“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 6 (PG): Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual, October 12, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #456)

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 6 (PG):  Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual, October 12, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #456)

aaThorinsDreamofLove-story-logoOct0813GratianaLovelace(This is an original fan fiction story by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved;  The characters from “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” are owned by Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement is intended)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of:  Richard Armitage as Prince Thorin Oakenshield, Lucy Griffiths as Lady Kiralin, Jeffrey Thomas as King Thror, Mike Mizrahi as Prince Thrain, Lee Pace as King Thranduil, Graham McTavish as Lord Dwalin, Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas, Evangeline Lilly as Captain Tauriel, Ken Stott as Lord Balin, Hugo Weaving as Lord Elrond, and Adam Brown as Gralin, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Thorin’s Dream of Love” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst the backdrop of Middle Earth.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment:  After Prince Thorin had tried to push Lady Kiralin away before the banquet for her own sake–because he felt that their relationship had no future because he would not be allowed to marry her formally as Prince–what happened at the banquet changed everything.  Prince Thorin was so incensed by King Thranduil’s insult of Lady Kiralin’s seeming lack of Dwarven feminine attributes by wondering aloud if she were a hobbit–due to her lack o f beard, her not being round yet, and her petiteness–that Prince Thorin slipped away from the dais and then proposed to Lady Kiralin for all to see.  At first, Lady Kiralin did not believe Prince Thorin was in earnest.  His Father Prince and Grandfather King hoped that Prince Thorin was not in earnest.  And her father Lord Balin was wary of the whole situation.  But after Prince Thorin gave his Grandfather King Thror an ultimatum, King Thror relented and granted their wish to be married–giving them his Durin’s Day marriage blessing.  Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin’s joy was infectious as heartfelt applause ensued while they kissed to celebrate.

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 6 (PG):  Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual

Afer bowing and curtsying to King Thror and Prince Thrain, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin move to take their place with the other married couples this day–giving and receiving congratulations all around.  However Prince Thorin’s celebration at claiming the now Princess Kiralin as his bride is a bit premature.  Because although their marriage has now received grudging but tacit approval from Prince Thorin’s family, he has still yet to seek the same from her family.

Quietly, Princess Kiralin’s father, Lord Balin, her  mother, Lady Helga, her brother and Prince Thorin’s Manservant Gralin, and her uncle Lord Dwalin walk over to Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin.   The other couples smilingly give Princess Kiralin’s family roBalinHelgaDwalinGralinCollageOct1113GratianaLovelaceom to come closer to them. Then the smiles droop.  Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin turn around to see her family standing before them.  As they did with Prince Thorin’s family–Grandfather King Thror and Father Prince Thrain–Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin bow and  curtsy to her family.  However, they are met with stern faces from Lord Balin’s family [(2) right]–Lord Balin, Lady Helga, Lord Dwalin, and Gralin.

Lord Balin:  “I have lived too long to see a daughter of mine wed without proper courtship, nor even a mention of a specialness of feeling to her family.  Let alone, her intended not having the decency to come to me to request her hand in marriage.”  Lord Balin’s gaze is focused upon Prince Thorin as the chief culprit in Lord Balin’s mind.

Prince Thorin’s and Princess Kiralin’s eyes go wide in shock.  They had been so happy that they are married and out in the open that they did not realize that others might have a completely different perspective about it.

Lady Helga:  “Oh Kiralin! Could you not, at least, have confided in me?”   Her Mama sniffles, more for effect than real tears being shed.

Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin are quite at a loss as to how to respond to her parents.

Gralin:  Attempting to intervene to smooth things over, Princess Kiralin’s brother Gralin steps in front of his parents and kisses her cheek.  “I wish you every happiness, Kiralin.”

Princess  Kiralin: “Thank you, Gralin.”  She smiles gratefully at her brother.

Gralin:  Then Gralin turns to Prince Thorin and bows as his Manservant.  “My felicitations, My Prince.”  Prince Thorin nods politely.  “Am I to continue serving you, My Prince?   Or should I tender my resignation and look for another post?”

It is an awkward situation.  For Gralin, it is prestigious for him to be Prince Thorin’s Manservant–at court and in battle–his Uncle Lord Dwalin having secured the position for him two years ago.  But now, with Gralin and Prince Thorin being brothers-in-law, Gralin serving Prince Thorin is out of the question.

