“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 13 (R): Thorin’s and Kiralin’s Inauspicious Beginnings, November 25, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #475)

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 13 (R):   Thorin’s and Kiralin’s Inauspicious Beginnings,  November 25, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #475)

(This is an originaaaThorinsDreamofLove-story-logoOct0813GratianaLovelace-256x249l fan fiction story by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved;  The characters from “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” are owned by Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement is intended) [(1) story logo left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of:  Richard Armitage as Prince Thorin Oakenshield, Lucy Griffiths as Lady Kiralin, Jeffrey Thomas as King Thror, Mike Mizrahi as Prince Thrain, Lee Pace as King Thranduil, Graham McTavish as Lord Dwalin, Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas, Evangeline Lilly as Captain Tauriel, Ken Stott as Lord Balin, Hugo Weaving as Lord Elrond, and Adam Brown as Gralin, Aidan Turner as Kili, and Dean O’Gorman as Fili, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Thorin’s Dream of Love” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst the backdrop of Middle Earth.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels.  This is my disclaimer.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment:  King Thorin having inadvertently but happily finally revealing to Kili that he is his son, Prince Kilorin, the two men bond as father and son now that they are no longer merely uncle and nephew–though that bond serves as their foundation.  Prince Kilorin specifically asked his father how he met and fell in love with his mother Queen Kiralin.  And King Thorin will now oblige him.

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 13 (R):   Thorin’s and Kiralin’s Inauspicious Beginnings

After relating to Prince  Kilorin a rather edited version of how he met and fell in love with Queen Kiralin–leaving out the passionate bits since one’s children need not know all–King Thorin reminisces more fully while Prince Kilorin goes with Fili to feed and water the ponies before the rest of the camp awakens and then they will proceed to enter the mountain.  King Thorin closes his eyes and sees it all as if it were yesterday–when actually, him meeting and falling in love with Queen Kiralin occurred 174 years ago.

The year is T.A. 2769, the year before they wed–and the year before The Desolation of D3x_6552.dngSmaug descended upon the peoples of Durin in the city of Dale and the Kingdom of Erebor.  Young Prince Thorin [(2) right] is a strapping Dwarven lad of a mere 23 years.  Prince Thorin is devilishly handsome and full of hubris  since he has just spent a year living with some freedom to the East of Erebor in the Dwarven Kingdom of the Iron Hills–not being under the covert watchful eyes of dozens of courtiers and his grandfather and father allowed him to be his own person.  Prince Thorin was in the Iron  Hills both for diplomacy’s sake with the House of Durin needing the iron ore of those lands for their armor and other hard goods, as well as for legacy in the hope that Prince Thorin might begin to cultivate a relationship with one of the princesses there and strengthen their alliance through a marriage to such a princess.  Sad to say, Prince Thorin spent more time in manly pursuits of hunting game rather than pampered princesses.  He has many decades from now and into the future to find a princess to his liking anyway.  Ah youth!

But now, Prince Thorin returns home to Dale and to Erebor unannounced in the middle of the Autumn Festival for Durin’s Day [(3)]–when all wishes are granted by the sovereign, within reason.  Dale is abuzz with merchants plying their wares to special visitors from around the area–and further afield [(4) right].  So Prince Thorin,Dale-DurinsDayMarket-image-is-fromTHAUJ_vlcsnap-19h41m41s130_Mar2613GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-clr accompanied by his modest escort of two–his manservant squire Gralin and Gralin’s uncle Lord Dwalin, Prince Thorin’s bodyguard–mingle in amidst the crowds before they must adhere to protocol and report to his grandfather King Thror and to his father Prince Thrain in the Palace Fortress of Erebor.

Lord Dwalin:  Walking around Dale with meat on a stick he had procured from one food stall, Lord Dwalin observes with some amusement.  “There are so many visitors today, no one seems to take notice of us.”GralinImageisAdamBrownasOri-inTHAUJOct1113EmpireOnlineCrop

Gralin:  “Aye uncle.  But they really should know that they are in the presence of their prince, Prince Thorin.”  Gralin [(5) right] looks  inquiringly at his master Prince Thorin.

