“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 7 (PG-13): Whither Thou Lodgest, I Will Lodge, Maybe, October 17, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #458)

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 7 (PG-13):  Whither Thou Lodgest, I Will Lodge, Maybe, October 17, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #458)

aaThorinsDreamofLove-story-logoOct0813GratianaLovelace(This is an original fan fiction story by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved;  The characters from “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” are owned by Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement is intended)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of:  Richard Armitage as Prince Thorin Oakenshield, Lucy Griffiths as Lady Kiralin, Jeffrey Thomas as King Thror, Mike Mizrahi as Prince Thrain, Lee Pace as King Thranduil, Graham McTavish as Lord Dwalin, Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas, Evangeline Lilly as Captain Tauriel, Ken Stott as Lord Balin, Hugo Weaving as Lord Elrond, and Adam Brown as Gralin, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Thorin’s Dream of Love” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst the backdrop of Middle Earth.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment:  Prince Thorin’s and Princess Kiralin’s wedding night almost did not happen, thanks to the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual–which was involved royal son-in-law humbling, mostly due to some hopping he was made to do in a bundling sack, and a forced separation in the sleeping arrangements.   However, Princess Kiralin deftly cut the cord keeping her new husband Prince Thorin in his bundling sack and they secretly crept into her bed chamber for their real wedding night.


“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 7 (PG-13):  Whither Thou Lodgest, I Will Lodge, Maybe

In the early dawn hours of the following day, newly weds Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin sleep cuddling naked together in her bed chamber in her family’s Erebor apartments.  It had been but a spare five hours ago that they had lain down together after slipping away from the Bride’s Family Wedding Night Ritual, and their tender lovemaking had consumed most of that time.  Prince Thorin drowsily kisses the forehead of his wife Princess Kiralin and she sighs in her sleep and snuggles closer to him–if that is even possible.

Princess Kiralin:   “Hhhh!”   Unaccustomed to sleeping in past dawn–but yet also usually enjoying hours of restful sleep, which she happily eschewed on her wedding night–Princess Kiralin remains firmly asleep.

Prince Thorin:   “Hmmm.”  Prince Thorin growls with remembered and returning desire.

And though Prince Thorin had often teased some of his friends who entered into the wedded state–for succumbing to the supposed bliss of the marital entanglement–Prince Thorin realizes that he now heartily agrees with them.  For Prince Thorin would not choose to be anywhere else but by his beloved wife Princess Kiralin’s side.

On this day, the first day of their married life, Prince Thorin cannot wait any longer for his wife Princess Kiralin to awaken on her own and he kisses her cheeks, and nose, and chin, and eyes–treasuring her sweet and blossoming loveliness where her cheeks are just rh2epi03_135LadyMarianLooksUpatSirGuySep1413ranet-hi-res-brt-cropbeginning to gain their fullness.  His loving ministrations have their affect and her sleepy eyes flutter open, even as a smile curls dancingly upon her lips.  Seeing her husband’s face not even an inch from her own, she imperceptibly tilts her chin upward [(2) right] and softly kisses him on his mouth.  Their kissing continues for several moments as they both awaken more fully, and their desires smoulder.

Princess Kiralin:  Extricating herself from her husband’s lips–though not from his embraces–she grins impishly. “I will be back in a moment.”  Then she wriggles out of his embrace and stands up from their bed naked and walks to her bedchamber’s bathing room.

Prince Thorin: “I am bereft!”  Prince Thorin whines. Though he delights in the view that her lovely swaying hips present as she walks away from him.

Then with a knowing smile, Princess Kiralin glances coquettishly at her husband over her bare shoulder before she slips from his view and into the bathing chamber.   Then when she returns a few moments later, Prince Thorin rises from their bed and exchanges places with her–after insuring once more that their bed chamber door is securely bolted.  Interruptions would be unwelcome and inconvenient for them as a new bridal couple. Princess Kiralin giggles, then skitters back to their bed to await her loving husband.

Upon Prince Thorin’s return, Princess Kiralin gazes upon her husband with unmasked Thorin-image-isRichardArmitage-Composite-withSirGuy-via-ranetOct1613GratianaLovealcedesire–his muscular body, his long flowing hair and beard, and his unmistakeable loving gaze [(3) right] for her.  Once they are both returned to their bed, they embrace and kiss each other joyfully–as true lovers in love do, slowly, langorously, intimately.   For the world outside their bedchamber has no claim upon them when they are joined together in their loving union–two lives, two hearts, two souls forever entwined together in love.


But sleeping in past the mid morning gong–whether sleeping, or not–is not possible today.  For everyone in Erebor and Dale is required to line the streets and hillside to give the departing Elven delegation a celebratory farewell.  It is a beautiful day of clear blue skies, bright sunshine, and gentle breezes cheerfully wafting aloft  the many fabric banners upon the roof tops–even as children fly their kites skyward.   Nothing can spoil this day–their Dwarven kingdom will be free of Elves for at least two years until their next visit.   The Dwarves do not exchange the visit to the Elves’ homeland.  Why would they?  The Dwarves are the powerful ones with Erebor’s  wealth beyond imagining–a never ending source of power and prestige.  The Elves are the ones to pay tribute to them.