Prince Thorin:  “Gralin, you have served me well and I consider you to be true comrade–and now my brother.”  Prince Thorin smiles broadly and they clasp arms.  “Let us think upon it. Perhaps there is a suitable arrangement that can be made for you.”  Gralin nods his head in thanks.

Lord Dwalin:  Smoothly pushing his nephew Gralin out of the way–as if he were sliding a curtain open–Lord Dwalin looks Prince Thorin in the eyes.  “When ye told me ye would marry Kiralin today if you could, I did not think ye meant it literally.”  He says with some uncharacteristic astonishment.  For old warriors, such as Lord Dwalin, do not get to become old if too many things astonish them.

Prince Thorin: “Nor I.”  Prince Thorin smiles at Princess Kiralin and lifts her hand to his mouth for a kiss.  “But opportunities must be seized, or they are missed chances.”  Then Prince Thorin looks meaningfully at Lord Balin.  “Lord Balin, I would have come to you to request Princess Kiralin’s hand earlier–if I had found a way to …  achieve it.  It was not until I thought of Durin’s Day–and wishes being granted by tradition–that I hoped for our marriage to occur.”  He cryptically refers to the royal family’s intransigence.

Princess Kiralin: “Oh Papa, please.  Will you not bless Thorin and I?”  She appeals worriedly.

Lord Balin:  “Perhaps, daughter.”  He replies cagily, giving her a fond but restrained smile. Lord Balin feels slighted and he wishes to make Prince Thorin feel the sting of his displeasure  “But I charge you Prince Thorin that you must either submit to the Ancient Dwarven tradition of the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual [(3)] –or submit to a three month chaste courtship before I will give your marriage to my daughter Kiralin my blessing.  Which do you agree to?”

Prince Thorin is now the one who blanches about the unknown–since only those who have gone through the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual, know what it is.  Prince Thorin hesitates.  Being without Princess Kiralin for three moments–let alone, three months–is too long a time period of separation for a new bridegroom.  All he wants to do is take his princess wife back to his bed chamber for some together alone time.

Lady Helga:  Putting her hands on her hips for the second time today, Princess Kiralin’s mother asks challenging of Prince Thorin.  “Well boy, are you going to submit to our Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual or not? Or do you think you are King of the Dwarves already and you do not need to?”  She huffs–her phrasing being quite similar to when she cut the Elven Prince Legolas down to her size.

Prince Thorin:  Prince Thorin winces and bows respectfully.  “I beg your pardon, my Lady Mother.”

Lord Balin:   “That does not answer our question.  Son-in-law, if you are still so full of royal hubris, then we might just make you do both.”  Lord Balin narrows his eyes cagily.  For there is something particular in his and in his wife’s phrasing of the challenge.  But Prince Thorin does not notice, yet.

Prince Thorin:  “I uh …”  Prince Thorin stutters.

Princess Kiralin pouts at her parents and then looks longingly at her husband Prince Thorin.  She also wants to have some together alone time with her new husband on this, their wedding night. Everyone stares at everyone else for several moments.  Then Lord Dwalin breaks the silence.

Lord Dwalin: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”  Lord Dwalin howls with laughter–nearly knocking over the person next to him, he is so overcome with unbridled fits of mirth.

Lord  Balin: Then Princess Bride Kiralin’s father, Lord Balin chuckles heartily.  “Ha ha ha ha ha!  Bless me!”

Lady Helga:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”  She giggles.

Frivolity after such a display of her family’s pique is not what they expected–and Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin exchange perplexed glances at each other.  But for the Balin family, there is never so much fun as seeing a son-in-law squirm–more so when he is a royal son-in-law.

Prince Thorin:  Treading carefully, he smiles first at Lord Dwalin and then at his father-in-law Lord Balin.  “Am I given to understand that you bless our marriage, Lord Balin?”  He asks hopefully.BalinImage-isKenStott_638x622Oct0513dailymailcouk-crop-bkgrnd

Lord Balin: Abruptly stopping laughing, Lord Balin [(4) right] turns a serious face to Prince Thorin.  “Not yet!  Though some young Dwarven men might refuse to complete the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual, I trust that you will honor it?” Prince Thorin nods his head–not knowing what he is agreeing to.  Then Lord Balin gives Prince Thorin a firm slap on his back.  “Good!  Now go and make merry with my daughter in the dancing while we make our preparations.  Then when the moon is high, we will all go to bed at midnight.  Off you go!”

Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin nod relievedly, then quickly embrace joyfully and he twirls her on to the dance floor with the other dancing newly married couples as the music resumes.  With the Elven guests gone from the banquet hall and in their bed, the Dwarves can now really party–and let their beards down. [(5)]

Meanwhile, still sitting on the dais–sans the Elven King Thranduil, Prince Legolas, and Lord Elrond who went to bed early, since they leave on the morrow–King Thror and Prince Thrain chat while they look back and forth between the now dancing Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin, and her family.

While sitting at the other end of the Banquet Hall, Thorin’s Grandfather King Thror and his Father Prince Thrain had observed what just transpired.

King Thror:  “What intrigue is Lord Balin’s family up to?” He asks his son quizzically.

Prince Thrain:  “I was told that they are invoking the ancient Dwarven tradition of the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual.”

King Thror:  Shuddering, remembering his own sigin [(6)] trials with the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual, King Thror asks.   “And Prince Thorin will comply?”

Prince Thrain: “It looks to be so.”  He nods, then smiles mischievously.  “At least until Prince Thorin figures out a way around it. Ha ha ha!”

King Thror: “I would not look so smug if I were you.  It took you nearly all night to figure out how to extricate yourself and your bride from her family for your true wedding night.”

Prince Thrain: “Ha ha ha!  Nay my Father King.  I am merely smiling at Prince Thorin’s predicament.  Things come too easily to my son.  He needs to have struggle in his life in order to learn and grow, and to come into his own.”

King Thror:  “Be careful what you wish for.”  He nods knowingly.  “By the by, where are your other two Dwarfllings?”  He smiles in a grandfatherly way.

Prince Thorin:  “Dis is tucked away in her bed in the nursery at this hour–dreaming of ponies.”  He smiles, thinking of his ten year old daughter.  “And I doubt Frerin would like that description, being a Dwarfling–he is 19 years after all.  Ah!   There he is over there, engaged with that group of young Dwarflings. I think it is his curly beard that attracts the ladies’ attention.”

King Thror: “Hmmm.”  He mutters smilingly, seeing Frerin being the center of attention.  Him thinking that Frerin will be a handful when he comes of age in a few years. He just hopes that Frerin does not surprise him with a Durin’s Day wedding like his brother Prince Thorin did this day.

King Thror shakes his head in bemusement.  Then he and his son Prince Thrain, beckon the servers for some more fruit pies.


Later that evening at the appointed hour of midnight–though other Dwarven banquet revelers continue to revel–Lord Balin’s family makes a great show of returning to their apartment in the fortress of Erebor with their new son-in-law Prince Thorin escorting their daughter and his new wife Princess Kiralin. Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin still have no idea what this Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual will entail–so closely guarded a secret this tradition remains.  However, they are soon to find out.

Upon entering Lord Balin’s family’s apartment’s sitting room area with doors for three bed chambers off of it and a hearth between two external windows, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin are separated as is custom for the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual.  Princess Kiralin is lead away to her bed chamber by her Mama, Lady Helga–no doubt for the talk about the responsibilities of every Dwarven wife since Lady Helga has had no time to prepare her daughter for her wifely duties.  Lord Balin heads into his bed chamber, trusting in the capabilities of his brother Lord Dwalin to unsettle Prince Thorin sufficiently. Princess Kiralin’s brother Gralin bows, then slips out of the apartment to return to the young people’s reveling in the banquet hall–now that his parents are soon to be abed.  As the only other person left in the Balin Family sitting room, Prince Thorin turns to Lord Dwalin and looks at him questioningly.

Lord Dwalin:  “Come with me, Nephew.”  Lord Dwalin intones familiarly to Prince Thorin–who became his nephew upon his marriage to Lord Dwalin’s niece, the now Princess Kiralin.  “I will help you prepare.”

Prince Thorin: “As you wish, Uncle.”  Thorin nods his head and follows Lord Dwalin.  Prince Thorin looks over his shoulder at the retreating figure of his wife–who also looks back at him.  And they share a tender glance before they are each whisked out of the others’ sight.

Lord Dwalin leads Prince Thorin to his and Gralin’s shared bed chamber. Lord Dwalin holds out what he is carrying in his hand to Prince Thorin.