Prince Thorin: “Nay, Gralin.  Let us simply be visitors and enjoy the Festival.”  Then he spies what he has been looking for across the market square.  “A ha!  The Hand Maidens of Durin have a stall again this year.  And by the looks of it, some ladies are very young.  Look at that one with only fuzz and underweight.”  He points to a young maiden in red with no beard yet and who has not matured enough to gain her Dwarven womanly curves yet.

Lord Dwalin: “Is that not your sister, my niece, Lady Kiralin, Gralin?”  He asks knowingly.

Gralin:  He nods eagerly.  “It is!  We have been apart so long, she will not recognize me now that I have matured.”  Of course, the still young Gralin only has a small beard, himself.  And his open guileless face reflects his endearing youthfulness.

Gralin raises his arm to wave at his sister, but Prince Thorin stops him.

Prince Thorin: “Gralin! Let us not reveal ourselves just yet.  I am enjoying the anonymity of the crowd.  Gralin, you and Lord Dwalin stay here out of sight and I will visit the Handmaidens of Durin’s stall to taste their wares.”  He grins mischievously.Dwalin-image-isGrahamMctavishinTHAUJPromobyJamesFisherOct0513TORN--bkgrndmsk-hi-res-cropRev-mask

Lord Dwalin [(6) right] rolls his eyes as he crosses his arms, because Prince Thorin at 23 years is also a rather randy prince–though Prince Thorin has yet to enter into  manhood by lying abed with a Dwarf woman, since such would constitute a form of one aspect of a Dwarven marriage contract.  The final marriage commitment involves the betrothal couple publicly declaring their intent to form a marriage with each other and receive their respective families’ blessings.

And in between courting and the final marriage commitment, of course, there is a mountain’s worth of wrangling that occurs with regard to family dowry negotiations and the woman’s rights in and expectations of the marriage.  For in the Kingdom of Erebor, Dwarven women’s rights are held in esteem–mostly because Dwarven women are so scarce [(7)] and the men must be ever vigilant if they are to establish and maintain a happy household.  And princely marriages are even more cumbersome since they often involve political alliances rather than the personal choosing of the individuals involved.


Prince Thorin saunters–or maybe one could say he swaggers–over to the Handmaidens of Durin’s stall of fine household products they have made–sweet treats, linens, soaps, and such.  Lady Kiralin’s back is to Prince Thorin, but not for long as she quickly stands upright from setting a basket on the ground.

Lady Kiralin:   “Grenelda, what is that stench?”  Lady Kiralin asks in annoyance while turning around to face her friend.

Lady Grenelda:  A grandmotherly Dwarven lady, she smiles benevolently at the young Dwarf man before her–who unbeknownst to her is Prince Thorin.  Wrinkling her nose only slightly–for her aging nose’s smelling acuity is dimmed–she asks.  “Can we interest you in something, Sir?”

Prince Thorin: “Yes Mistress, I thank you.”  Prince Thorin greets her politely.  “But I request that the young lady there serve me.”  He gestures to Lady Kiralin.

Hands on her hips in indignation, Lady Kiralin looks up and down at the too handsome for his own good and very stinky Dwarf man in front of her.Kiralin-image-isLucyGriffiths-asLadyMarian-inRH2epi03_202Oct0513ranet-crop-hi-res

Lady Kiralin:   “I do not serve Dwarves who do not bathe when necessary.  And for you, it is very necessary.”  Lady Kiralin [(8) right]  fumes even as she tries not to breathe in the stranger’s foul odor

Prince Thorin:  “Ah!  My Lady, I fear that my companions and I have been traveling far–and we have long since become impervious to our smell.  My apologies, my Lady.”  Prince Thorin does a courteous bow.PrinceThorinisRichardArmitageasThorinOakenshield-Canal-bts-12Oct0513ranet-crop-hi-res-clr-mask-bkgrnd-drk-GratianaL

Lady Kiralin: “Well do yourself and everyone a favor and bathe–without delay!”  She throws up her hands in exasperation as she looks upon the greasy haired, slovenly dressed, Dwarf man before her [(9) right].

Prince Thorin: “Ha ha ha ha ha!   Is that a command, my Lady?  For there are few who would dare command me who are not in my family.”  Prince Thorin states cryptically.

