“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 9 (R) & 10 (PG-13): New Beginnings and Heartrending Decisions, October 27, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #462)

Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 9 (R) & 10 (PG-13):  New Beginnings and Heartrending Decisions,  October 27, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #462)

aaThorinsDreamofLove-story-logoOct0813GratianaLovelace(This is an original fan fiction story by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved;  The characters from “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” are owned by Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement is intended)

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of:  Richard Armitage as Prince Thorin Oakenshield, Lucy Griffiths as Lady Kiralin, Jeffrey Thomas as King Thror, Mike Mizrahi as Prince Thrain, Lee Pace as King Thranduil, Graham McTavish as Lord Dwalin, Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas, Evangeline Lilly as Captain Tauriel, Ken Stott as Lord Balin, Hugo Weaving as Lord Elrond, and Adam Brown as Gralin, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Thorin’s Dream of Love” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst the backdrop of Middle Earth.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment:  After the devastation of the dragon attack on their beloved city of Dale in T.A. 2770, the Dwarves of Durin seek a new homeland.  So Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin begin their lives in exile–as everyone must.  It is a hard scrabble existence thrust upon the still proud race of Dwarves that will test their fortitude.  And for Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin, their new reality will test their capacity to love.

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 9 (R)–Their Hearts are Tested Beyond Imagining as They Begin their New Lives

Gone.  Their lives, their homes, their planned futures are gone.  What was once their beautiful city of Dale [(2) below left] rising on the hillside near their Mountain fortress of Erebor, has been reduced to a smouldering rubble of ruin [(3) below right] with the attack of Smaug the dragon.  And the Dwarves of Durin must start again to survive and ultimately to reclaim their homeland and their power.
Dale-and-Erebor-Facade-vlcsnap-2013-03-26-19h40m54s129-GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-hi-res   DaleinRuinsDofSTrailer2Jun1113GratianaLovelaceCap-cropsml

Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin have been so busy in these early days and weeks and months of their marriage helping others acclimate to their new reality once they reached the Blue Mountains [(4)] where they would settle, that they have not had a moment to adjust to it themselves.

Indeed, the newlylweds have had but a few stolen moments of intimacy when there is little privacy to be had.  They live with their extended family of King Thror, Prince Thrain, Prince Frerin and Princess Dis, and Princess Kiralin’s family in a small two story cottage granted them by their brethren Dwarven kingdom.   And this house they only accepted grudgingly, and only after their people’s needs for shelter had first been met with a small newly formed village they built and named Gilead [(5)].  Gilead was situated on a nearby hill before the Blue Mountains. And though Gilead was no Mountain of Erebor, but it will become their home.

And with that process of making a new home, the Dwarves of Durin ply their crafts and ThorinForgingMetal-isRichardArmitage-inTheHobbitAUJ-055Oct2613ranet-crop-brtskills–with even Prince Thorin working a metal forge [(6) right] to earn their keep.  And Princess Kiralin helps the women adjust as they remake everything they had lost–from clothes to earthen ware dishes–with some of their products being sold for food and coin.  Slowly, methodically, the frugal Dwarves rebuild their financial security–though it does not come close to approximating their wealth at Erebor.

One night a year later–after all the older Durin folk have gone to bed and the younger Durin folk restlessly hover around open pit fires in the cool night air talking about what once was–Prince Thorin takes Princess Kiralin’s hand and guides her out of their shared bed chamber with her parents.  He wraps she and himself in fur blankets over their night clothes–which are really their underclothes since the distinction of having multiple clothing choices is long past.  They don their shoes, grab a lantern, and he guides her on a forest path behind their royal family cottage.  Princess Kiralin looks at her husband quizzically, but she does not question him–her faith in him is so resolute and unwavering that she has literally followed him to the ends of Middle Earth.

