“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 14 End: Homecoming, November 28, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #476)

“Thorin’s Dream of Love”, Ch. 14 End:   Homecoming,  November 28, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #476)

aaThorinsDreamofLove-story-logoOct0813GratianaLovelace-256x249(This is an original fan fiction story by Gratiana Lovelace; All rights reserved;  The characters from “The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” are owned by Warner Brothers, no copyright infringement is intended) [(1) story logo left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story with my dream cast of:  Richard Armitage as Prince Thorin Oakenshield, Lucy Griffiths as Lady Kiralin, Jeffrey Thomas as King Thror, Mike Mizrahi as Prince Thrain, Lee Pace as King Thranduil, Graham McTavish as Lord Dwalin, Orlando Bloom as Prince Legolas, Evangeline Lilly as Captain Tauriel, Ken Stott as Lord Balin, Hugo Weaving as Lord Elrond, and Adam Brown as Gralin, Aidan Turner as Prince Kilorin/Kili, Dean O’Gorman as Fili, and Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, etc.]

Author’s Mature Content Note:  “Thorin’s Dream of Love” is a story of romance and intrigue set amidst the backdrop of Middle Earth.  As such there will be some passages in this story involving heartfelt love scenes (R rated) and some passages involving highly dramatic moments.  I will label the maturity rating of those chapters accordingly.  Otherwise, the general rating for this story is PG or PG-13 due to some mature situations and topics.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide, then please do not read the chapters with those labels.  This is my disclaimer.  P.S.  And I have freely departed from JRR Tolkien’s storyline throughout this fan fiction tale for dramatic or comedic effect–never more so than in this final chapter.

Author’s Recap from the previous installment:  King Thorin had revealed to Kili that he is actually King Thorin’s and Queen Kiralin’s son Prince Kilorin.  Kili took it well.  And Dwalin had already guessed the connection.  But they kept it to themselves, but for Queen Kiralin’s father, Lord Balin.  Their goal of reclaiming the mountain fortress of Erebor is ever on their minds as they find themselves closer to their goal.

“Thorin’s Dream of Love,”  Ch. 14 End: Homecoming

By one year later on their quest in T.A. 2941, King Thorin and his company of Dwarves had entered the mountain and reclaimed their treasure and their birthright.  However, they did not accomplish this feat without the begrudging help of the Elves and of the Men–at great cost to all.  Laketown was destroyed when Smaug’s wrath at being disturbed was visited upon them.  But it was a man named Bard the Bowman from Laketown who slew the dragon–not King Thorin nor any of the Dwarves.   And of course, these others wanted their portion of the Erebor treasure when it was already to be split into fourteen shares for thirteen Dwarves and a Hobbit.

But while wrangling for Erebor’s gold was an unseemly past time by the Elven King Thranduil and the Laketown men lead by Bard the Bowman through their weekly sieges upon the mountain fortress of  Erebor, the Dwarves had refortified Erbor’s outer fortress walls while they waited it out until their brethren Dwarves from the Iron Hills lead by Dain, son of Nain can arrive.  At first, King Thorin was adamant that the treasure should only be for these thirteen Dwarves and the Hobbit who had risked their lives to reclaim it.

King Thorin and company had also yet to find the Arkenstone, which was of chief concern ArkenstoneImageJul1912TORNNov2813crop2-clr-ovalto him as a symbol of his “right to rule”[(2)] as King Thranduil had disdainfully said. The beautiful glowing gemstone the Arkenstone, the heart of the mountain had to be found.  And it was found, by the burglar Bilbo–who did not tell anyone.  He did not mean to conceal that he had found it, but conceal he did–thought of it as a bargaining chip  to somehow get everyone talking with each other, most of all King Thorin.

King Thorin had actually noticed Bilbo’s agitation first–whenever the Arkenstone was mentioned–and he called it to Lord Balin’s attention.  So Lord Balin took to observing Bilbo more closely, trying to allay King Thorin’s mistrust of Bilbo while his own mistrust of Bilbo was growing. In particular, Lord Balin noticed Bilbo favoring his left side, as if a pain resided there. Unbeknownst to Lord Balin–though he had a growing suspicion–Bilbo kept the Arkenstone upon his person at all times in that location.