Lady Kiralin:  “Then your companions are lacking in courage to tell you that you are dirty, stinking, filthy, sweaty, and smelly.  Be gone before we all collapse from lack of fresh air!” Then she picks up a bar of soap that she made and tosses it to him.  “Here!   I will gift you with the means to rectify your sorry condition.

Prince Thorin catches the soap in both hands then brings it to his nose.  It has a smoky pine tree scent.

Prince Thorin: “Very nice.  I thank you, my Lady.   The next time we meet, perhaps you will know me from this more pleasant scent.”

Lady Kiralin: “I doubt that we shall meet again.”  She tilts her nose in the air frostily.  For noble ladies who are Hand Maidens of Durin have their interactions strictly monitored and restricted–since it is from them that the next generation of the Dwarves of the House of Durin will rise.  The Durin’s Day Festival is the exception,  when the Hand Maidens of Durin mingle freely with the general populace–albeit with watchful guardians at a respectful distance.

Prince Thorin: Prince Thorin turns to leave, then looks back at her.  “My Lady, may I know your name?”  He asks impishly, even though he knows it.

Lady Kiralin:  The unmitigated gall of this Dwarf man she thinks. “You may not!   I am a Hand Maiden of Durin and not destined for the likes of you.”  She looks down her wrinkling nose at him.

Prince Thorin: Prince Thorin smiles bemusedly.  “A true pity–for your beauty and spirit beguile me, My Lady.”  He bows again. “Until we meet again.” He smiles mischievously.

Lady Kiralin:  She shakes her head and looks at him disdainfully.  “You have delusions of grandeur.”

Prince Thorin:  “Indeed!”  And with a smiling nod to his head, Prince Thorin departs from Lady Kiralin, him not having revealed who he was.

After Prince Thorin, his squire manservant Gralin, and his body guard Lord Dwalin return to their respective Erebor Palace quarters within the Fortress of Erebor, they each bathe thoroughly to rid themselves of the stench of filthy, dirty, stinking, smelly traveling Dwarves.  With Prince Thorin using the pine scented bath soap that Lady Kiralin gave him.  Then after Gralin helps him dress for tonight’s Durin’s Day banquet, Prince Thorin strides purposely toward the throne room to greet his father and grandfather.  Prince Thorin is now resplendent in the sapphire and teal blue hues of his favorite velvet tunic trimmed with silver threads embroidering Dwarven  Durin symbols on the edges of his collar and sleeves.  His hair is washed and braided with modest ornamentation.  And gone is the dirt and grim and stench of earlier, replaced with a pleasing  pine fresh scent.

Prince Thorin is announced to those assembled–few are present thus far since the main Thorin-and-KingThror-vlcsnap-2013-03-26-19h44m36s94-GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-hi-resdinner banquet will begin within the hour in the banquet hall next to the throne room.  His grandfather King Thor beckons him forward and Prince Thorin [(10) right]  takes his place by his side as they greet the heads of the noble families of Durin.

But those families’ grown children are not present.  So though Lord Dwalin and his brother Lord Balin are present–Lord Balin’s son Gralin and daughter Lady Kiralin are not, and their mother Lady Helga begged off for feeling poorly.  Poor Gralin has been so busy in tending to his squire duties for Prince Thorin that he has not even had time to greet his family upon his return, but Gralin will see his sister Lady Kiralin and his father Lord Balin at the banquet.  And Lord Dwalin is silent with his brother Lord Balin about Prince Thorin’s earlier meeting with Lady Kiralin at the Durin’s Day Market Festival.

Then everyone is escorted into the banquet hall next door door in the great Hall of the Erebor-Hall-of-the-Guardians-image-vlcsnap-2013-03-26-19h43m26s162GratianaLovelacecap-crop-hi-res-bkgrnd-manipGuardians [(11) right], a massive four story  cavern with walls of veins of shimmering lapis lazuli and other gems with the Dwarven Guardians standing as sentinels high above where they were carved out of the mountain.  It is an impressive room bespeaking the Dwarves of Durin’s wealth and power and skill and artistry in taming the mountain.