After a few minutes walking in the woods, they come to what can only be described as a small hut–it has rustic stone walls and a thatch roof [(7) right].  There is one ThorinandKiralinsForestHutCottage-1163Oct2613CroftMuseum-crop-mask-drknwindow–with no glass, but hangings to keep out the chill–and one door.  Prince Thorin opens the door and they walk inside.  The hut is one room with a small fireplace on the far wall–it is barely the size of the closet they had in their palace bed chamber at Erebor.  Prince Thorin smiles at her as he shows her the hay filled mattress covered with a sheet and a blanket lying directly on the rough slate floor in front of the hearth.  There is a small table with a wash stand and a pitcher of water with a towel, and such.  Prince Thorin quickly builds a fire for their warmth and then he turns back to her.

Princess Kiralin:  Princess Kiralin looks up at her husband in wonder [(8) below left].  “Thorin, what is this place?”

Kiralin-isLucyGriffiths-asMarian-inRobinHood2epi10_072Oct2613ranet-crop-mask2   Thorin-isRichardArmitage-inTHAUJ-071Oct2613ranet-crop-mask

Prince Thorin:  Holding out his hands to her he explains.  “I know that it is not much–compared to what you were accustomed to with the luxuries that we had before.  But this hut is ours to be private together in.  I made it with my own hands, with some assistance from Uncle Dwalin and Papa Balin.”  He smiles [(9) above right] for his secret finally being revealed.

Princess Kiralin:  Her eyes widen in understanding.  “Ours?”  She whispers.  Then her tears begin to fall.

Prince Thorin:  He looks crushed.  “You do not like it?”

Princess Kiralin:  She shakes her head and rushes into his arms as she sobs.  “No, no!  It is perfect!”  Then she pulls away his fur covering and begins kissing his chest and neck and beard, and then his cheeks and eyes and nose, before she kisses him soundly on his lips.

Prince Thorin:  “Hmmmm!”  He growls in desire.

The hut quickly warms from the fire in the hearth and from the fire within their hearts as they begin to make love in their forest hut bed chamber after so many months of deprivation.  They feel almost as if they are new lovers it has been so long since they have lain together as husband and wife.  But tonight with none but the moonlight and the flickering flames to bear witness to their lovemaking, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin shrug off their night clothes and furs and come together in a fusion of love and tenderness.

Prince Thorin adores his beautiful wife Kiralin as he kisses and caresses her lovely fuzz covered face,  her swanlike neck,  her full round breasts,  her womanly curvy hips, her Dwarvenly plumping abdomen, her sturdy thighs,  her narrow ankles  and especially her cutely fuzz covered toes.  He will leave no surface of her body untreasured by him this night.

And Princess Kiralin kisses and caresses her husband’s bearded lips, his thickly muscled neck, his broad shoulders and his muscular chest and arms, his tautly ripped abdomen, and his rounded backside as she guides him to her and they join their bodies together in loving union. Again and again and again and again, Prince Thorin and Princess Kiralin intertwine their bodies and their hearts as their pleasures heighten until they tremble in shared bliss–each of them secretly hoping to have conceived a child of their love.

They fall asleep for a little while before their loving lust bids them love each other again, and again, and again.  The dawn of morning intrudes upon these two lovers as they realize they must dress and return to the house to wash properly and eat.  Dousing the fire in the hearth, Prince Thorin makes Princess Kiralin a promise.

Prince Thorin: “My love, for now we have only a private bed chamber.  But I vow to add a kitchen sitting area and a bathing chamber for you–as well as a second bed chamber in hopes of a little one to fill it.”  This strong and commanding husband looks upon his wife with such love and tenderness that it would make even the most hardened of Durin’s warriors shed a tear.

Princess Kiralin: She gazes upon her husband who is her life and her love.  “Oh Thorin!   This cottage will be just ours, a blessing that I did not dare hope for in our present circumstances   I am grateful beyond measure.”

They kiss each other adoringly, then embrace and sweetly rock back and forth in each others’ arms.  They are each others’ comfort and joy.

