his prime–which will last until his 200th year, at which point increased Dwarf aging occurs [(4)].  And thus, Lord Dwalin knows that Prince Thorin can appreciate the beauty that Kiralin will attain when she is older and hairier–when her beard has grown in–and when her hips have filled out to their zaftig womanly curvy proportions.

Lady Kiralin:  Lady Kiralin tilts her head and crosses her arms in annoyance, she is no longer a Dwarf child at 30 years, after all.  Indeed!  “Uncle!  You will recall that Prince Thorin’s manservant, my brother Gralin, injured his arm in training yesterday.  Mother and I are tending to Prince Thorin in his stead,  until Gralin is well enough to return to Prince Thorin.”

Lord Dwalin:  Lord Dwalin looks about the room.  “Yet, I do not see my brother’s wife, Lady Helga, here.”  He notes suspiciously.

It is unseemly for a Handmaiden of Durin, such as Lady Kiralin, to be in the presence–let alone the bedchamber–of a man who is not her intended husband, whether he be their Prince or no.  But he says nothing because he would be stating the obvious.    And stating the obvious is impolite–and redundant, bordering upon foolish.  And Dwarves abhor appearing foolish–too close to being considered Elvish, of which a more distasteful insult cannot be found.

Prince Thorin:  Shaking his head, trying to appear nonchalant, Prince Thorin makes a you must be joking face.  “Leave her alone, Dwalin.  It is my doing.  I saw she, and not her mother, when I left the Elven King’s Welcome Audience and I called her to assist me.   Lady ….?”  He pauses, pretending to forget her name.

Lady Kiralin:  “Kiralin, my Prince.”  She taps her foot quickly.  Keeping their relationship secret is one thing.  Insulting her by pretending not to know her name is quite another.

Prince:  “Kiralin, yes.”  He nods with an appropriately benign smile.  “Lady Kiralin, thank you.”  Then Prince Thorin turns his attention to Lord Dwalin.  “You are here now, Dwalin.  You can finish helping me change to hunting attire.”  Dwalin nods.

Lord Dwalin:  “Of course.  You may go, Kiralin.”   Her uncle gently urges as he tosses his head back in the direction of the door to the corridor.

Lady Kiralin: “But I …!” She sputters at being so summarily dismissed.  Her face’s crimson hue betrays her growing anger.

Prince Thorin:  Nodding to Lady Kiralin, Prince Thorin asks politely.  “Lady Kiralin, I will probably wish for a bath when I return from our hunt–if only to get the Elven stink off of me from being in Prince Legolas’ presence.  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Dwalin:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Prince Thorin: “Will you please have my bath made ready for two hours from now?”  He asks her kindly–more concerned with seeing her again, than a bath.

Lady Kiralin: Lady Kiralin curtsies deeply to Prince Thorin–her back to her uncle–purposefully allowing Prince Thorin to see down the full bosomed cleavage of her dress bodice.  Prince Thorin’s eyebrows raise in appreciation–but only just, so as not to further arouse Lord Dwalin’s suspicions.  “Your wish is my command, My Prince.”  Then she rises and turns to her uncle. “Uncle, you can arrange for your own bath!”  She huffs.  Then she stomps out of Prince Thorin’s bed chamber.

Prince Thorin:  Wincing, Prince Thorin notes.  “She seems … out of sorts.”  Prince Thorin widens his eyes in an exaggerated gesture of mockery.

Lord Dwalin:  “Aye!  That is the trouble with women in my line.  Only marriage to the right husband will bring my niece Lady Kiralin into proper behavior.  But I fear that taming her will be quite beyond the realm of possibility for any husband.”

Prince Thorin: Turning away from Dwalin in order to place his now removed velvet tunic on his bed, Prince Thorin smiles to himself.  “Indeed!”

Prince Thorin changes quickly into his hunting attire and gathers up his bow hunting weapons with Lord Dwalin’s help.  And for good measure, since beasts on four legs and two are known to prowl their forest from time to time, Prince Thorin and Lord Dwalin also take their battle axes with them.


Meanwhile, the very blond and blue eyed Elven Prince Legolas–son of King Thranduil–and his guard detail are walking through the forest near Dale–making quite an unintentional noisy display of themselves, such that they see no animals whatsoever to hunt.  Prince Legolas flinches and turns to face his entourage.  He raises his hand and they halt their forward movement.LegolasisOrlandoBloominDofS-OfficialTrailer1-pix22-Jun1113GratianaLovelaceCap-crop

Prince Legolas:  “My comrades, we are too large in number to escape notice by the forest animals.  If you wish me to satisfy my honor and kill anything this day, then you must disperse and leave me to it.” Prince Legolas [(5) right] sighs in frustration.

The Captain of Prince Legolas’ guards objects, stepping forward with a determined look on her face–even as her long flowing red hair blows wispily in the wind behind her.

Captain Tauriel:  “But my Prince, there could be dangerous animals or other threats lurking in these woods.  We cannot leave you unprotected–or it would be our misfortune for our necks to become unacquainted with our heads.”

Other Elven guards: They murmur their agreement as they absentmindedly rub their necks.  “Yes.”  “Hmmm.”  “Ehhhh.”