And so it was on a cold blustery night that Lord Balin followed secretly behind Bilbo as he made his way to where Bombur was on watch on the wall for the night.  Bilbo’s intent was to trade places with Bombur, then escape to the Men and Elves with the Arkenstone.  But Bilbo was intercepted before he reached Bombur.

Lord Balin:  “Bilbo, you are up late this night, Laddie?”Bilbo-isMartinFreemanNov2713TORN_SkyMovies-crop-hi-res

Bilbo:  “Oh!”  Startled [(3) right], Bilbo turns around to see Lord Balin watching him keenly–with Bilbo wishing that he had slipped the ring on to turn himself invisible.  “It is late.  And I was restless.”

Lord Balin: “As was I.  This business of who deserves the wealth of Erebor–Dwarves, Men, or Elves–has become almost an impossible situation, an impasse.”

Bilbo:  Shifting his feet nervously, he remarks.  “It has.  If only people would see sense.”

Lord Balin: “And by people, I assume that you mean King Thorin.”

Bilbo:  “Yes.  But not solely him–the Men of Laketown and the Elves.  Because there are worse enemies than this pettiness makes of all of us.”

Lord Balin:  “Aye, Laddie.  It pains me to see King Thorin striving each day to find the Arkenstone that was his grandfather’s.  It has consumed him, more than the gold fever has.”

Bilbo: Bilbo nods his head.  “It has.”

Lord Balin: “And each day’s disappointment at not finding it is like a failure to him–failing his fathers, and failing his son.”

Bilbo:  “His son?”  Bilbo asks quizzically.

For King Thorin and Prince Kilorin had decided not to tell anyone of their relation outside of family–which included Prince Kilorin’s grandfather, Lord Balin.

Lord Balin: “I believe I can trust you, Master Baggins.”  Lord Balin intones particularly.  “But it was revealed to me months ago that Kili is King Thorin and Queen Kiralin’s son Prince Kilorin–the back story of which is too complicated to relate now.  But he is my grandson, and heir to the throne of Durin–if, indeed, that throne can be secured by finding the Arkenstone.  That is why King Thorin searches for it so, because of the legacy that it symbolizes.  The Arkenstone’s importance is beyond measure, and only finding it will return King Thorin’s wisdom to him.”

Bilbo: “Are you certain of that?”  Bilbo asks warily.

Lord Balin: “No.  But there is one way to find out.”  Bilbo feigns curiosity.  “If we take the Arkenstone to King Thorin and let its being found help him gain perspective.”

Bilbo: “We?” He sheepishly looks at Lord Balin.

Lord Balin:   “Well, you could do it yourself.”  Lord Balin points to the bulge in Bilbo’s vest pocket.   “But in case King Thorin does not take kindly to you failing to turn the Arkenstone over to him when you found it, I will defend you if need be.”

Bilbo:  Realizing that he is caught, Bilbo asks hesitantly. “Why would you defend me?”BalinImage-isKenStott_638x622Oct0513dailymailcouk-crop-bkgrnd-crop2

Lord Balin: “Because you did not have to come on this journey, but you did anyway.  You did not know what to expect, but have met each challenge given to you–albeit with plenty of complaining.”  Bilbo grins sheepishly.  “And because you had a home and left it to help us reclaim our home.”   Lord Balin stares Bilbo down [(4) right].

Bilbo:  “That’s the thing about doing the right thing.  How do you know which choice is the right one?”

Lord Balin:  “You don’t.”  He says wryly.  “But secrecy and betrayal are not usually associated with the right course of action.”

Bilbo: “Betrayal?”  He startles.

Lord Balin: “Aye.  It was difficult for King Thorin to accept you as one of us–him being mistrustful of so many who have let us down.  But you gained his trust.  Is that something you are prepared to lose now?”

Bilbo: “No.”  He croaks in a whisper.

For Lord Balin’s counsel has proven wise and meaningful to Bilbo.  So they return to the bowels of the Mountain to find Thorin once again in the treasure room sifting through the debris of gold, trying to find the Arkenstone.

Lord Balin:  “My King, you should rest.  You work yourself tirelessly by day at our side as we rebuild the fortifications, then you squander what little night there is for your rest at night by combing the treasure room here for the Arkenstone.”