However, rather than taking his place on the elevated dais head table with his grandfather King Thror and father Prince Thrain, Prince Thorin hangs back–leaning against the wall in a small alcove near the entry doorway, hoping to catch sight of Lady Kiralin again.  He waits for several groups of individuals to file in, his patience being sorely tested.

And then she is here, in a slow moving line of guests to be introduced to King Thror by the Kiralin-image-isLucy Griffiths-asLadyMarian-inRobinHoodOct1213azmrablogspot-crop-hi-res-clrHerald announcing each person’s name loud and clear.  Prince Thorin is mesmerized by Lady Kiralin wearing a black silk and lace and velvet gown that caresses her blossoming womanly Dwarven curves to perfection  [(12) right].  So Prince Thorin stealthily walks up and stands behind Lady Kiralin in the long line.  Still, he does not reveal who he is, nor do others recognize him–other than to approve of his fine garments.

Prince Thorin:  Then leaning forward, Prince Thorin whispers smoulderingly into Lady Kiralin’s ear.  “Mistress of the Soaps, do you approve of my fragrance now?”

Lady Kiralin startles and brushes her hand over her shoulder as she turns around to face the now smoky pine scented Dwarven stranger whom she met earlier this day.  To say that Lady Kiralin is speechless at his transformation is an understatement.  She acts almost as if language has not yet been invented with her open mouthed staring at the splendid personage he now presents–a far cry from his dirty and stinky appearance when she met him earlier in the day.  Prince Thorin smiles mischievously and touches his finger under her chin and gently pushes upward–closing her mouth for her.

Lady Kiralin: She brushes his hand away from her chin.  “What are you doing here?”  She looks at him incredulously as his errant finger now strokes her cheek.  She does not flinch this time, thinking that this handsome Dwarf man cleans up very nicely.

However, they have become distracted and someone taps Prince Thorin’s shoulder, urging him to move.  Prince Thorin nods.

Prince Thorin:  Gently touching Lady Kiralin’s elbow, he whispers deeply.  “Let us move forward.”  He continues to guide her with his hand at the small ofher back as the line inches ahead.  “I took your suggestion and bathed, My Lady.”

Lady Kiralin:  “But your fine clothes?  How did you come upon them?  Let alone gain admittance to the Erebor Palace Fortress for tonight’s banquet?  Only diplomatic visitors are allowed as outside guests.”  By outside, she refers to those who do not reside in Dale and Erebor as Dwarven citizens.  Lady Kiralin narrows her eyes.  “Are you from a neighboring Dwarven kingdom as an emissary?”

Prince Thorin: “I am not.”  He smiles benignly.  “But I have recently journeyed from the Iron Hills Kingdom that is far to the East after residing there this past year–pertaining to a delicate matter.”

Lady Kiralin: “Oh really.”  She rolls her eyes thinking that he is full of himself.  She has heard tales from her father Lord Balin and Uncle Lord Dwalin of Dwarves who roam nomadically between Dwarven and even Elven kingdoms, brokering trade deals, but never setting down roots.    Yet, this Dwarf stranger is so well spoken,  it makes her wonder about him.  “And was this delicate matter something you can speak about?”

Prince Thorin: “Alas no, My Lady.”  He sighs with feigned mystery.  Lady Kiralin is intrigued.

They continue their light banter as the line moves forward until it is their turn to be introduced.  Lady Kiralin’s curiosity is piqued as to who this visitor is since he has yet to give her his name.  Yet, she has also failed to provide her name to him.  She steps forward ahead of the Dwarf stranger.

Herald:  The herald leans slightly  forward toward Lady Kiralin, she whispers her name near his ear.  Then he straightens up and intones.  “Lady Kiralin of Balin–a Hand Maiden of Durin.”  For she and the other Hand Maidens are not wearing red tonight, their signature color.

Lady Kiralin executes a flawless curtsy to King Thror and Prince Thrain sitting in front of her on the dais, who nod their head to her in acknowledgement.  Then as she rises and starts to walk away, she looks back at the handsome Dwarf stranger and flashes him a brilliant self-satisfied smile–now that he knows her name.  And Prince Thorin places his hand over his heart and bows to her out of courtesy, to respect her position as a Hand Maiden of Durin.  Lady Kiralin steps to the side and goes to join her family.  Lord Balin pats her hand with a small smile–for he does know that the stranger standing next to his daughter was Prince Thorin.