The next fifty years of Thorin’s and Kiralin’s married life is filled with joy at being together, but also some sadness.  For their hopes are dashed when a baby does not come–mostly due to Thorin traveling more to see to their scattered peoples and trying to bind them together.  And though Princess Kiralin often traveled with him during the early years, it was hard on her health–so in later years, Prince Thorin convinced her to stay home, though their pain of separation is great.

And then the wars–between the Dwarves and the Orcs [(10a)] beginning in T.A. 2793 and then culminating at Azanulbizar [(10b)] in T. A. 2799–bring even greater sorrow as Thorin’s younger brother Frerin and then his Grandfather King Thror die in battle, while his father Prince Thrain goes missing.  It is also where Prince Thorin breaks his shield and uses an oak branch for protection–him ever after being known as Thorin Oakenshield. And Thorin becomes a King in exile.

Since that sad time of wars and death, there is much to consume their thoughts and to occupy their time as they tend to their people when they can–trying to keep together in spirit their far flung community of Durin.  Queen Kiralin and King Thorin love each other with abandon when they are together, but still no baby comes.

However finally, Queen Kiralin puts her foot down and she requires King Thorin to be around for baby making after their 90th wedding anniversary.  She knows that she only has until their 100th anniversary to produce an heir or their marriage is automatically dissolved by tradition–even if the fault of Queen Kiralin not becoming with child lies with Prince Thorin.

Then, on Durin’s Day on their 95th wedding anniversary, King Thorin’s and Queen Kiralin’s dearest wish is granted once more as Queen Kiralin becomes pregnant.  And their child will be born in the new year of T.A. 2864.  Queen Kiralin balloons in size and fairly waddles during most of her pregnancy due to her petiteness like her Mama Lady Helga.  And Queen Kiralin wishes that her Mama were with her, but her family of parents brother and uncle Dwalin now live several weeks ride away from them–where they could find work as the Dwarves of Durin scattered over the years.  So they do not even know that she is with child.

But despite there being no royal pronouncements and fuss about the impending birth–there being no court in exile–all is joyous for King Thorin and Queen Kiralin in preparation leading up to and when their babe is born–a son they name Kilorin, honoring Kili-image-as-newborn.previewOct2613momsonsugarcom-cropboth his father King Thorin and his mother Queen Kiralin.   The babe looks just like his father King Thorin–a full head of black wavy hair, though with deep brown eyes, and a determined Durin chin [(11) right].  And it is Queen Kiralin who gives their son, his nickname of Kili. The first week of their son’s life in their new family is a wonder of this new little person created from their love, and of the hope that they have for their future together.

Blessedly, comfortingly, King Thorin’s dreams of his two loves always ends there–for his fragile heart cannot withstand reliving the deep sorrow that came after and extends to this day.

To be continued with Chapter 10

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 10 (PG-13)–For You will Always be in Our Hearts

You see, a week after Kilorin was born, Queen Kiralin has still not recovered from the ordeal of the birth–her being very weak and still in a lot of pain.  Though Queen Kiralin nurses her baby every four hours, it saps her strength further [(12) right].  And as the Kiralin-ill-image-is-LucyGriffiths-asMarian-inRobinHoodOct2613stiven-crop-maskdays go on, she does not recover, but worsens.   King Thorin’s sister Princess Dis who lives the closest to them arrives two weeks after the birth–for only she had been told of their son’s birth since communication amongst their scattered peoples is not easily accomplished.   Princess Dis immediately takes charge and arranges a wet nurse for baby Kilorin and she tends to Queen Kiralin.  Princess Dis’ five year old son Fili is oblivious to the worry and strain that they all are under as he and his guard ride ponies and  and practice his archery skills–which are yet to be developed–and he sneaks peaks at the small baby.  A baby not being something the child Fili has seen before, since Dwarf births are spread out.

Yet Kilorin is a happy baby at first [(13) right].  And Queen Kiralin smiles wanly from her Kili-image-asBaby-Oct2613babblecom-hi-resbed as Princess Dis brings baby Kilorin to her each day. Though Queen Kiralin is too weak to hold her son for very long, she contentedly gazes upon his sleeping countenance when Princess Dis holds him.  King Thorin is often there as well, cradling his dear wife Queen Kiralin in his arms as they both watch their son from a distance. But the possibility that King Thorin might lose his beloved wife–and their son his mother–sends King Thorin into a downward spiral of depression for many weeks to many months as she fights to survive, and he must look on helplessly.