King Thorin: Spitting his reply out of endless fatigue, King Thorin says in a clipped voice.  Thorin-isRichardArmitage-manip-toEreborTreasureBkgrnd-vlcsnap-2013-03-26-19h53m55s47-Nov2813GratianaLovelaceCap-crop“I will not rest until the Arkenstone is found.  It is the heart of the mountain and the heart of my people.  If it is lost, then I am lost.”  King Thorin states forlornly, a man whose obsession has overtaken his reason [(5) right].

Bilbo:  Bilbo looks upon the man whose life he saved and who has saved his life.  And he knows what he must do.  “I should have spoken up sooner, but my judgement was clouded by reasoning that no longer matters.”

King Thorin: “What are you talking about, Master Burglar?”  He intones somewhat derisively.

Then Bilbo looks at Lord Balin who nods his encouragement.  And Bilbo reaches into his pocket and takes out a cloth covered lump–a glowing cloth covered lump.

Lord Balin: “He has found it, my King!”

Bilbo uncovers the Arkenstone and holds it out to King Thorin.

King Thorin: “Where did you find it?”  He asks in wonder as he takes the Arkenstone into his hands.  Then King Thorin’s eyes become thunder and he accuses. “When did you find it?  Why have you kept this from me?  From us?”

Bilbo:  Bilbo shrinks from King Thorin’s stare. “You said I could choose anything for my own, so when I found it the other day I kept it.” He does not mention that his good intentions were to try to broker a deal with the Elves and Men–since good intentions often go awry.

King Thorin: “Are you in league with the Elves?  Do they seek to undermine my kingdom?”  King Thorin thunders in righteous indignation.

Lord Balin: Interjecting quickly.  “No, he is not.  But I wouldn’t trust an Elf as far as I could throw one.”  Thorin still fumes.  “Can we not dispense with this greed of gold between us and the Elves and Men and set about to rebuilding all of our futures?  For we may have need of Elves and Men in the future if the evil that has plagued these lands is to be vanquished.” Of course, he is speaking of goblins and orcs with their wargs and Necromancers and such.

King Thorin:  “I will think upon it.”   Then he walks away, gingerly carrying the Arkenstone back to his palace quarters for safekeeping.

Bilbo  winces, knowing that no thanks will be forthcoming from King Thorin anytime soon.  But then Lord Balin claps Bilbo on the back and winks at him with a smile.


In the end King Thorin relented, after their stalwart guide and protector Gandalf the Grey who had no personal stake in the treasure of Erebor–for what does a wizard need of treasure when his powers and magic do all that he bids?– brokered the final peace between the Dwarves, and Elves, and Men.   For even if all of the now thousands of Dwarves of Durin scattered in the Blue Mountains were to receive a due portion share of the treasure, there would still be so much abundance of gold and gems that it could not be counted in even during an Elves’ lifetime of thousands of years [(6)].  And Erebor has not even begun to give up a scintilla of its bounty, its mineral riches of gold and gems is so vast.

So,  a fourteenth of the current Erebor treasure became the Elves’ portion and another fourteenth the portion for the Men–and yet another fourteenth portion for the brethren Dwarven communities who had taken in and sheltered the Dwarves of Durin 173 years ago when Smaug desolated Dale and invaded the Palace Fortress at Erebor.  That left eleven fourteenth shares for the remaining Dwarves–Bifur, Bombur, Bofur, Ori, Dori, Nori, Oin, Gloin, and Thorin and Kilorin splitting one share, and Balin and Dwalin splitting one share–and the Hobbit Bilbo.  The Dwarves of Durin will reclaim their home and rebuild their fortress and their beloved community of Dale, even as they return to mining Erebor–hoping to accumulate more wealth and to regain their power base amongst the great civilizations of Middle Earth.

Everyone is satisfied and political fences are mended.  That is a good thing, for Dwarves and Elves and Men had need of each other in the not too distant future when they battled the the forces of evil [(7)].  And surely the alliance of Dwarves and Men and Elves were the deciding factor in their victory.  The Goblins and Orcs were inevitably trounced with additional aid from the Eagles–as well as, the shape shifting Beorn playing a significant role in his bear form.  Though losses had been sustained by Dwarves and Elves and Men alike, they had won.  And then the Wizards later drove the Necromancer and his evil out of Mirkwood so that it could thrive again as the Elven kingdom of the Green woods [(8)].