Then Prince Thorin steps up to the herald and looks at him pointedly.  The herald waits for Prince Thorin to give him his name–even though he knows that it is him.  Prince Thorin raises his eye brow at the herald–royalty being efficient in their efforts by not saying or doing the obvious. Everyone, but four individuals–King Thror, Prince Thrain, Lord Dwalin, and Lord Balin–waits expectantly to hear this stranger’s name.  Then he is announced.

Herald:  “Prince Thorin of the House of Durin.”  There is a gasp amongst those assembled.  Is it really their Prince?  He looks so changed, so matured, so handsome compared to the gangly boy that left them a year ago.

Prince Thorin bows to his grandfather King Thror and to his father Prince Thrain.  Then Prince Thorin walks to the left side of the dais to take a seat beside his grandfather king and he looks over at Lady Kiralin–who once again is frozen in shock.  Prince Thorin raises his eye brow and smiles cordially at her.  Lady Kiralin regains her composure, narrows her eyes at him and shakes her head as she rolls her eyes.  She and her mother have been living so long at their country estate that they did not know what the young prince looked like as a young, adult since they had not seen him since he was a child.  Though, of course, with Lady Helga in her sick bed nursing a cold, she still does not see what her Prince looks like as a young Dwarf man.


The banquet’s delicious traditional Dwarven folkways foods of meat pies–called Dwarvish pasties–and such keep everyone occupied, and little conversation is to be had whilst the chewing commences.  Everyone is chewing, that is except, Lady Kiralin.  Her embarrassment increases for her having told the heir to the throne of Durin to take a bath because he smelled.  And then her thoughts transform into anger at him concealing who he was to her.    How dare he?

But it is not until later in the evening when the young people of Prince Thorin’s and Lady Kiralin’s age escape to the the slopes of Erebor to watch the fireworks by a new wizard to these parts called Gandalf, that Prince Thorin catches up with Kiralin to explain.  Weaving his way through the throngs of young adult Dwarves aged 20 to 80, Prince Thorin sees Lady Kiralin shivering whilst sitting on the ground on top of a borrowed blanket to protect her dress–she had stepped out without her cloak and was too proud to return for it, lest she run into Prince Thorin.  However, Prince Thorin had thought to first retrieve his fur coat against the chill.

Prince Thorin:  “My Lady Kiralin, may I join you?”  He asks as he sits down next to her.

Lady Kiralin:  “To what purpose, My Prince?  Are you going to spin another tale about your being an ambassador to the Iron Hills?”  She challenges him.Thorin-composite-SmaugAttack03-20h01m07s28Mar2613andYoungThorinPromo-Nov2413GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-clr-manip2-hi-res

Prince Thorin:  “Well, technically, that was true.” He smirks [(13) right] with a decided smoulder.  Then noticing her shivering, Prince Thorin removes his fine pelt coat and wraps it around her shoulders.  “You are cold, this will keep you warm.”

Lady Kiralin:  She sneers at him, but is grateful for the warmth that his coat provides.  “Court manners, my Prince?  That is quite a contrast to earlier when you did not see fit to reveal yourself to me.”

Prince Thorin:  Recognizing  that Lady Kiralin is a spitfire, Prince Thorin smiles mischievously and whispers in her ear.  “My Lady, my companions and I had just completed a long and tiring journey of four days.  Etiquette and formal behavior was the last thing on my mind.”

Lady Kiralin: “I suppose.”  She shrugs her shoulders and rolls her eyes at his seeming logic.

Then the fireworks begin–by Gandalf the wizard.  Everyone sitting in front of Prince Thorin and Lady Kiralin on the slope of Erebor oohs and ahs over the brilliant displays of light and sound and color.   Prince Thorin and Lady Kiralin admire the fireworks initially, then they lock eyes and he leans over and kisses her–gently at first and then with great tenderness, savoring the feel of her  soft plump lips pressed against his own lips.  Their mouths and lips move against each other in happy accord for the duration of the fireworks display–with Prince Thorin cupping her cheek in his hand as their only other point of physical contact.  It is Prince Thorin’s first kiss–and hers.  And it is a kiss that changes their lives forever.