Prince Legolas:  Speaking directly to Captain Tauriel, Prince Legolas says. “Then Captain, it shall be you alone who accompanies me.”  Then Prince Legolas waves away the rest of his guards.  “Be gone!  I have no need of you at present.  Go and sharpen your arrow points, or some other such useful endeavor.”

The other guards hesitate–looking back and forth to one another in indecision.

Captain Tauriel:  Holding up her bow and sword, she assures her comrades.  “I will protect Prince Legolas–with my life, if need be.”

The other Elven guards nod at Captain Tauriel, bow at Prince Legolas, then they turn around and head back to Erebor.  Both Prince Legolas and Captain Tauriel watch them leave until they are out of sight.

Prince Legolas: “Well! That was more easily accomplished than I thought possible.”  Prince Legolas grins and pulls Captain Tauriel to him and kisses her nose before she can say anything.

Captain Tauriel:  “My Prince!”  She startles, but not in a displeased way.  Captain Tauriel drops her bow and puts her now free arm on Prince Legolas’ shoulder.  Her other hand retains the sword–poised at the ready should it be needed.  “You are incorrigible!”

Prince Legolas:  He smiles broadly and teases.   “Will you not put that threatening weapon down for a proper kiss, my Captain?”

Captain Tauriel: “Nay, my Prince.  I am responsible for your safety.  And I like my head where it is, thank you.”  She widens her eyes.

Prince Legolas:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”  Prince Legolas bursts into laughter and then he and Captain Tauriel begin to kiss passionately–with her keeping one eye open for trouble.  They cannot find many stolen moments such as these, and they plan to enjoy them.


The Elven guards are too far away at this point to hear their prince’s laughter. But there are two who do notice.  And in the near distance, Prince Thorin and Lord Dwalin also see the Elven Guards retreating from the forest–but no Prince Legolas with them.

Lord Dwalin:  “What does Prince Legolas’ absence from his guards mean?” He asks quizzically.

Prince Thorin:  “Hmmm. Their gait is too relaxed for there to be a problem.  Perhaps the Elven Prince is tired of being monitored on his hunt as if he were a child?”  Thorin suggests knowingly.

Lord Dwalin:  “But the woods are not safe!   A warg was killed there just last week.”  Wargs being large vicious beasts more ferocious than wild boars and larger, too.

Prince Thorin: “A warg?  It is far out of its usual territory.”  He looks at his friend warily.  “Dwalin, let us hasten to Prince Legolas, to prevent him being eaten–which would dampen the festivities planned tonight for the Elven visit.”  He smirks.

Lord Dwalin:  “Aye!”   Then Lord Dwalin and Prince Thorin begin to run toward the direction that the Elven guard walked away from not five minutes ago.

Hearing running footsteps breaks their kissing reverie, and Prince Legolas and Captain Tauriel pull apart.  They each pick up their weapons to face a possible intruder.  Prince Thorin and Lord Dwalin then come running into the open patch of ground at the base of a small hill that surrounds them on three sides.

Prince Legolas: “Prince Thorin, what do you do here?”  Prince Legolas asks with disdainful annoyance while surveying the shorter Prince Thorin and his companion.TaurielisEvangelineLilyinDofS-OfficialTrailer1-24-Jun1113GratianaLovelaceCap-crop

Captain Tauriel:  Captain Tauriel bows respectfully to Prince Thorin.  “Good sirs, we are hunting and do not need assistance.”  She [(6) right] still breathes heavily from the stress of their surprise encounter with the Dwarf Prince and his guard.

Lord Dwalin: “Are ye daft, Prince Legolas?”  Lord Dwalin looks at their defenseless position, with only one exit point at level ground.

Prince Legolas:  “I resent that!  Prince Thorin, control your man here. My Captain and I are hunting and you interfere with our sport.”

Prince Thorin: “Well then I suggest that you come away with us before you become the hunted.”   Prince Thorin raises his arm as if to grab the Elven prince’s arm and forcefully take him with them.

Prince Legolas:  Jumping back and raising his bow and pointing his arrow at Prince Thorin, Legolas-with-bow-DofS-OfficialTrailer-16Legolas&Bow-Jun1113GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-hi-res-clrPrince Legolas fumes [(7) right].  “I will kill you where you stand if you dare to touch me, Dwarf!  Prince of Durin or no!”

Prince Thorin:  Standing upright and fixing a disdainful gaze on the tall Elven prince, he intones. “You are daft!  These woods are dangerous–a warg was killed in these very woods last week.”

Captain Tauriel: “That cannot be true.  Wargs have never come this far East.” She blusters.WargAttackingThorinplayedbyRichardArmitageinTHAUJHobbitAUJ-365Oct0113ranet-crop

But their rising voices have caught the attention of their prey, as two large wargs [(8) right] reveal themselves at the top of two of the small hills above their heads surrounding them.  The four hunters–two Elves and two Dwarves–startle at their misfortune.

Believing that Elven royalty–especially young ones like Prince Legolas at merely 200 years–do not have the stones for a warg fight, Dwalin tackles Prince Legolas to the ground, pushing him out of the way of one of the attacking wargs.