After breaking their fast, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin stand on the banner festooned BannerFestoonedEreborBalcony-wThorinKiralinBalin-vlcsnap19h57m58s184Mar2613GratianaLovelaceCap-Crop2-hi-resbalcony of the fortress of Erebor [(4) right] with the royal family and her father Lord Balin as they watch King Thranduil ride away on an unusually large elk with almost more points on its antlers than King Thranduil has on his spikey crown.  Lord Elrond rides a large horse–but not out of the common way, large.  Prince Legolas, Captain Tauriel and the rest of the Elven guards file behind riding upon their horses, the wagons with all of their belongings and sustenance for their week long trip at the back of the caravan.  It will take the Elves one full day to climb and reach the high ridge plateau above the Dwarven city of Dale lying outside of Erebor.  From there, the Elven journey homeward will be considerably smoother, if all goes as planned.

King Thror beckons to Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin and they all walk inside to a small throne room sitting area to discuss the future.  Prince Thrain, Prince Thorin’s father is there as is Lord Balin, Princess Kiralin’s father.  After greeting pleasantries are exchanged–namely Princess Kiralin curtseying to her new family and kissing each of the King and her father-in-law’s cheeks–the business of her becoming royal begins.

King Thror:  “Now that the Elves have left us in peace, we should discuss the practicalities of your marriage, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin.”  He intones as he adjusts the cushion behind his back.

Prince Thorin:  “With respect, my Grandfather King.  My Lady Princess Kiralin and I are not wed a day.  Might we enjoy some private time before royal considerations must take precedence?”  Princess Kiralin just listens for the moment–but that will not last long.

King Thror:  Looking his grandson squarely in the eye, he states flatly.  “No!   The demands of being royal are not something you can put on and take off easily like you might a garment.”  King Thror sounds a bit impatient with him.

Prince Thrain:  “There are protocols to be adhered to–especially with regard to Princess Kiralin.”

Princess Kiralin: “Such as, my much honored Grandfather King and Father Prince?”  She looks askance at them with one raised eyebrow.

Her father, Lord Balin, gently tugs at the sleeve of Princess Kiralin’s gown in hopes of his daughter softening her attitude.  Prince Thorin merely smiles knowingly about Princess Kiralin’s  demeanor.  Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin have been keeping company over the past year and her self assurance is well known to and respected by her husband.

King Thror gestures to his son, Prince Thrain, who continues with Prince Thorin’s wife’s education.

Prince Thrain:  “Firstly, we will make available to Prince Thorin and his new bride a suitable apartment of rooms in Erebor.”  Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin smile at this generous appointment.  “Princess Kiralin will receive guidance from royal courtiers upon the proper protocols and behaviors befitting her new status as Princess and Queen apparent.”  Prince Thorin steals a glance at Princess Kiralin, whose face is taking on a crimson hue at being considered not currently meeting Princess standards.  “And from this time forth, Princess Kiralin will be chaperoned at all times–by either her husband, her family, or various ladies in waiting whom we will assign to her.”  Prince Thrain smiles at succinctly stating the royal family’s requirements.

Princess Kiralin:  “Anything else?”  She asks through gritted teeth as she stifles tapping her feet to expel her nervous energy.

Lord Balin:  “My Dear Daughter …”  He begins to quell his daughter’s ire, but he is interrupted.

Prince Thorin:  Waving his hand to his father-in-law, Lord Balin, Prince Thorin speaks.  “If I may, Lord Balin?”   Lord Balin nods.  Then Prince Thorin gently clasps Princess Kiralin’s hand in his.   Prince Thorin brings her hand to his lips and kisses it as he smiles warmly at her.  She looks questioningly at him.   Now is the moment that will determine their marital state–happy or miserable–and it is in Prince Thorin’s hands.  “My Grandfather King and my Father Prince, Princess Kiralin and I thank you for the generous gift of a large apartment.  I am certain that we will find it comfortable–as soon as we have adapted it to fit our needs.”  King Thror’s eyebrows raise, but he says nothing. Princess Kiralin gives a small nod, encouraging her husband further.  Prince Thorin continues somewhat disdainfully.   “As to the Princess lessons, you propose for my wife Princess Kiralin, they are unnecessary.  I will guide her and answer any questions she might have regarding royal protocol.  I also welcome her fresh insights and perspectives since her grace and poise are unparalleled.”  Princess Kiralin smiles broadly now at her husband squarely taking her side.  But her pleasure is to be tempered.  “Finally, though I agree with you that for Princess Kiralin’s safety as a royal, it is wise for her to always have some chaperone with her–as I always have a guard, usually in the person of our uncle Lord Dwalin–it shall be for her to choose her ladies in waiting.   And for safety’s sake, I merely ask her to inform me of her whereabouts and I will return the courtesy to her.”