Lord Dwalin:  “Here!   Remove your outer clothes and get into this!”

Prince Thorin:  Unfolding the fabric handed to him, Prince Thorin sees that it is sewn together and asks quizzically.  “What is it?”

Lord Dwalin:  “A bundling sack.  You will put it on and then you will sleep before the hearth in the sitting room.” [(7) bundling sack]

Prince Thorin: Seeing no leg holes, Prince Thorin conjectures.  “This sack will make movement difficult.  Would it not be advisable for me to put this sack on after I am in the sitting room?”

Lord Dwalin: His eyes twinkle bemusedly. “Possibly.  But that is not tradition.   You will put on the sack now and follow me back to the sitting room area.”  He states firmly.

Prince Thorin: “Very well.” Prince Thorin sighs.

Prince Thorin shrugs his shoulders and complies–anything to get to be with his Princess Kiralin.  After Prince Thorin removes most of his clothes–and ceremonial weapons, Lord Dwalin purposefully not allowing Prince Thorin to retain one of his knives–Prince TRopeHeartImageOct1113googleimageshorin retains his groin undergarment for modesty and steps into the bundling sack.  Then at Lord Dwalin’s gesturing, Prince Thorin pulls the sack up to his neck.  Lord Dwalin cinches the top closed around Prince Thorin’s neck and ties it with a very strong Dwarven Love Knot [(8) right] to symbolize Prince Thorin and Princess Kiraline’s union.

Prince Thorin [(9) right]  looks uncertainly at Lord Dwalin–rough hewn fabric bundling sacks as covering being previously unknown by  the privileged Prince.

Lord Dwalin: “Follow me.”  Lord Dwalin walks toward the sitting room door from his bed chamber.

Prince Thorin: Being completely in the enclosed bundling sack, Prince Thorin asks. “How?”

Lord  Dwalin: “You will hop.”  Then Lord Dwalin turns and heads into the sitting room, trying not to laugh as he smiles broadly with his back to Prince Thorin.Kiralin-image-isa-composite-of-LucyGriffithandEmmyRossumOct1213GratianaLovelace

Prince Thorin rolls his eyes and hops out of the bedchamber and into the sitting room.  There Prince Thorin stops, transfixed.  For Princess Kiralin [(10 right] stands before him in a silken white lace night dress that hugs her just starting to blossom Dwarven womanly curves.  His mouth gapes open in awe of her beauty.

Princess Kiralin smiles shyly at her husband Prince Thorin–a delicate blush still showing upon her merely fuzz covered face after her mother gave her the talk–which mostly consisted of telling her that her husband might benevolently rule in the bedroom, but you rule absolutely outside of it.  Or something along those lines–for Dwarven men are fierce warriors and tender lovers.

Princess Kiralin:   Seeing her husband, she questioningly glances at her Mama, Lady Helga, who nods her approval.   Then Princess Kiralin walks over to her husband Prince Thorin and kisses his cheek and he kisses her cheek.  Then she smiles.  “You look like a sack of Middle Earthen ground apples.” [(11) meaning potatoes, as in pomme de terre]  “Ha ha ha!”

Prince Thorin:  “Ha ha ha!  Indeed!   This bundling sack is scratches my skin mightily–for I am almost bare beneath.”  He whispers with a deep smoulder.  She blushes.

Lady Helga: “Hhhkkk!”  Lady Helga coughs to get the bridal couple’s attention.  Then she intones sharply.  “Son-in-law, you will sleep on the rug on the hearth.  Daughter, you will sleep next to me in our bed chamber.”

Princess Kiralin smiles at her husband and shrugs her shoulders–she does not know what this Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual entails any more than he does.

Prince  Thorin: Prince Thorin smiles and whispers to Princess Kiralin.  “We will be together soon, my Princess wife.”

Lady Helga leads Princess Kiralin away as she looks back longingly at her husband.  Prince Thorin awkwardly sits, then flops over onto the hearth rug.  Lord Dwalin helpfully places a pillow under Prince Thorin’s head.

Lord Dwalin: Lord  Dwalin sits himself down in a nearby chair.  “Go to sleep, Nephew.”

Prince Thorin:  “What if I have to relieve myself?”

Lord Dwalin: “ That is why I am here.”  Of course, Lord Dwalin is also acting as a guard in order to prevent any mischievous bridal couple activity.