So, it is on a fine cool  Autumn day–on Durin’s Day [(9)] as it happens–when a tired but happy caravan of Dwarves finally reach their current homes to make ready for the return to their life at Erebor and to fully rebuild Dale, eighteen months after they had left on their quest.  There had been rumors abounding for months in the Blue Mountains about what had transpired–Smaug being killed, some Dwarves being injured or killed, contention amongst the peoples of Middle Earth.  So this incomplete information was worrisome to many–and especially so to Queen Kiralin.  Her not knowing if her husband, son, father, brother, uncle, and nephew were still alive or uninjured.

Queen Kiralin walks in her kitchen garden located well beyond the formal gardens of the two story royal manor–harvesting her bounty of foods, spices, and medicinal herbs for their home.  For she and King Thorin had long since moved from their cozy forest hut when her Thorin became King after his Grandfather King Thror’s death and his Father Prince Thrain’s disappearance, and after her family had left to live in another town.  She has been lonely for her husband King Thorin and her son Kilorin.  But that is not to say that Queen Kiralin is alone.

King Thorin and his family–son Prince Kilorin, uncle Lord Dwalin, father-in-law Lord Balin, and his mother-in-law Lady Helga whom they picked up along the way home–approach from the front of the royal cottage.  So Queen Kiralin does not yet know they are here.  They find that they royal manor looks much the same–as do the many acres of tilled farmland surrounding it yielding their bounty now that it is harvest time.  Queen Kiralin has been a good steward of their lands in King Thorin’s absence these past 18 months.  And Lady Helga smiles knowingly, for there is a secret within the royal household that she has kept from telling them at Queen Kiralin’s firm request should her mother Lady Helga see their men before Queen Kiralin did.

The royal manor house staff greet King Thorin and his traveling companions–informing them where Queen Kiralin is and seeing to their comfort with baths and fresh clothing.   King Thorin bathes and dresses quickly, grateful to now be lacking the stench of sweaty, dirty, smelly dwarves that Lady Helga had so complained about on their journey until she was upwind of them–and knowing of Queen Kiralin’s preference for him being freshly bathed in her presence.  He strides out to the small back veranda and appreciates the still blooming quality of the small formal garden as he passes through it.   This has been home to them for most of their marriage, and it will feel like home for a little while longer–until they can rebuild Dale and refurbish Erebor.

King Thorin sees Queen Kiralin in the near distance, some 100 yards away. But she does not see him because she has the sun in her eyes as she gathers medicinal herbs in her basket.  He quickly strides toward her calling out her name.

King Thorin: “Kiralin, Kiralin, Kiralin!”  He breaks into a run toward her.

Queen Kiralin looks up, not believing what her eyes and ears tell her.  But she cannot run to him because she carries precious cargo in her back pack, and it would be disturbed by the jostling of her running.

Queen  Kiralin: “Thorin, Thorin!”  She waves at him excitedly and yells, forgetting her need to be quiet.  Behind her, she hears some gurgling.KiralinisandLucyGriffithsRH2epi06_156GuyMrnchkJan1311ranetbrt-crop2

Reaching Queen Kiralin, King Thorin looks in wonder at his wife and caresses her face.  She also gazes up her husband with awe [(10) right].

King Thorin:  Then he crushes her to him in a loving embrace.  “My Love!”

He kisses her soundly in joy and relief and she kisses him back.  But as his arms move more fully around her, he encounters the back pack–which emits a gurgling noise.  Gently pushing King Thorin back from her, Queen Kiralin admonishes him.

Queen Kiralin:  “Oh no!  You have woken her up.”  She smiles broadly as she turns herself around to show him.

There, sitting in Queen Kiralin’s backback baby carrier under a sun visor is their nine month old daughter, Princess Thoralina, nicknamed Lina–in honor of her mother Queen Kiralin and her father King Thorin.  Princess Lina waves at her Papa with both arms and points.

Princess Lina:  “Mmm-ah?”  Baby Princess Lina  looks at her Papa King Thorin quizzically.  For she has never seen him before, her being born while he was on his quest.

King Thorin is speechless!  His mouth agape–with all manner of flies buzzing about threatening to take up residence there.

Queen Kiralin:  Smiling over her shoulder, she asks him.   “Thorin?  Could you help me out and lift our daughter out of her baby carrier?”