What follows is the memory that King Thorin omitted from telling his son about his courtship of Prince Kilorin’s mother Queen Kiralin.   Afterall, such things are  private from one’s children.

Though Lady Kiralin is six years Prince Thorin’s senior at twenty nine years,  that is but a blink of an eye on the time frame of normal Dwarven lifespans of almost 400 years–if disease or injury does not claim them earlier.  And in the succeeding months in the following year of their first meeting, the young couple explores a growing relationship with each other through stolen moments of tender kissing and sweetly holding hands apart from watchful eyes.  Until one night their passions consume them and crumbles their earlier restraint.

Prince Thorin sits by the fire in his palace bed chamber after having removed his tunic and boots by himself–he does that sometimes when he just wants to be alone with his thoughts, since he is so often under someone’s watchful gaze.  His grandfather King Thror and father Prince Thrain are pressing him again to consider seeking a princess bride.  They have noticed his seemingly heightened enthusiasm for life whenever he glances at a pretty Dwarven maid on two sturdy legs.  Of course Prince Thorin looks at other Dwarven women in their presence only to hide his real interest in Lady Kiralin.  He smiles gazing at the flickering flames, thinking about Lady Kiralin–wishing she could be with him now.

Then a small pair of gentle hands with soft fuzz on their backs come  from behind him and Kiralin-image-isa-composite-of-LucyGriffithandEmmyRossumOct1213GratianaLovelace-cream-gownbegin to massage his shoulders.    Startled, Prince Thorin instantly stands up and turns to face this person only to find Lady Kiralin shyly standing before him in a cream lace dressing gown [(14) right] hugging her curves that gives rise in him to feelings of love and lust that he has valiantly tried to keep at bay until now–for he is a Prince of Durin, destined to wed a princess to be chosen for him by his grandfather King Thror.

Prince Thorin: “Kiralin!   How did you get in here unseen?”  He asks worriedly since his bed chamber door is guarded without relenting.

Lady Kiralin:  “I brought fresh linens in while no one was at guard and then I waited.”  Thorin_by_Aegileif-d6sa5zsNov2313deviantart-hi-res-decrblueLady Kiralin smiles demurely  at the visage before her of the   young and  virile Prince Thorin, bare-chested and walking toward her [(15) right].

The firelight caresses Prince Thorin’s muscles of Dwarven masculine perfection in a luminous glow.  Lady Kiralin feels over warm as her face blushes with anticipation of their first night of  love together.  They had not planned this, but every kiss and tender touch has lead up to it.

Prince Thorin: With a stern face, Prince Thorin says. “I will have to have a talk with my door guard about shirking his duties.”  Then his face softens as he reaches her.  “To thank him.”

Lady Kiralin:  “I am glad that you are not displeased to see me here.”  She smiles shyly.

Prince Thorin slowly shakes his head no without taking his eyes from Lady Kiralin’s eyes.  Then he envelops her in his warm embrace as their breathing deepens.  She can feel his hard sinews beneath his warm skin as her hands slide up his torso and rest around his neck, playing with the hairs at the back of his neck.  Prince Thorin lightly strokes her back from her shoulders to her lower back–but not beyond, not yet.  He leans his head forward, touching his forehead against her forehead.

Prince Thorin: “Oh Kiralin!   You are so beautiful!”  He sighs.   “I find it difficult to temper my actions at this moment.  I want to take you to my bed and kiss you as I have never kissed you before.   I want ..  I want … Hhhhh!   Hhhhh!   Hhhhh!”  He pants heavily. “You had best leave while I can still let you go.”

He says this out of nobility and respect for her, while he firmly, but lightly holds her in his arms.  She can leave–if she wants to.

Lady Kiralin:   “Hmmm!”  She whimpers and  leans her head back as she reaches up her mouth to kiss him even as her arms bind herself more tightly to him.

Prince Thorin’s restraint snaps as his kisses plunder her lips and mouth, parting her lips for the first time to entwine his tongue around her tongue for several moments.  And then,  she sucks upon his tongue in reply.