Lord Dwalin: “Move!”

Then Prince Thorin [(9) right] and Captain Tauriel let fly their respective bows with Thorin-with-bow-imageisRichardArmitage-inTHAUJpix29HobbitMovieAppSep2913ranet-hi-res-clrarrows hitting each of their warg targets squarely in their midriffs–but merely slowing the wargs down.  Prince Thorin wields his battle axe in a deadly blow to the head of the warg sliding toward Prince Legolas lying on the ground.  Captain Tauriel gets off another bow shot to the other warg charging toward her, but it knocks her over as it crumples at her feet–the warg is wounded, but not yet dead.  Prince Thorin poises to hack into this other warg. But his swing is stayed by Prince Legolas’ appeal as he jumps up hurriedly and runs over to Prince Thorin.

Prince Legolas: “Thorin!  He is mine!”  Prince Legolas plunges his sword deep into the neck of the wounded warg and its life blood oozes out upon the ground.  The fatal blow is unerring.

For an instant, the victory of the warg kills thrills both princes as they uncharacteristically clap their arms together in a rare moment of the camaraderie of common purpose.

Prince Thorin: “Well done, Legolas!”

Prince Legola: “And you, Thorin!”

But their elation is short lived as Lord Dwalin calls them to his side, kneeling before the fallen Captain Tauriel.

Lord Dwalin:  “Princes, stay your cheering until all have been tended to.  Prince Legolas’ Captain is hurt.”  Lord Dwalin points to Captain Tauriel’s still form and the bleeding scratches on her arm from being clawed by the warg as it fell. Her eyes are closed and her breathing shallow.

Prince Legolas:  Instantly going to Captain Tauriel’s side, Prince Legolas kneels down and lifts her torso into his arms.  “Tauriel?”

Captain Tauriel: “Hmmm.” She moans in pain while her eyes stay closed.

Both Dwalin and Prince Thorin exchange quizzical looks at Prince Legolas’ tender concern for his guard–and him not using her rank.

Lord Dwalin: “She has probably just had the wind knocked out of her.”  He tosses out gruffly.

Prince Legolas:  Seeing Captain Tauriel’s eyes flutter open and look up at him, Prince Legolas asks with tempered concern since they are being watched intently by the Dwarves in their presence. “Where does it hurt?  Captain?”  Prince Legolas adds Captain Tauriel’s rank as an after thought, for form’s sake.

Captain Tauriel:  Giving her prince a scowling look that says do not coddle me, Captain Tauriel curtly replies. “My pride!  I am fine!”  Then she sits up quickly and suddenly feels her arm wounds pains anew, now that she is conscious again.  “Oww!”

Prince Thorin: “You are not fine, Captain!  Warg wounds easily become infected.  And they carry diseases that are difficult to overcome.  You must come back to Erebor and be tended to by our healers at once!  Can you walk?”

Captain Tauriel: “I think so.  Thank you, Prince Thorin.” She nods in lieu of a bow–since she is still sitting on the ground. Then Prince Legolas helps Captain Tauriel to stand up and he puts his arm around her waist to steady her as they walk.

Lord Dwalin and Prince Thorin exchange a look and whispered words [(10) right] upon DwalinbyMcTavishandThorinbyArmitage425overWoodsinTHAUJ365Oct0113ranet--GratianaLovelaceCompositenoticing Prince Legolas’ continuing to assist the Captain of his guards in a familiar way.  But they say nothing out of politeness–Dwarves being more polite than Elves, but only just.  Dwalin picks up the Elves’ weapons and they all begin walking back to Erebor.  There is an uncomfortable silence for a few moments.

Prince Legolas:  Being uneasy with what has transpired–especially with regard to his familiarity with Captain Tauriel having witnesses, Prince Legolas asks warily.  “And what story will you tell of today’s hunting, Prince Thorin?”

Prince Thorin: Prince Thorin thinks for a moment. “I will say that everyone acquitted themselves well.  You and I each killed an attacking warg with the help of our able guards–without whom, we would not be alive.”

Prince Legolas:  “Very good.”  Prince Legolas nods in satisfaction and smiles.  “So!  Are we to be friends then, Prince Thorin?”

Prince Thorin:   Prince Thorin smirks knowingly. “That, Prince Legolas, would shock and disturb our respective kings–for whom an innate pride of superiority runs deep in their veins.”  Prince Thorin raises his left eyebrow.  “Moreover, is it not more amusing watching their fractured politesse?”

Prince Legolas:  “Indeed! Ha ha ha ha ha!” Prince Legolas also raises his eyebrow in amusement.  “Well then, grim faces everyone.  We do not want to disappoint.”  He jests.

Prince Thorin: Prince Thorin nods. “Indeed!  Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Then the studiously grim faced foursome make their way back to the fortress of Erebor.  And Prince Thorin ponders how he will make amends to his Lady Kiralin, when tonight’s Dwarven festivities for the Elven visit will no doubt require all of his attention.

To be continued with Chapter 4

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 3, References, 10/03/13 Gratiana Lovelace

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