Prince Thorin gazes hopefully at his wife.  Princess Kiralin smiles at her husband and gives him a curt nod. Though he had not previously discussed these matters with her to gain her input on them–not being married a day, there was not time–he has guessed her preferences.

Lord Balin:  Noticing his daughter’s silence, he smiles–knowing that she will soon come into her own as a royal and woe betide any man, King or no, who tries to control her.  “My King, if I may?” King Thror nods. “There is also the discussion of my daughter’s dowry that has yet to take place.”  For Lord Balin may be of lower rank and not a high noble, but their family is an old and proud one–who are able to provide a suitable dowry [(5)] for their now princess daughter.

Prince Thorin:  He quickly intervenes, thinking that there is not much dowry to be had and not wanting to embarrass Lord Balin.  “Perhaps this portion of the discussion might wait for another time?”

Lord Balin:  “No, I think not!”   He states firmly.  “My daughter Princess Kiralin’s dowry consists of our villa in Dale and a cottage on our family’s country estate–as well as various and sundry chests of gold.”  He remarks flippantly.  “Indeed, her mother Lady Helga and I had hoped that she and Prince Thorin would choose to live in the villa and decorate it as they wish as our wedding gift to them.” He pouts a little, because he knows that he will not win this argument–not being royal, nor of high rank.  But then, he had not reckoned upon his daughter.

Princess Kiralin:   Hugging her Papa  Lord Balin, she gushes.  “Papa!  Thank you and Mama!  I love the villa in Dale with its terraced gardens up the hillside!  I did not realize that you would give it to us as a wedding gift.  You are being very generous!”   Lord Balin beams with his daughter’s praise.

Prince Thorin:  “Yes, your parents are being very generous.  Thank you, Papa.”  He addresses his father-in-law, Lord Balin, informally and bows to him.  Lord Balin smiles and returns the bow to his son-in-law, Prince Thorin.  Princess Kiralin smiles.

King Thror: Nearly apoplectic, King Thror throws a fit.  “That is out of the question!  Thorin, you and your bride cannot live outside the protection of the fortress of Erebor!  It is not done!  I have never heard of such a thing!”  He says exasperatedly.

Prince Thrain: “Father King, calm yourself.  Let me talk to the boy.  King Thror is right, my son. You must stay in the fortress palace.”

Princess Kiralin pouts and looks to her husband Prince Thorin to negotiate with his family.

Prince Thorin:  “Very well.”  He nods at his Grandfather King and Father Prince.  Then he holds out his index finger for emphasis.  “For the time being, we will live in the large Erebor apartment that you generously assign to us.    However, once any renovations or decorations are completed on the Dale villa, we will also spend time there–as well as the country cottage that Lord Balin graciously mentioned.”  His Grandfather King and Father Prince begin to protest, but he silences them. “Nay!  We will take the necessary precautions and have guards about–so that you will not object and that you think we are being unsafe.  What could the harm be?  An errant warg? Or perhaps a runaway Elf seeking sanctuary?  Surely the Hobbits do not concern you?”  Prince Thorin jests.  “Ha ha ha!”

Knowing that his grandson, Prince Thorin, is as stubborn as he is, King Thror nods. Then he pointedly looks at his son Prince Thrain.

Prince Thrain:  “Very well!   I will take you on a tour of your new apartment in Erebor.”

After touring the large apartment assigned to them in the Erebor fortress, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin pronunce it ghastly, in the current state they find it in– it not having been inhabited for five years and containing an inch of dust on every surface.  The apartment will need much cleaning and refurbishment to make it a home.  So Prince Thorin bows to his wife Princess Kiralin’s preference to initially live in his current bed chamber and claim an adjoining room as a sitting area for them.  Prince Thrain and King Thror do not protest given the necessary work to be done on the large apartment.

The rest of the day is busy with Princess Kiralin moving her clothing and personal items into Prince Thorin’s bedchamber–displacing his collection of weapons from a battle gear closet in favor of her having a place for her clothes.  She also makes modifications to their shared bed chamber’s décor by bringing some of her homey touches from her bed chamber in her family’s Erebor apartment–some vases, paintings, and her vanity and mirror. It is a tight squeeze, but as long as the bed does not get overly womanized, Prince Thorin is happy–although, he does very much like the new soft velvet coverlet.   However, Prince Thorin cannot wait until their new apartment will be ready–it will have a room just for his weapons.  Well, every husband needs his own man cave.  Of course, Lord Dwalin is thrilled to have his niece Kiralin move in with her husband since he no longer has to share a bed chamber with his nephew Gralin–who is booted into Kiralin’s former bed chamber.

All in all, it is a worry free happy day for the start of Prince Thorin’s and Princess Kiralin’s marriage.  And they have happy plans for the future.  It is just that their plans will be changed.

To be continued with Chapter 8

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 7 , References, 10/17/13 Gratiana Lovelace

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Link to the previous “Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 6:

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