King Thorin: “Of  course.”  King Thorin eagerly lifts his daughter up into his arms andLina-as-a-babyApr2713MSOfcClipArtCrop-manip Queen Kiralin turns around as she removes the baby carrier from her shoulders and sets it on the ground with her herb basket.  Baby Lina promptly thrusts out her arms and pulls on her papa’s side beard braid [(11) right].  “Ow!”

Queen  Kiralin:  “Ooh!  You will have to watch out for that, Thorin.  She seems overly fond of hair pulling.”  She smiles broadly in triumph.

King Thorin:  Thorin looks at his baby daughter as a besotted man.  Completely forgetting about Erebor and treasures and wretched Elves, he asks in utter delight.  “What is her name?”

Queen Kiralin: “She is Lina.  Well, Princess Thoralina–named after her her father Thorin and her mother Kiralin.”  Then seeing more questions in his eyes, she continues with a mirthfully arched eyebrow as she takes her baby back into her arms.  “Our loving parting before you left on your quest gave her to me.  She was born nine months ago.”  King Thorin nods wonderingly. Then Queen Kiralin turns her attention back to her baby daughter.  “Lina, this is your Papa.  Can you say Papa?”

Princess Lina: “Ppoo!”

King Thorin looks askance at his daughter and then his wife.  He thought that he had bathed well and he tries to sniff under his arm pits without his wife noticing.  But she does notice.

Queen Kiralin: Rolling her eyes, she laughs. “Ha ha ha!  Not you, Thorin.  Lina is poopy.  Or has your nose been so overwhelmed with dragon smells that it cannot sense her odor?”

King Thorin: “Ah!  It has been so long since we had a babe in the house, that I did not remember their messes.”  He smiles as he hugs them both and kisses their foreheads.

Queen Kiralin: Queen Kiralin’s face clouds over for the reference to their son, and pretend nephew, Kilorin.  “Yes.  Thorin, you have not said. Please tell me, is Kili well?  Are all my family home safely?”  She asks worriedly.

King Thorin:  “All are well, my Love!   And most have returned home with me!  We have a houseful!  Come, I will show you.  And we will introduce Princess Thoralina to them.”Thorin-isRichardArmitage-CompanyofDwarves-31Nov2813ranet-hi-res-crop-dcrBl-manipwSmlgFace-Crop2

King Thorin’s smile cannot be contained [(12) right], for he has learned the secret of his daughter’s birth–a joy and precious gift beyond his imaginings.  But yet, he still has a secret to share with his wife Queen Kiralin.


Walking into their royal cottage home–the two story stone royal manor–King Thorin and his wife and daughter look the picture of familial bliss–but for one member missing, their son.  A female house servant informs them that most of  their guests are finished bathing and waiting in the sitting room.  Technically, it is a throne room–of much smaller proportions than usual.  Because wherever the King is seated is the Throne room–except, of course, at the dining table, and one other location.

Queen Kiralin first guides King Thorin to a side room off of the kitchen where they change baby Princess Lina’s wrapper for a fresh one.  Princess Lina is indeed a poopy baby as Thorin leans back and gratefully allows his wife to do the honors.  But knowing his wife as he does, King Thorin knows that he will be required to assist in this aspect of his daughter’s care in the future–King or not.

As the newly reunited family of King Thorin, Queen Kiralin, and baby Princess Lina enter BalinHelgaDwalinGralinCollageOct1113GratianaLovelacethe sitting room where Queen Kiralin’s family stands together–father Lord Balin, uncle Lord Dwalin,  brother Gralin, and mother Lady Helga [(13) right].   Lady Helga instantly rushes to their side–her now being able to burst with joy about her little granddaughter.

Lady Helga: “I see you have met your daughter, Thorin.  Is she not a beauty?  Come to Grandmama.”

Princess Lina: “Mmm-oh!” Princess Lina eagerly reaches out for her Mmm-oh and cuddles in her arms–for Princess Lina calls her mother Queen Kiralin Mmm-ah and her Grandmama Mmm-oh.  At nine months old her verbal language skills are just becoming defined.

Lord Dwalin: “A babe!?!”  He asks in amazement as he starts to walk forward.

Lord Balin: Placing his arm firmly against Dwalin’s chest, Lord Balin pushes him back as he walks toward his wife Lady Helga. “Take your turn, brother.  This is my granddaughter.”  Lord Balin smiles gleefully as he pats the baby’s head.  Lord Dwalin rolls his eyes.

Just then, Kili walks into the sitting room and fixes his eyes on the baby in amazement.

