Grati’s Selected Caps of “TH: The Desolation of Smaug” World Wide Fan Event Live, Part 1, November 04 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #466b)

By the miracle of a delayed doctor’s appointment, subsequent blood test and waiting at the pharmacy for some new meds, it was too late for me to go back to work without having to turn right around and go home.  So I headed straight for home with five minutes to spare to watch “The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug” World Wide Fan Event Live–really live!   Yayyyyy!


Of course, the beauty of live events being coordinated around the world technologically is that glitches happen, a key individual is late, or someone had to visit the loo.  So the 4pm CST event began with the 2nd DofS trailer at 4:10:15pm.  No matter!  It was worth the wait!

The event began by showing “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” trailer released a month ago:


Then NYC Event Host/MC Anderson Cooper officially opened the broadcast, welcoming everyone:


Then Orlando Bloom  and Richard Armitage  ran in from the back of the theatre, delighting the audience.   Both Orlando Bloom (left) who portrayed Legolas and Richard Armitage (right) who portrayed Thorin Oakenshield, were outfitted with body mikes:


Then Anderson Cooper introduced other stars at sites around the world.  First up, London where Luke Evans (who portrayed Bard the Bowman), Lee Pace (who portrayed Thranduil), and Andy Serkis (who potrayed Gollum and served as 2nd Unit Director) were:

Then the Los Angeles site had Evangeline Lily (who portrayed Tauriel):

And finally, Jed Brophy (who portrayed Nori) and Director and Screenwriter Sir Peter Jackson were  introduced in Wellington:
Notice how relaxed, Peter Jackson is–him being shoeless.  Anderson Cooper and Evangeline Lily pointed out how “Hobbit like” going shoeless was of him and took off their own shoes later in the broadcast.

Then Sir Peter gave a general welcome to all the fans watching world wide:
I left the partial Twitter crawl at  the bottom uncropped–in case the @sebabyaby tweet is from the fellow I’m thinking of.  Seba, Take a bow!

Then, Sir Peter introduced a video from Martin Freeman (who portrayed Bilbo) who was filming on location and unable to join in the  live event  fun:

Then Sir Peter introduced brief excerpts from a New Video Production Vlog about the last stages of filming and then being in post production:

Vlog: Motion capture on a scene between a bad guy and Legolas:

Vlog: No one had better mess with Tauriel (portrayed by Evangeline Lily):

Vlog: A mention was made that Sir Peter does not like spiders–in Mirkwood or out of it:
13-THDoS-Live-Event-Vlog--Spider Mouth-Nov0413GratianaLovelaceCap

Vlog:  Sir Peter segues in the mini vlog:

Vlog: 10 weeks of pickups may june july were aided by Splinter Unit  2nd Unit Director Christian Rivers:

VLog: Dori (Mark Hadlow), Ori (Adam Brown), and Nori (Jed Brophy):

Vlog:  Gandalf (portrayed by Sir Ian McKellen) and Radagast the Brown (portrayed by Sylvester McCoy):

Vlog:  Thorin (portrayed by Richard Armitage) and Dwalin (portrayed by Graham McTavish) confer with director Sir Peter Jackson:

Vlog:  Fili (portrayed by Dean O’Gorman) and Ori (portrayed by Adam Brown):

Vlog:  Kili  (Portrayed by Aidan Turner) raises his eyebrow in curiosity while talking with Sir Peter:

VLog: Thorin (portrayed by Richard Armitage) having a zen moment with his Dwarven comrades (Ken Stott as Balin and Stephen Hunter as Bombur):

Vlog:  Bilbo treads carefully on Smaug’s Erebor gold:

Q&A:  Fan dressed like an Elf poses a question to Evangeline Lily (left)  (Tauriel) about her first days on the set:
Q&A:  Ms Lily said that her first day on set involved an Elvish, accent and new pages the night before.  She said that  the feisty Tinkerbell was her inspiration for Tauriel

Q&A:  to Orlando Bloom and Richard Armitage with Anderson Cooper in NYC (couldn’t catch the question).  Richard Armitage answering a question:

Q&A:  Richard Armitage focusing on questioner, and then remarking about improvisation:

Q&A:  Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman) remarking on his bow form being more functional; Lee Pace  (Thranduil), and Andy Serkis (Gollum, and 2nd Unit Director);  Lee Pace was asked about creating a father-son relationship on screen with Legolas; and Serkis was asked about which part of portraying Gollum was hard.  Andy Serkis said that being 10 years older, he found that it was more physically demanding):

Q&A, to Peter: What was it like when he finished the last shot of the production?  What will he miss the most?

“The last day is always emotional, because you’re saying farewells. … Underneath all that, there is a sense of relief…. Then I was able to start a whole new type o f experience–which was putting the second movie together.   … Everybody doesn’t finish on the same day…. We said goodbye to people at different time.  Lot of Farewells, very emotional.”

Q&A:  A fan asked if there would be an extended blooper reel?  Sir Peter replied that maybe on the boxed set.  But because LOTR was on film, the quality was likely to be better than the digital.  The fan said he wouldn’t mind.

Sir Peter continued.  “They are very very funny.   Some people are funnier  when they make mistakes–particularly Ian McKellen…There are also pranks, where the cameras are rolling and people don’t expect it. Practical jokes.”

Next Extended Edition of THAUJ comes out, announcing it and sharing one of the clips:
Peter:  “I particularly wanted to feature the Dwarves attitude and disrespect for the Elves.”  … “So we devised this sequence.  .. Bofur singing a song.” …”Came out of the film due to pacing.”  “It’s a song that Bofur sings at Rivendale–the best song they could think of was the “Man in the Moon” that Frodo sang in LOTR.”  “In terms of the tune, Jimmy (Nesbit) has a lovely voice, … So we invited him around to the house … invited him to come up with the tune.”

The scene starts out with a lovely Rivendale dinner for their guests, the Dwarves:

Then Bofur stands up on the dining table and sings a lively song:

Thanks to everyone who gathered.  Bye to the online audience:

Tomorrow/Wednesday, I will have more caps, Part 2.

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  1. Perry says:

    So happy you got to see it after all. And thanks for the caps.


  2. mariana says:

    Thank you for sharing the caps!


    1. Nov. 5, 2013–Heirs of Durin site (DarkJackal) has listings and links for The Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack. There is also a link to hear the “I see fire” song and she provides the lyrics. Thanks!


  3. Nov. 5, 2013–The Hobbit Movie Com tweeted the WB link for the brief highlights video for the THDofS Live Fan Event:


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  5. Nov. 7, 2013–RACentral tweeted a link for their page with fan made candids from the DofS LiveEvent:


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