Though King Thorin does not betray his worry and despair to his wife, his sister Princess Dis discerns his distress as one who always looked up to her stalwart eldest brother–and she tries to comfort him by mentioning when Queen Kiralin looks less pale or seems  to have a bit more energy.  But Princess Dis’ caring helpfulness with Queen Kiralin seems to have no positive effect at first.  And King Thorin neglects his responsibilities of checking in on his people’s welfare and he lets his own lands lie fallow until Princess Dis prods him to have his laborers till the fields–even as King Thorin returns to his metal forge, battering out his frustration upon searing hot metal.  And then slowly, Queen Kiralin’s health begins to improve.  But it is too late.

Without King Thorin and Queen Kiralin noticing it–nor not wanting to acknowledge it–a shift occurs in their home that will forever change their lives.  They did not mean it to happen, but baby Kilorin was so much in his Aunt Princess Dis’ care and arms that he became quite attached to her, bonded to her.  At six months, Kilorin watches where Princess Dis is in the room if he is being held by his mother Queen Kiralin or his Father King Thorin.  And though Queen Kiralin is finally beginning to gain strength each day as she sits up in a chair and holds her son to her breast to feed him, baby Kilorin is very fussy and not happy when in his mother’s arms.  Sometimes, the only thing they can do is for King Thorin to remove baby Kilorin from Queen Kiralin’s tearful embrace and return him to his sister Princess Dis’ waiting arms. This chasm between mother and son stabs at Queen Kiralin’s heart–for she has only ever persevered in getting well so that she could be a good mother to her son Kilorin.

But after many tries at parenting Kilorin up through his 12th month–with Princess Dis and Fili returning to their home for weeks at a time to give Queen Kiralin and King Thorin their son’s undivided attention–they realize that their son is miserable [(14) right] as he stops Kili sad baby image Oct2613doblelolcom-brneyes-hi-restaking much nourishment during the periods when Princess Dis is away.  The final break occurs upon Princess Dis and Fili’s last visit to King Thorin and Queen Kiralin.  Princess Dis and Fili had been gone just a week, but Queen Kiralin and King Thorin are frantic for how to help their son be happy and take nourishment.  They are not who their baby Kilorin wants, he wants his Aunt Princess Dis–whom Queen Kiralin heartbreakingly hears him call her Mama one day.  And Queen Kiralin and King Thorin realize to their unending sorrow that if their son is to live and to thrive, then he must do so away from them and living with his Aunt Princess Dis as his mother.

And King Thorin also realizes that he can never risk Queen Kiralin’s life again were she to become with child.  So they love carefully, and with no intent to have another child.   And their lives become ones of a doting and loving Aunt and Uncle, rather than of a Mother and Father.  And though they visit Kilorin every few weeks in his first years of life–cuddling him, playing with him, loving him–it is only when Kilorin is past four years that he is willing to spend time away from his Mama Princess Dis with his brother on weeks’ long visits that King Thorin and Queen Kiralin cherish.  So King Thorin and Queen Kiralin make the most of these visits with fun adventures, yummy foods, and much love.  They bond with their son and their nephew in meaningful ways.  But at the end of each three week visit time, they can see Kilorin’s longing to return to his home and they relinquish him back again to Princess Dis.  This pattern repeats itself over the years.  And as Kilorin grows older, King Thorin and Queen Kiralin find that it is even more difficult to reveal their secret to their son.  Their one consolation is that their son Kilorin thrives and is happy–becoming a fine young man any parent would be proud of–and they make themselves believe that his happiness is their happiness.  For love as strong as King Thorin’s and Queen Kiralin’s for their son Kilorin, knows no bounds–and he is always in their hearts.

To be continued with Chapter 11

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