Queen Kiralin:  “Yes, Papa!   This is our daughter Princess Thoralina, I call her Lina.” She kisses her baby’s cheek and takes her back into her arms.  Then she lovingly looks at her son Prince Kilorin, holding out her arms to him.  “I am so glad that you  returned to me safely.”  Tears are in her eyes as Kilorin embraces she and baby Lina, then they kiss cheeks.  “But where is Fili?”  She asks in concern.

King Thorin: “Be at ease, my Love.  Fili is well.”  He assures her.  “But Dain of the Ironhills fell in the battle we fought [(14)].  So Fili was asked to become their King since he and my sister Princess Dis lived among them.  However, Kili remains my heir.”  King Thorin smiles cryptically.  Queen Kiralin also smiles relievedly about her nephew Fili.

Gralin:  Walking up to baby Princess Lina, Kiralin’s brother Gralin sighs. “I am an uncle!”  Then he pats baby Princess Lina’s head and she tries to grab his beard, but he dodges her successfully.

Prince Kilorin looks over at his father King Thorin–for they had not discussed how to share with Queen Kiralin that he knows who is real parents are.  King Thorin nods at him.

Prince Kilorin: Clapping his hands on his Uncle Gralin’s back, Prince Kilorin adds.  “Twice over, Uncle Gralin.”  For Prince Kilorin had only ever called him cousin before he knew his true parentage.  Then Prince Kilorin turns to his astonished mother, Queen Kiralin, and gazes lovingly upon the face he knows so well that it is etched forever upon his heart.  “Mama, I am twice blessed–to hear from my Papa King Thorin that you are my mother, and that I now have a baby sister.”  He leans in and embraces his mother tenderly and they kiss each other’s cheeks.  Then he kisses his baby sister.

Queen Kiralin: Caressing the side of her son’s face, she whispers in a voice choked with emotion as tears of joy stream down her face. “My son, it has been too long since I held you in my arms.”   They embrace again, as Prince Kilorin’s tears also flow.

King Thorin walks over to his wife and children and embraces them with his long arms and kisses their foreheads–Queen Kiralin, baby Princess Lina, and Prince Kilorin.  Everyone in Kili-isAidanTurner-andThorin-isRichardArmitage-DofSBanner-Oct1613ranet-crop-smlrthe room has tears of joy in their eyes.    And Queen Kiralin smiles through her tears at seeing her husband King Thorin and their son Prince Kilorin side by side, father and son, as they were always meant to be–fierce warriors and fierce family [(15) right].  The royal  House of Durin’s legacy will live on.

King Thorin: “Our dreams of being reunited with our son Prince Kilorin–and now me with our daughter Princess Lina–have come to pass this Durin’s Day, when all wishes are granted.  Come, let us break bread together as a family. ‘If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.’” [(16)]

Then King Thorin guides their extended family into the dining room for some refreshments as they continue to converse and to laugh and to love each other.

For there is one treasure that the Dwarves of Durin value above all others–it does not glitter like gold, nor sparkle like magnificent gems, nor even glow like the Arkenstone,  and it is more precious than all put together.  Their treasure lies in their family and with their love.  And now, King Thorin and Queen Kiralin have both in abundance.  And their legacy of love, hope, kindness, faithfulness, perseverance, loyalty, honor, and willing hearts will endure into the future.

The End


Author’s Note:
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for reading my original fan fiction story, “Thorin’s Dream of Love”.  I have enjoyed sharing it with you.  And I hope that this story’s message of love reaching beyond boundaries and love sustaining individuals through shared difficulties is a hopeful tale with a happy ending.   For the world needs more hope and more happy endings.
Cheers!   Gratiana Lovelace

P.S.  And to my U.S.  readers, I wish you a joyous Thanksgiving!


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14) Of course, this is an extreme departure from JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit–in which Dain became the new King Under the Mountain.  For more about what actually happened in “The Hobbit’s “ Battle of the Five Armies, visit http://tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Battle_of_Five_Armies

15) Kili  was portrayed by Aidan Turner  and Thorin was portrayed by Richard Armitage in THAUJ and THDofS found at richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Hobbit/HobbitStills/album/Dwarves-DoSBanner-16Oct13.jpg

16) The quote, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world” is part of Thorin’s final speech to Bilbo  at the end of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.


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