Prince Thorin: “Hmmm.”  Prince Thorin moans deeply with Lady Kiralin’s willing response.

Then, their mouths and hands  move quickly to kiss and unhook, unlace, pull down, and pull away their clothing until their garments are in a heap upon the floor and they are unabashedly naked with each other–kissing and caressing each other with loving abandon for several minutes.  Then when he can no longer delay his wish to join with her, Prince Thorin lifts Lady Kiralin up into his arms and carries her to his bed and lays her down and quickly slides into bed next to  her even as he covers them with the bed sheet.

Prince Thorin has never lain with a woman, nor has Lady Kiralin lain with a man.  Yet, their love for each other suspends their shyness as they wondrously explore each others bodies’ forms, and curves, and such for a little while longer–heightening their mutual desires to the point of painful aches that must be eased.   Yet, Prince Thorin wants to savor this moment of first lovemaking a little longer as he kisses Lady Kiralin’s eyes, then nose, then cheeks, then lips, then neck, then shoulders, then breasts–with his tongue lingering upon her loveliness even as his hand cups her other breast.  And she writhes beneath him, pushing herself toward him, wanting him, needing him as much as he wants and needs her.

And then Prince Thorin quickly moves atop Lady Kiralin and she opens herself to him and they join their bodies together.  She gasps in pain at their first coupling.

Lady Kiralin: “Ah!”  She clutches his arms, her nails unintentionally digging in to him.  Tears fall from her eyes as much from joy in him loving her as from the pain of it.

Prince Thorin stills his movements, however painful it is for him to do so.

Prince Thorin:  “I am sorry.  I do not mean to cause you pain, My Kiralin.”  He sighs remorsefully and pants his urgency.  “Hhhh! Hhhh!   Hhhh!”

Lady Kiralin: She nods as she wipes away her tears she gazes up at him.  “I know, I know.  Hhhhh.   Hhhhhh.   Hhhhh.”  She breathes deeply for several moments as she accustoms herself to the feeling of their joined bodies.  It is a feeling like no other, a sensation of oneness that she knows in her heart is right.

Prince Thorin:  But after several more moments she is still not recovered and he starts to pull away from her.  “Maybe I should …”

Lady Kiralin:  “No!   Stay!”  She grabs hold of him around his back and pulls him toward her–which causes him to move inside her again.  “Hh!”  She gasps again.  Then she composes herself.  “It does not hurt so much now.”  She tries to lie with a small smile, because it still hurts a little.

Prince Thorin:  “But I do not want to hurt you at all, Kiralin.  I never want to hurt you.”  He whispers with worried eyes.  He fears that his inexperience is causing her pain that should not be.  He leans down and softly kisses her lips. “We will wait a few moments more.”

He gazes at her resolutely and she gives him a grateful nod. Prince Thorin holds his weight up from Lady Kiralin by perching upon one bent arm–remaining still within her so as not to cause her pain. And with the other hand he caresses her face as he tenderly kisses her  lips.  Slowly, Lady Kiralin’s body’s tenseness relaxes.  Then her body’s needs return and she strokes his muscled chest.

Prince Thorin: “Hmmmm.”  He groans with desire–but still, he patiently waits as his ragged panting conveys his heightened desire.  “Hhhh! Hhhhh!  Hhhh!”

And then Lady Kiralin–feeling better–wriggles her body lying underneath Prince Thorin, wanting him to begin again, but being too shy to ask it of him since he has been so kind and understanding of her.  But he is uncertain if she is just getting comfortable or if she feels well enough for him to continue their lovemaking.  Then she tilts her abdomen toward him further and bends her knees to seek that greater closeness of their lovemaking again. Prince Thorin smiles at her loving response and kisses her soundly.  Then he guides her legs around him as he begins rhythmic pulsing movements as they join their bodies together again, and again, and again, and again–until he feels her clutch at him which causes a heretofore unknown bliss to burst within him as they both cry out their joy and collapse together in cuddling kisses until they both fall asleep in each others’ loving arms.  It is done, they are one–heart and mind and body and soul.

To be continued with Chapter 14

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