The first hour of their non-wedding night wedding night goes by slowly for Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin.  Lord Dwalin snores horribly, keeping Prince Thorin awake in the sitting room–though he is warmed by the fire.  And Lady Helga fidgets in her sleep next to her daughter Princess Kiralin as if she were a dancing Hobbit.  So Princess Kiralin also cannot sleep–she longs for her husband beside her. An owl hoots, a black bird caws, and the Balin family’s wolflike dog Tarag–which means beards in Khuzdul, since Dwarves are rather obsessed with their beards–is running his legs in his sleep and hitting the floor now and again with a thud.  It is truly a wonder that anyone is asleep in the Balin’s apartment–and considerably more than unlikely–as Princess Kiralin’s parents and uncle doze, but keep a hidden watchful eye on the bridal couple.

Being able to no longer endure being parted from his new wife Princess Kiralin, Prince Thorin works concertedly on using his teeth to try and undo the knot holding the cinched sack at his neck while Lord Dwalin still snores–but Prince Thorin does not have much luck with the knot.  Simultaneously, Princess Kiralin, slowly and carefully slides out of her parents’ bed–being careful not to awaken her them, especially her Mama whom she was ThorinWeddingNightRitual-is RichardArmitageasThorin-in THAUJ HobbitAUJ-325Oct0913ranet-crop-shrplying next to.  Once out of bed, Princess Kiralin carefully  steps around the sleeping dog and quickly and quietly reaches the bed chamber door to the sitting room and opens it a crack.  There Princess Kiralin sees her husband Prince Thorin  [(12) right] wide awake lying in his bundling sack near the hearth–and seeing her, he smiles joyfully at her.

Princess Kiralin places her index finger on her lips to indicate Prince Thorin keeping quiet–to which he nods his head–and she creeps slowly toward her husband.  After looking at the knot on Prince Thorin’s bundling sack, Princess Kiralin quickly realizes that she will need of knife of some sort to cut the rope.  She looks around and the only one within reach is a small knife hanging from a leather sheath at her Uncle Lord Dwalin’s side.  She bites her lip and looks nervously at her husband, Prince Thorin.  He nods encouragingly.  And she begins to gently lift the small knife out of its sheath.  Princess Kiralin startles when her Uncle Dwalin stops snoring sighs and then adjusts his position.  Her hand is poised with the knife as she moves it with him so as not to awaken him.  But Lord Dwalin’s eyes do not open and he settles back into a snoring slumber.

Lord Dwalin: “Hmm!   Hhhhh!  NNNNZZZZZ!”

The Princess Kiralin pulls the rest of the knife out of its sheath,  she bends down to Prince Thorin, and she gives him a quick kiss on his lips.  Then she shows him the knife and she carefully cuts the cord cinching the sack around his neck.  Prince Thorin gratefully opens the bag and lowers it to his waist–the sack’s fabric being very scratchy, he welcomes being relieved of it.  Then not wanting to attract attention to themselves by cutting open the sack for his legs to come out, he peels the rest of the sack off of himself and sets it aside–along with Lord Dwalin’s knife.  Then Prince Thorin gives one last glance to Lord Dwalin before he stands and guides Princess Kiralin to her bed chamber and they close and bolt the door behind them for a loving and private wedding night.

After a few more minutes, Lady Helga peeks her head out to the sitting room.  And not seeing her daughter nor her new son-in-law, Lady Helga skitters across the room to her brother-in-law Lord Dwalin and shakes his shoulder.

Lady Helga:  Whispering.  “It is done.  They have fled from the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual.   Go to bed.”

Lord Dwalin:  Opening his non sleeping eyes, he huffs quietly.  “Gladly!”  He stands, picks up his knife from the floor, and heads to his shared bed chamber with his nephew Gralin–who has still not returned from his reveling.

Lady Helga nods and heads back into her bed chamber with her husband.

Lady Helga:  Sliding into bed, she smiles at her husband, Lord Balin.  “All is done.”

Lord Balin:  He winks at her.  “Aye!”

Then they both fall asleep while cuddling together.

However, in the third Balin Family bedchamber–Princess Kiralin’s and Prince Thorin’s–there is little sleep to be had as they joyfully celebrate their wedding night–alone and together.

To be continued with Chapter 7

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Link to the previous “Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 5:

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